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Website down a lot lately?


Is everyone else experiencing this? Any update as to what's going on?

I hadn't been able access it since Saturday morning (22nd Feb).  I tried today on the off chance ... and it all seems OK :)

this had happened a few weeks ago  I guess it was some sort of server issue   hopefully thwey get it all ironed out

While the website was down I did go over to the Nofap forum.  it also has lots of good advice and tools, but I do think this forum / support group is a better place.  I feel more comfortable posting up here, which is helping my reboot.

[email protected]:
While the site was down I went over to the Nofap gathering. it additionally has heaps of a word of wisdom and devices, however, I do think this discussion/bolster bunch is a superior spot. I grope increasingly happy with posting here, which is helping my reboot.


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