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I want to win


  Well, I'm from Brazil so, i don't speak English. I will do my best to write that without translator, but maybe I use it a little.
  I have 11 days in reboot, this is the 12th. Honestly, I thought yesterday would be my last day alive. I have 17 years old and I'm watching P since I was 11 or 12 years (maybe 10, I don't remember). I watched hardcore P since the age when I don't know what that are. Recently, my girlfriend broken with me after a year of relationship. I hurt her in many ways and, after many times trying to leave P over the months/years, Im in the 12th day. That's not my record, I think I get 18 or 21 days in the past, but is the most long time since. Today I'm feeling a little hopeful, but part of me feels like nothing make sense, and I don't have pleasure in many things. My head hurts because I'm writing in english, but I'm happy to be writing this. Tell me your experiences, and tell me about what the end of P and M change in your life (if you want to tell me). I don't know if my mind is better, or if I'm felling any benefit, but I will do this, cause I'm exhausted of this same life.

Need to gradually practice and continue


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