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Libido and sexual intercourse frequency
« on: November 20, 2020, 10:11:17 PM »
Hello everyone,

I am addicted to P since my teenage years, around 15 to 20 years ago. Ten years ago, I met the girl I'm still with today. In the beginning of the relationship, we had great sex, like 3 to 4 times a week. But as the years went on, our sexual activity decreased, and that for a number of reasons (i.e., had a baby, both workoholics, less sexual interest between us, boredom, and of course... PMO, while I don't necessarily think it is the thriving force here). As I am currently going through my second reboot (43 days so far), it feels like it is harder and harder to have no sexual intercourse whatsoever on a regular basis. As far as I'm concerned (and I can assure you that I am), it is not an overstatement to say om my part that I am running on a 1-2 times/month frequency since a couple of years now.

I have told my wife before that this is an issue for me, and that we must work on it in order to live both a sexual fulfilling life. She understands it, but she always have like a "very good reason" to abstain. And, in the end, it seems that it is always the same pattern that reappears: one or two good weeks, and after one month or so, same old same old...

While I am totally able to acknowledge that P fucked up my libido and was driving me to compulsively PMO multiple times a day in the last couple of years, I do think it is reasonable to be sexually active in a loving couple. Am I crazy or what here? I want to have sex with my wife without having to say to myself inconsciously (or consciously for the matter) that I deserve some release with P since I don't get any "quality time" at home. I found that this is probably the worst trigger of all for me, and that it can easily make me relapse anytime.

I would like your advices/opinions on this matter. Both men and women would be great!

Thanks for your time.
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