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Nervous and overthinker
« on: September 17, 2020, 05:52:59 PM »
I'm almost 25 and I suck at flirting. I know in my past I used to make girlfriends easy and a few of them did actually like me. But now? I've been working at this job as a cleaner for about 6 months and theres this cute manager she's so soft spoken and always says hi to me but I barely speak to make convo. I do say hi back and talk a little about what I'm going to clean but porn messed up mu social skills big time. Everytime I see her I'm just thinking about me and her having sex in her office or sucking on her bigo yitties lol. (Sorry if that triggers anyone). Like they're bigger than average and that's literally all I think about. Part of me feels like she wants me to talk to her more but idk what to say or even speak of especially if she's working. These situations really make me hate what I did to myself because I'm not a bad looking guy according to girls and the looks I get. I'm just a fricken pussy around women. Ever since my porn addiction. I am working out way more than I ever did to change my physique and feel mentally better. But rewiring my brain is what's important. Godamn. I remember when I would get hard just by feeling a energy with another girl simply by staring or feeling a vibe. I dont get that anymore and I feel like if I did, it would drive me to talk and get in a womans pants. Like damn can she just let a titi out and let me suck on it? Lol see how sick minded i am but what guy wouldn't think of a porn roleplay like that. Not only does this give me the drive to keep going, it reminds me that its normal to connect to another woman by sexual appearance and energy. I feel like she's thinking the same thing towards me but who knows I might be wrong and just a sicko.


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Re: Nervous and overthinker
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2020, 07:48:00 AM »

In the first place welcome here, happy that you've found your way here. In the second place, I suppose that you're here to overcome problems with porn or other unwanted sexual behaviour? Anyways, I suppose it's about porn. An important thing to understand about people dealing with porn and addiction is that it messes up your sex drive. If you haven't yet, read YourBrainOnPorn. It's the go-to website / book for most people here to understand their addiction and behaviour.

Porn offers an infinite amount of women that are ready to have 'sex' with you, since that availability is pretty much wired into your brain it most likely affected your sex drive and expectations. You were able to have an orgasm with pretty much any person on porn sites so it has likely affected your brains and decision making. The further you move away from porn, the more your natural sex drive will come back. Just take it easy, avoid porn, fantasies and whatever else made you come here. Additionally many people here face a so-called 'flatline' period when quiting PMO. Might be good to read up on that as well.

Anyways, good luck in your own journey. Hope you'll find what you need here!