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This website is connected to our YouTube Channel, where informational and motivational videos will be posted to help people recover from porn addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunctions. Below you will find Gabe Deem's reboot advice video (23 year old's reboot story of severe porn-induced ED), as well as his story and a basic understanding of how porn leads to addiction and sexual dysfunctions. We strongly suggest you watch these videos first before proceeding to the rest of the site.

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The basics of Rebooting

People around the world are experiencing negative effects of porn use, and to recover from them they are"rebooting." This video covers the "basics" of rebooting. Questions like "what you need to do or not do?, how do you know if porn is the cause of your problems?, what to expect during recovery?", this video hopefully will answer some of your questions if you're new to this whole phenomena.

Gabe Deem's Full Interview From Porn On The Brain

Full interview with Gabe Deem for 3D New Zealand's Porn On The Brain that aired early October, 2015. Gabe shares his story, and covers a lot of misconceptions around the topic of porn addiction and porn-induced dysfunctions while doing so.

Did Porn Cause My Erectile Dysfunction? TAKE THE TEST!

Do you think you may have porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED)? Check out the latest Reboot Nation video covering the porn-induced ED test, that can help you rule out organic problems, and performance anxiety. NOTE: Reboot Nation encourages everyone to see a doctor.

Porn Myths - The Truth Behind Porn Addiction and Sexual Dysfunction

10 common myths you will hear about the no porn movement. In this video Gabe exposes those myths and explains how they do not apply to everyone.

Porn Induced ED Advice

After being exposed to porn at the age of 8, I spent my entire youth watching it. Over time developed addiction related brain changes. One being Porn Induced ED. Meaning I could no longer get aroused or "turned on" in real life. I had to have the constant novelty that internet porn provided. In short, I taught my brain to get turned on by a screen and not a real woman. When I realized porn was the cause of my problem, I decided to quit it for good. This video is my advice and suggestions to anyone else trying to quit.

The Science of Porn Addiction - Gabe's Story

Internet porn is causing sexual dysfunctions by rewiring and over stimulating our brains. This is Gabe Deem's story of how he developed Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction at the age of 23 and took 9 months to recover. This is a simplified breakdown of the science behind what happens in our brains when we watch porn.

Reboot Challenges - Withdrawal Symptoms From Porn

Many people experience withdrawal symptoms after giving up internet porn. In this video Gabe Deem covers some of the most common withdrawal symptoms rebooters experience during recovery, offering advice to combat them and explaining some possible science behind them.

Reboot FAQ's - Wet Dreams, Porn Dreams, Morning Wood

This video answers several frequently asked questions about rebooting. Wet dreams, Morning wood, Using porn to help you sleep, and dreaming about porn are covered in this one. Pretty much all things sleep related. If you are concerned about these topics hopefully this will give you the hope and information that you need.