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PIED at 23, now 28 and finally doing a reboot!

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I'm so glad I've found this world.

So I first started getting PIED when I was 23 (now 28) when I was with my then girlfriend, we had just gotten back together after a few moths break and seemed good at first but then started losing my erection during sex. We eventually broke up and over the years continued having many issues with other sexual partners and girlfriend, though I always hid my problem, Id avoid anything leading to sex, wouldn't make moves in bed. Not stay the night pretending to cum early when I started feeling my erection go. Standard practice was always hiding the condom incase they actually see it's empty. Always lost wood getting head.
After a breakup with my most recent gf where my issues were at there worst I finally decided to do something. I was convinced it was from to much weed (it's not, but I'm sure doesn't help) but I eventually found out about PIED and started digging. I couldn't believe what I found and I related to so many of you guys stories, and had to be honest with what was actually happening to me.
 and Gabe really opened the door for me. I found out about rebooting, had one final PMO for the road and I started hardmode on the 11th of Jan 2021. I should also mention I am very fit also, a lot of gym, yoga and reasonably active job, so fitness has had no effect on my PIED, and yes I've tried kegals, which I still encourage to try! theres some good science on it helping ED.

I'm now on day 11, and I feel really good.
Feeling much better in my head, anxiety is better and having nice bouts of motivation which so far get better each day.
Sleep has been impacted a lot. Getting to sleep now is pretty difficult but weed helps with that a lot. Also smoking less weed which is good. Sleep again though, I'll fall asleep around 12-1am and wake again at 5am full of energy ready to go! It's really weird, even on a day off where I ALWAYS have a sleep in I'm now up at 6-7 am full of energy.
Noticed I'm keeping conversation a bit better in work, and dealing with customers is more enjoyable.

I'm having a lot of urges but I'm surprised it's not as difficult as I thought (famous last words)
I've had one erection on day 9 that I encouraged with light touch and I would say it was at 70% which I honestly cant remember the last it was that erect and it felt like a positive effect of the hardmode.

I hope to keep everyone updated, and thanks everyone for sharing and giving me the balls to finally do this! We can all do this.

Gabe Deem:
Welcome to the Nation, Robie!

Congrats on 11 days! Glad you're already feeling better. I had the same experience with bouts of motivation, and it gets better with time, like building up momentum over time.

--- Quote ---I'm having a lot of urges but I'm surprised it's not as difficult as I thought (famous last words)
--- End quote ---

I'd encourage you to write down a few things you can do when you feel urges, like exercise, cold shower, small chore around the house, etc. Having it written down before hand will help you when you need it, and I'd place the note where you usually watch porn, or somewhere you can see it often.

I hope the best for you. Keep truckin' and much love!

Tomorrow will be day 14! I think the enitial motivation from doing this wore off for a day or so, felt a little low and was worried about the flatline, but feeling great again! just a regular bad day..
Lots of cravings and have had to really focus on not using social media to much. I defo noticed an increase during giving up.

I've started reading which is helping! I'm actually pretty dyslexic so I can read a few chapters and it kind of tires me out before bed and really helps with sleep!

So far I feel smoking weed has helped me with sleep big time! I know theres a lot of relations between weed and dopamine but no evidence on any link to ED unless combined with tobacco..

Sleep, getting to sleep is hard but not impossible with weed, but I'm waking up super early now after only 4-5 hours sleep and I'll be full of engery!

Thanks for the encouragment guys! Much love

Heya Robie,

Congratulations on making it to 2 weeks porn-free! Hopefully this would be the beginning of a whole new way of life for you. You're going to have good days and hard days as your brain heals itself. A word of advice: prepare yourself for a long journey to see the results that you want. People often take months or even a year or more to get full function back in their nethers, and often that can be very upsetting to people who were hoping to see results in days or weeks. Actually, since you are already a fitness enthusiast you are already familiar with what that is like — people go to the gym expecting to see amazing results in days or weeks, when it can take months or years to see significant change. It's the same kind of thing with healing from PIED, you're in for a long journey but it will be totally worth it in the end.

The big difference between getting fit and healing PIED though is that the gym requires months of sustained work before seeing significant results, whereas healing from PIED requires NOT doing a certain action for months, so in that sense at least its easier. Hahaha.

Hey robie,
I had many addictions aswell as weed alcohol food gambling and porn...
I thought my anxiety was from weed but now I'm confident it's because of porn... !!! Unreal eah...
Today was my day 1 and I went swimming and I didnt have the bad anxiety swimming which usually made me stop doing laps...


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