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Ages 20-29 / Re: I want to live a celibate life till my last breath....
« Last post by Raja_Natwarlal99 on March 02, 2021, 10:28:52 PM »
                         Day 2 @ 3-3-2021

    Today I exercised but still felt tired throughout the day. Want to get rid of this addiction as soon as possible.  :-X
Ages 30-39 / Re: Reboot Journal
« Last post by Bilbo Baggins on March 02, 2021, 10:17:56 PM »
Hey Aussie, how’s it going? You were in a bad spot last time you wrote in your journal, I hope you’re better. In all cases, keep us posted.
Ages 40 and up / Re: When you believe in magic
« Last post by Bilbo Baggins on March 02, 2021, 10:15:35 PM »
Man, I just read your journal. You write incredibly well, it was just like reading a novel. Thanks a lot for sharing that, I enjoyed reading about your background and life history. Good luck on your journey.
Ages 20-29 / Re: I want to live a celibate life till my last breath....
« Last post by Raja_Natwarlal99 on March 02, 2021, 10:12:16 PM »

Hello, you can meet relapses in your road but you can also do your best to be more strength to do not relapse more. It's possible. For that you must know why your are here, why do you must change ( stop PMO ). You can also read some, other's articles here, journal of those who succeed, how they succeed to see why, how and what they are fighting against.

Be more decided !

When you feel that you are invited to watch PMO, you can just come write here and somebody will help you.

Take a time to thing about cases that make you relapse ( stress, depression, whenerver you are alone, ... ) and make some barriers ( I mean good habits that help you to relaxe and fight against that ) . When you are stressed you can just look for a music that can help you, don't stop with social contact( is very important), you can start with some programm of reading articles, of mediting Bible, of sports or gymnastic, of praying, of visiting friends, of working yourself at home, playing a game that will make you relaxe.

If you Change your thought, when you will be face to relapse, your unconscient will tell you that it's not good what you want to do, and that can be the first weapon which can help you. It's amount arms that can help you to fight well.

Change also your habitudes.

Fight day by day. Say that today, i will do my best to be free, and the next day, you'll do the same.

For starting you can fixe yourself an objectif of a day, three days or a week.

It will not be easy but you must do that !

Good luck !

      Hello Robert! Thanks for the valuable advice, I will do my best to implement them in my life.
Damn, that almost sounds too nice to be true. I sure hope that happens to me too.
I believe in the system! I've been a little over a month into my reboot. I have noticed that my ability to focus has significantly improved. There were a couple of weeks where I believe I may have been flat lining but I'm starting to see improvements.  I'm getting morning wood 3 or 4 times a week and my sex drive feels like I'm in my early 20s again.

The best sign is that I got rock hard making out with my girlfriend when she stopped by yesterday. Although I never took off my pants it felt like the best erection I've had in years. We made out with an intensity that I have not felt since I was a teenager. I didn't have any anxiety and I felt focused on the situation. I think this was also because I had to be somewhere and knew we weren't going to try to have sex so I didn't feel pressured. For the past month, I've been doing positive affirmations and telling myself every time I feel the urge that the only way I'm going to O is through sex.

I do believe porn was a problem in my life. I can clearly see the benefits and will never use it again! I cannot wait for the day in which I am fully cured but I believe that journey is a good six to nine months ahead.

What are some other signs that I should look for in my road to recovery?
Yes, it goes away immediately with the first time your dick surprises you.

A few years ago, because of a course I was taking on harnessing flow, I gave up screens for various months. That was related to facebook, instagram, and other distractors. However, inadvertently I stopped watching porn during those three months too. I didn't know about PIED and had experienced a few incidents of ED that I thought were related to the psychology of a bad relationship I was in. Whatever the cause, I was left with this terrible performance anxiety. Will it work, won't it?

When I gave up screens, I also broke up with that girl and for those three months or so, I did not date. When I started dating again, my PIED was gone and my following relationship was characterized by good sex without fail. Not once did it not work. I just thought I was that much into the girl. And also, because the no-screens thing worked so great in other aspects of my life, I continued with it. However, I didn't know quitting porn was the reason my boners were working so great, hence the reason I'm back here, because a couple of years after that I broke up with that girl, I came back to porn and to ED episodes for many years (so much so that I never made the connection to porn until 14 days ago, go figure).

But I tell you my man, to answer your question:

Yes, that one time when it works perfectly gives you your confidence back, immediately. In one go. Unlike PIEDish viagratized boners, that healthy boner feels so different, like nothing can threaten it, that all your previous incidents get erased by your feelings of manliness and your anxiety becomes non-existent instantly. Just, when that happens, never ever watch porn again. Ever.
Ages 40 and up / Re: When you believe in magic
« Last post by otanerferguson on March 02, 2021, 07:42:30 PM »
Day 13

No porn, no porn cravings. No sexual thoughts. I would say that I am experiencing a flatline. However, I don't feel bad. No anxiety, no cravings. I'm not tired. Nothing bad. And now that I know where this is going, I won't try to test myself with porn. I never want to look at porn again, just knowing it's the cause of PIED. I'll just wait it out.

Today my mind was particularly clear. I feel at peace with the universe. Last night I had a good night's sleep and woke up fully rested today 1:30h before my alarm went off.

It's my second day of a three-day water fast. I did not crave food or felt bad at all. As I write this, I am thinking of pizza, but I'll have that tomorrow.

Exercise, box breathing, hydration in check.

I did the Wim Hof breathing today and I got a discharge from the pineal gland. I believe that might help too. If it doesn't, it still felt awesome.

Great job on the two weeks!  Nutrition, sleep, and exercise are inter-related, that is for sure!  Keep going!

Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. Those things certainly have made this easier. Can't wait for more tangible results down south, though.
Ages 20-29 / Re: My Reboot Journal - 2020
« Last post by Robert7M on March 02, 2021, 07:25:36 PM »
Day 6

Today is the penultimate clean day before moving on to the next step. Tomorrow will be the last day, day 7/7. Clean for a week.

Today was a wonderful day and a day with many thoughts.

During the day, invitation to P 6/10, Concentration 6.5 / 10, Social contact 8/10, depression 0/10, nervous tension 2/10, my memory is still good, I had multiple desires for P The day I had a different outlook on girls, social networks, etc.
I think I'm starting the detox phase ...

I will be even more careful from today.

Thanks phineas for the tip. The other areas of my life, I resume my life about 7 points ( Health, Intellectual, Spiritual, Finance, Family, Relation ). right now I'm in the middle of a session, so I'm a bit into reading. I make an effort to have a good time, watch a family movie (science fiction only, not novelas), chat with friends to break the stress.

Today I watched a scientific research documentary that talks about nutrition and the brain, and studies have shown how our diet not only affects our brain and personality, but also a person can become addicted to sugar.

It still motivated me a lot.

Tired, but I have to take another 1 or 2 hours to work.

In short, a good day.

Greetings !!
Ages 40 and up / Re: quit for good
« Last post by joepanic on March 02, 2021, 07:06:01 PM »
Wow  what a great day   It was one of those days where everything just fell into place and nothing went wrong.  I got a lot of stuff done and I cant say as I remember thinking about porn once.  Have a few hours left  think ill have a shower  and some me time


    Post often it helps me it helps you
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