Author Topic: 78 days in to my reboot, had sex, but is this a flatline?  (Read 806 times)


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78 days in to my reboot, had sex, but is this a flatline?
« on: August 24, 2020, 04:17:18 PM »
Hi guys, am new here, apologize my english as it is my second language.

This is kind of a success story cause I have had successfulm sex but also its a help call, if someone can relate to this please let me know Your advise.

So here is a summary of my story and let me know what you think.

Im 22 now, I started masturbating at the age of 12 I started watching porn at the age of 15 I did stop sometimes cause I started having normal sex at that age as well, with no issues at all, during my past relationships I did watch porn and masturbated almost every day, I left porn for maybe 2 months during those relationships and then returned back to it, from age 21 to 22 I watched porn nonstop, every day, sometimes I fap 2 times a day, escalating on more hardcore stuff, In october last year I met this new girl, and I found her really attractive, we were making out but I noticed that I wasnt aroused, dont know why I felt that way in that moment, I dind't have an erection so I freaked out, 2nd time same story, and 3rd time I undress her and I had an erection like 70% but lost it when I was about to penetrate, So I looked for info, I found these forums with guys my age suffering the same stuff, I related to that cause I am a healthy man, so I have read all the information possible in regards what porn was doing to my brain and I learned almost everything about the reboot and rewiring, so here is my progress, I have been 78 days in to my reboot, at day number 34 I had successfull sex with this girl I was so happy because I thought I was fixed, however I still have some issues with morning wood, I dont have it all days and some days I have strong morning woods and some other days is very weak maybe a 60%, so far during my journey I have had sex with her 11 times of those, maybe 5 of them had been successfull and the other ones, welll let just say it take me a little bit more of work to get hard, I do feel anxious some times cause of the past failures but man, there are some days that we just remove our pants and i am perfectly ready, so now I am so sad ad this point, 2 days ago, we tried to have sex, but my erection was not reliable, I wasnt interested on having sex, I was not aroused, and I just didnt wanted to have sex, I did penetrated her with an erection of maybe 70 % and it improved during the act, I eyaculated, but man I dont know why I just don't want to have sex, I am not the horny guy I used to be, I don't know if this is a flatline, cause man I have no libido, I am no pursuing sex, I think I am in the path to recovery because I have had successfull sex during this journey, but dont know why the last time I tried to have sex I felt numb and was sor hard to get turned up, I am just not in to sex as I used to be, I feel so lack of energy, I just want to be in bed, LET ME TELL YOU THAT I have already spoke this with my girl since i started this journey, and she has been really comprehensive, I will really appreciate if you could let me know your advise, and tell me if this is a flatline or why is this happening.

My concern right now is precisely why I was able to have successfull sex during this reboot and why the last time I felt like I didnt want to have sex and it was hard to reach and mantain the erection.I have read a lot and it seems to be a flatline but, I am just looking for an answer, I havent relapsed I have mastrubated just 2 times during this reboot to maybe sparkle my libido, during this journey I have manage to have succrssfull sex, even if I am anxious I am able to mantain an erection, so lets say that The first 9 times I had sex with her I didnt lose The erection and was able to have succrssfull sex, but The las two times where really hard, my erection where not reliable and they did improve during sex but I will get down if I stop stimulation, I have also feel depress and anxious this days.

Guys will apreciate Your support and advise.

Thank you all.
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