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Title: Completed 30 days of NoPMO - NO NUT OCTOBER
Post by: davideyar on October 30, 2020, 07:06:24 AM
A report on 30-days of nofap/noPMO[/b]

Here is a short summary of my story: Had known of nofap ever since 2018 when I was still in uni. Heard of benefits like improved memory and concentration, attraction, improved sex life and eradication of sexual dysfunctions (like ED, PE, PIED). Only attempted because of the improved memory and concentration because of school work; didn't care about improved sex life and eradication of SD because I thought I was fine in that area. Fell on and off the wagon for two years until February 2020 when I couldn't penetrate this guy I hooked up with (I am gay and if you don't like that eff off). I was devastated! Found out about PIED. Decided to quit PMO altogether.

You can also follow me on this journey in my journal:

Hi all! I'm happy to report that I've gone 30-days, a month with nofap/noPMO! It honestly doesn't even feel real! I've been trying for months or even years but fell on and off the wagon. This streak is by far my longest. However, I'd like to say that I don't (and you shouldn't!) have a number of days as a goal in my mind simply because I think of this as a lifestyle change. In my opinion, you should not be consuming porn ever! I will complete the 90 days to fix my PIED but after that I am finally allowing myself to try sex again and from then, sex only as a form of release. Maybe reintroduce masturbation in moderation every once in a while but no more porn!

Here is what worked and what has helped me reach this far:

Now for the benefits that I've experienced:

I'm not gonna list everything since this would be a lot more longer but it really has been a life changing journey. I would say the biggest challenge of this journey for me is facing reality, taking accountability with the direction of my life, and being a better person than I was yesterday. Avoiding the urges to PMO are easier for me to do but facing life is the hardest part.

PMO was simply my escape from life's challenges and now that I've stopped using it, it is now time to face the real challenges. NoFap is giving me the tools to fight.


Title: Re: Completed 30 days of NoPMO - NO NUT OCTOBER
Post by: anubu0 on November 01, 2020, 02:37:52 PM
Hey David!

Awesome awesome awesome post. I am only 12 days into my journey and felt a loss of motivation, but after reading this I feel re-energized. You're completely right: quitting porn is a lifestyle change not a short term goal. I feel better, more in tune with myself, and my surroundings. I am still bit lazy and unproductive but I know as I progress noFap this will get better. Thanks for the extra motivation! WE GOT THIS!
Title: Re: Completed 30 days of NoPMO - NO NUT OCTOBER
Post by: davideyar on November 02, 2020, 06:39:37 AM
Hey Kayden. I'm glad that I could be some source of motivation for you. It means a lot. Thanks!
Title: Re: Completed 30 days of NoPMO - NO NUT OCTOBER
Post by: Relentless Observer on November 02, 2020, 10:57:25 PM
THis sounds like a healthy mindset.  Stick to it and good luck.