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Ages 20-29 / I need to kick this
« on: August 14, 2014, 07:27:37 PM »
Well Ive come back to reboot nation after some binges that have proved to me I need to kick this addiction now and get my life back. Only recently ive noticed some slight ED, clearly from PMO, I didnt think it would happen to me but i can now see how PMO can really damage you.

Starting today I am going to avoid P and M at all costs, its not going to be easy I know as Ive failed this plenty of times before, but I am 100% putting all my effort into this, this time.

Will keep this posted every few days, hopefully with god new rather than bad.

Ages 20-29 / My Reboot Journal
« on: July 14, 2014, 01:20:07 PM »
14th July 2014,

Well I've decided porn is impacting my life, those endless hours of "edging" and PMO have to stop today! Yourbrainonporn has really helped me to see that and if anyone is thinking about quitting, watch the videos on there and maybe you will be as shocked as I was, by how bad porn is for you.

I found myself constantly looking for the next "best" porn when other stuff failed to arouse me, I even ended up watching gay porn and have even convinced myself im gay from this porn use. (if am am gay I have no problem, but addiction is certainly no state to decide that with). Chat rooms and cams were another problem of mine, fueling my false feelings of being wanted and so on. Over the past year I've felt myself become down on myself, angry at my addiction, not fully enjoying life the way I should.

I want to quit now more than ever, ive tried in the past but have failed. But with rebootnation now I think i'll have more luck.

Will keep this updated. Here's to a new me :)

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