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I start this journal not on my first day, but one month after the beginning of my no-FAP experience.

I turned 60 this April, and I always had a regular and satisfactory sexual activity, which has been harmed by my inclination towards porn. For many years I was single, and visited FKKs in Germany occasionally. My last intercourse with ejaculation goes back to more than one year ago, and it was with a girl in a FKK.

Since the beginning of the year I have a gf my age: this has changed everything. We both love and like each other, sex is more than ok, BUT I did not succeed to have an ejaculation, until now. I think the reason is that I am now used to  reach ejaculation through masturbation. With the girl in the FKK I probably succeeded because when I had it I had started a reboot since few weeks.

I still look everyday at porn, although only for 15 minutes at most, and I continue to read and see porn cartoons, without FAPping however. I am not sure whether this is potentially harming or not: just looking at porn without FAP.  Both actions get me hard, thus I can not tell I am not reactive.

Comments and reports of experiences are welcome!

Phineas 808:
Welcome, Marco!

What are FKK's?

Congrats on 1 month! That's huge.

I think that the wiring of our brains toward porn and masturbation (especially with fantasy) are against real-world sex, and so hamper us in our efforts to connect meaningfully with another human being.

Gabe Deem has a test you can safely perform to determine if you have PIED or not, I think like, can you get an erection without having to look at porn first? Or, can you simply get an erection by self touch without porn, fantasy, or squeezing it like a tube of toothpaste?

Anyhow, nice to meet you!

Thank you Phineas, and first: Merry Christmas! I will look after GD's test. I think I can answer the first part of the test: I do get a little erection also without looking at porn. But I prefer to avoid trying to touch myself, even for  a test.

Sorry, I have not answered your question: What are FKK?
This German acronym stands for "Frei Koerper Kultur". Strictly speaking, are clubs where nudity is admitted. Usually they admit both women and men, and all pay the same admission fee. It is not a brothel, it is however possible to have sex if people want. They are mostly located in Germany and Austria. Obviously since the beginning of the pandemic they have all been locked down.

Phineas 808:
Thanks for the definition! It would be a challenge for me to keep in control...  ::)


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