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Would a urologist be able to tell if the nerves/veins are damaged? I had a urologist inspect/touch my penis and he said it was all fine. No scans or anything like that however.



I was first exposed to porn aged 10. Started masturbating at age 10, every single day, on average 3 times a day. Didn't really watch porn again until around 13, when I PMO'd 3-4x a day for 5 years, no experience with girls.
When I was 18, I had been drinking heavily every day for nearly a week (Freshman at college), on the final day of the week (I was very drunk on this night as well) I took a girl home, obviously I experienced erectile dysfunction (Probably a mix of alcohol and PIED). After that event things haven't been the same, my dick rarely gets hard at all, and even when I get erections it's like 50%, wtf. Even my morning wood is 20% of what it used to be. Tried a couple times after that in the following weeks with her but nothing happened :(. I've had other problems in my life so I continued PMO for 2 years. I'm finally ready to tackle this, been on no porn/porn subs for a month, only masturbated 5-6x all month, which is an achievement for me. Experienced little to no improvement. I am going for a full reboot this month onwards.

I've been told its psychological problems, which I don't understand since even my morning wood suddenly got worse. Tried viagra/cialis, slight improvement but not really working. Only other thing I can think of is venous leak triggered by this event when I was a freshman in college.

I can't take this anymore. Please help.

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