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Just needed some good wishes and support

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Hey guys..!  :)
Actually this is my first post here... Well i am not gonna say a very long speech about everything in my life..well i have just made me it a mess..! :( Actually my exams are going on now days..and there recently one exam which i gave..and beleive me it went terrible..when i remember of just 2-3 years back i was so good at everything nd now it is all wrecked.. I feel so sad and unhappy that i can't tell.. ! Wel i am not accusing any one else cause all that happened was just because of me..! :(
I shouldn't have into porn...should have chosen life..! Well there situations and mistakes we make if we were given the chance we would not repeat it...but after knowing that's this is eating up my life..i make so little effort to change it is the most sad part of it..! I no longer look good, not at all healty , memory issues, no muscles , no strong bones nothing..! Just a addictive mind who is slave to the illusionary world of pornography..!

Times comes when i become very serious and try about it to change evrything and then another moment comes when i just give into it..! Aww this so miserable..! :(

Just wanted some support.. Would be glad to make new friends..well it feels so great to let your heart out here..!

Well done for making it onto here, that's the first step.  :)
Regarding the hard times - I can relate, especially if you have exams and porn offers a way out of the stress. Just keep journalling and remembering why you are doing this.

Thanks a lot brother..for giving your precious time and replying.

On the initial days i really remember why i am doing this and all that but when time passes by and i reach 20-25 days i forget in the first place why i started all this and become less bothered and ultimately relapse..! :(

Well this time i am more confident letz see what happens..!

Day -7 update

Hey guys.. ;)
I am on my day  7th now i am feeling pretty confident actually throughout the day i have been reading others post's and success stories which really inspired me a lot..! :)

Actually, It really helped me because i relapse when like I would be just browsing like this and go to some erotic literature and boom..! System auto-pilot..! :p 

But when you are among people's post how they are talking the primerose path and actually getting it. It's wonderful and you don't wanna go back to be like a loser. Well actually i wanted to say that this community is really helping me to go for it. When there are so many people and they have a common intention to reach success it becomes so easy.! :)

I don't know today i felt really confident , i was little better at my guitar , and i memory little increased .

Don't be confused if you are just a beginner and don't see symptoms as me , i see these because i have been trying to quit porn for years.

But my greatest fault was trying to do it on all my own. Thanks people for all those posts..! Let's change for the better. Well now i know unity is strength.! :)

Day-8 Update
Well actually yesterday was pretty exam went super well. No pmo is actually curing mah memory issues.
and there's buddy who is constantly irritating me..thinking that i should dot him once for sure. 
 ;D ;) 8)


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