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Hallo my brothers

I thougt i was fully healt but my libido is not what it supposed to be i am my reboot i have not watched porn in almost 330 days but i have a girl friend and we have sex sometimes like 2 two times in the week but for my age is that low . I do fitness 4 times in the week .  I have read that to much fitnnes/ sport is bad fore the libiodo

Please have someone tips fore me i dont know what to do the reboot is to long for me now i am almost a year in the reboot

Please help

Nobody replies thanks

Hey Tim.

Its normal to experience low amounts of libido for a while... no one knows how long a reboot will last. It may take a few more months before you fully recover your libido. Keep trucking.

Tim. I used to do full gym too. My libido 100% came after longer time than yours, also having sex with my girfriend. If you both understand each other, you will have love more times in week than twice. Just relax and stay focus on leaving P for more time than you can live.


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