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Ages 20-29 / New Member form Ohio
« on: July 18, 2016, 06:17:56 PM »
Hey everyone! My name is Rus. I am 23 year old. I have porn addiction. I do not have any erectile dysfunctions or anything related to sex performance, but I do want to quit porn. I have tried many times and the longest I could do it was about a month. I can relate porn addiction to my emotional stability. I've noticed a correlation between porn and stress, anxiety, overthinking and etc. (no porn=less all of these). I've started to watch porn around age of 12, and I've never increased it to anything more disturbing at all (I've only watched soft core, webcam, and etc for all these years).

I had an experience of quitting the other bad habit. I was addicted to the smokeless tobacco. The forum like this helped me quit and I am 656 days quit. I believe the group support and by everyone going through the same thing can help all of us achieve the same goal of quitting porn.

I've read so much stuff from websites and the information is overwhelming.

Yesterday was my birthday and I decided it's time for a change....

Thank you,

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