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Informational Videos

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An Interview With A 15-year-old Guy

The following is a conversation we had with a 15-year-old guy about teenagers and porn. He is a freshman in high school. If you are unaware of what is going on in teenage land, this could give you some information, and motivation, that you need to talk to your kids about sex/porn. This is where the conversation got interesting. It went as follows:

Reboot Nation (RN): “So everyone at your school gets their own laptop right?”

Teen: “yea”

RN: “do they block facebook and twitter to keep yall from being on there all day, posting about how boring school is, or how bad you wish you were home playing call of duty? (a video game)”

Teen: “haha they try too, but everyone knows how to get around the block, they say if we get caught (on facebook) you get sent to the office, but they never actually back that up. They said they will use someone’s account who is friends with a bunch of the students and see who all is online then bust them, but never do it.”

RN: “Ya that’s how it was for us too when Xanga and MySpace first got big. We figured out how to get around their blocks within 2 days. What about cell phones, I know everyone is on their phone all day and can get online on them right?”

Teen: “oh for sure haha, I mean some kids get their phone taken up, but most the times they just ask us to put them up. We say yes mam then 5 seconds later post a tweet about the close call haha”

Me: “well let me ask you this, how many of the guys at school watch porn on their iphones, or laptops?”

Teen: “oh man, tons. Not a whole lot on the laptops but just about everyone on their phones.”

RN: “yea that’s what I figured you would say, I bet you they do it right in the middle of class right?”

Teen: “all…the…time. No joke this one guy sits behind me and just stares at his phone in his lap the whole class lookin up videos. He doesn’t even care who sees him.”

RN: “wait, even if girls see him?”

Teen: “yea he could care less if a girl sees him, him and his friends think it’s funny.”

RN: “ it’s got to be tuff for the class to pay attention if you know that’s going on right beside you.”

Teen: “For real! I’m like bro, you have cute girls sitting all around you, and you’re sitting there on your phone staring at a screen, doesn’t make sense.”

RN: “haha no it doesn’t, well how old were you when you first saw porn?”

Teen: “eh, it was the summer before 5th grade when I went to a friend’s house; he had a bunch of it on his Xbox.”

RN: “yea the average age is around 10 years old now for guys, it’s crazy. What was middle school like, because iphones have been around for awhile now.”

Teen: “Middle school was exactly the same, maybe even worse. There were a few times in 7th grade when guys would set their phone in the middle of the lunchroom table and everyone would crowd around it and watch it.”

RN: “Not surprising (to us). Dude, there is a ton of guys your age or a little older, that have been watching porn so much that they have straight up ED (erectile dysfunction). No one knows about it though because Internet porn is a fairly new thing. I mean it first blew up when I was in middle school. I’ve been helping teenagers and older guys on some health forums online, they freak out because they lose their boner, or can’t get it up at all, and they say they weren’t nervous, and they say they were extremely attracted to the girl, I mean some of these guys are older than me (24) or in their 40’s an 50’s and married. They have been with their wife for years and they either have a hard time busting (orgasm) during sex or can’t get it up or keep it up anymore, with their wife! The crazy thing is once they stop watching porn within a few weeks to months their problems go away. Have you heard anyone talking about that?”

Teen: “yea, I hear about it. There’s party’s at _______every weekend where kids are having sex in a few different rooms, and there’s always a guy sitting in the corner wondering why he’s not getting turned on. You never hear names, but you know who the guys are that it happens to because they come to school and act totally different and walk around like a zombie”

RN: “man…. That whole situation breaks my heart, in like 30 different places. The fact that the party’s are going on is only the start. I just can’t stand that lives are being destroyed by porn, and it’s not all over the news! I mean it’s not even a weird or awkward thing to talk about anymore it’s in every movie and TV show that’s out. Every song on the radio. Every Magazine a girl buys has sex tips and secrets. Now kids have iphones with unlimited access to the internet! Bad news bears.”

Teen: “oh dude, it’s everywhere. I can’t even get on facebook without seeing some (pornographic) picture because someone’s account got “hacked”. Haha. My friend came to school the other day and his phone was jacked up because he was watching porn in the shower…”

RN: “Instead of dropping the soap he dropped his phone!… and I’m sure that guy that sits behind you in class takes long bathroom breaks”

Teen: “haha yea”

RN: “well, tell all your friends about this and if they want tell them they can ask me anything. The thing is a lot of people think it’s a weird subject to talk about, but actually with how the media and everything is now days it’s weird NOT to talk about it if you ask me! Now that there is science and proof of all these guys, young and old, getting addicted to porn, there’s no reason that everyone shouldn’t know about it, or it’s just going to get worse..”

Teen: “ yea I mean it really isn’t that weird, most parents have no idea about it though so that might be kinda weird haha”

RN: “yea I know, I remember when my dad talked to me about sex in 6th grade I had to try and not laugh, because I already knew everything and then some, and the way he was talking about it was cracking me up. Sad now that i think about it..”

Teen: “I know right it’s just a awkward convo, but it’s better than learning what sex is all about through porn. Something that’s all fake”

RN: “exactly, it’s only awkward because parents try and sugar coat it and just brush the surface of the issue, or they try and scare the crap out of the kid. Either way they’re not being honest with what sex is and isn’t”


The conversation then shifted to sports, lifting weights, and food. So I will leave it at that. I won’t comment any further on me and this young man’s talk, but I will say that we are letting a whole generation of children be raised by the media, and the media is NOT a good role model.