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This time, I have to succeed.

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Here we go again! I have to beat this addiction. I apologise in advance, I'm going to post my progress every day (time permitting). I'm posting my progress, more for myself than for others to see. If it benefits anyone else, then I'll be very happy.

I haven't masturbated for two weeks. This part isn't so difficult. Watching porn has been the most difficult habit to eliminate.

I've been porn free for 24 hours and I can already feel the effects. The next time I write will be to mark off 48 hours without porn. I'm going to keep doing it until I'm porn free.

I'll post background info about my struggle and problems as I go. Anyway, 24 hours without porn! Let's kick this habit together!


Right, that's 48 hours without porn. Today has been pretty easy.

My porn escalation is pretty typical. I went through pretty much all the fetishes until I arrived at transexual and sissy porn. The sissy porn is a personal low point. Since I was last active on this forum, I've had periods of a few weeks without porn and I have to say that the fetishes seems to fade pretty quickly for me. When I've been compelled to look at porn after a short break, it's always been straight porn. The problem is that it escalates quite quickly until I arrive at the sissy porn again.

The last time I tried to quit I was watching porn and masturbating several times a day. This time I'm approaching it from a point where I can go short periods without. For example, I slipped into bad habits the last two weeks, but before that I had gone almost two weeks without. This time I have to quit for good! I have no idea if I'm going to slip into a flatline this time. Last time I quit I was in a flatline for many months, which was scary.

Anyway, 2 days porn free. I hate counting the days because if I'm going to quit for the rest of my life, counting makes no sense. However, it might be useful for anyone wanting to quit to see a daily report of another porn addict. Good luck to everyone else trying to quit. We can do this!

I'm 72 hours porn free! That sounds much better than 3 days porn free!

I'm struggling a little tonight. I think the flatline is kicking in. I have absolutely no sensation in my dick. It's just dead! I've been here before, and I know things will improve. Rule number one with the flatline: don't check if you can still get hard by sneaking a peak at porn. I can answer that question right now, yes I will get hard to porn, but I'm not going to check.

The weird thing about the flatline for me is that I feel completely impotent. It's like my 'best friend' is never going to get hard again. It passes.

The only good thing I can say about my mild porn cravings tonight is that they are for biological women and not transexuals. That is a step in the right direction. Fetishes do fade.

I think the most difficult thing about this journey is that I know that I can never look at porn again if I want to recover in the long term. Sad though it may seem, that thought is a little depressing. Porn has been there as a comfort blanket for when I felt down for so long that it's difficult to think of life without it. The problem is that while it gives me some temporary distraction from some of the shit things that can happen during the week, in the long term porn use just creates more misery.

Anyway, 3 days porn free! I've just got to repeat this streak another 9 times and it'll be 30 days porn free.

Good luck to everyone fight this shit!

Well, I'm in my flatline. I am the proud owner of a dead penis! I've been in this position several times before, but I have to say that the flatline is the weirdest sensation, or lack of sensation to be more accurate.

There's nothing to do. I just have to wait for the resurrection.

The only good thing about the flatline is that I just can't be bothered looking at porn. It kind of comes in waves. Right now, I just don't care about porn and I'm going to ride this wave of the flatline the best I can. The important thing is not to panic and check if it still works to porn. It'll definitely get hard to porn, but I'll also definitely have to restart me reboot.

Porn free for 4 days! It's a start!

Day five! I almost slipped up today. It was such an unconscious reaction, but I stopped myself with my fingers hovering over the keyboard of my computer.

I'm obviously still in my flatline, but I woke up this morning with an erection. That's a new development for me during flatline. In the past I wouldn't get morning erections during the flatline. I'm actually coming to the reboot in a better condition than in the past. In the past I would edge for hours. That's something I haven't done for over a year. I've also had brief periods where I wasn't interested in porn, for about a week, whereas in the past I was PMOing several times a day, every day. So, I'm hoping that I can show some small improvements in a couple of months.

Anyway, day five out of the way. Another day porn free!

Stay strong!


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