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Surpassed one month

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Hello my friends. I just passed 1 month without porn and I haven’t found any differences (higher libido etc). I have still continued to masturbate using imagination but not regularly at all. Should I stop masturbation in total or should I just continue with no porn. Again, no change in libido, I am not horny at all (and I probably should be because I am a 16 yr old guy).

Hello friend,

One question: do you masturbate with fantasy about porn?

Wow glad to hear that, you are trying to suprass it successfully! Way to go man

No I do not masturbate with porn fantasy. But it still feels like its setting me back. I am not sure why. This might be weird to say but the climaxs also don't feel the same as they used to.

Hey man - great job on hitting a month. I am really happy for you tackling this problem so young! It's awesome you can get this behind you.

I feel like you are answering your own question - the masturbating "feels" like it is setting you back and you lack libido so it probably is!

I personally find it best for myself to never masturbate at all ( my addiction to it was pretty bad) so it is case by case. Perhaps this video might describe your situation

Anyways bro - PLEASE stick with this and keep up the fight and be patient about results but IMPATIENT about action. Do everything you can to recover and cut porn out of your life. I am 28 years old.... what I wouldn't give to have fixed this when I was 16, even if it took a year or two to totally recover, it'd be awesome to go through college recovered from this fully. So stick with it!

Do not be like a lot of us guys who half assed it when young then 10 years later still had to deal with the problem! Keep up the good work man. If what you are doing is working - work even harder! If it's not working - adjust and work harder!

Some helpful resources are this website:
The "your brain on porn" book
and the smart recovery handbook, it is for addictions in general but is overall really helpful as it has a whole system laid out


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