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Re: 6 years clean!
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Season 12 [Soaring Eagle experience: Adding to the issue of balding, how to recover faster and better during rebooting]

I have mentioned the issue of balding in chapter 8, this is indeed quite a thorny issue and likewise, the speed of recovery is relatively slow. From some websites related to balding, we are able to see that although some brothers have been rebooting for 8 months, their balding has not been improved, not only that but the symptoms are showing signs of getting worse. Seen such cases, those brothers that are suffering from balding will invariably take a hit in their self-confidence and think that it’s all hopeless, or that hair recovery will not be possible through rebooting and all of the recovery talks is just a lie. To this I can say with 100% certainty that one can recover from balding, however, if your balding is very severe then the difficulty in the recovery will be relatively high.

There are mysterious principles behind the recovery from balding, many people thinks that rebooting is sufficient but it is not so!

Those that have truly recovered from balding are relatively few, but not non-existent. Although many people have not been able to recover completely, they have nevertheless seen substantial improvements. You see the recovery progress of some people is not up to your expectations, therefore, you feel that there is no way to recover and your confidence will waver. As to why some people are not able to recover despite having rebooted for 8 months, reasons can be found. To recover from balding through mere rebooting is far from enough, it is important to learn the way of cultivating a good health. There is more than one way to injure the kidney qi. Many people are rebooting but what I want to ask is, is your reboot thorough enough? Do you still fantasize? Fantasizing is the invisible way of depleting the kidney qi and is extremely unfavorable for the recovery process. In addition, do you stay up late, sit for long periods at a time or tend to get angry? These three factors also greatly damages the essence. Also, living under high pressure, taking cold beverages and exposure to AC all damages the kidney qi and impedes the recovery of the hair.

If we compare the human body to a bottle filled with kidney qi, masturbation is only one hole in this bottle, rebooting only blocks one of the holes while the kidney qi continues to leak through the other holes, how do we expect to recover from balding? If the adequate amount of health cultivating awareness is lacking, then the recovery from balding will be very difficult. Many people are obsessed with medicines, this is why the hair growth industry is booming. But the efficacy of these products if very limited, after all, they only target the symptoms and not the cause, the root cause being a weakened kidney qi.

Suppose that in order to restore the hair, a kidney qi value of 5000 is required. I only used this number as an example in order to facilitate everyone's’ understanding.

“-” signifies a minus sign

    1. Masturbation (-600)
    2. Long sitting (-300)
    3. Staying up (-300)
    4. Anger (-300)
    5. Cold beverages (-100)
    6. Exposure to AC (-100)
    7. Fatigue (-100)
    8. Long gazing (-200)
    9. Sexual fantasizing (-500)
    10. Internet addiction (-300)
    11. Smoking addiction (-300)
    12. Alcohol addiction (-300)
    13. Overstraining (-200)
    14. Nocturnal emission (-500)
    15. High pressure (-300)
    16. Salty diet (-200)

We have 16 points for now, many people are currently refraining from masturbation, but the error is that of “rebooting without cultivation” with ignorance towards cultivation. They only know to reboot and places all hope in rebooting and medicines, in this fashion, the recovery from balding is truly quite difficult due to the number of ways to leak the kidney qi , one mishap and kidney qi is leaked. The staying up does not mean staying up the entire night, being awake after 11 pm counts as staying up and is very damaging to the essence. Despite this, many people still go to bed past 11 pm, this is very unfavorable to the recovery of the body, the work and rest schedule must be adjusted or else recovery from balding is difficult to achieve. Long sitting can be remedied by moving about for 10 min following every 40 min of sitting, avoid sitting for hours in one stretch. As everyone is able to see, the recovery from balding requires the fulfillment of many harsh criteria, it can, therefore, be said that only a few people are truly able to recover from balding, this number is not zero.

Knowing the ways that can damage the kidney qi, we need to learn to how to adjust and to avoid these ways, in addition, we need to learn to the way of cultivating the health. Health cultivation is a learning and can not be explained by one or two sentences. Friends that are suffering from balding tend to pay close attention to what they eat, what products to use, but very few people ask the question of how to cultivate the health, this is because they lack the awareness of health cultivation. Therefore, to recover one must learn the way of health cultivation, such as Eight Brocade exercises, standing exercises, acupressure massage, moxibustion, meridian exercises, Chinese herbal medicine, meditation, aerobic exercises etc, watching video lectures by famous gurus and health cultivation articles. Study more health cultivation know-how, with a deep understanding and awareness of health cultivation you will know what to do and what not to do. In this way one can reduce the exhaustion of kidney qi to a minimum, persist for one year and the chances of recovering from balding will be very high. Otherwise, if you only reboot but loses kidney qi through all the other methods, how can this possibly work!? Hair recovery is a gradual process, one must have patience and confidence. Otherwise, if there are misconceptions about the understanding and the position is not solid, recovery will be very difficult. One thing should be mentioned here and that is the management of the mood, TCM states that fright injures the kidneys. Many people are faced with losing hair, they are stricken with fear and anxiety, food and sleep no longer have any appeal to them, this kind of mood is detrimental to the recovery of the hair. One must learn to adjust the mood, not to worry excessively, to not take things so seriously sometimes, calm down a bit, this mood will benefit the recovery process.

In the above, I have listed the examples that are damaging to the kidney qi, in their respective negative kidney qi values. After you have mastered the way of cultivating the health we then have positive kidney qi values, when the kidney qi value has reached 5000 the hair will be recovered, this process cannot be hastened. I have spent half a year in trying to control the trend of my balding, only after a year did my hair start to become dense again. At the time my mood was very good, moreover, I rebooted quite thoroughly, without much sexual fantasization. I also put in a lot of effort in reducing the number of nocturnal emissions, every day before bed I did the kidney strengthening exercises and overall managed to limit the number of nocturnal emissions to once every month or so, at most I went through 3 months without a single nocturnal emission. Frequent emissions are also very bad for the recovery of the hair. Rebooting for 8 months without experiencing hair recovery is also related to nocturnal emissions, after all, kidney qi is leaked through emissions, so one should take care to reduce its frequency.

Some brothers have asked me about my health cultivation practices, in this chapter I have laid them out as a way of sharing with everybody:

    1. Meditation (I meditate for 1h each day, meditation is the nr 1 way to supplement the original essence)
    2. Standing exercise (standing exercise is not performed daily, sitting meditation is performed daily)
    3. Eight Brocade exercise and the Six Healing Sounds (I perform the kidney strengthening exercises of the Eight Brocade daily and occasionally practice the Six 
        Healing Sounds)
    4. Soaking of feet in Chinese traditional herbs (once/week, mugwort leafs)
    5. Meridian tapping exercise (performed regularly)
    6. Moxibustion on meridians (health cultivating moxibustion is performed regularly)
    7. Aerobic exercises (slow jog and ball sports, 1-3 times/week)
    8. Acupressure massage (performed regularly)
    9. Yam, black beans and red dates (eats regularly)
    10. Keeping the diet light
    11. Rest early, sleep before 11 pm

These are basically the things that I do to cultivate my health, I try to avoid activities that would lead to a leakage of kidney qi in order to minimize its exhaustion. It’s the above mentioned 16 activities that I try to avoid, while the health cultivation practices are used to add points to the kidney qi. In this way, there is a chance to recover the hair. For the recovery of the hair, the 3 below criteria must be fulfilled:

    1. Thoroughly rebooting (sexual fantasization must also cease)
    2. Health cultivation practices (these will add points to the kidney qi)
    3. Health cultivation awareness (try to avoid activities that draws points from the kidney qi)

The above 3 points must be fulfilled in order to recover the hair, this goes especially for those that are experiencing a medium level of balding, those that are experiencing a high level of balding must take extra care to cultivate the health, recovery will otherwise be extremely difficult. Speaking from my own experience, I have seen brothers that have managed to recover from balding, but they are relatively few in number. One reason to why the number is so few is the long rebooting time it takes to recover, 1 year in the minimum. People that have managed to thoroughly reboot for 1 year is very few, on top of this, those that are able to control the number of nocturnal emissions is even fewer. The second reason is the effort in health cultivation, many people only reboot without cultivating the health, to recover will be even harder. Why has my hair recovered? Because I have put in tremendous efforts into health cultivation, I have studied TCM literature nonstop and so came to understand more and deeper than the average person, knowing what to do and not to do and accumulating kidney qi as I go, preserve the kidney qi as much as possible, and so my hair has recovered. If you don’t study you will never be in the knowing, this is why I emphasize the importance of studying.

My recommendations for literature and videos in health cultivation are listed below:
(Translator’s note: Obviously the literature is geared towards a Chinese audience. On the other hand, there are lots of English material that the author may not have had access to, we should study whatever is available to us)

    1. Qu Limin’s book and videos
    2. Wu Guozhong’s book and videos
    3. Zhong Li Ba Ren’s book and videos
    4. Dan Guimin’s [Jiu Chu Bai Bing]
    5. The [Yang Sheng Tang] show, many famous gurus in this show

Health cultivation is a discipline that is subjected to the knowledge spillover effect; once you have understood the book and video of one person, you will have an easy time understand the material from other people, it is possible to become quite specialized once one has stepped through the door.

Everyone has seen and understood by now that the recovery methods that I have mentioned do not only apply to balding. Any problems that we encounter as a result of masturbation, any symptoms which include psychological issues, must be treated from two perspectives in order for recovery to take place. The first is to reboot, the second is to learn how to cultivate the health. By doing this the body will be able to recover relatively quickly, otherwise we might end up with the case where many people barely notice any improvements after half a year of rebooting, unsatisfactory results after 1 year of rebooting, this is because there are too many channels of leakages; knowing one but not the other, knowing rebooting but not of cultivation.

I’m very fond of a sentence in the [Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor]: “Knowledge leads to strength, ignorance leads to aging” You knowing this mysterious principle will become strong, others know not and continue to leak, but since you know you are able to avoid it, therefore, you become strong, others are shedding their kidney qi value in ignorance and yet are oblivious to the fact. The result is that your body and hair have recovered but the other person has a hard time recovering because he is not in the knowing!

I believe that those brothers who are troubled by balding will gain a deeper and clearer understanding towards the recovery from balding after reading this article. I am not against the usage of hair products, but one must pay attention to rebooting and health cultivation or the hair will have no chance to truly recover.


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #26 on: December 23, 2017, 05:43:00 AM »
In my knowledge,
If you rub the ROOT of your fingernails, as shown in the video ( never include the thumb as it affects facial hair in men and women BOTH! )
for 10 minutes morning and evening you will see drastic changes within 3 months. The vibration goes from the nails, travelling through the bones straight to the scalp and promotes blood circulation.

Remember, ROOT of your fingernails, NOT the TIPS.

Also headstand pose in Yoga ( also known as Sirsasana ) is known to promote healthy hair growth.

Keep sharing as always :)


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Re: 6 years clean!
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Hi guys! It's good to be back after a brief rest in the holidays, I hope that everybody has been recuperation well. It's a great joy to see this thread being kept alive by all of the enthusiastic brothers, helping each other out with questions and answers, this is what every community should be about. I will be working towards consolidating all the chapters into a PDF file for everybody to download, the link will be posted next week.

Season 13 part 1/2 [Soaring Eagle experience: The harm of premarital sexual behavior]

Long-term reboot forum brothers sure know that many people have already exhausted themselves before being married. This is due to the deep addiction of the evil habit of masturbation, after having masturbated furiously over a decade alone, the body is already severely overdrafted like an overextended credit card. Chronic prostatitis and varicocele are both commonly seen, some brothers have even contracted neurosis and live a painful day-to-day life, others are suffering from a very low sperm quality if not weak sperm then the lack of sperm where fertility has been lost. Premarital indulgence also induces the decline in sexual function, many brothers are very attentive on the level of their own sexual function. When they have discovered the onset of premature ejaculation and impotence owing to the evil habit of masturbation, they feel worried and hope for a quick recovery. The inadequate function of sex and fertility constitute the hidden danger in marriage inharmonies, previously there are a couple brothers who have had divorces due to these issues.

Premarital sexual behavior belongs to the category of nefarious wantonness which in itself is an evil conduct that injures the body, it is particularly harmful. Many people put their bodies into an eggshell precarious state before they even get married, sex during the marriage will be adding upon the injury. Countries have gold reserves, the body has kidney essence reserves, don’t fool around before marriage. The kidneys roots itself in the five internal organs, sexual debauchery depletes the essences of the five internal organs, when the kidneys are weak, diseases of every kind are born! In the beginning, the physical constitution is still strong, depletions are not felt, but through the depletion accumulated through days and months, one inevitably ends up with a symptom-ridden body. During our reboot, we must have clarity in what is nefarious wantonness behavior, by having a concrete definition can we better avoid it.

Nefarious wantonness definition

1. Examples include wrong time, wrong place, wrong woman, virgin woman, his woman, belonging to self.
Wrong time: dates and time that falls outside the no-sex time window rules for the reboot.
Wrong place: points to the rules of sex free places of the “3 channels” (oral, urinal, anal)
Wrong woman: any sex that is not of the female sex, different sexual signs including livestock
Virgin woman: unmarried women (premarital sexual behavior)
His woman: women with a husband
Belonging to self: self-sexual act such as masturbation, sexual fantasizing all fall into the category of nefarious wantonness

2. Besides lawful sex between husband and wife, all sexual behavior between the man and woman that is not recognized by the laws or the moral views of the society, these are all nefarious wantonness.

Even between spouses, there are limits:

1. Wrong time nefarious wantonness: Buddha’s memorial date, the six-day fast of the Buddhist tradition, birthdays of the parents, the passing day of close relatives (father, mother, sisters and brothers etc), menstruation period, pregnancy period, shortly before and after giving birth.
2. Wrong place nefarious wantonness: no sex outside of the bedroom, besides the sexual genitals, no sexual acts (example include the mouth, butt, other parts of the body)
3. Wrong amount nefarious wantonness: indulgence after marriage without limitations

There are many specific categories of nefarious wantonness, for example extramarital affairs, premarital sexua behavior, living together as unmarried, masturbation, grinding against bed and between legs, telling sexual jokes, addicted to sexual fantasization, looking at pornographic videos and images, homosexuality, incest, having mistress, one-night-stand, selling and buying sex, sexual fetishes, producing and spreading of pornographic material, introducing nefarious wantonness to other people or spreading of such material etc.

Confucius said: "There are three things of which the superior man stands in awe. He stands in awe of the ordinances of Heaven. He stands in awe of great men. He stands in awe of the words of sages.”

Saintly teachings have taught us what is nefarious wantonness, what is accepted wantonness, what to do and what not to do, all of these have been laid out in a clear way to us. For the man of honor, he will surely fear the words of the holy man, this is because saintly words are the truths that are borne out from extensive experiences and will never fade with time. If one disobeys the principles that are taught by the saintly person, then one will surely taste the evil fruit of karma. The saying goes that by not listening to the elderly, the damage is just ahead. Being able to receive the instructions of the saintly is a great blessing, how many people in today’s society are lacking in such a blessing, often they find themselves in violation of moral conduct in both the body and the mind while being oblivious to the fact, thinking that this is all normal. In reality, their thinking are complete upside down and in total opposition to the saintly teachings. Under the natural law, virtue is blessed, wantonness is a calamity, the retribution is not kind in the slightest, those who commit nefarious wantonness will, in the end, receive painful retribution.

Those that are able to cut out nefarious wantonness are men of virtue and thus should obey the way of morality. If one is able to stay clear of nefarious wantonness in this day and age, then one is able to safeguard one’s bodily and mental health from the very root, as well as safeguarding the calm order and harmony of the family. Premarital sexual behavior has long since been a common occurrence in today’s society, many young people are already doing it. Recall in the 70s and the 80s of the previous century, premarital sexual behavior was still regarded to be taboo. In the 90s pornographic films went on a rampage, adding to it the poison that is being taught by the harmful teachings of the sexologists, the atmosphere in the society steadily deteriorated. Arriving at today, the premarital sexual behavior is already very common, moreover, the youth of today do not feel any shame towards premarital sex, thinking that it’s very normal, some people even regard the lack of premarital sex as something that’s shameful, these are truly different times.

When it comes to sex, the youth of today’s society have completely been misleading, they have been brainwashed by the nefarious wantonness culture, they are no longer shamed by it and instead claims it to be honorable, in the process bragging about their history of nefarious wantonness while looking up to the celebrities who exhibit such behavior. One night stand is regarded as fashionable! This is truly an ignorant and sad generation. One can also say that this generation has been corrupted by the nefarious wantonness culture, a generation of degenerates, lacking in virtue and positive energy. Young people of today, just go out and observe, there are very few who still carry the imposing righteousness look in their eyes. Many youths carry an empty look in their eyes, a face belonging to someone that has been depleted of the essence, many youths carry the look of vile tendencies with a degenerative quality, one cannot tarry to give them a second look.

Premarital sexual behavior is actually not a kind of responsible behavior, many people begin their relationship in a state of disorder and end up in abandon, when feelings fade the relationship is ended, all of it is just a fleeting play. The goal from the very start has been to have some fun and not with marriage as the goal. Premarital sexual behavior will induce serious consequences in many fronts, it will bring misfortune for the individual, the family and the society, the consequences are long in their duration, the retribution from nefarious wantonness will sooner or later become apparent. In the majority of cultures and countries, the premarital sexual behavior is not approved by public opinion, religious beliefs, moral ethics and the court of law. Avoiding premarital sexual behavior is not only required by the law and the code of mortality, it is needed for the future establishment of a stable family and a blissful marriage.

The harm of premarital sexual behavior towards life takes 6 main forms:

1. Depleting oneself before getting married, body with a myriad of symptoms, cannot bear to put into words. As the age increases the family will urge one to get married, but unfortunately one’s health is not up to par, sexual function is lacking with even infertility, therefore one is placed in an awkward situation. In the rebooting forums, many brothers are currently in the mentioned situation; family urges one to get married but the body is occupied with a variety of symptoms, in addition, there is the early emergence of premature ejaculation and impotence, the quality of the sperm is very poor, this is a difficult situation indeed. The previous frenzy in masturbation has led to the depletion of the body, now that one is to face marriage one suddenly discovers that one is inadequate, this is indeed a very miserable life. Furthermore, the inadequate sexual function and the poor quality of the sperm is kept hidden from the spouse, or else one might get looked down upon or face a possible divorce because the other party thinks one is a disposed of person! There is no hope and future with a disposed of person whatsoever, better to let the daughter file a divorce and marry somebody else. Previously there was a brother who underwent divorce due to the poor quality of his sperm, there was no way to get the woman pregnant, the end result was a divorce, that brother is very hurt and regrettable.

Many brothers are still students, due to the addiction to the evil habit of masturbation, they soon find their mental faculties in a steep decline. After the steep decline, topics, where they have previous understood, are no longer comprehensible, the results are foreseeable, grades drop by a thousand leagues. When the brain power is no longer capable, life as a whole becomes very dull, when the brain power is present, the mind is nimble in every undertaking. When the brain power has been ejaculated, everything one does lack power, the brain always feels like a pile of paste, the reaction is very sluggish and slow. For some brothers, following the diagnosis of neurasthenia, the brain feels dizzy the whole day, the feeling of reality is absent as if one is living inside a dream, one has indeed transformed into the walking dead. Brain power is the battle strength, the kidney is connected to the brain, the battle between men lies in the kidneys! When the kidneys are deficient illnesses in all shapes and forms arises, no matter if one is a student or a worker, one should cherish the sexual energy, premarital sexual behavior should be avoided at all cost. One should apply the previous sexual energy on proper endeavors and transmute the sexual energy into strong support and motivation for one’s academic or working career.

2. Premarital sexual behavior will facilitate the breaking of a relationship. Many younger people lack any concept for responsibility, they seek the novelty of love, once premarital sex has occurred they naturally grow tired with each other in time, arguments cannot be avoided, many relationships have ended following arguments. Love without a sense of responsibility is like a fast meal, it is discarded after the meal. The thought of tying up a man by using sex is not realistic because men easily grow bored. In a mutually loving relationship, responsibility must serve as the foundation, feelings are second to that, otherwise when feelings are absent then breaking up is inevitable. Nowadays the values regarding love in many youths are problematic, responsibility is completely neglected, due to its absence relationships are formed disorderly and end up in abandonment. The feeling of love is very unreliable. There is also an expiration date for love, past the date it is inevitable to enter into the period of weariness, just like when you grow weary of a cell phone; in the beginning one is very fond of a certain cell phone, when time as elapsed all feelings have disappeared, actually love is similar to this. Therefore, stable marriages should rest on the foundation of responsibility, after that comes the mutual feeling of affection, responsibility leads to stability and longevity and is the prerequisite for mutual exchanges, without this prerequisite, the end result is often not too blissful. Many people are lost in the feelings and are constantly in the pursuit of feeling, in the end, they discover that feeling is such an illusory and intangible a thing, once being so fond of the other person ended up with the frequent argument, to go so far as breaking up as a conclusion. The feeling will fade sooner or later, only with the addition of responsibility can feelings be kept alive.

3. The overuse of sex before marriage will affect the quality of the post-marriage life. When a person has depleted himself before marriage, what do you think the result will be? This is like a broken car, swaying left to right while heading towards marriage, not long afterward breaks down. Many people are deeply entrenched in predicaments, the whole life seems dull and decadent. After well over a decade of frenziedly consuming pornographic material combined with masturbation, the five viscera and six bowels have long since been depleted, one enters marriage and faces the married sex life in this critical stage, many peoples’ bodies throw in the towel, autonomic disorders are erupted and aggravated, or one suffers complete impotence or another form of chronic illness. When the physical and psychological health is down, marriage will be threatened from all sides. Previously there were a couple brothers who underwent divorce due to inadequate sexual functions. When your sexual function is depleted, the wife might cheat on you, great bitterness awaits.
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Re: 6 years clean!
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Season 13 part 2/2

4. Premarital sexual behavior will also increase the chances of unexpected pregnancies. Suppose that the woman has experienced multiple abortions, this increases the likelihood of puncturing the womb causing hemorrhage which is life-threatening. Abortion is very harmful to women and will likely cause physical and psychological damage: 1) Bacterial infection 2) Habitual abortion in the future 3) Unable to become pregnant 4) Surgical mishaps, life threatening 5) Waist pain, fragile body, catches chronic gynecological illnesses 6) Inharmonies within the family and in the career 7) Causing psychological damage such as guilt, regret, blaming, fidgety, depression and various psychological illnesses, even the thought of suicide 8) Sometimes one might even dream of wailing children or of being followed by unfamiliar children.

Doctors use to warn: do not take abortions lightly or one will pay a heavy price such as hemorrhage, gynecological inflammation, infertility and even death. Following the procedure of artificial abortion, the monthly menstruation may be thrown out of balance, uterine cavity adhesions and endometriosis like consequences might negatively impact future pregnancies. Even worse, artificial abortion might cause life-long infertility, especially for those who have had repeated abortions are more likely to suffer from such conditions. Due to repeated scraping the inner membranes of the uterus, the uterus linings become thinner and the inner membranes ever fewer in quantity, this causes fewer menstruations or even the cessation of menstruation. Oocyte implantation due to inadequate quality of the “soil”, making the embryo enable to develop and hence life-long infertility. Scraping often causes inflammation in the reproductive organs, causing damage to the uterus and other internal organs or hemorrhage, even causing life-threatening danger. Many brothers have allowed their girlfriends to undergo an abortion, some even under multiple times. Abortion is, in reality, a form of killing and incurs very negative karma for the future. Therefore, take measures in avoiding premarital sexual behavior, do plentiful repentance and avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

5. The likelihood of STD transmission is also increased via premarital sexual behavior. Some brothers not only engages in masturbation but also purchases sex, the contraction of various sexual diseases is then made possible. Some time ago a brother due to sexual debauchery has contracted genital warts, having genital warts is indeed to endure various pains and unspeakable awkwardness. He spent lots of money in medical expenses but was unable to completely cure the disease, the possibility of relapse is always around the corner, this has caused him suicidal thoughts and the loss of hope towards life. Some people have contracted gonorrhea, syphilis, even the contraction of HIV. Although some people have not contracted HIV they have contracted the fear of HIV, life for these people is exceedingly painful and torturous, it can be said that fear never ceases, life is merely being dragged on. The phenomenon of hookup-cannon (a.k.a. One-night stand) has become popular in recent years. This kind of chaotic sexual behavior will inevitably shoot one off into the hospital, turn one into the ashes of nefarious wantonness and finally end up in hell. This is actually very frightening! The sexually disorderly generation has not the face to confront the ancestors, this kind of behavior puts one even lower than livestock! On the contrary many young people today carry this kind of behavior with pride, there is no limit to the stupidity! There is no limit to the degeneration! The HIV situation in China today is already showing an explosive trend. Those who fool around everywhere will contract HIV if they are not careful when that happens one is truly dumbstruck.

6. Higher divorce rates. Premarital sexual behavior from the first appearance looks like personal freedom, the reality of the consequences are endless, according to research statistics: married couples that have had premarital sexual behavior, divorce rates for this group far exceeds that of the chaste couple. Those that had premarital sexual behavior have a far easier time to neglect responsibility, what they seek is more “feeling”, with feelings they will remain together, without feeling it is time to separate. However, the feeling of love will fade as time goes on, when that time comes, if responsibility fails to enter into the picture then quarrels and divorce will be inevitable. The foundation for marriage is a responsibility which is like the foundation for a skyscraper. Those who sexually indulge before marriage often lack the required responsibility, many people are only in for the high in the short term, even after entering marriage they will still abide by their old model of indulgence, not only are they still addicted to masturbation but might even have extramarital affairs, visiting prostitutes and similar behavior, the final play of divorce awaits them.

Related documents:

[Life Times] magazine reported in 2006, November the 8th, “The ever-increasing rampant cases of STD and the number of single parents are causing the American government headache, in order to guarantee the health and to improve the quality of its citizens, the government granted 50 million USD to the project of “self-restraint education” which promotes premarital self-restriction. The government required that young people wait until they have past 30 years of age before starting their sex lives. Recently, the American federal government notified the various states the approval of utilizing dedicated subsidy in order to encourage young people in their 20s, to life a self-restrained life before getting married.

In the recent 10 years, Americans which were originally seen as sexually liberated, have begun to promote “self-restraint education”, with the purpose of changing the concepts of the youth to slowly return to be more traditional. According to understanding, in recent years, the Ministry of Health and Welfare have allocated 5 million USD in federal education funds for the self-restraining educational project, this is the education project that has been awarded a prize.

The American self-restraint educational group NAEA mainly aids the stately federal government in the promotion of sexual education, answering questions related to sex from the youth, and then analyzing these questions using statistics and in doing so helping the youth to form a healthy view towards sex. At the moment, the self-restraint educational group mainly touches on 13 topics, statistical data have shown, within the American high schools today, at least 70% of the schools have addressed 8 of the 13 topics: self-restraint is the most effective means of preventing pregnancy (87%), withstanding peer pressure (83%), the risk of having multiple sexual partners (81%), students making sexual behavior decisions in order to affect others (80%), at least 3/5 of the high schools also talks about marriage and vows (69%), the safety of condoms (65%). In primary school, the most talked about the topic by teachers is the development of the human body.

The self-restraint educational group will also visit various American cities, and to provide curriculum based on the demand from the schools and on the age of the students. These curricula are largely short-term based, not exceeding 2 months in length. The requirement for the curriculum teachers is a postgraduate degree in psychology. The teachers would form groups and then go out to different schools in order to give lectures, individual schools may also apply for their teachers to join the educational programme. In 2011, the teachers have undertaken a lesson in college called “human-based sexual behavior”. A questionnaire was then conducted on the entire class of 150 students (with roughly 50% being female), the finding was that 80% of the female students were virgins with the majority of them being born in the 90s. This number is significantly higher than the ones posted in the previous years, the teachers were very shocked by this, one teacher stated: this number increases every year, perhaps as a result of the self-restraining education.


Confucius said: “There are three things which the superior man guards against. In youth, when the physical powers are not yet settled, he guards against lust. When he is strong and the physical powers are full of vigor, he guards against quarrelsomeness. When he is old, and the animal powers are decayed, he guards against covetousness.” Cutting out of all sexual thoughts and material is the first cultivation, it is also the first challenge for the youthful, this challenge must be passed. Master Yin Guang: “Lust is the common problem in the world. Not only the low and the middle class are obsessed by lust, even the upper class, if not vigilant in their guard, also easily become obsessed by lust. Try and see how many of the heroes from the ancient and modern times, firm-footed as the holy man, only because they cannot conquer lust, becomes fools and unworthy, he who treads the evil path, difficult it is to secure many victories." [The Distinction between Good and Evil Karma]: “There are ten kinds of karma related to the repeated evil indulgence. Why 10 kinds? First, a desirous heart burns vigorously. Two, the wife is not chaste. Three, poor for growth. Four, the elimination of a good way. Five, leisurely indulgence of both sexes. Six, the dispersion of assets. Seven, doubting heart. Eight, separation from virtuous friends. Nine, mistrust from relatives. Ten, life is ended with three strokes” We must learn to control our desire and not become slaves to desire, we need to learn to transmute our sexual energies and apply it onto our careers, excessive masturbation must be avoided at all cost. Otherwise, our five viscera and six organs are depleted along with our brain power, such would be miserable. Let us say no to premarital sexual behavior and guard our last line in the sand, let us be chaste and save it until after we are married, avoiding depleting ourselves before marriage.
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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #29 on: January 08, 2018, 08:56:31 AM »
I feel lucky to have found your posts.
Also to know that being a 24 yr old I'm yet to discover where my health and career will go before I get married to someone I love.
WE are blessed, not cursed.


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #30 on: January 14, 2018, 05:42:00 AM »
Yes the earlier we discover the truth the better. Indeed, we are all blessed.


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #31 on: January 14, 2018, 06:22:58 AM »
Hi guys! Everybody may now find the latest compilation of the translation in a PDF file, the link to the PDF is posted at the beginning of the 1st page in this thread. I will be updating the compilation every 5 chapters, so at chapter 5, 10, 15 and so on.

I would also like to add a word of caution, and that is to not rely too much on the translations for the purpose of diagnosing your own illness. The reason is very simple; I am not a TCM practitioner and there may be errors in the translation, furthermore, I believe that the original author Soaring Eagle is a layman himself. As a layman, the interpretation of the ancient TCM texts will not be 100% correct, when translated, additional accuracy is lost. So please keep this in mind when reading and comparing the symptoms and the descriptions with your own state of health.


Season 14 part 1/2 [Soaring Eagle experience: black eye ring and eye bags, grey hair, hemorrhoids and rhinitis issues in detail]

Lately while browsing the rebooting forums I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon, that the understanding of many brothers has cleared risen, this is evident from answering the questions. In reality, as these brothers studies they “grow in understanding”, in the game Go, when the players skill increase it is called “grow in qi” (Translator’s note: qi = game, not to be confused with the energy qi), in reboot this can be called “grow in understanding”. When understanding has been raised then the determination will also naturally increase. Through the constant study of rebooting articles and health cultivation, the level of awareness will clearly exceed that of a rebooting rookie. By ever persisting and increasing one’s understanding, remaining clean forever is not far away.

What we cultivate in rebooting is the level of our determination, when the determination has risen then rebooting will be successful. The thing we need to be aware of is when we don’t study and when we let our guard down, else we will not be successful in our reboot.

The biggest issue that rookies have is the existence of misconceptions, all forms of doubts and hesitation must be overcome. Through raising questions can doubts be erased, by doing so we are able to solidify our belief, otherwise the unresolved questions will impede our rebooting progress. For example, when many people run into withdrawal symptoms, their first thought is the harmfulness of self-restraint, thinking that such restraint will give rise to problems. If we have not properly understood this issue then relapse will happen easily. There are many other misconceptions in thought and they must receive correction. To reboot one must recondition the thoughts, or else we cannot be successful in rebooting.

Below we will enter the main topic.

Black eye ring and eye bags are two problems that I have experienced. The eye bags started to appear when I was 19 years old while black eye rings already showed up during middle school. Because that I loved to exercise, the black eye rings were not that serious. According to my careful observation and experience, among those people who love to exercise, the issue of the black eye rings would occur relatively infrequently, even when they should appear, by actively exercising and taking care to be well rested, the problem will subside very quickly. But for

those who do not love to exercise stays up and sits for long sessions, the black eye rings would be quite stubborn. The way of exercising that I recommend should ideally be done outdoors and under the sun. TCM believes, sunbathing will warm up the yang energy of the body, it is an indispensable component in health cultivation. Sunbathing allows the body to gain vitamin D and increase the resistance of the body and preventing all sorts of illnesses.

There is skill involved in sunbathing, it is appropriate to open up both palms (Laogong acupuncture point) towards the sun when it is rising during the morning, breathe deeply, in this way we are able to nurture the heart and the lungs. When the sun is overhead during noon time, especially during the winter noons, this is the most precious time for sunbathing, it’s appropriate to remove the hat and allow the sun qi to be absorbed by the crown of the head (Baihui acupuncture point), in this way the heart and the brain is nurtured. Afterwards, lower the head and allow the sunshine to be absorbed in the back of the neck (Fengchi acupuncture point), Fengchi point is the source point in the body’s defense against external negative qi.

Of course, one needs to take care of the degree in sunbathing, to not overdo it. 1h per day is enough, don’t sit all day in front of the computer screen, this is very unfavorable to the recovery of the body. It’s good to increase contact with nature, increase sunbathing and exercise.

In TCM, black eye rings arise mostly due to deficient kidney qi, inadequacy in essence and qi, impeded arteries and veins and the loss of nutrients to the eyes. Therefore, to recovery from black eye rings, one needs to pay attention to health cultivation, active exercising, in this way the black eye rings will recover relatively quickly.

I remember that I had masturbated quite frequently in the summer holiday following my national higher education entrance exam, when I looked at myself in the mirror after the holiday I saw eye bags! Once eye bags start to appear, a person would look several years older, this gives out a decadent look which lacked vitality. Although I didn’t know much about health cultivation at the time, I knew that exercise would help my body to recover, therefore I would often go for a slow jog and run for 20 laps during each session at a very slow pace. After jogging for 20 days and then looking into the mirror, the eye bags have disappeared, the quality of the skin improved a lot and the improvement in complexion was apparent. However, my determination was low at the time, I was still in the brute force and blind stage, so not long afterward I started to masturbate again,

when I again looked into the mirror, the eye bags returned again. And so I was quite troubled during those years and battled against eye bags for a long time, but I was still unable to solve the problem, this is because I was still masturbating. Originally, I made the eye bags vanish due to great efforts made in exercising and resting well, but as soon as I let down my guard, eye bags would return and not only that, my facial complexion would become a lot worse, like expired fruit, the feeling of being all dried up and decaying. At the time I had looked into eye bag removing surgical procedures, there is external cut and internal cut. It also came to my understanding that the procedures will not help you to remove the eye bags completely, there will be a chance of relapse, if you continue to masturbate, eye bags will return.

The emergence of eye bags is largely due to the lungs’ diminishing ability to dry up water, the inferior function of the lungs, the block of Chengqi and Sibai acupoints. TCM believes: kidney is the gate of the stomach. (Translator’s note: in a healthy person, when we intake water it is passed onto the kidneys from the stomach, as if through a doorway. When the kidneys are sick, that the doorway does not function properly, the result is swollenness in various areas of the body). [Suwen] states: “Kidney is the gate of the stomach, when the gate is is malfunctioning, it induces the accumulation of water, swollenness in the skin. Patient suffering from edema, due to the accumulation of water” Kidneys are not only the gates of the stomach but also stores the essences of the five viscera and the six bowels. Masturbation causes the weakening of the kidneys, once that happens, the whole body is prone to run into issues. The issue of eye bags is but one of the expressions from weakened kidneys, although eye bags are located above the stomach meridian, located at the Chengqi acupoint, the root cause is still the kidneys. When the kidneys are weakened, the function of the internal organs becomes disorderly.

Now that I have completely cut off PMO and sexual fantasization, the issue of eye bags is nowhere to be seen, although not completely level, it is in level with a person in my age. With the onset of eye bags, the prerequisite for recovery is to abstain from masturbation and fantasization completely, else the recovery will be very difficult.

The issue of grey hair will be discussed below.

I have also been troubled by greying, although it was not a genetic condition. During my youth I had masturbated frequently, though I did manage to take good care of my rest and nutrition, there were grey hairs but not that many. Afterwards, I masturbated but also stayed up at night, my eating habits were irregular, sometimes having only one meal per day, not long afterward, many grey hairs sprouted up. I had several dussins of grey hair on every side of the head, in addition, the vast amount of hair was falling out, over 100 strands of hair daily. At the time I almost capitulated, I knew that it was self-inflicted karma and cannot blame anybody else, I could only blame it on my own indulgences.

Factors which induces grey hair:

1. Psychological factors, stress, sad feelings, anxiety, fright etc will all cause premature greying. It is the belief of modern medicine that negative psychological factors will cause spasms in the blood vessels responsible for providing nutrients to the hair, this causes a decline in the function with the pigment cells around the hairballs and follicles, which in turn affects the formation and transportation of the melanin particles.

2. Experimental evidence on nutritional imbalance has shown that if black lab rats are denied folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamins in their diet, their hair would turn into a greyish color. In addition, the color of the hair pigment particles is related to its metal content. The black hair pigment particles contain copper, cobalt and iron elements, if some of these elements is missing then the appearance of grey hair will become likely. Moreover, Grey hair will also appear under the condition of the lack of proteins and serious malnutrition.

3. Sufferers of chronic illnesses, some people suffer from autonomic nervous disorders, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, internal secretion obstacles etc, the emergence of grey hair will also be present. This is because the illnesses have damaged or disrupted the follicles, the growth and maturation of the hairball color pigment cells, causing them to lose the ability to secrete black color pigments and hindering the formation of melanin particles.

4. Inheritable factor, premature greying is also affected by prenatal factors to a certain degree, where premature greying has previously occurred with parents or in the family tree.

5. Evil life habits and staying up, long sitting, sexual indulgence, all of these habits injures the kidney qi, TCM: The splendor of the hair is rooted in the kidneys. People with these evil habits will encounter grey hair with more ease.

My hair has now recovered, after rebooting for half a year, I can see that the root of the new hair is black. I’m very attentive about health cultivation, this has been a beneficial factor in my recovery. Many people reboot without cultivating the health, recovery will be relatively more difficult. I have also eaten black colored food but have not taken them intentionally, included is black sesame, black beans, black mushrooms which I ate often. My rebooting process was very thorough, combined with health cultivation, this is the root cause of my recovery. On the psychological level, I didn’t pressure myself too much, I managed my mood very well and didn’t have many negative emotions, no anger, no complaining, no jealousy, each day went by in a state of calmness. Many brothers will become agitated and easily angered, this is very normal because kidney qi is not abundant, the emotional expression of being easily irritated and angered will take place. And so it’s important to properly manage the mood, keeping one’s emotions stable. Negative emotions are like earthquakes and have very adverse impacts on the body and mind, the harm of which cannot be underestimated and is very negative for the recovery of the body. I remember that my neighbor next door was a boy that was a couple years older than I, he had premature greying, it was not inherited, he ate well, but the family was not in harmony, the parents would often quarrel which caused him a large amount of pressure. To constantly live under the shadow of domestic violence is, in fact, a greying inducing psychological factor, when the family is not harmonious, the psychological pressure will be big.

The principle of recovering from greying is very simple but is hard to do, it is through doing things the opposite way! Put a stop to the greying inducing factors, thoroughly reboot, learn about health cultivation, through this the issue of greying will gradually recover. There is a process involved, you must increase and deepen your understanding of health cultivation in order to increase the chances of recovery. Otherwise, rebooting with health cultivation is far from enough. I have mentioned about the specific ways to cultivate the health in chapter 12, everybody can go and have a look.

The problem of hemorrhoids will be discussed below:

Hemorrhoids are also a very common problem, as the saying goes, 9 out of 10 men will encounter hemorrhoids! There is another saying: out of 10 women 10 will have hemorrhoids. The chances for women to catch hemorrhoids is also very high, this is because women have special physiological periods and are more prone to suffer injuries in both blood and qi, combined with long sitting, hemorrhoids will come knocking on the door. I had my first hemorrhoids at around the age of 20, at the time I masturbated frequently. During a period of time when I was sitting on a sagging sofa, after a while I would feel something below, that’s when I had caught hemorrhoids. The hospital determined the hemorrhoids to be internal, by applying the subscribed medicine the hemorrhoids would subside, but the root of the issue will remain. Hemorrhoids brought much trouble to my life, I was unable to eat cold or spicy food, so at the time I took extra care when eating instant noodles, spicy food would induce the return of the hemorrhoids, stools tended to contain traces of blood. Afterwards, when I studied TCM I understood, masturbation would induce a deficiency in the qi, when your qi is abundant there will be no issues when sitting on the sofa because qi pushes the blood around. Sitting on a sofa while having adequate qi will not cause stasis in the qi and blood, but once qi is deficient and you sit on the sofa then it will cause the qi and blood stasis, hemorrhoids will easily emerge.

The anatomical cause of hemorrhoids: When a person is standing or sitting, the rectum is situated at the bottom. Due to heavy exertion and restriction in the internal organs, the backward flow of blood through the veins becomes blocked.

As of now, my hemorrhoids have completely healed, I did not expect it to go according to my plan. The recovery process for my hemorrhoids was very peculiar, at first I thought that hemorrhoids will not heal without an operation. Of course, hemorrhoids might relapse following the operation, because, from a medical perspective, hemorrhoids arise due to obstructions of blood reflux in the veins, therefore, operations will only help to eliminate the hemorrhoids but cannot guarantee the recovery of the obstruction issue.

I remember 2 years ago I started to soak my feet with traditional Chinese medicine, I used mugwort leaves purchased from Taobao. At the time I read from Dan GuiMin’s blog on curing hemorrhoid from its root by using moxibustion. The method was to sit on a hollowed out chair, using moxibustion to smoke hemorrhoid from the below, after approximately a week, the hemorrhoid core would fall off and the hemorrhoid is cured. Naturally, this process is a bit painful, not everybody is able to withstand it. After seeing it I didn’t dare to try it, so I used mugworts to soak my feet, unexpectedly, after 3 days of treatment I felt that the hemorrhoid was turning outward and becoming bigger, that’s when I knew that the warming and activating the meridian function of the mugwort leaves were working. It was very painful when the hemorrhoid was turning outwards and could not sit down, sitting down was painful, I could only sit at an angle. At that time I already started with moxibustion treatment, of course, I didn’t dare to apply moxibustion directly on the hemorrhoids. I applied moxibustion on the Shenque acupoint, it is also the navel point, after soaking my feet for 3 days hemorrhoid turned outwards, on the 4th day I applied moxibustion on my navel for 40 minutes, I felt that the hemorrhoid was about to break, I immediately pulled the anus inwards and hemorrhoid indeed broke, the core fell out. After that incident my hemorrhoid has healed complete without further relapses.

Those brothers that are suffering from hemorrhoid may try my method, naturally, there are many ways to treat hemorrhoids. I have only shared my own experience with everyone which I hope to be of help.


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #32 on: January 14, 2018, 06:23:48 AM »
Season 14 part 2/2

Lastly let’s talk about the issue of rhinitis.

I have a hypersensitive constitution and suffer from allergic rhinitis. When I sneeze I sometimes sneeze a dozen times in a row. I remember that my nose was not very healthy ever since childhood, although I didn’t masturbate at the time, due to inadequate prenatal conditions I would easily catch a cold due to exogenic cold, and so I often catch cold as a child and later I got asthma. However, the rhinitis I had back then was not that serious. When entering puberty I masturbated frequently, rhinitis suddenly becomes more serious, throughout the entire year my nose would be stuff, it was very painful. I tried many curing methods with no avail, afterward, I underwent an operation to remove the inferior nasal conchae which did alleviate my symptoms a lot, but it was still not good enough, whenever there was a change of season I would run into issues.

At the time I was in a state of ignorance and was totally unaware of that masturbation was exacerbating my symptoms, after studying TCM I understood, TCM: essence deficiency, nasosinusitis. When there is an essence deficiency, it would induce rhinitis, because kidneys govern inhalation while the lungs mainly govern exhalation. If those with a weak constitution masturbate, rhinitis would become more serious, because a weak constitution emphasizes the point that the body is unable to handle further depletions. Everybody has different constitutions, some people are born with a naturally strong constitution if a level of depletion is not reached there will be no symptoms. But for me I have a weak constitution, symptoms would appear with the slightest depletion. I remember a brother once mentioned that he had a naturally strong constitution and would not feel cold even leaving arms exposed during winter, afterward due to frequent masturbation he has injured the kidney yang, the four limbs would feel cold even during the summer, the kidney yang has become deficient. If you masturbate for a year a two the body will not have problems, but if you keep going and have injured your body to a certain extent, then symptoms would surely appear. Some people love to exercise and have well-ordered schedules, in those cases symptoms would be mild. But no matter how strong the body is, after 40 years of age the body will start to decline, by then many latent illnesses will all erupt at once, this is all caused by overindulgence in youth. When we are young our yang qi is abundant and so we will not notice anything, as we age, many issues would become more apparent.

I still have rhinitis to this day, but compared to before it is a big improvement, previously I would feel bad every day and now I very seldom feel bad. Moreover, I have learned moxibustion, when the nose is feeling uncomfortable, by applying moxibustion on the Hegu and Zusanli acupoints, the obstructions would clear up very quickly. In reality, many people suffer from aggravated rhinitis as a result of masturbation. In my vicinity several friends have it. My cousin didn’t have rhinitis before, but then he learned how to masturbate, a few years later he also had rhinitis. Masturbation induces kidney qi deficiency, the resistance of the body would vastly decrease when an inner deficiency is present, outer evil would enter more easily, in this way the chances of catching many illnesses is increased. Therefore, one must cut out masturbation and cultivate the kidney qi. Else many illnesses will come knocking! Remember this at all cost.


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #33 on: January 15, 2018, 12:04:25 PM »
I used Otrivin nasal spray for nasal congestion and it was MAGICAL! I could breathe so easily and have sound sleep only to later realise it's been 2 months and I can't sleep without Otrivin. I gave it up forever. I always thought getting a surgery done was the only option, but reading how even surgery doesn't give the desired results now I believe I was wrong. You cleared my 20-yr long misconception man.

BTW I'm pretty amazed by your translation skills. How in the world did you interpret Moxibustion?! Phew!


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #34 on: January 20, 2018, 04:19:04 AM »
Hi Beyondthequicksand! I'm glad to have helped you to clear the misconception, I'm sure that your nasal congestion would heal in time given that one is persistent in both rebooting and living according to a healthy lifestyle. I have not tried moxibustion myself but have heard many positive feedbacks on it, there are lots of info about it on the internet in case you are interested.


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #35 on: January 20, 2018, 04:20:45 AM »
Season 15 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of soft legs, secretion of oil, tension disorder and scrotum dampness]

The phenomenon of soft legs is very common among brothers. It is a common sight in the forums to see brothers relating to soft legs that are lacking in strength. In TCM this is easy to explain, because kidneys govern the bones, also that the kidney meridian starts from the Yongquan acupoint at the bottom of the legs and continues upwards. Therefore, following masturbation or even nocturnal emission, the phenomenon of soft legs easily occur. This phenomenon has also been verified in TCM, masturbation induces porosity in the bones and a decrease in bone density. TCM also mentions the waist houses the kidneys, the kidneys runs through the knees. A common symptom of kidney deficiency is soreness in the waist and knees, many brothers suffer from waist pains. Many people would experience lots of pain when bending their waist. This, in reality, is the typical expression of inadequate kidney essence, a signal from the body to not indulge any further.

I masturbated frequently during middle and high school, when playing basketball I would often sprain my ankle. Many times when it happened there was no body contact involved. After having masturbated I would always feel weakness in the legs, my footing not being firm. But I didn’t know it was caused by masturbation and I didn’t know about medical principles. Now that I have studied TCM theory I came to understand the underlying reasons.
These days I’m watching NBA and happened to see Roosevelt from the Buffalo Bulls injure his knees, the situation was that the overlapping ligament of the left knees was torn, the next season is forfeited. Roosevelt’s injury was very peculiar, no body contact took place, he was holding the ball and made a forward leap, the knee was injured. Seeing such an injury, I dare to say that the night before the match, Roosevelt either had a nocturnal emission or was indulging, combined with the accumulation of wear and fatigue from the frequent matches, this strange kind of injury then happened. To this day I still remember a scene from  Stallone’s Rocky 1, Rocky’s coach told him to not touch women, touching women makes one’s legs weak and would affect the performance during a match. In competitive sports it is taboo to touch women before a match, touching women weakens the legs and makes one unable to properly perform many movements, injuries also occur more easily. I have seen the boxing king Tyson’s documentary, when commenting about his loss versus Douglas in Japan, Tyson said that he lost the match due to
his indulgences and entered the match in a bad physical state, the consequence is easy to imagine; defeated by a vastly inferior Douglas.

Following masturbation or nocturnal emission, one must take care to rest well, abstain from heavy exercises in order to avoid injuries.

Below we will discuss the oil secretion issue.

Many brothers experience the secretion of oil following masturbation, this is because masturbation causes hormonal imbalance and so the secretion of oil will occur. Of course, it is not only limited to the secretion of oil, some brothers experience dryness in the skin. Hormonal imbalance can be grouped into 2 categories, in the first category, there is the secretion of oil, in the second category we have dryness of the skin. In summary, there are more cases of oil secretions, this has to do with the different constitutions of our bodies.

There 2 categories of oil secretion:

1. Secretion of oil from the face
2. Secretion of oil from the scalp

Oil secretion in the face easily lead to acne and pimples, furthermore, the acne that is caused by masturbation is often very stubborn and belongs to the stubborn form of acne, it is very difficult to recover from if one does not cut out masturbation. When the face is always oily, it will also affect the looks of a person. When the scalp is secreting oil it will easily lead to seborrheic alopecia, sufferers often have thin and soft hair, sometimes it is also accompanied by scalp dermatitis symptoms. I have specifically talked about the issue of hair loss in an earlier chapter. Normally, mild to medium degree of hair loss is relatively easy to recover from, heavy hair loss is relatively more difficult to recover from, there is a saying that “accumulation is hard to retrace”, those that have the financial means can try hair implantation. After quitting masturbation, I clearly noticed a decline in the oiliness of the skin, the same goes for the scalp, this is a sign that the hormonal imbalance has been corrected. Therefore, in order to reduce the secretion of oil, one must cut out masturbation, do not only expend effort on surface issues, make adjustments from the root of the issue. Some brothers would ask, could one use oil removing products? My answer is, one certainly can, but rebooting must be emphasized, otherwise one is only treating the symptoms and not the cause. Only through persistent rebooting can the hormonal imbalance return to normal, otherwise, all the product in the world can only ease the issue but not cure it.

Let’s continue towards the issue of tension disorder.

Tension disorder can be categorized as:

1. Urinating obstacles.
2. Obstacles during sex.

Many brothers have provided the feedback: being unable to urinate when other people are around, returned to normal when nobody is around. Other brothers have reported that when it comes sex, there are problems with erection, this kind of nervousness obstacles is, in reality, an expression of weakened kidney qi, when the kidney qi has been damaged to a certain degree then this kind of phenomenon will appear. I have experienced these two phenomena myself, normally after a period of rebooting while actively exercising, rhythmic lifestyle habits, abundant kidney qi, nervousness obstacles will diminish substantially and even self-heal. Therefore, those brothers with this kind of conditions should not fret too much, reboot and accumulate the kidney qi and recovery is possible.
Lastly, let’s talk about the issue of scrotum dampness.

This is also a very common problem, the majority of brothers will have experienced this phenomenon. With scrotum dampness one feels uncomfortable, it is a disturbing annoyance. Scrotum dampness points to scrotum erosion, moist, itching that are due to deficiencies in the spleen, allergy to medicines, deficiency in vitamins, fungus breeding among other factors, it is mostly a male-specific skin disease. Scrotum dampness is the typical clinical expression of chronic prostatitis, it is often caused by disorders in the autonomic nerves as a result of chronic prostatitis. As one recovers from prostatitis, scrotum dampness will appear intermittently until it disappears. Scrotum dampness is one of the typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis which is related to frequent long sittings, working in a hot environment and varicocele. If you are suffering from prostatitis, then your scrotum dampness is related to prostatitis.

Previously I have had scrotum dampness with even the appearance of eczema, it is extremely uncomfortable, always damp like water and with the scrotum hanging loose. Normally, those with prostatitis will all have scrotum dampness. Naturally, if you have scrotum dampness, you can go check if you also have prostatitis. After I have cut out masturbation, exercised actively, took care of my rest, accumulated enough kidney qi, scrotum dampness slowly disappeared, the scrotum was also pulled upwards, prostatitis was healed. Therefore, those brothers that have encountered scrotum dampness, the best way would be to keep rebooting, by doing so there will be the hope of solving this trouble.


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #36 on: January 20, 2018, 05:29:55 AM »
I have seen one of the motivational videos where Buster Douglas actually beat down Mike Tyson! Even in India here, wrestlers are told to stay away from sex and follow Brahmacharya ( NoFap ) in their prime years.

....This is all true...


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #37 on: January 27, 2018, 05:42:29 AM »
Season 16 [Soaring Eagle experience: complementary info on nocturnal emission, harmlessness theories, theory on harmfulness from restraining and the frequency of sex during marriage]

I have treated the issue of nocturnal emission in chapter 3 and 7, it is a big issue. Frequent emissions harm the body greatly, in addition, relapses are made very easy following emissions, thoughts will become swayed, this is why it’s important to decrease the number of emissions in order to benefit the recovery process. Regarding nocturnal emissions I have recommended kidney strengthening exercise, its result according to feedback can be divided into 2 categories. In the first category the result is very good, many brothers really achieved having one nocturnal emission over a month, usually 30+ days, some have achieved 40+ days, where previously it has been 8 times/month, therefore, there is no doubt around the effectiveness of the kidney strengthening exercise. In the other category, there is not much improvement and is very troubling. Why is it that other people have achieved 30+ days but not me? Those who have not made it must ask themselves this question.

In this season I will once more discuss this issue in depth, I hope it can help everyone to deepen their understanding of the issue of nocturnal emissions.

Those brothers who have not achieved the desired results reminded me of my gym lessons from school. The gym teacher would demonstrate a movement to everyone, those with a talent in exercising would grasp the essentials very quickly and be able to do the move accurately. On the other hand, there is a lot of people who have practiced the move many times without mastering it. The content of the instruction from the teacher is the same, but the absorbing ability and the degree of absorption are different for the students. But if you persist in your practice, there will come a day when you have found the feeling. People with a high talent might find the correct feeling very quickly, people with lower talent might need to spend a week, even a month to find the correct feeling, this is the first point.

The second point, many people already possess flexible ligaments and are able to touch the ground. However, being able to touch the ground is not enough, one must find the tightening feeling from the stretch, increase the tightness. Many people stop short after they have touched the ground, thinking that they have done their part, in reality, this is only the beginning, one must thrust towards the limit and then repeat the exercise for at least 10 times under such circumstance. Once this has been achieved then they are doing their part, do not stop just short of reaching one’s limit. After touching the ground, touch it with the palms, after that stand on a chair and try to touch the ground, one step at a time. Many brothers mention that they are not flexible and are unable to touch the ground, this is quite OK, the important thing is the tightening feeling from the stretch. Although you are not flexible you are able to find that tightening feeling and is able to intensify it, over time, you will naturally be able to touch the ground, not only that, when you become skilled you will have an easy time to touch the ground with the palms. The difficulty lies in persistence, this is a gradual process, few people are able to touch the ground with their palms on their first try.

Point three, there are many factors that would induce nocturnal emissions. The kidney strengthening exercise is not a panacea, if you trip over one of those factors you will still have emission. 2 days ago I answered a question from a brother, his situation is the following; he persists in doing kidney strengthening exercise and is able to reduce the frequency of nocturnal emissions, but in recent days he would have frequent emissions and is very troubled by it, he wonders about what the problem is? I then helped him to analyze and let him try to recall what he has done in recent days. Then he replied that he has recently caught a cold and have besides been playing basketball. Then I told him: the answer has been found, your case on nocturnal emission has been solved. The reason for his frequent emissions is very simple, but if you don’t understand the principle behind it, one might not figure it out during the entire lifetime. He caught a cold, the body, in this case, is already weakened, then he goes off to play basketball and sweat profusely, TCM: Profuse sweating hurts the yang qi, labor hurts the yang qi. When he played basketball after catching a cold, he acted in accordance with the saying in TCM “double weakness leads to disaster”. Fatigue is a reason for nocturnal emissions during the night, many people over-exercise during the day, after sweating they become very tired, in the night they then have a nocturnal emission. This kind of fatigue followed by emission is very very common, there are many such cases among those that I have collected. The mistakes that younger people tend to make is: over-exercising, only knows how to release but not to restrain. When the body is weakened, care must be taken into resting, TCM has stated: He who sweats loses essence. Playing basketball makes one sweat a lot, when the essence is suddenly injured, nocturnal emission will easily occur at night. I have also had experiences regarding the damaging effect of fatigue on the essences, when my body is weakened and I went for a few sets of deep squats, during the night I had an emission. Therefore, when the body is weakened, try to refrain from heavy exercises and avoid those exercises that would cause one to sweat heavily, otherwise, nocturnal emission will easily occur during the night. One needs to take care of the degree of intensity when playing basketball and also pay attention to timing, don’t go playing when the body is weakened or is feeling unwell, emphasize convalescence. One may perform low-intensity exercises such as taking a walk.

Factors that induce nocturnal emission:

    1. Sexual fantasizing during the day
    2. Fatigue during the day
    3. Intake alcohol
    4. Heavy meat consumption
    5. Intake of supplementary medicine
    6. Sleeping facing down
    7. Sleeping naked
    8. Sunbathing the blankets
    9. Too thick blankets
    10. Meditation before bed
    11. Tight underwear
    12. Pushing against or sandwiching the blankets
    13. Improper use of moxibustion
    14. Guarding the dantian while meditating
    15. Staying up late and long sitting
    16. Drinking too much water before bed
    17. Over exercising
    18. Illness
    19.  Weakened kidneys, dreamlessness
    20.Spicy diet, heavy diet
    21. Nervousness (including nightmare)
    22. Pressing (including sleeping facing down)
    23. Anger (causes disorders in blood and qi)

Regarding the issue of nocturnal emissions, I have already replied to several hundred questions. The main causes that I have summarized are the 23 points in the above. As senior rebooter, the things done were from “trial and error”, using what one has learned through experience and passing these on to brothers, especially to newcomers. The misconceptions among newcomers are very great, the correct understanding must be established for the newcomers, or else he might never understand.

Many brothers would take notes after having a nocturnal emission, they would note down the time of the occurrence. But what they are lacking is a thorough understanding towards nocturnal emission, if you do not clearly recognize the causes, then there is no way to truly avoid nocturnal emissions, the same mistakes will be repeated without knowing what has transpired. I will name an example: to not be robbed by the thief, one must outsmart the thief, the thief is already very smart, yet you must outsmart him as well as keep improving upon yourself. Through this way can the frequency of the emissions be reduced to the maximum degree. If you are able to control the frequency of the emissions to once per month, then this will be very favorable to your recovery process. Or else, no matter how much Chinese medicine you take, the efficiency will be reduced, because you are leaking too much!

Every emission is like solving a case, looking for clues and the triggering factor. Of course, there is no need to deliberately look for clues if the frequency is once per month. This is because, for ordinary people, the theory of essence overflowing is applicable. But if the frequency exceeds 3 times/month, for sure this is not due to the overflowing of the essence, but it belongs to the abnormal state of emissions. Only when the cause has been found can we avoid it in the future, or else if you fail to consider and summarize following an episode of emission, the result will still be frequent emissions. According to my understanding, there are plenty of brothers who have been bothered by the issue of nocturnal emission for over a decade, they experience aching waist and knees, strengthless body, tinnitus, decreased brain power, the symptoms are plentiful.

I will share 2 more cases. The first is about eating too much pig kidneys, followed by nocturnal emission. The other is about eating too much sesame, followed by nocturnal emission. Sesame is very good, but health cultivators in ancient times only eat 2 pellets per day, why don’t they eat more? Because eating more makes it harder to digest and to absorb, also that it induces nocturnal emissions. Therefore, it is permitted to intake sesame, but one must pay attention to the quantity, don’t intake a full bowl at a time as that will easily lead to nocturnal emission when it comes to supplementary things one has to pay attention to the quantity. In addition, one should also eat less meat, or else frequent emissions will easily occur, it will also promote desire, remember at all cost!

Below let’s talk about harmlessness theory and the theory of harm from restraining:

Harmlessness theories tend to be very confusing and misleading because everybody knows that after marriage there will be sexual activities, why shouldn’t there be any such activities before marriage? Many people carry misconceptions in their thoughts and will ask such questions, they would also agree on the idea of harmlessness from moderation. Back in the days I was also confused by the harmlessness theory and deeply misled by it, these seemingly correct theories are highly damaging to teenagers and inexperienced brothers. These theories will allow the masturbators to sink deeper into the trap when the body is displaying symptoms it is past the time for regrets. In the many cases that I’ve seen, brothers would always criticize the harmlessness theory as they think that it has harmed them from the very start. Therefore, with regards to the harmlessness theory, one’s position must be firm and resolute, there is no room for doubts, or else it is impossible to become clean, one will only wander aimlessly in the vicious circle.

The hole in the theory of moderation is ignoring the addictive quality of masturbation as it is highly addictive. Once hooked, you are no longer in control, like a breached dam. Many brothers would do it twice once they have relapsed, even indulging in several days at a time, impossible to hold back. Why is it that after marriage, it is allowed to have a sex life? In the post-marriage sex life, one must, of course, pay attention to “moderation”. Records since ancient times have it noted that sexual excess weakens the body and induces illnesses. Many brothers in the rebooting forums are already married, yet they still want to reboot, why? Because the body is greatly weakened and is stricken with many symptoms, one must reboot or it is all finished. Normally, I would advise those brothers with wives to have a good talk together in order to arrive at an understanding, this is a good approach to rebooting, or else the wife might misunderstand you and would easily lead to conflicts. Once you have practiced restraint for a while and have accumulated enough kidney qi, by then it will not be too late to have a sex life, as long as the health is intact we can endure temporary setbacks. Suppose that you overdrafted on your health in advance, in the future one becomes complete impotent, that’s not the worse news given that countless symptoms will come knocking on the door.

The guideline to post marital sex life: accumulate abundant kidney qi, use it sparingly. If symptoms have already appeared, abstain for a while, accumulate till abundance, use again.

To put a stop to premarital sexual behavior: the purpose is to let your kidney qi go unscathed as much as possible. Otherwise, many brothers fool around before marriage and waste away their health, what will they resort to after marriage?

Regarding harmlessness theories, I will name an example, after seeing this everyone will know how to treat harmlessness theories. It goes like this: Two people come up to you to talk, one says that elephants are grey, the other says elephants are blue. The first person supports his claim with good arguments while the latter comes up with even better arguments, this is when you start to hesitate and don’t know who to trust because both sides have good arguments. In this moment, I will tell you a method and that is to go see yourself what color the elephant is! Reality triumphs rhetoric! Similarly, when it comes to rebooting, you can directly look for cases from brothers in suffering and study them, let them speak for themselves and discover the truth in them. Cases are the foremost precious resource, the reported conditions are the most real.

Regarding harmfulness from restraining theories, many brothers have asked about this. I can definitely say to everyone, restraining is not harmful but with one condition, one must put an end to sexual fantization as much as possible. Otherwise, fire meets fire while one tries to hold it back, problems will arise. In the TCM medical records, I have seen quite a few similar cases, induced by sexual fantization. If the cultivation of the heart is in place, then this problem will not exist. Many monks have lived for e beyond 100 years old when the heart is properly cultivated, restraining poses no damage to the body. Many brothers run into symptoms after they start to reboot, then he thinks about the articles on the harm from abstaining, he immediately starts to masturbate. In this case, he has actually not realized the withdrawal symptoms. According to my experiences, almost every brother will encounter withdrawal symptoms after they start to reboot, some are mild while others are severe, this is all very normal. When the vital energy is being replenished, latent illnesses will naturally express themselves, persist in rebooting, the withdrawal symptoms will vanish and the body will become successively better.

Lastly, let’s talk about the frequency of sex post marriage.

The frequency of sex following marriage is a watched topic, everyone could refer to the essay from Sun Simiao, the king of Chinese medicine.

The way to manage the woman, if one is able to ejaculate twice in a month, 24 times in a year, one will surely live to be 200 years old, with healthy color and no illnesses. If medicine is applied, longevity is made possible. He who is in his 20s, one ejaculation every 4 days, in his 30s, once every 8 days, in his 40s, once every 16 days, in his 50s, once every 20 days, in his 60s, cease ejaculation, if the body is still strong, one ejaculation every 30 days.

This paragraph from the medicine king is reserved for married couples. Because that people in the past marries early, people in their 20s are generally all married. Those people at the time do not advocate premarital sexual behavior, this is because they have a deep understanding of this area, they know that premarital behavior results in bad karma.

The mentioned frequency of sexual behavior has a condition and that is the condition that your kidney qi is abundant. Otherwise, if your kidney qi is already depleted, if you carry on like this it will only become more depleted, the recovery will be made endlessly more difficult.

My personal recommendation is 2 times/month under the condition that the kidney qi is abundant, this frequency will have a little damaging effect on the body.


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Re: 6 years clean!
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Season 17 [Soaring Eagle experience: how to conquer sexual fantization, repeated phenomenon, sleepiness, pressure induced masturbation]

Having started to reboot, sexual fantization is an issue that everyone would normally run into. Many people are able to abstain from masturbation, but sexual fantization is like a loosened wild horse, repeating itself every couple minutes. In TCM: the moving of the mind is followed by the walking away from the essence. Sexual fantization belongs to the invisible form of exhausting the Spirit, it is also very damaging to the body, therefore one must overcome it. If your head is filled with fantization but always withholding masturbation, this will also easily give rise to problems. To overcome sexual fantization, one must deeply recognize what it is, sexual fantization is a thought, a thought of evil debauchery. This thought is a thing and that thing is “fire”!

With this knowledge in place, everybody’s understanding will increase a step. Below, let’s again consider a question: under what situations is fire easily extinguished? Everyone with a bit of common knowledge would know, fire, in the beginning, is easiest to put out, not requiring big efforts to do so. Otherwise, when the sparks have become big embers, then there is no way to control it, chairman Mao used to say: sparks becomes fire, able to alight prairie. Once the fire is greatly developed, you are no longer in control, but from the very beginning, you still have full control. Our sexual fantization follows the same principle when the thought first arises, we discard it right away, this is called “arisen thought is promptly cut off”, strangle the fire in its cradle while it’s still undeveloped. Otherwise, by letting it develop the final result is to be burning with desire, leading to the extreme likelihood of breaking the reboot. Therefore, there are tricks to overcome sexual fantization, the trick lies in the timing, when the fantization first appears, cut it out immediately, or else it will “flourish as it burns”. Put the thought out while it’s still a spark, do not hesitate, do not compromise, don’t miss this golden timing at all cost, remember!

Rhyme for stopping sexual fantization: Thought arises, cut out. Thought arise, follow not. Thought arise, be aware. Once aware, it is naught. When everyone has memorized this rhyme then a conditional reflex can be formed, whenever a fantasy arises it is automatically discarded. Naturally, the condition is to be able to memorize it inside and out by constantly repeating it, let it sink into the subconscious, in this way the conditional reflex for discarding sexual fantasies can be formed. We need to uphold a high level of vigilance and sensitivity, we cannot afford to wait until the fantasy has been developed and then try to cut it off, it will be extremely difficult to control it in such a state. The problem is not with the initial formation of the thought but in the late awareness of it.

Below I will introduce two kinds of Buddhist heart cultivation methods

The first method was instructed by Master Empty Cloud, it is to not pay attention to unwanted thoughts. When the thought comes, do not mind it, this is the same as not following the thought we have discussed earlier, do not follow the unwarranted thought, by following it we are strengthening it, not following is the same as severing it! Many brothers have been following vile thoughts for a long time, this is when they suddenly discover that they are fantasizing sexual thoughts, it is already too late at this stage, the vile thought has already taken shape like when a small spark has become a big ember, we no longer hold the initiative when trying to sever the thought at this time, the optimal timing has been missed.

The other method is called diverting thought. When the sexual fantasy appears, immediately transform it into a Buddha’s name, it does not, of course, have to be limited to sexual fantasies but may also include thoughts of the foolish, greedy and angry orientation. Once it appears, transform it into a Buddha’s name, a phrase of “Amituofo” (Translator’s note: “Amituofo” is simply the name of the Amitabha Buddha’s name in Chinese) will transform it, this is a very good method and I use it quite a lot. As a person of Buddhist beliefs, this method works very well for me, those brothers with a natural disposition towards Buddhism may try this method.

All in all, to be successful in rebooting, the level of sexual fantization must be surpassed.

To be able to recover the health, the frequent nocturnal emission level must be surpassed.

Rebooting is indeed not that simple, I cannot succeed simply by saying that I have a strong willpower. To be successful, one must study rebooting articles in order to increase the understanding and the level of determination, in doing so there is the hope to completely reboot. Once we pause our studies or relax our vigilance, relapses will come very easily. Rebooting must become professional, what do we mean by professional? Everyone knows the classification of professional players and amateur players, in basketball, there are professional basketball and amateur basketball. The same goes for rebooting, one must allow the rebooting process to become more professional and proper through studying. Neglecting to study, you will never turn professional and forever remain a rookie, to make a complete reboot is indeed a very difficult task.

Those with a genuine understanding and a kind disposition are certainly the kind of people who study persistently every day. Every day will be a day of insights, in this manner these people will rapidly gain understanding and determination. During my long presence in the rebooting forums, I have indeed come across many brothers who are progressing rapidly with a high level of insights. There are also some brothers, having rebooted for a long time but have not reached the desired results, they still have a fuzzy understanding for rebooting and with many unresolved questions, how can one succeed under such circumstance? If you still harbor doubts with regards to rebooting, with your footing still not being firm, to be able to successfully reboot is no different than a pipe dream. Only through reforming the thoughts through studying, allowing the understanding to leap forward, then there is the possibility to stay clean for good and to never look back!

Below let’s talk about the repeated phenomenon.

Some brothers would ask, what is the difference between withdrawal symptoms and repeated phenomenon. What these two have in common is the bodily symptoms that are present in both cases, but there are still differences such as:

Withdrawal symptoms would normally appear after a month of rebooting. Some brothers would not have any issues before rebooting but would run into symptoms after having started to reboot. After rebooting the righteous qi of the body is starting to recover, latent illnesses will naturally make an appearance, persist in rebooting and the symptoms will slowly vanish. Some brothers don’t understand withdrawal symptoms and would panic when they appear, they would think that it is due to refraining too much, the result is to sink back into the trap of masturbation and unable to pull oneself out. Therefore, to be successful in rebooting, one must establish the correct understanding, otherwise, the only failure awaits.

The lag of repeated phenomenon, on the other hand, is very large, some people would experience it 3 months into rebooting, for some it would occur half a year after rebooting, for others repeated phenomenon would show up a year later. The occurrence of repeated symptom is very normal, according to my research, many brothers would encounter it after having a nocturnal emission, or following staying up at night, fatigue, long sitting, anger, unhealthy diet patterns, having a cold and other reason would all induce repeated phenomenon. This principle is in reality very easy to understand, when your kidney qi has not yet been cultivated into abundance, nocturnal emission and other poor living habits would all have a damaging effect on the kidney qi, the repeated phenomenon will then occur very easily. Another reason is the turn of the seasons, this is because the level of yang qi in the body differs in every season, normally, the turning of the seasons is the time prone for repeated phenomenon. When the phenomenon appears do not worry, take care to rest for a couple of days, sleep early, keep a light diet, symptoms will slowly disappear.

Let’s now talk about the symptom of sleepiness.

The expression of kidney deficiency has a noun and its called “fond of crouching, lazy to move”, this not only happens after masturbation, even
after a nocturnal emission, people will exhibit this kind of behavior; turning lazy, love to sleep and hard to awake. When many brothers are unable to sleep, they would masturbate to allow themselves feel tired, this then makes it easier to fall asleep. This kind of method is in reality very bad,
when kidney qi has been depleted to a certain degree, sleeping difficulties will arise. When that time comes, even if you masturbate before bed you will still have a hard time sleeping. Therefore, one must change this habit of masturbation before bed, correct it immediately. This is like a tree that is not growing straight, one must straighten it and not allow it to follow its crooked growth.

I would like to share a case:

[I started to masturbate since I was 14, I did it very frequently. Later when I found out that masturbation is harmful to the body I stopped, now I would often have insomnia during the night, during the days I would have a headache and the brain feels swollen, waist aches, urine yellow, is this due to over masturbation induced kidney deficiency! What should I do, I have not slept properly for quite a few years!]

Brothers with a habit of masturbating before bed, this habit must be corrected. The power of habit is very strong, one must learn to overcome it, otherwise what awaits you are symptoms. After masturbation one becomes lazy, this, in reality, is the expression of qi deficiency. Some people are not satisfied masturbating once but do it twice, these kinds of people would for sure encounter premature ejaculation and impotence in the future, this is because “desire should not be strong, strong desire destroys”, one must understand this principle.

Lastly, let's discuss the issue of pressure-induced masturbation.

According to my research and summaries, normally among brothers, there will be the emergence of two negative orientations:

1. Masturbation before bed: with the purpose of masturbating in order to fall asleep easier, this habit greatly injures the kidney qi, once accumulated to a certain degree the result is insomnia.
2. Pressure-induced masturbation: turning pressure into masturbation behavior, this kind of situation is also very common.

I have mentioned about masturbation before bed in the above, in the below let’s discuss pressure induced masturbation.

Pressure-induced masturbation can be divided into several groups, there is the pressure from seeking employment, academic pressure, pressure from parents, social relationship pressure. Living in this world one would receive different forms of pressure, therefore there is a saying: it is easy to be born, living is not easy, life is not easy.

Among the brothers that I have met, some have failed to find a job, some has been scolded by the wife, by the parents, the loss of mood control, big mental pressure, under these circumstances one seeks the comfort of masturbation and through it hoping to get rid of the negative emotions. To be honest, I used to be like this all the time, either being scolded or didn’t do well on an exam, on the same evening I would for sure masturbate. Masturbation was like an outlet for relief, hoping to empty me via masturbation and then to think of nothing, a day would simply pass in this way.

This way of relieving oneself is not worth having because it is harmful to the body, although it may have an alleviating effect for releasing mental pressure, in summary, the harm outweighs the benefit. Therefore, one must overcome this kind of tendency, there are other ways to clear out the pressures of life, one does not have to rely on masturbation. A good way is through exercising, of course, one needs to pay attention to its intensity. The way that I advocate is to adjust the mind, pressure dislodges your psychological balance, you need to learn to adjust it back to a state of equilibrium, allowing oneself to remain the state of tranquility. The ability to regulate the mind is a mood managing ability, everyone may read more about emotional intelligence related books, which will help in better managing one’s mood.

Among the brothers that I have consulted, many people relapse due to problems in the mood, life not turning out according to expectations, pressure from life, these led to the loss of mood control. Under these psychological conditions it is relatively easy to break the reboot when we are not feeling too high and have no outlets, why not masturbate, just like that we have unconsciously relapsed.

In writing this article, the purpose is to let everyone to see clearly the importance of mood management. With a stable emotional state, only then will there be the hope of making a complete reboot and never looking back!
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Re: 6 years clean!
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Season 18 [Soaring Eagle experience: complementary info on prostatitis, insomnia, relapse while dawdling in bed, weekend relapse]

Recently when answering questions from brothers I discovered an issue, many brothers due to masturbation have contracted prostatitis, therefore they would pay closer attention to this issue. They would go to prostate forums and prostate discussion platforms in order to study. Regarding prostatitis forums, there is no need to pay a visit due to the amount of false information and advertisement. Prostate discussion boards could be worth to visit, but it is full of a kind of incorrect thinking, this kind of thinking has a very strong confusing tendency. When a normal patient reads it one is prone to become brainwashed and would greatly sympathize with that way of thinking, not only sympathizing but also help to spread the thinking. This kind of thinking is about the harm to the prostate due to restraining, the need to ejaculate regularly for fear of aggravating prostatitis.

I believe the more experienced reboots have all witnessed that I was once fell prey to similar points of view, at the time I was rebooting and indeed my prostatitis has gotten worse. But during the time I was unaware of the effects from withdrawal symptoms, and those symptoms would show up as the righteous qi is being recovered, that the effect was only temporary and would gradually disappear if I kept rebooting and actively exercising. When many brothers have started to reboot and then discover the emergence of symptoms, they would right away think about the harm from restraining and then immediately start to masturbate, the result is to once again fall into the trap of masturbation and the inability to pull out. Furthermore, they would have no qualms about it, because it is stated in the articles that regular emission is healthy, they would think that such indulgences are not wrong. Actually, this is a grave error, I’m certain that the person who wrote the article has blind spot in the understanding, he is certainly not aware of withdrawal symptoms during rebooting, neither has he persisted in rebooting and has only become mislead by certain immature theories, the result is the writing of such an article. The falsehood is then spread from one to ten and from ten to a hundred, indeed confirming the saying that falseness spreads through ten thousand books. Nowadays, prostatitis patients, in general, believe in the theory of harm from restraining. What I want to say is that this kind of thinking is completely false and creates great harm among people.

Why has these kinds of wrong theories become so popular?

Of course, some people have raised the point that it is a conspiracy theory, I think this is a possibility, what do male clinics rely on to make money? Prostatitis patients are their number one source of income, once the patient has been admitted a whole spectrum of checks awaits. The screening bills of many patients would amount to the thousands, many treatment fees cost up to five-figure amounts, what is the result? The result is that prostatitis is still not cured of the root, after spending five-figure sums on treatment it is still not healed, what is the reason? Many people during their entire life up until they die are still prostatitis patients, they have not been cured during an entire lifetime.

A kind of thought has the ability to harm generations of people, if it is not corrected it may harm several dozens of generations, this is very scary. Who is pushing this? I think there are 3 possibilities:

    1. Information spread by “75 parties” (a self-proclaimed expert)
    2. Intentional spreading of information by male clinics
    3. People with blind spots in understanding take it for granted

Below is my criticism to point 11 of that article:

[11. Both indulgence and restraint would cause the blood congestion of prostatitis. Therefore, he must control the degree himself: do not engage in sexual activities in the absence of biological need. Go with the flow when there is a biological need and allow for reasonable dissipation of the sexual energy. Ensure regular sexual activity with sexual partner, unmarried friends may masturbate, normally have one release every 4-7 days]

Many articles on the internet have problems in their arguments. Of course, many harmlessness theories would also take up these seemingly correct arguments. These arguments have a high tendency to confuse the rookies and those without ample experiences.

How to discriminate between truth and falsehood? There is only one way, find a person that has been through all this, find a realistic case.

As a person that has gone through all this, my disposition can be found below:

[Both indulgence and restraint would cause the blood congestion of prostatitis.]: I do not dare to blindly agree with this line, so far there is no research to prove this, that restraining will induce blood congestion.

[Go with the flow when there is a biological need]: There is also a problem with this line. After many people have become addicted, every day they would have a biological need, should they masturbate daily? A person must learn to overcome his desires, or else it would lead to self-destruction, countless cases from brothers have already proven this point.

[unmarried friends may masturbate]: I have even more reasons not daring to endorse this point. Many people have had their kidney qi weakened, they cannot sustain further injuries, should masturbation still continue under such cases? This would only form a vicious cycle, prostatitis patients may never hope to recover. Think for yourself, did you have prostatitis before you started to masturbate? Certainly not. Now that due to masturbation, prostatitis have emerged, and one still harbor the excessive expectation to cure prostatitis through masturbation, is this not absurd?

[he must control the degree himself]: He who wrote this line has for sure not recognized the highly addictive quality of masturbation, once addicted, one cannot control it but is controlled by the addiction, the choice does not belong to oneself.

I used to have serious prostatitis with seriously frequent urination, I have undergone examinations where inflammation had been found. Now I have rebooted for more than 2 years, frequent urination has completely disappeared, my waist no longer aches and my underbelly no longer swells. If I have believed in these unfounded falsehoods, I would still have frequent urination today and can never hope to get well. To be honest, I have previously believed in the harm from restraining, what was the result? Over a decade of unhealed prostatitis, countless visits to the hospital, ingested a load of medicine, still not healed, only alleviated, unable to rid the root issue!

Many people feel better but it is only temporary recovery, it is not complete healing. If he indulges again, the illness would relapse. This is why the relapse rate of prostatitis is over 90% because many people bear misconceptions and still agree with the absurd theory of “one emission every 4-7 days”.

Can healing be achieved by eating medicine? No, I trust that there are prostatitis patients with experience in undergoing the treatment. Eating
medicine will in no way achieve healing, only temporarily dampen the inflammation, no way to rid the root cause. Nowadays there have been new inventions on all sorts of strange devices and terminologies, such as body type treatment, the newly source peptide pass procedure, STQ high-efficiency lipid permeation repair factor, and all the yet to come new inventions and terminologies that I believe will take place. All of these have one goal in common: to let the patient reach after the wallet, and the treatment fee from these advanced instruments is often tremendous, with one course of treatment normally costing tens of thousands. If they could truly heal the ailment, then one would be willing to pay any price, but what of the result? No ways to curing the illness with recurrent relapses.

Actually, to cure one must reform the thoughts, 30% comes from treatment while 70% is from maintenance. Prostatitis should be actively treated but the emphasis is on maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes rebooting, you must accumulate enough kidney qi. Of course, there is a lot of attention required in cultivating a good health, in season 12 I have specifically talked about cultivating the health, everybody may have a look.

Whether or not there is harm from restraining, I have already elaborated on that in season 16, everybody can have a look.

To restrain, one must learn to adjustment the mind. If sexual fantasization is serious, a problem will easily occur. If your heart is properly cultivated, restraining will not have any harm. Cultivate enough kidney qi and prostatitis will heal by itself.

For the chronic prostatitis patients that have read this article, I hope that you have gained certain insights. After gaining the insights one is able to save medical expenses, or else the urology department will keep waving its hand at you. Before I started to reboot, I frequently visited the urology department, after having rebooted for 2 years, I have not returned once. Just like this, I have saved medical expenses. Many brothers report their inability to keep the money after they started to masturbate, precisely because masturbation hurts the kidney qi, the spending on medical bills runs like the water, keep this in mind!

Below let’s talk about the sleeping issue: many brothers run into obstacles when it comes to sleep, mainly in the below categories:

    1. Insomnia
    2. Difficult falling asleep, difficulty in entering sleep
    3. Excessive dreams
    4. Early awakening, includes waking up in the middle of the night
    5. Shallow sleep, poor quality sleep

Sleep is indeed a big issue, if your sleep quality is poor, then the recovery of the body will become relatively difficult. Yet there are many factors which cause sleeping difficulties. Normally among brothers, the main reason is the masturbation induced loss of coordination between heart and kidneys, besides that it is long gazing which injures the liver qi, heavy pressure is also a reason. People that are prone to staying up late and sitting for long periods will easily encounter sleeping difficulties. Staying up late is an important factor because it tends to be accompanied by long starring and long sitting, the body will suffer relatively heavy damage in this way. So in order to restore the quality of sleep, one must make an adjustment in the working and resting schedule. Try to go to bed before 11 pm, simply close the eyes and rest if one is unable to fall asleep. Take care to establish normal working and resting habits, staying up late does too much damage to the Spirit.

Some brothers are unable to sleep at night when being asked it turns out that they like to take naps at noon. When somebody takes noon naps they will have a hard time falling asleep at night, I have had this experience. Afterwards, I stopped taking naps at noon, if I’m not too fatigued then there is no need to take a nap, or else falling asleep in the evening will become difficult.

Do not worry too much if sleeping difficulty shows up once occasionally. I would advise adjusting your schedules, do not become too fatigued, learn to regulate the mood, don’t take on too much pressure, in this way, sleeping difficulties will self-correct.

If the obstacle of sleeping is stubborn, such as serious insomnia or continuous early awakenings and excessive dreaming, this kind of situations points to more serious injuries. The best way is to look for a traditional Chinese doctor for treatment in combination with traditional Chinese medicine. Afterwards, one should pay attention to the work and rest schedules, refrain from staying up late and sitting for long periods at a time, exercise actively, learn to cultivate the health, persist like this in half a year in order to make the adjustment back to normal. Back in the days I suffer quite seriously from excessive dreams and insomnia, dreams were on a daily basis, sometimes I would directly have insomnia, it was very frustrating. Afterwards, I adjusted my working and resting schedule and learned to cultivate the health, it took more than a year before I could recover. The reason to why it took over a year was because my damages were quite severe. This current year is marked by abstinence and health cultivation, I didn’t take any medicines and relied on myself. Of course, if the condition is serious, it is still best to seek out a comparably capable TCM doctor in combination with treatment with Chinese herbal medicine, the recovery may be speedier this way.

In order to allow for a better recovery, it is a must improve the quality of the sleep. Many people are quite capable of eating, sleeping, and exercise and so they recover quickly. Some people are unable to sleep or sleep poorly, to recover will be comparably more difficult for these people. Sleep is like charging a cell phone if the electricity cannot enter, how can recovery take place?

Lastly, let’s talk about breaking the reboot while dawdling in bed and weekend relapse.

Many brothers report that relapsing is made easy when one is procrastinating in bed, also that whenever it’s weekend then there is a relapse, while under weekdays everything is fine. Actually, I have experienced both cases during prior years, this kind of problem is normally relatively common among students.

Through my years of research and case analysis, I’ve come to discover that relapses happen particularly often during a psychological state, this state is boredom.

While procrastinating in bed it is very boring, thoughts run wildly while laying in bed, many people during this time like to sexually fantasize. Or during morning erection, one gazes at the length and the firmness of the penis, under this condition it is particularly easy to relapse. The correct approach is to not gaze at the morning wood, let the thought rise and fall by itself, don’t gaze and don’t assist the thought, it will subside by itself. When it comes to the weekend people have relatively more free time, the boredom mood will also appear more easily. Once the parents have left the house or when we are shut inside our rooms, the devious mind comes online. Students have yet a strong determination, the understanding being not very deep, during boredom the temptation demon jumps out, this is when it’s easy to relapse. Therefore, one must study rebooting articles and increase the awareness and determination, keeping a high level of alert at all times and not let the guard down.

Once you have obtained enough determination through studying, you will no longer relapse during boredom, an upright and radiance character is achieved, one will not commit in any act alone which one will not commit in public. When the body is upright we are not afraid of a skewed shadow, when the heart is upright we will not be afraid of relapse due to boredom. Otherwise, when you are doing fine normally during class but becomes bored during the weekend, relapses will easily take place. My advice is: Do not wander away from rebooting articles, of course, we may develop a tiresome attitude towards studying these articles. I have mentioned this in my previous article when you are fed up with rebooting articles, one must learn to overcome this attitude and maintain the enthusiastic attitude. You don’t have to look for new articles, it is adequate to repeatedly browse some of your favorite articles every day. There is another choice, and that is to look at the cases from sufferers, these articles will serve as an alarm bell, it is the best warning. By looking at these cases every day it will allow you maintain the state of vigilance. Otherwise, whenever you grow tired of reading rebooting articles or become lax in your attitude, relapses will become easy. Remember at all cost!

In addition, those brothers who have the habit to procrastinate in bed must overcome this habit. To overcome it one must be determined, tell yourself that tomorrow morning I will get out of bed as soon as I wake up, under no circumstances will I dawdle in bed, the determination must be in the proper place. When the mood of boredom comes up, one must learn to adjust the mentality, allow one’s life to become enriched, the best form of enrichment is studying. The ancients have said that studying will cure “stupidity”, I think this is very reasonable. No knowing comes from not studying, you can study rebooting articles, cases from sufferers, or topics of your interest, all in all, the goal is to enrich yourself.

Concluding remarks:

Today I paid a visit to the D forums for roughly a minute, that place is indeed quite messy; many youngsters are brainwashed by indulgence ideologies, really becoming trapped within, they are like the “frog in the boiling pot”, totally unaware of the might of nefarious wantonness. Wrong is taken to be right, very scary, symptoms will sooner or later sort them out, I hope they will soon come to see the truth. Here I would like to pay my deepest respect towards brothers who are spreading the message of rebooting. Perhaps your dissemination may cause misunderstanding among people who don't understand the truth. But for sure there will be people who will gain certain insights after reading your post, for sure some people will be returning. The reason why many people do not understand rebooting is that they have not realized the seriousness of the harm, they take indulgence as granted because everybody is doing the same. In reality, everybody is incorrect, the error is boundless. Propagating rebooting is the same as telling the truth to everybody, letting them realize the harm and establish the correct understanding. Otherwise, what awaits them is symptoms and the hospital, furthermore, the entire quality of the life will become greatly affected, this is because masturbation destroys the body and the mind.

The impression that D forum left me is like a polluted river, rebooting, on the other hand, is like a clear spring. We are a product of our environment, many people on the D forums are unaware that they have already been polluted, like entering a room filled with irises and orchids, after a while, the scent cannot be smelled, like entering a shop selling abalone, after a while the stink cannot be smelled. When a person has become comfortable in an environment, sensitivity and vigilance are lost. This is like living in a city for a long time and then going into the mountains for a while, one discovers that the air can have such freshness and purity.

Many people say that we are living in a peaceful time, I do not agree with this assessment. There are 2 kinds of invasions, one occurs via waging wars and the other is a cultural invasion. Even a Western island nation can have a big impact in invading the Chinese culture while propagating restraint in their own country, vast quantities of degenerative material are being produced. This material is then being viewed by the young of other countries, weakening their bodily and mental strength. At the same time, young people in China today lack beliefs, not to mention being totally incapable of self-control. Once masturbation has started, both the body and the mind easily runs into issues. A country is made up of people, and so youth is where the hope lies. If we cannot resist the invasion of indulgent ideology, the fate of China indeed worries people. Being descendants of the Yellow Emperor, we should propagate more virtue, help to awaken the people beside us. Sometimes a few sentences from you may have a life-changing effect on another person.


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #40 on: February 06, 2018, 04:28:03 PM »

This last post has helped me tremendously. I have always found myself overly aroused on the weekends. I often thought about M as a release of arousal. In return this only hurts us and puts us in a bad state of mind. "Once the ember has started and begins to burn, it's hard to put it out!" As stated below, boredom is the culprit. Although I am a very busy person, my early mornings and late evenings are always my sit down and relax moments. Maybe picking up a book and reading or researching will better suit me.

I have found my answer.

Thank you,



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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #41 on: February 10, 2018, 04:15:59 AM »
I'm happy for you brother ImOnMyWay, keep up the good work! Boredom will never surface if you manage to find a good book to keep you busy during those late evenings, keep on fighting!


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Re: 6 years clean!
« Reply #42 on: February 10, 2018, 04:19:39 AM »
Season 19 [Soaring Eagle experience: The issue of morning erection, leakiness, bowel movement and small testicle]

In general, many brothers would pay attention to the issue of morning wood and take it as a sign of kidney qi recovery. Morning wood would be met with happiness while the lack of which would result in a heavy mood that lingers for the rest of the day. In reality, whether or not the body has recovered can be expressed through many different aspects. Take a look in the mirror, is there more spirit in the eyes, how is the complexion, the Spirit, the strength of the grip, is there strength in the legs, or if other uncomfortable symptoms are alleviated or even disappeared, these can all be taken as signs of recovery for the body. Morning wood is but one of many recovery signs.

As long as rebooting is persistent, morning wood will recover itself. If you are only a teenager, then morning erection will be relatively quick to recover. If above 25 years old or the damage has been severe, then the recovery of morning erection will be relatively slow. Some brothers have been rebooting while doing health cultivation for over 200 days before experiencing the recovery of morning wood. At the time it has taken me over a year before morning erection was recovered because at the time I was already 27 years old. Over a decade of sexual debauchery has severely damaged my kidney qi, therefore it took over a year to recover. Although my morning wood is recovered, it is impossible to be on the same level compared to when I was a teenager, during which time my body was still developing, my appetite was strong and ate good food. Back then the quality of the morning wood was high, if masturbation was not frequent, in a week there would be 5 morning erections. But this frequency only lasted for about 2 years or during the puberty period. Afterwards, masturbation became frequent and morning wood less frequent. Nowadays I would have roughly 3 morning woods per week, sometimes with a high quality, sometimes with normal quality. Now I would eat a vegetarian diet 5 days each week, therefore, 3 morning woods per week is not so bad. Previously I had a slight orientation towards premature ejaculation and impotence. Normally, people with these two orientations will have a difficult time to recover their morning erections, needing at least half a year or more.

Now I don’t really pay attention to morning wood, this is all for the best if it is absent that is fine because the degree of recovery is not expressed through morning erection alone. In other areas I’m recovering very well, there are also many factors that affect morning wood, such as:

1. Dietary factor: the amount of kidney supplement food intake
2. Exercise factor: moderate aerobic and strength exercise is helpful towards the recovery of morning wood.
3. Mood factor: negative mood will affect morning wood, such as anger and pressure.
4. Age factor: morning wood comes easier during puberty, as the age increases, morning wood becomes less frequent.
5. Constitutional factor: people with a naturally good constitution will experience morning wood more easily.
6. Illness factor: people free from latent illnesses will experience morning wood more easily.
7. Indulgent duration factor: normally, morning erection will disappear for those people with 5+ years of indulgence history.
8. Seasonal factor: the frequency and intensity of morning wood varies with the seasons.
9. Monthly timing factor: the yang qi in the body differs during different times within a given month, the quality of the morning wood will also vary.
10. Withholding urine factor: sometimes the withholding of urine will induce the onset of morning wood.
11. Fatigue factor: fatigue will damage the kidney qi, morning wood will disappear more easily.
12. Sleep factor: people with a high quality of sleep will experience morning wood more easily.
13. Frequent emission factor: following frequent nocturnal emission, morning wood will vanish more easily.
14. Withdrawal symptom factor: there will be a flatline period following the onset of rebooting, morning wood will easily become absent, by persisting with rebooting it will then return.
15. Whether or not there are other unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as staying up late, sitting for long durations, smoking, these will all take a toll on the kidney qi and affect morning wood.

Morning wood refers to an erection without fantization, if fantization is involved then it is not morning wood, it is induced by your thoughts. Morning erection is really quite dangerous, why is it dangerous? Ordinary people are not aware of this principle. This is because many people have a shallow level of determination, they become very excited when they have morning wood and use the opportunity to touch the penis, this touching seals the fate, one unconsciously starts to masturbate again. Breaking the reboot due to morning wood during the weekend is very common. When I have a morning wood nowadays, I would not care, nor would I look or touch it, letting it rise and fall by itself. If you care a great deal about morning erection and if you are not careful, one will tread into the evil path. When you don’t pay attention to it, it will subside by itself and will not lead to breaking the reboot. Many people have the habit of procrastinating in bed, if in addition to procrastination there is morning wood, then it is very easy to break the reboot, remember at all cost!

Many people mention that their morning erection shows up sporadically, this, in reality, is very normal, did you think that you would remain in puberty forever? Even if you are in puberty, to have morning wood daily is also very difficult. This is due to the many factors that affect it, it is impossible to have a morning erection every day in 365 days of the year, that is not realistic. The reason to why morning wood shows sporadically has an intricate relationship with factors such as seasonality, lifestyle habits, diet, and age. Normally, people living on a nutritious diet with a strong ability for digestion and absorption have an easier time achieving morning erections. Previously when I was on a meat-heavy diet, morning wood was more frequent during that period. Now I eat a vegetable-based diet for 5 days a week, morning wood has become fewer in comparison, but my mind has quieted down a lot, evil thoughts do not easily arise. It is good to eat a vegetarian diet while booting, this is beneficial to control the desires. Eating lots of meat will help to fuel the desire, if the determination is shallow then relapse will come very easily. It is a personal choice to eat a vegetarian diet, it will depend on the acceptance level of the individual. I would recommend all brothers to start with reducing the meat in the diet, I’m also very much in favor of a purely vegetarian diet.

Below let’s discuss the issue of leakiness.

Leakiness is characterized as - due to long term indulgence and weakened kidney qi, semen leaks under many circumstances such as:

1. Leakage after urination.
2. Leakage after bowel movement.
3. Leakage while on the phone with the girlfriend.
4. Semen slippage (Translator’s note: semen slippage is the leaking of semen while awake as opposed to nocturnal emission which occurs during sleep)

Everyone will better understand the kind of leakage issues if I illustrate it with an example: compare with a worn out water tap, no longer possible to close it shut, it will always leak. The situation of leakage following urination is in fact very common, this, in reality, is a sign that the kidney qi is not consolidated. Leakage following bowel movement is even more common especially at the beginning of a reboot. Furthermore, quite a few brothers have reported that leakage during a phone conversation with the girlfriend, even when the topic of the conversation was not sensitive. This, in fact, is related to latent conditional reflexes. Brothers with girlfriends have a harder time rebooting, therefore, it is best to have a talk with her, try to avoid having premarital sex while at the same time increase one’s own heart cultivation, have a good handle on the degree of association. Many brothers also suffer from semen slippage, if you have a slippage occasionally that is not a cause to worry, but if it happens continuously then one needs to make haste to seek treatment. In addition, I recommend doing more kidney strengthening exercise. Normally, by persisting in rebooting, health cultivation and active exercising, leakage following urination and bowel movement will cease by itself. I have previously encountered leakage following urination and bowel movement, afterward, I persisted in performing kidney strengthening exercises, this kind of situation would now only show up extremely rarely. Of
course, the issue of leakages is not limited to the above 4 categories, sexual fantization and nervousness would, for example, induce leakages. Even if your kidney qi is abundant but you are deeply immersed in sexual fantization, leakages will also occur. Therefore, one needs to resolutely put a stop to sexual fantization and achieve the state of cutting out a thought as it arises, in addition, study more rebooting articles to increase one’s realization and determination, only by doing this do we have the hope of truly ridding ourselves of the evil habit of masturbation.

Let’s talk about the bowel movement issue.

The bowel movement issue would frequently make an appearance on the rebooting forums, because according to TCM: the kidneys govern both urination and bowel movement. Weakened kidneys give rise to problems in both areas, we do not need to mention more regarding urination issues, brothers with prostatitis have ample experience in this I believe.

Kidney deficiency induced issues can be grouped into 2 categories:

1. Diarrhea or unshaped stool.
2. Frequent bowel movements.

Many factors play a role in causing diarrhea and frequent bowel movements, kidney deficiency being one factor among them. Everybody might remember that the stool quality was very good when we were children, firstly the color is good and secondly, the shape is good. Children have an abundance of yang qi, their child body has not yet been damaged. In the absence of other illnesses, the digestion and absorption ability is often very good. Things are different once we become older, firstly we indulge via masturbation, secondly, we intake more cold beverages and spicy food, or the dietary habits may be poor, pigging out on food and drink and so on. All of these lead to obstacles for the function of the digestive systems, screenings in the hospital will not reveal anything, only the function has become disorderly. Children will not have issues with taking some cold beverages because they have an abundance of yang qi which enables transformation. After sexual indulgences it is no longer the same, upon taking cold beverages, disorders may easily appear in the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is important to mind the diet and not yearn for cold and spicy food. If you are troubled by diarrhea or frequent bowel movements, the best way would be to seek medical treatment, then to combine it with rebooting, health cultivation, active exercises, keeping a mindful diet, and slowly recuperate. I have experienced both the issue of diarrhea and frequent bowel movement. My frequent bowel movements started after I turned 19 and it troubled me for over 2 years, it was induced precisely by sexual indulgence and cold beverages. After I turned 26 my diarrhea started again which was induced by exposure to AC, pigging out on food and drinks and sexual indulgences. After I started to reboot, I frequently employed moxibustion and applied it on the Zusanli and the Shenque acupoint and slowly recuperated, it took over 1 year of time.

Lastly let’s talk about the issue of the small testicle.

The small testicle and the shrunken testicle issue appears commonly among brothers, testicle issues induced by masturbation are normally found to be:

1. Drooping testicles, not shrunken
2. Shrunken testicles, testicles have become smaller
3. Moist testicles
4. Spermatic cord
5. Scrotum eczema
6. Swollen scrotum
7. Itching scrotum
8. Painful testicles
9. Testicle inflammation
10. Testicle cyst
11. Cryptorchidism
12. Other illnesses

Brothers suffering from shrunken testicles should seek treatment at the hospital in order to diagnose the seriousness of the condition.

Shrunken testicles point to the condition of shrunken and atrophied testicles, it is either on one side or on both sides of the testicles. The characteristic is the symptom of small and soft testicles. In the majority of the cases, it will lead to infertility. It is often aggravated by mumps or external injuries, some may arise from prenatal conditions. Oftentimes it is caused by a deficiency in the kidneys or caused by damage from pathogeny (TCM). Maldevelopment of the testicles due to prenatal conditions is difficult to heal from. Shrunken testicles from postnatal causes also require patience to heal, certain results can be achieved via TCM treatment.

The evil habit of masturbation induces kidney deficiency, continued abuse lead to shrunken testicles, this is a common phenomenon among brothers. Therefore, as soon as the symptom of shrunken testicles appears, treat it without delay, secondly one should complement the treatment with rebooting and health cultivation. Once the kidney qi has been cultivated into abundance there is the hope of returning to normal.

Some brothers would inquire about the size issue of one’s testicles not being identical in size. Normally among ordinary people, the size of the testicles are all not identical in size, but if the size difference is too large then it is best to check up on it, if the difference is small then there is no need to worry.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #43 on: February 18, 2018, 03:54:27 AM »
Hi guys! Season 1-20 in PDF format is updated:


Season 20 [Soaring Eagle experience:different types of relapse, the mystery of the shooting distance, the evil fruit from masturbating twice in a row]


Recently there has been a thread in the forums: [merely rebooting is not enough, herein lies the only road towards recovery for the essence injured]. Quite a few brothers came to ask me whether or not the words of the Silent Sun (Translator’s note: pen name of the thread starter) were true, this given that fact that they have read the article, became anxious over the saying that recovery isn’t possible without silent meditation. I have looked at the comment by Silent Sun, his recommendation of “Yinshizi silent meditation method” is very good, meditation is indeed a wonderful way of replenishing the original qi. Of course, there are many ways to meditate and many things to pay attention to, I meditate every day but the method that I learned is the Nan Huai-Chin silent meditation. Meditation is indeed very helpful towards the recovery of the body during rebooting, but it is not the only way and it is not suitable for everyone. I have talked to numerous anxiety patients, they would have a headache whenever sitting down, afterward I recommended the standing horse-stance health cultivation method to them and the improvement of health followed.

Some people like to meditate while others like to hold the horse-stance while standing, the Eight Brocade and the Six-Character Formula exercises, some people would practice Taiji boxing or the Yijin Jing. There are many Chinese health cultivation methods, one may find a method that suits oneself. As to “exercising is nonsense” by the Silent Sun, I dare not to blindly agree, although it is mentioned in TCM that fatigue exhausts the qi but also it is mentioned that movement raises the yang qi. TCM does not at all oppose exercising but advocates exercising in moderation. Blindly meditating is not necessarily the best road towards recovery, the movement should be combined with stillness. Huatuo’s (Translator’s note: the legendary physician from the Three Kingdoms era) Five Animal Play has the purpose of setting the person in motion, but he didn’t tell everyone to lift stone locks (Translator’s note: basically dumbbells made of stone which made its appearance in the army camps in the Tang dynasty). The intensity and the style of movement in Huatuo’s Five Animal Play are beneficial to the bodily health.

Huatuo’s famous remark: “The human body desires to labor, but should be kept in moderation, when the blood circulates in the blood vessels, illnesses will not be born. Like that of the door henge becomes aged when it is frozen

This remark by Huatuo is telling us that there are rules governing exercise: to exercise, but not overexert. When the body has been weakened, extra attention should be placed on the intensity of the exercise. I believe that any famous Chinese traditional physician will not be against exercising, what they oppose is over-exercising. Even for a Taoist priest, health cultivation is not solely based on meditation. Many well known Taoist priests practice martial art in order to combine stillness and movement, which is more advantageous to the way of health cultivation.

Silent Sun said “merely rebooting is useless”, I’m rather inclined to agree with this statement because rebooting is the foundation, but health cultivation is to build the house. To only reboot is indeed far from enough, one must learn the way of health cultivation and establish one’s own awareness around it, the process of recovery will benefit from doing this. The silent meditation method recommended by Silent Sun is, in reality, one of the ways of health cultivation, this way isn’t bad, everyone may try to practice it. After having practiced it will you know its results and whether or not it suits you. Of course, beware of the methods which are prone to lead the practitioner off course, or else problems may arise as a result of practicing.

How to improve the quality and the speed of recovery is indeed a question for rebooting, but more importantly is the need to reboot thoroughly, this is the key. Or else all the talk about recovery results in nothing. This is like taking Chinese traditional medicine while still masturbating, replenishment in the above is met with leakage in the below, there is no way to truly recover.

There are many ways to recover the body, silent meditation is but one of those ways. A while ago, the Tudou forum owner recommended the method of repenting which was very good, it is through repentance that he has recovered his health. There are many ways to it, one may choose a suitable method, those with an inclination towards Buddhism may try repentance. In addition, besides the mentioned health cultivation practices, active aerobic exercises are extremely beneficial to the recovery process, such as slow jogs or fast walks.

I believe that the original intention of Silent Sun is good, most of his views are without faults, only that his attitude was a little overbearing, many people may have a hard to accepting due to this. He wants the best for everyone, by switching to a more peaceful approach, perhaps more people will have an easier time accepting his words.

Towards the Silent Sun, I express my gratitude, his heart is pure and I hope that he will continue to help everyone. The atmosphere here is not hostile but is conducive to exchanges, and through it, everyone may be promoted.

Let’s return to the main topic below.

This season is about the types of relapses, the mystery regarding the shooting distance, the evil fruit from consecutive masturbation sessions, we will be discussing these topics thoroughly in the below:

Relapses happen daily after a relapse one is often very disheartened, this is not hard to see. In the start one is full of ambition with a tremendous amount of determination, after a while this determination starts to sway, after numerous relapses, we start to lose confidence in ourselves. Body symptoms tell you to stop indulging, by indulging further the body is finished, but the addiction tells you to keep masturbating. The vast majority of brothers are firmly controlled
the addiction, like a stringed doll and becoming a slave to desires, losing one’s free will; aware of the error but unable to stop, struggling bitterly in the vicious cycle.

It is not scary to relapse, still scarier it is to not study, without it the level of awareness and determination will not increase. Brute force rebooting without studying will surely result in failure! Some brothers would ask, is anyone able to completely reboot on the first try? To tell the truth, out of the thousands of brothers that I came across, I have yet to see anyone succeeding on their first try. Everybody has repeatedly relapsed, constantly learning from their past mistakes, constantly studying rebooting articles to increase the awareness and determination, and slowly succeeding in this fashion. Some people have claimed to have seen people succeeding on their first try, actually, the definition of rebooting in one go is a bit fuzzy. Is it to have completely rebooted once awareness has been attained or managing to completely reboot in the first attempt? I belong to the former category and I have not relapsed since that attempt, however, it is not my first attempt, previously I have relapsed countless times. The first time I thought to reboot can be traced back to middle school, at the time I thought the act of masturbation was very filthy, my constitution would clearly take a hit after masturbation. I wanted to reboot during my teenage years but didn’t have any materials to read from or people to guide me, neither did I have the awareness to study rebooting articles, I only forced myself to reboot with the result of endless relapses. I think that most people have tried to reboot during their teenage years, this is because humans have a natural rebooting instinct, the body would advise you not to indulge any further. Trying to reboot for the first time there was a lack of experience in many areas, one belongs to the rookie stage; first of all one lacks the knowledge, secondly one lacks the awareness, under such circumstances, wanting to succeed on the first try is a fantasy story. Let me illustrate with an example: have a person who has never driven a car drive a car, what is the result? The result is sure to swivel left and right and even crash the car.

Rebooting is like learning to drive a car, one must master a complete set of theory and methodologies, the rest relies on experience, in this way one may succeed in rebooting. You would ask if there is anyone in this world who is able to successfully reboot on the first try, even though that person may exist it will be one in a thousand, the person must also have a great accumulation of virtue with the condition of coming in contact with a vast number of rebooting articles, good aptitude in studying, exceedingly high level of awareness, like skipping a grade in school while others have trouble to understand given a decade of time, he reaches understanding in a month. This kind of person appears seldom and is a rebooting genius, one in a thousand is not an overstatement, even one in ten thousand.

Rebooting must be professional. In this season I have summarized a few relapse categories, everyone may refer to it in order to alert oneself. The saying that “knowing yourself and your enemy, one hundred battles will result in one hundred victories”, once you know about the types of relapses, you will then try to maintain the vigilance. It is like knowing the trick of the swindler, you will not fall for the trick easily because you are aware of the trick, only in this case, it is not a trick for your money, but your essence

Mood relapse: boredom mood, anger or depressed mood, agitated mood, fed up mood etc.
Doubting relapse: doubt sways the thoughts, the result is a relapse.
Enticing relapse: pictures or videos, even pornographic videos.
Procrastination in bed relapse: very commonly seen, must be corrected.
Pressure relapse: pressures from different sources.
Sexual fantasizing relapse: normally, fantization is the prelude to relapse, this includes recalling memories and illusions.
Let down guard relapse: thinking that one has succeeded, in actuality relapse comes once the guard is down.
Ecstatic relapse: when one is ecstatic it is easy to relapse, being beside oneself with joy.
Testing determination relapse: do not test your determination at all cost.
Morning wood relapse: touching the penis when having morning wood and relapse from there.
Testing sexual function relapse: especially for premature ejaculation and impotent patients, relapse follows trying.
Agitated relapse: negatively influenced by people, going to filthy places.
Alcohol relapse: alcohol is the matchmaker for sex.
Nocturnal emission relapse: nocturnal emissions give rise to swayings of the thought, relapses occur from there.
Weekend relapse: bored while being alone over the weekend, the temptation demon will easily spring out.
Tonic relapse: taking too much tonic, does not emphasize heart cultivation, relapses will be easy.
Eating meat relapse: eating too much meat without emphasizing heart cultivation, desires are promoted and is followed by relapse.
Harmlessness theory relapse: after looking at harmlessness theories one is prone to relapse.
Girlfriend relapse: having a girlfriend places a higher requirement on one’s determination, relapses is made easy.
Wife relapse: having a wife also places a high requirement on one’s determination.
Habitual relapse: when relapses become a habit, the resulting momentum is strong with fearful consequences.
Holiday relapse: such as summer or winter holiday with more free time, it is easier to lose control.
Evil ways relapse: no matter if it is PC muscle restriction or so-called penis enlargement methods, these easily lead to relapses.

Below let’s talk about the mystery of the shooting distance.

Shooting distance is the distance of the ejaculation. Many brothers have reported that during the first years from when they started to masturbate, the shooting distance was very far. Afterwards, the distance would become shorter and shorter, semen would run down along the penis, clearly indicating the lack of strength and inadequate pressure. This, in reality, is an expression of weakened kidney qi. In semen, we should first look for the color, the quantity, the concentration and the shooting distance. The further the shooting distance the more abundant is the kidney qi. Without power behind the arrow, its flight will naturally not be very far. Only by accumulating enough kidney qi will the shooting distance increase. Whenever the shooting distance is shortened or the semen is flowing downwards, this is your body giving you a signal, telling you that your kidney qi is inadequate and to not indulge anymore. If you are unable to interpret the signal and instead stubbornly going your way, it is like the saying of not shedding tears until seeing the coffin.

Many people only see the semen but they miss the “archer” behind the shot, who is no longer capable. Semen replenishes relatively quickly, rest for a few days, eat well and it will recover. But for the “archer” to recover, that is a very slow process, it may require several months and even longer to recover the original qi. Therefore, do not restrict your line of sight on semen alone, but look to the “archer”. If that person is already incapable and cannot shoot far, it is pointing to the need to reboot and to cease the indulgences, to cultivate the health, otherwise, the only thing that awaits you is symptoms and the hospital.

That “archer” is the kidney qi. Since he is already incapable of shooting long distances and is tired, let him shoot no more, let him have a rest, or else the accumulation will give rise to illnesses, remember at all cost!

Lastly, let’s talk about the evil karma from masturbating twice in a row.

If you go visit the forums for autonomic disorders, then you will know the patient called sg552. His illness was induced by long-term sitting for long durations and masturbating twice consecutively, that’s when the feeling of nearing death appeared. Masturbating 2 times consecutively is really too damaging to the body, it has been stated in TCM long ago: desire should not be strong. In [Thousand Golden Prescriptions] it is mentioned: strong force bestows leakage, becoming a strain. Especially for consecutive masturbation sessions, this is truly a taboo. The emergence of orientation towards prostatitis and premature ejaculation easily arises following 2 in a row masturbation sessions. This is actually induced by the human weakness of greed towards desire. In the pursuit to satisfy oneself, the results are to harm the self!

The reason to why many people masturbate twice in a row is because: the first time went too quick and was not intense enough. It is precisely this greed towards desire that enables their self-destruction. This kind of examples of self-destruction is too many. We must keep in mind the lessons from TCM on the destructiveness of a strong desire, refrain from doing stupid things, if you are unaware of this principle then you are both ignorant and fearless, the result being making yourself miserable. If you know this principle but still indulges, then you are seeking annihilation! Many people are unable to conquer their addictions and so they commit this kind of errors, like wrapped under a spell, repeating only after they have relapsed. Therefore, we must nip in the bud, properly manage our thoughts and put an end to sexual fantization, or else when the flame has sprung up, it will no longer be within your control.

Concluding remarks:

Summer approaches, quite a few brothers report increased hair loss, they are anxious over this. In reality, the factors that induce hair loss is many, seasonal changes being one of them. Lately I lose up to 20 strands of hair per day compared to up to 5 strands of hair previously, this is actually caused by the change of the seasons and not by masturbation. So in this matter, everybody should have a clear understanding, or else the confidence is prone to be swayed and thus turns into the act of masturbation. Among that factors that induce relapse I have talked about the “doubt factor of relapse”, if you have doubt in your heart, the chances of relapse will be great. Normally during summer, the secretion of sweat and oil is exuberant, this combined with stronger UV rays will cause damage to the hair. In this way, we may see more cases of hair loss, this is not only limited to humans, if you observe animals such as pet dogs, they also go undergo heavy hair loss during summer.

One brother puts it very neatly, rebooting is a process of system engineering. One must carry out rebooting as professionally as able, increase one’s knowledge to the maximum, becoming an insider in rebooting. By neglecting to study one is always an outsider, remaining on the level of the rookie, to successfully reboot will then become very difficult. When everybody has gained the awareness for studying, after a while, you will notice that your awareness and determination have both increased. As long as one continues to study, complete understanding will not be far away. Complete understanding together with maintained vigilance equals completely successful reboot, fight on!


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #44 on: February 24, 2018, 04:24:08 AM »
Season 21 [Soaring Eagle experience: Stomach pain following masturbation, fantization induced illnesses, drooping testicles]


Recently I saw a report made by a brother, his relapse was due to looking at the material with suggestive content.

In reality, this kind of relapse is due to temptation. Many brothers previously have already reported similar circumstances, although some brothers have already started to reboot when they see written material regarding the sexes on the magazines, suddenly their interests are aroused, the result is that their vigilance is relaxed as they keep reading leading to breaking the reboot. Some other brother would claim that he does not search for pornographic images but only innocent looking girls, he would search for girls with nice figures without going into nudity. This kind of brothers actually has a very easy time to relapse, because they are still addicted to women, although they search for innocent pictures. How can a person not get his shoes wet if he often takes a stroll along the river banks, like the Buddhist saying goes: by clinging to outer appearances one is prone to be obsessed.

Moreover, there are issues with both the avatar and the signature of many brothers, half the battle is already lost before they try to reboot because they are not determined enough! To reboot thoroughly, one must cut out thoroughly, not only should one abstain from looking at pornographic contents, but even more dangerous are all the suggestive material, the level of vigilance must be raised. The vigilance is maintained every day during the reboot, manage your heart well and conquer the obsession.

We enter into the main material in the below.

In this season we will talk about belly ache following masturbation, illnesses induced by sexual fantization and drooping testicles in detail, found in the below:

Threads regarding stomach pain following masturbation does not appear every day, but it does show up from time to time. I have experienced stomach pain following masturbation previously. When it appears, the normal consideration is prostatitis or varicocele. The pain would normally arrive following masturbation or on the next day. If the pain is serious and does not subside, one is advised to seek treatment immediately. If the pain is not that serious but bearable, I still recommend to check it out in the hospital, checking the prostatic fluid and doing a supersonic scan on the testicles in order to gauge the seriousness of the condition, while at the same time providing a warning to oneself. Although many people suffer from stomach pain but are able to bear it, they would postpone the visit to the hospital for many years. Because post-ejaculation symptoms tend to slowly subside after a couple days of rest, these people would take it lightly and not worry about it, only to visit the hospital when the symptoms have become serious. According to my knowledge, many brothers could already feel the worm-shaped lumps on their testicles but are unwilling to go to the hospital, students especially are often afraid of letting their parents finding out.

With the onset of symptoms, one should then become more aware, besides the human weakness of “not shedding tears before seeing the coffin” there is the weakness of “forgetting the pain after healed injury”. Many people after discovering symptoms would take it easy for a while, after a dozen days they would think they are fine and then continue to masturbate, at the return of the symptoms they would again start to reboot, constantly going back and forth in this vicious cycle. What is the result? Bodily symptom grows ever numerous, a young person with a body full of symptoms, feeling uncomfortable from place to place and turning uglier in the process. Even when there are no problems, the expression one gives out to other people is a decadent demeanor, a decadent look where the gaze lacks vitality. I remember that one brother went to an interview and failed it, he blamed the cause on masturbation which I think make a certain sense, if he was full of energy, went to the interview feeling confident and radiant, it’s very possible that he would have landed the job. The interviewer, besides looking at your abilities, the first impression is very very important. A person going to an interview lacking in Spirit and confidence is prone to suffer the disappointment from failure. It is already an undisputed reality that masturbation causes feelings of inferiority because that one lacks confidence while under kidney deficiency, there is no way to put forth your best face. When carrying around a decadent and strengthless look it is very easy to leave an unfavorable impressor for the interviewer, the impression point will then suffer a big hit.

I have mentioned prostatitis and varicocele in my previous articles, both of these diseases will induce infertility and the quality of the sperm. Therefore, one should pay attention to these illnesses early on, or in the future, it will be too late for regrets. I remember that another brother had a varicocele and lost the fertility function, all his expenses in diagnosing, medication and surgeries cost more than 50000 yuan. If he had woken up early and became aware of the evil fruits from masturbation, the consequences would not be as serious. These are all live cases, live lessons, everybody should commit these lessons to memory in order to take preventive measures and to prevent making the same mistake.

Below we will talk about the illnesses that are caused by sexual fantization.

Sexual fantization is able to cause illnesses, maybe this is the first time that many brothers have heard about it. Actually, it has been recorded long ago in the TCM medical cases: when the heart sways, essence leaves. Sexual fantization is, in reality, injuring the essence invisibly, it is very damaging to the body. Some brothers would say that the expelled liquid during fantization is from the prostate and is not semen.

Here I will correct many brothers in their misconception:

Prostatic fluid is actually an important constituent of the seminal fluid, taking up 15-30% of its share. By losing prostatic fluid one is losing semen, only that you are not losing the semen in all of its constituents, only part of the total. Although you have not ejaculated during fantization, essence is still being lost. The damage to the body from the loss of prostatic fluid should likewise not be underestimated. Some brothers have reported that by looking but not touching and then looking in the mirror, they find out that their Spirit has immediately become sluggish. Some brothers even report belly aches following watching but not masturbating. Other brothers would report feeling unwell the day after they have lost prostatic fluid, legs becoming soft and the body feeling out of strength, even the feeling of soreness or pain in the waist.

It is therefore important that everybody keep an eye on fantasies while undergoing rebooting, one must keep it under control. Sexual fantazation is a big checkpoint in rebooting, many people are unable to pass this checkpoint, although they have managed to not masturbate, they cannot put a stop to fantization. Engaging in fantization is very unfavorable to the recovery process and easily leads to breaking the reboot. As to how to put a stop to fantization, I have treated this topic specifically in season 17, those brothers who are unable to put a stop to fantizations may go and have a look, one must learn to cease fantizations. Once fantization has been conquered, the number of your PMO free days will multiply in number, reaching the 100 days streak will be an easy task. But if fantization cannot be kept under check, perhaps 1 month will be hard to keep up with.

There is another situation of prostatic fluid leaking which is relatively serious, and that is leaking towards the end of urination or a bowel movement. This can be resolved by persistently practicing kidney strengthening exercises, the result of which will be quite good, after having practiced for a while you will notice that leakage will no longer occur in conjunction with passing stool or urinate.

Let’s talk about the drooping testicles issue.

The drooping testis is commonly seen among brothers, it easily arises when there has been overindulgence. Normally, two kinds of problems will occur following overindulgence: the first is excessive drooping of the testis, the other is the abnormal tightening of the testis, able to shrink to the size of a quail egg, or even shrink into the abdomen. This is abnormal, a common problem that most brothers run into is the drooping testis issue.

There’s a saying called “shrink like a child”, if a young boy is healthy then his testis will be very tight while looking very full. This is actually an expression of abundant kidney qi, his boy body has not been stained, nor does he engage in sexual fantasies, in this way the quality of his testis is very good. Many brothers would say “heat expands, cold shrinks”, in reality, this change on the testis is induced by outside stimuli and has little to do with kidney qi. Of course, if the drooping is caused by severe depletion of kidney qi, then even cold stimuli from the outside will not cause shrinkage of the testis.

Drooping of the testicles will normally occur for all adult men, the body has after all suffered leakages, this is fine as long as the droopiness is not excessive. According to my own practices, when lowering the head doing kidney strengthening exercises while consciously lifting the anus and the testis, this will have a tightening effect on the testis and will have a meaningful healing effect for excessive testis droopiness. Of course, one does not have to combine the above exercises, lifting of the anus may be performed while standing or sitting. It so happens that I have combined kidney strengthening exercises with the anus lifting exercise because by doing so I felt an improvement in the results, the shrinkage will be more proper so to speak. Nowadays, my testis would be relatively tight during the majority of the time in a given day, it no longer droops the way it used to when I was sexually indulging, during those times, the testis would be exposed outside of the underwear and now it is relatively tightly shrunken and full.


In the forums, there are many brothers reporting a slow recovery while rebooting. Some brothers have been rebooting for 7 months and still, their health is bad, some have been rebooting for 1 year with the same results. Today I’ve seen somebody who’s been rebooting for 2 years without much improvements in the health, this brother suffers from frequent nocturnal emissions, 8 times per month, how can the body recover given so frequent emissions? TCM: long-term emissions injuries all the Eight extra meridians. Nocturnal emissions are also very damaging to the body, during reboot the number of emissions but are controlled, try to keep it within 3 times/month, preferably once/month, this will be beneficial to the recovery process.

During reboot we must pass through 2 big levels:

1. The frequent emission level.
2. The sexual fantization level, fantization also greatly damages kidney essence

In addition, pay attention to health cultivation, merely rebooting is not enough, rebooting is the foundation, health cultivation is building the house. The contents of health cultivation are quite broad, one needs to study it constantly. During reboot one must establish healthy living habits, do not stay up late, sit for long periods at a time or gazing for long periods at a time, do not overexert, sleep and eat early, exercise actively, all of these belongs to the categories of health cultivation. By constantly studying health cultivation knowledge, the awareness for cultivating the health will relatively increase, this then will be beneficial to the recovery process. Or else, to only reboot but ignoring health cultivation, recovery is truly very difficult, this especially applies to those heavily depleted brothers.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
« Reply #45 on: March 04, 2018, 05:50:02 AM »
Season 22 [Soaring Eagle experience: be a owner of pure frequency] (part 1/2)

[Sending out the waves of thought]

The 6th Patriarch Huineng (Translator’s note: Huineng is the 6th Patriarch of the Chinese Chan school of Buddhism, the predecessor of Zen Buddhism) took up the mantle from the 5th Patriarch Hongren, came to the Buddhist temple Faxing in Guangzhou in order to spread Buddhist teachings. Master Yinzong, the abbot in charge at the Faxing temple was reading the Buddhist texts at the time. The banners moved as the wind blew, and so he asked: “Is it the wind or the banner that is moving?” Among the disciples, some answered it was the wind that is moving, others said that the banner is moving. Huineng approached, closed his palms and said: “It is not the wind nor the banner that moves, but the heart of the benevolent one”.

All matter is a phenomenon of vibration, everything is illusion, in the universe there is only field and matter, actually there is the only field, matter is but a place with a particularly intense field” - Albert Einstein (Translator’s note: If the original English quotations from Einstein to the above text is to be found somewhere, I have yet to find them. This quote does not seem to be among the more popular ones circulating on the internet)

All things and their produced effects is made of vibration, there is no existence of matter, all material include vibration” - Max Planck

This world is the hologram of the consciousness, the reality is an illusion, it exists in our mind as a holographic mirage” - David Icke

Objective reality does not really exist, despite that the universe looks concrete and solid, the universe is actually an illusion, a gigantic and richly detailed hologram” - David Bohm

[Diamond Sutra]: all appearances is false.

(Translator’s note: Please allow for errors in the translation of the above quotes. If something feels or sounds off to you, consider consulting the source for a more accurate communication)

A thought is a vibration of energy, the foundation of the universe is a vibrating wave-like information field, while thoughts are the vibrating wave-like information. As long as there is vibration, there will be the product of illusion. You giving rise to a thought is the same as sending out a wave of information, every kind of thought will carry with it its own determined vibration, the universe is a world of frequencies. As children we were all holders of pure frequencies, our hearts were pure and beautiful, clean and clear. Before puberty, thoughts of nefarious wantonness will rarely arise. Every day during those times, we were enjoying the happiness of purity, only that we didn’t know to treasure it. That kind of great joy was fleeting, once lost it is hard to regain it. Ever since becoming addicted to the evil habit of masturbation we have changed, our spirit become vile and dirty, we are broadcasting thoughts of nefarious wantonness daily. We have already come to be polluted, becoming unbearably dirty, as if going from a clear stream to a stinking river. Not only are other people disgusted by us, we disgust ourselves, is this our previous pure selves? As the spirit loses its degree of purity, what follows is sorrow and decadence: once the level of purity has been restored, the great beautiful joy of purity can be regained once again.

If we are to cast a stone into the water, outwards ripples will form on the surface of the water. Big stones will form big ripples, small stones form small ripples. No matter the size of the ripples, both can be simultaneously carried out on the surface of the water. Our thought ripple is also like that, everyone is sending out their own waveform of information. If you are sending out information waves of nefarious wantonness, then the decoded reality thereof will be distorted and painful. Scientists say everything is vibrating. The 6th Patriarch, Master Huineng said, the heart of the benevolent one moves! In reality, the fundament is that your thought is moving, as long as it’s moving, the holographic mirage of the material world will manifest. Just like when you are sleeping, as long as thoughts are moving, there will be dream scenes. The essence is the thought that you broadcast, the condition is born of the mind. The frequency of your broadcast thought determines the scenery of your life.

Master Empty Cloud once returned to his thatched hut from the monastery, halfway towards the destination the day becomes dark. However, no thoughts arose from him, he was not aware of the darkness, to him it was still day and the road is seen clearly. On the way he ran into two monks, one of the monks held a lantern, the monk walked up to him and said: “Empty Master, it is so dark, why do you not carry a light?” When the old monk heard this, the day immediately become dark. For the person without a distracting thought, the day is light, once the discriminating tendency arises, one returns to ignorance, darkness fills everything in an instant.

This case sheds light on a fact, that is: all ways arises from the mind!

The holy person: All dharma comes from the mind, all dharma is extinguished by the mind, all follow from your mind, kindness and wickedness also follow from your mind, so does heaven and hell follow from your mind.

[Changing your frequency]

Thought or mentality is a magnet, like attracts like is the rule. Indeed it is so, a mentality will attract the quality of nature that correlate to that of its own” - Charles Haanel

A string of intentions form a thought, a thought is magnetic and carries with it a certain frequency. When you are thinking, those thoughts will be broadcasted out into space, they will act like magnets and attract towards it all things of similar frequency. So the saying goes that birds of the same feather flock together, the same applies to objects. Our thoughts will attract contents of similar frequency, just like when we watch the TV where every channel has its own frequency. When switched to a particular frequency, we will be able to see images on the image screen. We select frequencies by changing channels, then we are able to see the images that belong to that channel. If we want to see different TV images, then we will need to switch the channel, tuning into a new frequency. Radios works in a similar fashion, whatever channel we want to listen to can be achieved by tuning into the channel, different frequencies correspond to different contents.

Everyone give this a thought; if a person is constantly broadcasting thoughts of nefarious wantonness, what would the result be? The evil intentions will attract contents that correspond to its frequency, the nature of such thoughts is often filled with pain and horror. The originator of all evil practices starts with the thought that you send out! The human body is a broadcasting station while at the same time functions as a receiver, different thoughts correspond to different frequencies, you create worlds of life by the frequencies that you send out. The frequencies you send out transcends cities, countries and this world, it will echo in the entire universe, and you are using your thoughts to broadcast the frequencies! You are the fountainhead of the broadcasted frequencies.

Your thoughts give rise to frequencies, and yet thoughts will attract towards it things of similar frequencies, by the reactionary force it then returns to your body and through it becomes a part of your life. If you want to change the circumstances of your life, you will only need to change your thoughts and through it change the channel and the frequency, in this way your life circumstance will greatly change, as the saying that conditions changes with the mind.

[Good and evil thoughts all carry frequencies]

Tibetan scriptures: “Jambudvipa mentions the arising of thought of the masses, not one is without karma, not one is without sin”. [Treatise On the Response of the Tao]: “One harbors lustful thoughts after seeing a beautiful woman”. As soon as you think the thought then it counts as engaging in nefarious wantonness, in between forming a thought, high and low is clearly distinguished.

Real reboot is mind reboot! One needs to cultivate the arising of thoughts, in rebooting one needs to learn to control one’s thoughts, in other words, cultivate the mind! Although many brothers are persistently rebooting, they are unable to conquer their sexual fantization, fantization is often the prelude to relapse. If the cutting out of new thoughts cannot be achieved, then breaking the reboot will easily occur. Actuality, being addicted in sexual fantization counts as relapse, also that fantization is a form of invisible leakage when the heart sways the essence leaves, addiction to sexual fantization will also induce the outbreak of symptoms. If one can strictly achieve cutting out of thoughts once they arise, then the body will not be harmed. The key is to find the proper timing for cutting out thoughts, speed is of the essence, try to cut out the fantization within 1 second. The real adepts are basically able to cut out the new thoughts immediately, more or less within 0.1 seconds. Many rebooting rookies are unable to cut out the sexual fantasy within 1 second, oftentimes it is not until several minutes afterward that they discover they have fantasizing, by this time it is already too late, the evil thoughts have already taken hold just like when a little sparks turn into a huge forest blaze, control will be hard at this point. Rookies lack watchfulness and awareness towards their inner states, therefore they are defeated by their temptation daemons time and again. During rebooting we must learn to watch our minds and cut out thoughts, we must keep a firm eye on our thoughts and know when a thought has arisen, with an awe-striking awareness when the time comes, the thought is no more. The saying that once a thought arises, cut it out immediately, once one is aware, the thought is naught! Do not be led along by the thought, remember at all cost!

Dharma Master Dazhao: “As long as you give rise to a thought, this thought will act as a net in the Ten Realms and capture your entire Realm within it. When giving rise to a kind thought, the manifestation from your realm will be a kind Realm; give rise to an evil thought, the manifestation of your realm will be an evil Realm. We are ordinary and foolish, we are not aware that the thought born out our heart will have such an enormous impact on our Realm. But all the Buddhas in the ten directions, great virtuous founders of past dynasties, all friends on the same journey, those who are diligently forging ahead, those with a sensitive heart, all will immediately sense it. Just like wireless radio waves that are immediately received, intercepting your signal. As long as the mind moves, karma is born, there will be consequences. This consequence will then change our future direction and path. Every thought, as long as it is born, its signal will spread to the entire Realm. Even if you are alone in the room and feeling angry, very angry, smashing the cup onto the ground, you think that nobody is watching you in the room, in reality, all Buddhas in the ten directions as well as your own life reality, will manifest an angry and complete Realm, neglecting nothing. Every thought possesses this universality in the Ten Dharma Realms. In other words, the signal from our mind will at any time cover the entire world. The degree of this coverage is very high.

According to the holographic universe theory, the universe is an integrated whole where every part of it shares a holographic association with one another. Within this wholeness of the universe, between all its systems and subsystems, a holographic correspondence exists between the systems and the universe. When it comes to latent information, subsystems contain all the information of the systems, systems contain all the information of the universe. When it comes to explicit information, the subsystem is a miniature version of the system, the system is a miniature version of the universe.

The basic principle behind the holographic universe theory: looking at the latent and explicit information as a whole, any part contains the information found in the whole. The holographic universe theory has been applied in TCM relatively early, this is known thousands of years ago. Many people have probably seen the TCM hologram, for instances the palms, ears, face and different parts of the body all correspond to the internal organs, every tiny part contains all the information found in the whole. The universe is fundamentally information! Thoughts are information! All evil and kind thoughts have frequencies, kind thoughts correspond to high frequency, evil thoughts correspond to low frequency, you are sending out thoughts every day (namely vibrating the wave-like information).

Professor David Hawkins stated clearly after more than 20 years of research, the strength of the human body will fluctuate along with the state of the mind. He has mapped the human consciousness in the range between 1-1000 (Translator’s note: the unit of the frequency was not mentioned), any state that induces a frequency below 200 will drain the body, anything between 200-1000 will cause the body to strengthen. Physicists have already proven that all matter in this world is made up of swirling particles. All these particles have a different rate of vibration, the vibration of the particles is what causes the world to express itself as it is. Our bodies behave in the same way, scientists have already measured that the vibrational rate of the body differs under different mental states, this result was an eye-opener for everybody. Kindness, honesty, compassion, love, these positive qualities allow the rise of bodily vibrational rates, the bodily health may then be improved. The highest frequency that professor Hawkins has encountered is 700, it occurred when he was studying the nun Teresa during 1997 when she has received the Nobel peace prize. (Translator’s note: There may be an error in the dating as Mother Teresa received her Nobel Prize in 1979, she died in the year 1997). The moment that Teresa entered the room, everybody’s heart was filled with joy, her appearance made it almost impossible for people to harbor distracting thoughts or hatred. 1000 is named the as the state under total enlightenment, this it the frequency of absolute power!

Professor David Hawkins said: “Many people become sick due to the lack of love, there is only pain and dismay, one is prone to become sick when the rate of vibration is below 200.” The doctor would come in contact with a large number of patients every day. He found out later that as long as a person is sick, that person always carries lots of negative thoughts. If a person’s vibrational rate is above 200 then that person will not become sick easily, his patients would often have a vibrational rate below 200, what kind of thoughts did they send out? Thoughts such as sexual fantization, blaming, anger, inflicting injury upon others etc, in the process of sending out these negative thoughts, much energy is lost, therefore, when the rate of vibration goes below 200, these people are prone to catch different illnesses.

[Evil thoughts will drag down your rate of vibration]

Evil thoughts will induce the lowest of frequencies, the quality of these thoughts is one of a twisted nature, of harm. When you are thinking about degenerative thoughts, when you are addicted to sexual fantization, the reality is that you are weakening yourself. This is not limited to sexual fantization, also included are evil thoughts such as greed and injuring others in order to get ahead, these will all pull your frequency lower. On the other hand, gentleness, optimism, forgiveness, gratefulness, love, respectfulness, sereneness, calmness and joy etc, all of these will raise your vibration. The higher the rate of frequency, the easier it is to feel the great joy of pureness, the lower the vibration, then one is surrounded by pain. The vibration of kind thoughts is higher than evil thoughts, by lifting more kind thoughts, our bodily energy vibration will increase accordingly.

When a person’s vibration is relatively high, he already possesses various positive qualities, his thoughts are pure, his character is noble and actions selfless, these are all reflected in his every word and action. He will like to come into contact with contents that share a similar vibration, choosing to associate with people with similar frequencies. Whenever we create a thought, a certain frequency is born, noble thoughts produce higher frequencies, degenerative thoughts produce lower frequencies. Many sexual fantasizers, their rate of vibration is very low because they are constantly producing evil thoughts and have done many things of nefarious wantonness. This, in reality, is sabotaging and injuring the self. Evil thoughts will drag a person’s frequency lower, the lower the frequency then the more painful it becomes, every form of psychological and bodily symptom will then follow from it and manifest itself.

[The Creator’s secret: frequency determines the physical form]

If you want to know the secret of the universe, please consider the vibration and resonance of energy.” - Nikola Tesla

Every physical substance in our world is a manifestation of vibration
If the vibration is changed then the structure of the physical substance also changes

Thoughts, feelings, moods all have a determined rate of vibration
We possess these frequencies at all times and so come into resonance with our surroundings


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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(part 2/2)

The famous experience of vibrational frequency on sand pattern has shown the relationship between frequency and physical substance. Different frequencies correspond to different forms of shapes. Thoughts are a form of vibrating wave-like information, thinking a thought gives rise to a certain frequency, this frequency will directly influence a person’s appearance and temperament, the saying that looks is grown by the heart. Many people who masturbate have become ugly, this is widely reflected in the narratives of brothers. In the beginning, the process of ugliness is not very apparent, with the increased time one spends in masturbation and with the deepening of injury upon the essences, many previously handsome people have turned beyond recognition, showing abnormal ugliness and wretchedness, even developing towards the direction of monstrostrous deformity. Why is it like this? It is actually very easy to understand from the perspective of frequencies; because he is sending out evil thoughts of nefarious wantonness, and the frequency of nefarious wantonness corresponds to the appearance and ugliness and wretchedness. Therefore, people addicted to nefarious wantonness will inevitably turn wretched and ugly, this is a certainty.

After rebooting, the soul receives purification, the frequency will then rise, during which time, the appearance and temperance will again develop towards the positive direction. The thoughts that a person produces will affect his physical appearance and temperance because thoughts produce frequency, frequencies will affect the physical form, it is this mysterious. Many people have previously heard the saying that looks is grown from the heart, but they do not understand the underlying principles of physics. After having read this paragraph of description,

I believe that more people will gain a deeper understanding and awareness. The thought waves that you are producing is affecting your physical appearance at this very moment, this is subtle. After a few years of nefarious wantonness, the appearance and temperament will decline, because your vibrational frequency has decreased. Evil thoughts will induce low frequency while low frequency corresponds to ugliness and wretchedness.

[Methods for raising the rates of vibration]
1. Kind deeds and the accumulation of virtue, do more to help people, in this way your vibrational frequency may be vastly increased.
2. Emit more thoughts of repentance, correct and change to the better, straighten the self in order to change the person.
3. Read more vibrational uplifting books, study more traditional culture.
4. Emit more intention of respectfulness, read more teachings on great virtue.
5. Maintain a grateful heart, practice more filial piety.
6. Learn to not complain, practice tolerance, learn to forgive others.
7. Keep calmness, inner calmness is a form of high vibration.
8. Attempt to find the Truth of life and the universe, find the belief that belongs to the self.
9. Do not look at nudity, especially in border pictures and news.
10. Maintain modesty, modesty allows increasing the rate of vibration.
11. Learn to meditate, actively exercise, learn the way of health cultivation.
12. Be among children, be as pure as children without a trace of evil.
13. Reboot, cut out smoking, alcohol, internet addiction and various bad habits.
14. Do not blame, don’t be jealous, encourage more, praise more.
15. Study Buddhist Dharma, read Buddhist sutras, chant the name of the Buddha, one’s vibrational frequency may be vastly increased through this way.
16. Learn to cultivate the heart, control the thoughts, this is the most basic method of raising the vibrational frequency.

We should all return purity to our soul and become a keeper of pure frequencies, say no to the nefarious wantonness and pollution from these troubled times. The modern society is flooded with nefarious wantonness, also the evil notion of harmlessness theories is rampant, keeping a frequency of pureness is extremely difficult. Everyone has their own rate of vibration just like they have their own fingerprints. Yet the vibrational frequency is able to be raised when you have cut off the addiction of nefarious wantonness and try your best to practice kindness, in this way your vibrational frequency will increase by leaps and bounds. The higher the rate of vibration the easier it is to experience the vast joy of pureness. In contrast, a low rate of vibration will sink one into boundness fear and pain.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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Season 23 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of waist pain, puffiness, emancipation and the importance of keeping vigilance]part 1/2


Recently, many brothers have asked about the greying issue. To recover from greying will require approximately 1 year of time. Those that often browse in my case related posts should have seen a particular case; one brother after having rebooted for 200 days had all of his hair turning black. I, on the other hand, took about 1 year of time, nowadays I have very few grey hairs, around 1-2 strands, this is entirely within the normal range. Only persistence is needed in order to recover from greying, in addition, one must: 1) strictly control the number of nocturnal emission 2) make all efforts to cease sexual fantization 3) emphasize the way of health cultivation. When enough effort has been made in all 3 areas, greying will naturally recover. Many people are rebooting but are unable to control their nightly emissions, sexual fantizations and do not understand health cultivation while at the same time often relapsing, to recover from greying under these conditions will be quite difficult.

Some brothers, especially those who are yet to experience serious symptoms thinks that it is incredible for a brother to experience a dozen of symptoms. To these brothers, I could only comment on the shallow level of experience. Up until today I have seen several thousand cases and have personally communicated with a thousand brothers. The majority of these people have very many bodily symptoms, they have only picked out the most apparent symptoms and inquired me about them. One will understand this by going through lots of cases, there are many brothers with a dozen and even several dozens of different bodily discomforts. Some brothers are exquisite and sensitive and are able to describe all the discomfort symptoms, while some brothers come to late realizations and have limited abilities in expressing themselves, thus making them unable to give a description of all the uncomfortable symptoms. Those brothers that are yet to sustain serious injury or have come to late realizations will think that all of this is unbelievable. This is in fact very easy to understand, when you have been injured to a certain degree then you will naturally understand the truth that I speak, people that lack the experiences will have no ways in understanding the experiences involved. If you have never tasted salt, you would never know about its specific flavor, all the descriptions that others relay to you mean nothing.

In addition, I would like to stress a point, I did not successfully reboot on my first try. I made my first attempt while in middle school, I was totally oblivious at the time, I did not have the awareness to study rebooting material nor did I have a guide. At the time I only relied on blindly and forceful rebooting and knew nothing about the way of professional rebooting, the result was repeated defeats. I have failed countless times and have struggled in the vicious circle in many years, my entire body became ridden with symptoms. If I had succeeded in my first attempt then I would not have had so many symptoms later on. It’s a pity that it took me well over a decade to realize the importance of studying reboot articles, fortunately, it is still not too late. After a couple years of bodily recovery I have been restored to normal, of course, it is still incomparable to when I was a teen because now I’m already 30 years old.

Let me elaborate further on my motivations when writing about my experiences I seek not fame nor any gains, it is entirely for the welfare of the public. I do not seek any rewards and I don’t need anybody to worship me, some brothers have called me Grandmaster but I have never paid attention to it. I sit on the same level with every brother, I’m just like the person pointing directions which puts me on the same level as the person asking for directions, one does not tower above the other, I’m but an ordinary waypoint. If you ask me how to reboot I can point you towards the right direction. I only wish to help everyone.

We enter into the main topic below.

This season is about the issue of waist pain, puffiness, emancipation and the importance of maintaining vigilance, I will go through these topics in detail, as in the below:

TCM: waist is the residence of the kidney.

The issue of waist pain is common among brothers. I believe that the majority of brothers have had the experience of sore and aching waist. One bodily expression following masturbation is: soreness and softness of the waist and knees, in more serious cases pain is involved. Of course, many factors contribute towards waist pains. Normally, masturbation induced waist ache will slowly alleviate itself following a period of rebooting and health cultivation. If your waist ache is persistently bothering you, I would recommend you to go check it out in order to rule out any organically related illnesses, such as issues with the lumbar disc or kidney stones. In everyday life, many people suffer from the issue of protruding lumbar disc, the seed to the problem could be sowed when one, for instance, is not careful with the body posture when carrying heavy objects.

There is another expression for post masturbation waist ache and that is the inability to straighten the waist after having bent it for long periods of time, the feeling is extreme soreness.

Previously when I used to wash clothes after masturbating, upon finishing washing my waist would be very sore, it would require a while of rest until it is recovered. Therefore, masturbation will cause the waist to become very soft and weak. Under normal cases, bending the waist will not cause soreness issues, but because you have the evil habit of masturbation, soreness will easily appear after bending the waist for a long time. This kind of issue, where soreness or pain follows the bending of the waist has been reported by many brothers, I have had such experiences myself. In addition, after masturbation one becomes very soft, one should take extra care when exercising under such conditions. Because while partaking in a heavy exercise under this soft bodily state one is prone to get injured, something that I have deeply experienced; previously when I went to play basketball after masturbation I have broken my bones under 3 occasions, sprained my ankles countless times. Furthermore, those injuries happened under strange circumstances and were all self-inflicted.

With regards to waist pains, this is very easy to solve given that one is without organic illnesses, normally. After a period of rebooting while cultivating the health, waist pains will heal by itself without the use of medicines. If soreness and pain in the waist persist, it is recommended to check it out. If organic issues are absent then one may use Chinese herbal medicine for treatment, if organic issues are present then one should undergo active treatment while persisting in rebooting and cultivating the health, in this way the recovery will be fairly rapid. For men, the waist is really too important, one should properly take care of the waist.

Let’s talk about the issue of puffiness and emancipation.

Following masturbation the condition of being out of tune will appear, this is reflected in the body weight, either in puffiness or being emancipated. Of course, although that some people masturbate, they still practice good exercise and dietary habits, they might not run into the mentioned problems. Although I have frequently masturbated before, I loved to exercise and would keep relatively rhythmic rest and eating schedules and so the weight imbalance issue did not show up.

In TCM, puffiness is due to 2 reasons: spleen deficiency with moist obstruction and spleen plus kidney yang deficiency.

If a person loves to exercise, he will not become puffy, although fat, he still looks very strong and not the kind of loose muscles type of puffiness look. Why is it that people who love to exercise will not normally encounter puffiness? Because according to TCM: spleen governs the 4 limbs. [Suwen]: “Spleen governs the muscles of the body” If the spleen qi is moving healthily, then the muscles will be plump and vigorous. If the spleen is sick, then the muscles shrink and become useless. A person that loves to exercise may achieve spleen strengthening effect, the possibility of running into puffiness will be relatively low. The spleen qi strengthens the movement, muscles will then become elastic and vigorous. Many people think that puffiness is due to fat, this is actually not correct, puffiness indicates that both fat and muscles have become soft and sagging, the feeling is one of being without elasticity and very loose.

How to treat puffiness? Taking Chinese traditional herbals is one way, this will adjust your internal organs. The more important is still to establish healthy exercise and dietary habits, this is very important! You can forego the herbs, if you only manage to make the other two points, weight can still be shed, you can even become a fit and muscular guy. I have previously been a personal trainer and have accumulated vast experiences in losing fat, in addition to going through the fat shedding process myself. If you have some general knowledge with regards to working out, then you’ll know for sure the saying: 30% comes from training, 70% comes from eating. Merely training is not enough if one wants to gain muscles, the key is to eat the right amount of food, muscle gain will be relatively quick in this way. Fat loss works in the same way, many people would have an intense workout but when they return home they’re unable to control their appetites and end up eating too much, by doing this they have regained all the energy that they have lost through training. In addition, the spleen governs the 4 limbs, normally after working out, the appetite would increase and enables one to eat a lot, the result being that no matter how hard one works out one is unable to shed weight. In reality, if one is able to strictly control the food input, even without training intensely, the weight would still decrease.

For brothers experiencing puffiness, my advice is:

1. Actively exercise, emphasize aerobic exercises, one may also combine it with strength exercises.
1. Strictly control the food intake, highly energetic food, midnight meals and snacks should all be restricted.

If the above points can be met, your weight will for sure decrease. If after a period of time your weight is still unchanged, then you should reflect on which of the above points that you need to improve upon.

In addition, strength exercises will help you to shape the muscles. Many brothers would become addicted to strength exercises as they would like to become stronger, more manly, this is a very common form of thinking. A strong body indeed gives one the feeling of assurance and makes one feel more confident, normally, a stronger man also have a stronger sexual function. But please remember a saying: blessing and misfortune exist side by side. TCM advocates that desire should not be too strong. When many people have trained themselves stronger, they become even more prone to fool around, the result is that they become indulgent at a young age. After the age of 40, it is time to pay the bill, the headache will be great when the time arrives. Being strong is not the same as being healthy and longevity, many strong people have many issues, even not being able to make past the age of 50. On the other hand, many people practice health cultivation, their strength indicators are very low but they still live upwards 80 and beyond.

I have another piece of advice for those brothers suffering from puffiness; if you want to lose fat you will have to increase understanding, this is like rebooting, professional is the key. With professional knowledge, one finds the door easier and succeed easier. No matter in what occupation and on what matters, it is particularly important to study. Ignorance stems from not studying, understanding comes from studying, in addition, combine it with one’s own practices and constantly gaining new awareness, success is then not far away. The saying that difficulty does not perplex the Master, the perplexed will experience difficulty, one must study more. Many things will become simple once you have grasped the adequate amount of professional knowledge on fat loss. If your understanding is not deep enough, you will hesitate and be at loss in many choices.

Another type of brother will encounter the emancipation issue.

Emancipation shares a certain relationship with the physique, of course, it is also intricately related to the disorderly function of the internal organs caused by masturbation. Emancipated people have poor appetites, are unable to eat much and have poor digestion. No matter how much they eat they will not become fat, this is the first type. There is another type, it’s when one is able to eat a lot but are unable to become fat. This type of person may suffer from poor absorption or have a very high basal metabolism. Some other brothers are suffering from chronic diarrhea, weight loss is made even easier with this condition.

I advise the emancipated people to go seek a traditional Chinese doctor followed by active exercises, emphasize health cultivation and slowly adjusting yourself.

Lastly, let’s talk about the importance of keeping vigilance.

Quite a few brothers have been on a rebooting streak for over 100 days and then still relapsed, what is the reason? When many brothers have gone through a period of rebooting it is easy to let down the guard. Thinking that the problem is no more and that one has succeeded, one starts to relax; First, the relaxation is with regards to studying rebooting articles. Second, it is the relaxation of vigilance. As soon as one relaxes the vigilance, relapses come easily. Rebooting is like walking on a steel wire, one needs to keep alert every day because if you are not careful you will fall down, if you are not careful you will relapse, this happens almost supernaturally.

Ever since I started to reboot until the present day I have still maintained my vigilance, just like the vigilance of a woodpecker, when a person approaches it flies away, the woodpecker will not allow anybody to come close to it. Rebooting works in the same manner, when one enters a stable period after some time of rebooting it does not mean that relapses will not occur again, if you relax your guard you will still relapse. Therefore, we should allow ourselves to maintain our state of alertness and not wander far from rebooting articles, we should look more into cases from sufferers. This process is likened to brushing the teeth every day, it does not have to take a long time but by looking at rebooting material daily, this is absolutely beneficial to the maintenance of your vigilant state. This is an indispensable awareness towards a successful reboot.

Naturally, some people have an extremely high level of awareness, they don’t look at rebooting articles nor in any cases. Every day they would go through their suffering once in their heads, this will also allow them to keep vigilance. There is another type of person who is able to maintain vigilance and that is the person with a religious belief, rebooting is like a form of a commandment. If the person strictly adheres to the commandment then he will not relapse, because he knows that relapse is worse than death, this is his consciousness.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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part 2/2


Some brothers would ask me, why is it that everybody around me is masturbating but their health is still good, why is it that only my body is ridden with symptoms. Quite a few brothers have asked me this question and it is not difficult to answer it. The constitution is different for different people, some people are naturally endowed with a good constitution, a thick health foundation, plus that they love to exercise, have fixed resting and eating habits and absent of any other negative hobbies, this kind of people can afford of few years of depletion, the fruit from the evil karma will appear relatively late. On the other hand some people have a naturally weak constitution, their physique is inadequate and they don’t like to exercise, they like to sit for long periods of time and have internet or smoking addiction, often stays up during the night in combination with frequent masturbation, they will encounter symptoms relatively early and these symptoms will be more serious.

Another point, although some people seems to look fine from the outside, in reality, they also have lots of symptoms, only that you cannot see them from the outside. There is a word called “hidden disease” (Translator’s note: hidden disease are those disease that are hard to detect and to cure). In everyday life many people carry with them hidden disease, these are matters of privacy, he will not tell you, you would think that he is healthy but that is not the case. Just like myself as an example, at a time I had prostatitis but other people didn’t know about it, I haven’t told my friends either. On the sports court, I was vigorous like the tiger and other people thought I was very healthy, that was not the case. Only I knew that I suffered from my discomforts owing to my evil habit of masturbation, only that these symptoms were not that serious and were bearable. After a while of rebooting, all of these symptoms would find relief which is why at the time they were not emphasized that much. In addition, I had varicocele for over a decade without knowing about it because it was not severe, I did not experience distinct discomforts but I had the disease, only upon doing an ultrasound did I knew that I had varicocele. I have already written an article regarding this disease, after reading that article, many brothers went to the hospital for a diagnosis. It turned out that quite a few brothers were diagnosed with varicocele, only that they were previously oblivious to it.

Actually, due to the evil habit of masturbation, more often than not there will be symptoms. No matter how good your constitution is and without any unhealthy hobbies, but as you age, many latent issues will expose themselves, the debt will sooner or later be paid. It is not necessarily bad that the body deteriorates early because once the body has deteriorated while you are young and you come to the realization to reboot thoroughly, the bodily ability to recover is still strong. What’s worse is when body deteriorates when one has passed 40, by then the bodily recovery function is not as it used to be, the rate of recovery will be very slow.

Let’s talk about the sweating issue when doing kidney strengthening exercises during the summer. It is now the scorching summer, the tiniest of movements results in a drench of sweat, even when we stay stationary the sweat will pour down like the rain. These days I’m still persisting in practicing the kidney strengthening exercises, I have not stopped for a single day. The way I practice is by going bare to the waist, prepare a towel, after doing and set of movements and having sweated I would immediately wipe myself dry, then repeat the movement. In this fashion, the issue of sweating can be avoided, or else if I practice kidney strengthening exercises following a shower my clothes would get soaked again which is very uncomfortable and makes it hard to sleep. Furthermore, during the summer, try to limit the exposure towards AC. Exposure towards AC and taking cold beverages both damage the yang qi and discourages bodily recovery, remember.

Lately, some brother reflected the “days record” issue with me. I’m not personally against in keeping track of the days, but I feel like keeping track of the days is like punching an attendance card at work, you cannot just punch the card but not work. This corresponds to rebooting, you have kept the day’s record, but what is your goal? The goal of keeping days is to study rebooting articles and sufferers’ cases daily in order to alert oneself. If the goal is only focused on keeping track of the days then your awareness and determination will not have increased, you will still remain on the brute force rebooting stage.

A mistake that newbies tend to make: only keeping track of the days and not studying, they see that other people have opened a thread for tracking the days and so they do the same, yet they do not emphasize studying rebooting articles. Back when I first started to reboot, I also liked to keep a day count, at the time I kept my record on a notebook and the maximum number of endurable days was 28 days. Afterward, when I reached a thorough understanding, the thought of keeping track of the days did not even occur to me and it did not feel like enduring, until today I have not relapsed, because I have reached a thorough understanding, in addition, I maintain a daily awareness vigilance. I don’t remember how many days I have been rebooting, only from which month I started to reboot from, my advice is: don’t pay too much attention to the number of days, put the emphasize on studying and to increase the rebooting understanding and awareness, this is the true path towards rebooting.


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Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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I will print out your writing series.. Season 1 and season 23...  Thanks for everything...