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Prostate Cancer Survivor with PIED


Steve P:
I’m 58 and had prostate cancer surgery in May 2017. I had what they said was an aggressive cancer with a Gleason score or 8 and high tertiary score. They recommended having my prostate removed which they did. The cancer was localized and I’ve been clean since with an undetectable PSA. They say that there is still a 40% chance or so if recurrence so I watch my weight and fitness pretty closely.

I masterbated pretty much daily from my teenage years. Then after getting married and kids, internet porn has been a daily regular since around 2000.

I wonder if my masterbation excesses caused the prostate cancer. I had prostatitis, an infection of the prostate a couple times within two years before the cancer diagnosis.

After surgery, I had incontinence for over 6 months before I was mostly dry. I would still leak if I drank a lot of alcohol, certain exercises and sometimes just being tired. I continue to work on my kegal exercises since I no longer have that valve. I still have an issue where I squirt urine when I climax called Climacturia. That’s a problem when having sex.

So my wife and I didn’t have much sex over the last 20 years. Marital boredom and my internet porn addiction. Then after the prostate cancer surgery, the focus was more on getting rid of the cancer and getting my continence back. We separated 6 months ago and are in the process of divorcing.

I met a woman on Match that I really like and am attracted to. I have been taking Cialis and Viagra with little success. We were able to have intercourse a couple times successfully but probably 7 times unsuccessfully. Initially she wasn’t going to continue to see more for this reason  She has tried to be supportive now that she knows about the prostate cancer surgery and the related issues. I am now trying to get my urologist to prescribe Trimix injectable. My lady friend said she was giving me a month to get it figured out. I think the Trimix will work but I also thought the Viagra and Cialis would work.

In my despair and desire to try to salvage something of my relationship life I Googled porn addiction issues and found Gabe’s video and this website.  I’m going no PMO and hoping to reboot. I have been no PMO for a week. My hope is that I can have sex in the next couple weeks with the help of Viagra or Cialis and then rewire and hopefully be able to get my libido back and have sex without drugs eventually.

Sorry for the long post. I have gotten a lot of useful information from these posts. Maybe I can help someone in a similar situation or help them from being like me. Good luck in beating this addiction (no pun intended :). I’ll let you know how it goes.

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