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Need for a partner in this journey I'm about to start:)

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How are you doing fellow fighters?

I am a 22-year-old woman finally realizing that I cannot fight my porn and masturbation addiction without any outside help. I first started watching porn when I was 14 and the struggle has been on and off very real. At times I passed months without relapsing, but other times I stayed for hours consuming pure trash. Masturbation has not helped at all, and nowadays my brain automatically connects both. My addiction makes me feel anxious as I would love to get rid of all the negativity that has brought into my life, but it is hard to do it all by myself. I would need for someone to keep me on track and encourage me through my journey, and of course would offer myself to do the same.

Thank you a lot, and keep fighting for real love:)


I am guy and I would recommend a STICKK campaign. Just google STICKK and it will come up. This is where you put up real money to meet a challenge. So if you don't meet it you lose the money. You can different people to referee you or you can referee yourself.


Hey there welcome to the club .... getting clean of this shit is not easy. Reading the profiles of other addicts is helpful as you can get some tips and help. If you look at the 40+ Male group you can see some real damage, broken marriages etc (myself included) this shows the road map of where things can go if not dealt with.

My journal starts off with a lot of notes given to my by my therapist which you may find helpful in your journey.

Happy to help where I can, I have been clean now for 6 months .. how long have I had sexual addictions?  Not sure but at 14 I was wanking every day .. at least!

Good luck, from experience you wont get the maximum from a real relationship unless you sort this out ....

Regards, 67

HEY, I am a 21 year old woman from a different country and I have the same problem, we can help each other if you want, and I am starting now

Good to know that!


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