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Ages 40 and up / nofap journal
« on: May 12, 2020, 09:26:53 AM »
Joel from the UK here. Made unemployed by Covid and am living with my wife in a small apartment in Lockdown. I'd ideally like to use the quiet time to focus on achieving sobriety and working on my side-hussle. I've been addicted to PMO since I was a kid. Have been trying to kick it for about 5years. I've had some success and got to 90days once, but Lockdown has been a challenge and I've had recent relapses.

Wanted to start a journal and this is Day 1. Just listened to a nofap audio that inspired me to affirm my nofap ‘system’ that I hope will take me to full sobriety:

A morning routine, preferably without use of a computer; as morning was my main relapse time.

Some blockers – Google is blocked on my computer before midday. I currently have the web blocked on my phone until 7pm during this tense time of lockdown.

A grid of healthy habits including meditation, exercise and creative challenges

A method for urges I learned from Universal Man on YT - Calm myself (mini meditation), then rationally talk to the urge/ shine truth on the lies, then do something else - preferably physical.

Journal about issues and emotions that arise, and make a daily day plan

Analyze my relapses so I improve.

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