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How Do I get rid of porn urges

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I stopped watching porn for over a month and but then I relapsed and watched porn. I’m getting extreme urges. What can I do to distract myself from these urges or get rid of them.

What worked for me was distractions. If I get one, I play video games.

King Leer:
The neural pathways in your brain, formed from habitually watching porn, are like ruts. Think of a wagon wheels in a rut in the road. It's hard to get the wheel out of the rut.  So what you need to do is find a new rut for the wheels to turn into.  Next time you have an urge to watch porn I would try looking up your favorite funny youtube video or putting on your favorite album, even if you don't feel like it. You just have to form new ruts and it may take a while.  If you are religious pray if you are not religious pray anyway, you are addicted to porn what do you have to lose. And prayer has been found to have therapeutic effects even in non believers. Anyway that's the best I got. If there was an easy surefire way this site would not exist.

Phineas 808:
Joshuar, this will take practice, but learn to dismiss urges by ignoring them. If your heart is racing, and breathing shallow, take some deep breaths until you feel calmer.

Above all, do this non-judgmentally. If you start shaming yourself, become angry, or other strong emotions, you're responding to the urges.

Not responding to urges doesn't mean you're actively fighting them, or avoiding them. Have you ever had someone come around that you didn't like, and you just ignored them until they got the hint? Do this with urges, and do this consistently, and you will have changed your habits.

Distractions help, too, like King Leer and Capo said, but think of it more like habit change, which means consistency- not simply reacting in the moment to urges.

when an urge hits - froce yourself to think about the things in your life porn has impacted.

Loss of interest in things....pretty much life if your addicted long enough.
PIED - i don't have it, although my erections could be much better.
Missing out on life...and opportunities.

Wasting your precious time on this amazing planet abusing your brain with fake dopamine hits that fuck with your whole purpose in life...

The other replies are useful as well,distract yourself...but always be on guard because this addiction (your brain) is a master trickster that'll use any excuse to get it's fix

use your own way of thinking, remember how shit it feels to relapse - and the things that you've lost due to porn...whatever they may be.

Good luck.


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