Author Topic: Some Questions(small trigger warning)  (Read 1426 times)


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Some Questions(small trigger warning)
« on: August 17, 2014, 03:01:17 PM »

So I am on day 95 of no porn no masturbation. I have tons of energy, look much better and feel better. Memory and focus have improved and I feel more confident and sociable.
But I have some conerns and some questions.
I think I started no PMO in a flatline and I am definetly still in it. Although I crave women and lust for them, when I see a hot one, I don't think I had one boner the whole time from looking at them or socializeing with them. I dont really get boners during the day at all but I preety much had 100% MW the whole 95 days. They dont last long lately but I had some strong ones in the high phases. I watched some 15 min Nina Hartley instruction video on Cunnilingus(wasnt bingeing just preparing for some better times ;) ), first pornographic video in 95 days. I was prepared for a brobdingnagian boner so I promissed myself I wouldnt touch my junk but I didnt even have a semi. But my brain felt hardcore aroused. I was only wired to porn before and never really too women at least not since puberty. So at 31  I am prepared for a long flatline. Does this mean that currently I am not wired to anything? My brain is in a limbo now and heeling itself? Will I get a lot of spontanious boners when this is over? Should I try to get boners from my own touch only? I dont think that this is possible at the moment anyway as I dont feel any reaction when I touch my penis. Oh the deadness!
So I am thinking about buying a pump to give it some exercise(if u dont use it u loose it) and to masturbate again when I get more daytime erections. No porn of course and only once every 2 weeks. Maybe with a fleshlight? Or should I just let it lay dead for another six months for more brainhealing? This is so frustrating as I have such an urge to fuck but virtually no dick to fuck with.


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Re: Some Questions(small trigger warning)
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2014, 12:16:35 AM »
Flatlines suck. It might be that, and if so, there's no telling how long you'll need. Did you watch Gabe's video?

However, some guys are healed and don't realize it until they're with a live partner. Suggestion: STart slow, not with a one-night stand that puts a lot of performance pressure on yourself. It's normal to "sputter" a bit at first before your rewiring fully kicks in.

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