Author Topic: Is my ED porn induced?  (Read 916 times)


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Is my ED porn induced?
« on: February 12, 2015, 09:31:11 AM »
Hello, please read my story and advise me,

I am pretty sure I am sufferng from Erectile dysfunction (ED) and am desperate to resolve the issue, which requires identifying the cause of the ED. I will analytically present my case so that you can tell me whether you think my ED is porn induced. I am almost 18 years old.

My concerns started a bit earlier than a month ago, when I came really close to having sex with my girlfriend for the first time. We lay in bed, naked, and she gave me oral but I could not get more than 50% of an erection. I had no anxiety whatsoever. Even so, I was not shaken by the event. I was shaken when, in the next morning, I tried to masturbate but could not get a full erection. I tried with porn as well but the result was about the same. I could reach orgasm and only then would my erection be full, for a few moments. It was then that I realised that i was probably not getting morning wood in the past couple of months. Still, I never had problems reaching and maintaining an erection.

I acted drastically. I quit porn and masturbating. I started working out more intensely than I had before. I decreased glucose consumption, increased vitamin and fluid consumption and started resting more. After two weeks of very low libido, I had seen little results. One day though, as I was moving my legs sitting in class, i got a short-lasting, 90% erection. Four days after that, I even got a weak, morning wood. But the next day, I returned to the lifeless situation of my penis being totally soft all of the time. I even went to my girlfriend's home a week before today and although I had taken cialis, my 90% erection disappeared when I was about to penetrate her. Embarassing. At least she is very understanding, I talked to her about my situation and told her to leave me but she said she does not want to.

In the past week, I have been getting some short-lasting, 90% erections when sitting, studying and moving my feet. I have also masturbated with pretty hard erections that go away immediately without stimulation. I have not watched any porn in a month and feel no urge to do so. Thinking back, I realize that I started watching porn at the age of 12. Since then, I have turned to increasingly violent porn, but never to gay porn. I would not say I was addicted because I would sometimes masturbate with and sometimes without porn. In summer, I would easily go months without porn.

Do you think my ED is porn induced? I am also seeing a urologist today.