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Hi, I am going to be posting daily about my PMO addiction recovery for the next ninety days.

A bit about me. Ive been masturbating for around 10 + years and was first introduced to porn at the age of 8. At first I would watch very mild things like music videos but my tastes slowly became more specific. My usage has always been excessive and I remember my self binging to porn for hours as a young teen. A few bad experiences skyrocketed my anxiety so I used porn binging and edging to relieve my stress and anxiety. But consequently this has taken a big toll on my overall health.

Because of feeling shit for three years now pretty much every day I have decided to commit to a ninety day porn reboot. In this time I want to build a new life for myself and recover from this addiction.

Day 1 Complete.

Today has been slowly and pretty lethargic. I woke up late with brain fog and a headache probably due to me binging for about a week. But at least I met up with a mate and got some productivity done.

I am putting my reboot into different phases, so for the first phase of my reboot I am focusing on minimum amounts productivity atleast, and making sure I do all the tools I learnt from the reforged man course.                                     

Day 2 Complete.

Today has been better than yesterday. Although I have had a lot of brain fog and mood swings. I managed to get some tasks done today and met up with a friend, but I ate too much sugar and junk food. It's not the end of the world because my main priority is rebooting but I would still like to eat less sugar.

Day 3 Complete.

So far so good, I had one urge when I realized there was a breach in my porn blocker but I managed to calm myself down and deal with it without slipping up.

Mentally I am feeling better than yesterday but the brain fog, mood swings, headaches and the typical symptoms I have been dealing with for the best three years have been there. But I have faith that these will drastically improve or most likely recover.

Last night started off pretty rough. The minute I turned my light off and put my head on my pillow my heart started racing and I was struggling to breath calmly. I had my bloods and an Ecg done recently to check if anything was up with my system and they all came back fine. So I assume these are withdrawals.

Here's to day 4!

Day 4 Complete.

No big urges again today. I got a better sleep last night which was good, overall I have felt in better mood. However this evening I felt a sudden bout of fatigue and Queasiness that lasted for about an hour.



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