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I am going to get my life back .


Devang Somawanshi:
Namaste guys from India
 i am now 18 years old been struggling for last 3 months . here how my story goes. I uesd to be a good student of my class , good grades , attendence and many medals . I love interacting with people and talk about science , songs and movies . But my entire life changed when i was in class9 , I was sexually abused by one of my schoolmates , at that time i was broken, depressed and more to pain it happened on my birthday. I really wanted hope and wanted to be normal , I used to watch porn scenes as it helped me forget that thing but never thought of future, but not frequently and even never got addicted and neither did it escalated . I really did not do so well in my life from that point till 3 months back where it got more worse when stay at home orders were imposed ,at first I did well , studied hard but I started to get panic attacks of my abuse constantly. I became more depressed and thought that porn will help me to forget but it was a terrible decision. I became addicted and used to get weird thoughts when i used to see any girls face. So I thought that it is time to take a reboot , I started on 1 june and its been 6 six days that haven't watched porn or masturbated , i do get surges and fantasies in my mind, also i am a fighter  also i have started to do meditation and cycling hence i am improving day by day . I am assured that I will get out of this soon and relive my life normally.

I'm so sorry for what happened brother. I cant imagine what you've been through. I just wanted to say good luck and i with all the best for you:)

Keep trying to get high

Do or die:
You can do it. Just be in this process. Relapses never set you back. So keep going


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