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Starting a text support group


Hi everyone,

I'm working on recovering and resisting the temptation of porn/explicit imagery. I've tried doing this on my own and through forums, but I feel that there is not enough accountability. And I don't want to bog down my wife every time I feel tempted. I feel like it is a constant reminder to her of my struggle and is a source of embarrassment for her.

I'm wanting to make a texting group for guys who are serious about kicking this habit. Something where we can text out if we are feeling tempted or talk about if we make a mistake.

I'm hoping for an intimate group of 5ish people. Please let me know if you are interested in joining a group text.

My goal is to have a group where we DO NOT talk about specific or detailed accounts of struggle. I feel that these discussions can tempt others and be counterproductive.

If you're interested I can private message you with my number and email.


Hey Mark.

I would be very interested in creating this group chat. I would prefer if we could use some 3rd party app such as whatsApp over iMessage and regular texting, but that's not too important. Let me know if you are able to get a group together and then I'll message you my contact info.

Good idea! maybe we can use the "Group Me" app. I'll private message you

Mark and Anubu

Try PAA they are great guys, we never go into details of anything that might cause someone to look at it, you can join for free, we have meetings on What's app 6 days a week. guys from all over the world joins.  check it out


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