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to check if the ED is physiological or porn induced is very simple if you think about it. it can get complicated though.

if you can get it up with porn, then obviously there is no physical problem. this is where problem can get complicated because real hardcore addicts can have problem even with porn. but again, if you can get it up with porn but now with girl, then obviously there is a clear reason as to why you have ED during sex.

When I did the test I can get an erection with porn but now I don't want to do the test I have like a little bit over 2 month with out watching porn or masturbating I could have sex with my partner and to make it more reliable I was using AXION (Taladafilo 20mg) reducing the dose to 5mg sometimes not using it. But now I had trouble with erection again. I keep reading info about rebooting here on the page but there are some question that I have that would like to ask here.

The relapse could be because during intercourse I stooped controlling orgasm. Might be wrong but the less I ejaculate helps me keep my sexual appetite ( in a healthy way). Could this be one cause?.

On one hand I know its a little bit of patiance and keep going but then you have all the issues that pop up with your partner  :'(.

So I am trying to figure out what I need to keep doing and what I need to avoid to relapse.

Forgot to mention that at least I don't have any craving to see porn now. I feel now I have to work on how I see real woman like the brain still is used to what porn showed you.

Hello Its me again after sometime, to ask a few doubts I have. After reading alot most places recommend to visit your doctor to check that the physical part is ok. So I went to an urologist that specializes on this problems. He game me some hormon test and an ultrasound of the penis and its cavity. Then he gave me a hormone treatment and during the treatment everything went grate but after sometime we are back to square 1.

My question is if this could be a physiological problem or its still PIED ,he is giving the wrong approach or it could be a problem with hormones taking in to account that according to the last blood test the PRL , L.H. , F.S.H. , PSA are normal my testosterone levels are normal but I think a bit low 398 according to the blood test exam the normal range is from 270-1734.

But I still feel like I cant find that switch to change the mentality porn induce you of who and what sex with your lover should be.

As I side not I have been abel to stat 30 days with out porn but today did a test after some problems and watch porn so I'm resetting the counter again   :-\

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the help Nikola.

I have been reading the PIED section of the site and I have a question:

During the reboot process I understand that is good that you can cuddle kiss, etc. but is advisable to try and have sex when you feel that it could work (with out thinking on porn) or is better to give it a rest time to rewire. More thinking on the need of my partner.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the info

After many years of not having a GF and just satisfying my self with masturbation and porn I wanted to change, recently im dating with someone that I really love but wen the time comes to have sex I cant get an erection after searching on the internet I found out that my case is a PIED.
Now at least I know what steps to take my question is what can I do to keep my partner satisfied do you suggest taking standard ED medicine or that would affect recovering from PIED.

Thanks in advance.

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