Author Topic: Does anyone have experience in the use of antidepressiva?  (Read 129 times)


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Does anyone have experience in the use of antidepressiva?
« on: November 22, 2020, 03:21:52 PM »
Hey folks,

I take antidepressiva since 3-4 weeks and I am in day 22 of No PMO (I want to the hardmode hopefully 6 months to 2 years).
But the antidepressiva still dont effect me. I dont feel better.

My questions are:
-Does anybody have a success story of antidepressiva AND rebooting with NO Fap/No PMO?
- My worries are, that the antidepressiva block the effect of rebooting (because they spread neurotransmittern dopamin etc), Maybe the brain cant reboot himself naturally than, when taking antidepressiva?

I am feeling so depressed and sad. :(
I cry very often (maybe 4-5 times in the week).
I am suffering very much and I wonder when No PMO and antidepressiva will help me, so I can be happy again.

I almost fapped for more than 12 year. I am 25 years old now.
I try to meditate, take cold showers, read books, go for running, drink lot of water, i deeinstalled instagram, facebook, tinder, etc.
I try to eat cleaner.

But nothing works :(

How long I have to wait? I can´t live like that anymore. I don´t know what to do.

One thing I am critisizing me for is, that I am using media (smartphone, etc.) for more than 4/5 hours, sometimes 9 hours a day.
Cause I read a alot of NoFap and watch a lot of football. Maybe I have to do it less....

Thanks for any help!!
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Re: Does anyone have experience in the use of antidepressiva?
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2020, 08:08:54 PM »
Hey Adrian,

How have you been so far?

I have been taking antidepressant for the last 6 years now. Antidepressant will begin their chemical work on your neural circuitry after about two months of taking them on a daily basis. But this is no magic. You won't be an overly happy human being after 60 days. The change is more subtle.

Most recent studies have shown that the combination of therapy with medication is the best way to help oneself. It is important to see antidepressant as one of many tools in your toolbox for becoming happy in life. Similarly, P addiction will not cure itself up overnight. But antidepressant may certainly help on the matter.

It is false to assume that antidepressants block rebooting because they influence the level of dopamine and reactivate certain neuroconnection in the brain. Antidepressants stimulate the restoration of normal level of dopamine, and help regulate overall mood. But it is up to you to identify triggers, get yourself active and stay away from P.

Key to success: work, work, work! 😉

Safe journey Adrian!
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