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Avoid artificial stimulation from a partner?

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Hello all,

Virtually, I have been in a relationship for multiple years but now we are going long-distance for a year.  She is aware that I have made the decision to quit porn because i have long suffered from delayed ejaculation.  On day 13 now, no urges yet but definitely experiencing low libido.

Basically, my question relates to how Gabe mentioned younger guys might need to rewire.  Should I avoid the videos that me and my partner have made together in the past?  Should I not have her send me stimulation?  I am not sure because the whole reason behind my reboot is that I want to connect with her specifically on a deeper level and I am pretty sure it is the fake porn videos from others that have caused my issues.

Any suggestions or anecdotes appreciated.  Cheers

Avoid any kind of virtual stimulation what ever it is , and only do it in real time , our minds are so sensitive for the pattern which we deploy in our life

How old are you?  That could have a bearing on the Best Practice.

@Murgatroyd I am 24 - as I mentioned we are going to be long-distance for a while and so I was curious as to the rewire: should I avoid it because it's artificial or embrace it because she is my partner and the one I want to connect with.  I am not necessarily going NoFap, I just want to quit and abstain from porn (and have done so for the past 3 weeks now)

I would avoid all artificial stimulation, even if these video are of your partner.

If you're suffering from delayed ejaculation, you also need to stop masturbating for a while. I can't say exactly how long, but I imagine that a couple of months of no masturbation, in conjunction with artificial stimulation, should help you DE.


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