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Hey there. Here's my story...

I'm 24 years old and I've been using internet porn since I was 14. I got into my first relationship that involved real and regular sex when I was 18. My whole goddamn career between the sheets I've been experiencing ED and always wondered why I could get so hard jerking off in front of the computer but so frequently couldn't get it up or cum with an actual woman, even one whom I'm extremely attracted too. This has been a huge source of embarrassment for me and it's something I need to overcome. Porn has so negatively effected my life and I had no idea... So the other day I deleted my entire collection and installed a content blocking app. Today is day one.

I've never done anything like this, so it feels different. I really need your support guys. I've been so afraid that I'd have to deal with this shit my whole life, but you've all given me hope.

I'm determined to beat this, for the betterment of myself.

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