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Title: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on October 18, 2017, 02:11:38 PM
Latest compilation of the translation (season 1-20):

Hi everyone! First of all, I have not stayed clean for this many years, instead, I’m referring to a guy that I’ve come across in the Chinese rebooting community. This guy (internet name 飞翔) has managed to stay clean for almost 7 years and counting. Furthermore, he has shared his experiences and continues to share them to this day (over 73 000 forum posts in one online forum alone). He has diligently studied many topics related to rebooting and has written extensively in this field. I discovered great value upon reading his material and felt compelled to share it with the English speaking community. Therefore I have started the project to translate his work into English. I will refer to this author as Soaring Eagle going forward which is similar to his Chinese pen name.

The reason to why I find Soaring Eagle’s work compelling is because he approaches rebooting from two unique angles: TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Buddhism. 

It is my hope that the English speaking community will benefit from Soaring Eagle’s knowledge as the Chinese community has.

Going forward I intend to upload translations on a weekly basis on 3 different websites (NoFap, reddit, and rebootnation) in order to reach a large audience.

If you are a Chinese speaker and would like to correct any errors in my translation please feel free to do so, I welcome constructive criticism.
Regarding the translation
I will try to preserve the meaning and intention of Soaring Eagle ( the pseudonym I’ve given to the original author) to the best of my ability. My goal will be to achieve maximum retention of the original thought/communication while at the same time making the English translation flow naturally as if spoken by the author himself.

I do not know Soaring Eagle personally nor have I spoken with him and I’m not affiliated with the author in any way.

Regarding the contents
While I do not agree with everything that the author has to say there is nevertheless a great deal of information that I do find useful. If something does not resonate with your beliefs please don’t be too quick to disregard the whole body of the material. His success in staying clean should speak for itself. I only ask the reader to read with an open mind and apply whatever he finds to be useful.
Brothers = all people on the road of rebooting
TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: StefanMicus on October 19, 2017, 04:29:24 PM
Great iniciative man!
You will help a lot of people.
Could you pls send your transalations to my email?
[email protected]

I would wreally appreciate
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: summercicada90 on October 22, 2017, 05:11:03 PM
Can't wait to read it! I live in a nearby country where both porn and Buddhism are deeply entrenched parts of the local culture, so using one to fight the other would be a very useful thing to be able to do. haha  :)
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: gazz on October 24, 2017, 12:02:49 AM
Sounds great. Good on you for taking on the task!
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: sleepking69 on October 24, 2017, 10:45:43 PM
Can't wait to read, thanks for the work
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: HMHU on October 29, 2017, 05:17:10 PM
Apologize for the delay as I'm translating a little each day after work. Ok guys here goes:

Short intro
“Rebooting as Best Remedy” is a book dedicated to rebooting, currently there is no such book on the market. Yet in China there a large number of people in need of rebooting as many people are suffering from the physical symptoms from excessive masturbation. Many people can be compared with the frog in the boiling pot, oblivious of the fate to what masturbation would lead them.

This book serves to point out a clear path towards rebooting, in helping to help people to quit masturbation in a professional manner, quitting the habit of masturbation and restoring purity to the individual.

The author has suffered from the symptoms of excessive fapping for well over a decade and has talked with over ten thousand brothers. After having read over 10000 individual cases and seriously studied the topic of rebooting for over 3 years the author has established a thorough understanding of the harmful effects of masturbation and have accumulated vast experiences on how to successfully quit masturbation. With the help of this book, the reader will be able to quit masturbation and rediscover that vital self!

Masturbation is undoubtedly harmful to the individual, this can be established by reading the numerous cases/testimonies from the sufferers. If one only reads about the harmlessness of masturbation, then one will become mislead by this false notion of its harmlessness theories. The truth lies in the many discussion threads and the individual testimonies. Do not believe in the so-called experts in their harmlessness theories, let us realize the truth by ourselves and let us cut masturbation out of our lives forever!

Every day I return to the rebooting forums (Chinese forums) in order to answer questions, many brothers are familiar with me by now, understandably many people have expressed interest towards my rebooting experiences. Today I will share with everyone of my experiences in detail. Hopefully, this will be of help to you all.

I started off on this journey like many people which was partly due to the deterioration of my health as a result of masturbation but also due to the guilt that I felt; how could I engage in such a filthy act?

How it started
It first started out from when I first felt pleasure caused by friction movement and it was followed by what is best described as “once you pop you can’t stop”, I became addicted and was unable to pull myself out, the addiction has taken hold of me. The analogy of “Once you pop you can’t stop” is something that I see fairly often in the rebooting forums and is comparable to the bursting of a dam. Therefore the saying that no harm is caused from moderation is very much BS due to the fact that once you start it’s no longer possible to quit, just like the opening of the Pandora’s box.

Physical symptoms
My history of masturbation goes back for 15 years. At the time I loved sports, aside from prostatitis I hadn’t really experienced any discomfort in other areas of my body, although the need to pee frequently caused me great agony for a long time. In addition, there was a great change to my appearance in that I had severe acne, my complexion also gave me a decadent look, my eyes were dull, eye bags started to appear below my eyes despite my youth. At the time I also suffered from rhinitis, given the fragile state of my body and add on top the endless exhaustion of my essence (kidney essence), my body was never fully healthy. I’ve always felt greatly weakened after I have masturbated and felt the need to quit, after a couple weeks of abstinence and regular exercise my body would have recovered somewhat, following the recovery of my essence the degeneration started off anew with greater intensity. I would often have consecutive sessions and my health took a turn for the worse.

Masturbation ruins a person in two ways; bodily and psychologically. After I’ve started to masturbate my emotional state changed greatly, I was easily agitated, I lacked patience, memory, concentration, and willpower all took a hit for the worse. The scary part at the time is that I was totally unaware of the harm that masturbation was causing. I had read about the harmlessness theory of masturbation on the magazines, this combined with the lack of willpower to quit masturbation only served to exacerbate my confusion. I had struggled a lot in the evil spiral of addiction but was unable to get out, the addiction carried with it a seemingly magical power that held me firm. At the time my record of rebooting was 28 days, rebooting was a topic that didn’t exist at the time in the media, instead, the media was filled with degenerative material. Young people at the time lacked the proper guidance with regards to rebooting.

Because masturbation had contributed to a decline in my mental faculties, my grades suffered as a result, after high school I was only able to get into a regular college. My decline did not halt when I entered college but because I was sharing accommodation with other people at the time my masturbation became less frequent. In college I frequently played basketball, there was a period of time when my body was recovering very well, I no longer needed to pee frequently, my complexion improved and so did my temperament, I was once again self-confident. After college I started working and met a girl, in my proximity nobody told me that masturbation was harmful, nobody told me about the bad karma from sex before marriage. Everything people talked about was of a filthy nature which was reflected in the overall degenerative state of the society. The voice of rebooting could not be heard anywhere. If you would talk to the young people today about rebooting he would question your sanity and tell you the most important thing at hand is to enjoy life. This is a basic weakness of people; the fact that people would not quit a bad habit until they have hit rock bottom. At the time I was also likeminded to my peers, I didn’t think anything was wrong about premarital sex. Now looking back I had been very ignorant and shallow which was the very reason that I was unable to escape from my evil habit, up until my healthy took a nosedive for the worse.

Illness precedes understanding
After I started working my life lacked rhythm both in terms of diet and in terms of rest, I would often stay up during the nights. The pressure from work was immense and the masturbation did not cease, this is when my state of health completely collapsed. I was diagnosed with neurasthenia and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). For those who haven’t suffered from these illnesses it is impossible to comprehend what it’s like to live under these conditions; it is a feeling of total collapse where death is preferable to life, nobody is able to understand you except for you and those suffering from the same illness, not even the doctor knows what you’re going through. Ever since I was diagnosed with the above I came to understand why some people prefer to choose the route of suicide. This is because suicide is a means of escape. At the time I also had thoughts of suicide, luckily I didn’t put those thoughts into action. I would like to make something clear here, and that is the difference between the emotional state of anxiety the symptoms from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). Any normal person may feel anxiety but GAD is like a having combination of a myriad of strangely bodily symptoms coming at you incessantly, this is hell on earth where death is preferable to life.

After having been diagnosed with GAD I quit my job, I would spend my days chatting with people suffering from the same conditions. Around the same time is when I started to study TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) on my own, I listened to a variety of gurus and read huge volumes of books, I also came into contact with Buddhism. Through the countless conversations, I’ve had with my fellow patients I’ve come to reach an understanding: this illness (GAD) share an intricate connection with masturbation and the habit of frequently staying up at night. I started to gather case material/testimonies from fellow sufferers numbering in the thousands, afterwards I started to gather material from sufferers with a history of masturbation, also numbering in the thousands, I’ve studied the material for several years and was able to find answers in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). Answers could also be found in Western medicine. The harmlessness theory on masturbation is no longer up to date, the newest research in Western medicine is consistent with TCM. For example, when Beckham broke his bones, his physician recommended him to not engage in any sexual activities for a period of 3 months. According to TCM: “Kidneys govern the bones, from bones, arises marrow”. Modern science has also observed that the life expectancy of an animal is connected with the times that the animal engages in procreational activities. This is consistent with the TCM view that a low essence precedes illness and the relationship between essence and longevity. When our bodies are healthy we are not hit by regrets, that’s why when we talk to a healthy person the message will not register with the person. But once the health has failed the view of that person would naturally change and agree with your views regarding rebooting. Many brothers (Chinese brothers) suffer from hair loss, when hair is plentiful one will not think about rebooting, but once hair is lost it’s already late because the person will need several years to recover. I have also suffered from hair loss, the condition ceased and my hair density gradually improved once I’ve started rebooting.

It was suffering that started my journey towards rebooting. I’m now a believer of Buddhism and I study/research Buddhism on my own. I now realize that having a faith gives one tremendous spiritual strength. In my former self, I would brush spirituality it off as superstition because it’s not science. However, I no longer think that way. To my knowledge, Isaac Newton and Einstein both had religious beliefs. Einstein was very fond of Buddhism. Many scientists have a religious faith. At the moment I’m not only a believer of Buddhism, but also a believer of TCM, Qigong and healthy living in general. Qigong is a learning in itself and helps greatly in the recovering process, especially when it comes to practices such as holding the horse stance and meditation and thus helping to recover the essence of the body. I would also recommend Taichi boxing.

Recovery status
Many people are interested in knowing the degree to which I have recovered. Therefore I will try to be more detailed in my response. The most popular question that I receive on the internet forums is the question of whether it’s possible to recover and how long it will take.

My answer is this: recovery is certainly possible. As to the time it takes it will vary from person to person because we all have different physiology. Normally the person who practices healthy living and who loves physical exercise will enjoy a speedier recovery.

Masturbation causes injury to both the both and the mind. According to TCM if the mind is not healthy the body will not be healthy and vice versa. Therefore if you masturbation your mind is sure to suffer, as your mind will not find a relieve this will in turn cause injury to the body, this then leads to a vicious circle. Learning rebooting is an experience and metamorphosis, it is a promotion of one’s overall state. In mastering rebooting, one will be in control of their own fate and not bound by the shackles of desire and thus unable to free oneself until the total deterioration of one’s health. I have encountered countless brothers that are suffering from neurasthenia, incredibly many, I myself was an example. Many brothers are also suffering from the obsessive-compulsion disorder as well as generalized anxiety disorder. Actually these problems are all quite similar where the difference only lies in their orientation. What’s in common is the amount of agony causing physical symptoms. Let’s now talk about my recovery process.

Physical recovery:
After having gone through rebooting for 1 year my GAD generalized anxiety disorder) symptoms disappeared. During this year I have exercised regularly and paid attention to my body while at the same time stayed away from any forms of medication. During a previous half year period, I was dependent on a form of medication and it was a painful experience. Once a medicine loses its potency the doctor would give you another one to replace it. Normally a patient suffering from generalized anxiety disorder is skeptical of the doctor because many people have had the experience of being falsely diagnosed; the doctor treating the sufferer as a client instead of a patient with the first priority of making money instead of prioritizing the well being of the patient. After rebooting, my experience with frequent urination and waist/lower back pain also disappeared along with a large variety of physical symptoms. From my studies in TCM I’ve come to realize that a low kidney essence is the cause of many a disease. When your kidney essence is strong, illnesses will naturally be repelled. Previous when I suffered from hair loss I would lose a handful of hair every day. According to TCM: the level of essence present in the five viscera and six bowels is reflected through the eyes. One can therefore gauge a person’s overall health by just looking into his eyes. The essence is stored in the kidneys and the five visceras and six bowels transform that essence into qi (energy). If the kidneys are weakened the five viscera will naturally become weakened, the effect of which will be visible in the lifelessness of the person’s eyes. Another thing is that the strength of my grip also become firmer, the strength of the grip is often a reflection of the state of the liver, TCM: the strength of the liver is in the grip, the stronger the grip the stronger the liver qi. The liver and the kidneys share the same source, meaning when the kidney water element is insufficient, the wood element of the liver will become dry, and the symptom is that the person will become easily irritated and angered, another symptom is revealed by the weakness of the person’s grip. Previously I suffered from poor sleep in the form of insomnia and excessive dreams. After having quitted masturbation for over 2 years my sleep quality had vast improved. The usual symptoms of the GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) such as muscle twitching and bodily convulsions have disappeared completely. My tinnitus also healed itself. TCM: kidneys revitalizes the ears. Many brothers suffer from tinnitus, after half a year of rebooting tinnitus naturally disappeared. Today I feel as if I’m a whole new person reborn into this world. Previously I was bounded up by my masturbation habits, it’s only now that I’ve come to experience the real feeling of freedom which is not to be confused with the freedom in indulgence, for the freedom to indulgence will only lead to one result and that is suffering.

Psychological recovery:
Because I engaged in masturbation I felt inferior and become more autistic and even had tendencies to self-inflict injuries. Because I was unable to quit masturbation I hated myself for being useless and had the urge to self-slander. Because of masturbation, my physical appearance became uglier, many brothers relate to the same opinion that their physical appearance became uglier after they started to masturbation. This kind of feeling is not false. If your vital essence is lost, how can one not turn ugly? This is comparable with a deflated ball, once it’s deflected it is no longer able to bounce and is rendered useless. The same concept is applicable to us as people, once the vital essence of the body is depleted, the physical appearance will immediately take a hit and as a result, we will feel inferior and decadent. This types of changes to the appearance have been thoroughly studied in the discipline of face consultation in TCM. The face is like a mirror for the five vital organs of the body. When the organs become weakened this will naturally be reflected on the face. One that understands this discipline of TCM this will immediately be able to tell a person’s state of health by looking into his eyes. Ever since I’ve quit masturbation I began to practice body strengthening Qigong, I learned to take care of my body and exercised frequently and in the process build up my vital essences, today my complexion has completely been restored to a healthy state. Previously one could describe my appearance with one word: dim. Today I’m once again lit up as a person. The earlier tendencies I had towards feeling inferior, self-inflicting injuries and autism have naturally disappeared. I feel like a new person and completely fearless. Oftentimes a person that is deficient in kidney essence is fearful and is easily angered, this is because kidneys govern anger and anger injure the kidneys. In my case studies, I’ve noticed that many brothers have become more fearful of life, this is a common phenomenon with those people who frequently masturbation. When I now come face to face with a mirror all I see is a confident, joyful and healthy person, the old me which was decadent, wretched and ugly has all but disappeared, the type of ugliness that I’m describing is an ugliness reflected in the flesh and the soul, this is the fruit of the evil deed brought about by masturbation.

Thanks for reading this far guys. There will be lots more material coming up as the original text is over 1000 pages in A4. Written Chinese is very dense and will take up more space when translated into English. I expect this translation project to last for at least half a year so please bear with me.
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: TakeActionNow on November 03, 2017, 06:48:14 PM
Thank you for the tremendous effort of translating !
Its a very kind and generous effort of yours.
Can you share the link to the original page please?
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: HMHU on November 04, 2017, 02:05:38 PM
You're welcome. I have uploaded the file to the following link:
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: HMHU on November 04, 2017, 02:07:01 PM
Experience with success

I’ve now stayed clean for over 2 years, this is owing thanks to the increased understanding. Previously I’ve failed countless times in trying to stay clean, at the time nobody was guiding me. Nobody was guiding me because I was unable to receive the guidance; I was ignorant in the knowledge of quitting masturbation, of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and of Buddhist teachings, All I knew was the brute force way. I thought that I could rely solely on willpower to stay clean. In reality, success is very hard to come by through relying on willpower alone. Instead, one must start by purifying the heart/mind, this will then tackle the root of the issue because the mind controls the hands as well as the action of masturbation. If there is a lot of filthy thoughts floating around in your subconscious mind, you will naturally gravitate towards masturbation. Therefore we must work on purifying our thoughts, through the repeated study of rebooting material, the repeated study will strengthen our virtue and over time the habit of masturbation will cease to exist.

The first step of quitting masturbation: to change one’s thoughts. This is like quitting a drug addiction, upon entering a drug rehab center the first step is to introduce the patient with correct knowledge in understanding the harmful effect of drugs and cleansing the mind with all erroneous thoughts and beliefs. Many brothers have repeatedly failed to stay clean due to the failure to recondition their minds, relying on willpower alone to stay clean will only work in the short run which is quickly followed by failure. We must therefore always stay vigilant in our study of rebooting material. Although I’ve stayed clean for over 2 years, I still study rebooting material daily as well as TCM. This knowledge will act as a firewall and barrier towards masturbation, with the firewall in place we don’t have to be as fearful. Previously I had relied purely on my willpower to quit masturbation, my head was filled with dirty images. Nowadays through changing my thoughts, I would not harbor a dirty thought throughout the entire day, without the thought there can be no masturbation. Therefore I wish to point out a path for everyone so as to minimize the number of detours. I have studied many successful brothers, without except all of these people were adept at cleansing their thoughts. When you are conversing with these people, they will have lots of knowledge to share with you; while they are sharing this knowledge with you they are simultaneous reinforcing their own understanding which helps them in the process of staying clean. Final word: in order to become successful in quitting masturbation one must completely rewire the thoughts, otherwise failure is to follow.

I have studied the process of masturbation addiction as well as in other areas such as addiction towards drugs, quitting drugs, smoking, gaming, shopping. The process of addiction is similar to that of being allergic in that there can be many stimulants, this is why it’s so important to surround oneself with a clean environment. Addiction can be grouped into two categories, physical addiction, and psychological addiction. The human addiction mechanism is closely related to dopamine. Dopamine being a neurotransmitter is responsible for communicating information between the cells, it is one of the fountainheads for the pleasure center of the brain. Because dopamine is mainly responsible for transmitting pleasure related signals, the secretion of dopamine is often out of balance for masturbation sufferers. rebooting must correct this imbalance by getting rid of the addiction towards sex. Many people have a hard to stay clean because the psychological addiction is too deep where the subconscious is filled with filthy material. The only way to rid these filthy material is by a complete rewiring of our thoughts and deny that material which causes the addiction. If our first reaction by looking at a beautiful woman is arousal then we are finished. If our first reaction is indifference then that would be correct, in time our determination will strengthen. Beautiful women is like electricity, we must transform ourselves into insulators, beautiful women is like a magnet, we must turn ourselves into a wood. Remember, you are in control of your desires and not the other way around, you will not become the slave to your desires.

The formula

In my years of research I’ve arrived at the following formula: staying up at night + long time spent sitting down + masturbation = health is finished. If one only masturbation without the other elements one could end up with a waist pain and frequent urination at most. However, if we stay late throughout the night and throw long period of sitting into the equation we will be sure to catch neurasthenia related diseases. Another thing, if you love to exercise the physical symptoms will not be that serious and the time of recovery will be fairly quick. Staying up at night combined with debauchery is the two most essence hurting ways according to TCM. Long sitting damages the kidneys, the three mentioned factors combined will wreck havoc to a person’s health. I hope that everybody will commit the above formula into memories as it has been exchanged for with the painful experiences from both myself and my fellow brothers, not to mention the medical expenses in the tens of thousands that was spent in the process.

Ways to recover

From the above reading, everybody has probably gotten an idea of the ways to recover; regular exercise, healthy lifestyle. We need to choose a physical routine that fits our interests. In my research into neurasthenia, many brothers have found meditation and horse-stance (a Kungfu stance) to be helpful in their recovery, I have had personal experiences with this, the difficult part is to find the proper technique and persistence in training.

Furthermore, replenishment via diet is also very important. The recommendations by doctor Peng Xin is good. One of the most important topics is how to replenish the health via diet. For the people that are aware of their weakened state of health, it is natural to inquire into the hows when it comes to dietary replenishments. I can make it very clear to everyone that the best replenishment is not to waste the essences, the best medicine is abstinence from masturbation. The scale of effectiveness for replenishment follows medicine < diet < exercise. We should therefore exercise regularly but take care not to overstrain ourselves.

There is a general misunderstanding among brothers and that is to depend on the doctor, they think that by seeing a doctor everything will be fine. In reality this is a false notion; 30% treatment, 70% maintenance, if you are unaware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the effectiveness of medical treatment will be severely limited. Suppose that you are taking medicine for replenishing the kidneys but at the same time you still masturbation, this will only have the opposite of the intended effect. Medicine will help you to recover the kidney vitality, but if you start to fool around as you recover your kidney vitality will never become full, we must therefore stop the “leakage” so to speak. For those brothers suffering from neurasthenia, if your symptoms are serious I would still recommend you to seek the doctor. However, take care to not become dependent on the medication because that is an evil spiral in itself, instead, focus on quitting masturbation and taking care of your body.

Regarding nocturnal emissions

Nocturnal emission does not count as masturbation, frequent nocturnal emission deserves attention however as it’s a sign that our “essence gate” is not secure, if that happens I would recommend seeking a Chinese traditional physician. I would recommend a stretching exercise found in the Eight Brocades yoga movements called “hands reaching feets strengthen kidney/waist”, you can Google it. The exercise is very simple and effective. Every day I would perform it several hundred times which helps to greatly reduce the number of nocturnal emissions. This exercise is mentioned in many Taoist health maintaining manuals and is known under many different names, however the principle remains the same; by stretching the bladder
meridian line found at the back of the thigh, also the bladder line and the kidney affect one another.

Methods in reducing nocturnal emissions:

    Do not have too thick blankets
    Avoid diet that is too fatty or too meaty
    Do not stay up at night
    Do not overstrain yourself during the day
    Before bed, don’t drink too much water
    Don’t take alcohol
    Don’t meditate immediately prior to bed

Regarding wet dreams

Many brothers are bothered by wet dreams, this is due to filthy material in the subconscious. Sigmund Freud once said, dreams are the window to the subconscious. If your subconscious is not clean, this will then show up in the dreams and we will be unable to control ourselves. Therefore, the thorough cleansing of the subconscious is the key. We achieve this by the repeated reading of the rebooting material, this needs to be repeated incessantly until we flood our brain with it. The degree of purification will not be enough if we do not reach the mentioned level of saturation which will create opportunities for relapses.

Regarding erectile difficulties

Due to the deterioration of one’s sexual performance, many brothers have joined rebooting in hopes to recover quickly. First of all we must interpret and understand the signals that our bodies are sending to us, only be doing so will we make the correct choices. Erectile difficulties is a self-protection mechanism of the body, this is the body telling us to stop what we are doing and begin the process of recuperation. The mechanism is similar to when we are exposed to cold and our skin pores close. Erectile difficulties are the body telling us to stop the sexual debauchery. Many brothers do not understand this concept, instead, they go look for filthier material hoping for their bodies to respond, this will only make matters worse. According to my research, people suffering from impotence and premature ejaculation share a common experience; forceful masturbation or masturbation multiple times in close succession. It has been mentioned in the records of TCM and I will mention it in my own words, the most important reason for the decline of kidney essence; do not indulge too much, the more the indulgence the heavier the price. masturbation is like shopping, we spend our health in exchange for fleeting moments of pleasure. Many people due to their greed of indulgence have become impotent, due to their ignorance in medicine. I hope these words is able to strike a note with the reader.

The final destination of rebooting

The purpose of rebooting is not to make you into a monk but to make you in control of your own desires and increase the cultivation of ethics for the individual. The (Chinese) rebooting community promotes the view of no sex before marriage, sex in moderation after marriage, this is the correct path. This point of view is in line with the thoughts of TCM.

The 10 stages of rebooting

Stage 1: This is when we realize that masturbation is affecting our healthy negatively and we have a thought about quitting. However, after reading about the harmlessness theories of masturbation we are not so determined anymore, we think that masturbation in moderation should do us no harm. This is the very initial stage of rebooting which is characterized by ignorance and naivety. The result: failure!

Stage 2: We gain a small understanding of the harmful effects of masturbation, but not a thorough understanding. The result: failure!

Stage 3: We begin to study other peoples’ experience of rebooting and we try to break our rebooting record. Although we have managed to set a new record on the number of rebooting days we are still unable to break out of the vicious cycle. The result: failure!

Stage 4: This is the confusion stage, after numerous failures, we start to doubt ourselves. At this stage, we are not putting in enough of a fight, no fight no victory! The result: failure.

Stage 5: Our body gives out signals once again and it’s clear that our health has deteriorated. Once again we make up our minds to quit and rely helplessly on the brute force method without learning about the correct methods. The result: failure.

Stage 6: We begin to see the harmlessness theory for what it is, that it only works to trick the “children”. This is when we experience a breakthrough in our way of thinking but we still fail to understand why we are unable to quit masturbation. The result: failure.

Stage 7: This is the stage of understanding, gained from reading vast amounts of rebooting articles, we begin to acknowledge spiritual teachings (such as Buddhism) which helps to increase our determination tremendously, we break the 100-day streak. The result: still failure.

Stage 8: The thorough cleansing stage, we are starting to cleanse ourselves both consciously and unconsciously. Once this idea has entered our subconscious we easily break the 200-day barrier. There may come one day when we are browsing the internet and have our guard down or we have been slack in our rebooting studies, we therefore stumble near the finishing line. The result: still failure.

Stage 9: We are almost there now and have become even more careful, our understanding takes on another level. We are no longer affected by dirty thoughts, what we see do not enter our intentions, what other people sees and like we react with caution. We are steady in our heart even amidst rough winds of thoughts. We have discarded the habit of masturbation altogether.

Stage 10: “Nothing to begin with, how can nothing stir the dust”. We have come to the highest stage where all things returns to simplicity, just as the “sweeping monk” from Jin Yong’s martial art novels. Great skill is hidden in plain site, this is only achieved by the Master.

Tips: Everyone should be able to find their current stage in rebooting, just like in video games we have our levels, once we have reached that level success will come. If our level of understanding is not there we will have a hard time to quit masturbation, for a master there is no difficulty, while mastery is difficult to achieve for a layman. Hopefully, everyone will continue to study rebooting articles, the day when we find our “aha” moment is the day when we can walk away from masturbation for good. For the few bright people with keen minds, they are able to skip over stages just as a bright student is able to skip grades and the poor student will need to remain in the same grade.
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: ninjawarrior on November 07, 2017, 03:13:35 PM
Do you have any further translations??
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: HMHU on November 11, 2017, 04:47:47 AM
Thanks everyone for keeping up with the material this far and also for your encouraging comments! Before continuing with the translations I would like to point out a few things.

It came to my attention that the author tends to repeat things every once in awhile. This makes the material rather tedious to read at times but I think it is the author’s intention to emphasize these passages in order to make them stick. In light of this, I will honor my original promise to translate the entire message regardless of how often things are being repeated.

Now that we’ve moved passed the intro chapter the rest of the book will be divided into “seasons” or chapters. The chapters number to a total of 110 in the edition of the book that I own. New chapters are still being added on a regular basis to this day by the original author. It is therefore not a surprise that the oldest chapters were written years ago.

Season 2 that you will find below is a chapter that I find to be especially useful, it deals with Why we chose to reboot. I hope you guys will benefit from it as I have. Now onto the translations!


Season 1 [Soaring Eagle experience: the reason to repeated defeat - slack in cleansing the mind]

I’ve seen many cases of failure during my year in the rebooting community, many brothers vow to reboot and not long afterward they would fail in their attempt. People that relapse becomes despondent, self-doubting and even decadent, some people may also give up. Many brothers choose to flee, believing that rebooting is not possible for them.

The reason for rebooting is almost always due to deteriorating health, however, the attraction towards masturbation is strong and it binds us firmly. We are the puppet controlled by a puppet master, masturbation is like the enemy to which we suffer great casualties every time we fight him.

After a relapse, many brothers would blame it on the lack of willpower and self-restraint, this reveals an inadequacy in our understanding. According to my experiences, relying solely on willpower and perseverance is extremely difficult, unless the person is some kind of rebooting hero who would rather die than to masturbate, these people are very few in number.

Seeing people failing time and again, I’d like to point out a clear way for everyone, this method has helped me to free myself of the control that masturbation had over my life. There is a good saying: “Success has its ways, lest you have not yet found one.” When you fail it’s important to consider in depth on why we fail and not to carelessly blame it on the lack of willpower, if we act this way we will fail again in the future and thus being unable to free ourselves from this vicious cycle.

I would like to spread a very important concept for everybody: brainwash! Everybody has probably heard of this term before. Those brothers who managed to stay clean were all thoroughly brainwashed.

Many people may be biased towards the term brainwash and think that it’s no good. Actually brainwash is a neutral term that is faultless by itself, what matters is to apply it correctly. Depending on your own understanding, brainwashing can be understood as the purification of thoughts or the rewiring of thoughts. Many people have been looking at lots of porn, some people have been doing this for over a decade, these people are actually brainwashing themselves with filthy material and turning their minds into x-rated minds. Many people have read about the harmlessness theories with regards to masturbation, this is also a form of brainwashing where we allow erroneous beliefs to occupy our brain and render ourselves unable to distinguish right from wrong.

Through brainwashing, a person may be totally transformed to another person, we need to make good use of this “brainwashing” tool in order to systematically cleanse the dirt from our minds and restore purity. People may have questions as to how to brainwash and with what. In our daily lives, we are subjected to many forms of brainwashing regularly, only this happens without us being aware of it; where we are fed with notions and values. According to principles in psychologies, when we are being fed a notion for long enough, we will naturally come to accept it. This is seen in advertising where we might dislike a certain advertisement from the beginning but as time passes we come to dislike it less and slowly to accept it over time. This process is a process of brainwashing.

We need to apply brainwashing upon ourselves, as for materials we need to look no further than the rebooting material is posted by myself and other brothers, this will serve the basis for the material used for brainwashing. We must purposely engage in brainwashing by constant repetition, again and again until our brain is completely filled with brainwashing material. We need to do this from the moment we wake up in the morning, during our spare time during the day and in the evening. After a while, you will notice that your thoughts and ideology will undergo certain changes where the old filthy you have already vanished and it is replaced by a brand new sense of you. Having only a “brainwashing awareness” is not enough, we also need the intensity. Many brothers are aware of rebooting knowledge, what they lack is “brainwashing intensity”, if the intensity is inadequate the dosage will come out short and the results cannot be guaranteed. The reason to why the author is able to stay clean is because he is collecting rebooting material and thinking about rebooting every day. His mind is saturated with rebooting material and these material act as a firewall which separates PMO from himself.

Everybody have washed their clothes before, the principle of clothes washing and brain washing is very similar, when the thoughts are dirty our actions become tainted. Since the brain controls the hands we should therefore not chop off our hands, we need to recognize that our thoughts have become contaminated, the only way to become clean again is through brainwashing. High dosage brainwashing, repeated brainwashing, and thorough brainwashing! We must thoroughly rinse away the x-rated material and return the brain to its former state similar to a filthy shirt that needs washing. To achieve a thorough result we must increase the intensity through repeated efforts when the intensity has been reached the results will surely follow. By then we will have conquered PMO and reached a stage of complete transformation, forever departing from that vile self.

For those brothers who repeatedly fail, I hope that you can pick up the psychological weapon of “brainwashing” to thoroughly cleanse your minds. When your minds are clean your patterns of behavior will change naturally and victory will be assured. After you have used rebooting material to brainwash yourselves, you should also take what you have learned and impart it to other brothers, in doing this your own process of brainwashing will strengthen. The more you repeat this process the clearer will the results become and with time PMO will naturally disappear.

Season 2 [Soaring Eagle experience: the misconception in repeated failure lies with the incorrect motive of restoring one’s sexual performance]

Here we will talk about motives behind rebooting. When I logged on today to answer questions I met 2 brothers that are unable to escape from their vicious cycles due to incorrect motives in rebooting. Previously I would run into similar cases every day. This is a serious question that deserves its own topic.

To reboot in order to recover one’s sexual performance seems quite natural when first hearing about it. Many brothers have suffered a decline in their sexual function due to long-term masturbation, some even have developed premature ejaculation symptoms and impotence, others are on their way to the said symptoms. The worst part is that these people have not realized the seriousness of the problem and act like those frogs in a boiling pot, swimming at ease in the slowly heated up pot.

According to the [Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor]: “Illness is due to overuse!” Our body is like a piece of machinery if we only use it and ignore maintenance, the parts will quickly wear out and even become useless. Our body is capable of a certain degree of self-repair, this is why after a period of rebooting we will experience certain improvement in our sexual functions. This is the stage that is most susceptible to breaking our reboot; as our kidney essence recovers there will certainly be reactions down there, evil thought will begin to flourish, those brothers undergoing reboot with the desire to recover their sexual function will begin to feel restless, the thought to “test” will arise in wanting to see the degree of recovery. It is this thought that sinks them once again into the vicious cycle of PMO, once released it’s released and we may even see a deterioration in our condition.

This is a typical case of incorrect motives, the root is incorrect and therefore the fruit is also incorrect. This motive is incorrect from the very beginning and must result in failure. This is because the reason for rebooting is to enjoy further indulgences in the future, to further satisfy their own cravings, this motive is wrong from the very beginning. The wrong cause will surely result in the wrong result, this will aggravate the vicious cycle making us incapable of escaping from it.

Therefore, to establish the correct rebooting motive is the key and also the foundation. This is comparable to the foundations of a skyscraper, the foundations must be solid and correct or else we are building castles of sand, prone to collapse at any moment.

I advocate the following motives:

1) To restore health to the body and mind: This is the very first motive for many brothers due to the deterioration of their health.
2) To maintain a healthy way of living according to TCM: in TCM it is recommended to protect and cherish the essence. Studying a little TCM will further benefit our rebooting process.
3) Religious beliefs: for example, Buddhism is against sexual debauchery and premarital sex as well as moderation of sex post marriage.

Naturally, there are other commendable motives, such as to not let one’s family down and to realize one’s dreams in life.

We must not adopt the motive of “reboot in order to recovery sexual functions”. Once we have adopted the correct motive our sexual function will naturally recover. But if your motive is to merely improve the sexual functions you will once again fall into the trap, this will happen by default and has been made known from the experiences of thousands of brothers.

Hopefully, through these writings I have brought everybody beneficial food for thought, and also a clearer understanding towards rebooting.

Feel free to contact me for any questions and I will answer them with the backing of extensive experiences. I hope to have helped brothers to overcome their vicious cycles and in rediscovering that bright and healthy self.

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Season 3 [Soaring Eagle experience: teach you how to rid the problem of frequent nocturnal emissions]

In this article, we will discuss the topic of nocturnal emission in depth in hopes to point out a clear path for everyone. For those readers with a keen understanding, I believe they will no longer be bothered with the worry of nocturnal emission after reading this article. Please read the following passages thoroughly.

Out of all the hundreds of questions that I have answered, the topic of nocturnal emission makes up a big share of the count. As long as you have begun to reboot, you will likely have been troubled by nocturnal emissions. I come across this topic daily from fellow brothers, no fewer than 3 per day, the most I have received 10 per day on this issue. It could even be said that large portions of brothers are deeply troubled by nocturnal emissions, they have searched far and wide to no avail and are unable to reduce the frequency of nocturnal emissions. To have built up the kidney essence only to have them dispelled one night via nocturnal emissions is very disheartening and troubling.

Like everyone else I’ve once made up my mind to reboot, yet I was deeply troubled by nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emission itself does not count as breaking the reboot, but my body would noticeably feel weakened. This especially applies to those brothers whose had their kidney essences greatly weakened, if you add nocturnal emission to their already weakened state is like adding frost on top of the snow. The day after nocturnal emission is when the body will feel not up to par, some people even describes the experience of their bodies falling apart. Although the manner that we lose our essences and qi through nocturnal emission differs from that of masturbation, the results are more or less the same, once essences and qi have been lost the body will feel weakened. If your body is very healthy and your kidney qi is plentiful, an occasional nocturnal emission will not be felt. However, if the kidney qi has already been weakened, once we have a nocturnal emission, the effect will become very apparent. As we age the discomfort we feel following nocturnal emission will become more apparent. Furthermore, nocturnal emission will adversely impact our determination in rebooting, although it does not count as breaking the reboot, following nocturnal emission our stamina will noticeably decrease like an inflated ball. TCM (Chinese Traditional Medicine) advocates “accumulation of essence and qi” where the leakage of essence and qi is frowned upon.

In Taoism the leakage of essence is called “the leaving of the pellet”, if we take away the essence how are we to transform it into qi? There is a saying that it takes 100 days in order to build up the foundation during which time there can be no leakage of essences. 100 day without leakage is a feat that is achieved by extremely few people, only those that have acquired the way of the Tao is able to achieve this feat. Actually, breaking the 100 days is like breaking the paper on papered tapered windows, if you know the method it is very easy, but if you don’t know the method, it’s very hard to decrease the frequency of essence leakage, let alone the excessive expectation of breaking the 100-day barrier. According to my research, many people due to that they have masturbated long-term suffers from a great deficiency in their kidney qi. It would take from half a year to 8 months before they experience nocturnal emission during their reboot. The 100-day barrier that I had mentioned is addressed towards the second stage of the reboot.

I was once troubled by nocturnal emission for the better part of a year, during that time I would experience nocturnal emission about 3-5 times each month, sometimes I would experience it two nights in a row. Although the number of times is not that great, it is, however, a great deal for an already weakened body where we simply cannot afford to leak so to speak. I remember a time when I had been recovering very well only to experience a marked decline in my physical well being after a nocturnal emission. During this time period, I took care to record the times of my leakages, the dates, the time, whether or not dreams were present, I had it recorded down in detail. After a nocturnal emission, I would go on the internet to look for ways to combat it. I’ve come across a countless number of articles and posts; medicine was mentioned as well as different forms of physical exercise, also suggestive healing was mentioned, however, there were no ways to decrease the frequency of the leakage. There was a time when I perplexed over the question of whether or not the leakage is due to the “overflowing of essences”, this was then dismissed after I discovered that there are people who are able to greatly decrease or even to halt altogether, nocturnal emission through meditation. At the time I was thinking of how wonderful it would be to have a master to guide me into this matter. According to my understanding, those who have opened their small circulatory cycles according to Qigong are able to stop the leakage. However this requires the guidance of a proper tutor, one should not attempt this on their own due to the risk running into issues, therefore I didn’t attempt this exercise on my own. In Qigong, by holding the horse stance one is also able to decrease the frequency of nocturnal emissions, but to achieve 100 days of no leakage is very difficult. Nocturnal emission in Taoism is a “hard threshold”, many people have difficulty in passing this barrier. If this barrier cannot be passed, a substantial improvement (Translator’s note: I believe the author isn’t referring to a normal improvement upon an already weakened body, instead, it is the total transformation above and beyond a normal constitution, like becoming a superman in terms of health. Therefore, the 100 days threshold should not be viewed as a prerequisite to improving one’s health, it’s the threshold towards unlocking one’s latent powers) in one’s constitution is very difficult, because whatever we put in is leaked away like a leaking water tank where the tank is never to be full.

I’ve now finally fumbled my way to the method, one can also say that I’ve reached an understanding (Translator’s note: in Chinese, understanding literally translates to “knowing the Tao”. In this context, understanding should be interpreted as having the defining “aha moment” and piercing into the truth) . Previously I came across articles dealing with similar topics but was unable to comprehend them, this is also owing the complexity of the articles where the contents becomes more difficult the more you read them, and if I did what was prescribed in those articles it was easy to miss the essence and not hit the mark, and so the issue of nocturnal emission was not resolved. An article with several thousands of words in it can often be summarized in the last sentence. The saying goes “Falseness may spread across a thousand books, the truth is contained in one sentence”, if we are able to truly comprehend this then there is no need to read many articles lest we become even more confused. If we are not able to reach the understanding then the paper thin veil becomes like a mountain, if understanding is reached, breaking the veil is like breaking through a sheet of paper.

Ever since I have arrived at the understanding, I have not had a nocturnal emission for 3 months. I could feel that my kidney qi is becoming ever more abundant and my overall vitality is very good. Today I will pierce this paper thin veil, hopefully, everybody could pay close attention to the below writings.

Listen, understand, and you will save money, there will be no need to take medicine and hospital expenses could be saved.

First of all, let’s familiarize us with the concept of the “essence gate”. The essence gate is like a dam if the dam is sturdy enough it will not become overwhelmed by the flood of water. If not, nocturnal emissions will be frequent. If your gate is very sturdy, even if you have Ying deficiency in the kidney & liver, the dam will still hold firm. The relationship can be described the analogy of the spear and the shield if your shield is strong the spear will not be able to penetrate it despite its sharpness. Therefore, the question of how to reinforce the essence gate, to reinforce the “shield” is the problem that we must solve. I was able to cast off the trouble of nocturnal emission thanks to a rhyme that I have discovered which originated from the Eight Brocade exercise, called “Hands climbing feet sturdies the kidney and the waist”. This movement has a very simple form, stand with both legs straight and use the hands to touch the ground. In broadcast gymnastics (Translator’s note: kids in Chinese schools do simple gymnastics movements during school, these movements are basically like stretching and is guided by broadcasts from loud speakers) there is a similar movement, actually, these movements are born out of the traditional Chinese Eight Brocade Qigong exercises. Whatever you do, do not underestimate these movements as they contain “great mysterious principles”. The said movement, through stretching the bladder meridian line found at the backside of the thighs have the function of strengthening the essence gates. The principle is the following: the kidney meridian line and the bladder meridian line is reflected off each other, their functions are connected together, qi and blood are interconnected, therefore by stretching the bladder meridian line we are also working the kidney meridian line. Thus we are able to reinforce our essence gate, executing the said movement is like tightening screws to the gate, once the gate is secured, the issue of nocturnal emission is resolved. In the past I’ve encountered numerous articles, the Eight Brocade is also mentioned in them but at the time the contents did not stick in my mind due to my lack of understanding, I didn’t comprehend the essence of the teachings and hence did not fully grasp the power of the movement. Now I’ve come to fully understand the battle-tested effectiveness of the movement which far surpasses the efficiency of any medicine! Furthermore, the exercise is very easy to execute and to repeat over time. Those with an adequate understanding will come to treasure the movement as the most valuable asset while those with an inadequate understanding will tend to ignore and dismiss it.

Detailed how-to

The method that I would teach everyone is: just do one of the movement from the Eight Brocade exercises, the one that targets nocturnal emissions “Hands climbing feet sturdies the kidney and the waist”. Persist in executing this movement properly, which means to find that stretchy feeling, it’s important to have that correct feeling. When we are doing this movement we should feel the bladder meridian line being stretched tighter, straightened and lengthened like a rubber band. Once we have found this feeling we need to intensify it like tightening the screws of the essence gate. Every day I would perform this movement 500 times before I go to bed I would do it 200 times. I would strongly recommend doing this exercise before bed which is likened to putting a lock on the essence gate. If you do not do this before going to bed then we might experience nocturnal emissions, this is because the essence gate might not be properly secured which can only be secured by performing this movement. However we must take care to not overstrain ourselves while doing this exercise, otherwise, the overtraining may lead to nocturnal emission, we should pay close attention to this. In the beginning, many people lack the foundations, other people may have a poor physical condition, therefore we do not need to do many repetitions in the beginning. We could, for example, start from 30 repetitions, or do them in sets, 60 repetitions may be divided into 3 sets with 20 per set and a minute of rest between the sets. The second day we do this we may experience pain or discomfort in the body, we only need to rest for a couple days to return to normal and then continue from where we left off and we will not experience further discomfort in the body.


Lastly, I would like to elaborate on the characteristics of the essence. Essence is a mysterious substance, if given is able to grant life and if saved is able to preserve life. There is one characteristic of the essence and that is essence is able to become “internalized”, through meditational practices the essence may be transformed into qi, essence can then be returned to nourish the brain. (Translator’s note: in English, this may be called sexual transmutation and has been expounded upon by authors such as Napoleon Hill). The saying that “Once essences are full it will overflow” is a theory that is only applicable to the layman. Because the layman is not cultivated in meditational practices he will be limited on the plane of “Once essences are full it will overflow”. This is like a person believing there are only white swans in the world just because he has only seen white swans, in reality, there are black swans as well only that they have not yet been seen by that person.


Once a brother has reached a certain stage in the rebooting process he will likely be bothered with the issue of nocturnal emissions. We must learn to control the frequency of these leakages and try to limit the frequency to no more than 3 times per month. Hopefully, I have been able to provide guidance for those who are deeply troubled by nocturnal emissions, I hope one day the issue will no longer come to bother you.

Success case feedback

Case 1: Previously I saw in your thread the “Hands climbing feet sturdies the kidney and the waist” movement, this is truly a remarkable move! I have kept doing this exercise for 200 times before bed every day and I have not experienced nocturnal emission for over 40 days. Before I learned about this exercise I would experience nocturnal emission twice a week, what a powerful exercise this is. However, I did fall short and broke the reboot after 44 days. I can now guarantee to quit PMO completely and I’m full confidence.

Case 2: The first month of reboot I had nocturnal emissions 8 times which almost frightened me to death, after reading Soaring Eagle’s article my determination is renewed. In addition, I’ve started to practice the Eight Brocade exercises, in the second month I’ve yet to experience a single nocturnal emission. My state of mind is pretty good now! I’m very grateful for Soaring Eagle and the rebooting forums. I hope everybody can do as I did and walk on the path of righteousness, together we will build a bright future.

Case 3: Masturbated for 8 years! Short, ugly and poor (Translator’s note: Chinese slang for loser basically). The girl of my dreams sleeps in the arms of another man, very hurtful indeed. After having read Soaring Eagle’s posts I’ve come to realize that I have wasted valuable years. Today is the 31st day of my reboot, at day 7 I had a nocturnal emission, afterward, I did in according to Soaring Eagle’s methods and successfully controlled by leakage. Ever since the 7th day until today I have yet to have another nocturnal emission, my dreams are peaceful and I no longer have erotic dreams. My body clearly feels more vital, my legs are no longer soft, waist and back ache have disappeared. My appearance has become clearer and no longer carry the wretched look! My thoughts are clear now and my courage has returned. Now I do the things I enjoy doing and make money towards my freedom. I finally understand this is what is called real living. The sad and inferior days of self-rubbing is now forever behind me.

Case 4: I began rebooting after reading in rebooting forums. Afterwards, I often had nocturnal emissions which irritated me a lot. I remember when it was the most serious, I leaked 7 times within a month. When it was cold on the night I would have an emission. My body was very irritated and felt week overall. Even during my midday naps, I experienced emission. At that time I just wanted to die, but the will to live was very strong, so I gathered my courage and told my mom about rebooting and the frequent nocturnal emissions. I told her that I felt very week so my mom took me to see an old traditional Chinese doctor. I knew that doctor from a very young age, now he is maybe 80 years old but is still working. The head of the clinic told him to come by and sit for a while and treat some patients every day until noon. I told the old doctor about my condition and was given medicine, the doctor told me not to be nervous and that I would recover. Just like that, after taking his medicine I felt much better. I would have nocturnal emission twice every month and so I no longer felt the need to do any kidney strengthening exercises and stopped taking the medicine. After stopping the medicine the symptoms rebounded and once again I experienced frequent nocturnal emissions. At the time I was thinking to myself how nice it would be to no longer take any medicine and so I continued to do the exercises provided by Soaring Eagle. Now I do it every day whereas before I was not persistent and would have nocturnal emission every couple of days. Now I do them every day and have not leaked for about a month or two. Hehe. Though I feel that I have a small advantage which allowed my body to start recovery and that is ever since I started rebooting I have not broken the reboot. The physical as well as the mental act of masturbation no longer exist in my head. That brother who experience frequent nocturnal emissions please hold out, your bodies will be able to sense it. If you are good to your body it will know it. Please continue with the kidney strengthening exercise forever.
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Season 4 [Soaring Eagle experience: be vigilant during the flatline period and of the fed up mood]

Every day we have many brothers breaking their reboot, the annoyance and the disappointment that we experience following a relapse is not hard to understand, I believe every brother have had this experience repeatedly. From vowing to stay clean to being defeated time and again to finally staying clean for good is a long and slow process. To change our awareness is a process of learning, it’s a process of ever-increasing our level of awareness. In this season we will elaborate on the flatlining period and of the fed up mood during the rebooting process.

For the brothers that repeatedly relapse, if you are familiar with TCM you will notice that there is a pattern to the relapses. The pattern of the relapse and the “value of kidney qi” is intricately interconnected. When you feel that your body is weak you will instinctively want to reboot. Once you have been rebooting for a while and kidney qi will have started to recover somewhat, this is when it’s very easy to relapse. In the beginning of the reboot, we will experience a period of flatlining with regards to our desires, many people during this stage do not experience strong cravings and are able to control themselves. But during the flatlining period, it’s very easy to let our guard down and think that we have succeeded, in reality, our desires are only temporarily in dormant. Once our kidney qi has recovered to a certain degree that is when the desires are awakened. During this stage the relapse is often accompanied by vigorous masturbation, all our previous efforts have gone down the drain. The period of flatline varies from person to person, for some people that period is 3 days, for others, it can be 20 days or 60 days. According to my understanding, the average duration of the flatline period is around 3 weeks or 21 days. Following the flatlining period is the peak period for relapses after the relapse is the period of regret, the feeling of doubt and regret will be quite strong at this stage.

The purpose of this article is to let everyone become aware of the flatline period. During this period we need to increase our alertness and maintain our vigilance, we must not slack in our rebooting studies. Only through the unceasing study of rebooting material can we increase our understanding and our level of determination. The level of determination is comparable to when we grind for levels in an internet game, in the beginning, our level is low and succumbs to the temptations of the heart, once we have continuously studied rebooting material and our level of determination have risen, the heart can no longer tempt us. If you don’t study rebooting knowledge, no understanding will take place, the level of determination will forever remain at a low level. And when we encounter a temptation the result is obvious; every encounter will result in failure, when we see x-rated material we will not have any determination, once we see it our heart begins to flutter and we click on the material, without immunity and resistance we are finished.

[Vow to reboot] -> [flatline period] -> [kidney qi recovers somewhat] -> [peak period for relapse] -> [period for regret]

This is the process of relapse, also known as the vicious circle. Many people cannot escape from this circle for years or even decades. Once I was stuck in this vicious circle for well over a decade because at the time I didn’t reach understanding, I didn’t study rebooting material nor was I aware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I only knew the brute force way and the blind way. With regards to the brute force way, I thought that I will be able to quit masturbation by relying on willpower. In reality, the brute force way will surely result in failure because we have not raised our state of awareness. The blind way is trying to reboot without the knowledge of rebooting, the blind way will also surely fail for the same reason.

The contamination of the brain by x-rated material is similar to when a computer is infected by a virus. When a computer is struck by a virus it will affect how the systems operate, similarly, when the human brain is contaminated our health will have problems. Normally the areas where problems first appear is in the urinary system, mainly in the form of prostatitis. Afterwards once the kidneys are weakened, many illnesses will result from weakened kidneys, any illness might appear, the decrease in our mental faculties is also very common. TCM: in the above, kidneys are connected to the brain. Masturbation injures the kidneys and hence must also injure our mental power, memory and concentration will both decrease. If our mental power is lacking our studies and career will invariably suffer.

Let’s now talk about the fed up mood with regards to rebooting.

The mood of being fed up is very common during reboot, this is like being fed up with a piece of clothing, a food dish or a cell phone. Studying rebooting material a lot can also make us feel fed up, once we experience this state our rebooting efforts will be halved, this is why it’s important to learn to adjust our attitude and state of mind. We need to manage our mood well, as soon as we begin to feel fed up we need to make adjustments. Cultivate the habit of reading and studying, study rebooting material daily without slacking, once the habit is established we will not easily become fed up anymore. This is like a toothbrush, once a habit forms it becomes natural if we don’t brush our teeth one day we might feel uncomfortable. Similarly, we need to find this state of mind with our rebooting studies. Of course, we don’t have to study the topic of rebooting exclusively, cultivating a healthy lifestyle can also be a good topic due to the similarity it shares with rebooting. In addition, a rebooting article can be read numerous times, through reinforcement comes new learning, the more you read the deeper the understanding will become as opposed to dabbling into something and then stopping and forgetting.

Concluding remarks: Sun Tzu - If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. To reboot we need to understand how to the reboot is broken and why we cannot escape the vicious circle, every brother should think deeply about these questions. When you have understood our state of awareness will be raised. If we remain in our initial level of understanding, the brute force way and the blind way till both lead to failure. Only through continuous efforts in our studies can we arrive at that “aha moment”, once there our state of awareness will be different, our level of determination will be raised, the distance to ridding PMO for good will be within reach. Keep on fighting brothers!

Season 5 [Soaring Eagle experience: how to supplement the health the right way]

Today let’s discuss the topic of “supplementing” (Translator’s note: the word supplementation in this context can also be interpreted as to repair or to mend). Just like the question of how to quit PMO, supplementing is a popular question that many brothers pay a great deal of attention to. There is a good amount of misconceptions surrounding this topic, this article will now dig into the issue in detail, hopefully, it’s of help to everyone.

Supplementing is a big topic with a deep depth of knowledge, it is not as simple as one would think it to be. Many brothers due to their long-term habit of PMO, has their bodies greatly weakened, their first reaction is naturally to take supplements. They tend to want to ingest something as a supplement but because they do not know what to ingest, they will go to a traditional Chinese doctor and then take herbal medicine to supplement their kidney qi. To supplement is necessary, but one has to learn how to supplement with high efficiency and not with low efficiency, it requires careful attention. No matter if we look for dietary or medical supplementation on our own, or have a doctor prescribe medicine for us, the foremost prerequisite to supplementing is this: the cultivation of heart/mind must be in place. This is because once you have taken the supplements your kidney qi will start to recover, once it has recovered then desires will appear, this is when it’s very easy to relapse. Relapsing is equivalent to losing kidney qi, this will greater hamper the results of the supplements. Therefore, if you are not aware of the importance in cultivating the heart/mind and go ahead with the supplements anyway, the result will be sporadic with a mix of both good and bad periods, the body will not have greatly recovered. We may even experience adverse side effects due to a large number of supplements we have taken, making us worse off. Furthermore, there will be diminishing returns in taking supplements, this is apparent once we have taken lots of supplements where the effect is most noticeable in the beginning. And so this is the first misconception of the topic of the supplement: only knowing how to supplement but not the cultivation of heart/mind. Everyone should, therefore, emphasize the cultivation of the heart/mind and the study of rebooting material. Raise the effort in heart/mind cultivation, only through reboot studies may we increase the level of determination, with the determination we will naturally fantasize less and even achieve no fantasizing. If we apply supplements on top of this state of mind we will multiply the efficiency. Otherwise what we put in from above will only be leaked from below thus preventing kidney qi from ever becoming full.

The second misconception regarding supplementation: ignoring the importance of rice in the diet

Actually the most beneficial supplements for the essence and qi is not ginseng, deer antlers, yam, black beans or any of the supplemental medicines, instead, we find in rice! If we imagine the supplementation process to building a house, rice is then the foundation. If you don’t properly eat your rice, then no matter how much other supplements you take you will not see great results, this is because the foundation is not solid.

There are many ways to prepare rice, I would approve congee.

A masterpiece within the topic of health maintenance [Lao Lao Heng Yan] states: “Ingesting a diluted bowl of congee every day on empty stomach is able to rejuvenate, give birth to saliva and quicken digestion, the benefits is not trifling” In [Shi Zhou], the great Song dynasty poet Lou You (1125-1210) wrote: “People far and wide studies longevity, not knowing what they study lies right before their eyes, to obtain longevity one has only to offer congee to the Gods”. The benefit of congee is clearly observed in the fact that Lou You has lived for over 80 years. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that congee is able to make semen flourish, cultivate the stomach qi, help with the digestion and nourish the entire existence.

The Tang dynasty doctor Sun Simiao (581−682) suffered from many ailments as a child and hence took up to study medicine, combines Buddhism and Taoism wisdom in health maintenance and lived to be over 100 years. He also advocated the intake of congee in the morning. In addition, use Chinese medicine in making congee, using the “rice qi” and water moisture as “medicine enhancers” and administer according to the “biological timing” of the five viscera and six bowels to nurse one’s body and cure diseases.

Therefore, do not focus on the trees and lose sight of the forest, in other words, do not ignore the importance of congee as the most effective means of supplementing the essence. Eat your rice is more important than anything else.

The third misconception regarding the supplementation: blindly supplement without consulting a traditional Chinese doctor

This misconception is very common among brothers. Some people think it’s a hassle to go to the doctor, others are afraid of embarrassment and so on and so forth. These people may end up looking up supplements on the internet by comparing their own symptoms against a suitable supplement, they then go to the drugstore to buy the supplement. In reality, this method is biased, kidney deficiency is not like catching the flu where one can just solve the problem by picking up flu medicine at the drugstore. Kidney deficiency requires correct diagnosis, according to TCM: Same disease, different treatment. Different treatment, same disease. Even with the same symptoms, because we all have different physiology, the recipe might not be the same, only after the four diagnostic methods (Translator’s note: as in looking, listening, asking and feeling the pulse) may a correct judgment be made. Therefore, the preferred way is to go to a well-known clinic and seek an old and experienced Chinese traditional doctor. Also, do not put all hope in the doctor and the medicine, 30% treatment, 70% maintenance (Translator’s note: 70% of the recovery consists of maintaining a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. This is much more gradual compared to taking medicines). If you do not study how to maintain a good health and have not mastered the way of good health maintenance, the effectiveness of medicine will be severely limited. For example, if you are taking supplemental medicine but at the same time stays up at nights and have a long period of sitting, then the effectiveness of the medicine will be very low. In addition, strong supplementation is not suitable for many people in the weakened state. This is because a weakened body cannot handle a strong tonic. For example, if we administer a strong tonic for kidney and spleen yang deficiency, the body will not be able to absorb the tonic which will result in extra burden for the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is best to seek an experienced traditional Chinese doctor for diagnosis and not blindly supplement on one’s own initiative.

The fourth misconception regarding the supplementation: no exercise.

When talking about supplementing the first reaction is what to ingest. Actually, the most brilliant supplement is not in eating but in moving! Medicine supplement is not as good as a dietary supplement, a dietary supplement is not as good as moving supplement. Moving supplement is a very good word, exercise may help your body to recover which surpasses the healing effect of a medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine states that 3 Yang opens up good fortune; kindness, delight, and exercise. Also stated is that strong yang leads to longevity, “The one strong with Yang energy is like the sky and the sun, to lose it results in discounted longevity and brightness is lost”. Therefore, exercise as a supplement is very effective, as long as we do not overstrain ourselves, exercise is very beneficial for the recovery of the body. The misconception that people have is not to exercise, people complain about their slow pace of their recovery, you only need to ask yourself if you are exercising and whether or not you have learned how to maintain the health? To cut out PMO alone is far from enough, exercise must be added, we must learn the way to maintain a good health if we do all this recovery will be quick. The 3 Yang includes “kindness raises Yang” in this is contained deep health maintaining philosophy. By doing deeds of kindness including the release of wild animals according to Buddhism, is very beneficial to the body’s recovery. Do kind deeds and have a merciful heart, the Yang energy will naturally supplement itself to fullness.

The optimal supplemental method that I recommend: to sit in meditation and doing standing exercise.

I have previously tried out many supplemental medicines, none of them equals to sitting in meditation and doing standing exercises. Sitting meditation and standing exercises not only replenishes vital energy and benefits the cultivation of the heart, two birds in one stone. It doesn’t cost money nor has any side effects. Many people may think that one can run into issues (Translator’s notes: by issues the author is referring to the adverse side effects that a Qigong practitioner may encounter during meditation. These side effects may manifest physically or psychologically and is not a part of the normal manifestations that occur with regards to Qigong practice) by practicing Qigong, this does indeed occur, however, the form that I advocate is not the form that is likely to run into issues. I’m talking about the sitting meditation and standing exercise that is related to health maintenance, in this no issues will occur.

The biggest supplemental medicine: no PMO! This is the best way of supplementation. If you take strong tonics for a few fortnights, two consecutive nights of nocturnal emissions will bring you back to square one. Therefore, having the proper supplement in place involves working towards reducing the number of nocturnal emissions to a minimum, put an end to all factors that may contribute towards having these emissions, combine this with proactive physical exercises and the body will enjoy a rather quick recovery. For brothers with a long history of PMO whose kidney qi have been overdrafted and are showing many physical symptoms, the question of how to reduce the frequency of nocturnal emission is of paramount importance. One must take this question into consideration and research into it.

Lastly, I would like to fill in on the problem of prostatitis, this is one of the most commonly occurring issues with brothers, almost everyone has encountered it. Many brothers carry misconceptions in their minds thinking that having prostatitis is like catching a cold, that one can simply take some medicine and hope to get well. In reality, this is completely false, there are many brothers who has visited countless doctors and spent tens of thousands in medical bills but are still not cured, what is the reason? In fact, if one is familiar with TCM then it is understood that masturbation hurts kidney qi and when kidney qi has been injured then prostatitis will appear. The doctor may heal you and help you to recover your kidney qi, prostatitis might go away temporarily, but you continue to masturbation and hurt your kidney qi once more, therefore, prostatitis is very likely to return. The relapse rate for prostatitis is over 90%. This happens because we have not grasped medical knowledge, the problem is in our understanding. Only if we cut off PMO completely is there the hope of making a full recovery from prostatitis. This form of full recovery corresponds to a leap in understanding where the root of the problem has been understood. In paying attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using the kidney qi sparingly, prostatitis is unlikely to relapse. If we have not deeply understood the problem we will have to visit the hospital frequently and spend ever more money in diagnosing and medical expenses.
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Season 6 [Soaring Eagle experience: prostatitis, varicocele, premature ejaculation and impotence recovery]

Prostatitis and varicocele are relatively common illnesses for brothers, especially prostatitis. Plenty of brothers suffer from frequent urination due to that PMO damages the kidneys qi. In fact, many people also suffer from varicocele but they are unaware of it; varicocele may not have any uncomfortable symptoms. One can find out if one has the illness by taking an ultrasonic test in the hospital. Normally, varicocele will occur on the left side in 99% of the cases, in other words above the left testicles. In serious cases, the varicose veins clump together in an earthworm-like shape and can be felt by the fingers with the addition of a bulging feeling. In lighter cases there may not be any uncomfortable symptoms present which is the form that I had, I have had it for over a decade without knowing it myself. I found out by taking an ultrasonic test at the hospital. Some people may have it on the left side, others may have it on both sides with the left side taking up the majority of the cases. Today we will discuss prostatitis and varicocele according to my experiences and research. Do not underestimate these two illnesses by any means.

I contracted prostatitis very early on, within a year of when I started to masturbate. The symptoms of frequent and urgent urination appeared, at most I would go to the toilet over 10 times during the span of a night. During the day I would need to pee shortly after drinking water, holding it back was impossible. Later on, I learned that the inability to hold back urine is very common among elderly people, this is because elderly people have greatly weakened kidney qi and hence they have lost the ability to withhold urine. Children, by contrast, have an abundance of kidney qi, enabling them to withhold peeing even on a full bladder for over an hour. Therefore, frequent urination is the sign that your kidney qi is on the decline and that PMO needs to cease, this is your body sending you warnings. If you do not heed the warning and continue what you were doing, this will result in the more serious form of prostatitis. The problem does not stop at prostatitis, the whole body might experience symptoms. Many diseases arise from weakened kidneys, prostatitis is only one the earliest appearing symptoms.

Normally, when we encounter the symptom of frequent urination, we should know that it is caused by PMO. This is because before we engaged in PMO the symptoms were absent. During this time most people would rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice so to speak and start to curb masturbation on their own initiative. After a couple weeks, kidney qi have started to recover, masturbation resumes and frequent urination again makes its presence known. Usually, we would be given two forms of medicine at the hospital, one specifically treats prostatitis and the other treats inflammation. The more ethical doctors will advise you to stop masturbation and long sittings. The actual situation is that many doctors have not realized the danger of masturbation, many doctors subscribe by the harmlessness theory of masturbation, this is very sad indeed.

Now that I have completely cut out PMO, frequent urination have not resurfaced anymore. After studying TCM I came to realize that abundant kidney qi wards off many forms of unhealthy influences, weak kidney qi will invite onto itself any possible illness. Many brothers have spent tens of thousands on medical expenses in order to treat prostatitis but the illness remains and is not cured over an extended period of time. Often, prostatitis would temporarily heal only to reappear again after masturbation is resumed, the relapse rate is very high. Actually the root reason for the relapses is due to misconceptions in understanding. Many brothers treat prostatitis as a cold, they think that by eating a few pills the problem would resolve itself and to never appear again, this is a grave misunderstanding. The outbreak of prostatitis is precisely due to that kidney qi have been weakened as a result of masturbation, the purpose of taking medicine is to recover kidney qi. If you continue to masturbate once kidney qi has recovered you will injure it again and prostatitis will relapse. If you still have not recognized the seriousness of kidney qi and treat prostatitis as the common flu, then you will never treat the illness from its roots in your lifetime, after the age of 40 the illness may proliferate or develop into more serious forms. Therefore, there is only one way to completely cure prostatitis, and that is to completely quit PMO and also sexual fantasizing, exercise proactively, not staying up late during the nights and not sitting in long periods at a time. Cultivate favorable lifestyle and dietary habits. For those married brothers, if your prostatitis is serious, I would advise you to exercise self-restraint for a while until you have accumulated abundant kidney qi. Once kidney qi is plentiful, use it sparingly which means to practice moderation in the sex life. In this way, relapses in prostatitis can be avoided. [Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor]: illness is due to overuse! Therefore, the practice of moderation is a learning in itself, to overdo is the same as to underdo.

Many people ask the question of whether asceticism is harmful. Rookies especially would ask this question. My answer is the asceticism is harmless, if it is harmful then wouldn’t that mean all monks are unhealthy? The reality is that many monks live up to 100 years and beyond. Master Hsu Yun lived 120 years, Master Benhuan reached the age of 106 years, in the Buddhist school, there are many cases of longevity. Therefore, the notion that asceticism is harmful to the body is sheer nonsense. There is only one scenario that would make asceticism harmful, and that is when the cultivation of heart/mind is inadequate and sexual fantasizing occurs daily with the urge to masturbate but one does not dare to act upon it, the continuous restrainment in this manner would possibly give rise to problems. If the cultivation is adequate then self-restraint is harmless.

I would like to add a point and that is the harmfulness of sexual fantasizing. Many rookies would ask: if fantasizing without masturbation count as breaking the reboot and whether or not it’s harmful? Actually, sexual fantasizing seriously depletes the body, even more serious than masturbation itself. This is clearly treated in TCM. Many brothers discover that their spirit/manner is depressed after looking themselves in the mirror following sexual fantasies. In TCM this is called: essence leaves when the mind wanders. As long as we engage in sexual fantasization, essence will automatically leave us. Masturbation is the visible form of depletion while sexual fantasization is the invisible form, the invisible being the more serious form. Hopefully all brothers would deeply recognize what has been said and increase their rebooting studies, intensify the heart/mind cultivation and cut out all sexual fantasies; cut out the thought once it has arisen, an arisen thought should not be followed, the mind being immediately aware of new thoughts and the ceasing of the thought once the mind is aware of it.

Below we will be entering the core material:

Prostatitis will lead to infertility. Every person with prostatitis will of course not become infertile, specifically, it will depend on the seriousness of your condition. Prostatitis will also result in the decline of sperm quality, if the quality is poor the offspring will not live up to an excellent standard. It’s possible that your future child will suffer from health problems the moment it is born, with inadequate prenatal conditions. Many brothers are skeptical to the notion of karma because you have indulged yourself in ignorance during your youthful years, it is very possible that fertility will be lost in the future, this, in reality, is karma. During this day and age of indulgence, infertility is ever more common and troubles many people. In this stage you are possibly troubled by the symptoms caused by masturbation, once you are married, the worry will be on the inadequate sperm quality which is unable to cause pregnancy. Moreover, according to TCM: kidneys are connected to the brain in the above! Masturbation hurts the kidney and brain power, a decrease in the brain power will adversely affect studies and career to a large degree. Therefore, it would be wise to put a stop to pre-marital sex and take good care in building up the kidney qi so that in the future, one might give birth to a healthy child. Every day I answer questions in the forums, up until now I estimate to have answered a thousand questions. Among those that have engaged in premarital sex and let loose their indulgence, many brothers have lost their sexual function. The emergence of pre-ejaculation and impotence among brothers is incredibly many. Suppose that your body is not working properly when you are single, after marriage how do you suppose to keep a healthy sex life? If your wife is not understanding then it divorce is a big possibility. To discard the health before marriage, how does one cope with the future? This is a very serious and realistic question, therefore, the recommendation to abolishing pre-marital sex is very very important, not only does it affect the quality of your married life but also the future generation.

Let’s return to the topic of varicocele, this is also one of the main culprits behind infertility. Varicocele greatly affects the quality of the sperm. The basic reason for developing this illness is due to long-term masturbating and long-term sitting, this is also karma.

Many brothers are unaware that they have caught varicocele which is why it’s easily neglected. I have had it for over a decade without being aware of it, this is because my illness was not serious and the feelings of discomfort were absent. I discovered that I had varicocele when I went to the hospital for a checkup, during the time I was suffering from prostatitis and varicocele simultaneously, one could imagine the low sperm quality at the time which was not up to the standard of causing pregnancy. Now that I have cut out masturbation for good and accumulated plenty of kidney qi, sperm quality has returned to normal. Although my case of varicocele was mild, the doctor still advised me to undergo an operation, he said something that was very discouraging; even if I had an operation it would not guarantee that I would regain my fertility, luck is also involved! Afterwards, from studying TCM I came to understood that an operation would only help to resolve ligation and not the recovery of kidney qi. If your kidney qi is weakened, even an operation would not help. Therefore, take care in accumulating kidney qi is the key to recovery, or else you might undergo an operation and recover temporarily, only to masturbate again and deplete the kidney qi, varicocele relapses and all the crying in the world would be of no use.

Lastly, let’s talk about the tendency of premature ejaculation and impotence and their recovery. Actually, I have already discussed this in detail in my previous Season 1; the tendency of premature ejaculation and impotence are manifestations of the body’s own protection mechanism. The concept is similar to the closing of skin pores when exposed to cold air. Premature ejaculation and impotence occur when the body is self-preserving, many brothers are unaware of this fact, they instead go on to look for filthy material and overdraft their kidney qi. In this way, the tendency of premature ejaculation and impotence becomes more severe. When many brothers encounter premature ejaculation and impotence tendencies for the first time, their initial reaction is not to quit masturbation but to supplement the body via diet, or to visit the doctor and in hopes to recover. Dietary supplements do indeed help in the recovery of kidney qi, but once kidney qi is recovered and you continue to masturbate and deplete it, the aforementioned tendencies will return. By taking the same supplements again the effects will not be very apparent because the effect of medicines tends to diminish over time. Therefore, dietary supplements are incapable of solving the root issue, one must cut out PMO, exercise proactively, have the correct lifestyle habits to assist the accumulation of kidney qi. Once the kidney qi is abundant, do not engage in testing (Translator’s note: we have talked about this in Season 2, masturbate in order to find out if one has recovered is called testing), by testing, we again fall into the trap of PMO and into the vicious circle. Furthermore, the recovery of premature ejaculation and impotence is very slow, 3 months in the fast cases and over a year or more for slower cases. Therefore, make preparations for a long and drawn out battle, slowly accumulate kidney qi little by little and do not resort to doing anything that will injure kidney qi. Many people only knows sex to be the sole cause to deplete kidney qi, in reality there are many ways of depletion: indulgences, staying up during the night, anger, long sittings, cold beverages, overly fatigue, over-strenuous exertion, exposure to AC, all of the mentioned will have a wear on the kidney qi. When your kidney qi is plentiful we will not feel much discomfort like just we won’t feel poor if we spend a little money out of a bulging wallet, but when your kidney is not plentiful this will be like adding frost on top of the snow. TCM treats kidney qi like currency for the health, during normal times we need to save it and not blindly waste it, we need to understand how to cultivate the health and kidney qi and to nurture it. This way, we will be able to keep a healthy spirit.

After having answered so many questions, I feel that many brothers are not only affected by physical symptoms, more importantly, there is a problem in the understanding. When misconceptions exist in the understanding, it is very difficult to cut out PMO, as long as the misconceptions are present one can forget about recovering from prostatitis, premature ejaculation, and impotence. Therefore, we must all study rebooting knowledge, including health maintenance knowledge from TCM, in order to correct the misconceptions in our thoughts. When the correct understanding and thoughts have been formed in your brain, you will know what to do instead of putting all hope on medicine and on doctors, that would be equivalent to seeking fish on a tree. Diseases that arise from kidney qi deficiency cannot be cured by medicine or doctors alone, it is a process of 30% treatment and 70% maintenance. Importance is placed on maintenance, once we’ve learned how to cultivate kidney qi and it becomes plentiful, the evil of all shapes and forms is warded off. Whatever you do, do not treat kidney qi deficiency as mere flu and hope to resolve it with medicine, kidney deficiency requires maintenance and not on medication.

Conclusion: Nowadays the younger generation is walking the same winding path of falseness that I have once trodden, this is because Chinese education is lacking in this area. This knowledge cannot be learned in schools, therefore there is much misunderstanding in the thoughts among brothers. Misconceptions in the understanding will cause one to sink ever deeper into the trap of PMO unable extricate ourselves from it. Many people once addicted resembles walking zombies, the power of the pink opium is not to be underestimated. Plenty of brothers that I have conversed with wanted to take their lives. Because masturbation in combination with staying up during the night has brought upon them even more serious forms of mental and anxiety disorder; autonomic disorders, OCD, depression. These disorders are unimaginable among those that suffer from frequent urination. I now write this article in hopes that the younger generation does not have to repeat my mistakes. I hope that this article has brought everybody beneficial inspiration. Comrades in the trenches of rebooting, keep on fighting!
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Season 7 [Soaring Eagle experience: 3 stages in rebooting and deep analysis regarding staying up during the night and long sittings]

Before we head over to the main texts let’s revisit the issue of nocturnal emissions once again. I have written an article about this in Season 3 where I had recommended a movement from the Eight Brocade qigong, many brothers have tried this exercise and I have received two types of feedback: The first type is from people who had not experienced noticeable benefit and the other type is from people who have benefited greatly from the said exercise. Many people have broken their records in the number of days without nocturnal emissions, some have gone on for 20 days without any emissions while others have only had one emission in well over a month, which is a vast improvement compared to their previous 3 times per month.

Why have some people not noticed much of a difference after practicing the Eight Brocade movement? Actually, the reason lies with the individual, many people have not found the feeling while doing this movement, they sloppily get it over with and after having performed 200 of them without finding the strong stretching sensation and then they head to the bed, how can the benefit be guaranteed in this case? One must find the correct sensation by finding the stretching feeling and intensify the feeling of stretching, elongating and straightening. One must carry this strong sensation to bed and in doing so there will be results. Moreover, there are many other causes that may bring about nocturnal emission: sexual fantasizing during the day, fatigue during the day, alcohol consumption, too much meat consumption, sleeping facing down, sleeping nude, sun drying blankets, too thick blankets, meditation prior to bed, too tight underwear, one must try to avoid all these factors.

Reducing the number of nocturnal emissions to a minimum is very beneficial for the recovery of the body. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how much supplements you take because they will all leak away during those frequent episodes of nocturnal emissions. Therefore, the question of how to reduce the number of emissions is something that all brothers must face and consider. The movement I have recommended for the Eight Brocade exercise if done correctly is very effective for securing the essence gate, the key is to find the correct sensation. I cannot guarantee that you would not experience nocturnal emissions by doing the said exercise. I can guarantee, however, given that you have found the correct sensation and have avoided the aforementioned contributing factors towards nocturnal emissions, that one is able to bring down the number of emissions to 1 per month or 12 times/year. By bringing down the number of emissions to these figures it will greatly benefit the recovery of the body.

When one first start to perform this movement, there will be soreness in the muscles, in physiology, this is called “delayed muscle soreness”. Normally the soreness will automatically vanish after 1-3 weeks if we then repeat the same movement there will be no more soreness. This process requires time, as long as one is persistent the soreness will

disappear by itself, so do not worry if the soreness appears. In addition, those people who have practiced ligament exercises and are able to touch the ground with their palms, one can try to increase the intensity; for example by raising the tip of the foot, touching one foot with both hands or by doing the exercise while standing on a small bench. Take care to not perform the movement too quickly or else one will be prone to feel dizzy, try to find your own pace and rhythm and combine it with the right sensation, this will form the correct exercise.

The above kidney strengthening exercise is the distillation of my own experiences and experiments. I am able to, therefore, share my most direct experience with everybody and hope that everyone will have ample opportunities to try it out. Persist in doing this movement and in time one will find the sensation. For some talented people, they will find the sensation very quickly, for others it will take longer until they find the feeling.

Below we will enter the main topic of Season 7   

I have talked about the 3 stages of rebooting in Season 4, these are:

Beginner’s stage: blind way and the brute force way of rebooting, no studies.

Intermediate stage: studies rebooting, one begins to understand the importance of learning about rebooting.

Advanced stage: understands, studies combined with realization, the possibility of successful reboot becomes a reality.

Everybody can compare their own progress with the above stages, many brothers have been rebooting for many years but still remain in the beginner’s stage. When they break their reboot the blame is placed on the lack of willpower, in fact, by relying on willpower in the brute force manner will surely result in failure. To be successful one must study rebooting knowledge and read articles about rebooting in order to raise one’s awareness and the level of determination. With determination we are able to defeat the temptations of the mind, without it we will lack the resistance and surrender ourselves to it. Rebooting and failing for numerous years is likened to you going to school if you do not study you will forever remain in grade 1. But you if you study constantly you will be able to progress into middle school, high school and onto college. Rebooting works, in the same way, one must constantly study in order to
raise the determination, when your determination is like a little tree sapling, heavy winds are able to topple it. But when your determination is sturdy as a mountain, not even typhoons or hurricanes will be able to shift you, not even a nuclear blast will move you. Do not blame, therefore, on external circumstances when we break our reboot although it is true that the temptation in this indulgence grounded society is very great. However, if your determination is strong enough, no amount of temptation will be able to sway you; seeing is as not seeing, thoughts fail to enter our intention. In order to raise the level of determination we must study vast amounts of rebooting articles and knowledge, the more we read and study the more we will understand. These studies are the kind that we must carry out everyday and not one of those articles about the harmfulness of masturbation where you read through once and then stop studying. One must study rebooting articles every day, if you have religious beliefs then all the better because having a belief will greatly aid your rebooting efforts, people with religious beliefs have an easier time to successfully reboot.

Once you have realized the importance of studying rebooting knowledge, then you will search for rebooting articles on your own initiative. The more effort in studying the higher the level of our determination until we reach a stage of natural understanding, once there, our level of awareness vastly increases and the record of rebooting days will greatly increase. Naturally, the speed of progress will depend on the perception of the reader, readers with keen perceptions will be able to skip grades while others will have to remain in grades. Some people are able to reboot for over 200 days and still fail, this is owing to slack in studying or being weary of studying, as soon as we relax our vigilance the temptations will seize the opportunity to enter our mind, if your understanding hasn't reached a masterly level, it is very easy to slip and before we know it we have relapsed. Actually, we don’t need to look for new articles once we have reached a certain stage in our studies and have come to an adequate level of understanding. In this case, it will be enough to find a few articles that we are fond of and re-read them daily, thus learning by repetition similar to the morning and evening sessions in Buddhism.

After having answered a thousand questions I deeply feel that the majority of the brothers are still in the beginner’s stage. This especially applies to newcomers, without studying it is hard to avoid failure. This is the reason to why I have recommended to study more rebooting knowledge and read reboot articles in my answers. Understanding can only be obtained through learning. There was a time when I didn’t study
and my rebooting record was 28 days, I believe that many brothers are able to beat me. However, once when I gained the understanding, my determination greatly increases and success was to be had. Right now I’m still in the stage of studying and gaining more understanding with newly founded insights every day. I have come to complete understanding, once you are there you will be able to cut out PMO forever. In my current stage, there is no more sexual fantasization, because fantasizing is an invisible way of expensing kidney qi. When you have understood this from studying TCM, I believe that many brothers will fantasize as little as possible. Through the continuous studies and the accumulation of knowledge, the reboot will become more professional and wider in scope, we will no longer stay on the level of blind and brute force reboot.

Let’s now discuss the body recovery following rebooting, this chapter mainly deals with the harmfulness of staying up late and long sitting.

Many brothers comment that they have experienced little improvement or a very slow speed of recovery during their reboot. There are several factors to this; frequent nocturnal emissions, unhealthy lifestyle and also the lack of habit to exercise.

According to my research, those who frequently exercise while rebooting recover faster and better compared to those who don’t exercise. This is what is mentioned in TCM: movement raises the Yang energy, strong Yang energy contributes to longevity. Of course, I’m talking about moderate exercise and not over-exercising, over-exercising is just as bad as under-exercising.

Although lots of brothers are undergoing rebooting, they are still staying up late at nights and sitting for long stretches of time. Either they are lacking a deep understanding towards these two issues, or they do it out of habit. The power of habit is very strong and is difficult to correct immediately, however difficult, we must still change the habit with the courage that a warrior possesses. We must correct it or the negative consequences will not be light.

The notion of staying up during the night, many brothers thinks that this means to stay up during the entire night. Actually, when I refer to staying up during the night I mean sleeping later than 23:00. If you go to bed past 23:00 then the body will have a hard time recovering, this is because what is mentioned in TCM: 23:00 is the time when Yang energy begins to rise, during this time one must be asleep for the body to recovery better, if
past this time the body will have a harder time to recover. We can compare this to the analogy of missing the last bus at night, we can only resort to waiting for the bus on the following day. According to TCM, if we staying up during one night, a long period of time is required for us to recover from it. The latent harm in staying up a single night might require 100 days for the body to fully recover. Many brothers don’t understand this medical knowledge and treat staying up as regular snacks. Oftentimes it is the combination of staying up, long sitting and masturbation that quickly wrecks the health and they may see the onset of neurasthenia and psychological problems. This is a vicious circle and the necessary karma that the mentioned bad habits will surely result in. While on reboot one must also cut out staying up during the night since it is very damaging to our essences, we must be aware of this medical knowledge. If your understanding is not deep enough then you will continue to stay up during the nights. Do not under any circumstance underestimate the effect of this habit, it’s like the frog in the boiling pot where slowly and surely we are making our bodies useless. Optimally, one should go to bed at around 21:30. Many brothers have difficulty in doing this, what I want to say is to avoid staying up during the night at all cost, or else the damage will be on you. Of the brothers that I have conversed with, those that do not staying up during the night recover faster than those that do.

Let’s talk about long sitting. This is maybe the first time that many brothers have heard about the harmful theory in long sitting. In reality, the long sitting is very harmful to the body and may cause lumbar spondylosis and cervical spondylosis. Sitting for long periods at a time hurts the kidney as well as the spleen, it injures the transportation function of the spleen and affects the digestion, the bladder meridian is also being compressed, the damage is substantial. One will also have an easier time to catch prostatitis and varicocele. Furthermore, the Yang energy is found in movement while the Ying energy is in stillness, long sitting belongs to the Ying. The place that we as living people inhabit is called the Yang room. Long sitting causes the Ying energy to proliferate in the body. It is mentioned in the classic TCM texts that long sitting discounts longevity, as the Ying energy grows this will ultimately lead to the belonging of Ying which means moving towards the Ying room, to death. Therefore, we need to get moving. Every 40 minutes of sitting should be accompanied by 10 minutes of exercising. Don’t sit down for hours at a time, this is very harmful. The harm from long sitting and staying up during the night are the kind of harm that slowly accumulates over time, we might not feel it at once but once the time is ripe the negative karma will take on an apparent form. Therefore, everyone must gain the proper understanding with regards to the aforementioned issues, or else it is very hurtful towards our recovery, remember this at all cost!

Concluding words: the recovery status for those that love to exercise, do not stay up during the night nor sit for long periods at a time is quite optimistic. Merely rebooting is not enough, one must also adopt a healthy lifestyle. I hope to have brought about positive inspiration through this article, keep on fighting everyone!
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Season 8 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of height growth, going bald, acne and reactions to rebooting]

In this season we will talk about the four topics of height growth, baldness, acne, and reactions to rebooting. The first three questions are regarded with interest among brothers while the last question is a common one among brothers who have been rebooting for some time. Let us discuss them in detail below:

Many brothers would ask if masturbation would affect one’s growth in height. My answer is: masturbation indeed affects height, it will affect the development of the bones. TCM: kidneys govern the bone. Those that are born after the 90s would inquire on the issue of height, this is because these group of people is still growing. Those are born in the 80s would inquire less about this question due to that their bodies have basically already matured. Many people would wonder about the question: since everyone masturbates, why is it that some people still grow to become tall. Actually, this is an easy question to answers because of the number of factors that affects growth, masturbation being among one of them. Although many people masturbate frequently, they have managed to avoid the other factors that would negatively affect their growth, for these people the effect of masturbation on growth is not very obvious. Let’s take myself as an example, both my parents are not tall, my mother and dad being 160 cm and 170 cm tall respectively, but my height is 186cm despite that I frequently masturbated during puberty. Although my genetic conditions were not favorable, I did well in other areas so I was still able to reach a height of 186 cm. Though I managed to grow to 186cm, I can clearly feel that my bone density is not up to par and having a bit of osteoporosis, I would easily spring my ankle or break my bones during exercise. After studying TCM I came to understand, insufficient kidney qi will lead to osteoporosis, once injured, full recovery is not easily made. According to my understanding, after a period of careful cultivation, although not apparent on the outside, many people would measure themselves to weigh heavier on the scale, where does this extra weight come from? It actually comes from bone density, previously the bones were porous but through cultivation bone density increases and so weight increases, on the outside, there are no visible changes.

I have summarized the following factors that would affect the growth of height:

    Staying up and long sitting
    Sleep quality
    Digestion function
    Psychological reasons

The factors that influence height growth would typically be found in the above eight factors. A lot of articles only mentions 5 factors, some places genetics as the main driver while others put the emphasis on genetics at 30%. I lean more towards the 30% argument because I’m a living example of it. Although I have masturbated frequently during puberty, I did well in other areas. I scored low on the 1st and 7th factor, in other words on genetics and masturbation, but I did well in the other 6 areas. During puberty, I often played basketball outside and under the sun, more exposure to sunshine does help with growth because sunshine helps with the synthesis of vitamin D which favors the accumulation and settlement of calcium within the bones, this allows the bones to grow quickly and the body to rapidly gain in length. Frequent exercise is very beneficial for the development of bones which helps the bones to grow. I have never stayed up nor sat for long periods of time, I loved to move around and seldom sat for hours at a time. Normally I would sleep at 9 pm with a high quality of sleep, my digestion function was strong which enabled me to eat and sleep well. Many people are able to eat but their digestion cannot keep up, the nutrients would not be absorbed, this is why the digestion function is very important. In addition, psychological health is also very important. TCM states: seven emotional states causes illness, emotions will cause sickness and disorder of internal secretions, this will also affect height growth. For those of you that are born in the 90s and want to grow taller, it’s advised to put efforts into the aforementioned 8 factors. Naturally one should cut out masturbation as this will further benefit height growth, by cutting out masturbation bone density will be high.

Below we will discuss the issue of going bald

Brothers with a PMO history of over 10 years tend to run into the problem of going bald, those that were born in the 80s have a higher chance of running into this issue. Many factors lead to hair loss, the common reason is due to kidney deficiency induced by masturbation. Going bald causes much anxiety among people because hair is important to one’s physical appearance. The impression that baldness gives out is that of premature aging and the lack of spirit. Many brothers would lose 100 strands of hair or more each day. Looking at the hair in the comb and in the basin gives one the feeling of panic, the panic towards going bald is disconcerting and leads one to become abnormally sensitive towards hair loss, the loss of a strand of hair would cause nervousness for a hours. Living in a state of constant worry and panic causes additional hair loss. According to TCM: fear hurts the kidneys, the splendor of the hair lies in the kidneys. Therefore it is easy to fall into the vicious circle, one looks everywhere for an antidote. But no matter what the medicine is, the effect will not be satisfactory, thus the psychological pressure becomes greater and one cares a great deal about the opinions of other people. One may also be afraid to look into the mirror for fear of seeing diminished hair count, even the thought of suicide would crop up. The issue of going bald places a person in a predicament that the person is incapable of escaping from. Many people would channel this frustration into acts of masturbation which would cause even more hair loss. In the end, one may end up with a “Mediterranean” style bald spot.

The hairline of many brothers have already begun to recede upwards, some people would begin to go bald from the crown of the head which is what happened to me. Some days I would lose several hundred strands of hair, after having combed my hair I would see all those hair on my shoulders, that is too scary! This went on for several months and the scalp at the crown of head started to become more visible. Fortunately at the time, I already recognized the true face of the harmlessness theories in masturbation, moreover, I had gained a relatively deep understanding about TCM. Consequently, I rebooted with haste, exercised regularly, slept early and slowly accumulated the kidney qi. Roughly half a year later I would lose around 5 strands of hair daily. If I comb my hair nowadays I would not see any hairs on the comb and very few hairs on the pillow.

I wouldn’t dare to masturbate anymore because I have realized the bitterness of its harm. Many brothers are still in the ignorance stage, ignorant people are not fearful, they have not fully comprehended the evil fruit brought forth by masturbation. Some brothers are even still mesmerized by the harmlessness theories, after losing hair they still don’t know the real reason and continues to masturbate, channeling the psychological pressure into the act of masturbation. In doing so one sinks ever deeper into the trap of the vicious circle which makes hair loss even more difficult to recover from. Because there are blind spots and misconceptions in the understanding, no matter what medicine we take we will not be able to solve the problem from its root. If kidney qi is not cultivated into abundance then the issue of losing hair will not find a solution. This is analogous with a pot of plant when the leaves have withered we think there’s a problem with the leaves and we thus remove them, but after a while, all leaves would wither away and the plant dies. An expert would spot the problem right away and would dig out the soil and apply for medicine onto the roots which enable the plant to live on. The hair follows the same principle, we must recognize the reason from its roots and not become mesmerized by outer appearances, relying on some overpromoted products in hopes to treat hair loss is not a realistic approach. Even if you have hair transplanted, as long as the kidney qi is not abundant the hair would still fall out unless you repeatedly undergo the same procedure which would be far too expensive for the average person.

The following factors lead to hair loss:

    Genetics (parents)
    Too high androgen production (male baldness)
    Staying up and long sitting (hurts the essences and kidneys)
    Overindulgence (kidney deficiency induced hair loss)
    Dietary habits (too much salt in the diet will induce hair loss)
    Psychological reasons (pressure-induced hair loss)
    Illness (many illnesses cause hair loss)
    Hygienic reasons (dandruff blocks off the hair pores)
    Seasonal hair loss (hair loss is more common during the summer season)
    Nutritious reasons (severe malnutrition induced hair loss)
    Physicochemical hair loss (hair loss under stimulant conditions)

Let’s talk about acne.

Many people think that acne would naturally vanish after puberty, actually, this view is incorrect. I have seen many 30 and 40-year-olds still with acne on their faces, in these cases we are no longer dealing with acne but a disorder in the internal secretions. Normal acne would heal very quickly given the conditions of being well rested and a light diet. However, the stubborn cases of acne brought upon by masturbation are difficult to heal from. This acne is very stubborn, the only hope of recovery is through cutting out masturbation, proactive exercise and through the accumulation of kidney qi. Otherwise, the disorder in the five internal organs may last indefinitely and accompany us throughout life, the result being a destroyed appearance, degraded spirit, feelings of self-inferiority, a face full of acne like an abomination, truly appalling. The contrast in skin texture compared to pre-puberty times is night and day. When one masturbates, the face becomes oily, in the hospital, they say it is acne seborrheic dermatitis and prescribes medicine which gives mixed results. As long as we continue to masturbate, medicine will have limited effect and only works in the short run, unable to solve the problem from its root. The majority of brothers have become uglier, this is the result of damaged kidney qi induced by masturbation, lost kidney qi makes it more likely for the functions of the five internal organs to become disorderly. When the five internal organs are thrown off balance this is reflected in the face because the face is a reflection of the organs, we feel dispirited and decadent which only aggravates our chances of getting acne.

In short, in order to completely cure the stubborn kind of acne, one must cut out masturbation and cultivate a good habit in working, resting, eating and active exercising, only through these means is there the hope of restoring healthy skin. Otherwise, all discussions are pointless.

Additionally, although some people may not have stubborn acne, their complexion resembles that of a ghost, without sunshine and completely dull. There may even be a hollowness look to their faces as if a layer of skin wrapped around a skeleton, their complexion lacks any form of liveliness and vitality and reminds one of premature aging. An overindulgent young person resembles neither man nor ghost, like that of a deflated ball. Such a person is like an opium addict from the old society that is addicted to smoking and sex, how can such a body be good? Therefore, to cut out the addiction is the best way going forward, fail to cut it out will only harm the person himself. Some people may have a strong body and so the karmic consequences may appear late. But as long as one indulgence in debauchery, sooner or later the results will show, nobody can escape from it. By not maintaining the body, issues will easily arise. The human body is like a machine that requires maintenance, without maintenance it will depreciate rapidly, like a new bike that manages to retain 90% of its value one year after purchase if properly maintained, if maintenance is neglected there will only be 50% value remaining if not already useless. This is the importance of maintenance awareness, by neglecting maintenance there will not be longevity.

Lastly, let’s talk about the reactions towards rebooting.

I have studied many forms of addictions, which includes drinking, smoking, drugs, internet, sex, shopping and etc. In every case of addiction, there will be withdrawal symptoms when we try to quit. The symptoms may vary in severity from person to person. Masturbation induced sexual addiction will also have its withdrawal symptoms. The majority of brothers will encounter symptoms when they are undergoing a reboot. However, during the period when they masturbate there will be no such symptoms present. From the messages that I have received, the majority of the symptoms are found in issues with the urinary system, with prostatitis being the main culprit, this is followed by sleeping difficulties, irritated mood and so on.

The reactions from cutting out an addiction can be understood in the TCM point of view, which is similar to when the body is shedding itself from a disease. Much traditional Chinese medicine once ingested, will lead to the reaction of shedding illnesses. When the reactions are severe this is, in fact, a good sign, battle between good and evil is taking place. As long as we continue to take the medicine, vital energy will win the upper hand and the illness will slowly heal. Many people do not understand these reactions, when the reactions are severe they think that they have taken the wrong medicine and stops taking it, this is, in fact, delaying the healing process. The ancients said: for the sake of the younger generation one has to understand medicine because if you understand it you are in a better position to cooperate with the physician.

The mechanism to withdrawal symptoms according to Western medicine: due to long time masturbation, a sudden stop brings about an adaptive rebounding reaction. For instance, when alcohol addiction is cut the following symptoms may appear excitement, insomnia or even epilepsy syndromes. Smokers quitting cold turkey may also experience restlessness, insomnia, increase in appetite, coughing up black/greyish phlegm, increase in blood pressure and arrhythmia reactions. Lots of pain will result from the mentioned reactions but the frequency of the symptoms will slowly decrease following the recovery of the constitution. Normally, after cutting out masturbation, withdrawal symptoms will appear within a month, for some, it might only take several days. When symptoms appear do not be frightened, by actively exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the symptoms will automatically disappear.
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Dude, this work is amazing!

I would love to donate you a small amount of money for all that hard work.

Seriously, if you open a PayPal account or something I'm willing to give you a compensation for this. <3

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Hi Franco! I'm glad that you have found the reading to be helpful. As most of the credits go to the original author I will need to respectfully decline any compensations offered. Your recovery is my best compensation.
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Season 9 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of tinnitus, rebooting mentality, the importance of searching for study materials]

Tinnitus is a common problem among brothers. Naturally, there are many factors that may cause tinnitus. But normally, the kind of tinnitus that many brothers encounter arises out of kidney deficiency, due to overindulgence in debauchery, poor lifestyle habits, frequent staying up late, long sittings, all of the mentioned factors make it easier for the appearance of tinnitus.

TCM: kidneys enlightens the ears. When kidneys are weak, tinnitus will come knocking on the door. Many brothers are deeply troubled by tinnitus, their condition would not heal in the long term and so they put their hopes in medicines. As everyone knows by now, cutting out the addiction of masturbation is the basic prerequisite, how can you expect to get better if you continue to masturbate and engage in sexual fantasies? I was once a victim of tinnitus, of course, I was relatively ignorant at the time. Afterwards, as I learned to cultivate my health and having actively exercised for half a year, my kidney qi became abundant and my tinnitus vanished without needing to take any medicines! The best supplement is to not leak. In addition, nocturnal emissions do count as leakages and it will have adverse impacts on the body. If your kidney qi is in the abundance, an occasional emission will not be felt, however, if your kidney qi has sustained damage, further leakages will make things worse. Among the question that I have answered, numerous brothers are troubled by the issue of nocturnal emissions, their bodies get worse by the day through frequent emissions. TCM touches on the point: long-term emissions injures the eight extra meridians. (Translator’s note: a detailed explanation of the eight extra meridians is beyond the scope of this article, for those that are interested may consult Google using the terminology) Therefore, to recover from tinnitus, one should reduce the number of nocturnal emissions. I hope that everyone continues to perform the Eight Brocade kidney strengthening exercise from chapter 3, many brothers have reported excellent benefits from the exercise and have managed to greatly reduce the number of emissions. Of course, the precondition is that one has found the correct feeling when doing the exercise, as well as putting a stop to other factors that contribute towards nocturnal emissions.

The sound that one typically hears from kidney deficiency induced tinnitus sounds like the cicadas, a whistling or a hissing sound. The sound that I heard is the cicadas as if I had one living in my ears. The sound was sharp, drawn out and it was very irritating, sometimes it would make it difficult for me to sleep. I had this trouble since high school but it was not serious at the time, it becomes more serious after I started to stay up during the nights and sat for long periods at a time. Normally, when kidney deficiency induced tinnitus first makes its appearance it is accompanied by other symptoms. The 6 most commonly occurring symptoms can be found below:

Brainpower aspect: decreased memory, lack of focus, lack of energy, low efficiency in working.

Emotional aspect: poor emotions that are hard to control, dizziness, easily angered, irritability, anxiety, depression and so on.

Willpower aspect: lack of self-confidence, lack of passion in work, lack of passion in life, lack of goal and direction.

Sexual function aspect: lack of sexual appetite, impotence or softness, nocturnal emissions, semen leakage, premature ejaculation, decreased sperm count and less lively sperm activity, infertility.

Urinary function aspect: frequent urination, delay in urination, frequent urination in combination with greater volume, white dripping, prostatitis, varicocele.

Other aspects: premature aging, forgetfulness, insomnia, poor appetite, bone and joint pains, waist and knee soreness, easily fatigued, fatigue, a decrease in eyesight. hair loss, premature greying, loosening of teeth.

Masturbation causes the weakening of the kidneys, when kidneys weaken many physical and psychological symptoms will appear. This is because masturbation destroys the body and the mind, tinnitus is but one of the symptoms of weakened kidneys. To completely heal tinnitus one must completely quit masturbation and sexual fantasization, actively exercise, regularize eating and resting habits and accumulate kidney qi. Abundant kidney qi wards off evil in all shapes and forms. Otherwise, all the medicine in the world is of no use, one might be fed up with taking all the medicine without curing tinnitus. Many brothers report that after 2-3 month of rebooting there is still no visible improvements in their health. What I want to say is that cutting out masturbation alone is not enough, one must learn to cultivate the health, actively exercise, only in this way will there be a quick recovery in the kidney qi. Furthermore, many brothers have sustained heavy injuries to their essences, subsequently, the recovery will be gradual. My feeling is that the pace of recovery is like the speed of hair growth, it is very slow indeed. But if you do not cut your hair for half a year you will notice your hair has become very long, 2-3 months is relatively short in comparison. Therefore, to recover from kidney deficiency one must make the mental preparation to engage in long-term battle and persist each and every day. In addition, effort must also be placed in reducing the frequency of nocturnal emissions, because night emissions are very unfavorable to the recovery process.

Let’s talk about the regulation of the rebooting mentality.

Because of masturbation many brothers have developed psychological problems such as a pessimistic view towards life and to give up on themselves, both are common occurrences. Once I had also experienced these mental disturbances; the loss of hope, lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence, feeling inferior and even self-mutilation.

To encounter the aforementioned issues is very normal because masturbation destroys the body and the mind. When the body runs into issues, the mind will also face problems. If the body runs into issues, we regulate the body, if the mind encounters problems we also need to learn to make timely adjustments.

Everybody should know that in this world there is always two side of ourselves, one side is the passive self and the other the active self. When the passive self-appears, we must make haste in adjusting the self into the active self. This is like when a clock is showing the wrong time, we must immediately correct it.

The ability to adjust the mental state can be categorized as EQ in Western psychology, or emotional intelligence. EQ is a rather new measure that psychologist has proposed that is the counterpart to IQ. Emotional intelligence mainly refers to our characteristics in the areas of mood, emotion, willpower, and how to handle setbacks. Overall, great differences in EQ is not significant between individuals but is more related to postnatal cultivation. In other words, EQ is a prenatal “acquisition”, through studying it we may increase our emotional intelligence.

A while back, the book “The Secret” which was recommended by the host of Tudou forums is a very good book with regards to how to increase EQ. In it the concept of the law of attraction deals with positive and proactive thinking, and by doing so increase the chance of success. If one always have pessimistic and dark thinking then it is the same as hypnotizing oneself and suggesting failure for oneself, in doing so the chances for failure becomes greater. This is similar to going to battle with a low morale which would greatly increase the chances of defeat.

EQ includes 5 main areas:

    1. To be aware of our own feelings, only through knowing ourselves are we able to take control of our lives.
    2. Capable to properly manage our feelings, able to regulate ourselves.
    3. Self-encouragement, which allows a person to walk away from the low ebbs in life and to begin anew.
    4. Able to recognize other people’s emotion, this is the basis for a normal exchange and the realization of successful communication.
    5. The management of personal relationships, leadership and management abilities.

All of the above abilities are obtainable through the effort of constant studying. I would recommend reading more books in this area as books are like the steps to which humanity may take in order to ascend upwards. Without studying there will be no understanding, without studying rebooting there will be no success.

Lastly, let’s talk about the importance of collecting first-hand material.

First hand refers to the experience and symptoms of brothers. These material and cases are very very valuable, many cases are very typical of their nature. Everybody would do well by establishing a folder and gather those typical cases within, this will help us to more thoroughly understand the harmfulness of masturbation. Many brothers collect porn videos, of course, I’ve also done it where I have gathered a few dozens of them. The more we collect, the more opportunities we have to indulge ourselves. On the other hand, the more case material we collect, the more warnings we will receive; the warning to not indulge or else we will end up like the people in the cases, by indulging we are harming ourselves. Every day when I log into the rebooting forums and run into good cases, I would collect them. I have reviewed countless cases and seen all kinds of symptoms, many of which I have personally experienced. The more cases we review the deeper will our understanding become.

Regardless the area of study, it is important to deepen the understanding. The first-hand material is matchless in its importance, whether masturbation is harmful does not require a debate. There was a sentence: Live battle produces real understanding. Whether or not there is harm and if a picture represents reality, one only need to look at what the brothers with ruined health have to say, from the mouth of these victims is the most real of the truths. The theory on the harmlessness in moderation is utter nonsense, from all the case material that I have reviewed, there are very few people who are able to practice moderation. Most of the cases resemble “once you pop you can’t stop”, just like the opening of Pandora’s box, once you open it there is no going back. People that love to exercise and have healthy lifestyle habits experience mild symptoms. Those people that dislike exercise, stay up and sits for a long time have serious symptoms. One can say that as long as one has begun to indulge, there is no escape, all methods are rendered useless, karma is not empty; masturbation plants an evil cause, evil cause leads to evil fruit, whatever is sown will determine what will be reaped, whatever comes out from masturbation is an evil fruit.

No matter how healthy the body is, as the age increases, symptoms will become more apparent. Brothers that have suffered a collapse in health may see it as a blessing in disguise. How is that so? Because the symptoms are the best teacher, when symptoms emerge we know to quit PMO and we have recognized the reality. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to recover when one suffers a collapse in health at the age of 50. When the health collapses in the 20s, one may sooner recognize the seriousness of the harm. A young age allows for an easier recovery, if one suffers a great decline in health at the age of 50+, recovery will be very difficult. I have talked with a brother that is 50 years old, his has regular lifestyle habits with no staying up nor long sittings, every morning he would jog and has kept up with this regime for decades, he also had a very strong and able body. There was one weakness however and it’s his failure to recognize the harm in sexual indulgence; every day he would engage in sex 2 times which he kept on for several decades. According to him, after the age of 40, he clearly felt that his body was not what it used to be. He did not pay too much attention and continued to indulge, at the age of 50 many bodily symptoms suddenly emerged, diagnosis revealed autonomic disorders and anxiety. Every day was like living in hell with those symptoms, the suffering was immense. This case clearly shows that as long as one indulges, sooner or later the body will face issues. Even if you have a healthy lifestyle, even if you love to exercise, symptoms will still show up. With the increase in age, the number of symptoms with only grow. Therefore, one must cut the evil habit of masturbation, even after marriage one needs to understand the importance of essence preservation, moderate the sex life or the body may still face problems.

To learn from the mistakes of our predecessors, these cases serve as the best warning, reality, and tutors. I hope that everybody lives as mindful people, by transforming their old vile interests in collecting porn movies to collection case materials. Every case serves as a reminder and warning: do not masturbate, do not indulge, or you will end up like the people in the cases.

In addition, 75 party (Translator’s note: most likely an internet user by the name of “75 party”) is constantly spreading the theory of harmlessness. Because adolescents are lacking adequate discriminating power and are easily confused by harmlessness theories, unable to separate truth from falsehood, therefore, adolescents have even a greater need to look into the case material and learn from the mistakes of the predecessors. It is vital that they cleanse the harmlessness theories from their brains because those are toxic thoughts and must be cleared out.
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Season 10 part 1/2 [Soaring Eagle experience: a detailed discussion on masturbation induced ugliness, and the recovery of neurasthenia, anxiety and social fear]

If you have been hanging around in the rebooting forums for awhile, you will notice that the phenomenon of turning ugly due to masturbation is extremely common. Basically, everybody has turned uglier but the severity of the ugliness differs between individuals.

The following factors affect the process of turning ugly:

1. Prenatal constitution (under good conditions, the degradation of appearance is mild)
2. Exercise factor (those who do not love to exercise will be more severely affected)
3. Staying up and long sitting (those without healthy life habits will be more severely affected)
4. PMO addiction level (those that are heavily addicted will be more severely affected)
5. The absorption of nutrients (Inadequate nutrients, inability to absorb nutrients all lead to more severe ugliness)
6. Other addictions (for example internet addiction, smoking addiction or alcohol addiction all leads to more severe ugliness)

Many people are unable to find the reason for why they have become uglier. Actually, if one masturbates, turning ugly is inevitable. Masturbation sheds the most valuable Spirit (Translator’s note: Spirit is the fusion of the “three treasures” in TCM; these are jing - essence, qi - energy and shen - spirit) from our bodies, without Spirit we are listless. Everybody is familiar with beauty pageants, in these pageants they would firstly compare the body features, secondly the Spirit (Translator’s note: in this context, Spirit may be understood as the aura of the person) and thirdly the cultivation in speech. If a contestant has dark circles under the eyes, dull complexion and acne, will the judges pick this person as the winner? A person doesn’t have to look pretty, what’s more, important is the Spirit. Many people have a good constitution, loves to exercise and lives a life free from unhealthy habits, these people will not turn very ugly. But if you observe closely, you will still be able to spot problems. I had a friend who was very healthy but would masturbate regularly, although he has not turned ugly to a severe degree, you could spot a problem if you looked at his eyes; they were always sluggish and dull. TCM: The essence and qi in the five viscera and six bowels are all registered in the eyes. Essence resides in the kidneys which are where the most important qi is stored. After essence and qi have been expelled through masturbation, the eyes will easily dim and lack spirit.

After masturbation the skin is prone to run into problems, masturbation disrupts the internal secretions, the skin would become very oily and the outbreaks of acne is frequent. The acne would be of the stubborn form that would persist for years and even for over a decade, this is due to the habit of masturbation. Consulting the doctor and taking medicine cannot cure the problem of its root, this is because essence and qi are being leaked through the evil habit of masturbation. Skin pores also tend to enlarge, the skin texture would change from that smooth, clear and oil-free state to looking filthy, with the skin pores enlarged and disgusting looking. The facial complexion would also become very poor, without a hint of sunshine and always tinted with darkness, as if unable to be washed clean. Actually, one cannot wash such a face clean, because the filthy comes from within. One might temporarily remove the dirt from the outside but is left unable to do any cleaning on the inside, masturbation injures the kidney qi and kidneys have an important function: filtering the blood. More commonly we may call it the “washing of blood”, people suffering from uremia have failed kidneys, they require blood dialysis. Each day the kidneys would filter through all the blood in the body over a couple dozen times in order to keep the blood clean and fresh. When you are sleeping the kidneys are still cleansing the blood for you. The evil habit of masturbation would also impact on the kidneys abilities to cleanse the blood, if the cleaning is not thorough enough, the effect will be visible on the face as uncleanness and dullness.

Many people disagree with that they have turned uglier, actually, the damage is already done; one can simply make a comparison with a photo that was been taken several years in the past. The ugliness that is induced by masturbation does not come from a significant change in the facial features, instead, it is a subtle change in the Spirit. Let me illustrate this with an example: suppose you go to the superstore to buy apples, you would typically pick your apples and go for the lustrous and full apples while leaving alone the dull and shrunken apples, because you know that the latter is not fresh and would not taste good. Similarly, after masturbation you are like that “expired apple”, although your main features look more or less the same, one glance is enough to tell the difference, it is incomparable to that former spirited you. Naturally, when the Spirit has been depleted to a certain level, there will also be changes in the facial features. Many brothers report sunken eye sockets, more pronounced cheekbones, smaller eyes and similar conditions.

Modern makeup is truly magical, makeup is able to transform an ugly lady into a beautiful lady, it is truly the 8th wonder of mankind. Besides altering the contours of the eyes, lips, the eyebrows, makeup is even able to alter the shape of the face, it is very deceptive. Many women take on a whole new appearance after applying makeups, besides altering the form, makeup has another very important function and that is “brightness raising”. What is brightness raising? It is actually “supplementing blood” and “supplementing Spirit”. Many women have sluggish Spirit and a poor complexion, after applying makeup, however, the Spirit is immediately uplifted, the dull and rough skin texture transformed into a smooth and bright texture like that of a newborn child. But upon removing the makeup, she is restored to her formal state. Therefore, we sometimes hear the story about women after marriage sleeping with their makeup on, for fear of their husbands seeing their true face. The best makeup for men is actually through rebooting and exercising, cultivating the health, not staying up nor sit for long durations, in 3 months time the Spirit will have recovered considerably, the effect of which far surpasses the application of powders on the face, this is the real Spirit and not some phony makeup.

I have already talked about the issue of balding in a previous chapter. Balding has a very big impact on the physical appearance of a person, when balding appears a person will appear to be old. The recovery from balding is a relatively slow process, furthermore, there are serious misconceptions in the understanding among brothers, this will make recovery even more difficult. Girls, in general, are not fond of bald men unless he is rich, in this case, it’s unsure whether she likes the man or his money, the question deserves suspicion. Also, after one is together with a woman, recovering from balding is a far-fetched dream. Sex life is a constant process of exhausting the kidney essence, without kidney essence, the hair will not return to its former lush state. Of course, besides balding, the issue of greying is also a troublesome one, lots of grey hair will also affect a person’s self-esteem.

All in all, ugliness is a sure byproduct of masturbation. As the age increases, this tendency of becoming ugly will become ever more apparent. Therefore, it’s important to avoid masturbation as much as possible, actively exercise, have timely daily schedules, learn to cultivate the health and accumulate the kidney qi. The cultivation of health and beauty is interconnected, always remember that beauty is not only a product of outer efforts, it is a projection from the inside. TCM: Face is a mirror to the five internal organs. Different areas on the face have their correspondent internal organs. In this season I will share 2 charts on TCM facial mapping, everybody may take a look. In TCM there are specialized areas of facial and color diagnosis. TCM: “Through gazing the illness can be known, through listening the illness can be separated, through asking the cause can be determined, through feeling the organ can be traced.” The truly brilliant TCM physician may understand the state of your five internal organs by just looking at your face, the physician from the story of “Bian Que sees Cai Huan” is such a person; by looking at the face the latent illnesses are made known.

Below I have gathered real cases pertaining to masturbation induced ugliness. Due to the vast number of cases I have selected 10 of them for your reference:

Case 1: Yes, masturbation induced ugliness is something I have deeply experienced. Physical appearance is not the most important thing to a man but it’s the Spirit of the man. I have average looks at best but I didn’t masturbate during my middle school years and so I looked very vital, my clear face had a brilliance to it and I never thought myself to be ugly. Since the third grade of middle school, I started to masturbate all the way through high school and until today, I have in fact become ugly gradually. My facial complexion is dull, my demeanor is wretched, I would feel a bit more handsome after a period of rebooting only to return to ugliness when I break the reboot.

Case 2: Started to masturbate since middle school and have done it for 4-5 years up until today. I masturbate almost every day, it is very harmful indeed! I had a very healthy body before, at home during the winter I would walk around without wearing sleeves. Now my hands and feet are always ice cold, soaking in hot water would help very little. During middle school I was already 180 cm tall, now I’m a senior in high school but still haven’t gained much in height. I didn’t use to have acne but these years I’ve had a lot of acne. Long-term masturbation will turn one ugly. Many people have commented that my appearance has changed. Back in high school, there were a couple girls that were interested in me, nobody is interested in me today. Masturbation also causes one to lose confidence and makes one lean towards darkness. After prolonged masturbation, eyesight will decrease, the brain would become sluggish, ears unable to clearly hear sounds, it’s not the fault of the ears but the weakness of the kidneys.

Case 3: I’m an 18-year-old 2nd-grade high school student and have started to masturbate since the 1st grade of middle school for 4 years. I have the following symptoms: low energy level, sleepy during class, poor concentration, feeling of IQ slipping lower, black eye circles, dull eyes, dully yellow and rough skin, feeling of turning ugly (I was very handsome before), rhinitis, lack of willpower in normal activities, easily angered, hesitant (previously I was outgoing, clever and filled with sunshine). Now I’m absent-minded, perform activities with hesitation. May I please ask all people to my senior, can I still recover my old “self”? Please give me some advice, thanks.

Case 4: I’m only 18 and already I have masturbated for over 2 years. Previously I did it once every day and even 3-4 in a day. Not only am I less healthy now but also my appearance has changed, there is no doubt that masturbation leads to ugliness! In the past everyone commented on how adorable I was, now my head is big but my body is small and I look like as I haven’t slept. My skin would turn yellow, memory decrease and an ever increasing sense of self-inferiority.

Case 5: I have turned ugly because of masturbation, also I have developed psychological barriers, resentment!!! Instead of experiencing a bright lifestyle I have self-degenerate sadness. I vow to change!

Case 6: Somebody once asked in the forums if masturbation would cause one to turn ugly? Regarding this question I have intentionally made a comparison, I took the photos of myself from when I was 15, 16 and compared to my recent photos, it’s as if looking at two different persons! One is handsome, innocent and beautiful, the other with a swollen, lifeless face, compare for yourself if you don’t believe me (don’t look in the mirror, it is most obvious in the photos). From the evaluation of other people, the best description is that I have “grown handicapped”.

Case 7: When I was small I could be considered handsome, but since middle school, I have always masturbated, now I’m turning uglier by the day! Those that were less handsome but didn’t masturbate have become ever more handsome, I’m depressed!

Case 8: I really have lots of acne on my face nowadays, also I have lots of grey hairs, the first is from before I started to masturbate, the second is from after, there is no doubt I have turned uglier! (Translator’s note: it is possible that I’m lacking photos in this PDF version of the author’s book. “The first” should be referring to the first photo that I assume is attached to another version of the book). It is all too late now! I regret being ignorant, I long to return to the past and become a new person. Now I’m a murky juvenile, masturbation has destroyed my life. The promising old self with a bright future has turned out like this.

Case 9: I have masturbated for 10 years, already a walking zombie and haven’t accomplished anything, all this is a consequence of masturbation.
I have never had a girlfriend and no girls like me. I’m cowardly without a backbone, not manly, this is also caused by masturbation!

Case 10: Since opening my previous thread it has been more than 90 days, although I haven’t completely cut out masturbation during this time, I did manage to greatly reduce the frequency which I consider to be a small success. However, my body continues to decay. The previous handsome self-continues to become uglier, every time I think about it breaks my heart. Once again I open a thread with the vow to stay clean for 100 days. I have no way back and need to persist at all cost. I believe that my body will slowly recover, my appearance will slowly become solemn, my studies and career will bear fruit, I will find a girlfriend. I also welcome all brothers to join me in this struggle.

The 23 forms of ugliness that is linked to masturbation:

    Balding and grey hair
    Decadent and full complexion
    Black eye circles
    Sunken eye sockets, raised cheekbones
    Spiritless eyes, messy eyebrow
    Disorderly teeth, easily loosened
    Yellowing and frizzing of hair, oily skin
    Large skin pores, poor complexion, loose skin
    Lots of wrinkles, thickening of lips
    Wretched expression, eyes becoming smaller
    Hunched back, asymmetrical body
    Change in facial shape (swollen or skinny look)
    Change in eyelids (double eyelids turning into single eyelids or multiple eyelids)
    Turbid eyeballs, the appearance of blood vessels
    Greyish tint to facial color (a ghostly look)
    Apparently aged look
    Thin and small bones (issues in development)
    An evil glint in the eyes, unsteady in the gaze
    Depression in the solar plexus and in the Adam’s apple
    Specks on the face, moles
    Dirty look on the face (very difficult to clean)
    Marked decline in the aura of the person

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Post by: HMHU on December 10, 2017, 06:19:37 AM
Season 10 part 2/2

Let’s discuss neurasthenia, anxiety, autonomic disorders and social fear

These 4 illnesses are similar to one another, only the emphasis differs. What they have in common is the number of bodily symptoms that repeatedly bother you, this makes living like hell on earth. Those that haven’t experienced the symptoms will have a hard time imagining the feelings, this is like describing an elephant to somebody who has never seen an elephant, no matter how thoroughly it is described it is useless. Having deeply experienced the symptoms as a patient and as a recovered patient, I would like to share my recovery experiences and research with everyone. Regarding anxiety and autonomic disorders, I have studied these for over 2 years, at the time I was suffering from severe social fear and didn’t set my foot outside the house. Every day I would chat in over a dozen QQ circles (Translator’s note: QQ is basically the equivalent of the old MSN Messenger) simultaneously, I have chatted with over a thousand fellow patients, the majority of them being men, over 1000 of them in total. Women were in a minority with them totaling at around 100. Without a single exception, all of the causes are listed below:

Male patients: staying up, long sittings, sexual indulgence
Female patients: anger, high stress, long sittings. (Also included is family misfortunes such as the passing of relatives)

After a period of indulgences, the men would suddenly fall ill. There is usually a trigger, a stimulant, the fundamental reason is due to a weakened body. The women would fall ill after getting angry, once angry their autonomic nervous systems become disordered. Female patients go through special physiological cycles to start with, their qi and blood are prone to deterioration and if angered on top of it, problems may easily arise. For the male patients, if they wish to recover they must learn to cultivate the health, preferably by cutting out PMO completely, or else recovery will be difficult. For the female patients, emphasize needs to be on the cultivation of the mind. TCM states that the 7 emotions bring about illness, negative emotions have the potential to induce illnesses. Therefore, it is important to properly manage one’s emotions, refrain from becoming angry and learn to peacefully deal with people and matters.

Normally, those afflicted with the mentioned illnesses lean towards two areas:


Incredibly many brothers fall under the orientation of hypochondria, many have spent over ten thousand yuan in medical diagnosis, in some cases over a hundred thousand yuan. After a round of checkup nothing would be found, however, the symptoms are very serious and cause one to fall apart and to panic. Under these conditions, even through repeated checkups, one wish to go through every medical equipment in the hospital multiple times, one is still not content. This is because the symptoms are very obvious, but why is it that no illness can be traced, this kind of doubt would surface. Actually, this is still a misconception in the understanding; neurasthenia, anxiety, autonomic disorders are all basic issues in the functionality, a medical screening will not be able to detect anything, any amount of diagnosis is of no use.

The orientation towards hostility is even more common. When chatting among brothers, one would often see quarrels. The reason being that kidney water is insufficient which enlarges the liver fire, one would become angry without a reason, one is prone to bickering and making a fuss out of things. Many people after having calmed down feel regret, in reality, anger injures the self more than it injures others, anger injures the liver. Therefore, I recommend the affected patients to learn to cultivate the mind, control the emotions and manage one’s emotions, this will benefit the recovery process.

In addition, many people in these chat circles would talk about symptoms but not the causes, this is very sad, if one does not adequately understand the causes then recovery will be very difficult. Having recognized the causes and going the opposite way will enable healing to take place. Many brothers only talk about symptoms, talking about symptoms helps to alleviate the nervous emotions but it does not tangibly contribute towards recovery. To recovery, one must learn about the cause!

In the past 2 days I have just chatted with a fellow patient suffering from neurasthenia, nowadays I do very few neurasthenia consultations, my main focus is on the rebooting forums consultations. That patient happened to add me and we started chatting. During the time when he was studying for the graduate exam he would stay up late and combine it with masturbation, it was like wearing a tightening hat, his sleep was greatly affected as there was constant insomnia. However, this patient did not realize the cause and still wants to talk about the symptoms with me. Afterwards, I told him about the cause and that’s when he had a sudden realization. If one doesn’t understand the cause and doesn’t change life habits and cut out masturbation, recovery is really very very difficult. Many people have been stuck in the vicious circle for over a decade, during these time they would rely on daily medication to maintain themselves. This is very hard to imagine, once a time I had taken medication for half a year on a daily basis and have developed a dependency on the medicines. It was a too scary of an experience when I took medicines as if having a bowl of rice. Without medicine I would feel unwell, in fact, I didn’t feel much better after taking the medicine, that was the state of my mental state which resembled a vicious circle. Afterwards, I completely lost faith in all medicines and stopped taking them. Upon quitting PMO I actively exercises and learned the way of cultivating health, I recovered 50% after half a year and after a year all symptoms disappeared. Up until now, I have completely recovered, both mind and heart have returned to a normal state. To recover, the understanding must be correct. Having a blind spot or a misconception in understanding will make recovery many magnitudes harder.

Actually, neurasthenia, anxiety, autonomic disorders, and social fear can be considered as one and the same illness; issues with the nerves. The expression is more or less the same, in TCM they would call it the weakening shedding of the body or the stasis of blood and qi.

Normally the symptoms ar expressed as:

    Head symptoms, including insomnia
    Heart symptoms, serious illness with the function of the heart
    Intestine and lungs symptom, the disorderly function of the lungs and intestines
    Skin symptoms, includes rashes, muscle ticks, stabbing pain, crawling ant feeling etc
    Full body symptoms, nowhere is comfortable

Lastly, I would like to supplement the topic of the hardness of premarital sex. When replying to questions these days I stumbled upon a few brothers, because that they had sexual indulged themselves before marriage, their health has already suffered a collapse with the onset of impotence and premature ejaculation. Their families would urge them to get married and therefore creating considerable psychological conflicts for them. This kind of brothers are “weakened before marriage”, that is, unmarried with a failing body, kidney qi heavily depleted. By entering marriage with this type of body conditions, how can the quality of a normal sex life be guaranteed? Many brothers have developed problems with their reproductive functions, infertility has emerged, besides the issue of impotence, the whole body is affected by symptoms and is a total mess. During the state of “excessive desire following depletion” (Translator’s note: by this is meant the aroused state of desire which arises as we are rebooting, this is the result of recovering kidney qi, depletion is the weakening of the kidney qi following PMO) one might not be alerted, following this state is the onset of impotence and premature ejaculation. Many brothers during this “excessive desire following depletion” stage masturbate every day, sometimes multiple times a day and think their bodies are very strong and able. Actually, this is the expression of a weakened body, Lao Tzu said: To know eternity means enlightenment. Not knowing eternity is to do evil things blindly. Eternity here means patterns. Many brothers do not understand this principle and indulge madly, and the result? Not long afterward the body collapses, weakened before marriage if married or meeting a girl, the result is “weakening upon the weakened”, more serious illnesses might show up in the future. Therefore, one must put an end to premarital sexual behaviors, or else the consequences will be very grave. Look into the cases where brothers have run into issues and draw lessons from them and take preventive measures, this is a smart move!
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: Franco Bassi on December 12, 2017, 02:36:14 PM
Hi Franco! I'm glad that you have found the reading to be helpful. As most of the credits go to the original author I will need to respectfully decline any compensations offered. Your recovery is my best compensation.

No problem, friend. You a are a very generous person.  :)

Again, thank you so much for this information and the good work.

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Please Please Please don't vanish midway. You're giving the most accurate piece of knowledge that can help me with my unconscious masturbation in sleep and suicidal issue. The Chinese guy has gone through a lot. This tells he's on God mode today.

If we want to know what lies ahead, we should ask those who are coming back.

AND YOU'RE DOING THAT FOR US! If there's any God out there, and if I ever fail to come out of this trap, he shall ATLEAST grant my wish of letting you realize all your dreams.

can't thank you enough
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Post by: HMHU on December 17, 2017, 04:47:21 AM
It was really heart-warming to read your post. We are in this together and I pray to the Creator that we all come out of this addiction forever. Keep on fighting brother!
Title: Re: 6 years clean!
Post by: HMHU on December 17, 2017, 04:50:02 AM
Season 11 [Soaring Eagle experience: The adjustment of mentality after relapse, non-liquidation of semen, and the penis length issue]

Every day in the rebooting forums we can see brothers that have relapsed, the posts that they make following a relapse is always marked with great remorse. Some brothers would call relapses “battlefield casualty”, I think this is a very good description; rebooting is like waging a battle, we are all brothers in the same trench. We are saddened by the sight of another brother becoming a casualty, this should, of course, spur us into rebooting and to maintain our vigilance. The enemy camp is constantly shelling us with pink shells, the rebooting articles are our bulletproof armor. We must increase our efforts in studying rebooting articles and in doing so increase our awareness and the level of our determination. If you should let down your guard, the next battlefield casualty might be you. When we see inappropriate pictures or videos we must immediately dodge them, we must exercise the same caution to porn as we do towards tigers and incoming arrows, we must be equipped with this kind of awareness. To reboot for good, the awareness must be strong which is obtained through studies. Awareness and vigilance give us the hope to successfully reboot.

For those brothers that have relapsed, there is no need to be discouraged, nobody can manage to reboot in one try and there will be many failures before success. Before I my successful rebooted I had also failed many times, so many times that I have lost count. I was unable to get out of the vicious circle for well over a decade because at the time I was in a state of ignorance with nobody to guide me and nobody to tell me what to do. Afterwards, having taken up rebooting studies my determination increased. Roughly after a year of studying rebooting articles and health cultivation, my awareness increased by leaps and bounds, through it I gained deeper thinking and understanding. It is under these circumstances that I had successfully rebooted.

There are 2 types of errors that are easy to make during reboot:

    1. Rebooting without studying about rebooting
    2. Rebooting without cultivating the health

Rebooting without studying is the same as brute force and blindly rebooting which both guarantees failure. This is because the level of determination has not been raised; after the hibernation period for desire is over, we arrive at the peak period for relapse, once there the urge to relapse is irresistible which is often followed by multiple relapses, all previous efforts have been washed away. I have mentioned the importance of rebooting studies countless times in the previous articles. If you don’t study you won’t be in the knowing, your awareness will not increase and expand. Once you have reached a certain stage in your studies your determination will rise, with the determination you are able to defeat the temptation demon, or else every encounter with the temptation demon will result in defeat. It is hard to avoid starting off from a low level when we first begin our reboot, suppose that the temptation demon is at level 100 but your determination is only at level 15, how do could you resist the temptation? Only through studying about reboot can we raise the level of determination, once the level has been raised, temptation demon can no longer budge us. To relapse is not scary, the scary thing is to not study because the result from that is continuous relapses and our inability to escape from the vicious circle.

Rebooting without cultivating the health is also commonly seen among brothers. Awareness about health cultivation is precisely what many brothers lack. The awareness is also obtained through studying about rebooting. Studying video lectures given by famous gurus and reading health cultivation literature is very helpful towards the recovery of the body. Many people reboot and neglect in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they still stay up, sit for long durations and smoke, they do not emphasize the management of emotions, for these people the prospect for recovery is not optimistic. Other brothers while rebooting, exercises actively, lives a healthy lifestyle and do not stay up nor engage in long sittings, this is the quick route towards recovery. Indulgence is to cut down the health, rebooting is to maintain the health, however, rebooting is only the first step towards cultivating the health. Rebooting alone is not enough, it is far from enough. This is because there is more than one way to injure the kidney qi; staying up, long sittings, anger, cold beverages, exposure to AC and etc all hurts the kidney qi.

TCM specifically talks about the 5 strains and 7 impairments. 5 strains: prolonged gazing strains the blood, prolonged lying strains the qi, prolonged sitting strains the muscles, prolonged standing strains the bones, prolonged moving strains the tendons.
7 impairments: overeating impairs the spleen, anger impairs the liver, intensive weightlifting, long-term sitting, and moisture impairs the kidneys, cold beverages impair the lungs, worrying and overthinking impairs the heart, wind, rain cold and heat impairs the appearance, fear injures the mind.

The 5 strains and 7 impairments should be avoided. Health cultivation is a deep discipline and the effort is made little by little, one must take care of all aspects. Once your awareness in health cultivation has been increased, this will be very beneficial for a better recovery of the body; because you will know what to do and what not to do, all actions that hurt the kidney qi will be avoided at all costs.

The different types of relapse:

    1. Courage increases with each failure, the will to fight is still strong
    2. Self-esteem takes a blow, motivation is decreased
    3. The thought to flee comes up, becomes a deserter

Brothers following a relapse should properly repent but don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t take on too much pressure, everything may begin anew. Although you have relapsed it’s still possible to pick up and read rebooting articles, as long as we persist in our effort to study we will finally come to that one day where the determination is sufficient, the habit of PMO is naturally shrugged off. This is like climbing a mountain, as long as we persist we will reach the top, many people due to fatigue will quit halfway, those that really carry the courage and determination will persist into the end, they will never quit rebooting lightly.

Through my research, many brothers give up because they are not sufficiently aware of the returning symptoms (Translator’s note: returning symptoms are the symptoms that we had experienced before rebooting) following quitting PMO. Once an addiction is laid aside there will always be symptoms, this especially applies to PMO. By persisting in rebooting, taking care of one’s schedules, actively exercising, returning symptoms will disappear. Although many people have rebooted for 6 months to a year, even then there could be returning symptoms, when they do appear this is very normal and there is no need to worry. Even healthy people will have times when they are not feeling well, this is related to external factors and is also related to the changing of the seasons; the level of yang energy in the body is different in every season, it’s also easy to experience returning symptoms following nocturnal emissions, this why it’s important to try to decrease its frequency. In addition, those they have wives or girlfriends will have an easier time to waver. This is because having a woman is an obstacle towards rebooting, with a woman, bodily symptoms will have difficulty in recovering. There is also a group of brothers whose understanding towards the bad fruit of masturbation is not yet deep enough, they still subscribe to the moderation theory, these people will have an easier time throwing in the towel.

Below let’s talk about the issue of the non-liquidation of semen.

This issue appears relatively often and is also relatively common. The ejaculated substance resembles jello or some kind of crystallized substance. When spotted it would give many brothers a scare and causes them to panic. Actually, this non-liquidation phenomenon of semen is very common, every day in the rebooting forums similar questions are raised. The main illness that causes the non-liquidation of semen is prostatitis, this will affect the fertility function and the quality of the sperm. Upon medical examinations, many brothers would encounter weak sperm, dead sperm, deformed sperm or even no sperm.

According to TCM, the non-liquidation of semen is mainly induced by the following illnesses:

    1. Insufficient prenatal kidney yang energy, or a loss of postnatal kidney yang energy, severe and prolonged illness, damaged kidney yang energy
    2. External pathogenic cold and damaged kidney yang energy both causes the semen to congeal
    3. Overindulgence in alcohol and sex, overuse of the mind, the fire manifestation of the five emotions
    4. A regular spicy diet, sweet, greasy, alcohol, the inner accumulation and heat and moist, exogenous dampness
    5. Excessive intake of cold beverages injures the yang energy of the spleen, or the injuring of yang energy of the spleen by other illnesses, weakened spleen           
        reaches to the kidneys
    6. Weakened qi and blood stasis or the constitution of blood stasis, blockage in the essence chamber causes the the semen to congeal

The type that is normally encountered is number 3 in the above: sexual overindulgence. Overindulgence will easily lead to these type of issues. Once we have begun to masturbate it is near impossible to stop, seldom is there a person that is able to practice moderation, this “moderation” is also unknown to most people. (Translator’s note: unknown not as unheard of but as not knowing how much is too much) So one must completely cut out the evil habit of masturbation, or else it will be exceedingly difficult to heal the body, fertility functions will all become affected. During my time in the rebooting forums, I have come across countless cases of masturbation induced infertility. Only through quitting masturbation, cultivating the health and the kidney qi will there be hope to recover the sperm quality, otherwise, we are totally wasted, what can be done about it!?

Below let’s talk about the issue of penis length, this is a sensitive topic. Men are very conscious of penis length, the common perception is that the bigger the better. Men with big penises feel self-pride, those with small penises feel inferior. I use to think like this after I have come to a certain understanding I no longer think that way. There are mysterious principles behind the length of the penis and it is not simple as one would imagine. If the understanding has not arrived, few people will be able to understand this principle and its inner workings. Today I will discuss this topic.

The penis has an orientation towards the liver because the liver governs the muscles. Many brothers report a smaller penis after they have started to masturbate and the lack of self-confidence. In reality, masturbation does affect the development of the penis, because the liver and kidney share the same source and masturbation hurt both organs. The penis is oriented towards the liver and it, therefore, affects the length of the penis. Though there are other factors such as genetics that plays a role in the length of the penis. If you have good genes then the effect of masturbation will not be great. If you have poor genes and you combine it with the evil habit of masturbation, then the chance to encounter a smaller penis will be relatively high.

12 cm is normally an adequate length of the penis, 10 cm will also do. There is no need to have an oversized penis, an oversized penis will incur evil more easily. It is mentioned in the book “Liu Zhuang Shen Xiang”: the owner of a big penis is lowly, he provokes viciousness and thus must be lowly. (Translator’s note: the reader should also take the cultural aspect into consideration as the average length of penises differ between countries). This is in contrary to everyone’s perceptions in that bigger is better, bigger is cooler, bigger is strong and good, this is, in fact, a relatively shallow understanding, why is it that an oversized penis is not good? Why is it that the man with a large penis is lowly? This touches upon TCM. Without understanding the medical principles, misunderstandings will be propagated, one may enter the grave without knowing the principles.

I once compared masturbation to shopping, I would spend kidney qi in exchange for fleeting moments of vile pleasure. Normally, the man with the big penis will have a relatively strong “purchasing power”, his sexual desire will be relatively strong. From the surface, this might be a good thing, but misfortune is disguised in blessing. The more vile pleasure that is purchased, the more kidney qi is spent, in this way the probability of a collapse in health is greater. Although the person may look strong today, due to overindulgence, he will meet his fate; the chance of premature ejaculation, impotence, and various bodily symptoms. Therefore the saying goes, desire should not be strong, the stronger the more damage. He with a big penis incurs evil, this evil points to the evil in sexual indulgence. The first chapter [Ancient Innocence Theory] of the TCM classic [Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor] specifically mentions about the harm of sexual indulgence. Famous doctors from the past have had over a thousand years of experience to draw upon, they deeply understood the danger of sexual debauchery. I have seen many medical cases both written in the past and in the present, there are too many cases of collapsed health as a result of sexual indulgence, as many as there are strands of hair on a cow. If you thoroughly understood the danger of sexual debauchery, then comparing that to the danger from severe flood and wild beasts is not an exaggeration. When your kidney qi is in the abundance, you will not feel very much. But when your kidney qi has been depleted to a certain level, the evil fruits will become ever more apparent, and with the increase in age, illnesses of different forms will come knocking on the door. Abundant kidney qi wards off evil, depleted kidney qi is the source of a multitude of illnesses!

How is it that “he with the large penis lords over the lowly”? Because in TCM: to the above, kidneys are connected to the brain. Masturbation hurts the kidneys and so it must also injure the brain. Concentration, memory, and willpower will all deteriorate in different degrees. When a person is deficient in the brain then success will be hard to come by in all areas of life, being lord of the lowly is then inevitable. Those that are really successful are often strictly self-disciplined. Those that lack discipline may enjoy success for a while but the success will not be long-lived. ***Removed due to disparaging language*** (Translator’s note: the translation of this chapter was not without discomfort. My apologies if you were offended by the contents.)

Those that have acquired the Tao will in no circumstances think that a strong sexual desire is a good thing. In TCM: excessive desire follows depletion. When this is allowed to develop we have premature ejaculation and impotence and all forms of sicknesses, this is then called “the mighty dragon in shame” (Translator’s note: the mighty dragon is the excessive desire). The one that has received the Tao will absolutely not think that a big penis is a good thing, in the contrary, he will think that it’s a bad thing, as to why that is, I believe the reader will have understood after reading this article.
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Season 12 [Soaring Eagle experience: Adding to the issue of balding, how to recover faster and better during rebooting]

I have mentioned the issue of balding in chapter 8, this is indeed quite a thorny issue and likewise, the speed of recovery is relatively slow. From some websites related to balding, we are able to see that although some brothers have been rebooting for 8 months, their balding has not been improved, not only that but the symptoms are showing signs of getting worse. Seen such cases, those brothers that are suffering from balding will invariably take a hit in their self-confidence and think that it’s all hopeless, or that hair recovery will not be possible through rebooting and all of the recovery talks is just a lie. To this I can say with 100% certainty that one can recover from balding, however, if your balding is very severe then the difficulty in the recovery will be relatively high.

There are mysterious principles behind the recovery from balding, many people thinks that rebooting is sufficient but it is not so!

Those that have truly recovered from balding are relatively few, but not non-existent. Although many people have not been able to recover completely, they have nevertheless seen substantial improvements. You see the recovery progress of some people is not up to your expectations, therefore, you feel that there is no way to recover and your confidence will waver. As to why some people are not able to recover despite having rebooted for 8 months, reasons can be found. To recover from balding through mere rebooting is far from enough, it is important to learn the way of cultivating a good health. There is more than one way to injure the kidney qi. Many people are rebooting but what I want to ask is, is your reboot thorough enough? Do you still fantasize? Fantasizing is the invisible way of depleting the kidney qi and is extremely unfavorable for the recovery process. In addition, do you stay up late, sit for long periods at a time or tend to get angry? These three factors also greatly damages the essence. Also, living under high pressure, taking cold beverages and exposure to AC all damages the kidney qi and impedes the recovery of the hair.

If we compare the human body to a bottle filled with kidney qi, masturbation is only one hole in this bottle, rebooting only blocks one of the holes while the kidney qi continues to leak through the other holes, how do we expect to recover from balding? If the adequate amount of health cultivating awareness is lacking, then the recovery from balding will be very difficult. Many people are obsessed with medicines, this is why the hair growth industry is booming. But the efficacy of these products if very limited, after all, they only target the symptoms and not the cause, the root cause being a weakened kidney qi.

Suppose that in order to restore the hair, a kidney qi value of 5000 is required. I only used this number as an example in order to facilitate everyone's’ understanding.

“-” signifies a minus sign

    1. Masturbation (-600)
    2. Long sitting (-300)
    3. Staying up (-300)
    4. Anger (-300)
    5. Cold beverages (-100)
    6. Exposure to AC (-100)
    7. Fatigue (-100)
    8. Long gazing (-200)
    9. Sexual fantasizing (-500)
    10. Internet addiction (-300)
    11. Smoking addiction (-300)
    12. Alcohol addiction (-300)
    13. Overstraining (-200)
    14. Nocturnal emission (-500)
    15. High pressure (-300)
    16. Salty diet (-200)

We have 16 points for now, many people are currently refraining from masturbation, but the error is that of “rebooting without cultivation” with ignorance towards cultivation. They only know to reboot and places all hope in rebooting and medicines, in this fashion, the recovery from balding is truly quite difficult due to the number of ways to leak the kidney qi , one mishap and kidney qi is leaked. The staying up does not mean staying up the entire night, being awake after 11 pm counts as staying up and is very damaging to the essence. Despite this, many people still go to bed past 11 pm, this is very unfavorable to the recovery of the body, the work and rest schedule must be adjusted or else recovery from balding is difficult to achieve. Long sitting can be remedied by moving about for 10 min following every 40 min of sitting, avoid sitting for hours in one stretch. As everyone is able to see, the recovery from balding requires the fulfillment of many harsh criteria, it can, therefore, be said that only a few people are truly able to recover from balding, this number is not zero.

Knowing the ways that can damage the kidney qi, we need to learn to how to adjust and to avoid these ways, in addition, we need to learn to the way of cultivating the health. Health cultivation is a learning and can not be explained by one or two sentences. Friends that are suffering from balding tend to pay close attention to what they eat, what products to use, but very few people ask the question of how to cultivate the health, this is because they lack the awareness of health cultivation. Therefore, to recover one must learn the way of health cultivation, such as Eight Brocade exercises, standing exercises, acupressure massage, moxibustion, meridian exercises, Chinese herbal medicine, meditation, aerobic exercises etc, watching video lectures by famous gurus and health cultivation articles. Study more health cultivation know-how, with a deep understanding and awareness of health cultivation you will know what to do and what not to do. In this way one can reduce the exhaustion of kidney qi to a minimum, persist for one year and the chances of recovering from balding will be very high. Otherwise, if you only reboot but loses kidney qi through all the other methods, how can this possibly work!? Hair recovery is a gradual process, one must have patience and confidence. Otherwise, if there are misconceptions about the understanding and the position is not solid, recovery will be very difficult. One thing should be mentioned here and that is the management of the mood, TCM states that fright injures the kidneys. Many people are faced with losing hair, they are stricken with fear and anxiety, food and sleep no longer have any appeal to them, this kind of mood is detrimental to the recovery of the hair. One must learn to adjust the mood, not to worry excessively, to not take things so seriously sometimes, calm down a bit, this mood will benefit the recovery process.

In the above, I have listed the examples that are damaging to the kidney qi, in their respective negative kidney qi values. After you have mastered the way of cultivating the health we then have positive kidney qi values, when the kidney qi value has reached 5000 the hair will be recovered, this process cannot be hastened. I have spent half a year in trying to control the trend of my balding, only after a year did my hair start to become dense again. At the time my mood was very good, moreover, I rebooted quite thoroughly, without much sexual fantasization. I also put in a lot of effort in reducing the number of nocturnal emissions, every day before bed I did the kidney strengthening exercises and overall managed to limit the number of nocturnal emissions to once every month or so, at most I went through 3 months without a single nocturnal emission. Frequent emissions are also very bad for the recovery of the hair. Rebooting for 8 months without experiencing hair recovery is also related to nocturnal emissions, after all, kidney qi is leaked through emissions, so one should take care to reduce its frequency.

Some brothers have asked me about my health cultivation practices, in this chapter I have laid them out as a way of sharing with everybody:

    1. Meditation (I meditate for 1h each day, meditation is the nr 1 way to supplement the original essence)
    2. Standing exercise (standing exercise is not performed daily, sitting meditation is performed daily)
    3. Eight Brocade exercise and the Six Healing Sounds (I perform the kidney strengthening exercises of the Eight Brocade daily and occasionally practice the Six 
        Healing Sounds)
    4. Soaking of feet in Chinese traditional herbs (once/week, mugwort leafs)
    5. Meridian tapping exercise (performed regularly)
    6. Moxibustion on meridians (health cultivating moxibustion is performed regularly)
    7. Aerobic exercises (slow jog and ball sports, 1-3 times/week)
    8. Acupressure massage (performed regularly)
    9. Yam, black beans and red dates (eats regularly)
    10. Keeping the diet light
    11. Rest early, sleep before 11 pm

These are basically the things that I do to cultivate my health, I try to avoid activities that would lead to a leakage of kidney qi in order to minimize its exhaustion. It’s the above mentioned 16 activities that I try to avoid, while the health cultivation practices are used to add points to the kidney qi. In this way, there is a chance to recover the hair. For the recovery of the hair, the 3 below criteria must be fulfilled:

    1. Thoroughly rebooting (sexual fantasization must also cease)
    2. Health cultivation practices (these will add points to the kidney qi)
    3. Health cultivation awareness (try to avoid activities that draws points from the kidney qi)

The above 3 points must be fulfilled in order to recover the hair, this goes especially for those that are experiencing a medium level of balding, those that are experiencing a high level of balding must take extra care to cultivate the health, recovery will otherwise be extremely difficult. Speaking from my own experience, I have seen brothers that have managed to recover from balding, but they are relatively few in number. One reason to why the number is so few is the long rebooting time it takes to recover, 1 year in the minimum. People that have managed to thoroughly reboot for 1 year is very few, on top of this, those that are able to control the number of nocturnal emissions is even fewer. The second reason is the effort in health cultivation, many people only reboot without cultivating the health, to recover will be even harder. Why has my hair recovered? Because I have put in tremendous efforts into health cultivation, I have studied TCM literature nonstop and so came to understand more and deeper than the average person, knowing what to do and not to do and accumulating kidney qi as I go, preserve the kidney qi as much as possible, and so my hair has recovered. If you don’t study you will never be in the knowing, this is why I emphasize the importance of studying.

My recommendations for literature and videos in health cultivation are listed below:
(Translator’s note: Obviously the literature is geared towards a Chinese audience. On the other hand, there are lots of English material that the author may not have had access to, we should study whatever is available to us)

    1. Qu Limin’s book and videos
    2. Wu Guozhong’s book and videos
    3. Zhong Li Ba Ren’s book and videos
    4. Dan Guimin’s [Jiu Chu Bai Bing]
    5. The [Yang Sheng Tang] show, many famous gurus in this show

Health cultivation is a discipline that is subjected to the knowledge spillover effect; once you have understood the book and video of one person, you will have an easy time understand the material from other people, it is possible to become quite specialized once one has stepped through the door.

Everyone has seen and understood by now that the recovery methods that I have mentioned do not only apply to balding. Any problems that we encounter as a result of masturbation, any symptoms which include psychological issues, must be treated from two perspectives in order for recovery to take place. The first is to reboot, the second is to learn how to cultivate the health. By doing this the body will be able to recover relatively quickly, otherwise we might end up with the case where many people barely notice any improvements after half a year of rebooting, unsatisfactory results after 1 year of rebooting, this is because there are too many channels of leakages; knowing one but not the other, knowing rebooting but not of cultivation.

I’m very fond of a sentence in the [Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor]: “Knowledge leads to strength, ignorance leads to aging” You knowing this mysterious principle will become strong, others know not and continue to leak, but since you know you are able to avoid it, therefore, you become strong, others are shedding their kidney qi value in ignorance and yet are oblivious to the fact. The result is that your body and hair have recovered but the other person has a hard time recovering because he is not in the knowing!

I believe that those brothers who are troubled by balding will gain a deeper and clearer understanding towards the recovery from balding after reading this article. I am not against the usage of hair products, but one must pay attention to rebooting and health cultivation or the hair will have no chance to truly recover.
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In my knowledge,
If you rub the ROOT of your fingernails, as shown in the video ( never include the thumb as it affects facial hair in men and women BOTH! )
for 10 minutes morning and evening you will see drastic changes within 3 months. The vibration goes from the nails, travelling through the bones straight to the scalp and promotes blood circulation.

Remember, ROOT of your fingernails, NOT the TIPS.

Also headstand pose in Yoga ( also known as Sirsasana ) is known to promote healthy hair growth.

Keep sharing as always :)
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Hi guys! It's good to be back after a brief rest in the holidays, I hope that everybody has been recuperation well. It's a great joy to see this thread being kept alive by all of the enthusiastic brothers, helping each other out with questions and answers, this is what every community should be about. I will be working towards consolidating all the chapters into a PDF file for everybody to download, the link will be posted next week.

Season 13 part 1/2 [Soaring Eagle experience: The harm of premarital sexual behavior]

Long-term reboot forum brothers sure know that many people have already exhausted themselves before being married. This is due to the deep addiction of the evil habit of masturbation, after having masturbated furiously over a decade alone, the body is already severely overdrafted like an overextended credit card. Chronic prostatitis and varicocele are both commonly seen, some brothers have even contracted neurosis and live a painful day-to-day life, others are suffering from a very low sperm quality if not weak sperm then the lack of sperm where fertility has been lost. Premarital indulgence also induces the decline in sexual function, many brothers are very attentive on the level of their own sexual function. When they have discovered the onset of premature ejaculation and impotence owing to the evil habit of masturbation, they feel worried and hope for a quick recovery. The inadequate function of sex and fertility constitute the hidden danger in marriage inharmonies, previously there are a couple brothers who have had divorces due to these issues.

Premarital sexual behavior belongs to the category of nefarious wantonness which in itself is an evil conduct that injures the body, it is particularly harmful. Many people put their bodies into an eggshell precarious state before they even get married, sex during the marriage will be adding upon the injury. Countries have gold reserves, the body has kidney essence reserves, don’t fool around before marriage. The kidneys roots itself in the five internal organs, sexual debauchery depletes the essences of the five internal organs, when the kidneys are weak, diseases of every kind are born! In the beginning, the physical constitution is still strong, depletions are not felt, but through the depletion accumulated through days and months, one inevitably ends up with a symptom-ridden body. During our reboot, we must have clarity in what is nefarious wantonness behavior, by having a concrete definition can we better avoid it.

Nefarious wantonness definition

1. Examples include wrong time, wrong place, wrong woman, virgin woman, his woman, belonging to self.
Wrong time: dates and time that falls outside the no-sex time window rules for the reboot.
Wrong place: points to the rules of sex free places of the “3 channels” (oral, urinal, anal)
Wrong woman: any sex that is not of the female sex, different sexual signs including livestock
Virgin woman: unmarried women (premarital sexual behavior)
His woman: women with a husband
Belonging to self: self-sexual act such as masturbation, sexual fantasizing all fall into the category of nefarious wantonness

2. Besides lawful sex between husband and wife, all sexual behavior between the man and woman that is not recognized by the laws or the moral views of the society, these are all nefarious wantonness.

Even between spouses, there are limits:

1. Wrong time nefarious wantonness: Buddha’s memorial date, the six-day fast of the Buddhist tradition, birthdays of the parents, the passing day of close relatives (father, mother, sisters and brothers etc), menstruation period, pregnancy period, shortly before and after giving birth.
2. Wrong place nefarious wantonness: no sex outside of the bedroom, besides the sexual genitals, no sexual acts (example include the mouth, butt, other parts of the body)
3. Wrong amount nefarious wantonness: indulgence after marriage without limitations

There are many specific categories of nefarious wantonness, for example extramarital affairs, premarital sexua behavior, living together as unmarried, masturbation, grinding against bed and between legs, telling sexual jokes, addicted to sexual fantasization, looking at pornographic videos and images, homosexuality, incest, having mistress, one-night-stand, selling and buying sex, sexual fetishes, producing and spreading of pornographic material, introducing nefarious wantonness to other people or spreading of such material etc.

Confucius said: "There are three things of which the superior man stands in awe. He stands in awe of the ordinances of Heaven. He stands in awe of great men. He stands in awe of the words of sages.”

Saintly teachings have taught us what is nefarious wantonness, what is accepted wantonness, what to do and what not to do, all of these have been laid out in a clear way to us. For the man of honor, he will surely fear the words of the holy man, this is because saintly words are the truths that are borne out from extensive experiences and will never fade with time. If one disobeys the principles that are taught by the saintly person, then one will surely taste the evil fruit of karma. The saying goes that by not listening to the elderly, the damage is just ahead. Being able to receive the instructions of the saintly is a great blessing, how many people in today’s society are lacking in such a blessing, often they find themselves in violation of moral conduct in both the body and the mind while being oblivious to the fact, thinking that this is all normal. In reality, their thinking are complete upside down and in total opposition to the saintly teachings. Under the natural law, virtue is blessed, wantonness is a calamity, the retribution is not kind in the slightest, those who commit nefarious wantonness will, in the end, receive painful retribution.

Those that are able to cut out nefarious wantonness are men of virtue and thus should obey the way of morality. If one is able to stay clear of nefarious wantonness in this day and age, then one is able to safeguard one’s bodily and mental health from the very root, as well as safeguarding the calm order and harmony of the family. Premarital sexual behavior has long since been a common occurrence in today’s society, many young people are already doing it. Recall in the 70s and the 80s of the previous century, premarital sexual behavior was still regarded to be taboo. In the 90s pornographic films went on a rampage, adding to it the poison that is being taught by the harmful teachings of the sexologists, the atmosphere in the society steadily deteriorated. Arriving at today, the premarital sexual behavior is already very common, moreover, the youth of today do not feel any shame towards premarital sex, thinking that it’s very normal, some people even regard the lack of premarital sex as something that’s shameful, these are truly different times.

When it comes to sex, the youth of today’s society have completely been misleading, they have been brainwashed by the nefarious wantonness culture, they are no longer shamed by it and instead claims it to be honorable, in the process bragging about their history of nefarious wantonness while looking up to the celebrities who exhibit such behavior. One night stand is regarded as fashionable! This is truly an ignorant and sad generation. One can also say that this generation has been corrupted by the nefarious wantonness culture, a generation of degenerates, lacking in virtue and positive energy. Young people of today, just go out and observe, there are very few who still carry the imposing righteousness look in their eyes. Many youths carry an empty look in their eyes, a face belonging to someone that has been depleted of the essence, many youths carry the look of vile tendencies with a degenerative quality, one cannot tarry to give them a second look.

Premarital sexual behavior is actually not a kind of responsible behavior, many people begin their relationship in a state of disorder and end up in abandon, when feelings fade the relationship is ended, all of it is just a fleeting play. The goal from the very start has been to have some fun and not with marriage as the goal. Premarital sexual behavior will induce serious consequences in many fronts, it will bring misfortune for the individual, the family and the society, the consequences are long in their duration, the retribution from nefarious wantonness will sooner or later become apparent. In the majority of cultures and countries, the premarital sexual behavior is not approved by public opinion, religious beliefs, moral ethics and the court of law. Avoiding premarital sexual behavior is not only required by the law and the code of mortality, it is needed for the future establishment of a stable family and a blissful marriage.

The harm of premarital sexual behavior towards life takes 6 main forms:

1. Depleting oneself before getting married, body with a myriad of symptoms, cannot bear to put into words. As the age increases the family will urge one to get married, but unfortunately one’s health is not up to par, sexual function is lacking with even infertility, therefore one is placed in an awkward situation. In the rebooting forums, many brothers are currently in the mentioned situation; family urges one to get married but the body is occupied with a variety of symptoms, in addition, there is the early emergence of premature ejaculation and impotence, the quality of the sperm is very poor, this is a difficult situation indeed. The previous frenzy in masturbation has led to the depletion of the body, now that one is to face marriage one suddenly discovers that one is inadequate, this is indeed a very miserable life. Furthermore, the inadequate sexual function and the poor quality of the sperm is kept hidden from the spouse, or else one might get looked down upon or face a possible divorce because the other party thinks one is a disposed of person! There is no hope and future with a disposed of person whatsoever, better to let the daughter file a divorce and marry somebody else. Previously there was a brother who underwent divorce due to the poor quality of his sperm, there was no way to get the woman pregnant, the end result was a divorce, that brother is very hurt and regrettable.

Many brothers are still students, due to the addiction to the evil habit of masturbation, they soon find their mental faculties in a steep decline. After the steep decline, topics, where they have previous understood, are no longer comprehensible, the results are foreseeable, grades drop by a thousand leagues. When the brain power is no longer capable, life as a whole becomes very dull, when the brain power is present, the mind is nimble in every undertaking. When the brain power has been ejaculated, everything one does lack power, the brain always feels like a pile of paste, the reaction is very sluggish and slow. For some brothers, following the diagnosis of neurasthenia, the brain feels dizzy the whole day, the feeling of reality is absent as if one is living inside a dream, one has indeed transformed into the walking dead. Brain power is the battle strength, the kidney is connected to the brain, the battle between men lies in the kidneys! When the kidneys are deficient illnesses in all shapes and forms arises, no matter if one is a student or a worker, one should cherish the sexual energy, premarital sexual behavior should be avoided at all cost. One should apply the previous sexual energy on proper endeavors and transmute the sexual energy into strong support and motivation for one’s academic or working career.

2. Premarital sexual behavior will facilitate the breaking of a relationship. Many younger people lack any concept for responsibility, they seek the novelty of love, once premarital sex has occurred they naturally grow tired with each other in time, arguments cannot be avoided, many relationships have ended following arguments. Love without a sense of responsibility is like a fast meal, it is discarded after the meal. The thought of tying up a man by using sex is not realistic because men easily grow bored. In a mutually loving relationship, responsibility must serve as the foundation, feelings are second to that, otherwise when feelings are absent then breaking up is inevitable. Nowadays the values regarding love in many youths are problematic, responsibility is completely neglected, due to its absence relationships are formed disorderly and end up in abandonment. The feeling of love is very unreliable. There is also an expiration date for love, past the date it is inevitable to enter into the period of weariness, just like when you grow weary of a cell phone; in the beginning one is very fond of a certain cell phone, when time as elapsed all feelings have disappeared, actually love is similar to this. Therefore, stable marriages should rest on the foundation of responsibility, after that comes the mutual feeling of affection, responsibility leads to stability and longevity and is the prerequisite for mutual exchanges, without this prerequisite, the end result is often not too blissful. Many people are lost in the feelings and are constantly in the pursuit of feeling, in the end, they discover that feeling is such an illusory and intangible a thing, once being so fond of the other person ended up with the frequent argument, to go so far as breaking up as a conclusion. The feeling will fade sooner or later, only with the addition of responsibility can feelings be kept alive.

3. The overuse of sex before marriage will affect the quality of the post-marriage life. When a person has depleted himself before marriage, what do you think the result will be? This is like a broken car, swaying left to right while heading towards marriage, not long afterward breaks down. Many people are deeply entrenched in predicaments, the whole life seems dull and decadent. After well over a decade of frenziedly consuming pornographic material combined with masturbation, the five viscera and six bowels have long since been depleted, one enters marriage and faces the married sex life in this critical stage, many peoples’ bodies throw in the towel, autonomic disorders are erupted and aggravated, or one suffers complete impotence or another form of chronic illness. When the physical and psychological health is down, marriage will be threatened from all sides. Previously there were a couple brothers who underwent divorce due to inadequate sexual functions. When your sexual function is depleted, the wife might cheat on you, great bitterness awaits.
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Season 13 part 2/2

4. Premarital sexual behavior will also increase the chances of unexpected pregnancies. Suppose that the woman has experienced multiple abortions, this increases the likelihood of puncturing the womb causing hemorrhage which is life-threatening. Abortion is very harmful to women and will likely cause physical and psychological damage: 1) Bacterial infection 2) Habitual abortion in the future 3) Unable to become pregnant 4) Surgical mishaps, life threatening 5) Waist pain, fragile body, catches chronic gynecological illnesses 6) Inharmonies within the family and in the career 7) Causing psychological damage such as guilt, regret, blaming, fidgety, depression and various psychological illnesses, even the thought of suicide 8) Sometimes one might even dream of wailing children or of being followed by unfamiliar children.

Doctors use to warn: do not take abortions lightly or one will pay a heavy price such as hemorrhage, gynecological inflammation, infertility and even death. Following the procedure of artificial abortion, the monthly menstruation may be thrown out of balance, uterine cavity adhesions and endometriosis like consequences might negatively impact future pregnancies. Even worse, artificial abortion might cause life-long infertility, especially for those who have had repeated abortions are more likely to suffer from such conditions. Due to repeated scraping the inner membranes of the uterus, the uterus linings become thinner and the inner membranes ever fewer in quantity, this causes fewer menstruations or even the cessation of menstruation. Oocyte implantation due to inadequate quality of the “soil”, making the embryo enable to develop and hence life-long infertility. Scraping often causes inflammation in the reproductive organs, causing damage to the uterus and other internal organs or hemorrhage, even causing life-threatening danger. Many brothers have allowed their girlfriends to undergo an abortion, some even under multiple times. Abortion is, in reality, a form of killing and incurs very negative karma for the future. Therefore, take measures in avoiding premarital sexual behavior, do plentiful repentance and avoid making similar mistakes in the future.

5. The likelihood of STD transmission is also increased via premarital sexual behavior. Some brothers not only engages in masturbation but also purchases sex, the contraction of various sexual diseases is then made possible. Some time ago a brother due to sexual debauchery has contracted genital warts, having genital warts is indeed to endure various pains and unspeakable awkwardness. He spent lots of money in medical expenses but was unable to completely cure the disease, the possibility of relapse is always around the corner, this has caused him suicidal thoughts and the loss of hope towards life. Some people have contracted gonorrhea, syphilis, even the contraction of HIV. Although some people have not contracted HIV they have contracted the fear of HIV, life for these people is exceedingly painful and torturous, it can be said that fear never ceases, life is merely being dragged on. The phenomenon of hookup-cannon (a.k.a. One-night stand) has become popular in recent years. This kind of chaotic sexual behavior will inevitably shoot one off into the hospital, turn one into the ashes of nefarious wantonness and finally end up in hell. This is actually very frightening! The sexually disorderly generation has not the face to confront the ancestors, this kind of behavior puts one even lower than livestock! On the contrary many young people today carry this kind of behavior with pride, there is no limit to the stupidity! There is no limit to the degeneration! The HIV situation in China today is already showing an explosive trend. Those who fool around everywhere will contract HIV if they are not careful when that happens one is truly dumbstruck.

6. Higher divorce rates. Premarital sexual behavior from the first appearance looks like personal freedom, the reality of the consequences are endless, according to research statistics: married couples that have had premarital sexual behavior, divorce rates for this group far exceeds that of the chaste couple. Those that had premarital sexual behavior have a far easier time to neglect responsibility, what they seek is more “feeling”, with feelings they will remain together, without feeling it is time to separate. However, the feeling of love will fade as time goes on, when that time comes, if responsibility fails to enter into the picture then quarrels and divorce will be inevitable. The foundation for marriage is a responsibility which is like the foundation for a skyscraper. Those who sexually indulge before marriage often lack the required responsibility, many people are only in for the high in the short term, even after entering marriage they will still abide by their old model of indulgence, not only are they still addicted to masturbation but might even have extramarital affairs, visiting prostitutes and similar behavior, the final play of divorce awaits them.

Related documents:

[Life Times] magazine reported in 2006, November the 8th, “The ever-increasing rampant cases of STD and the number of single parents are causing the American government headache, in order to guarantee the health and to improve the quality of its citizens, the government granted 50 million USD to the project of “self-restraint education” which promotes premarital self-restriction. The government required that young people wait until they have past 30 years of age before starting their sex lives. Recently, the American federal government notified the various states the approval of utilizing dedicated subsidy in order to encourage young people in their 20s, to life a self-restrained life before getting married.

In the recent 10 years, Americans which were originally seen as sexually liberated, have begun to promote “self-restraint education”, with the purpose of changing the concepts of the youth to slowly return to be more traditional. According to understanding, in recent years, the Ministry of Health and Welfare have allocated 5 million USD in federal education funds for the self-restraining educational project, this is the education project that has been awarded a prize.

The American self-restraint educational group NAEA mainly aids the stately federal government in the promotion of sexual education, answering questions related to sex from the youth, and then analyzing these questions using statistics and in doing so helping the youth to form a healthy view towards sex. At the moment, the self-restraint educational group mainly touches on 13 topics, statistical data have shown, within the American high schools today, at least 70% of the schools have addressed 8 of the 13 topics: self-restraint is the most effective means of preventing pregnancy (87%), withstanding peer pressure (83%), the risk of having multiple sexual partners (81%), students making sexual behavior decisions in order to affect others (80%), at least 3/5 of the high schools also talks about marriage and vows (69%), the safety of condoms (65%). In primary school, the most talked about the topic by teachers is the development of the human body.

The self-restraint educational group will also visit various American cities, and to provide curriculum based on the demand from the schools and on the age of the students. These curricula are largely short-term based, not exceeding 2 months in length. The requirement for the curriculum teachers is a postgraduate degree in psychology. The teachers would form groups and then go out to different schools in order to give lectures, individual schools may also apply for their teachers to join the educational programme. In 2011, the teachers have undertaken a lesson in college called “human-based sexual behavior”. A questionnaire was then conducted on the entire class of 150 students (with roughly 50% being female), the finding was that 80% of the female students were virgins with the majority of them being born in the 90s. This number is significantly higher than the ones posted in the previous years, the teachers were very shocked by this, one teacher stated: this number increases every year, perhaps as a result of the self-restraining education.


Confucius said: “There are three things which the superior man guards against. In youth, when the physical powers are not yet settled, he guards against lust. When he is strong and the physical powers are full of vigor, he guards against quarrelsomeness. When he is old, and the animal powers are decayed, he guards against covetousness.” Cutting out of all sexual thoughts and material is the first cultivation, it is also the first challenge for the youthful, this challenge must be passed. Master Yin Guang: “Lust is the common problem in the world. Not only the low and the middle class are obsessed by lust, even the upper class, if not vigilant in their guard, also easily become obsessed by lust. Try and see how many of the heroes from the ancient and modern times, firm-footed as the holy man, only because they cannot conquer lust, becomes fools and unworthy, he who treads the evil path, difficult it is to secure many victories." [The Distinction between Good and Evil Karma]: “There are ten kinds of karma related to the repeated evil indulgence. Why 10 kinds? First, a desirous heart burns vigorously. Two, the wife is not chaste. Three, poor for growth. Four, the elimination of a good way. Five, leisurely indulgence of both sexes. Six, the dispersion of assets. Seven, doubting heart. Eight, separation from virtuous friends. Nine, mistrust from relatives. Ten, life is ended with three strokes” We must learn to control our desire and not become slaves to desire, we need to learn to transmute our sexual energies and apply it onto our careers, excessive masturbation must be avoided at all cost. Otherwise, our five viscera and six organs are depleted along with our brain power, such would be miserable. Let us say no to premarital sexual behavior and guard our last line in the sand, let us be chaste and save it until after we are married, avoiding depleting ourselves before marriage.
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I feel lucky to have found your posts.
Also to know that being a 24 yr old I'm yet to discover where my health and career will go before I get married to someone I love.
WE are blessed, not cursed.
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Yes the earlier we discover the truth the better. Indeed, we are all blessed.
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Hi guys! Everybody may now find the latest compilation of the translation in a PDF file, the link to the PDF is posted at the beginning of the 1st page in this thread. I will be updating the compilation every 5 chapters, so at chapter 5, 10, 15 and so on.

I would also like to add a word of caution, and that is to not rely too much on the translations for the purpose of diagnosing your own illness. The reason is very simple; I am not a TCM practitioner and there may be errors in the translation, furthermore, I believe that the original author Soaring Eagle is a layman himself. As a layman, the interpretation of the ancient TCM texts will not be 100% correct, when translated, additional accuracy is lost. So please keep this in mind when reading and comparing the symptoms and the descriptions with your own state of health.


Season 14 part 1/2 [Soaring Eagle experience: black eye ring and eye bags, grey hair, hemorrhoids and rhinitis issues in detail]

Lately while browsing the rebooting forums I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon, that the understanding of many brothers has cleared risen, this is evident from answering the questions. In reality, as these brothers studies they “grow in understanding”, in the game Go, when the players skill increase it is called “grow in qi” (Translator’s note: qi = game, not to be confused with the energy qi), in reboot this can be called “grow in understanding”. When understanding has been raised then the determination will also naturally increase. Through the constant study of rebooting articles and health cultivation, the level of awareness will clearly exceed that of a rebooting rookie. By ever persisting and increasing one’s understanding, remaining clean forever is not far away.

What we cultivate in rebooting is the level of our determination, when the determination has risen then rebooting will be successful. The thing we need to be aware of is when we don’t study and when we let our guard down, else we will not be successful in our reboot.

The biggest issue that rookies have is the existence of misconceptions, all forms of doubts and hesitation must be overcome. Through raising questions can doubts be erased, by doing so we are able to solidify our belief, otherwise the unresolved questions will impede our rebooting progress. For example, when many people run into withdrawal symptoms, their first thought is the harmfulness of self-restraint, thinking that such restraint will give rise to problems. If we have not properly understood this issue then relapse will happen easily. There are many other misconceptions in thought and they must receive correction. To reboot one must recondition the thoughts, or else we cannot be successful in rebooting.

Below we will enter the main topic.

Black eye ring and eye bags are two problems that I have experienced. The eye bags started to appear when I was 19 years old while black eye rings already showed up during middle school. Because that I loved to exercise, the black eye rings were not that serious. According to my careful observation and experience, among those people who love to exercise, the issue of the black eye rings would occur relatively infrequently, even when they should appear, by actively exercising and taking care to be well rested, the problem will subside very quickly. But for

those who do not love to exercise stays up and sits for long sessions, the black eye rings would be quite stubborn. The way of exercising that I recommend should ideally be done outdoors and under the sun. TCM believes, sunbathing will warm up the yang energy of the body, it is an indispensable component in health cultivation. Sunbathing allows the body to gain vitamin D and increase the resistance of the body and preventing all sorts of illnesses.

There is skill involved in sunbathing, it is appropriate to open up both palms (Laogong acupuncture point) towards the sun when it is rising during the morning, breathe deeply, in this way we are able to nurture the heart and the lungs. When the sun is overhead during noon time, especially during the winter noons, this is the most precious time for sunbathing, it’s appropriate to remove the hat and allow the sun qi to be absorbed by the crown of the head (Baihui acupuncture point), in this way the heart and the brain is nurtured. Afterwards, lower the head and allow the sunshine to be absorbed in the back of the neck (Fengchi acupuncture point), Fengchi point is the source point in the body’s defense against external negative qi.

Of course, one needs to take care of the degree in sunbathing, to not overdo it. 1h per day is enough, don’t sit all day in front of the computer screen, this is very unfavorable to the recovery of the body. It’s good to increase contact with nature, increase sunbathing and exercise.

In TCM, black eye rings arise mostly due to deficient kidney qi, inadequacy in essence and qi, impeded arteries and veins and the loss of nutrients to the eyes. Therefore, to recovery from black eye rings, one needs to pay attention to health cultivation, active exercising, in this way the black eye rings will recover relatively quickly.

I remember that I had masturbated quite frequently in the summer holiday following my national higher education entrance exam, when I looked at myself in the mirror after the holiday I saw eye bags! Once eye bags start to appear, a person would look several years older, this gives out a decadent look which lacked vitality. Although I didn’t know much about health cultivation at the time, I knew that exercise would help my body to recover, therefore I would often go for a slow jog and run for 20 laps during each session at a very slow pace. After jogging for 20 days and then looking into the mirror, the eye bags have disappeared, the quality of the skin improved a lot and the improvement in complexion was apparent. However, my determination was low at the time, I was still in the brute force and blind stage, so not long afterward I started to masturbate again,

when I again looked into the mirror, the eye bags returned again. And so I was quite troubled during those years and battled against eye bags for a long time, but I was still unable to solve the problem, this is because I was still masturbating. Originally, I made the eye bags vanish due to great efforts made in exercising and resting well, but as soon as I let down my guard, eye bags would return and not only that, my facial complexion would become a lot worse, like expired fruit, the feeling of being all dried up and decaying. At the time I had looked into eye bag removing surgical procedures, there is external cut and internal cut. It also came to my understanding that the procedures will not help you to remove the eye bags completely, there will be a chance of relapse, if you continue to masturbate, eye bags will return.

The emergence of eye bags is largely due to the lungs’ diminishing ability to dry up water, the inferior function of the lungs, the block of Chengqi and Sibai acupoints. TCM believes: kidney is the gate of the stomach. (Translator’s note: in a healthy person, when we intake water it is passed onto the kidneys from the stomach, as if through a doorway. When the kidneys are sick, that the doorway does not function properly, the result is swollenness in various areas of the body). [Suwen] states: “Kidney is the gate of the stomach, when the gate is is malfunctioning, it induces the accumulation of water, swollenness in the skin. Patient suffering from edema, due to the accumulation of water” Kidneys are not only the gates of the stomach but also stores the essences of the five viscera and the six bowels. Masturbation causes the weakening of the kidneys, once that happens, the whole body is prone to run into issues. The issue of eye bags is but one of the expressions from weakened kidneys, although eye bags are located above the stomach meridian, located at the Chengqi acupoint, the root cause is still the kidneys. When the kidneys are weakened, the function of the internal organs becomes disorderly.

Now that I have completely cut off PMO and sexual fantasization, the issue of eye bags is nowhere to be seen, although not completely level, it is in level with a person in my age. With the onset of eye bags, the prerequisite for recovery is to abstain from masturbation and fantasization completely, else the recovery will be very difficult.

The issue of grey hair will be discussed below.

I have also been troubled by greying, although it was not a genetic condition. During my youth I had masturbated frequently, though I did manage to take good care of my rest and nutrition, there were grey hairs but not that many. Afterwards, I masturbated but also stayed up at night, my eating habits were irregular, sometimes having only one meal per day, not long afterward, many grey hairs sprouted up. I had several dussins of grey hair on every side of the head, in addition, the vast amount of hair was falling out, over 100 strands of hair daily. At the time I almost capitulated, I knew that it was self-inflicted karma and cannot blame anybody else, I could only blame it on my own indulgences.

Factors which induces grey hair:

1. Psychological factors, stress, sad feelings, anxiety, fright etc will all cause premature greying. It is the belief of modern medicine that negative psychological factors will cause spasms in the blood vessels responsible for providing nutrients to the hair, this causes a decline in the function with the pigment cells around the hairballs and follicles, which in turn affects the formation and transportation of the melanin particles.

2. Experimental evidence on nutritional imbalance has shown that if black lab rats are denied folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamins in their diet, their hair would turn into a greyish color. In addition, the color of the hair pigment particles is related to its metal content. The black hair pigment particles contain copper, cobalt and iron elements, if some of these elements is missing then the appearance of grey hair will become likely. Moreover, Grey hair will also appear under the condition of the lack of proteins and serious malnutrition.

3. Sufferers of chronic illnesses, some people suffer from autonomic nervous disorders, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, internal secretion obstacles etc, the emergence of grey hair will also be present. This is because the illnesses have damaged or disrupted the follicles, the growth and maturation of the hairball color pigment cells, causing them to lose the ability to secrete black color pigments and hindering the formation of melanin particles.

4. Inheritable factor, premature greying is also affected by prenatal factors to a certain degree, where premature greying has previously occurred with parents or in the family tree.

5. Evil life habits and staying up, long sitting, sexual indulgence, all of these habits injures the kidney qi, TCM: The splendor of the hair is rooted in the kidneys. People with these evil habits will encounter grey hair with more ease.

My hair has now recovered, after rebooting for half a year, I can see that the root of the new hair is black. I’m very attentive about health cultivation, this has been a beneficial factor in my recovery. Many people reboot without cultivating the health, recovery will be relatively more difficult. I have also eaten black colored food but have not taken them intentionally, included is black sesame, black beans, black mushrooms which I ate often. My rebooting process was very thorough, combined with health cultivation, this is the root cause of my recovery. On the psychological level, I didn’t pressure myself too much, I managed my mood very well and didn’t have many negative emotions, no anger, no complaining, no jealousy, each day went by in a state of calmness. Many brothers will become agitated and easily angered, this is very normal because kidney qi is not abundant, the emotional expression of being easily irritated and angered will take place. And so it’s important to properly manage the mood, keeping one’s emotions stable. Negative emotions are like earthquakes and have very adverse impacts on the body and mind, the harm of which cannot be underestimated and is very negative for the recovery of the body. I remember that my neighbor next door was a boy that was a couple years older than I, he had premature greying, it was not inherited, he ate well, but the family was not in harmony, the parents would often quarrel which caused him a large amount of pressure. To constantly live under the shadow of domestic violence is, in fact, a greying inducing psychological factor, when the family is not harmonious, the psychological pressure will be big.

The principle of recovering from greying is very simple but is hard to do, it is through doing things the opposite way! Put a stop to the greying inducing factors, thoroughly reboot, learn about health cultivation, through this the issue of greying will gradually recover. There is a process involved, you must increase and deepen your understanding of health cultivation in order to increase the chances of recovery. Otherwise, rebooting with health cultivation is far from enough. I have mentioned about the specific ways to cultivate the health in chapter 12, everybody can go and have a look.

The problem of hemorrhoids will be discussed below:

Hemorrhoids are also a very common problem, as the saying goes, 9 out of 10 men will encounter hemorrhoids! There is another saying: out of 10 women 10 will have hemorrhoids. The chances for women to catch hemorrhoids is also very high, this is because women have special physiological periods and are more prone to suffer injuries in both blood and qi, combined with long sitting, hemorrhoids will come knocking on the door. I had my first hemorrhoids at around the age of 20, at the time I masturbated frequently. During a period of time when I was sitting on a sagging sofa, after a while I would feel something below, that’s when I had caught hemorrhoids. The hospital determined the hemorrhoids to be internal, by applying the subscribed medicine the hemorrhoids would subside, but the root of the issue will remain. Hemorrhoids brought much trouble to my life, I was unable to eat cold or spicy food, so at the time I took extra care when eating instant noodles, spicy food would induce the return of the hemorrhoids, stools tended to contain traces of blood. Afterwards, when I studied TCM I understood, masturbation would induce a deficiency in the qi, when your qi is abundant there will be no issues when sitting on the sofa because qi pushes the blood around. Sitting on a sofa while having adequate qi will not cause stasis in the qi and blood, but once qi is deficient and you sit on the sofa then it will cause the qi and blood stasis, hemorrhoids will easily emerge.

The anatomical cause of hemorrhoids: When a person is standing or sitting, the rectum is situated at the bottom. Due to heavy exertion and restriction in the internal organs, the backward flow of blood through the veins becomes blocked.

As of now, my hemorrhoids have completely healed, I did not expect it to go according to my plan. The recovery process for my hemorrhoids was very peculiar, at first I thought that hemorrhoids will not heal without an operation. Of course, hemorrhoids might relapse following the operation, because, from a medical perspective, hemorrhoids arise due to obstructions of blood reflux in the veins, therefore, operations will only help to eliminate the hemorrhoids but cannot guarantee the recovery of the obstruction issue.

I remember 2 years ago I started to soak my feet with traditional Chinese medicine, I used mugwort leaves purchased from Taobao. At the time I read from Dan GuiMin’s blog on curing hemorrhoid from its root by using moxibustion. The method was to sit on a hollowed out chair, using moxibustion to smoke hemorrhoid from the below, after approximately a week, the hemorrhoid core would fall off and the hemorrhoid is cured. Naturally, this process is a bit painful, not everybody is able to withstand it. After seeing it I didn’t dare to try it, so I used mugworts to soak my feet, unexpectedly, after 3 days of treatment I felt that the hemorrhoid was turning outward and becoming bigger, that’s when I knew that the warming and activating the meridian function of the mugwort leaves were working. It was very painful when the hemorrhoid was turning outwards and could not sit down, sitting down was painful, I could only sit at an angle. At that time I already started with moxibustion treatment, of course, I didn’t dare to apply moxibustion directly on the hemorrhoids. I applied moxibustion on the Shenque acupoint, it is also the navel point, after soaking my feet for 3 days hemorrhoid turned outwards, on the 4th day I applied moxibustion on my navel for 40 minutes, I felt that the hemorrhoid was about to break, I immediately pulled the anus inwards and hemorrhoid indeed broke, the core fell out. After that incident my hemorrhoid has healed complete without further relapses.

Those brothers that are suffering from hemorrhoid may try my method, naturally, there are many ways to treat hemorrhoids. I have only shared my own experience with everyone which I hope to be of help.

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Season 14 part 2/2

Lastly let’s talk about the issue of rhinitis.

I have a hypersensitive constitution and suffer from allergic rhinitis. When I sneeze I sometimes sneeze a dozen times in a row. I remember that my nose was not very healthy ever since childhood, although I didn’t masturbate at the time, due to inadequate prenatal conditions I would easily catch a cold due to exogenic cold, and so I often catch cold as a child and later I got asthma. However, the rhinitis I had back then was not that serious. When entering puberty I masturbated frequently, rhinitis suddenly becomes more serious, throughout the entire year my nose would be stuff, it was very painful. I tried many curing methods with no avail, afterward, I underwent an operation to remove the inferior nasal conchae which did alleviate my symptoms a lot, but it was still not good enough, whenever there was a change of season I would run into issues.

At the time I was in a state of ignorance and was totally unaware of that masturbation was exacerbating my symptoms, after studying TCM I understood, TCM: essence deficiency, nasosinusitis. When there is an essence deficiency, it would induce rhinitis, because kidneys govern inhalation while the lungs mainly govern exhalation. If those with a weak constitution masturbate, rhinitis would become more serious, because a weak constitution emphasizes the point that the body is unable to handle further depletions. Everybody has different constitutions, some people are born with a naturally strong constitution if a level of depletion is not reached there will be no symptoms. But for me I have a weak constitution, symptoms would appear with the slightest depletion. I remember a brother once mentioned that he had a naturally strong constitution and would not feel cold even leaving arms exposed during winter, afterward due to frequent masturbation he has injured the kidney yang, the four limbs would feel cold even during the summer, the kidney yang has become deficient. If you masturbate for a year a two the body will not have problems, but if you keep going and have injured your body to a certain extent, then symptoms would surely appear. Some people love to exercise and have well-ordered schedules, in those cases symptoms would be mild. But no matter how strong the body is, after 40 years of age the body will start to decline, by then many latent illnesses will all erupt at once, this is all caused by overindulgence in youth. When we are young our yang qi is abundant and so we will not notice anything, as we age, many issues would become more apparent.

I still have rhinitis to this day, but compared to before it is a big improvement, previously I would feel bad every day and now I very seldom feel bad. Moreover, I have learned moxibustion, when the nose is feeling uncomfortable, by applying moxibustion on the Hegu and Zusanli acupoints, the obstructions would clear up very quickly. In reality, many people suffer from aggravated rhinitis as a result of masturbation. In my vicinity several friends have it. My cousin didn’t have rhinitis before, but then he learned how to masturbate, a few years later he also had rhinitis. Masturbation induces kidney qi deficiency, the resistance of the body would vastly decrease when an inner deficiency is present, outer evil would enter more easily, in this way the chances of catching many illnesses is increased. Therefore, one must cut out masturbation and cultivate the kidney qi. Else many illnesses will come knocking! Remember this at all cost.
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I used Otrivin nasal spray for nasal congestion and it was MAGICAL! I could breathe so easily and have sound sleep only to later realise it's been 2 months and I can't sleep without Otrivin. I gave it up forever. I always thought getting a surgery done was the only option, but reading how even surgery doesn't give the desired results now I believe I was wrong. You cleared my 20-yr long misconception man.

BTW I'm pretty amazed by your translation skills. How in the world did you interpret Moxibustion?! Phew!
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Hi Beyondthequicksand! I'm glad to have helped you to clear the misconception, I'm sure that your nasal congestion would heal in time given that one is persistent in both rebooting and living according to a healthy lifestyle. I have not tried moxibustion myself but have heard many positive feedbacks on it, there are lots of info about it on the internet in case you are interested.
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Season 15 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of soft legs, secretion of oil, tension disorder and scrotum dampness]

The phenomenon of soft legs is very common among brothers. It is a common sight in the forums to see brothers relating to soft legs that are lacking in strength. In TCM this is easy to explain, because kidneys govern the bones, also that the kidney meridian starts from the Yongquan acupoint at the bottom of the legs and continues upwards. Therefore, following masturbation or even nocturnal emission, the phenomenon of soft legs easily occur. This phenomenon has also been verified in TCM, masturbation induces porosity in the bones and a decrease in bone density. TCM also mentions the waist houses the kidneys, the kidneys runs through the knees. A common symptom of kidney deficiency is soreness in the waist and knees, many brothers suffer from waist pains. Many people would experience lots of pain when bending their waist. This, in reality, is the typical expression of inadequate kidney essence, a signal from the body to not indulge any further.

I masturbated frequently during middle and high school, when playing basketball I would often sprain my ankle. Many times when it happened there was no body contact involved. After having masturbated I would always feel weakness in the legs, my footing not being firm. But I didn’t know it was caused by masturbation and I didn’t know about medical principles. Now that I have studied TCM theory I came to understand the underlying reasons.
These days I’m watching NBA and happened to see Roosevelt from the Buffalo Bulls injure his knees, the situation was that the overlapping ligament of the left knees was torn, the next season is forfeited. Roosevelt’s injury was very peculiar, no body contact took place, he was holding the ball and made a forward leap, the knee was injured. Seeing such an injury, I dare to say that the night before the match, Roosevelt either had a nocturnal emission or was indulging, combined with the accumulation of wear and fatigue from the frequent matches, this strange kind of injury then happened. To this day I still remember a scene from  Stallone’s Rocky 1, Rocky’s coach told him to not touch women, touching women makes one’s legs weak and would affect the performance during a match. In competitive sports it is taboo to touch women before a match, touching women weakens the legs and makes one unable to properly perform many movements, injuries also occur more easily. I have seen the boxing king Tyson’s documentary, when commenting about his loss versus Douglas in Japan, Tyson said that he lost the match due to
his indulgences and entered the match in a bad physical state, the consequence is easy to imagine; defeated by a vastly inferior Douglas.

Following masturbation or nocturnal emission, one must take care to rest well, abstain from heavy exercises in order to avoid injuries.

Below we will discuss the oil secretion issue.

Many brothers experience the secretion of oil following masturbation, this is because masturbation causes hormonal imbalance and so the secretion of oil will occur. Of course, it is not only limited to the secretion of oil, some brothers experience dryness in the skin. Hormonal imbalance can be grouped into 2 categories, in the first category, there is the secretion of oil, in the second category we have dryness of the skin. In summary, there are more cases of oil secretions, this has to do with the different constitutions of our bodies.

There 2 categories of oil secretion:

1. Secretion of oil from the face
2. Secretion of oil from the scalp

Oil secretion in the face easily lead to acne and pimples, furthermore, the acne that is caused by masturbation is often very stubborn and belongs to the stubborn form of acne, it is very difficult to recover from if one does not cut out masturbation. When the face is always oily, it will also affect the looks of a person. When the scalp is secreting oil it will easily lead to seborrheic alopecia, sufferers often have thin and soft hair, sometimes it is also accompanied by scalp dermatitis symptoms. I have specifically talked about the issue of hair loss in an earlier chapter. Normally, mild to medium degree of hair loss is relatively easy to recover from, heavy hair loss is relatively more difficult to recover from, there is a saying that “accumulation is hard to retrace”, those that have the financial means can try hair implantation. After quitting masturbation, I clearly noticed a decline in the oiliness of the skin, the same goes for the scalp, this is a sign that the hormonal imbalance has been corrected. Therefore, in order to reduce the secretion of oil, one must cut out masturbation, do not only expend effort on surface issues, make adjustments from the root of the issue. Some brothers would ask, could one use oil removing products? My answer is, one certainly can, but rebooting must be emphasized, otherwise one is only treating the symptoms and not the cause. Only through persistent rebooting can the hormonal imbalance return to normal, otherwise, all the product in the world can only ease the issue but not cure it.

Let’s continue towards the issue of tension disorder.

Tension disorder can be categorized as:

1. Urinating obstacles.
2. Obstacles during sex.

Many brothers have provided the feedback: being unable to urinate when other people are around, returned to normal when nobody is around. Other brothers have reported that when it comes sex, there are problems with erection, this kind of nervousness obstacles is, in reality, an expression of weakened kidney qi, when the kidney qi has been damaged to a certain degree then this kind of phenomenon will appear. I have experienced these two phenomena myself, normally after a period of rebooting while actively exercising, rhythmic lifestyle habits, abundant kidney qi, nervousness obstacles will diminish substantially and even self-heal. Therefore, those brothers with this kind of conditions should not fret too much, reboot and accumulate the kidney qi and recovery is possible.
Lastly, let’s talk about the issue of scrotum dampness.

This is also a very common problem, the majority of brothers will have experienced this phenomenon. With scrotum dampness one feels uncomfortable, it is a disturbing annoyance. Scrotum dampness points to scrotum erosion, moist, itching that are due to deficiencies in the spleen, allergy to medicines, deficiency in vitamins, fungus breeding among other factors, it is mostly a male-specific skin disease. Scrotum dampness is the typical clinical expression of chronic prostatitis, it is often caused by disorders in the autonomic nerves as a result of chronic prostatitis. As one recovers from prostatitis, scrotum dampness will appear intermittently until it disappears. Scrotum dampness is one of the typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis which is related to frequent long sittings, working in a hot environment and varicocele. If you are suffering from prostatitis, then your scrotum dampness is related to prostatitis.

Previously I have had scrotum dampness with even the appearance of eczema, it is extremely uncomfortable, always damp like water and with the scrotum hanging loose. Normally, those with prostatitis will all have scrotum dampness. Naturally, if you have scrotum dampness, you can go check if you also have prostatitis. After I have cut out masturbation, exercised actively, took care of my rest, accumulated enough kidney qi, scrotum dampness slowly disappeared, the scrotum was also pulled upwards, prostatitis was healed. Therefore, those brothers that have encountered scrotum dampness, the best way would be to keep rebooting, by doing so there will be the hope of solving this trouble.
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I have seen one of the motivational videos where Buster Douglas actually beat down Mike Tyson! Even in India here, wrestlers are told to stay away from sex and follow Brahmacharya ( NoFap ) in their prime years.

....This is all true...
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Season 16 [Soaring Eagle experience: complementary info on nocturnal emission, harmlessness theories, theory on harmfulness from restraining and the frequency of sex during marriage]

I have treated the issue of nocturnal emission in chapter 3 and 7, it is a big issue. Frequent emissions harm the body greatly, in addition, relapses are made very easy following emissions, thoughts will become swayed, this is why it’s important to decrease the number of emissions in order to benefit the recovery process. Regarding nocturnal emissions I have recommended kidney strengthening exercise, its result according to feedback can be divided into 2 categories. In the first category the result is very good, many brothers really achieved having one nocturnal emission over a month, usually 30+ days, some have achieved 40+ days, where previously it has been 8 times/month, therefore, there is no doubt around the effectiveness of the kidney strengthening exercise. In the other category, there is not much improvement and is very troubling. Why is it that other people have achieved 30+ days but not me? Those who have not made it must ask themselves this question.

In this season I will once more discuss this issue in depth, I hope it can help everyone to deepen their understanding of the issue of nocturnal emissions.

Those brothers who have not achieved the desired results reminded me of my gym lessons from school. The gym teacher would demonstrate a movement to everyone, those with a talent in exercising would grasp the essentials very quickly and be able to do the move accurately. On the other hand, there is a lot of people who have practiced the move many times without mastering it. The content of the instruction from the teacher is the same, but the absorbing ability and the degree of absorption are different for the students. But if you persist in your practice, there will come a day when you have found the feeling. People with a high talent might find the correct feeling very quickly, people with lower talent might need to spend a week, even a month to find the correct feeling, this is the first point.

The second point, many people already possess flexible ligaments and are able to touch the ground. However, being able to touch the ground is not enough, one must find the tightening feeling from the stretch, increase the tightness. Many people stop short after they have touched the ground, thinking that they have done their part, in reality, this is only the beginning, one must thrust towards the limit and then repeat the exercise for at least 10 times under such circumstance. Once this has been achieved then they are doing their part, do not stop just short of reaching one’s limit. After touching the ground, touch it with the palms, after that stand on a chair and try to touch the ground, one step at a time. Many brothers mention that they are not flexible and are unable to touch the ground, this is quite OK, the important thing is the tightening feeling from the stretch. Although you are not flexible you are able to find that tightening feeling and is able to intensify it, over time, you will naturally be able to touch the ground, not only that, when you become skilled you will have an easy time to touch the ground with the palms. The difficulty lies in persistence, this is a gradual process, few people are able to touch the ground with their palms on their first try.

Point three, there are many factors that would induce nocturnal emissions. The kidney strengthening exercise is not a panacea, if you trip over one of those factors you will still have emission. 2 days ago I answered a question from a brother, his situation is the following; he persists in doing kidney strengthening exercise and is able to reduce the frequency of nocturnal emissions, but in recent days he would have frequent emissions and is very troubled by it, he wonders about what the problem is? I then helped him to analyze and let him try to recall what he has done in recent days. Then he replied that he has recently caught a cold and have besides been playing basketball. Then I told him: the answer has been found, your case on nocturnal emission has been solved. The reason for his frequent emissions is very simple, but if you don’t understand the principle behind it, one might not figure it out during the entire lifetime. He caught a cold, the body, in this case, is already weakened, then he goes off to play basketball and sweat profusely, TCM: Profuse sweating hurts the yang qi, labor hurts the yang qi. When he played basketball after catching a cold, he acted in accordance with the saying in TCM “double weakness leads to disaster”. Fatigue is a reason for nocturnal emissions during the night, many people over-exercise during the day, after sweating they become very tired, in the night they then have a nocturnal emission. This kind of fatigue followed by emission is very very common, there are many such cases among those that I have collected. The mistakes that younger people tend to make is: over-exercising, only knows how to release but not to restrain. When the body is weakened, care must be taken into resting, TCM has stated: He who sweats loses essence. Playing basketball makes one sweat a lot, when the essence is suddenly injured, nocturnal emission will easily occur at night. I have also had experiences regarding the damaging effect of fatigue on the essences, when my body is weakened and I went for a few sets of deep squats, during the night I had an emission. Therefore, when the body is weakened, try to refrain from heavy exercises and avoid those exercises that would cause one to sweat heavily, otherwise, nocturnal emission will easily occur during the night. One needs to take care of the degree of intensity when playing basketball and also pay attention to timing, don’t go playing when the body is weakened or is feeling unwell, emphasize convalescence. One may perform low-intensity exercises such as taking a walk.

Factors that induce nocturnal emission:

    1. Sexual fantasizing during the day
    2. Fatigue during the day
    3. Intake alcohol
    4. Heavy meat consumption
    5. Intake of supplementary medicine
    6. Sleeping facing down
    7. Sleeping naked
    8. Sunbathing the blankets
    9. Too thick blankets
    10. Meditation before bed
    11. Tight underwear
    12. Pushing against or sandwiching the blankets
    13. Improper use of moxibustion
    14. Guarding the dantian while meditating
    15. Staying up late and long sitting
    16. Drinking too much water before bed
    17. Over exercising
    18. Illness
    19.  Weakened kidneys, dreamlessness
    20.Spicy diet, heavy diet
    21. Nervousness (including nightmare)
    22. Pressing (including sleeping facing down)
    23. Anger (causes disorders in blood and qi)

Regarding the issue of nocturnal emissions, I have already replied to several hundred questions. The main causes that I have summarized are the 23 points in the above. As senior rebooter, the things done were from “trial and error”, using what one has learned through experience and passing these on to brothers, especially to newcomers. The misconceptions among newcomers are very great, the correct understanding must be established for the newcomers, or else he might never understand.

Many brothers would take notes after having a nocturnal emission, they would note down the time of the occurrence. But what they are lacking is a thorough understanding towards nocturnal emission, if you do not clearly recognize the causes, then there is no way to truly avoid nocturnal emissions, the same mistakes will be repeated without knowing what has transpired. I will name an example: to not be robbed by the thief, one must outsmart the thief, the thief is already very smart, yet you must outsmart him as well as keep improving upon yourself. Through this way can the frequency of the emissions be reduced to the maximum degree. If you are able to control the frequency of the emissions to once per month, then this will be very favorable to your recovery process. Or else, no matter how much Chinese medicine you take, the efficiency will be reduced, because you are leaking too much!

Every emission is like solving a case, looking for clues and the triggering factor. Of course, there is no need to deliberately look for clues if the frequency is once per month. This is because, for ordinary people, the theory of essence overflowing is applicable. But if the frequency exceeds 3 times/month, for sure this is not due to the overflowing of the essence, but it belongs to the abnormal state of emissions. Only when the cause has been found can we avoid it in the future, or else if you fail to consider and summarize following an episode of emission, the result will still be frequent emissions. According to my understanding, there are plenty of brothers who have been bothered by the issue of nocturnal emission for over a decade, they experience aching waist and knees, strengthless body, tinnitus, decreased brain power, the symptoms are plentiful.

I will share 2 more cases. The first is about eating too much pig kidneys, followed by nocturnal emission. The other is about eating too much sesame, followed by nocturnal emission. Sesame is very good, but health cultivators in ancient times only eat 2 pellets per day, why don’t they eat more? Because eating more makes it harder to digest and to absorb, also that it induces nocturnal emissions. Therefore, it is permitted to intake sesame, but one must pay attention to the quantity, don’t intake a full bowl at a time as that will easily lead to nocturnal emission when it comes to supplementary things one has to pay attention to the quantity. In addition, one should also eat less meat, or else frequent emissions will easily occur, it will also promote desire, remember at all cost!

Below let’s talk about harmlessness theory and the theory of harm from restraining:

Harmlessness theories tend to be very confusing and misleading because everybody knows that after marriage there will be sexual activities, why shouldn’t there be any such activities before marriage? Many people carry misconceptions in their thoughts and will ask such questions, they would also agree on the idea of harmlessness from moderation. Back in the days I was also confused by the harmlessness theory and deeply misled by it, these seemingly correct theories are highly damaging to teenagers and inexperienced brothers. These theories will allow the masturbators to sink deeper into the trap when the body is displaying symptoms it is past the time for regrets. In the many cases that I’ve seen, brothers would always criticize the harmlessness theory as they think that it has harmed them from the very start. Therefore, with regards to the harmlessness theory, one’s position must be firm and resolute, there is no room for doubts, or else it is impossible to become clean, one will only wander aimlessly in the vicious circle.

The hole in the theory of moderation is ignoring the addictive quality of masturbation as it is highly addictive. Once hooked, you are no longer in control, like a breached dam. Many brothers would do it twice once they have relapsed, even indulging in several days at a time, impossible to hold back. Why is it that after marriage, it is allowed to have a sex life? In the post-marriage sex life, one must, of course, pay attention to “moderation”. Records since ancient times have it noted that sexual excess weakens the body and induces illnesses. Many brothers in the rebooting forums are already married, yet they still want to reboot, why? Because the body is greatly weakened and is stricken with many symptoms, one must reboot or it is all finished. Normally, I would advise those brothers with wives to have a good talk together in order to arrive at an understanding, this is a good approach to rebooting, or else the wife might misunderstand you and would easily lead to conflicts. Once you have practiced restraint for a while and have accumulated enough kidney qi, by then it will not be too late to have a sex life, as long as the health is intact we can endure temporary setbacks. Suppose that you overdrafted on your health in advance, in the future one becomes complete impotent, that’s not the worse news given that countless symptoms will come knocking on the door.

The guideline to post marital sex life: accumulate abundant kidney qi, use it sparingly. If symptoms have already appeared, abstain for a while, accumulate till abundance, use again.

To put a stop to premarital sexual behavior: the purpose is to let your kidney qi go unscathed as much as possible. Otherwise, many brothers fool around before marriage and waste away their health, what will they resort to after marriage?

Regarding harmlessness theories, I will name an example, after seeing this everyone will know how to treat harmlessness theories. It goes like this: Two people come up to you to talk, one says that elephants are grey, the other says elephants are blue. The first person supports his claim with good arguments while the latter comes up with even better arguments, this is when you start to hesitate and don’t know who to trust because both sides have good arguments. In this moment, I will tell you a method and that is to go see yourself what color the elephant is! Reality triumphs rhetoric! Similarly, when it comes to rebooting, you can directly look for cases from brothers in suffering and study them, let them speak for themselves and discover the truth in them. Cases are the foremost precious resource, the reported conditions are the most real.

Regarding harmfulness from restraining theories, many brothers have asked about this. I can definitely say to everyone, restraining is not harmful but with one condition, one must put an end to sexual fantization as much as possible. Otherwise, fire meets fire while one tries to hold it back, problems will arise. In the TCM medical records, I have seen quite a few similar cases, induced by sexual fantization. If the cultivation of the heart is in place, then this problem will not exist. Many monks have lived for e beyond 100 years old when the heart is properly cultivated, restraining poses no damage to the body. Many brothers run into symptoms after they start to reboot, then he thinks about the articles on the harm from abstaining, he immediately starts to masturbate. In this case, he has actually not realized the withdrawal symptoms. According to my experiences, almost every brother will encounter withdrawal symptoms after they start to reboot, some are mild while others are severe, this is all very normal. When the vital energy is being replenished, latent illnesses will naturally express themselves, persist in rebooting, the withdrawal symptoms will vanish and the body will become successively better.

Lastly, let’s talk about the frequency of sex post marriage.

The frequency of sex following marriage is a watched topic, everyone could refer to the essay from Sun Simiao, the king of Chinese medicine.

The way to manage the woman, if one is able to ejaculate twice in a month, 24 times in a year, one will surely live to be 200 years old, with healthy color and no illnesses. If medicine is applied, longevity is made possible. He who is in his 20s, one ejaculation every 4 days, in his 30s, once every 8 days, in his 40s, once every 16 days, in his 50s, once every 20 days, in his 60s, cease ejaculation, if the body is still strong, one ejaculation every 30 days.

This paragraph from the medicine king is reserved for married couples. Because that people in the past marries early, people in their 20s are generally all married. Those people at the time do not advocate premarital sexual behavior, this is because they have a deep understanding of this area, they know that premarital behavior results in bad karma.

The mentioned frequency of sexual behavior has a condition and that is the condition that your kidney qi is abundant. Otherwise, if your kidney qi is already depleted, if you carry on like this it will only become more depleted, the recovery will be made endlessly more difficult.

My personal recommendation is 2 times/month under the condition that the kidney qi is abundant, this frequency will have a little damaging effect on the body.
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Season 17 [Soaring Eagle experience: how to conquer sexual fantization, repeated phenomenon, sleepiness, pressure induced masturbation]

Having started to reboot, sexual fantization is an issue that everyone would normally run into. Many people are able to abstain from masturbation, but sexual fantization is like a loosened wild horse, repeating itself every couple minutes. In TCM: the moving of the mind is followed by the walking away from the essence. Sexual fantization belongs to the invisible form of exhausting the Spirit, it is also very damaging to the body, therefore one must overcome it. If your head is filled with fantization but always withholding masturbation, this will also easily give rise to problems. To overcome sexual fantization, one must deeply recognize what it is, sexual fantization is a thought, a thought of evil debauchery. This thought is a thing and that thing is “fire”!

With this knowledge in place, everybody’s understanding will increase a step. Below, let’s again consider a question: under what situations is fire easily extinguished? Everyone with a bit of common knowledge would know, fire, in the beginning, is easiest to put out, not requiring big efforts to do so. Otherwise, when the sparks have become big embers, then there is no way to control it, chairman Mao used to say: sparks becomes fire, able to alight prairie. Once the fire is greatly developed, you are no longer in control, but from the very beginning, you still have full control. Our sexual fantization follows the same principle when the thought first arises, we discard it right away, this is called “arisen thought is promptly cut off”, strangle the fire in its cradle while it’s still undeveloped. Otherwise, by letting it develop the final result is to be burning with desire, leading to the extreme likelihood of breaking the reboot. Therefore, there are tricks to overcome sexual fantization, the trick lies in the timing, when the fantization first appears, cut it out immediately, or else it will “flourish as it burns”. Put the thought out while it’s still a spark, do not hesitate, do not compromise, don’t miss this golden timing at all cost, remember!

Rhyme for stopping sexual fantization: Thought arises, cut out. Thought arise, follow not. Thought arise, be aware. Once aware, it is naught. When everyone has memorized this rhyme then a conditional reflex can be formed, whenever a fantasy arises it is automatically discarded. Naturally, the condition is to be able to memorize it inside and out by constantly repeating it, let it sink into the subconscious, in this way the conditional reflex for discarding sexual fantasies can be formed. We need to uphold a high level of vigilance and sensitivity, we cannot afford to wait until the fantasy has been developed and then try to cut it off, it will be extremely difficult to control it in such a state. The problem is not with the initial formation of the thought but in the late awareness of it.

Below I will introduce two kinds of Buddhist heart cultivation methods

The first method was instructed by Master Empty Cloud, it is to not pay attention to unwanted thoughts. When the thought comes, do not mind it, this is the same as not following the thought we have discussed earlier, do not follow the unwarranted thought, by following it we are strengthening it, not following is the same as severing it! Many brothers have been following vile thoughts for a long time, this is when they suddenly discover that they are fantasizing sexual thoughts, it is already too late at this stage, the vile thought has already taken shape like when a small spark has become a big ember, we no longer hold the initiative when trying to sever the thought at this time, the optimal timing has been missed.

The other method is called diverting thought. When the sexual fantasy appears, immediately transform it into a Buddha’s name, it does not, of course, have to be limited to sexual fantasies but may also include thoughts of the foolish, greedy and angry orientation. Once it appears, transform it into a Buddha’s name, a phrase of “Amituofo” (Translator’s note: “Amituofo” is simply the name of the Amitabha Buddha’s name in Chinese) will transform it, this is a very good method and I use it quite a lot. As a person of Buddhist beliefs, this method works very well for me, those brothers with a natural disposition towards Buddhism may try this method.

All in all, to be successful in rebooting, the level of sexual fantization must be surpassed.

To be able to recover the health, the frequent nocturnal emission level must be surpassed.

Rebooting is indeed not that simple, I cannot succeed simply by saying that I have a strong willpower. To be successful, one must study rebooting articles in order to increase the understanding and the level of determination, in doing so there is the hope to completely reboot. Once we pause our studies or relax our vigilance, relapses will come very easily. Rebooting must become professional, what do we mean by professional? Everyone knows the classification of professional players and amateur players, in basketball, there are professional basketball and amateur basketball. The same goes for rebooting, one must allow the rebooting process to become more professional and proper through studying. Neglecting to study, you will never turn professional and forever remain a rookie, to make a complete reboot is indeed a very difficult task.

Those with a genuine understanding and a kind disposition are certainly the kind of people who study persistently every day. Every day will be a day of insights, in this manner these people will rapidly gain understanding and determination. During my long presence in the rebooting forums, I have indeed come across many brothers who are progressing rapidly with a high level of insights. There are also some brothers, having rebooted for a long time but have not reached the desired results, they still have a fuzzy understanding for rebooting and with many unresolved questions, how can one succeed under such circumstance? If you still harbor doubts with regards to rebooting, with your footing still not being firm, to be able to successfully reboot is no different than a pipe dream. Only through reforming the thoughts through studying, allowing the understanding to leap forward, then there is the possibility to stay clean for good and to never look back!

Below let’s talk about the repeated phenomenon.

Some brothers would ask, what is the difference between withdrawal symptoms and repeated phenomenon. What these two have in common is the bodily symptoms that are present in both cases, but there are still differences such as:

Withdrawal symptoms would normally appear after a month of rebooting. Some brothers would not have any issues before rebooting but would run into symptoms after having started to reboot. After rebooting the righteous qi of the body is starting to recover, latent illnesses will naturally make an appearance, persist in rebooting and the symptoms will slowly vanish. Some brothers don’t understand withdrawal symptoms and would panic when they appear, they would think that it is due to refraining too much, the result is to sink back into the trap of masturbation and unable to pull oneself out. Therefore, to be successful in rebooting, one must establish the correct understanding, otherwise, the only failure awaits.

The lag of repeated phenomenon, on the other hand, is very large, some people would experience it 3 months into rebooting, for some it would occur half a year after rebooting, for others repeated phenomenon would show up a year later. The occurrence of repeated symptom is very normal, according to my research, many brothers would encounter it after having a nocturnal emission, or following staying up at night, fatigue, long sitting, anger, unhealthy diet patterns, having a cold and other reason would all induce repeated phenomenon. This principle is in reality very easy to understand, when your kidney qi has not yet been cultivated into abundance, nocturnal emission and other poor living habits would all have a damaging effect on the kidney qi, the repeated phenomenon will then occur very easily. Another reason is the turn of the seasons, this is because the level of yang qi in the body differs in every season, normally, the turning of the seasons is the time prone for repeated phenomenon. When the phenomenon appears do not worry, take care to rest for a couple of days, sleep early, keep a light diet, symptoms will slowly disappear.

Let’s now talk about the symptom of sleepiness.

The expression of kidney deficiency has a noun and its called “fond of crouching, lazy to move”, this not only happens after masturbation, even
after a nocturnal emission, people will exhibit this kind of behavior; turning lazy, love to sleep and hard to awake. When many brothers are unable to sleep, they would masturbate to allow themselves feel tired, this then makes it easier to fall asleep. This kind of method is in reality very bad,
when kidney qi has been depleted to a certain degree, sleeping difficulties will arise. When that time comes, even if you masturbate before bed you will still have a hard time sleeping. Therefore, one must change this habit of masturbation before bed, correct it immediately. This is like a tree that is not growing straight, one must straighten it and not allow it to follow its crooked growth.

I would like to share a case:

[I started to masturbate since I was 14, I did it very frequently. Later when I found out that masturbation is harmful to the body I stopped, now I would often have insomnia during the night, during the days I would have a headache and the brain feels swollen, waist aches, urine yellow, is this due to over masturbation induced kidney deficiency! What should I do, I have not slept properly for quite a few years!]

Brothers with a habit of masturbating before bed, this habit must be corrected. The power of habit is very strong, one must learn to overcome it, otherwise what awaits you are symptoms. After masturbation one becomes lazy, this, in reality, is the expression of qi deficiency. Some people are not satisfied masturbating once but do it twice, these kinds of people would for sure encounter premature ejaculation and impotence in the future, this is because “desire should not be strong, strong desire destroys”, one must understand this principle.

Lastly, let's discuss the issue of pressure-induced masturbation.

According to my research and summaries, normally among brothers, there will be the emergence of two negative orientations:

1. Masturbation before bed: with the purpose of masturbating in order to fall asleep easier, this habit greatly injures the kidney qi, once accumulated to a certain degree the result is insomnia.
2. Pressure-induced masturbation: turning pressure into masturbation behavior, this kind of situation is also very common.

I have mentioned about masturbation before bed in the above, in the below let’s discuss pressure induced masturbation.

Pressure-induced masturbation can be divided into several groups, there is the pressure from seeking employment, academic pressure, pressure from parents, social relationship pressure. Living in this world one would receive different forms of pressure, therefore there is a saying: it is easy to be born, living is not easy, life is not easy.

Among the brothers that I have met, some have failed to find a job, some has been scolded by the wife, by the parents, the loss of mood control, big mental pressure, under these circumstances one seeks the comfort of masturbation and through it hoping to get rid of the negative emotions. To be honest, I used to be like this all the time, either being scolded or didn’t do well on an exam, on the same evening I would for sure masturbate. Masturbation was like an outlet for relief, hoping to empty me via masturbation and then to think of nothing, a day would simply pass in this way.

This way of relieving oneself is not worth having because it is harmful to the body, although it may have an alleviating effect for releasing mental pressure, in summary, the harm outweighs the benefit. Therefore, one must overcome this kind of tendency, there are other ways to clear out the pressures of life, one does not have to rely on masturbation. A good way is through exercising, of course, one needs to pay attention to its intensity. The way that I advocate is to adjust the mind, pressure dislodges your psychological balance, you need to learn to adjust it back to a state of equilibrium, allowing oneself to remain the state of tranquility. The ability to regulate the mind is a mood managing ability, everyone may read more about emotional intelligence related books, which will help in better managing one’s mood.

Among the brothers that I have consulted, many people relapse due to problems in the mood, life not turning out according to expectations, pressure from life, these led to the loss of mood control. Under these psychological conditions it is relatively easy to break the reboot when we are not feeling too high and have no outlets, why not masturbate, just like that we have unconsciously relapsed.

In writing this article, the purpose is to let everyone to see clearly the importance of mood management. With a stable emotional state, only then will there be the hope of making a complete reboot and never looking back!
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Post by: HMHU on February 03, 2018, 09:28:42 AM
Season 18 [Soaring Eagle experience: complementary info on prostatitis, insomnia, relapse while dawdling in bed, weekend relapse]

Recently when answering questions from brothers I discovered an issue, many brothers due to masturbation have contracted prostatitis, therefore they would pay closer attention to this issue. They would go to prostate forums and prostate discussion platforms in order to study. Regarding prostatitis forums, there is no need to pay a visit due to the amount of false information and advertisement. Prostate discussion boards could be worth to visit, but it is full of a kind of incorrect thinking, this kind of thinking has a very strong confusing tendency. When a normal patient reads it one is prone to become brainwashed and would greatly sympathize with that way of thinking, not only sympathizing but also help to spread the thinking. This kind of thinking is about the harm to the prostate due to restraining, the need to ejaculate regularly for fear of aggravating prostatitis.

I believe the more experienced reboots have all witnessed that I was once fell prey to similar points of view, at the time I was rebooting and indeed my prostatitis has gotten worse. But during the time I was unaware of the effects from withdrawal symptoms, and those symptoms would show up as the righteous qi is being recovered, that the effect was only temporary and would gradually disappear if I kept rebooting and actively exercising. When many brothers have started to reboot and then discover the emergence of symptoms, they would right away think about the harm from restraining and then immediately start to masturbate, the result is to once again fall into the trap of masturbation and the inability to pull out. Furthermore, they would have no qualms about it, because it is stated in the articles that regular emission is healthy, they would think that such indulgences are not wrong. Actually, this is a grave error, I’m certain that the person who wrote the article has blind spot in the understanding, he is certainly not aware of withdrawal symptoms during rebooting, neither has he persisted in rebooting and has only become mislead by certain immature theories, the result is the writing of such an article. The falsehood is then spread from one to ten and from ten to a hundred, indeed confirming the saying that falseness spreads through ten thousand books. Nowadays, prostatitis patients, in general, believe in the theory of harm from restraining. What I want to say is that this kind of thinking is completely false and creates great harm among people.

Why has these kinds of wrong theories become so popular?

Of course, some people have raised the point that it is a conspiracy theory, I think this is a possibility, what do male clinics rely on to make money? Prostatitis patients are their number one source of income, once the patient has been admitted a whole spectrum of checks awaits. The screening bills of many patients would amount to the thousands, many treatment fees cost up to five-figure amounts, what is the result? The result is that prostatitis is still not cured of the root, after spending five-figure sums on treatment it is still not healed, what is the reason? Many people during their entire life up until they die are still prostatitis patients, they have not been cured during an entire lifetime.

A kind of thought has the ability to harm generations of people, if it is not corrected it may harm several dozens of generations, this is very scary. Who is pushing this? I think there are 3 possibilities:

    1. Information spread by “75 parties” (a self-proclaimed expert)
    2. Intentional spreading of information by male clinics
    3. People with blind spots in understanding take it for granted

Below is my criticism to point 11 of that article:

[11. Both indulgence and restraint would cause the blood congestion of prostatitis. Therefore, he must control the degree himself: do not engage in sexual activities in the absence of biological need. Go with the flow when there is a biological need and allow for reasonable dissipation of the sexual energy. Ensure regular sexual activity with sexual partner, unmarried friends may masturbate, normally have one release every 4-7 days]

Many articles on the internet have problems in their arguments. Of course, many harmlessness theories would also take up these seemingly correct arguments. These arguments have a high tendency to confuse the rookies and those without ample experiences.

How to discriminate between truth and falsehood? There is only one way, find a person that has been through all this, find a realistic case.

As a person that has gone through all this, my disposition can be found below:

[Both indulgence and restraint would cause the blood congestion of prostatitis.]: I do not dare to blindly agree with this line, so far there is no research to prove this, that restraining will induce blood congestion.

[Go with the flow when there is a biological need]: There is also a problem with this line. After many people have become addicted, every day they would have a biological need, should they masturbate daily? A person must learn to overcome his desires, or else it would lead to self-destruction, countless cases from brothers have already proven this point.

[unmarried friends may masturbate]: I have even more reasons not daring to endorse this point. Many people have had their kidney qi weakened, they cannot sustain further injuries, should masturbation still continue under such cases? This would only form a vicious cycle, prostatitis patients may never hope to recover. Think for yourself, did you have prostatitis before you started to masturbate? Certainly not. Now that due to masturbation, prostatitis have emerged, and one still harbor the excessive expectation to cure prostatitis through masturbation, is this not absurd?

[he must control the degree himself]: He who wrote this line has for sure not recognized the highly addictive quality of masturbation, once addicted, one cannot control it but is controlled by the addiction, the choice does not belong to oneself.

I used to have serious prostatitis with seriously frequent urination, I have undergone examinations where inflammation had been found. Now I have rebooted for more than 2 years, frequent urination has completely disappeared, my waist no longer aches and my underbelly no longer swells. If I have believed in these unfounded falsehoods, I would still have frequent urination today and can never hope to get well. To be honest, I have previously believed in the harm from restraining, what was the result? Over a decade of unhealed prostatitis, countless visits to the hospital, ingested a load of medicine, still not healed, only alleviated, unable to rid the root issue!

Many people feel better but it is only temporary recovery, it is not complete healing. If he indulges again, the illness would relapse. This is why the relapse rate of prostatitis is over 90% because many people bear misconceptions and still agree with the absurd theory of “one emission every 4-7 days”.

Can healing be achieved by eating medicine? No, I trust that there are prostatitis patients with experience in undergoing the treatment. Eating
medicine will in no way achieve healing, only temporarily dampen the inflammation, no way to rid the root cause. Nowadays there have been new inventions on all sorts of strange devices and terminologies, such as body type treatment, the newly source peptide pass procedure, STQ high-efficiency lipid permeation repair factor, and all the yet to come new inventions and terminologies that I believe will take place. All of these have one goal in common: to let the patient reach after the wallet, and the treatment fee from these advanced instruments is often tremendous, with one course of treatment normally costing tens of thousands. If they could truly heal the ailment, then one would be willing to pay any price, but what of the result? No ways to curing the illness with recurrent relapses.

Actually, to cure one must reform the thoughts, 30% comes from treatment while 70% is from maintenance. Prostatitis should be actively treated but the emphasis is on maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes rebooting, you must accumulate enough kidney qi. Of course, there is a lot of attention required in cultivating a good health, in season 12 I have specifically talked about cultivating the health, everybody may have a look.

Whether or not there is harm from restraining, I have already elaborated on that in season 16, everybody can have a look.

To restrain, one must learn to adjustment the mind. If sexual fantasization is serious, a problem will easily occur. If your heart is properly cultivated, restraining will not have any harm. Cultivate enough kidney qi and prostatitis will heal by itself.

For the chronic prostatitis patients that have read this article, I hope that you have gained certain insights. After gaining the insights one is able to save medical expenses, or else the urology department will keep waving its hand at you. Before I started to reboot, I frequently visited the urology department, after having rebooted for 2 years, I have not returned once. Just like this, I have saved medical expenses. Many brothers report their inability to keep the money after they started to masturbate, precisely because masturbation hurts the kidney qi, the spending on medical bills runs like the water, keep this in mind!

Below let’s talk about the sleeping issue: many brothers run into obstacles when it comes to sleep, mainly in the below categories:

    1. Insomnia
    2. Difficult falling asleep, difficulty in entering sleep
    3. Excessive dreams
    4. Early awakening, includes waking up in the middle of the night
    5. Shallow sleep, poor quality sleep

Sleep is indeed a big issue, if your sleep quality is poor, then the recovery of the body will become relatively difficult. Yet there are many factors which cause sleeping difficulties. Normally among brothers, the main reason is the masturbation induced loss of coordination between heart and kidneys, besides that it is long gazing which injures the liver qi, heavy pressure is also a reason. People that are prone to staying up late and sitting for long periods will easily encounter sleeping difficulties. Staying up late is an important factor because it tends to be accompanied by long starring and long sitting, the body will suffer relatively heavy damage in this way. So in order to restore the quality of sleep, one must make an adjustment in the working and resting schedule. Try to go to bed before 11 pm, simply close the eyes and rest if one is unable to fall asleep. Take care to establish normal working and resting habits, staying up late does too much damage to the Spirit.

Some brothers are unable to sleep at night when being asked it turns out that they like to take naps at noon. When somebody takes noon naps they will have a hard time falling asleep at night, I have had this experience. Afterwards, I stopped taking naps at noon, if I’m not too fatigued then there is no need to take a nap, or else falling asleep in the evening will become difficult.

Do not worry too much if sleeping difficulty shows up once occasionally. I would advise adjusting your schedules, do not become too fatigued, learn to regulate the mood, don’t take on too much pressure, in this way, sleeping difficulties will self-correct.

If the obstacle of sleeping is stubborn, such as serious insomnia or continuous early awakenings and excessive dreaming, this kind of situations points to more serious injuries. The best way is to look for a traditional Chinese doctor for treatment in combination with traditional Chinese medicine. Afterwards, one should pay attention to the work and rest schedules, refrain from staying up late and sitting for long periods at a time, exercise actively, learn to cultivate the health, persist like this in half a year in order to make the adjustment back to normal. Back in the days I suffer quite seriously from excessive dreams and insomnia, dreams were on a daily basis, sometimes I would directly have insomnia, it was very frustrating. Afterwards, I adjusted my working and resting schedule and learned to cultivate the health, it took more than a year before I could recover. The reason to why it took over a year was because my damages were quite severe. This current year is marked by abstinence and health cultivation, I didn’t take any medicines and relied on myself. Of course, if the condition is serious, it is still best to seek out a comparably capable TCM doctor in combination with treatment with Chinese herbal medicine, the recovery may be speedier this way.

In order to allow for a better recovery, it is a must improve the quality of the sleep. Many people are quite capable of eating, sleeping, and exercise and so they recover quickly. Some people are unable to sleep or sleep poorly, to recover will be comparably more difficult for these people. Sleep is like charging a cell phone if the electricity cannot enter, how can recovery take place?

Lastly, let’s talk about breaking the reboot while dawdling in bed and weekend relapse.

Many brothers report that relapsing is made easy when one is procrastinating in bed, also that whenever it’s weekend then there is a relapse, while under weekdays everything is fine. Actually, I have experienced both cases during prior years, this kind of problem is normally relatively common among students.

Through my years of research and case analysis, I’ve come to discover that relapses happen particularly often during a psychological state, this state is boredom.

While procrastinating in bed it is very boring, thoughts run wildly while laying in bed, many people during this time like to sexually fantasize. Or during morning erection, one gazes at the length and the firmness of the penis, under this condition it is particularly easy to relapse. The correct approach is to not gaze at the morning wood, let the thought rise and fall by itself, don’t gaze and don’t assist the thought, it will subside by itself. When it comes to the weekend people have relatively more free time, the boredom mood will also appear more easily. Once the parents have left the house or when we are shut inside our rooms, the devious mind comes online. Students have yet a strong determination, the understanding being not very deep, during boredom the temptation demon jumps out, this is when it’s easy to relapse. Therefore, one must study rebooting articles and increase the awareness and determination, keeping a high level of alert at all times and not let the guard down.

Once you have obtained enough determination through studying, you will no longer relapse during boredom, an upright and radiance character is achieved, one will not commit in any act alone which one will not commit in public. When the body is upright we are not afraid of a skewed shadow, when the heart is upright we will not be afraid of relapse due to boredom. Otherwise, when you are doing fine normally during class but becomes bored during the weekend, relapses will easily take place. My advice is: Do not wander away from rebooting articles, of course, we may develop a tiresome attitude towards studying these articles. I have mentioned this in my previous article when you are fed up with rebooting articles, one must learn to overcome this attitude and maintain the enthusiastic attitude. You don’t have to look for new articles, it is adequate to repeatedly browse some of your favorite articles every day. There is another choice, and that is to look at the cases from sufferers, these articles will serve as an alarm bell, it is the best warning. By looking at these cases every day it will allow you maintain the state of vigilance. Otherwise, whenever you grow tired of reading rebooting articles or become lax in your attitude, relapses will become easy. Remember at all cost!

In addition, those brothers who have the habit to procrastinate in bed must overcome this habit. To overcome it one must be determined, tell yourself that tomorrow morning I will get out of bed as soon as I wake up, under no circumstances will I dawdle in bed, the determination must be in the proper place. When the mood of boredom comes up, one must learn to adjust the mentality, allow one’s life to become enriched, the best form of enrichment is studying. The ancients have said that studying will cure “stupidity”, I think this is very reasonable. No knowing comes from not studying, you can study rebooting articles, cases from sufferers, or topics of your interest, all in all, the goal is to enrich yourself.

Concluding remarks:

Today I paid a visit to the D forums for roughly a minute, that place is indeed quite messy; many youngsters are brainwashed by indulgence ideologies, really becoming trapped within, they are like the “frog in the boiling pot”, totally unaware of the might of nefarious wantonness. Wrong is taken to be right, very scary, symptoms will sooner or later sort them out, I hope they will soon come to see the truth. Here I would like to pay my deepest respect towards brothers who are spreading the message of rebooting. Perhaps your dissemination may cause misunderstanding among people who don't understand the truth. But for sure there will be people who will gain certain insights after reading your post, for sure some people will be returning. The reason why many people do not understand rebooting is that they have not realized the seriousness of the harm, they take indulgence as granted because everybody is doing the same. In reality, everybody is incorrect, the error is boundless. Propagating rebooting is the same as telling the truth to everybody, letting them realize the harm and establish the correct understanding. Otherwise, what awaits them is symptoms and the hospital, furthermore, the entire quality of the life will become greatly affected, this is because masturbation destroys the body and the mind.

The impression that D forum left me is like a polluted river, rebooting, on the other hand, is like a clear spring. We are a product of our environment, many people on the D forums are unaware that they have already been polluted, like entering a room filled with irises and orchids, after a while, the scent cannot be smelled, like entering a shop selling abalone, after a while the stink cannot be smelled. When a person has become comfortable in an environment, sensitivity and vigilance are lost. This is like living in a city for a long time and then going into the mountains for a while, one discovers that the air can have such freshness and purity.

Many people say that we are living in a peaceful time, I do not agree with this assessment. There are 2 kinds of invasions, one occurs via waging wars and the other is a cultural invasion. Even a Western island nation can have a big impact in invading the Chinese culture while propagating restraint in their own country, vast quantities of degenerative material are being produced. This material is then being viewed by the young of other countries, weakening their bodily and mental strength. At the same time, young people in China today lack beliefs, not to mention being totally incapable of self-control. Once masturbation has started, both the body and the mind easily runs into issues. A country is made up of people, and so youth is where the hope lies. If we cannot resist the invasion of indulgent ideology, the fate of China indeed worries people. Being descendants of the Yellow Emperor, we should propagate more virtue, help to awaken the people beside us. Sometimes a few sentences from you may have a life-changing effect on another person.
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This last post has helped me tremendously. I have always found myself overly aroused on the weekends. I often thought about M as a release of arousal. In return this only hurts us and puts us in a bad state of mind. "Once the ember has started and begins to burn, it's hard to put it out!" As stated below, boredom is the culprit. Although I am a very busy person, my early mornings and late evenings are always my sit down and relax moments. Maybe picking up a book and reading or researching will better suit me.

I have found my answer.

Thank you,


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I'm happy for you brother ImOnMyWay, keep up the good work! Boredom will never surface if you manage to find a good book to keep you busy during those late evenings, keep on fighting!
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Season 19 [Soaring Eagle experience: The issue of morning erection, leakiness, bowel movement and small testicle]

In general, many brothers would pay attention to the issue of morning wood and take it as a sign of kidney qi recovery. Morning wood would be met with happiness while the lack of which would result in a heavy mood that lingers for the rest of the day. In reality, whether or not the body has recovered can be expressed through many different aspects. Take a look in the mirror, is there more spirit in the eyes, how is the complexion, the Spirit, the strength of the grip, is there strength in the legs, or if other uncomfortable symptoms are alleviated or even disappeared, these can all be taken as signs of recovery for the body. Morning wood is but one of many recovery signs.

As long as rebooting is persistent, morning wood will recover itself. If you are only a teenager, then morning erection will be relatively quick to recover. If above 25 years old or the damage has been severe, then the recovery of morning erection will be relatively slow. Some brothers have been rebooting while doing health cultivation for over 200 days before experiencing the recovery of morning wood. At the time it has taken me over a year before morning erection was recovered because at the time I was already 27 years old. Over a decade of sexual debauchery has severely damaged my kidney qi, therefore it took over a year to recover. Although my morning wood is recovered, it is impossible to be on the same level compared to when I was a teenager, during which time my body was still developing, my appetite was strong and ate good food. Back then the quality of the morning wood was high, if masturbation was not frequent, in a week there would be 5 morning erections. But this frequency only lasted for about 2 years or during the puberty period. Afterwards, masturbation became frequent and morning wood less frequent. Nowadays I would have roughly 3 morning woods per week, sometimes with a high quality, sometimes with normal quality. Now I would eat a vegetarian diet 5 days each week, therefore, 3 morning woods per week is not so bad. Previously I had a slight orientation towards premature ejaculation and impotence. Normally, people with these two orientations will have a difficult time to recover their morning erections, needing at least half a year or more.

Now I don’t really pay attention to morning wood, this is all for the best if it is absent that is fine because the degree of recovery is not expressed through morning erection alone. In other areas I’m recovering very well, there are also many factors that affect morning wood, such as:

1. Dietary factor: the amount of kidney supplement food intake
2. Exercise factor: moderate aerobic and strength exercise is helpful towards the recovery of morning wood.
3. Mood factor: negative mood will affect morning wood, such as anger and pressure.
4. Age factor: morning wood comes easier during puberty, as the age increases, morning wood becomes less frequent.
5. Constitutional factor: people with a naturally good constitution will experience morning wood more easily.
6. Illness factor: people free from latent illnesses will experience morning wood more easily.
7. Indulgent duration factor: normally, morning erection will disappear for those people with 5+ years of indulgence history.
8. Seasonal factor: the frequency and intensity of morning wood varies with the seasons.
9. Monthly timing factor: the yang qi in the body differs during different times within a given month, the quality of the morning wood will also vary.
10. Withholding urine factor: sometimes the withholding of urine will induce the onset of morning wood.
11. Fatigue factor: fatigue will damage the kidney qi, morning wood will disappear more easily.
12. Sleep factor: people with a high quality of sleep will experience morning wood more easily.
13. Frequent emission factor: following frequent nocturnal emission, morning wood will vanish more easily.
14. Withdrawal symptom factor: there will be a flatline period following the onset of rebooting, morning wood will easily become absent, by persisting with rebooting it will then return.
15. Whether or not there are other unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as staying up late, sitting for long durations, smoking, these will all take a toll on the kidney qi and affect morning wood.

Morning wood refers to an erection without fantization, if fantization is involved then it is not morning wood, it is induced by your thoughts. Morning erection is really quite dangerous, why is it dangerous? Ordinary people are not aware of this principle. This is because many people have a shallow level of determination, they become very excited when they have morning wood and use the opportunity to touch the penis, this touching seals the fate, one unconsciously starts to masturbate again. Breaking the reboot due to morning wood during the weekend is very common. When I have a morning wood nowadays, I would not care, nor would I look or touch it, letting it rise and fall by itself. If you care a great deal about morning erection and if you are not careful, one will tread into the evil path. When you don’t pay attention to it, it will subside by itself and will not lead to breaking the reboot. Many people have the habit of procrastinating in bed, if in addition to procrastination there is morning wood, then it is very easy to break the reboot, remember at all cost!

Many people mention that their morning erection shows up sporadically, this, in reality, is very normal, did you think that you would remain in puberty forever? Even if you are in puberty, to have morning wood daily is also very difficult. This is due to the many factors that affect it, it is impossible to have a morning erection every day in 365 days of the year, that is not realistic. The reason to why morning wood shows sporadically has an intricate relationship with factors such as seasonality, lifestyle habits, diet, and age. Normally, people living on a nutritious diet with a strong ability for digestion and absorption have an easier time achieving morning erections. Previously when I was on a meat-heavy diet, morning wood was more frequent during that period. Now I eat a vegetable-based diet for 5 days a week, morning wood has become fewer in comparison, but my mind has quieted down a lot, evil thoughts do not easily arise. It is good to eat a vegetarian diet while booting, this is beneficial to control the desires. Eating lots of meat will help to fuel the desire, if the determination is shallow then relapse will come very easily. It is a personal choice to eat a vegetarian diet, it will depend on the acceptance level of the individual. I would recommend all brothers to start with reducing the meat in the diet, I’m also very much in favor of a purely vegetarian diet.

Below let’s discuss the issue of leakiness.

Leakiness is characterized as - due to long term indulgence and weakened kidney qi, semen leaks under many circumstances such as:

1. Leakage after urination.
2. Leakage after bowel movement.
3. Leakage while on the phone with the girlfriend.
4. Semen slippage (Translator’s note: semen slippage is the leaking of semen while awake as opposed to nocturnal emission which occurs during sleep)

Everyone will better understand the kind of leakage issues if I illustrate it with an example: compare with a worn out water tap, no longer possible to close it shut, it will always leak. The situation of leakage following urination is in fact very common, this, in reality, is a sign that the kidney qi is not consolidated. Leakage following bowel movement is even more common especially at the beginning of a reboot. Furthermore, quite a few brothers have reported that leakage during a phone conversation with the girlfriend, even when the topic of the conversation was not sensitive. This, in fact, is related to latent conditional reflexes. Brothers with girlfriends have a harder time rebooting, therefore, it is best to have a talk with her, try to avoid having premarital sex while at the same time increase one’s own heart cultivation, have a good handle on the degree of association. Many brothers also suffer from semen slippage, if you have a slippage occasionally that is not a cause to worry, but if it happens continuously then one needs to make haste to seek treatment. In addition, I recommend doing more kidney strengthening exercise. Normally, by persisting in rebooting, health cultivation and active exercising, leakage following urination and bowel movement will cease by itself. I have previously encountered leakage following urination and bowel movement, afterward, I persisted in performing kidney strengthening exercises, this kind of situation would now only show up extremely rarely. Of
course, the issue of leakages is not limited to the above 4 categories, sexual fantization and nervousness would, for example, induce leakages. Even if your kidney qi is abundant but you are deeply immersed in sexual fantization, leakages will also occur. Therefore, one needs to resolutely put a stop to sexual fantization and achieve the state of cutting out a thought as it arises, in addition, study more rebooting articles to increase one’s realization and determination, only by doing this do we have the hope of truly ridding ourselves of the evil habit of masturbation.

Let’s talk about the bowel movement issue.

The bowel movement issue would frequently make an appearance on the rebooting forums, because according to TCM: the kidneys govern both urination and bowel movement. Weakened kidneys give rise to problems in both areas, we do not need to mention more regarding urination issues, brothers with prostatitis have ample experience in this I believe.

Kidney deficiency induced issues can be grouped into 2 categories:

1. Diarrhea or unshaped stool.
2. Frequent bowel movements.

Many factors play a role in causing diarrhea and frequent bowel movements, kidney deficiency being one factor among them. Everybody might remember that the stool quality was very good when we were children, firstly the color is good and secondly, the shape is good. Children have an abundance of yang qi, their child body has not yet been damaged. In the absence of other illnesses, the digestion and absorption ability is often very good. Things are different once we become older, firstly we indulge via masturbation, secondly, we intake more cold beverages and spicy food, or the dietary habits may be poor, pigging out on food and drink and so on. All of these lead to obstacles for the function of the digestive systems, screenings in the hospital will not reveal anything, only the function has become disorderly. Children will not have issues with taking some cold beverages because they have an abundance of yang qi which enables transformation. After sexual indulgences it is no longer the same, upon taking cold beverages, disorders may easily appear in the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is important to mind the diet and not yearn for cold and spicy food. If you are troubled by diarrhea or frequent bowel movements, the best way would be to seek medical treatment, then to combine it with rebooting, health cultivation, active exercises, keeping a mindful diet, and slowly recuperate. I have experienced both the issue of diarrhea and frequent bowel movement. My frequent bowel movements started after I turned 19 and it troubled me for over 2 years, it was induced precisely by sexual indulgence and cold beverages. After I turned 26 my diarrhea started again which was induced by exposure to AC, pigging out on food and drinks and sexual indulgences. After I started to reboot, I frequently employed moxibustion and applied it on the Zusanli and the Shenque acupoint and slowly recuperated, it took over 1 year of time.

Lastly let’s talk about the issue of the small testicle.

The small testicle and the shrunken testicle issue appears commonly among brothers, testicle issues induced by masturbation are normally found to be:

1. Drooping testicles, not shrunken
2. Shrunken testicles, testicles have become smaller
3. Moist testicles
4. Spermatic cord
5. Scrotum eczema
6. Swollen scrotum
7. Itching scrotum
8. Painful testicles
9. Testicle inflammation
10. Testicle cyst
11. Cryptorchidism
12. Other illnesses

Brothers suffering from shrunken testicles should seek treatment at the hospital in order to diagnose the seriousness of the condition.

Shrunken testicles point to the condition of shrunken and atrophied testicles, it is either on one side or on both sides of the testicles. The characteristic is the symptom of small and soft testicles. In the majority of the cases, it will lead to infertility. It is often aggravated by mumps or external injuries, some may arise from prenatal conditions. Oftentimes it is caused by a deficiency in the kidneys or caused by damage from pathogeny (TCM). Maldevelopment of the testicles due to prenatal conditions is difficult to heal from. Shrunken testicles from postnatal causes also require patience to heal, certain results can be achieved via TCM treatment.

The evil habit of masturbation induces kidney deficiency, continued abuse lead to shrunken testicles, this is a common phenomenon among brothers. Therefore, as soon as the symptom of shrunken testicles appears, treat it without delay, secondly one should complement the treatment with rebooting and health cultivation. Once the kidney qi has been cultivated into abundance there is the hope of returning to normal.

Some brothers would inquire about the size issue of one’s testicles not being identical in size. Normally among ordinary people, the size of the testicles are all not identical in size, but if the size difference is too large then it is best to check up on it, if the difference is small then there is no need to worry.
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Hi guys! Season 1-20 in PDF format is updated:


Season 20 [Soaring Eagle experience:different types of relapse, the mystery of the shooting distance, the evil fruit from masturbating twice in a row]


Recently there has been a thread in the forums: [merely rebooting is not enough, herein lies the only road towards recovery for the essence injured]. Quite a few brothers came to ask me whether or not the words of the Silent Sun (Translator’s note: pen name of the thread starter) were true, this given that fact that they have read the article, became anxious over the saying that recovery isn’t possible without silent meditation. I have looked at the comment by Silent Sun, his recommendation of “Yinshizi silent meditation method” is very good, meditation is indeed a wonderful way of replenishing the original qi. Of course, there are many ways to meditate and many things to pay attention to, I meditate every day but the method that I learned is the Nan Huai-Chin silent meditation. Meditation is indeed very helpful towards the recovery of the body during rebooting, but it is not the only way and it is not suitable for everyone. I have talked to numerous anxiety patients, they would have a headache whenever sitting down, afterward I recommended the standing horse-stance health cultivation method to them and the improvement of health followed.

Some people like to meditate while others like to hold the horse-stance while standing, the Eight Brocade and the Six-Character Formula exercises, some people would practice Taiji boxing or the Yijin Jing. There are many Chinese health cultivation methods, one may find a method that suits oneself. As to “exercising is nonsense” by the Silent Sun, I dare not to blindly agree, although it is mentioned in TCM that fatigue exhausts the qi but also it is mentioned that movement raises the yang qi. TCM does not at all oppose exercising but advocates exercising in moderation. Blindly meditating is not necessarily the best road towards recovery, the movement should be combined with stillness. Huatuo’s (Translator’s note: the legendary physician from the Three Kingdoms era) Five Animal Play has the purpose of setting the person in motion, but he didn’t tell everyone to lift stone locks (Translator’s note: basically dumbbells made of stone which made its appearance in the army camps in the Tang dynasty). The intensity and the style of movement in Huatuo’s Five Animal Play are beneficial to the bodily health.

Huatuo’s famous remark: “The human body desires to labor, but should be kept in moderation, when the blood circulates in the blood vessels, illnesses will not be born. Like that of the door henge becomes aged when it is frozen

This remark by Huatuo is telling us that there are rules governing exercise: to exercise, but not overexert. When the body has been weakened, extra attention should be placed on the intensity of the exercise. I believe that any famous Chinese traditional physician will not be against exercising, what they oppose is over-exercising. Even for a Taoist priest, health cultivation is not solely based on meditation. Many well known Taoist priests practice martial art in order to combine stillness and movement, which is more advantageous to the way of health cultivation.

Silent Sun said “merely rebooting is useless”, I’m rather inclined to agree with this statement because rebooting is the foundation, but health cultivation is to build the house. To only reboot is indeed far from enough, one must learn the way of health cultivation and establish one’s own awareness around it, the process of recovery will benefit from doing this. The silent meditation method recommended by Silent Sun is, in reality, one of the ways of health cultivation, this way isn’t bad, everyone may try to practice it. After having practiced it will you know its results and whether or not it suits you. Of course, beware of the methods which are prone to lead the practitioner off course, or else problems may arise as a result of practicing.

How to improve the quality and the speed of recovery is indeed a question for rebooting, but more importantly is the need to reboot thoroughly, this is the key. Or else all the talk about recovery results in nothing. This is like taking Chinese traditional medicine while still masturbating, replenishment in the above is met with leakage in the below, there is no way to truly recover.

There are many ways to recover the body, silent meditation is but one of those ways. A while ago, the Tudou forum owner recommended the method of repenting which was very good, it is through repentance that he has recovered his health. There are many ways to it, one may choose a suitable method, those with an inclination towards Buddhism may try repentance. In addition, besides the mentioned health cultivation practices, active aerobic exercises are extremely beneficial to the recovery process, such as slow jogs or fast walks.

I believe that the original intention of Silent Sun is good, most of his views are without faults, only that his attitude was a little overbearing, many people may have a hard to accepting due to this. He wants the best for everyone, by switching to a more peaceful approach, perhaps more people will have an easier time accepting his words.

Towards the Silent Sun, I express my gratitude, his heart is pure and I hope that he will continue to help everyone. The atmosphere here is not hostile but is conducive to exchanges, and through it, everyone may be promoted.

Let’s return to the main topic below.

This season is about the types of relapses, the mystery regarding the shooting distance, the evil fruit from consecutive masturbation sessions, we will be discussing these topics thoroughly in the below:

Relapses happen daily after a relapse one is often very disheartened, this is not hard to see. In the start one is full of ambition with a tremendous amount of determination, after a while this determination starts to sway, after numerous relapses, we start to lose confidence in ourselves. Body symptoms tell you to stop indulging, by indulging further the body is finished, but the addiction tells you to keep masturbating. The vast majority of brothers are firmly controlled
the addiction, like a stringed doll and becoming a slave to desires, losing one’s free will; aware of the error but unable to stop, struggling bitterly in the vicious cycle.

It is not scary to relapse, still scarier it is to not study, without it the level of awareness and determination will not increase. Brute force rebooting without studying will surely result in failure! Some brothers would ask, is anyone able to completely reboot on the first try? To tell the truth, out of the thousands of brothers that I came across, I have yet to see anyone succeeding on their first try. Everybody has repeatedly relapsed, constantly learning from their past mistakes, constantly studying rebooting articles to increase the awareness and determination, and slowly succeeding in this fashion. Some people have claimed to have seen people succeeding on their first try, actually, the definition of rebooting in one go is a bit fuzzy. Is it to have completely rebooted once awareness has been attained or managing to completely reboot in the first attempt? I belong to the former category and I have not relapsed since that attempt, however, it is not my first attempt, previously I have relapsed countless times. The first time I thought to reboot can be traced back to middle school, at the time I thought the act of masturbation was very filthy, my constitution would clearly take a hit after masturbation. I wanted to reboot during my teenage years but didn’t have any materials to read from or people to guide me, neither did I have the awareness to study rebooting articles, I only forced myself to reboot with the result of endless relapses. I think that most people have tried to reboot during their teenage years, this is because humans have a natural rebooting instinct, the body would advise you not to indulge any further. Trying to reboot for the first time there was a lack of experience in many areas, one belongs to the rookie stage; first of all one lacks the knowledge, secondly one lacks the awareness, under such circumstances, wanting to succeed on the first try is a fantasy story. Let me illustrate with an example: have a person who has never driven a car drive a car, what is the result? The result is sure to swivel left and right and even crash the car.

Rebooting is like learning to drive a car, one must master a complete set of theory and methodologies, the rest relies on experience, in this way one may succeed in rebooting. You would ask if there is anyone in this world who is able to successfully reboot on the first try, even though that person may exist it will be one in a thousand, the person must also have a great accumulation of virtue with the condition of coming in contact with a vast number of rebooting articles, good aptitude in studying, exceedingly high level of awareness, like skipping a grade in school while others have trouble to understand given a decade of time, he reaches understanding in a month. This kind of person appears seldom and is a rebooting genius, one in a thousand is not an overstatement, even one in ten thousand.

Rebooting must be professional. In this season I have summarized a few relapse categories, everyone may refer to it in order to alert oneself. The saying that “knowing yourself and your enemy, one hundred battles will result in one hundred victories”, once you know about the types of relapses, you will then try to maintain the vigilance. It is like knowing the trick of the swindler, you will not fall for the trick easily because you are aware of the trick, only in this case, it is not a trick for your money, but your essence

Mood relapse: boredom mood, anger or depressed mood, agitated mood, fed up mood etc.
Doubting relapse: doubt sways the thoughts, the result is a relapse.
Enticing relapse: pictures or videos, even pornographic videos.
Procrastination in bed relapse: very commonly seen, must be corrected.
Pressure relapse: pressures from different sources.
Sexual fantasizing relapse: normally, fantization is the prelude to relapse, this includes recalling memories and illusions.
Let down guard relapse: thinking that one has succeeded, in actuality relapse comes once the guard is down.
Ecstatic relapse: when one is ecstatic it is easy to relapse, being beside oneself with joy.
Testing determination relapse: do not test your determination at all cost.
Morning wood relapse: touching the penis when having morning wood and relapse from there.
Testing sexual function relapse: especially for premature ejaculation and impotent patients, relapse follows trying.
Agitated relapse: negatively influenced by people, going to filthy places.
Alcohol relapse: alcohol is the matchmaker for sex.
Nocturnal emission relapse: nocturnal emissions give rise to swayings of the thought, relapses occur from there.
Weekend relapse: bored while being alone over the weekend, the temptation demon will easily spring out.
Tonic relapse: taking too much tonic, does not emphasize heart cultivation, relapses will be easy.
Eating meat relapse: eating too much meat without emphasizing heart cultivation, desires are promoted and is followed by relapse.
Harmlessness theory relapse: after looking at harmlessness theories one is prone to relapse.
Girlfriend relapse: having a girlfriend places a higher requirement on one’s determination, relapses is made easy.
Wife relapse: having a wife also places a high requirement on one’s determination.
Habitual relapse: when relapses become a habit, the resulting momentum is strong with fearful consequences.
Holiday relapse: such as summer or winter holiday with more free time, it is easier to lose control.
Evil ways relapse: no matter if it is PC muscle restriction or so-called penis enlargement methods, these easily lead to relapses.

Below let’s talk about the mystery of the shooting distance.

Shooting distance is the distance of the ejaculation. Many brothers have reported that during the first years from when they started to masturbate, the shooting distance was very far. Afterwards, the distance would become shorter and shorter, semen would run down along the penis, clearly indicating the lack of strength and inadequate pressure. This, in reality, is an expression of weakened kidney qi. In semen, we should first look for the color, the quantity, the concentration and the shooting distance. The further the shooting distance the more abundant is the kidney qi. Without power behind the arrow, its flight will naturally not be very far. Only by accumulating enough kidney qi will the shooting distance increase. Whenever the shooting distance is shortened or the semen is flowing downwards, this is your body giving you a signal, telling you that your kidney qi is inadequate and to not indulge anymore. If you are unable to interpret the signal and instead stubbornly going your way, it is like the saying of not shedding tears until seeing the coffin.

Many people only see the semen but they miss the “archer” behind the shot, who is no longer capable. Semen replenishes relatively quickly, rest for a few days, eat well and it will recover. But for the “archer” to recover, that is a very slow process, it may require several months and even longer to recover the original qi. Therefore, do not restrict your line of sight on semen alone, but look to the “archer”. If that person is already incapable and cannot shoot far, it is pointing to the need to reboot and to cease the indulgences, to cultivate the health, otherwise, the only thing that awaits you is symptoms and the hospital.

That “archer” is the kidney qi. Since he is already incapable of shooting long distances and is tired, let him shoot no more, let him have a rest, or else the accumulation will give rise to illnesses, remember at all cost!

Lastly, let’s talk about the evil karma from masturbating twice in a row.

If you go visit the forums for autonomic disorders, then you will know the patient called sg552. His illness was induced by long-term sitting for long durations and masturbating twice consecutively, that’s when the feeling of nearing death appeared. Masturbating 2 times consecutively is really too damaging to the body, it has been stated in TCM long ago: desire should not be strong. In [Thousand Golden Prescriptions] it is mentioned: strong force bestows leakage, becoming a strain. Especially for consecutive masturbation sessions, this is truly a taboo. The emergence of orientation towards prostatitis and premature ejaculation easily arises following 2 in a row masturbation sessions. This is actually induced by the human weakness of greed towards desire. In the pursuit to satisfy oneself, the results are to harm the self!

The reason to why many people masturbate twice in a row is because: the first time went too quick and was not intense enough. It is precisely this greed towards desire that enables their self-destruction. This kind of examples of self-destruction is too many. We must keep in mind the lessons from TCM on the destructiveness of a strong desire, refrain from doing stupid things, if you are unaware of this principle then you are both ignorant and fearless, the result being making yourself miserable. If you know this principle but still indulges, then you are seeking annihilation! Many people are unable to conquer their addictions and so they commit this kind of errors, like wrapped under a spell, repeating only after they have relapsed. Therefore, we must nip in the bud, properly manage our thoughts and put an end to sexual fantization, or else when the flame has sprung up, it will no longer be within your control.

Concluding remarks:

Summer approaches, quite a few brothers report increased hair loss, they are anxious over this. In reality, the factors that induce hair loss is many, seasonal changes being one of them. Lately I lose up to 20 strands of hair per day compared to up to 5 strands of hair previously, this is actually caused by the change of the seasons and not by masturbation. So in this matter, everybody should have a clear understanding, or else the confidence is prone to be swayed and thus turns into the act of masturbation. Among that factors that induce relapse I have talked about the “doubt factor of relapse”, if you have doubt in your heart, the chances of relapse will be great. Normally during summer, the secretion of sweat and oil is exuberant, this combined with stronger UV rays will cause damage to the hair. In this way, we may see more cases of hair loss, this is not only limited to humans, if you observe animals such as pet dogs, they also go undergo heavy hair loss during summer.

One brother puts it very neatly, rebooting is a process of system engineering. One must carry out rebooting as professionally as able, increase one’s knowledge to the maximum, becoming an insider in rebooting. By neglecting to study one is always an outsider, remaining on the level of the rookie, to successfully reboot will then become very difficult. When everybody has gained the awareness for studying, after a while, you will notice that your awareness and determination have both increased. As long as one continues to study, complete understanding will not be far away. Complete understanding together with maintained vigilance equals completely successful reboot, fight on!
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Season 21 [Soaring Eagle experience: Stomach pain following masturbation, fantization induced illnesses, drooping testicles]


Recently I saw a report made by a brother, his relapse was due to looking at the material with suggestive content.

In reality, this kind of relapse is due to temptation. Many brothers previously have already reported similar circumstances, although some brothers have already started to reboot when they see written material regarding the sexes on the magazines, suddenly their interests are aroused, the result is that their vigilance is relaxed as they keep reading leading to breaking the reboot. Some other brother would claim that he does not search for pornographic images but only innocent looking girls, he would search for girls with nice figures without going into nudity. This kind of brothers actually has a very easy time to relapse, because they are still addicted to women, although they search for innocent pictures. How can a person not get his shoes wet if he often takes a stroll along the river banks, like the Buddhist saying goes: by clinging to outer appearances one is prone to be obsessed.

Moreover, there are issues with both the avatar and the signature of many brothers, half the battle is already lost before they try to reboot because they are not determined enough! To reboot thoroughly, one must cut out thoroughly, not only should one abstain from looking at pornographic contents, but even more dangerous are all the suggestive material, the level of vigilance must be raised. The vigilance is maintained every day during the reboot, manage your heart well and conquer the obsession.

We enter into the main material in the below.

In this season we will talk about belly ache following masturbation, illnesses induced by sexual fantization and drooping testicles in detail, found in the below:

Threads regarding stomach pain following masturbation does not appear every day, but it does show up from time to time. I have experienced stomach pain following masturbation previously. When it appears, the normal consideration is prostatitis or varicocele. The pain would normally arrive following masturbation or on the next day. If the pain is serious and does not subside, one is advised to seek treatment immediately. If the pain is not that serious but bearable, I still recommend to check it out in the hospital, checking the prostatic fluid and doing a supersonic scan on the testicles in order to gauge the seriousness of the condition, while at the same time providing a warning to oneself. Although many people suffer from stomach pain but are able to bear it, they would postpone the visit to the hospital for many years. Because post-ejaculation symptoms tend to slowly subside after a couple days of rest, these people would take it lightly and not worry about it, only to visit the hospital when the symptoms have become serious. According to my knowledge, many brothers could already feel the worm-shaped lumps on their testicles but are unwilling to go to the hospital, students especially are often afraid of letting their parents finding out.

With the onset of symptoms, one should then become more aware, besides the human weakness of “not shedding tears before seeing the coffin” there is the weakness of “forgetting the pain after healed injury”. Many people after discovering symptoms would take it easy for a while, after a dozen days they would think they are fine and then continue to masturbate, at the return of the symptoms they would again start to reboot, constantly going back and forth in this vicious cycle. What is the result? Bodily symptom grows ever numerous, a young person with a body full of symptoms, feeling uncomfortable from place to place and turning uglier in the process. Even when there are no problems, the expression one gives out to other people is a decadent demeanor, a decadent look where the gaze lacks vitality. I remember that one brother went to an interview and failed it, he blamed the cause on masturbation which I think make a certain sense, if he was full of energy, went to the interview feeling confident and radiant, it’s very possible that he would have landed the job. The interviewer, besides looking at your abilities, the first impression is very very important. A person going to an interview lacking in Spirit and confidence is prone to suffer the disappointment from failure. It is already an undisputed reality that masturbation causes feelings of inferiority because that one lacks confidence while under kidney deficiency, there is no way to put forth your best face. When carrying around a decadent and strengthless look it is very easy to leave an unfavorable impressor for the interviewer, the impression point will then suffer a big hit.

I have mentioned prostatitis and varicocele in my previous articles, both of these diseases will induce infertility and the quality of the sperm. Therefore, one should pay attention to these illnesses early on, or in the future, it will be too late for regrets. I remember that another brother had a varicocele and lost the fertility function, all his expenses in diagnosing, medication and surgeries cost more than 50000 yuan. If he had woken up early and became aware of the evil fruits from masturbation, the consequences would not be as serious. These are all live cases, live lessons, everybody should commit these lessons to memory in order to take preventive measures and to prevent making the same mistake.

Below we will talk about the illnesses that are caused by sexual fantization.

Sexual fantization is able to cause illnesses, maybe this is the first time that many brothers have heard about it. Actually, it has been recorded long ago in the TCM medical cases: when the heart sways, essence leaves. Sexual fantization is, in reality, injuring the essence invisibly, it is very damaging to the body. Some brothers would say that the expelled liquid during fantization is from the prostate and is not semen.

Here I will correct many brothers in their misconception:

Prostatic fluid is actually an important constituent of the seminal fluid, taking up 15-30% of its share. By losing prostatic fluid one is losing semen, only that you are not losing the semen in all of its constituents, only part of the total. Although you have not ejaculated during fantization, essence is still being lost. The damage to the body from the loss of prostatic fluid should likewise not be underestimated. Some brothers have reported that by looking but not touching and then looking in the mirror, they find out that their Spirit has immediately become sluggish. Some brothers even report belly aches following watching but not masturbating. Other brothers would report feeling unwell the day after they have lost prostatic fluid, legs becoming soft and the body feeling out of strength, even the feeling of soreness or pain in the waist.

It is therefore important that everybody keep an eye on fantasies while undergoing rebooting, one must keep it under control. Sexual fantazation is a big checkpoint in rebooting, many people are unable to pass this checkpoint, although they have managed to not masturbate, they cannot put a stop to fantization. Engaging in fantization is very unfavorable to the recovery process and easily leads to breaking the reboot. As to how to put a stop to fantization, I have treated this topic specifically in season 17, those brothers who are unable to put a stop to fantizations may go and have a look, one must learn to cease fantizations. Once fantization has been conquered, the number of your PMO free days will multiply in number, reaching the 100 days streak will be an easy task. But if fantization cannot be kept under check, perhaps 1 month will be hard to keep up with.

There is another situation of prostatic fluid leaking which is relatively serious, and that is leaking towards the end of urination or a bowel movement. This can be resolved by persistently practicing kidney strengthening exercises, the result of which will be quite good, after having practiced for a while you will notice that leakage will no longer occur in conjunction with passing stool or urinate.

Let’s talk about the drooping testicles issue.

The drooping testis is commonly seen among brothers, it easily arises when there has been overindulgence. Normally, two kinds of problems will occur following overindulgence: the first is excessive drooping of the testis, the other is the abnormal tightening of the testis, able to shrink to the size of a quail egg, or even shrink into the abdomen. This is abnormal, a common problem that most brothers run into is the drooping testis issue.

There’s a saying called “shrink like a child”, if a young boy is healthy then his testis will be very tight while looking very full. This is actually an expression of abundant kidney qi, his boy body has not been stained, nor does he engage in sexual fantasies, in this way the quality of his testis is very good. Many brothers would say “heat expands, cold shrinks”, in reality, this change on the testis is induced by outside stimuli and has little to do with kidney qi. Of course, if the drooping is caused by severe depletion of kidney qi, then even cold stimuli from the outside will not cause shrinkage of the testis.

Drooping of the testicles will normally occur for all adult men, the body has after all suffered leakages, this is fine as long as the droopiness is not excessive. According to my own practices, when lowering the head doing kidney strengthening exercises while consciously lifting the anus and the testis, this will have a tightening effect on the testis and will have a meaningful healing effect for excessive testis droopiness. Of course, one does not have to combine the above exercises, lifting of the anus may be performed while standing or sitting. It so happens that I have combined kidney strengthening exercises with the anus lifting exercise because by doing so I felt an improvement in the results, the shrinkage will be more proper so to speak. Nowadays, my testis would be relatively tight during the majority of the time in a given day, it no longer droops the way it used to when I was sexually indulging, during those times, the testis would be exposed outside of the underwear and now it is relatively tightly shrunken and full.


In the forums, there are many brothers reporting a slow recovery while rebooting. Some brothers have been rebooting for 7 months and still, their health is bad, some have been rebooting for 1 year with the same results. Today I’ve seen somebody who’s been rebooting for 2 years without much improvements in the health, this brother suffers from frequent nocturnal emissions, 8 times per month, how can the body recover given so frequent emissions? TCM: long-term emissions injuries all the Eight extra meridians. Nocturnal emissions are also very damaging to the body, during reboot the number of emissions but are controlled, try to keep it within 3 times/month, preferably once/month, this will be beneficial to the recovery process.

During reboot we must pass through 2 big levels:

1. The frequent emission level.
2. The sexual fantization level, fantization also greatly damages kidney essence

In addition, pay attention to health cultivation, merely rebooting is not enough, rebooting is the foundation, health cultivation is building the house. The contents of health cultivation are quite broad, one needs to study it constantly. During reboot one must establish healthy living habits, do not stay up late, sit for long periods at a time or gazing for long periods at a time, do not overexert, sleep and eat early, exercise actively, all of these belongs to the categories of health cultivation. By constantly studying health cultivation knowledge, the awareness for cultivating the health will relatively increase, this then will be beneficial to the recovery process. Or else, to only reboot but ignoring health cultivation, recovery is truly very difficult, this especially applies to those heavily depleted brothers.
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Season 22 [Soaring Eagle experience: be a owner of pure frequency] (part 1/2)

[Sending out the waves of thought]

The 6th Patriarch Huineng (Translator’s note: Huineng is the 6th Patriarch of the Chinese Chan school of Buddhism, the predecessor of Zen Buddhism) took up the mantle from the 5th Patriarch Hongren, came to the Buddhist temple Faxing in Guangzhou in order to spread Buddhist teachings. Master Yinzong, the abbot in charge at the Faxing temple was reading the Buddhist texts at the time. The banners moved as the wind blew, and so he asked: “Is it the wind or the banner that is moving?” Among the disciples, some answered it was the wind that is moving, others said that the banner is moving. Huineng approached, closed his palms and said: “It is not the wind nor the banner that moves, but the heart of the benevolent one”.

All matter is a phenomenon of vibration, everything is illusion, in the universe there is only field and matter, actually there is the only field, matter is but a place with a particularly intense field” - Albert Einstein (Translator’s note: If the original English quotations from Einstein to the above text is to be found somewhere, I have yet to find them. This quote does not seem to be among the more popular ones circulating on the internet)

All things and their produced effects is made of vibration, there is no existence of matter, all material include vibration” - Max Planck

This world is the hologram of the consciousness, the reality is an illusion, it exists in our mind as a holographic mirage” - David Icke

Objective reality does not really exist, despite that the universe looks concrete and solid, the universe is actually an illusion, a gigantic and richly detailed hologram” - David Bohm

[Diamond Sutra]: all appearances is false.

(Translator’s note: Please allow for errors in the translation of the above quotes. If something feels or sounds off to you, consider consulting the source for a more accurate communication)

A thought is a vibration of energy, the foundation of the universe is a vibrating wave-like information field, while thoughts are the vibrating wave-like information. As long as there is vibration, there will be the product of illusion. You giving rise to a thought is the same as sending out a wave of information, every kind of thought will carry with it its own determined vibration, the universe is a world of frequencies. As children we were all holders of pure frequencies, our hearts were pure and beautiful, clean and clear. Before puberty, thoughts of nefarious wantonness will rarely arise. Every day during those times, we were enjoying the happiness of purity, only that we didn’t know to treasure it. That kind of great joy was fleeting, once lost it is hard to regain it. Ever since becoming addicted to the evil habit of masturbation we have changed, our spirit become vile and dirty, we are broadcasting thoughts of nefarious wantonness daily. We have already come to be polluted, becoming unbearably dirty, as if going from a clear stream to a stinking river. Not only are other people disgusted by us, we disgust ourselves, is this our previous pure selves? As the spirit loses its degree of purity, what follows is sorrow and decadence: once the level of purity has been restored, the great beautiful joy of purity can be regained once again.

If we are to cast a stone into the water, outwards ripples will form on the surface of the water. Big stones will form big ripples, small stones form small ripples. No matter the size of the ripples, both can be simultaneously carried out on the surface of the water. Our thought ripple is also like that, everyone is sending out their own waveform of information. If you are sending out information waves of nefarious wantonness, then the decoded reality thereof will be distorted and painful. Scientists say everything is vibrating. The 6th Patriarch, Master Huineng said, the heart of the benevolent one moves! In reality, the fundament is that your thought is moving, as long as it’s moving, the holographic mirage of the material world will manifest. Just like when you are sleeping, as long as thoughts are moving, there will be dream scenes. The essence is the thought that you broadcast, the condition is born of the mind. The frequency of your broadcast thought determines the scenery of your life.

Master Empty Cloud once returned to his thatched hut from the monastery, halfway towards the destination the day becomes dark. However, no thoughts arose from him, he was not aware of the darkness, to him it was still day and the road is seen clearly. On the way he ran into two monks, one of the monks held a lantern, the monk walked up to him and said: “Empty Master, it is so dark, why do you not carry a light?” When the old monk heard this, the day immediately become dark. For the person without a distracting thought, the day is light, once the discriminating tendency arises, one returns to ignorance, darkness fills everything in an instant.

This case sheds light on a fact, that is: all ways arises from the mind!

The holy person: All dharma comes from the mind, all dharma is extinguished by the mind, all follow from your mind, kindness and wickedness also follow from your mind, so does heaven and hell follow from your mind.

[Changing your frequency]

Thought or mentality is a magnet, like attracts like is the rule. Indeed it is so, a mentality will attract the quality of nature that correlate to that of its own” - Charles Haanel

A string of intentions form a thought, a thought is magnetic and carries with it a certain frequency. When you are thinking, those thoughts will be broadcasted out into space, they will act like magnets and attract towards it all things of similar frequency. So the saying goes that birds of the same feather flock together, the same applies to objects. Our thoughts will attract contents of similar frequency, just like when we watch the TV where every channel has its own frequency. When switched to a particular frequency, we will be able to see images on the image screen. We select frequencies by changing channels, then we are able to see the images that belong to that channel. If we want to see different TV images, then we will need to switch the channel, tuning into a new frequency. Radios works in a similar fashion, whatever channel we want to listen to can be achieved by tuning into the channel, different frequencies correspond to different contents.

Everyone give this a thought; if a person is constantly broadcasting thoughts of nefarious wantonness, what would the result be? The evil intentions will attract contents that correspond to its frequency, the nature of such thoughts is often filled with pain and horror. The originator of all evil practices starts with the thought that you send out! The human body is a broadcasting station while at the same time functions as a receiver, different thoughts correspond to different frequencies, you create worlds of life by the frequencies that you send out. The frequencies you send out transcends cities, countries and this world, it will echo in the entire universe, and you are using your thoughts to broadcast the frequencies! You are the fountainhead of the broadcasted frequencies.

Your thoughts give rise to frequencies, and yet thoughts will attract towards it things of similar frequencies, by the reactionary force it then returns to your body and through it becomes a part of your life. If you want to change the circumstances of your life, you will only need to change your thoughts and through it change the channel and the frequency, in this way your life circumstance will greatly change, as the saying that conditions changes with the mind.

[Good and evil thoughts all carry frequencies]

Tibetan scriptures: “Jambudvipa mentions the arising of thought of the masses, not one is without karma, not one is without sin”. [Treatise On the Response of the Tao]: “One harbors lustful thoughts after seeing a beautiful woman”. As soon as you think the thought then it counts as engaging in nefarious wantonness, in between forming a thought, high and low is clearly distinguished.

Real reboot is mind reboot! One needs to cultivate the arising of thoughts, in rebooting one needs to learn to control one’s thoughts, in other words, cultivate the mind! Although many brothers are persistently rebooting, they are unable to conquer their sexual fantization, fantization is often the prelude to relapse. If the cutting out of new thoughts cannot be achieved, then breaking the reboot will easily occur. Actuality, being addicted in sexual fantization counts as relapse, also that fantization is a form of invisible leakage when the heart sways the essence leaves, addiction to sexual fantization will also induce the outbreak of symptoms. If one can strictly achieve cutting out of thoughts once they arise, then the body will not be harmed. The key is to find the proper timing for cutting out thoughts, speed is of the essence, try to cut out the fantization within 1 second. The real adepts are basically able to cut out the new thoughts immediately, more or less within 0.1 seconds. Many rebooting rookies are unable to cut out the sexual fantasy within 1 second, oftentimes it is not until several minutes afterward that they discover they have fantasizing, by this time it is already too late, the evil thoughts have already taken hold just like when a little sparks turn into a huge forest blaze, control will be hard at this point. Rookies lack watchfulness and awareness towards their inner states, therefore they are defeated by their temptation daemons time and again. During rebooting we must learn to watch our minds and cut out thoughts, we must keep a firm eye on our thoughts and know when a thought has arisen, with an awe-striking awareness when the time comes, the thought is no more. The saying that once a thought arises, cut it out immediately, once one is aware, the thought is naught! Do not be led along by the thought, remember at all cost!

Dharma Master Dazhao: “As long as you give rise to a thought, this thought will act as a net in the Ten Realms and capture your entire Realm within it. When giving rise to a kind thought, the manifestation from your realm will be a kind Realm; give rise to an evil thought, the manifestation of your realm will be an evil Realm. We are ordinary and foolish, we are not aware that the thought born out our heart will have such an enormous impact on our Realm. But all the Buddhas in the ten directions, great virtuous founders of past dynasties, all friends on the same journey, those who are diligently forging ahead, those with a sensitive heart, all will immediately sense it. Just like wireless radio waves that are immediately received, intercepting your signal. As long as the mind moves, karma is born, there will be consequences. This consequence will then change our future direction and path. Every thought, as long as it is born, its signal will spread to the entire Realm. Even if you are alone in the room and feeling angry, very angry, smashing the cup onto the ground, you think that nobody is watching you in the room, in reality, all Buddhas in the ten directions as well as your own life reality, will manifest an angry and complete Realm, neglecting nothing. Every thought possesses this universality in the Ten Dharma Realms. In other words, the signal from our mind will at any time cover the entire world. The degree of this coverage is very high.

According to the holographic universe theory, the universe is an integrated whole where every part of it shares a holographic association with one another. Within this wholeness of the universe, between all its systems and subsystems, a holographic correspondence exists between the systems and the universe. When it comes to latent information, subsystems contain all the information of the systems, systems contain all the information of the universe. When it comes to explicit information, the subsystem is a miniature version of the system, the system is a miniature version of the universe.

The basic principle behind the holographic universe theory: looking at the latent and explicit information as a whole, any part contains the information found in the whole. The holographic universe theory has been applied in TCM relatively early, this is known thousands of years ago. Many people have probably seen the TCM hologram, for instances the palms, ears, face and different parts of the body all correspond to the internal organs, every tiny part contains all the information found in the whole. The universe is fundamentally information! Thoughts are information! All evil and kind thoughts have frequencies, kind thoughts correspond to high frequency, evil thoughts correspond to low frequency, you are sending out thoughts every day (namely vibrating the wave-like information).

Professor David Hawkins stated clearly after more than 20 years of research, the strength of the human body will fluctuate along with the state of the mind. He has mapped the human consciousness in the range between 1-1000 (Translator’s note: the unit of the frequency was not mentioned), any state that induces a frequency below 200 will drain the body, anything between 200-1000 will cause the body to strengthen. Physicists have already proven that all matter in this world is made up of swirling particles. All these particles have a different rate of vibration, the vibration of the particles is what causes the world to express itself as it is. Our bodies behave in the same way, scientists have already measured that the vibrational rate of the body differs under different mental states, this result was an eye-opener for everybody. Kindness, honesty, compassion, love, these positive qualities allow the rise of bodily vibrational rates, the bodily health may then be improved. The highest frequency that professor Hawkins has encountered is 700, it occurred when he was studying the nun Teresa during 1997 when she has received the Nobel peace prize. (Translator’s note: There may be an error in the dating as Mother Teresa received her Nobel Prize in 1979, she died in the year 1997). The moment that Teresa entered the room, everybody’s heart was filled with joy, her appearance made it almost impossible for people to harbor distracting thoughts or hatred. 1000 is named the as the state under total enlightenment, this it the frequency of absolute power!

Professor David Hawkins said: “Many people become sick due to the lack of love, there is only pain and dismay, one is prone to become sick when the rate of vibration is below 200.” The doctor would come in contact with a large number of patients every day. He found out later that as long as a person is sick, that person always carries lots of negative thoughts. If a person’s vibrational rate is above 200 then that person will not become sick easily, his patients would often have a vibrational rate below 200, what kind of thoughts did they send out? Thoughts such as sexual fantization, blaming, anger, inflicting injury upon others etc, in the process of sending out these negative thoughts, much energy is lost, therefore, when the rate of vibration goes below 200, these people are prone to catch different illnesses.

[Evil thoughts will drag down your rate of vibration]

Evil thoughts will induce the lowest of frequencies, the quality of these thoughts is one of a twisted nature, of harm. When you are thinking about degenerative thoughts, when you are addicted to sexual fantization, the reality is that you are weakening yourself. This is not limited to sexual fantization, also included are evil thoughts such as greed and injuring others in order to get ahead, these will all pull your frequency lower. On the other hand, gentleness, optimism, forgiveness, gratefulness, love, respectfulness, sereneness, calmness and joy etc, all of these will raise your vibration. The higher the rate of frequency, the easier it is to feel the great joy of pureness, the lower the vibration, then one is surrounded by pain. The vibration of kind thoughts is higher than evil thoughts, by lifting more kind thoughts, our bodily energy vibration will increase accordingly.

When a person’s vibration is relatively high, he already possesses various positive qualities, his thoughts are pure, his character is noble and actions selfless, these are all reflected in his every word and action. He will like to come into contact with contents that share a similar vibration, choosing to associate with people with similar frequencies. Whenever we create a thought, a certain frequency is born, noble thoughts produce higher frequencies, degenerative thoughts produce lower frequencies. Many sexual fantasizers, their rate of vibration is very low because they are constantly producing evil thoughts and have done many things of nefarious wantonness. This, in reality, is sabotaging and injuring the self. Evil thoughts will drag a person’s frequency lower, the lower the frequency then the more painful it becomes, every form of psychological and bodily symptom will then follow from it and manifest itself.

[The Creator’s secret: frequency determines the physical form]

If you want to know the secret of the universe, please consider the vibration and resonance of energy.” - Nikola Tesla

Every physical substance in our world is a manifestation of vibration
If the vibration is changed then the structure of the physical substance also changes

Thoughts, feelings, moods all have a determined rate of vibration
We possess these frequencies at all times and so come into resonance with our surroundings

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(part 2/2)

The famous experience of vibrational frequency on sand pattern has shown the relationship between frequency and physical substance. Different frequencies correspond to different forms of shapes. Thoughts are a form of vibrating wave-like information, thinking a thought gives rise to a certain frequency, this frequency will directly influence a person’s appearance and temperament, the saying that looks is grown by the heart. Many people who masturbate have become ugly, this is widely reflected in the narratives of brothers. In the beginning, the process of ugliness is not very apparent, with the increased time one spends in masturbation and with the deepening of injury upon the essences, many previously handsome people have turned beyond recognition, showing abnormal ugliness and wretchedness, even developing towards the direction of monstrostrous deformity. Why is it like this? It is actually very easy to understand from the perspective of frequencies; because he is sending out evil thoughts of nefarious wantonness, and the frequency of nefarious wantonness corresponds to the appearance and ugliness and wretchedness. Therefore, people addicted to nefarious wantonness will inevitably turn wretched and ugly, this is a certainty.

After rebooting, the soul receives purification, the frequency will then rise, during which time, the appearance and temperance will again develop towards the positive direction. The thoughts that a person produces will affect his physical appearance and temperance because thoughts produce frequency, frequencies will affect the physical form, it is this mysterious. Many people have previously heard the saying that looks is grown from the heart, but they do not understand the underlying principles of physics. After having read this paragraph of description,

I believe that more people will gain a deeper understanding and awareness. The thought waves that you are producing is affecting your physical appearance at this very moment, this is subtle. After a few years of nefarious wantonness, the appearance and temperament will decline, because your vibrational frequency has decreased. Evil thoughts will induce low frequency while low frequency corresponds to ugliness and wretchedness.

[Methods for raising the rates of vibration]
1. Kind deeds and the accumulation of virtue, do more to help people, in this way your vibrational frequency may be vastly increased.
2. Emit more thoughts of repentance, correct and change to the better, straighten the self in order to change the person.
3. Read more vibrational uplifting books, study more traditional culture.
4. Emit more intention of respectfulness, read more teachings on great virtue.
5. Maintain a grateful heart, practice more filial piety.
6. Learn to not complain, practice tolerance, learn to forgive others.
7. Keep calmness, inner calmness is a form of high vibration.
8. Attempt to find the Truth of life and the universe, find the belief that belongs to the self.
9. Do not look at nudity, especially in border pictures and news.
10. Maintain modesty, modesty allows increasing the rate of vibration.
11. Learn to meditate, actively exercise, learn the way of health cultivation.
12. Be among children, be as pure as children without a trace of evil.
13. Reboot, cut out smoking, alcohol, internet addiction and various bad habits.
14. Do not blame, don’t be jealous, encourage more, praise more.
15. Study Buddhist Dharma, read Buddhist sutras, chant the name of the Buddha, one’s vibrational frequency may be vastly increased through this way.
16. Learn to cultivate the heart, control the thoughts, this is the most basic method of raising the vibrational frequency.

We should all return purity to our soul and become a keeper of pure frequencies, say no to the nefarious wantonness and pollution from these troubled times. The modern society is flooded with nefarious wantonness, also the evil notion of harmlessness theories is rampant, keeping a frequency of pureness is extremely difficult. Everyone has their own rate of vibration just like they have their own fingerprints. Yet the vibrational frequency is able to be raised when you have cut off the addiction of nefarious wantonness and try your best to practice kindness, in this way your vibrational frequency will increase by leaps and bounds. The higher the rate of vibration the easier it is to experience the vast joy of pureness. In contrast, a low rate of vibration will sink one into boundness fear and pain.
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Season 23 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of waist pain, puffiness, emancipation and the importance of keeping vigilance]part 1/2


Recently, many brothers have asked about the greying issue. To recover from greying will require approximately 1 year of time. Those that often browse in my case related posts should have seen a particular case; one brother after having rebooted for 200 days had all of his hair turning black. I, on the other hand, took about 1 year of time, nowadays I have very few grey hairs, around 1-2 strands, this is entirely within the normal range. Only persistence is needed in order to recover from greying, in addition, one must: 1) strictly control the number of nocturnal emission 2) make all efforts to cease sexual fantization 3) emphasize the way of health cultivation. When enough effort has been made in all 3 areas, greying will naturally recover. Many people are rebooting but are unable to control their nightly emissions, sexual fantizations and do not understand health cultivation while at the same time often relapsing, to recover from greying under these conditions will be quite difficult.

Some brothers, especially those who are yet to experience serious symptoms thinks that it is incredible for a brother to experience a dozen of symptoms. To these brothers, I could only comment on the shallow level of experience. Up until today I have seen several thousand cases and have personally communicated with a thousand brothers. The majority of these people have very many bodily symptoms, they have only picked out the most apparent symptoms and inquired me about them. One will understand this by going through lots of cases, there are many brothers with a dozen and even several dozens of different bodily discomforts. Some brothers are exquisite and sensitive and are able to describe all the discomfort symptoms, while some brothers come to late realizations and have limited abilities in expressing themselves, thus making them unable to give a description of all the uncomfortable symptoms. Those brothers that are yet to sustain serious injury or have come to late realizations will think that all of this is unbelievable. This is in fact very easy to understand, when you have been injured to a certain degree then you will naturally understand the truth that I speak, people that lack the experiences will have no ways in understanding the experiences involved. If you have never tasted salt, you would never know about its specific flavor, all the descriptions that others relay to you mean nothing.

In addition, I would like to stress a point, I did not successfully reboot on my first try. I made my first attempt while in middle school, I was totally oblivious at the time, I did not have the awareness to study rebooting material nor did I have a guide. At the time I only relied on blindly and forceful rebooting and knew nothing about the way of professional rebooting, the result was repeated defeats. I have failed countless times and have struggled in the vicious circle in many years, my entire body became ridden with symptoms. If I had succeeded in my first attempt then I would not have had so many symptoms later on. It’s a pity that it took me well over a decade to realize the importance of studying reboot articles, fortunately, it is still not too late. After a couple years of bodily recovery I have been restored to normal, of course, it is still incomparable to when I was a teen because now I’m already 30 years old.

Let me elaborate further on my motivations when writing about my experiences I seek not fame nor any gains, it is entirely for the welfare of the public. I do not seek any rewards and I don’t need anybody to worship me, some brothers have called me Grandmaster but I have never paid attention to it. I sit on the same level with every brother, I’m just like the person pointing directions which puts me on the same level as the person asking for directions, one does not tower above the other, I’m but an ordinary waypoint. If you ask me how to reboot I can point you towards the right direction. I only wish to help everyone.

We enter into the main topic below.

This season is about the issue of waist pain, puffiness, emancipation and the importance of maintaining vigilance, I will go through these topics in detail, as in the below:

TCM: waist is the residence of the kidney.

The issue of waist pain is common among brothers. I believe that the majority of brothers have had the experience of sore and aching waist. One bodily expression following masturbation is: soreness and softness of the waist and knees, in more serious cases pain is involved. Of course, many factors contribute towards waist pains. Normally, masturbation induced waist ache will slowly alleviate itself following a period of rebooting and health cultivation. If your waist ache is persistently bothering you, I would recommend you to go check it out in order to rule out any organically related illnesses, such as issues with the lumbar disc or kidney stones. In everyday life, many people suffer from the issue of protruding lumbar disc, the seed to the problem could be sowed when one, for instance, is not careful with the body posture when carrying heavy objects.

There is another expression for post masturbation waist ache and that is the inability to straighten the waist after having bent it for long periods of time, the feeling is extreme soreness.

Previously when I used to wash clothes after masturbating, upon finishing washing my waist would be very sore, it would require a while of rest until it is recovered. Therefore, masturbation will cause the waist to become very soft and weak. Under normal cases, bending the waist will not cause soreness issues, but because you have the evil habit of masturbation, soreness will easily appear after bending the waist for a long time. This kind of issue, where soreness or pain follows the bending of the waist has been reported by many brothers, I have had such experiences myself. In addition, after masturbation one becomes very soft, one should take extra care when exercising under such conditions. Because while partaking in a heavy exercise under this soft bodily state one is prone to get injured, something that I have deeply experienced; previously when I went to play basketball after masturbation I have broken my bones under 3 occasions, sprained my ankles countless times. Furthermore, those injuries happened under strange circumstances and were all self-inflicted.

With regards to waist pains, this is very easy to solve given that one is without organic illnesses, normally. After a period of rebooting while cultivating the health, waist pains will heal by itself without the use of medicines. If soreness and pain in the waist persist, it is recommended to check it out. If organic issues are absent then one may use Chinese herbal medicine for treatment, if organic issues are present then one should undergo active treatment while persisting in rebooting and cultivating the health, in this way the recovery will be fairly rapid. For men, the waist is really too important, one should properly take care of the waist.

Let’s talk about the issue of puffiness and emancipation.

Following masturbation the condition of being out of tune will appear, this is reflected in the body weight, either in puffiness or being emancipated. Of course, although that some people masturbate, they still practice good exercise and dietary habits, they might not run into the mentioned problems. Although I have frequently masturbated before, I loved to exercise and would keep relatively rhythmic rest and eating schedules and so the weight imbalance issue did not show up.

In TCM, puffiness is due to 2 reasons: spleen deficiency with moist obstruction and spleen plus kidney yang deficiency.

If a person loves to exercise, he will not become puffy, although fat, he still looks very strong and not the kind of loose muscles type of puffiness look. Why is it that people who love to exercise will not normally encounter puffiness? Because according to TCM: spleen governs the 4 limbs. [Suwen]: “Spleen governs the muscles of the body” If the spleen qi is moving healthily, then the muscles will be plump and vigorous. If the spleen is sick, then the muscles shrink and become useless. A person that loves to exercise may achieve spleen strengthening effect, the possibility of running into puffiness will be relatively low. The spleen qi strengthens the movement, muscles will then become elastic and vigorous. Many people think that puffiness is due to fat, this is actually not correct, puffiness indicates that both fat and muscles have become soft and sagging, the feeling is one of being without elasticity and very loose.

How to treat puffiness? Taking Chinese traditional herbals is one way, this will adjust your internal organs. The more important is still to establish healthy exercise and dietary habits, this is very important! You can forego the herbs, if you only manage to make the other two points, weight can still be shed, you can even become a fit and muscular guy. I have previously been a personal trainer and have accumulated vast experiences in losing fat, in addition to going through the fat shedding process myself. If you have some general knowledge with regards to working out, then you’ll know for sure the saying: 30% comes from training, 70% comes from eating. Merely training is not enough if one wants to gain muscles, the key is to eat the right amount of food, muscle gain will be relatively quick in this way. Fat loss works in the same way, many people would have an intense workout but when they return home they’re unable to control their appetites and end up eating too much, by doing this they have regained all the energy that they have lost through training. In addition, the spleen governs the 4 limbs, normally after working out, the appetite would increase and enables one to eat a lot, the result being that no matter how hard one works out one is unable to shed weight. In reality, if one is able to strictly control the food input, even without training intensely, the weight would still decrease.

For brothers experiencing puffiness, my advice is:

1. Actively exercise, emphasize aerobic exercises, one may also combine it with strength exercises.
1. Strictly control the food intake, highly energetic food, midnight meals and snacks should all be restricted.

If the above points can be met, your weight will for sure decrease. If after a period of time your weight is still unchanged, then you should reflect on which of the above points that you need to improve upon.

In addition, strength exercises will help you to shape the muscles. Many brothers would become addicted to strength exercises as they would like to become stronger, more manly, this is a very common form of thinking. A strong body indeed gives one the feeling of assurance and makes one feel more confident, normally, a stronger man also have a stronger sexual function. But please remember a saying: blessing and misfortune exist side by side. TCM advocates that desire should not be too strong. When many people have trained themselves stronger, they become even more prone to fool around, the result is that they become indulgent at a young age. After the age of 40, it is time to pay the bill, the headache will be great when the time arrives. Being strong is not the same as being healthy and longevity, many strong people have many issues, even not being able to make past the age of 50. On the other hand, many people practice health cultivation, their strength indicators are very low but they still live upwards 80 and beyond.

I have another piece of advice for those brothers suffering from puffiness; if you want to lose fat you will have to increase understanding, this is like rebooting, professional is the key. With professional knowledge, one finds the door easier and succeed easier. No matter in what occupation and on what matters, it is particularly important to study. Ignorance stems from not studying, understanding comes from studying, in addition, combine it with one’s own practices and constantly gaining new awareness, success is then not far away. The saying that difficulty does not perplex the Master, the perplexed will experience difficulty, one must study more. Many things will become simple once you have grasped the adequate amount of professional knowledge on fat loss. If your understanding is not deep enough, you will hesitate and be at loss in many choices.

Another type of brother will encounter the emancipation issue.

Emancipation shares a certain relationship with the physique, of course, it is also intricately related to the disorderly function of the internal organs caused by masturbation. Emancipated people have poor appetites, are unable to eat much and have poor digestion. No matter how much they eat they will not become fat, this is the first type. There is another type, it’s when one is able to eat a lot but are unable to become fat. This type of person may suffer from poor absorption or have a very high basal metabolism. Some other brothers are suffering from chronic diarrhea, weight loss is made even easier with this condition.

I advise the emancipated people to go seek a traditional Chinese doctor followed by active exercises, emphasize health cultivation and slowly adjusting yourself.

Lastly, let’s talk about the importance of keeping vigilance.

Quite a few brothers have been on a rebooting streak for over 100 days and then still relapsed, what is the reason? When many brothers have gone through a period of rebooting it is easy to let down the guard. Thinking that the problem is no more and that one has succeeded, one starts to relax; First, the relaxation is with regards to studying rebooting articles. Second, it is the relaxation of vigilance. As soon as one relaxes the vigilance, relapses come easily. Rebooting is like walking on a steel wire, one needs to keep alert every day because if you are not careful you will fall down, if you are not careful you will relapse, this happens almost supernaturally.

Ever since I started to reboot until the present day I have still maintained my vigilance, just like the vigilance of a woodpecker, when a person approaches it flies away, the woodpecker will not allow anybody to come close to it. Rebooting works in the same manner, when one enters a stable period after some time of rebooting it does not mean that relapses will not occur again, if you relax your guard you will still relapse. Therefore, we should allow ourselves to maintain our state of alertness and not wander far from rebooting articles, we should look more into cases from sufferers. This process is likened to brushing the teeth every day, it does not have to take a long time but by looking at rebooting material daily, this is absolutely beneficial to the maintenance of your vigilant state. This is an indispensable awareness towards a successful reboot.

Naturally, some people have an extremely high level of awareness, they don’t look at rebooting articles nor in any cases. Every day they would go through their suffering once in their heads, this will also allow them to keep vigilance. There is another type of person who is able to maintain vigilance and that is the person with a religious belief, rebooting is like a form of a commandment. If the person strictly adheres to the commandment then he will not relapse, because he knows that relapse is worse than death, this is his consciousness.

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part 2/2


Some brothers would ask me, why is it that everybody around me is masturbating but their health is still good, why is it that only my body is ridden with symptoms. Quite a few brothers have asked me this question and it is not difficult to answer it. The constitution is different for different people, some people are naturally endowed with a good constitution, a thick health foundation, plus that they love to exercise, have fixed resting and eating habits and absent of any other negative hobbies, this kind of people can afford of few years of depletion, the fruit from the evil karma will appear relatively late. On the other hand some people have a naturally weak constitution, their physique is inadequate and they don’t like to exercise, they like to sit for long periods of time and have internet or smoking addiction, often stays up during the night in combination with frequent masturbation, they will encounter symptoms relatively early and these symptoms will be more serious.

Another point, although some people seems to look fine from the outside, in reality, they also have lots of symptoms, only that you cannot see them from the outside. There is a word called “hidden disease” (Translator’s note: hidden disease are those disease that are hard to detect and to cure). In everyday life many people carry with them hidden disease, these are matters of privacy, he will not tell you, you would think that he is healthy but that is not the case. Just like myself as an example, at a time I had prostatitis but other people didn’t know about it, I haven’t told my friends either. On the sports court, I was vigorous like the tiger and other people thought I was very healthy, that was not the case. Only I knew that I suffered from my discomforts owing to my evil habit of masturbation, only that these symptoms were not that serious and were bearable. After a while of rebooting, all of these symptoms would find relief which is why at the time they were not emphasized that much. In addition, I had varicocele for over a decade without knowing about it because it was not severe, I did not experience distinct discomforts but I had the disease, only upon doing an ultrasound did I knew that I had varicocele. I have already written an article regarding this disease, after reading that article, many brothers went to the hospital for a diagnosis. It turned out that quite a few brothers were diagnosed with varicocele, only that they were previously oblivious to it.

Actually, due to the evil habit of masturbation, more often than not there will be symptoms. No matter how good your constitution is and without any unhealthy hobbies, but as you age, many latent issues will expose themselves, the debt will sooner or later be paid. It is not necessarily bad that the body deteriorates early because once the body has deteriorated while you are young and you come to the realization to reboot thoroughly, the bodily ability to recover is still strong. What’s worse is when body deteriorates when one has passed 40, by then the bodily recovery function is not as it used to be, the rate of recovery will be very slow.

Let’s talk about the sweating issue when doing kidney strengthening exercises during the summer. It is now the scorching summer, the tiniest of movements results in a drench of sweat, even when we stay stationary the sweat will pour down like the rain. These days I’m still persisting in practicing the kidney strengthening exercises, I have not stopped for a single day. The way I practice is by going bare to the waist, prepare a towel, after doing and set of movements and having sweated I would immediately wipe myself dry, then repeat the movement. In this fashion, the issue of sweating can be avoided, or else if I practice kidney strengthening exercises following a shower my clothes would get soaked again which is very uncomfortable and makes it hard to sleep. Furthermore, during the summer, try to limit the exposure towards AC. Exposure towards AC and taking cold beverages both damage the yang qi and discourages bodily recovery, remember.

Lately, some brother reflected the “days record” issue with me. I’m not personally against in keeping track of the days, but I feel like keeping track of the days is like punching an attendance card at work, you cannot just punch the card but not work. This corresponds to rebooting, you have kept the day’s record, but what is your goal? The goal of keeping days is to study rebooting articles and sufferers’ cases daily in order to alert oneself. If the goal is only focused on keeping track of the days then your awareness and determination will not have increased, you will still remain on the brute force rebooting stage.

A mistake that newbies tend to make: only keeping track of the days and not studying, they see that other people have opened a thread for tracking the days and so they do the same, yet they do not emphasize studying rebooting articles. Back when I first started to reboot, I also liked to keep a day count, at the time I kept my record on a notebook and the maximum number of endurable days was 28 days. Afterward, when I reached a thorough understanding, the thought of keeping track of the days did not even occur to me and it did not feel like enduring, until today I have not relapsed, because I have reached a thorough understanding, in addition, I maintain a daily awareness vigilance. I don’t remember how many days I have been rebooting, only from which month I started to reboot from, my advice is: don’t pay too much attention to the number of days, put the emphasize on studying and to increase the rebooting understanding and awareness, this is the true path towards rebooting.
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I will print out your writing series.. Season 1 and season 23...  Thanks for everything...
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Post by: Beyondthequicksand on March 15, 2018, 12:42:13 PM
I have shared this thread with so many people, I really believe the time you take out to do these translations is worth it if someone tells you you're being a hero to thousands of us out here!
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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I have shared this thread with so many people, I really believe the time you take out to do these translations is worth it if someone tells you you're being a hero to thousands of us out here!

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I had no idea, what I noticed is that people are generally more reserved here compared to another site where I do the same postings. Your feedback is important and helps to encourage me along the way, thanks again brother.
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Thanks for your patience guys, I know this season is overdue, it's been a wonderfully busy week for me. As mentioned previously, there are over 100 seasons in total and so I expect this translation project to continue for at least another year. In the meanwhile, please enjoy season 24:


Season 24 [Soaring Eagle experience: aggravated hair loss following rebooting, complementary info on emancipation, the issue of lower brain power] part 1/2


Some brothers may wonder, how come that Soaring Eagle has experienced every symptom? It does not seem possible, out of this question doubt is born. Those who often look into my experience posts will know that I have not said that I have had experienced every symptom out there. For instance, I have mentioned in my posts that I had drooping testis, but not shrunken testis, I have not suffered from puffiness either. When writing my articles I carry a truth-seeking attitude, things are either experienced or not experienced, I would not make it up. Although I have not experienced some symptoms, I have thoroughly researched and enquired into them. For example, the doctor doesn’t need to have experienced every ailment, the importance is to have deep knowledge and understanding in the ailments, that is the key.

Nobody how weak a person is, it is not possible for the person to have experienced every symptom. Even though two people are both suffering from kidney yang deficiency, the focus of the symptoms is still different. I have had a history of masturbation for over a decade, it could be said I have experienced the vast majority of the symptoms. In addition, I have researched into the habit of masturbation for a couple years and have encountered basically every type of symptom, in addition to having assembled a vast archive of cases, chatted with over a thousand brothers and gained a deep understanding in this area. The study of TCM theories did not stop either, all of the mentioned provided me with the foundations of the articles that I wrote.

Because that I have made a huge number of posts, it is impossible to answer many questions immediately, I hope that everybody can understand this.

A capable group of brothers are on the rise in the rebooting forums, this group of brothers are constantly studying and have increased their understanding a lot, therefore, everybody may also refer to them for any questions. There is a need for talents everywhere, the same goes for the rebooting forums, there is a need for talented Q&A people, talented promoters, administrators, each person has his duties to improve the forums and help more people. As to the issue of being scolded at while trying to promote, this has happened on different occasions; previously I did some promotional work although it was not internet-based but based on the QQ-group, where I promoted rebooting and health cultivation among the dozen of anxiety patient groups.

When doing promotional work, first, it is important to let things go their own course when helping people, do not force things. Second, pay attention to the promotional strategy, choose the optimal entry point; third, one must be control of the emotions, because in this line of work it is very easy to run into stubborn people, just like when the scholar meets the soldier, there is no reasoning, when meeting this kind of people, making a concise point is enough, there is no need for elaborate explanations, once the message is heard, the seed has been sown. He might not understand it today but perhaps he will suddenly understand one day and come to regret his old stubborn ways, not having paid heed to your bitter truth. Helping people, in reality, is helping the previous you, the old you is perhaps reminiscent of the present them; not recognizing the truth until it is placed right in front of them, stubbornly going their own ways, controlled by the indulgence mentality, harboring misconceptions towards rebooting along with the attitude of rejection and conflict. Now that you have understood after having clearly seen the truth and wanting to help others, this is a very thought. But one must pay attention to the promotional strategy and method, in this regard the forum owner Balinhou has extensive experience, everyone may seek him out, join a promotional team and learn from the successful promotional models.

Doing promotional work towards rebooting is extremely meaningful, sometimes, a single sentence from you may change the entire life of a person, due to that single sentence, he becomes enlightened. In the future, I’m sure to return to do more promotion for rebooting, but as of now, my main mission is to write more experience articles.

Heading into the main topic below.

In this season we will take a closer look at aggravated hair loss following rebooting, complementary info on emancipation and the issue of lower brain power. Details can be found below:

Lately, many brothers have reported aggravated hair loss following rebooting. When this happens one easily thinks about throwing in the towel, not wanting to reboot anymore; thinking that hair loss did not occur before rebooting but became serious following rebooting, what’s going on? I have mentioned this in the previous articles, about relapsing due to doubt, if there are unsolved problems, relapses become easy. When hair loss becomes aggravated during rebooting it easily causes one to experience panic, anxiety and the loss of hope, these negative emotions in turn easily induces emotional-based relapse. When one wants to vent negative emotions via masturbation, the result is to sink back into the vicious cycle.

Actually, I’m well aware of the thinking process of those brothers who contemplates giving up rebooting due to aggravated hair loss, they are thinking that if they start to masturbate again, the hair loss might cease. This kind of thinking is a bit absurd but it does occur.

Normally, some symptoms will easy appear after one has started to reboot. Many people have not experienced any symptoms before rebooting but as soon as they start to reboot, symptoms appear. When seeing the emergence of symptoms, many rookies start to panic and thinks that abstaining is harmful, they then immediately sink back into the trap of masturbation. The emergence of symptoms following rebooting is actually a withdrawal reaction, it is very commonly seen. Persist in rebooting and cultivating the health and the bodily symptoms will slowly improve and even disappear. The increased severity of hair loss following rebooting can also be seen as a withdrawal symptom, of course, some people say it is a reaction to shedding illnesses, there is also some basis in this; due to the build-up of vital qi after rebooting, latent illnesses will naturally make themselves known.

In addition, I discovered that a great number of brothers report aggravated hair loss during the summer season, why during the summer? Before the arrival of the sizzling summer, every day I would lose within 5 strands of hair, but now I would lose several dozens daily, some days over 30 strands of hair. In fact, this is seasonal hair loss at work, for a normal person, hair loss would also increase during the summer. I have mentioned in the previous article, there are many factors leading to hair loss, one must get to know each one of them or else it is easy to get into a state of panic. The thought of throwing in the towel is made easier under the state of panic. During the summer there is more sweating, the scalp will easily itch, when the scalp itches, hair loss will increase. Recently when washing the hair I would apply hair shampoo twice, the scalp would still itch, and so I applied a few drops of herbal distillate in clean water and the scalp would barely itch after that when the scald no longer itches, the amount of hair loss decreases.

Hair loss during the summer is due to the following reasons:

1. The loss of hair during the summer is due to exposure of the head towards the strong solar rays which breaks the keratin within the hair, causing the falling off of the hair.
2. During the summer the scalp sweats easily, produces oil, plus it’s dustier, hair would easily become affected.
3. Due to walking in and out of AC exposure, this causes poor blood circulation, the hair would fall off more easily.
4. The summer heat induces secretion imbalances in the body, inducing hair loss.
5. Too much cold beverages. Suppose that one consumes more ice sticks, ice cream, and cold beverages, the hair would fall off more easily.
6. A decrease in the nutritional input. Protein is an essential nutrient for the hair. But due to the heat of the summer, people like to eat a lighter diet, meat intake will be relatively less. Suppose that the protein intake is inadequate, hair will fall off easier.
7. Inflammatory stimulation. During the summer there is a higher chance for folliculitis, favus of the scalp, pimple or carbuncle. These causes instability in the hair follicles and induces hair loss more easily.
8. It is scorching during the summer, there is a large amount of water evaporation. If the water is not quickly replenished it will lead to a decrease in the sebaceous glands secretions. And from there induces the drying up and falling off of hair. When the hair loses its moist it becomes brittle, after some time it will become crisp and breaks easily and prone to falling off.
9. Affected by the summer weather; many people suffer from poorer sleep quality, become more irritable, those are also important reasons for losing hair.

Summer is a very special season, the common saying goes: although no illnesses, one is 30% weakened during the summer. Because there is a high amount of sweating during the summer, and so according to TCM: He who sweats, also losses essence. When one sweats too much the person is weakened. Lately a brother reported the good progress he was making after a few months of rebooting, but lately, some symptoms have re-emerged with even the occurrence of frequent nightly emissions. This is, in fact, an expression of the repeating period, many brothers confuse withdrawal symptoms with the period for repeated symptoms, I will again emphasize it here. Withdrawal symptoms normally occur within the first month of rebooting, repeating period may occur at any time during the reboot. Because some people have not properly cultivated the health, following a half year of rebooting they again experience a repeat of the symptoms, some people may encounter repeated symptoms after a year due to staying up, fatigue or frequent nocturnal emissions. The reason to why repeated symptoms tend to occur during the summer is because one sweats profusely during the summer, even without illnesses one becomes partially weakened, add to the AC exposure, cold beverages or staying up, long sitting and long staring, under these circumstances, repeated symptoms will easily occur. If you go about your day engaging exercises that have a damaging effect on the yang qi, it would be a surprise if you didn’t catch any symptoms. Therefore, I very much emphasize health cultivation. The mistake many people make is that they only reboot but do not cultivate the health, they do not know how to do it and have a very low level of health cultivation awareness; going to the AC room right after a shower because it feels good but it also sows the seed for future illnesses, some people love to take cold beverages and they do so daily, this has a very negative impact on the recovery of the body, once you are aware of these things, you will not repeat the mistakes, because you know that by engaging in those activities you will severely damage your yang qi, when the yang qi has been damaged, repeated symptoms will show up. (Translator’s note: Just to clarify, repeated symptoms are a repeat of previous symptoms that we’ve had during the time when we were still masturbating)

Some brothers would ask if it’s OK to use AC during the summer. My recommendation is that one can use the AC but refrain from AC exposure right away taking a shower or to set a temperature that is too low, otherwise the cold air will enter the body through the pores. I remember a couple days ago when I went into an air-conditioned room to fetch something, the temperature was set to very low and I was sweating slightly at the time and so the pores were all open, suddenly I was exposed to the cold air and later that day I suffered from diarrhea. AC is a great invention but it is a double-edged sword and does not benefit health cultivation. Everybody should be careful when being exposed to AC in order to avoid sowing the seed for future illnesses.

For those brothers who are suffering from aggravated hair loss during the rebooting period, make sure to persist in your efforts, do not panic, remember this sentence: It is not wrong to reboot. When you panic it is only that you have not figured out what is going on at the time, it is not that rebooting is hurting your hair.

Let’s talk about the emancipation issue below.

In the previous season, we talked about the issue of puffiness, we did not go through the emancipation issue thoroughly enough, in this season we will examine it closer.

For the emancipated brothers, if you want to become strong, I would advise doing some moderate strength exercises, doing strength exercises will increase your appetite. If you have no problems with digestion then you will quickly become stronger. It would be preferable if you had somebody to coach you, in this way your training will be more systematic and professional as opposed to blindly training by yourself. If you have your eyes set on only push ups and sit ups then it will be difficult to become strong quickly. Being professional is also important in strength exercises, if you train in a professional manner then you will become strong very rapidly and advance very quickly. Therefore, it would be best if somebody in your surrounding is able to show you the way.

When I graduated from college I was 186 cm tall and weighed 62 kg. After I have started to work out my weight once surged to 100kg. The impression I gave to people was being both fat and strong. After that I started to shed fat and did lots of high repetition exercises, the contours of the body then appeared. Nowadays I maintain a weight of about 80 kg without focusing especially much on protein heavy food, now I keep a normal and light diet.

There is a saying in the bodybuilding sphere: fear eating, not training. As long as we have gotten the hang of training then there won’t be any big issues, the importance is in the diet. In order to become strong, energy intake must be adequate. In the beginning, we gain both fat and muscles, once we start to shed fat after having reached a certain weight then the shapes will start to appear.

Everyone may take a look at the workout terminology:

Chest: sitting bench press, 3 sets
Back: rope from neck pulldown, 3 sets
Shoulders: sit on the combination machine and do pulling and lifting, 3 sets
Triceps: rope pulldown from standing position, 3 sets
Biceps: biceps curl lift on a combination machine, 3 sets
Thighs: leg lifts, 3 sets
Biceps femoris: prone leg curl lift, 3 sets
Calves: heel lift while sitting on the combination machine, 3 sets
Abs: Sit-ups, 2 sets
Heel lift with dumbbells, 2 sets

For the person who has never worked out before this terminology may seem foreign, this is why I have mentioned it is better to have somebody show you the way. The person may demonstrate the important aspects of the movements and let you in on lots of professional knowledge. In this way you will quickly learn the ropes, after that, you will progress very quickly, every month there will be changes, your strength will increase by a lot. Of course, don’t expect prostatitis to heal just because you have become stronger. Reality has proven that no matter how strong the body is one can still suffer from prostatitis. The key is to reboot and cultivate the health, a person who has become stronger may alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis, but to completely heal requires rebooting and health cultivation. According to my understanding, many bodybuilding champions have illnesses, some have had a stroke, some are suffering from heart conditions. Therefore, strength does not signify health, one must still rely on the words: reboot and cultivate the health. Without knowledge in rebooting and health cultivation, becoming strong is instead a big thing, this is comparable to martial artists stressing virtue, without virtue one is prone to get into trouble.

Some brothers are emancipated but are free from digestive troubles, as long as these brothers get the hang of how to work out they will rapidly become stronger. Some emancipated brothers have big issues with digestion, where there is chronic diarrhea or poor absorption function. For these cases I would advise to first bring the stomach back to normal and then do strength training, gaining weight will then be more reliable. Otherwise, if you have a poor stomach, firstly, the appetite is poor. Secondly, the absorption is not functioning properly, to gain muscle and weight will then be relatively more difficult.

For those emancipated brothers who want to become strong, I would advise the below summary:

1. If there are no problems with digestion and absorption, I recommend studying more professional bodybuilding knowledge. The best would be to find somebody to get you started on exercising, combine it with increased eating and the body will become strong rapidly.
2. For brothers that are suffering from digestive or absorption problems, it is advised to adjust digestion and absorption to normal and start to work out from there, body weight will then steadily increase.

Lastly, let’s talk about the issue of increasing brain power.

The phenomenon of decreasing brain power following masturbation is extremely widespread, TCM: to the above, kidneys are connected to the brain. Masturbation injures the kidneys and so must also injure the brain power, the main expression is that memory, concentration, thinking ability and comprehension all take a downturn in varying degrees, giving the impression that the person has become stupid, slow to react, lacking in patience, restless and easily angered. When brain power goes down, doing anything becomes an issue, this is especially true for students; students need to take exams which places a high requirement on the brain power. The reduction of brain power from masturbation is undoubtedly a disaster for students.

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part 2/2

Normally, to recover the brain power would require at least half a year of rebooting and health cultivation. The recovery of brain power is a gradual process, the below aspects would need to be met:

1. Strictly control the frequency of nocturnal emissions, nightly emissions greatly injures the body and the brain power.
2. Determine to put a stop to sexual fantization, fantization depletes the essence invisibly.
3. Learn to cultivation the health, one needs to put a stop to the various ways of damaging the kidney qi.
4. Actively exercise, emphasize aerobic exercises.
5. One may try silent meditation or standing horse-stance cultivation methods, including kidney strengthening exercises.
6. Nutrients need to be maintained, moderately intake brain nourishing food.

When the above 6 points have been accomplished, the brain power will enjoy a substantial recovery after half a year. When the brain power is increased, the person will become like brand new, previously incomprehensible topics will be suddenly understood when you look at them again, like having an aha moment. Actually, it is the lower brain power which was causing the incomprehension, now that the brain power has been recovered, the topic is understood within a glance. Determination, concentration, memory, and comprehension all will increase.

[Avatamsaka Sutra] scroll six: “Absorb the mind to relinquish, from relinquishment arises calmness, from calmness, arises wisdom. These are known as the three learnings” Rebooting has the ability to raise the level of wisdom, Buddhist philosophies are actually connected with TCM, the saying goes that all great paths lead to the same source. Once the brain power has been recovered, a change in destiny can be achieved, when the brain power is adequate, everything you do will be inadequate; you feel as if you are unable to get into the zone. When your brain power is good, the things that you previously did poorly in all becomes easier, your destiny will then change accordingly. Take an important exam, for instance, when the brain power is good you get one result, when the brain power is poor you get another result, such an exam may change a person’s entire future. The same goes for job interviews when the brain power is good one is unhindered in speech and is confident, when the brain power is lacking you may not even understand the question that was directed at you, spewing out an incoherent answer in return. Brain power is truly too important for a person, one must cut out masturbation.


Recently I read a post made by the well known “Uncle Tom” and was surprised at his speed of advancement in realization, he was able to understand almost all of my posts and besides that was hunting extensively for other rebooting articles, the improvement of his realization also serves as encouragement for other brothers. There are already big changes in Tom’s thought process, I have mentioned this, the first step to rebooting is to reform the thoughts, you must give your awareness a tangible boost through studying. When the understanding has taken on a new level, rebooting thereon will reach success easier, to otherwise rely on brute force rebooting will only ensure failure.

The reason to why I’m writing down my experiences is to allow more brothers to really understand it, once understood, your awareness will increase, when confronting various rebooting issues you will then have a reliable answer, just like having to take a stabilizing pill, the mind will no longer easily sway, thoughts of doubts no longer show up. Of course, there are lots of articles on rebooting and health cultivation, everybody should search for them far and wide, study broadly and without limit, constantly improving. My awareness and understanding come from thorough personal experience and ceaseless studies to this day I still take some time each day to study. I read Dharmas daily, read health cultivation articles frequently and study rebooting cases every day, constantly discovering, thinking and understanding.

In sharing the contents of my own insights, I hope that everybody's’ awareness may constantly increase. Even if you only advance a little every day, a year later your overall progress would be staggering. The only worry is if you do not want to study or is fed up with studying, in that case, you will have a hard time making a thorough reboot. To reboot, the thoughts must be transformed, no matter which internet site you visit or which rebooting article you read, in every case you are importing rebooting thoughts and awareness, it is transforming your thoughts awareness. When you have recognized the importance in studying, you will go look for good rebooting articles on your own in order to constantly study, rehearsing old material while learning new material, once you have gotten into that study mentality, awareness will increase by leaps and bounds. The more thorough that your thoughts rewire, the easier it is to successfully reboot.

However, I need to stress a final point; when you have successfully rewired your thoughts and increased your awareness, it’s still important to maintain daily vigilance. The alertful awareness is very important, just like walking on a steel wire, not letting go of the vigilance.

In addition, after your thoughts have been rewired, you will notice that you will be out of tune with the people around you because you have fully understood the truth of masturbation, you have seen masturbation for what it really is. While most people are still apathetically indulging themselves, fiercely rubbing themselves towards the road of self-destruction, completely oblivious to the approaching symptoms. The society today has been polluted by the ideologies of pornography and sexual debauchery, in addition to the harmlessness theories, therefore, the vast majority of the people are bound to not see the truth clearly, this precisely confirms the saying: the truth is controlled by a few people. We are bound to be the minority who knows the truth, what we need to do is to find the proper timing and the method to help our brothers, to help our former selves and in the process help ourselves.
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Thanks for the translation ! I have been repeatedly reading it everyday and it helps a lot in my fight against PMO, you have my utmost gratitude !
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Hey guys. Season 25 is the longest season to date with a full 10 A4 pages, accordingly, it also required the longest time to translate. Due to the growing length of the articles, the rate of new article postings might be less frequent going forward. The pace of translation has been steady since the start of this project, I'm currently averaging an A4 page per day. Thank you everybody for your patience. In the meanwhile, the link to the latest PDF compilation may be found at


Season 25 [Soaring Eagle experience: impotence, the mystery of time to relapse and different forms of essence damage from masturbation] part 1/2


Many brothers have now formed the awareness for studying on the rebooting forums, they are no longer relying on brute force rebooting and have started to tread onto the correct path, their rebooting efforts have become increasingly professional, this is a very good phenomenon. Once the daily habit of studying rebooting articles has been established, where one is able to both read and understand, the rebooting awareness and understanding will take on a huge upward leap. This principle is actually comparable to internet gaming. If you play every day your level will quickly rise, if you do not train your level you will not advance and remain a rookie. In the aspect of internet games, one is abused by the opponent, in the aspect of rebooting, one is abused by the temptation demon. Because the level of the temptation demon is higher than your level, your level is too low, every encounter results in defeat. Therefore, one must increase the level of awareness through constant studying, with awareness and understanding in place, the temptation demon will have a hard time budging you.

I hope more brothers will share their experiences in the rebooting forums. Rookies need the guidance from the forerunners, the most apparent trait with rookies is a large number of misconceptions that they carry, not allowing them to understand problems clearly. Experience posts will allow them to improve their awareness and lead them to the correct path of rebooting, solidify their confidence and determination, avoid detours and hence improve the rate of successful reboot.

After having researched into the topic of masturbation I have come to realize that there is only one model for successful rebooting: increase the level of awareness through constant studies. When there is enough awareness, rebooting becomes natural, once the awareness is very high, all that’s needed is to maintain vigilance and the reboot will be thorough. Cultivating awareness is like climbing a mountain, many people would stop climbing halfway and go back down. Although lots of people are slow in their pace of climb, they persist in climbing and continue to study rebooting articles, constantly increasing their awareness, although the pace is slow they are steadily improving. In this way these people are still able to reach the peak of awareness, when that time arrives and if they also strengthen their level of alertness, complete reboot can be achieved.

My current level awareness was accumulated step by step, in the past I went about studying rebooting articles in the following way: every day I would extract good rebooting quotes, this also includes health cultivation contents because these two topics are interrelated. I had extracted over 6 books worth of contents within a year of time. The demand that I placed upon myself was to improve a little every day, after a month there would be a big improvement. Ever since I started to extract rebooting articles, my awareness soared upwards, many incompressible issues suddenly became clear, my head became successfully clearer. Afterward, I looked into a large amount of TCM cases, the awareness again advanced forward. Nowadays I would find time every day to read on Buddhist Dharma and TCM, trying to increase my scope of thinking, without limits in studying there is no limit in improvement.

Many brothers claim that they cannot get into reading, as soon as they see a long article they grow tired, after reading a line of text they become fed up. There are many brothers like this, this is because the brain power decreases when the kidney essence is deficient, memory, concentration and even comprehension all drops lower. What’s worse is that the mood following debauchery becomes impatient and easily angered, “troubled appearance” emerges, one lacks patience and determination when trying to do things and to study. I have previously experienced this state of mind, whenever I looked at a screen full of text I would become annoyed and wanted to look away. After a period of rebooting, the brain power has recovered somewhat and my mind was able to quiet down again, slowly I was able to absorb the reading. After I was absorbed the more I read the more I wanted to read, I extracted what I thought to be the best quotes. Unbeknownst to me, my awareness took off. By often looking at previously read articles and extracted quotes, this will have a reinforcing and refreshing effect and allow the awareness to increase once again. When awareness has been raised to a certain level, you will notice that you now have resistance against pornographic content, you are able to vanquish the temptation demon, this, in reality, is the result of an increase in awareness.

As to the number of daily studies, I have arranged it in the following way: all according to my state, if my mental state is good during a day and the interest is high, I would read more, sometimes a dozen of pages, sometimes an entire chapter. When my interest level is very high I could read a big portion of a book. But sometimes my state is not that good and my interest is lacking, the amount of studying that I have planned for these times is at least a page every day. It would only require a couple minutes to read through a page, no matter how impatient, one is able to endure reading through a page. In this manner I’m able to ensure that my daily studies do not halt, my awareness would then constantly increase, finally welcoming the great uplifting in awareness. I would advise every brother to at least read a page of rebooting article every day, it does not have to be a new article, reinforcing old articles is also very good. Do not stray away from rebooting articles, you may also repeatedly read the contents that you have extracted, in doing this your awareness will improve very quickly.

Some brothers would say that they like to look at pictures and not at long pages of text, they cannot absorb it and find it to be annoying! My recommendation is to wait until you have been rebooting for a while, once the brain power has recovered somewhat, allow yourself to look at texts. Because the images that I have produced only serve as supplementary material, the most important content is still the text. One need to professionally and systematically increase the level of awareness, it is necessary to look through a large number of articles. Pictures are only an assistance, articles are the main material, images are secondary, this point must be understood.

Back to the old saying: the extraordinary power of rebooting comes from studying! Without studying there will be no knowing, without studying the awareness will not increase. With the successive increase of awareness, it will finally allow you to conquer masturbation and vanquish the temptation demon.

We will enter into the main topic below.

In this season we will discuss in detail regarding the issue of impotence, the mystery of time to relapse and difference forms of essence damage from masturbation, details can be found below:

In season 6 I have talked about the issue of impotence and premature ejaculation. Now that we are in season 25, we can look into the topic more comprehensively and in more detail.

Among all the questions I have answered, quite a few of them belongs to the category of premature ejaculation, soft erections, and impotence. When the essence has been damaged to a certain degree, obstacles in the sexual function will arise. The symptom that I have experienced the earliest is premature ejaculation, this showed up roughly after 2 years of frequent masturbation, later I had soft erections, this symptom went on for more over a decade. Because I loved sports at the time, had rhythmic resting and eating schedules, didn’t have any internet addictions nor did I smoke, so during the years I was still able to achieve an erection but the firmness was inadequate. Afterward when I started to stay up during the night and sat for long periods at a time I encountered impotence. My impotence at the time was quite serious, I needed to expend a huge amount of effort, in addition, to apply strong stimulation in order to barely achieve an erection, moreover the firmness was lacking and I would quickly go soft, the lack in stamina was apparent.

When premature ejaculation appears, the man becomes panicky, because the sexual function is very important for men. The degree of panic is comparable to the panic experienced during hair loss. When the sexual function is lacking the man feels shame in front of the ladies and lack confidence. In addition, he worries about the wife cheating on him, therefore, men who suffer from premature ejaculation bear huge psychological pressure, the mood of anxiety is heavy.

The worst part is that many people don’t have TCM health cultivation knowledge. When premature ejaculation appears, their first reaction is to take supplements in order to strengthen the yang and become strong once again, not allowing themselves to go soft at all cost. Under this pattern of thinking, they would go look for all kinds of supplements. Some supplements show a good effect in the beginning, but the body can also grow tired of supplements. When taking them often the beneficial effect is not apparent. When the body has grown weary one then has to switch to another supplement, the end result is to have gone over many big brand kidney supplementing and yang strengthening medicine, the body still remaining in a weak state, in addition there is a high chance of other bodily symptoms showing up in beside impotence, the suffering is beyond words. In reality, because these people lack TCM health cultivation know-how, they have misread the bodily signals from the very beginning, the ancient saying goes: the younger generation should not be ignorant of medicine. If you are ignorant of medical knowledge, you will stumble into misconceptions in many areas and choices, ultimately hurting yourself. When a man encounters impotence, this bodily signal is the body crying for help, telling you to not indulge any further. The principle is similar to when skin pores close when being exposed to cold temperature. Many people are unaware of this principle, once impotent, they instead take supplements and indulge themselves, lacking in rebooting and health cultivation awareness altogether. They do not understand that the best supplement is actually: no leak as the supplement. Because of this, they have chosen the wrong path, relying on supplements to further indulge, the result can be imagined. In the future there will be a chance of going complete impotent, even catching diabetes or a stroke.

Because that kidney qi is inadequate, the body chooses impotence for the purpose of self-preservation. If you misread the signal and instead rely on supplements to indulge, the evil fruit will certainly be incurred, this is the price of ignorance.

When a brother encounters premature ejaculation, soft erections, impotence, he needs to learn to reboot and cultivate the health. If the symptoms are serious it is advised to see a traditional Chinese doctor for treatment, taking herbal medicine will benefit the bodily recovery. But one must emphasize the cultivation of the mind, or else the intake of herbal medicine will likely help to fuel the desires, resulting in taking herbal medicine and indulging happening side by side. The act of supplementing from the above while leaking from the below is detrimental to the recovery process. If you cannot manage to reboot thoroughly but instead leak and supplement simultaneously, I can be certain that the treatment effect will not be optimal, not long afterward you will again find yourself with premature ejaculation. We then have a predicament in our hands, as a matter of fact, there is a misunderstanding in the consciousness, if this misunderstanding does not get corrected, the result will be that premature ejaculation will remain after spending loads of money and taking a lot of medicine. Therefore, to be able to cure a person’s premature ejaculation, one must first enlighten him, speak reason to him and let him understand the principles, enlightenment will actually cure him, without enlightenment he will be finished in this life. Quite a few brothers have already depleted themselves prior to getting married, they have encountered premature ejaculation, their families are pushing them into getting married, this makes him fear marriage, knowing the outcome, why did he do as he did?

Everybody should not lose hope, however, premature ejaculation, soft erection, and impotence can all be recovered from. I have completely recovered due to the fact that my understanding was in the correct place, there was no misunderstanding in my consciousness, I put effort into health cultivation. Most importantly, I don’t do testing, because testing will lead one back into the trap of masturbation. Everybody would certainly ask, how does one know that one has recovered? Actually, whether or not one has recovered can be observed from the quality of the morning erections. When the erection is firm and upright, the degree of firmness is high, this is the bodily expression of recovery. If you attempt to test, then it is very possible to relapse repeatedly, throwing away all the previous efforts. Many people like to test, the result is that once having attempted, they are unable to stop and have again started to indulge.

According to my experiences, the recovery time for premature ejaculation and soft erections is approximately at least half a year, impotence would require at least a year of rebooting and health cultivation. In order to recover, one must do well in all areas, the most important conditions are to control the number of nocturnal emissions and put a stop to sexual fantization, once these two points have been achieved plus efforts made into health cultivation, the sexual function will then slowly recover. I have been through all this, as long as you have the confidence and patience, constantly study to raise the awareness, manage to thoroughly reboot, increase health cultivation awareness, the sexual function will be able to recover for sure. The only thing to be afraid of is misconceptions in thought, recovery will be very difficult in such cases. Premature ejaculation can be grouped as mild, medium or severe. If mild, the recovery time will be relatively fast, if severe, then the recovery time will be even longer and the difficulty great, but as long as one is persistent in rebooting and health cultivation and is doing well in all areas, it is still recoverable.

In addition, some people suffer from premature ejaculation due to nervousness, when masturbating alone there is no problem. Western medicine blame this condition on the psychological problem. Actually, the emergence of nervousness and the depletion of the kidney qi is inseparable, because the body and the mind is one, if the kidney qi has been depleted, corresponding changes will take place in a person’s emotional psychology. Some people have not been suffering from nervousness in the past, after they have started to masturbate they become nervous, irritated and easily angered, this, in reality, is the expression of depleted kidney essence. One may even become nervous while urination and only been able to pass urine when nobody else is around. This time of nervousness obstacles may also be overcome through persistent rebooting and health cultivation, once the kidney qi has been cultivated into abundance, the body and the mind will all return to their normal states.

In the below let’s talk about the mystery of the time to relapse.

Very few people know about this field of knowledge. Firstly, one must be familiar with TCM medical principles. In addition, one needs to have consulted cases with feedback, only after thorough research is one able to experience this field of knowledge.

Among the cases that I have researched into, quite a few brothers have remarked; why is it that every time I relapse, the time of recovery is different? Sometimes recovery would take place several days following a relapse, sometimes the symptoms would linger on for several weeks or even several months, why is it like this? To be able to answer this question, one needs to be familiar with the level of yang qi in the human body. The level of yang qi in the body is different during different periods of the day, it also varies during the times of the month, it again varies with the seasons. If you have indulged during the time when your yang qi level is low, then it will be relatively difficult to recover. This principle is actually very easy to understand. Suppose that you make a call when the phone balance is very low, it’s very possible that your balance is no longer valid after a single call, but when you make a call when the phone balance is very high then there is no problem.

The yang qi level in the human body also undergoes constant change, fluctuating between highs and lows, the overall pattern of change can be found below:

Daily change: between 11pm-1am the yang starts to become active, at noon the ying starts to become active. Hence in the way of the health cultivation, no sexual activities are to take place between 11pm-1am, in order to avoid the depletion of yang qi. This is because during 11pm-1am the yang qi is just starting to rise, like a tiny spark, sexual activities during this time will greatly injure the yang qi, giving rise to symptoms more easily. Yang qi grows from 11pm-1am and becomes successively greater, reaching the zenith by noon and then declines. This is followed by the rise of ying starting from noon and its gradual increase towards the maximum at 11 pm, after that ying starts to decline and yang starts to become active, this is the cycle. When it comes to exercise it is best to do it before noon. Because then the yang qi will be in the rising stage, exercising during this time coincides with the time of the Heaven, the effect will be superior. Normally, towards the evening it is suitable to cultivate quietness, this is because the ying qi is heavy during the evening, exercising and sweating during this time greatly damages the yang qi. When everybody has understood this principle they will be in a better position to choose the time for exercising.

The 12 time periods in the ancient times:

Zi: 11pm-1am
Chou: 1am-3am
Yin: 3am-5am
Mao: 5am-7am
Chen: 7am-9am
Si: 9am-11am
Wu: 11am-1pm
Wei: 1pm-3pm
Shen: 3pm-5pm
You: 5pm-7pm
Xu: 7pm-9pm
Hai: 9pm-11pm

Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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part 2/2

Monthly changes:

Every month, the moon will have its brightness and dimness, waxing and waning. We can base the monthly changes of the yang qi on the changes in the moon. At the beginning of the month, the crescent moon is barely showing, yang qi is gradually growing and being released. The phase of the moon gradually becomes fuller and turns into the first quarter moon, in this stage of the moon as it steadily becomes rounder, the yang qi is in its most vigorous period of development and release, the vital energy inside the human body is likewise in its most active state. Once the full moon has passed, yang qi has reached its full strength and starts to give room for ying qi. Yang qi slowly goes into the accumulation stage as the phase of the moon gradually moves from fullness to deficiency. During the 22nd or the 23rd day, we have the third quarter of the waning moon. Past the third quarter the luminous surface of the moon gradually diminishes up until the 30th day, the moon vanishes from sight, only a shadow remains, this is the last day of the lunar month. The entire metamorphosis of the lunar phenomenon is in reality example of the change in the yang qi. Therefore, try not to engage in sexual activities when the yang qi is weak and the ying qi is heavy, or else symptoms may easily arise.

Yearly changes:

Summer solstice gives rise to ying, winter solstice gives rise to yang.

Spring gives birth, summer gives growth, autumn gives restraint, winter gives storage. The word cultivation actually only mentions ¼ of the health cultivation path, in addition, there is growth during the summer, restraint during the autumn and storage during the winter. Therefore, try to refrain from sexual activities during winter. Winter is a season for the accumulation of essence in preparation for the coming year. If indulgence takes place during winter, then the energy available for growth in the coming year will be diminished. Therefore, if you have indulged during winter in this year, then next year your body may experience symptoms. One should not indulgence especially during winter. Because winter solstice gives rise to yang, yang qi is right in the middle of a weak state, relapsing at this stage will easily induce bodily symptoms and is not favorable towards the recovery process. Store essence during the winter, once stored, good health in the following year can be ensured.

In ancient times there is a learning about selecting auspicious dates, nowadays it is no longer widespread. Many young people are unaware of the fact that only a selected few able people are truly able to understand the learning. Doing certain things during certain times is very important because there are deep principles behind it. When brothers relapse during different seasons, the speed of the bodily recovery is different, because the level of yang qi in the human body differs for every season. When you relapse during a time when then yang qi is weak, then you have committed a taboo, the body will have a difficult time recovering. When you relapse when the yang qi is flourishing then it is relatively easier to recover.

Regarding times of relapse that are considered to be taboo, I believe that many brothers have seen the “Nine Poison Days”, nine poison days, according to the Chinese lunar calendar falls on the old calendar date of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 25th, 26th, 27th, these 9 days been called the “9 poison days of the intermingling between heaven and earth”. There are 9 poisonous days in May acting as taboo days for sexual indulgence! Therefore, there are customs in ancient times, in May the wife is to go and visit her parents for a month, extra caution is needed during those 9 poisonous days. There is for sure basis behind these 9 poisonous days, we would rather believe that they exist than not. Because according to my research, there is a lag effect to the retribution of relapsing. Sometimes the symptoms will not show up right away, they may show up after tens of days or even after 100 days. Because therein lies a butterfly effect and time is needed for this effect to develop.

We need to understand taboos and try not to violate them, this will benefit our health, knowing leads to strength, ignorance leads to aging. If you know to avoid violating taboos, then many dangers may be avoided. For detailed contents into this topic, I would recommend everybody to look into [寿康宝鉴], there are specific contents on “preserving life rebooting period and the taboo of heaven and earth”, understanding this area of knowledge is truly very important.

Lastly, we will talk about the different degree of essence injuries induced by masturbation.

This topic has been suggested by a brother due to the many symptoms that he was suffering from. He doesn’t know how serious his injuries are and so he suggested me to make a rough classification of the essence damage expressions, this way he may also gain a clue for himself. If you have extensively researched into cases in essence injured victims, you will for sure discover that many people are exhibiting multiple expressions from damaged essence. There are many categories of injured essence accompanying the collapse in health, the symptoms are not singular, below is my general categorization on the degrees of essence damage:

1. Urinary system illness: prostatitis, urinary tract inflammation, varicocele etc.
2. Respiratory system illness: lung illness, including rhinitis, asthma etc.
3. A serious decrease in brain power: concentration, memory, comprehension decreasing in varying degrees.
4. Stone related: kidney stone, urinary stones etc.
5. Skin symptoms: various forms of skin illnesses, including acne, hives etc.
6. Hair issue: hair loss and greying as the main factors.
7. Digestive system illness: enteritis, constipation, diarrhea, weak digestion and absorption etc.
8. Frequent nocturnal emission issue: frequent nightly emissions is also an illness.
9. Ugliness issue: too many forms of ugliness.
10. Sexual function obstacles: premature ejaculation, soft erections.
11. Heart issues: palpitation, premature beat etc.
12. Waist pain soft legs: waist pain and soreness, waist and knee soreness.
13. Cervical spine issue: different forms of cervical spinal issues.
14. Tinnitus issue: kidney deficiency induced tinnitus.
15. Excessive sweating, excessive oil: these two forms are quite common.
16. Sight issue: decrease in eyesight, eye floater etc.
17. Other illnesses: roughly over 100 forms, kidney deficiency gives rise to many illnesses.

Even if many symptoms are not directly caused by masturbation, they will still be intricately linked to it, because kidney essence is the health currency of the human body.

Point 1-17 does not involve psychological issues, although they are very bothersome for brothers, they will not make one’s life a living hell. Of course, these 17 categories are relatively general and can only be considered as a rough classification. Below are mainly psychological issues:

1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Neurasthenia
4. Autonomous nervous disorders
5. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
6. Paranoia
7. Autism
8. Phobia
9. Hypochondria

Of course, these psychological issues that I have mentioned are not purely psychological but also contains some element of physical symptoms. For instance, the mood of anxiety is not the same as having anxiety, anxiety has a range of bodily symptoms. Once one has caught these issues, many people want to die. Among those people who visit anxiety or depression support groups, many are very desperate, the symptoms of these illnesses are indeed very strange, everything is present. If you are not a victim yourself and talk with these victims, perhaps you will think that they are telling fantasy stories, it is indeed like that, only those who have had personal experience will know what the sufferers are going through. When I had anxiety and neurasthenia, I was in a state of despair and collapse on a daily basis, the thought of suicide came up multiple times. Because the condition was truly like a living hell, you will think that death may be preferable, normal people would not understand that kind of feeling. Some sufferers are afraid to go out or sit in a car, normal people would wonder how they can be so timid. Actually, once injured to a certain degree, the human courage will really shrink to that of a mouse, because the kidneys govern fright, fright injures the kidneys. When kidneys are deficient to a certain degree, a person would become very timid, as if being a totally different person. Previously when I was ill I would not dare to venture outside, now that I have recovered I thought it was unbelievable, how could I have been so timid before?  I fully understand now, it is the serious depletion of the kidney essence, caused by sexual indulgence, staying up late at night which has injured the nerves.

Therefore, if you belong to the 1-17 category, that is good, you will not wish to die that much. If you have additional serious psychological illnesses, the problem is then relatively serious, recovery time will be longer and the difficulty greater. Many anxiety patients are unable to recover in 5 or even over 10 years, they rely on medication all year around. In reality, anxiety and other psychological illnesses must require an awakening in understanding as a condition to recovery, medicines will be able to alleviate but not to cure completely. One must learn to cultivate the health and understand to treasure the kidney essence. Otherwise, although you are
temporarily alleviated by medicine, symptoms will still easily relapse, because you have not recognized the true cause of the disease.

Concluding remarks:

Occasionally, some brother would ask whether masturbation will lead to bad luck. From the surface, masturbation and luck are not really connected, in reality, a certain relationship does exist. Because masturbation will induce lower brain power. When the brain power is normal, many things can be managed properly, but when the brain power has decreased, many things that normally would not a challenge cannot be managed properly, from the surface it seems like one’s luck has become worse. Take an exam, for instance, some people would say, why was I so forgetful at the time, why didn’t I think of it at the time, my luck is so poor. Actually, the root issue of this bad luck is due to decreased brain power. Because the brain power has decreased, you will no be in shape, at this time our luck will naturally become worse.

Compare again to an interview. The first impression we give out to the interviewer is very important, but a person immersed in masturbation will lack spirit in his eyes, his demeanor will be like a ghost, even with the appearance of black eye rings and eye bags, a look of decadence, without confidence and feeling inferior. When such a person goes to an interview, the success rate will naturally not be high. Many brothers have interviewed more than a dozen times without a single time of success, they blame their own bad luck, in reality, is it is ugliness induced by masturbation, a lack of Spirit. If your vitality is abundant, looking radiant, full of self-confidence, the impression you give to the interviewer will be completely different. This kind of abundant vitality is able to affect the interviewer, he will think that you are very dynamic, and the company is in need of such dynamic and vigor youth.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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Season 26 [Soaring Eagle experience: rebooting fed up period, the issue of excessive sweating and the issue of vision]

The fed up period associated with rebooting is an issue that cannot be avoided, it is also an issue that must be overcome, many brothers have already reported this issue to me.

If one frequents the rebooting forums often, then one will discover a phenomenon and that is coming and going of many people. Many people start out with a high level of determination when first starting to reboot, their enthusiasm is at a climax, “mustering up courage during the first battle, courage declines in the second battle, courage is exhausted in the third battle” cannot be helped. Before several weeks have passed these people have altogether disappeared, they have returned to the past. Especially for brothers who have relapsed repeatedly, once relapsed their determination and enthusiasm will take a big hit, after a while of rebooting they no longer feel like continuing, they do not see any hope except for despair and helplessness. In reality, this is the fed up period in rebooting. No matter who you are, there will be a fed up period. This fed up mood is also prevalent in other fields; when you listen to a song for instance, in the beginning you like how it sounds, after listening to it for several weeks you might get tired of it, the feeling that you once harbored towards the song cannot be found again, what remains is weariness and impatience. The same principle applies to diet, in the beginning we like to eat a certain delicacy, if you eat every day you may want to throw up after a while. Still the same works for cell phones; in the beginning we really want to own a certain model, after a while of usage our desire for it wanes, we think that the cell phone is not that special after all, the original feeling of enthusiasm is long gone.

We should put it like this, human being is an animal that easily finds itself bored.

In the world of rebooting this is no different, many brothers are tired of studying, tired of rebooting articles, they are too lazy to read and to study and are easily annoyed. Whenever the fed up mood shows up it easily leads to relapses, this is like a squadron of soldiers having depressed morale, many people don’t want to go to battle and want to become deserters, this kind of squadron lacks fighting strength altogether. If you run into the fed up mood, you need to learn to cope with it immediately,  adjust the mood right away in order to allow the fighting spirit to regain its fullness. A squadron without morale is like a plate of loose sand, a squadron with morale will have strong cohesiveness, every soldier will be like a tiger coming down the mountain. Buddhist cultivation also pays particular attention to bravely forging ahead, no room for a slack mind and maintaining perseverance. But people can hardly avoid having a tiresome mood, this is because people have a laziness tendency. Therefore, whenever the fed up mood appears, we need to make immediate adjustments, just like a watch that is going too slow, we will need to readjust it to the correct time.

In the below we will talk about methods of adjustments.

Truth be told, I have also encountered the fed up mood, but I have re-adjusted it rapidly. Herein lies a concept and that is emotional intelligence (EQ), EQ is the IQ of emotions, it involves self-control, enthusiasm, perseverance as well as self-propelling and the ability to self-encourage. EQ is different from IQ, EQ can be trained after birth, it can be gained through learning. When you have learned to adjust your mood through studying, then you will be in full control of your mood and not be controlled by it. A person’s mood may dominate one’s actions, many brothers relapse due to emotions; the emergence of a bored and depressing mood is immediately channeled into masturbation for relief. If you have a high EQ and knows how to adjust the mood, then emotional relapse will not take place. Therefore, we must learn to adjust our mood, this is especially important in the path of rebooting. When the mood of boredom and depression occurs we will need to make immediate adjustments, when the fed up mood appears we will also need to correct it right away. We need to allow our fighting spirit to pull itself together once again, rebooting properly every day.

Not only does studying rebooting articles lead one to become fed up but the same applies to answering questions. Jia Xing has reported to me that he has become fed up with answering questions, he has contemplated the thought of retiring. During this time I advised him to emphasize recuperation, to not overstrain himself and to not answer too many questions when he is in a bad mood, otherwise if he attempts to answer questions when the mind is tired he will become even more tired, under this condition one will easily contemplate retiring, to quit whatever he is doing so to speak.

Studying rebooting articles works in the same way. In the beginning one is full of enthusiasm, you are able to take in a huge quantity of knowledge. But after a certain stage, you may grow tired of studying. When that time comes, you may make some adjustments; decrease the amount of intake, one article per day will suffice or read a couple of cautionary cases every day. When not studying, take care to maintain a high level of vigilance, do not let the temptation demon take any advantages. When this low period has passed you will once again be able to find that optimal rebooting state.

Specific adjustments method are found in the below summary: (taking jogging as an example, I hope that everybody will have an easier time reaching an understanding)

1. Whenever the fed up mood comes up, one needs to learn to redistribute the bodily strength, do not overstrain. Just like when running 1500m, when one is unable to run any further, do not stop, run slowly but keep going.

2. Learn to motivate oneself, motivating oneself is a form of mood adjustment, enabling one to pull together the emotions. This is comparable to when running while at the same time telling yourself: I can do it, I can finish it, I can make it.

3. When encountering adverse moods, allow oneself to maintain positive and optimistic. Don’t get engrossed in a depressing and decadent mood. This is comparable to when one is no longer able to keep running, you want to give up, a voice is telling you that persistence is equivalent to victory.

I have mentioned before that during rebooting, sexual fantization is one obstacle, the other obstacle is frequent nocturnal emissions, these are the two tigers on the rebooting path. If you are able to conquer these two obstacles then half the victory is assured. If in addition you are able to assail the mood obstacle, then you will able to reboot more stable and for a longer duration.

In the below let’s talk about the issue of excessive sweating.

Brothers have raised the issue of excessive sweating quite frequently in recent days. Although right now we are at the beginning of Autumn, the weather is still very hot, the slightest movement still easily leads to sweating. In sweating, it must be established whether it is due to normal physiological reasons or pathological reasons. Pathological sweating is hyperhidrosis, the reason being that it is an expression the central nervous system being out of tune. According to the TCM point of view, excessive sweating is caused by imbalances in the ying and yang. Excessive sweating at this very moment is main due to seasonal factors, if you sweat just as easily during the other seasons then it is no longer normal, it is a sign that your body will need adjustments. The best would be to seek out a traditional Chinese medicine doctor and combine treatment with Chinese herbal medicine, afterward, persist in rebooting and health cultivation, the body will then slowly adjust itself.

Actually, when the body has been damaged to a certain degree, 2 conditions would easily appear:

1. Excessive sweating
2. No sweating

Excessive sweating is relatively more common while no sweating is comparatively less common. Illnesses induced by masturbation usually takes on 2 extremes, some people would secrete more oil, others would have dry skin, the former case is relatively more common. Medical science clearly categories sweating: self-sweat, night sweat, head sweat,  half body sweat, palm and sole sweats etc. The most commonly seen is self-sweat and night sweat. When it comes to self-sweat, it is when one sweat involuntarily, it normally takes place during the day when it is not all that hot and without the presence of physical activities. Night sweat according to medical science is when sweating while sleeping during the night, upon awakening the sweating stops. In masturbation induced kidney deficiency, regardless if it’s ying or yang deficiency there will be the symptom of excessive sweating. Many people sweat in large quantities as if being washed in the entire body, while in TCM it is mentioned: he who sweats, also losses essence. A large amount of sweating injuries the yang, if the quantity of sweating is very large, it is very unfavorable towards the bodily recovery process. Therefore, brothers suffering from the symptom of excessive sweating would do good to seek timely medical treatment, match treatment with Chinese herbal medicine in order to solve the issue of excessive sweating. I believe that your recovery process will take on another level and that the recovery will be more thorough and stable than it has been previously.

Some brother would ask, why does it feel good to have sweated following physical exercises when there are not any feelings of discomfort. This only shows that your yang qi has not been damaged to a certain extent, when the injury is serious and you sweat profusely following physical exercises, it is very unfavorable to the health. Therefore, when the body is weak it is recommended to cultivate stillness, exercise will mainly take on the form of walking. The mentioned principle also shares similarities with nocturnal emissions; many people enjoy a good health, one nocturnal emission will not bring about any feelings of discomfort. But some people have sexually indulged in the past, if they would have a nocturnal emission nowadays, symptoms would immediately appear and they would feel uncomfortable. This being the principle, once the damage has been sustained to a certain degree, many things are not as one has previously imagined them to be. Of course, sweating in moderation is also beneficial to the body, it enables the expulsion of evil toxins, but excessive sweating will be damaging to the body. When many people increase their exercise load they would experience nocturnal emission during the night and a return of the symptoms, therefore, when the body is weak, emphasize stillness cultivation. Once the yang qi has gradually become more abundant, moderate exercises may be undertaken, this will be beneficial to the recovery process. I would recommend everybody to make adjustments according to their bodily reactions following exercising. Some brothers would not experience any discomforts after exercising, in this case, they may continue to exercise while paying attention to the intensity, more is not always better. Other brothers may experience discomfort after having exercised or the re-emergence of symptoms, this condition suggests that you are not yet suited for this type of exercises, one may choose stillness cultivation, decrease the number of physical exercises, do some Eight-Brocade qigong, take walks, once the kidney qi has been accumulated into abundance, slowly pick up physical exercises from there while paying attention to moderation.

As to the many symptoms induced by masturbation, I recommend to actively treat all of them and not blindly to request you to reboot and cultivate the health without treatment. Things that should be treated are to be treated, combine treatment with rebooting and health cultivation and the recovery process will be relatively speedy. Of course, there are those brothers who do not take any medicines but rely purely on rebooting and health cultivation and have recovered in this way, these brothers usually have great insight into health cultivation. When one has made the proper efforts into health cultivation, this is also very beneficial to the recovery process. Although many brothers have undergone active treatment they have not paid attention to rebooting and health cultivation, treatment under this case will not be ideal. Because recovery depends on 30% treatment and 70% cultivation, health cultivation is the real key. Famous physicians in the past have always given advice to their patients such as: stay away from sexual activities, moderation in diet, arise and sleep early, do not overstrain, etc. The reason to why many brothers are unable to recover from chronic prostatitis after a long time of treatment is because they have not understood rebooting and health cultivation, tens of thousands of treatment fees will not make them better. If you really understood the importance of rebooting and health cultivation then the result will be totally different. Chronic prostatitis that I’ve had for over a decade is completely recovered, tests are all normal and symptoms have disappeared. Therefore, if symptoms are present, treatment is needed but more importantly one needs to cultivate, or else full recovery will be difficult. Many people have temporarily recovered due to the use of medicines, once they indulge the symptoms immediately returns.

Lastly let’s talk about the issue of vision.

[太素脉]: The eyes contain all the essence of the body, if the body is not healthy then the eyes will not have spirit.

TCM also mentions: The essence of the five viscera and six bowels are all contained in the eyes! And so a person’s eyes is the reflection of the state of one’s five viscera and six bowels. In addition, the kidneys conceal the essence and hold the quintessence of the essence from the five viscera and six bowels. Therefore, when masturbation has injured the kidney qi, the following changes will easily appear with regards to the eye region of a person:

1. Lack of spirit in the eyes.
2. Lack of light in the eyes.
3. Muddy eyeballs.
4. Bloodshot eyes.
5. Shrunken eyes.
6. Eyelid changes.
7. Dark circles and bags under the eyes.
8. Sluggish eyes, ineffective eye movements.
9. Hollowed eye sockets.
10. Decrease in vision.
11. Eye floaters.
12. Conjunctivitis.

Among them, the issue of vision is of relative more concern among brothers, especially for those who are students. The decrease in vision is indeed a very big disturbance. There are many reasons for decreased vision, details can be found below:

1. Poor viewing habits.
2. Overstraining of the eyes.
3. Genetics.
4. Addicted to masturbation.
5. Illnesses with the eyes.

Masturbation should not directly cause a decrease in vision but indirectly causes it. Although many people such as elementary school students do not masturbate, they still suffer from impaired vision and wear glasses, this conditions is induced by genetics and poor viewing habits. Yet some people start off with excellent vision but suffer from a serious decline in their vision after becoming addicted to masturbation, the indirect reason should be considered in these cases. By also including poor viewing habits and the overstraining of the eyes, vision issues will easily arise. Through rebooting and health cultivation, the state of the vision has hopes to improve, discomfort in the eyes will also be alleviated. If vision issue is very bothersome for you, laser adjustments in the future may be considered.

Normally, by being persistent in rebooting and cultivating the health, a person’s eyes will once again regain spirit, determination and brilliance. Brilliance is a very subtle feeling, just like the luminance of a light bulb, some light bulbs are bright while others are dim. While a person has an abundance of yang qi, this is reflected in the brightness and brilliance of the eyes. On the other hand, there is the lack of vitality and dimness. If you observe children you will notice that not only do they have great skin, an obvious quality besides it is their bright and spirited eyes, this gives out a clear and adorable feeling. But the eyes of grown-ups is very much inferior, on one hand, their bodies have already been leaking, on the other hand their bodies have taken injuries due to their lifestyle habits such as smoking, staying up late at night and sitting for long periods at a time, these are naturally reflected in the eyes. Back when I was addicted to masturbation, my eyes lacked spirit and determination, it was a feeling of lack of self-confidence. Nowadays I’m totally different, my eyes have once again regained spirit through rebooting and health cultivation, I’m more confident now and is able to look people in the eye.

I recommend brothers who suffer from vision issues to establish good viewing habits, limit the time that you spend on the internet, keep a good posture and distance when reading and studying, pay attention to rest. Afterward, one must cut out masturbation, learn to cultivate the health, increase the intake of nutrients. In this way, the issue of declining vision will become effectively controlled.

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Thanks man! This is the best rebooting material, l have been relapsing every week, but thanks to you l have been able to pass 1 month again.
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Just bumping. This is excellent material.
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Hi guys! Something wonderful has happened to me recently, this is the main reason behind my long absence. The combined positive energy from all of you has helped events to unfold in such a way that a wonderful woman has been introduced to my life. She is not only a beautiful and kind person but has also helped me to overcome long-term issues that I have been struggling with ever since I started to masturbate as a teen. This is a huge transition for me after having been single for so many years. Now that I have more or less adjusted myself to this new priority in life, I’m looking forward to once again dedicate more of my time to this translation project so that more people may be uplifted in their journey towards a totally healthy life. Thanks for your patience and understanding, let’s keep on fighting!

Season 26 [Soaring Eagle experience: directly tackling long sitting, underestimating the enemy, foamy urine issue] part 1/2


The former big forum legend Mayan has made a post where he introduced his insights on rebooting, he also sorted out the course of development for the rebooting forums. Mayan is among the earliest figures in the rebooting forums and has made outstanding contributions to the community. Mayan’s personal experiences have been a helping force for many people and are worthy of respect. As to the discussions started by 75, it allowed people to see the reason to why harmlessness theories are running so rampant because behind it there are people or groups of people who are purposely spreading the harmlessness theories. Many of such theories are made up, then carefully disguised and labeled as research done by a certain country, rookies who are ignorant are very easily misled by it. The discourse by Mayan and 75 will help everyone to recognize the true face of the harmlessness theories and the culprit behind them.

Actually, harmlessness theories have existed for a long time. I remember reading a magazine at the end of the 90s, there was an article which promoted the harmlessness theory. At the time I believe that the harmlessness theories were a result of misconceptions from the author, unlike the theories today, with ever more exaggerated arguments and sensational contents as if one would die if one does not masturbate. Personal computers were not yet widespread during the end of the 90s, harmlessness theories could basically not be found, let alone the propagation of rebooting experiences. I was totally ignorant at the time, I remember seeing an add for kidney supplementary medicine, there was a line on the product: deficient kidneys, a hundred illness will arise from it. That sentence was my only exposure towards the truth for over a decade of my life. In addition, kidney deficiency was the only thing mentioned, there was no mentioning about masturbation. Nowadays is the age of the internet, more youth have the chance to come into contact with harmlessness theories via the platform of the internet. One could say the youth of today are fortunate but they are also unfortunate because this age is flooded with pornographic poison. Pornography existed in the 90s but is nowhere as flooded as it is today. Pornography is everywhere on the internet, web portals are full of suggestive material while it is all too easy to download videos from the internet. Many youths have an internet addiction, those with such addiction sit for a long time in front of the computer, this already has a damaging effect on the health, combine it with the ravage of masturbation and the chances to encounter bodily symptoms becomes very high.

To successfully reboot one must clearly recognize harmlessness theories. In reality, this is the first gate of rebooting. Not clearly recognizing harmlessness theories will sooner or later lead one to sway. Many brothers become swayed when viewing harmlessness theories, their rebooting determination is no longer as firm. Therefore we need to keep away from harmlessness theories, keep away from false wisdom and erroneous views. The biggest flaw in the theory of  harmlessness in moderation is this: it totally ignores the highly addictive quality in masturbation. Everybody thinks that they are able to achieve moderation but I can clearly tell you, ordinary people can in no way achieve moderation, talking about moderation after becoming hooked is ridiculous. In addition, not a single person knows where the line to moderation lies. Everybody knows that water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, but nobody knows how badly the body is damaged before the onset of the symptoms appears. Because everybody’s constitution is different, some people may not experience any symptoms while masturbating 3 times per week, others may run into symptoms while masturbating once per week. For that same person who masturbates 3 times per week, dare you say that he will not experience any symptoms 3 years down the road? 3 times per week will guarantee that he will not have any symptoms due to his good constitution, he is able to handle 3 years, but symptoms will appear in the 4th year. Some people may say that they are able to limit the times they masturbate to once per week, what I want to say is, are you able to control sexual fantization? Sexual fantization is the invisible form of depletion, normally for people who masturbate they are also addicted to fantization. He thinks that once per week is not a big deal, in reality, he is shedding more via sexual fantization. Just like that, without being aware of it, the symptoms have come to knock on the door!

The first time I came to visit the rebooting forums was about a year ago, at the time the forum only had a couple hundreds of members, today the number is over 30 000, this is inseparable from the promotional efforts that everybody has put down. The booming of the rebooting forums is the result of everyone’s efforts. I have not communicated with Mayan but have had many exchanges with Potato. Although Potato is not a big poster anymore, he still frequents the forums. To have persisted until this day is not an easy feat for Potato, one needs to have overcome a lot of resistance to make it, it requires great willpower. The overall atmosphere of the rebooting forums has improved a lot since the early days, already a group of knowledgeable and insightful brothers is on the rise, they are pushing the forums towards a better development. This is unimaginable in the early days when many questions would go unanswered, therefore the rookies of today are fortunate. The seniors of the rebooting forums have already paved the way for you, upon entering you are led onto the right path and is able to avoid many detours. Being rookies, you should all treasure the opportunity to study the rebooting articles and allow yourselves to reboot more professionally.

Back when I came to the rebooting forums I noticed a phenomenon, many threads were about the discussion of the harm from masturbation. There are also brothers who share their own experiences in order to warn others. But there were very few deep studies on the behavior of masturbation, there were also equally few guidances given on the specifics, many doubtful brothers were unable to gather a satisfactory answer. Everybody should know that once doubt arises one easily contemplates quitting, the arising of doubt also induces relapses. Back then, because I suffered from general anxiety disorder and neurasthenia, I have been researching into neurosis for a very long time. After having been chatting with over a thousand neurosis patients, having gone through a copious amount of comparisons and in-depth analysis on the pathogenic causes, a formula finally came up: staying up at night + indulgence + sitting for a long period at a time = finished. As long as the patient is male, this formula will more or less apply.

My research is based on a large number of cases and is not a result of guesswork. When doing any type of research it is important to collect first-hand case information, through deep analysis one may then come up with a certain pattern. Back then I have chatted with over a thousand anxiety patients from all age groups, the oldest was over 50 and the youngest was 16 years old. Then I realized that indulgence is intricately connected with the said illness, kidneys is rooted in the original qi, the spleen has its source in the prenatal qi. Indulgence damages the kidneys, long-term sitting damages the kidneys and the spleen, staying up late injuries the essences even more. These three factors are like hatchets hacking away at the tree of life, it would be very strange indeed if no symptoms appeared. Subsequently, I went from researching into anxiety syndrome to studying the behavior of masturbation because there are commonalities between the two. Up until today, I have chatted with over a thousand brothers, gathered in thousands of cases and have seen basically every symptom out there.

I have personally experienced many symptoms and have completely recovered from them. Not long ago I was still in the state of ignorance and naivety. I thought there was no way to heal from prostatitis and that hair loss would also be difficult to recover from. Today, through the efforts made in rebooting and health cultivation, I have recovered from both prostatitis and hair loss. One sentence, if you want to get well, one must increase interaction with people who have recovered. If you always interact with those who had yet to recover then you will be fed with the thoughts of not being able to recover. My position is that the reboot must be thorough, health cultivation must be proper, once both of these are in place there is the foundation to make a full recovery. One then combines these with active treatment and many illnesses are curable. If you cannot manage to reboot and cultivate properly, recovery will be difficult no matter what medicine you take, even if you manage to temporarily recover, relapses will become highly likely.

I emphasize rebooting but I emphasize health cultivation even more. Those brothers who are following my articles know that I place a high importance on health cultivation. Because I have found out that rebooting is not a panacea, on the contrary, rebooting is only the beginning. Many brothers have been rebooting for 8 months and even for a year, their bodily recovery is not ideal, no huge improvements were to be seen. The reality is a lack of understanding in health cultivation, a lack of knowledge in health cultivation, too many leakages in other areas. I have been talking about this issue quite thoroughly in season 12, those friends who haven’t seen it may go and have a look, quickly learn to cultivate the health as it will be quite beneficial to your recovery process. Let’s take another example, although a brother has been rebooting for 2 years, he was unable to conquer frequent nocturnal emissions, after 2 years of rebooting his health is unchanged, this is bitterness beyond words. Therefore, following rebooting one must pass both levels of nocturnal emission and sexual fantizations, or else it is too unfavorable to the recovery process, remember at all cost.

Let’s enter into the main topic below.

This season we will talk in detail about the issue of long-term sitting, underestimating the enemy and foam in the urine, the details can be found below.

I have mentioned the issue of long-term sitting in season 7, right now I feel the need to emphasize it once again. We may also go into even more details. Once I found the following text in a book about health cultivation: Illness takes place in between the moment when one puts and takes off clothes. The meaning is that when you think it’s hot and removes your clothes, that’s when you catch a cold and become sick. What I would like to say is: sickness is also in between standing and sitting. Long-term sitting damages people in the same manner as the frog in the boiling pot; in the beginning, you may think it’s comfortable, unknowingly you are taking damage. Long-term sitting, just by the simple motion of sitting, the liver, kidneys and the spleen have been damaged. Long-term sitting is surely accompanied by long-term viewing, otherwise, why do you sit for long periods of time? Long-term sitting injures the kidneys, the bladder channel comes under constriction. Long-term sitting injures the spleen, spleen governs the muscles, therefore long-term sitting also injures movement. Long-term viewing injures the liver because liver opens up in the eyes. Many people disapprove long-term sitting, actually, it was mentioned long ago in TCM that long-term sitting shortens the lifespan. Furthermore, modern research in Western medicine has also confirmed this point, there are many articles about the harmful effects from long-term sitting from the Western medicine perspective. Many people are rebooting and have effectively controlled their fantasies, but their internet addiction is still very strong, they still have the bad habit of long-term sitting and viewing, the result being that after a half a year to a year of rebooting, the degree of recovery is still not optimal. And I have noticed, long-term sitting produces a form of inertia. According to the saying of some people; it’s like a pair of invisible hands forcefully pressing oneself against the chair, unable to stand up, unable to stop oneself, before long several hours have passed. Therefore if we want to recover better, we must deeply recognize the harm from long-term sitting:

Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on May 22, 2018, 12:34:07 PM
part 2/2

1. Obesity: when the caloric intake exceeds the caloric exhaustion, fat will easily accumulate inside the body, the bodily weight will increase. Obesity is a dangerous factor for causing chronic illnesses.
2. Cervical spondylosis: when a person maintains a long-term sitting position, the entire weight of the body is concentrated on the base of the spine. This combined with the immobility of the shoulders and the neck easily leads to stiffness in the cervical spine. In more serious cases the cervical spine becomes deformed and induces bone hyperplasia.
3. Lack of appetite, poor digestion, the whole bodily movement is lacking during long periods of stillness sitting. This will induce weaker wiggle movement in the stomach and intestines, reduced secretion of digestive fluids. In time the appetite will become lackluster, with the appearance of poor digestion and even fullness symptoms.
4. Muscle shrinkage, long-term sitting may cause the internal oxy-carrying blood to decrease, lowering of oxygen partial pressure,  increase of the carbon-dioxide carrying blood volume, increase in carbon dioxide partial pressure, causing soreness, stiffness and shrinkage in the muscles.
5. Gynecologic diseases, many women catch cervicitis not due to poor hygiene habits but is instead related to long-term sitting. Long-term sitting obstructs the generation of immune cells which causes lower immunity. This combined with the obstruction in the blood flow easily induces cervicitis and other related gynecologic diseases.
6. The lower of memory. Blood circulation slows down when one is sitting and not moving for long periods of time, this induces inadequate blood supply to the brain, damages the spirit as well as the brain, produces mental depression. This is expressed in the body and mental fatigue, dispirited mind, chain-yawns. Long-term sitting in contemplation exhausts the blood and injures the ying, this will induce a decrease in the memory and a lack of concentration.
7. Prostatitis: Investigation has shown that among patients with chronic prostatitis, office workers, drivers, IT workers etc with special regards to drivers (long distance drivers) make up the majority of the patients. In addition they do not recover easily, because people that do this kind of work needs to sit for long periods of time without moving.
8. Varicocele: Research has shown that long-term sitting can cause varicocele with the additional possibility of aggravating existing varicocele.
9. Injures the heart: sitting for long periods of time without moving places a lower demand on the working capacity of the heart but may cause a decrease in its function, causing shrinkage in the heart muscle, contributing to high blood pressure and giving the opportunity to utilize the coronary thrombosis.
10. Injures the tendons: long-term sitting without movement will cause the muscles to lax, impeded blood vessels and the clotting of blood. This will easily cause varicocele, hemorrhoid and sit sore. Because of long-term sitting without movement, almost the entire body weight is pressed against the buttock muscles, causing it to become “pressed to death”, becoming damaged due to impeded blood flow.
11. Injured muscles: long-term sitting without movement and impeded blood flow causes the muscles to become stiff, sore, ache, shrink, losing its vigor and elasticity and causing spasms. Once, a person played cards for a whole night without moving, when he stood up he fell towards the ground. It turned out that long period of sitting without movement causes both legs to stiffen and become unresponsive.
12. Injuring bones: people that work for long stretches of time while sitting, due to the whole weight of the body being pressed against the bottom of the spine, improper posture, long-term immobility of the shoulders and the neck, these cause the top four vertebrae to stiffen. It also causes the drying of the vertebrae and induces various spinal diseases, the most commonly seen is hunched back and bone hyperplasia.
13. Injuring the brain: long-term sitting without moving causes inadequate blood supply to the brains. It causes dizziness, blurry vision, the desire to vomit when one suddenly stands up.
14. Injuring the spirit: long-term sitting without moving will cause a depressed mind, it causes a person to become listless, worn out, to chain-yawn. Sometimes it may cause weakened heart and excessive internal heat with the appearance of a tooth-ache, throat ache, tinnitus and constipation among other symptoms. In addition, long-term sitting will hinder the generation of immune cells.
15. Injuring the kidneys: long-term sitting without moving will put pressure on the hips and the bladder meridian, impeding the flow of qi and blood, obstructing the normal function of the bladders. Since the kidney meridian and the bladder meridian are reflected off one another, the kidney function will also become affected. This is the principle behind “long-term sitting injures the kidneys”. And a deficiency in the kidney qi will slowly induce weakness into both the blood and the qi; with the onset of itchy skin, pale or dark complexion, insomnia, excessive dreams, irritable mood, constipation, a decrease in menstrual blood quantity etc. These problems will be reflected on the face as colored stains. The appearance of colored stains is the body trying to tell us: inside the body there are blockages of qi and blood, this is what TCM refers to as qi stagnation.
16. Long-term sitting causes the volume (circumference) of all the blood veins to decrease, a decrease in the heart function, exasperating the heart issues for the middle-aged and the elderly, causing in advance arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.
17. Long term sitting causes inadequate blood flow in the chest cavity, causing a further decline in the function of the heart and the lungs, exasperating heart and lung-related disease such as emphysema infection for the middle ages and the elderly, protracted illnesses etc.
18. Long-term sitting will also cause inadequate blood supply to the brains, reducing the oxygen and nutrient supply to the brains, exasperating weariness for the body, insomnia, decrease in memory and increasing the chances of catching dementia.
19. Long-term sitting without movement will induce soreness in all muscles of the body, stiffness in the neck, headache and dizziness, exasperating lumbar and neck vertebrae illnesses.
20. Long term sitting will easily induce slower stomach movement, decreased secretion of digestive fluids, decreased appetite, exasperating belly bloating, constipation, indigestion and issues with the digestive system.
21. Long-term sitting may cause the venous plexus around the rectum to become congested in the long term, increasing the degree of clotted blood and thereafter exasperate the hemorrhoids, causing blood in the stool, anal cracks etc.
22. Because that many middle-aged to elderly people often remain in a static state where one is not fond of talking, long-term sitting will speed up the decline of their speech function, as well as causing the reactionary speed of the brain to slow down, this is consistent with the “use and disuse” theory.
23. Long-term sitting will also induce psychological depression, unprovoked bursts of anger, a poor state of mind, show decreased interest to the outside world or showing no interest altogether.
24. Long-term sitting easily incurs kidney stones, gallstones and similar problems.

I have extracted and summarized these 24 points. Basically all the harm from long-term sitting is contained herein, there is a statement: long-term sitting may kill! This statement is not meant to scare people, this boiling the frog way of killing people is without shape and form, unbeknownst to you your health has been weakened. Furthermore, some people are quite clueless and are not aware of where the problem is coming from. Reports from the World Health Organization has found, each year there are over 2 million people whose death is related to long-term sitting.

Long-term sitting will give rise to illnesses, it will bring one closer to the God of death, is this true? It is, this is absolutely right! However, more and more people are sitting down and for longer durations. Some people have been observing, office workers sit on average for at least 5 hours each day, the duration for continuous sitting is over 2 hours on average, in addition we should not forget about those who work with IT and driving.

Some brother would ask, I cannot help my working schedule which requires sitting every day, what can I do? My answer is, every 40 minutes get up a move a bit, set a computer alarm. There is dedicated alarm software online that are available for download, everyone may go and download one, it will remind you to move around when it is time. In addition, I can reveal my own methods. At home I surf the internet while standing up, I just put a chair on the table and in this way I avoid sitting for long durations at a time. However, there would appear a new problem and that is standing for long durations. TCM: long-term standing injures the bones. Therefore, I would normally stand for a while and then sit down for a while. I found this method quite much suits me. Everyone who is interested may give this a try.

Other brothers would ask, does meditation count as long-term sitting? Meditation is a state of practice, there are indeed masters who are able to enter a meditative state for few hours or even for half a day, even for a few days. Because it is a special state of practice, normally it is harmless. I would recommend meditating for 1 hour each day, you may also set up a plan according to your own circumstances, if you have reached that particular statement, entering the meditative state for few hours at a time will not be a problem. Naturally I have also seen an article that dealt with harmful effects from meditating for long durations. In that article, it is said that sitting for long durations in the double lotus position will easily give rise to foot and leg problems during old age. The person who wrote that article was a person who was famous in the Daoist circles, he has profound experiences, everybody may give consideration to his advice. Nowadays I mainly rely on loose sitting or single lotus as meditation posture.

There is no way to over-exaggerate the problem of sitting for long durations, I hope that everyone may deeply recognize this problem. While rebooting, I recommend to exercise actively, but pay attention to the intensity, more is not always better. Practice has proven: those who often perform aerobic exercises recover relatively more quickly and more optimally.

In the below, we will deal with the topic of underestimating the enemy.

Threads about underestimating the enemy appear from time to time on the rebooting forums, an example of the argument would be: rebooting is very easy, rebooting is very easy. The brothers who normally make such a thread are all in the desire-hibernation period. Those who have read season 4 will know after the desire-hibernation period is the high season for relapses. Many brothers during the desire-hibernation period are able to control their addictions, the desire is not strong and sexual fantizations are few. For some people, the hibernation period only lasts for a few days, for others, it lasts for a month or so. During such a period, many people harbor an attitude of underestimating the enemy, they feel that rebooting is not hard at all, that they are rebooting just fine, their threads reflect this attitude.

If everyone is observant, they will for sure notice that not long after the thread was made the contents have changed to something like: I was too confident, I have relapsed. I was too careless, I have relapsed. The underestimating attitude from the beginning has turned into post-relapse regret. The saying that the arrogant army will surely face defeat. Chairman Mao has once said: underestimate the enemy in strategy, pay attention to the enemy in tactics. We may underestimate our temptation demon when it comes to strategy, but when it comes to tactics we may emphasize the enemy. If rebooting was that easy, why do so many people repeatedly relapse? Moreover, many people are postgraduate students, they all have high IQ. To paraphrase a TV dialogue: You underestimate rebooting! To be successful at rebooting one must systematically study rebooting knowledge in a professional way, constantly increase rebooting awareness and realization, only in this way is thorough reboot made possible.

Let’s talk about the foamy urine issue.

Many brothers have asked about and experienced the issue of foamy urine. The formation of foam in the urine is mainly related to the surface tension of the urine. Normally speaking, the higher the surface tension in a liquid, the easier it is for foams to form. Under different circumstances, changes in the composition of the urine such as protein, mucus, organic material will cause an increase in the surface tension of the urine, foams will then form easily. Is lots of foam in the urine a sign of disease? This requires analysis into different situations.

As to the phenomenon of foamy urine, we will need to analyze if the reason is due to physiological or pathological reasons.

If the reason belongs to the below conditions, then the increase of foam in the urine is not due to diseases.

1. There are semen substances in the urinary tract: when semen substances are present in the urinary tract for men, this may cause foam in the urine. Retrograde ejaculation (often seen among diabetes and autonomic nervous system disorder patients). Frequent arousal will increase the mucus production in the glands of the urinary tract. Following nocturnal emission etc.
2. Over-rapid urination: during rapid urination, the urine forcefully comes into contact with the surface of the water, air and urine are intermixed, foams will form easily but will disperse easily. In addition, by standing at a position that is too high, under the influence of gravity, the force of impact from the urine onto the surface of the water will be relatively high, foams will easily form.
3. Concentrated urine: under the circumstances of decreased fluid intake, profuse sweating, diarrhea, the inadequate water content of the human body will cause the urine to become concentrated, causing the protein and other contents to increase within the urine. This will easily cause the urinary foam to increase.
4. Other causes: disinfectant and detergents within the urinal is another reason which would cause the formation of foam in the urine.

When foam appears in the urine from time to time, this often has physiological cause and the cause will be found in most cases, such as over-rapid urination, concentrated urine etc. If foamy urine disappears by getting rid of the above causes, and in the absence of abnormal symptoms or illnesses, then there is no need to become too worried.

The below circumstances should give rise to alert:

1. Proteinuria: the abnormal increase of protein content in the urine is one of the most common causes for foamy urine. It is also a clinical expression for various diseases and especially when it comes to kidney diseases. Various primary kidney illnesses, such as glomerulus, kidney inflammation etc and various kinds of secondary kidney damage, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, hepatitis etc will all cause kidney damage and increased protein in the urine. Although the kidney function is normal under the cases of multiple myeloma, acute hemolysis, leukemia etc, due to the emergence of a large amount of abnormal protein in the blood, protein will also leak into the urine and lead to proteinuria. Foamy urine will normally occur during proteinuria, the special characteristics for the foamy urine is a layer of floating foam that are miniscule in size and would not disperse after a long time.
2. Urinary system infection: Infection in the urinary system may cause increased foam in the urine. Commonly seen cases are urinary tract infection, cystitis, prostatitis etc. In the majority of cases, there are accompanying symptoms such as frequent urination, the urgency to urinate, pain during urination etc.
3. Increase in urine sugar: The presence of organic substances (glucose) and inorganic substance (various mineral salts etc) may cause increased tension for the urinary fluid and hence the appearance of foam, but the foams in this case are rather big and disappear quickly. Due to an increase in urinary sugar for diabetes patients, secondary urinary sugar increases, foam urine will likely occur.

I have encountered foamy urine myself, normally the foam would not go away after a long time, one then considers the possibility of internal inflammation such as prostatitis. Naturally, if the intake of protein is excessive, the foamy urine situation would also appear. If foamy urine occasionally appears then there is no need to worry. If the issue is persistent or occurs often, then it’s best to do a checkup at the hospital.


Frequent nocturnal emission is indeed a watched topic among brothers during the rebooting phase, everybody wants to minimize its frequency. I was once like everybody else, I have searched for countless methods to prevent nocturnal emission. Throughout my personal experiences, I finally chose the kidney strengthening exercise from the Eight Brocade Qigong. The above-mentioned exercise is supported by TCM theories in addition to having undergone many peoples’ experiences, its reliability is quite high. Kidney strengthening exercise is not only effective against nocturnal emissions, it is similarly effective against seminal leakages. I have introduced the kidney strengthening exercise in season 3, there have been many feedbacks from brothers and many people have indeed managed to decrease their number of nocturnal emissions, keeping the number within once per month. This frequency is advantageous to the recovery process. Naturally, there are many brothers who have tried the exercise with unchanged results. One aspect to consider is not to perform the movement properly, another is the failure to avoid the other factors which give rise to nocturnal emissions. If those other nocturnal emission inducing factors are not avoided, then even if one has been doing the kidney strengthening exercises, one might still encounter nocturnal emissions. For instance, if a brother has done the kidney strengthening exercise but over-exercises and becomes fatigued, then during the night he will still have a nocturnal emission. Some brothers cannot keep sexual fantizations under control, the issue of nocturnal emissions still cannot be resolved.

Recently on the forums, many brothers have shared ways of reducing the frequency of nocturnal emissions, with regards to these ways we may give them a try. But please remember, do not put all hope into one method, because if you are not careful in avoiding other factors which induce nocturnal emissions, nocturnal emissions will still take place. I have specifically written a season on these other nocturnal emissions inducing factors, everyone may take a look for reference.

Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on June 03, 2018, 10:54:00 AM
Season 28 [Soaring Eagle experience: withdrawal reactions, curved penis issue, semen changing color]

I have mentioned withdrawal reactions in my previous article. Lately, many newcomers have come to ask about withdrawal reactions. I get an absent-minded kind of feeling, a feeling of time and space dislocation. The rebooting forums have already experienced turnover, newcomers are constantly entering, the questions they ask have all been asked by the seniors. Previous rookies have turned into rebooting veterans, the situation has already emerged where the old are helping the new. We will thoroughly talk about withdrawal reactions in this season in order to eliminate any concerns from the newcomers, solidify their rebooting determination, I think this is necessary.

While rebooting, the first psychological threshold that one must pass through is the one about harmlessness theories. On the physical level, the first level that one must pass through is withdrawal reactions. The majority of the brothers will encounter withdrawal symptoms within a month of rebooting. Before rebooting the symptoms are not apparent, instead the symptoms show up during the reboot. Many people panic when the symptoms first appear, they immediately think about harm from self-restraint, they immediately think about the adverse effects that self-restraint has on prostatitis, the result is falling back into the trap of masturbation. This is withdrawal symptom in reality. Normally by persisting in rebooting, withdrawal symptoms will gradually diminish and even disappear. If rookies are not aware of and do not understand withdrawal symptoms, then they might harbor thoughts about quitting. Because he is nervous and afraid, indeed, it is an unpleasant feeling to be entangled by withdrawal symptoms. But as long as one is persistent, withdrawal symptoms will come to pass. When withdrawal symptoms appear, pay attention to cultivation, don’t overstrain, one may perform some moderate exercises. Normally the recovery of the body will improve ever more once withdrawal symptoms have passed, the condition being of course that you have learned how to cultivate the health, to actively exercise. In this way there is a guarantee for making a recovery. Don’t always sit down, otherwise the speed of recovery will be very slow.

I have researched into many addictive behaviors. Normally after cutting out an addictive behavior, some symptoms are bound to appear. Withdrawal symptoms are relatively common in the world of addictions.

Take quitting smoking addiction for instance: smokers after having forcefully quit smoking are likely to encounter restlessness, impatience, chest tightness, coughs, short-term forgetfulness, lack of vitality, fat gain, shivers, insomnia, increase in appetite, coughing black-greyish phlegm, higher blood pressure in addition to arrhythmia etc withdrawal symptoms resulting in great suffering. But these kinds of symptoms in the majority of cases will gradually diminish as the body recovers.

Take cutting out alcohol addiction as another example: after cutting out alcohol the psychological symptoms are expressed as anxiety, depression, irritability. Heavy users

experience hallucinations, illusions, delusions, obstacles in awareness etc. Symptoms of the nervous system are expressed as palpitations, chest tightness, profuse sweating etc and autonomous nervous system symptoms. Heavy users may encounter tremors, twitches, an eruption of epilepsy etc. Stomach symptoms are expressed as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea etc.

Withdrawal symptom is a form of adaptive rebound, normally by persisting in rebooting, symptoms will gradually disappear. Normally the symptoms during rebooting are expressed as:
Mood obstacle: poor mood, easily agitated and angered, decadent and pessimistic, loss of interest.
Sleeping obstacle: many brothers report having sleeping problems during rebooting. Problems such as difficulty in falling asleep, insomnia, excessive dreams are relatively common.
Bodily symptom: illnesses with urinary systems are commonly seen, such as aggravation of prostatitis.
Other brothers may encounter soreness and pain in the waist, lack of energy, discomfort feeling over the entire body, disappearance of morning erection, increased hair loss, changes in semen etc.

Do not panic or be afraid when encountering withdrawal symptoms. Reboot well, emphasize cultivation and the symptoms will quickly pass. This is a threshold, everybody needs to go through it.

Let’s talk about the issue of a curved penis in the below.

I have chatted with over a thousand brothers, not many of them report having a curved penis, but once in a while a few people would show up. Indeed this problem cannot be underestimated as it will affect a person’s self-esteem. Let’s first take a look at 2 cases:

Case 1: male, 25 years old, unmarried, no sex life, penis curved to the left, the angle of the bend is considerable since a few years back, due to the embarrassment he is never made a visit the hospital for treatment.

Case 2: Soaring Eagle, my penis bend to the left at about 20 degrees, the urination stream leans towards the left a bit because of masturbating with the right hand in the past, what can be done about it?

Among the brothers that I have come across, some have their penises bending towards the left, some towards the right, some even have an angle of bend of 45 degrees towards the right. There is an article from abroad about rebooting which talked about that masturbation would induce the penis to bend towards the right, but one needs to also look into the specific case.

Many people have the vile habit of masturbation and yet they do not run into this issue. I think masturbation is one of the causes, the appearance of a bending penis should be due to a combination of factors. For example, if you masturbate during development and it is directed towards the left or towards the right, or by applying pressure on one side while rubbing, while the penis is under development this will very much likely influence the direction of its growth. Just like a small tree, by bending it when it’s still small, what will the result be? It will grow along the bend, once big it will still be bent. Yet big trees do not have this problem, because their orientation of growth has basically matured.

How to treat this problem once it has arisen will depend on whether or not it affects your self-esteem, in addition, how it will affect your future sex life. If it is affected the doctor would normally recommend a correcting procedure. Therefore for those brothers who suffer from this kind of issue, they should seek immediate treatment and listen to the professional advice of the doctor. At the same time, do not masturbate anymore, make effort in cultivating the health, too many symptoms are caused by masturbation. When symptoms appear it is actually a bit late. TCM advocates curing yet-to-be illnesses, we should work on prevention before it happens!

Lastly, let’s talk about semen color.

Normally after kidney qi has been damaged by masturbation, changes will take place in the semen. Extremely many people report changes in their semen, everybody should have encountered this problem. Normally the below situations will appear:

1. Change in color, turning very yellow or greenish yellow.
2. Non-liquidation of semen, the appearance of crystal or jello substance.
3. Bloody semen, this is caused by many factors, common reasons are inflammation and stone.
4. Semen becomes thin and less, decrease in stickiness.
5. Seminal discharge becomes greater and more concentrated, this is also a state of illness, pointing to the presence of inflammation.
6. Decrease in the quality of the sperm (no sperm, dead sperm, low vigor, deformity etc)

Among the articles that I have read, there was 2 sayings regarding the normal color of semen: 1. Milky white or light yellow; 2. Greyish white or light yellow. If strictly speaking, milky white is not normal, it points to the possibility of inflammation. From looking at everybody’s question, the appearance of crystal and jello substance are relatively common. Next common is the yellowing of semen, if it is light yellow then it is normal if it is very yellow or a greenish yellow then attention is required. Some brothers will encounter bloody semen with the semen having red or pink in it. If bloody semen appears it is recommended to immediately seek to diagnose and treatment at the hospital.

When first starting to reboot, changes will easily take place in the semen, this can be seen as a withdrawal reaction. Following persistent rebooting and cultivation, the quality of the semen will slowly improve. Moreover if health cultivation is not emphasized then changes will easily take place in the semen, such as heavy drinking, smoking, long-term sitting, staying up late at night, exposure to AC etc. Maintaining excellent lifestyle habits is very important, it has a direct impact on the health.

In TCM theories it is mentioned: “Sowing the seed, the man must first cultivate the sperm”. If one wants outstanding offsprings, the man should take good care of the body, cut out whatever is needed to be cut out, cultivate the quality of the sperm, by doing this will the offspring become quite healthy. Many brothers have had their sperm checked, some brothers have encountered weak spermatosis, there were also cases of azoospermia, other cases include a lack of vitality in the sperm, dead sperm and quite a few cases of deformed sperm. Normally the main reasons for a lacking quality of the sperm are prostatitis and varicocele, while masturbation is able to induce these two illnesses, the quality of the sperm will then become affected. Many people are addicted to masturbation, it has resulted in vastly lower sperm quality. Some have encountered infertility, although some are still fertile, if they continue to masturbate they might unfortunately end up becoming infertile. Therefore there are a hundred advantages in cutting out masturbation and not a single harm. By not cutting out masturbation there are a hundred of harms and not a single benefit. If we really try to find benefits in masturbation, masturbation allows you to release emotions and pressure which allows you to relax. But the consequence is to sink into the vicious cycle, the loss outweighs the benefits.

I hope that everybody is able to persist in rebooting and health cultivation, nurture the quality of the sperm, preserve the best of you for marriage. Do not at all cost discard yourself before marriage. Sperm is the seed, with a good seed will your offsprings be healthy. If the seed is not good, your offspring may suffer from a poor constitution with the appearance of many illnesses and even the chance of premature death.


While replying to a thread, I saw a brother mentioning: the marriage between man and woman is the necessary relationship between the sexes. Male and female cannot thrive alone, it’s the way of the nature that they are compatible with one another, this cannot easily be discarded. This brother has cited ancient marriage cultivation theory, there is a certain truth to it. But if one does not have ample experience and lacks own thinking and understanding, one might think why practice self-restraint? Wasn’t it mentioned that male and female cannot thrive alone? Would self-restraint lead to shortened life? By staying away from women and thus not mixing the sexes, wouldn’t the male stop thrive? If I lacked ample experience this is what I would also think. But I have do thoroughly understand TCM theories and have come to realize that the above quote is not absolute, there are pre-conditions involved.

In TCM it has been mentioned: lack of essence leads to disease. It has also been mentioned: the overuse of kidney essence leads to disease, if kidney essence can be preserved, the penis will be firm! After seeing the above sentence everybody may wonder, doesn’t this contradict

“male cannot thrive alone”? I will make an example so that everybody may understand. Master Empty Cloud has never touched a woman during his entire life, he lived to be 120 years old. Not a few Buddhist practitioners have lived to be beyond 100 years old. If the saying goes “Male cannot thrive alone”, then if monks do not touch women, how can they live to be over 100 years old? In Taoist cultivation, total self-restraint was also mentioned, since ancient times not a single Taoist immortal has leaked essence. Bai Yuchan has said: not a single drop of semen is leaked, this is the ladder towards the heavens.

Therefore, “Man cannot thrive alone” is not the absolute truth, it does not suit the monk, for the ordinary man it is quite suitable. This is because the heart cultivation is not yet in its proper place for the ordinary man, there is sexual fantization as everybody knows, it is not good to hold in fantization. Sexual fantization is an invisible form of leakage in itself, many brothers have encountered repeated symptoms following sexual fantization. Monks have properly cultivated their hearts and so do not have this problem.

However, the ordinary man should not go and have sex as soon as the idea pops up, he should look at his own bodily condition. If the body is weak and is wrapped in symptoms, self-restraint is needed in order to cultivate the body. Once the kidney qi has been cultivated into abundance and the health is totally recovered is he able to live out a controlled sex-life. Many famous physicians during ancient times have required patients to keep away from bedroom affairs, or else the body will have a hard time recovery and the efficacy of the medicine will also suffer. Nowadays many Chinese traditional physicians no longer mention these things, it is very regrettable.
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Season 29 [Soaring Eagle experience: rebooting condition adjustment, obstacles in development, emission due to nervousness] part 1/2


Recently when browsing the forums I saw that many brothers have relapsed, the reason being that they couldn’t get past sexual fantization. To be successful in rebooting, sexual fantization must be conquered. Put in another way, if you are able to put a stop to sexual fantizations, then you are halfway there, your record rebooting streak will take a big leap forward! If you are not able to conquer sexual fantizations then what awaits you is repeated failure. It is not scary to fail, what’s scary is to not learn. Only through constant studying in raising the awareness, to ceaselessly summarizing lessons are we able to improve our rebooting efforts. Do not be discouraged after a failure, we need to look at our own progress. In raising the awareness there is a process, once your awareness has been cultivated then rebooting will come naturally, hence the saying: when conditions are right, success naturally follows!

Time is of the essence when cutting out sexual fantizations, it is important to first become aware.

Some brothers have asked me, what to do when the flames of desire are burning? Will do push-ups help in suppressing the desires? My answer is this, you are too late in stopping the fantization, at the beginning the thought is like a tiny spark, it is easy to put a stop to it. Once the spark has turned into a prairie fire, a flame of desire, it is too difficult to put it out if you wanted to. When you notice the fire after it has been greatly developed and you want to put it out, then it is very possible to have the opposite effect, the more you suppress it the stronger it grows and bounces back. The new thought need not be feared, late awareness is to be feared. One needs to become aware of the new thought of sexual fantasy during the first 0.01 seconds, end it immediately, do not hesitate, do not compromise, be decisive, be direct and efficient! End it early! End it firmly! End it quickly! If you don’t vanquish the temptation demon the demon will vanquish you, there is no third option, if vanquished by the demon then symptoms abuse awaits!

With regards to sexual fantizations, my article in season 17 have described it in detail, everybody may look over it again. Among my articles, season 17 is an important one because it deals with how to cut out sexual fantization. By passing through the barrier of sexual fantization will rebooting become more steady by the day. Otherwise even if one has been rebooting for a long time, failure still remains, one is still unable to vanquish the temptation demon.

An illustration from my previous season have shown, rebooting is like playing chess, the person sitting in front of you is the temptation demon. This is the same as real life chess; when you first play against an expert, there is only room for defeat, no matter what you do you will be defeated. This is because the opponent is an expert and has abundant actual combat experience. While you are a rookie that is ignorant about everything in addition to harboring many misconceptions, under this circumstance, how can one defeat the temptation demon? The temptation demon is at a higher level than you while you are only a rookie. In reality, there is only one way to defeat the temptation demon and that is to ceaselessly study to raise the level of awareness. Once your awareness has been cultivated, your level raised, and you battle the demon once more, then you will notice that the temptation demon is no longer a match, you are able to vanquish and defeat the demon. To be able to successfully reboot is a process of constantly raising your awareness. Once you have the awareness to study and have formed excellent studying habits, you are not far off from successfully rebooting.

There is another issue and that is while the penis is erect, out flows some transparent liquid, what is this? Among the articles that I have researched into, there are 2 sayings; the first is pleiotropic fluid, the other the fluid secretion by the urethral glands with a lubricating property, some brothers call them lubrication. Urethral gland fluid is transparent and sticky, it may be elongated into thin threads, it has the property of lubricating the urinary tract and constitutes the first substance in ejaculated semen as well as being part of the seminal fluid. And pleiotropic fluid is an important part of the seminal fluid. Therefore no matter which of the two liquids is flowing out, they will actually both cause harm to the body. Many brothers run into symptoms after fantasizing without masturbation, sexual fantization is an invisible form of leakage, TCM has mentioned: when the mind wanders, essence leaves. Among the TCM medical cases that I have gone through, there have been records of sexual fantization leading to illnesses, sexual fantization is able to induce illnesses, this is very true! To find out the effects from gazing without masturbating, you can take a look in the mirror and you will notice that your complexion has been decreased, there is a good chance to encounter pain in the testis, swollen feeling in the lower abdomens or frequent urination. These are the consequences of invisible leakages from sexual fantization, it is the conclusion from many brothers. Everybody needs to persevere in putting a stop to sexual fantization and achieve total reboot!

In the below we will enter into the main topic.

In this season we will describe in detail the adjustment of the rebooting condition, development obstacles, and emission to due to nervousness, specifically:

Lately there are many brothers who have been reporting having poor rebooting conditions, such as the emergence of weariness, laziness, low in moods, loss of movement and related phenomena.

I have also encountered these kinds of conditions, the emergence of this type of behavior is intricately connected to the season of the year, “spring weary, autumn tired, summer doze off, winter unable to wake up”. The changing of the seasons deeply affects a person’s psychology and physiology. It is not difficult to understand that we get tired during the day in the summer when the weather is sizzling hot, not allowing a good rest in the evening. But why do we still experience tiredness during the clear and refreshing autumn weather? This is because during the sizzling hot summer, the human body sweats profusely causing an imbalance in the water and salt metabolism, weakening function in the intestines, places a heavier burden on the cardiovascular system, the human body is placed into a state of over-depletion. Following the end of the summer and the coming of autumn, the climate turns from sizzling hot to be cool and pleasant, bodily sweating noticeably decreases, the human body enters a resting phase of a cyclical nature. The salt and water metabolism starts to recover towards balance, the burden on the human cardiovascular system also finds a relief, digestive system also improves by the day. Yet during this time there is an unexplainable feeling of weariness in the body, this is what is often referred to us “autumn tiredness”. In reality, this is the natural human physiological response towards the different seasons. After a period of adjustment, the weariness will also naturally disappear.

Therefore, if you are recently in a poor rebooting state, the advice is to emphasize cultivation, don’t over-strain yourself, emphasize mood management, slowly it will pass, the good rebooting state will return. One must learn to adjust oneself, this is especially important. The rebooting state of a person goes up and down, this is very similar to the up and down of an athlete's condition. Merritt is now clocked at 12.8 seconds, could he make the same time again next time? Maybe the condition will have fallen back. Rebooting works in the same way, in the beginning many brothers gain a tremendous amount of determination after having read a few rebooting articles, their determination runs high. But after a dozen days, the enthusiasm is lost, the motivation nowhere to be found. When reading articles one binge reads, when not reading one has not read an article in weeks, there is no persistence in raising the awareness in this way. Like climbing a mountain where one gives up halfway. Therefore in order to be successful in our rebooting efforts, one must keep up a stable rebooting condition. When first starting out our enthusiasm is running high, we can take in a higher number of articles, when the enthusiasm has waned we should not stop reading altogether but to decrease the number of articles. Read some rebooting articles on schedule every day just like brushing the teeth, form the habit and the habit will become natural. Given a stable rebooting condition, the steady raising of the awareness can be guaranteed. Just like playing a video game; one doesn’t simply play one day and then rest for a dozen days, but rather one plays every day in order to level up quickly. Of course I’m not in favor of being addicted to internet gaming, I only use it as an example.

Main factors that induce a change in the rebooting condition can be found below:

1. Rebooting fed up period (the season 26 article specifically mentions this).
2. Seasonal factors (the turning of the season may affect the psychology and physiology of a person and from there influence the rebooting condition, this is easily neglected).
3. Having read harmlessness theories (swaying easily forms after reading harmlessness theories, this is followed by doubt and the thought to quit arises).
4. Planning when doing things (brothers who plan will be able to reboot more steadily, he will know the number of planned studies for each day).
5. Trivia in life (if there are many trivialities then they will easily cause a distraction, or if the mind becomes weary then one no longer wants to read articles).
6. Pressure from work and studies (when under big pressure a person’s emotions will easily become disorderly and from there affect the rebooting condition).
7. Have wife or girlfriend (The rebooting condition for these brothers is very difficult to stabilize, specifically why that is everybody should know without I have to mention it).
8. Environmental pollution (For example somebody watching porn in the bedroom, or due to confirmation to social niceties one needs to visit such places, these will all affect the rebooting condition).
9. Following emission (There are many cases of relapses following emissions, it is easy for the mind to waver following emissions, one needs to maintain vigilance).
10. Dietary factors (The emergence of wild fantasies is made easier by overconsumption in meat and medicines, the rebooting condition will then become affected).

If we want to be successful in rebooting, we must keep our rebooting condition steady. Just like walking on a tightrope, we need to maintain stable, find the point of balance, there will then be stability and longevity in rebooting.

Below let’s talk about obstacles in development.

Among the thousands of cases I have gathered from sufferers and the thousand of brothers I have chatted with, many have reported development obstacles, these are mainly concentrated in the below points:

1. Penis development obstacles.
2. Height growth development obstacles.
3. Appearance development obstacles (looking much younger).

I believe that everybody can easily comprehend the first 2 points. On the third point, surely people will ask, isn’t looking younger a good thing? Actually looking younger isn’t necessarily a good thing, many brothers are fretting over this, when looking younger than one’s peers people may not take one seriously. Furthermore, a person in his 20s who looks like a high school or middle school student will encounter difficulty in finding a job in the future, the employer will think that one is not mature enough and not up to the task. When looking younger is mentioned here, it is not looking 1-2 younger but 5+ years. After one has started to masturbate, one’s appearance will take on one of two inclinations, the first is to have aged in an obvious way, the other is delayed development with a young looking appearance. Both outcomes will cause distress while turning older and uglier following masturbation is the more common outcome.
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part 2/2

Development obstacles with the penis are relatively commonly seen. The penis is linked to the liver while masturbation hurts the liver and the kidneys, this will affect the development of the penis. Some people have a naturally weak constitution, if they are wildly addicted to masturbation the result will be that the development of the penis will be affected; the phenomenon of smallness and shortness will then emerge, making them feeling self-inferior. Many brothers are under 10 cm, some are even under 8 cm, some are too skinny which is also a very troublesome issue. At the onset of development obstacles with the penis, one should immediately cut out masturbation, pay attention to health cultivation, things will alleviate this way, at the very least the quality of the erection will improve.

I have specifically talked about height growth obstacles in season 8, those brothers who are worried about height may have a look. Many factors influence height growth, masturbation is among one of them, being addicted to masturbation have the possibility of affecting bone growth, because according to TCM: kidneys govern the bones. Being addicted to the evil habit of masturbation will induce obstacles to the growth of the bones which will then affect height. But not all people who masturbate will have their height affected, this is because many factors play a role in height, masturbation being one of them. If the other factors are properly managed, such as eating well, exercising properly, sleeping early, excellent genes, one may still reach the optimal height under these circumstances. But what is sure is that masturbation will affect bone density. Masturbation will induce soft legs, during intense exercises, broken bones or bone fractures will easily occur.

Masturbation indeed affects development. But everybody has a different constitution. Different dietary, exercise and living habits after birth led to the difference in how the body is affected. Some people love to exercise, have a lack of bad habits, sleeps and eats properly with proper nutrition, although he masturbates the impact on the body is relatively mild. While some people have a naturally poor constitution, this combined with long-term sittings and staying up during the night, lack of exercise, poor diet, serious development obstacles may arise under such circumstance. Therefore for the guys that are still undergoing development, they need to realize the danger from masturbation as soon as possible in order to avoid tearless sorrow in the future. After the development phase is over things becomes fixed, many things will then be hard to alter.

Lastly, let’s talk about emission due to nervousness.

Emission due to nervousness is quite commonly seen, brothers with this type of problem will often appear.

I know that nervousness will induce emissions. During middle school I remember taking a midterm exam, a student had an emission during the exam because he still had unanswered questions, but the time was already up, he became nervous and had an emission. At the time this event was talked among the students as an odd story, people thought this was unbelievable. Now that I have done research into masturbation behavior, I have come to realize that emission due to nervousness actually occurs a lot.

Everybody may first take a look at a few cases:

1. Big brother Soaring Eagle! I would like to inquire: during the night I did not have an erotic dream but the dream was about an unfinished exam, as soon as I started to worry I couldn’t hold it back and had an emission. Does this count as a nocturnal emission or semen slippage?

2. Brother Soaring Eagle, I’m a 4th-grade university student and I’m about to take the National Judicial Exam. These past months have been extremely tormenting, I have started to reboot since the beginning of the year until now, there have been many relapses. Due to nervousness before the exam, I have had nocturnal emissions 4 days in a row including last night. I have lost hope for the future, please help me! If I continue to leak my whole being is done for!

3. Brother Soaring Eagle, I had nocturnal emission last night, I wasn’t able to hold out for 100 days, after my emission I was very disheartened. The emission occurred during dreaming, I dreamt about being selected by the teacher to sing, I didn’t know what to sing, became nervous and had an emission which woke me up, it was only half past four. I was very disheartened at the time, I no longer hold the same excitement as I previously had. I will still continue to make effort, persist in doing kidney strengthening exercises and fight towards the next 100 days.

The classmate from middle school that I have mentioned would have nervousness induced emissions while being wide awake. Many brothers would have emissions while being nervous in their dreams at night or during intense nervousness in the day. Thoughts fill the day, dreams fill the night, nervousness induced emissions may also occur during the night. When these situations occur, do not panic, one must learn to manage one’s emotions, give oneself plenty of positive suggestions and don’t overthink. In addition, combined with persistent kidney strengthening exercises and active treatment, these type of nervousness induced emissions can be overcome. I remember there was a brother who would always have emissions due to nightmares, this has always bothered him. Afterward I advised him to engage in active treatment and persist in practicing kidney strengthening exercises, to manage the mood during normal times, to maintain oneself in a state of tranquility. Subsequently he reported improved emission rates compared to before.

Quite a few people became distracted once they become nervous, with thoughts in turmoil, during this time you should tell yourself: breath deeply, keep calm, maintain serenity in the mental state. Give oneself more suggestions of this nature, with time, nervousness will naturally be overcome. Keeping calm is very important. If you are able to maintain calm and collected, this will slowly affect the subconscious, when that time comes, the occurrence of nervousness induced emission during dreams will slowly decrease and even disappear. This is a knot, you must learn to untie it instead of becoming ever more nervous by it.


Many brothers have the mindset of turning negative emotions into masturbation. In other words, whenever setbacks or worrying matters show up, one immediately finds an outlet through masturbation. Brothers with such inclinations must learn to manage the mood and correct this erroneous attitude of behavior. In the season about types of relapses, I have specifically talked about relapse due to mood, this type of relapse is too common but the harm is really too great, it will let you sink into the evil spiral. Properly managing one’s mood is a necessary factor towards successful rebooting. Some brothers are scolded by their parents, they then experience great emotional pressure, upon return to their rooms they relapse. Some brothers are scolded by their boss, they lose control of their emotions and are not able to think clearly, they relapse upon returning home. Some brothers relapse due to optimism, such as after the national high school exam, once relaxed they relapse. Or in connection with celebrating success, after a successful celebration, a person will be inclined to relax. Then there is the boredom mood, being alone at home during the weekend, the temptation demon springs forth, relapse happens without one being fully aware. Relapse due to the mood is too common, we must realize the importance of properly managing our mood, manage our mood well in order to make ourselves reboot more steadily.
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Returning from a much needed summer vacation, please allow me to bring you guys season 30! Season 31 will also be out shortly. Season 1-30 is now available for download in PDF format:

Season 30 [Soaring Eagle experience: getting straight to the issue of anxiety, neurosis, digging deep into neurosis] part 1/3


In recent days I came upon a thread, a brother suffering from prostatitis mentioned that he had abdominal pain and that the pain would go away every time he had an ejaculation. My advice is to not place hopes in alleviating inflammation through ejaculation through masturbation. Prostatitis should be promptly treated, the condition should be kept under control followed by persistent health cultivation, this is the way to recover the health. Otherwise, by relying on ejaculation via masturbation in order to alleviate inflammation, it will only cause you to sink into an evil spiral, your body will collapse one step at a time, prostatitis will never be cured. In treating prostatitis the guiding ideology must be correct, treating prostatitis mainly relies on cultivation, after it comes treatment, 30% treatment and 70% cultivation. Treatment will keep the state of the illness under control after that one will need to rely on health cultivation. If you lack awareness in rebooting and health cultivation then there is a high chance for prostatitis to relapse. The reason for the relapse rate of 90% for prostatitis is due to errors in the guiding ideologies, thinking that medicines will be able to cure it. The truth is that the root issue of prostatitis cannot be cured by relying on medicines. Prostatitis is cured through cultivation, one must learn the way to cultivate the health and establish the awareness on rebooting and health cultivation. In this way, prostatitis may slowly be cured, the normal recovery time for prostatitis patients is around one year. If you take medicine while simultaneously engaging in masturbation, no amount of spending will be able to cure the illness. Many brothers have been spending tens of thousands on treatment, they have employed many different kinds of treatment procedures and advanced equipment but to no avail. They have not understood rebooting and health cultivation and so have spent their money in vain, their bodies still haven’t recovered. Doctors will not be able to tell you why you are not healed, partly it is because they bear misconceptions in their thinking and advocates the harmlessness theories. In the other part, some doctors do not wish you to be healed as this will bring in extra revenue for the hospital. In many hospitals, the doctors would receive kickbacks, do you think that he will tell you about the harmful effects of masturbation? (Translator’s note: the phenomenon where doctors receive kickbacks for medicines sold is a conflict of interest and unfortunately a common occurrence in China).

Furthermore, everybody is very concerned about the issue of morning erection. Actually, this could also be explained by the secretion of testosterone. Normally around 5 am, the secretion of testosterone reaches a climax, the morning erection phenomenon would then occur. During puberty, the secretion of testosterone is especially abundant, morning erection could possibly take place on a daily basis. I remember when I first entered puberty, for a period of time I indeed had a morning erection every day. Afterward I became addicted to masturbation, the occurrence of morning erection become considerably less frequent until it totally disappeared at a later date. Of course, many factors have an influence on morning erection such as dietary factors, lots of meat consumption, eating lots of kidney replenishing food, morning erections would easily appear in such cases. There are also psychological factors, the mood is intricately connected with the morning erection, this point is easily ignored by many people. The mood may influence the secretion of testosterone and through it affect morning erection. For example you run into unhappy circumstances in life, this pessimistic mood will then induce lower testosterone secretion, morning erection could possibly disappear as a result. Mood and hormones affect one another, many times a depressed mood is associated with imbalances in testosterone secretion, hormones will in turn affect a person’s mood and behavior. For example a person wakes up today and is in a very good mood, there is pleasure in the heart. But a dozen days later the mood suddenly turns depressed, this actually is closely associated with the internal secretion of hormones. A woman during menopause, along with the steadily declining function of her ovaries, lower estrogen, this will result in changes in both her appearance and mood. Apparent mood changes include sensitivity, doubt, irritation, being easily angered and other negative moods. Males also have menopause, during menopause and along with lower testosterone levels, the mood and the body will also encounter a series of changes. Thus the saying that the mood and the hormones interacts and affects each other.

Another significant factor which affects the secretion of testosterone is exercise habits. Moderate aerobic and strength exercises will promote testosterone secretion. Every morning following doing barbell squats in the previous day I have had morning erection. Squats are able to promote the secretion of testosterone, aerobic exercises may also raise the level of testosterone secretion. But there is a condition and that is to not over-exercise. Over-exercising will lead to lower testosterone regardless of whether it’s aerobic or strength exercise, all forms of overexertion will induce lower testosterone secretion. Seasonal factors cannot be ignored either. It is now autumn, the time of the year where testosterone secretion is at its highest, I feel a much greater number of morning erections during this time.

If looking from a physiological point of view one could say that human nature is based on hormones. The human body will secrete over 75 kinds of hormones, they all have their roles to play in the human body. Women with a higher hormonal concentration in their bodies look much younger than their counterparts with lower hormonal concentration. Males with abundant testosterone secretion also have much higher initiative and aggression compared with ordinary males.

Some brothers would say, will morning erections return after rebooting? He is addicted to masturbation and has not had morning erections for a long time. My answer is that morning erection will recover if there is persistence in rebooting and health cultivation. Previously I had lost morning erection for a time, afterward it returned after I was persistent in rebooting and health cultivation. Some other brothers would ask, will masturbation lead to an increase or a decrease in the secretion of testosterone? Actually, it is very easy to answer this question. The issue of imbalance caused by masturbation basically takes on two extremes. After some brothers become addicted to masturbation, their testosterone secretion decreases, such as myself, after I started to masturbate I noticed less beard. While some brothers experience more proliferate growth of beard and body hair after they had started to masturbate. The reason to why the two extremes exist is related to the individual constitution. TCM classifies people into 9 types of constitutions. The hormonal imbalance following masturbation will be determined by the constitution of the individual. For some people, it is expressed as an increase in testosterone secretion, on some people it is expressed as a decrease in testosterone secretion. An increase in testosterone secretion is actually not a good thing, it would easily lead to the possibility of male baldness. Among the cases that I have seen, it is more common to see a decrease in testosterone secretion following masturbation, this takes up roughly 70% of the cases, the remaining 30% is when testosterone secretion increases following masturbation.

As to the issue of morning erection, everybody need not place a strong demand on having a morning erection every single day. With the increase in age, you will notice that morning erection will steadily decrease. Morning erection is related to numerous factors, we need to understand to let nature take its course and not to insist upon it. Nowadays I’m not concerned about the frequency of morning erections but on its quality. A good quality morning erection beats 100 poor quality ones. Persistent and firm morning erections are good erections, it can also be taken as a sign of recovery for premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is not to be tested casually, its recovery can be observed from the quality of morning erection. If you attempt to test it then it is very possible to once again sink into the trap of masturbation. Although many people experience morning erections, their quality is very lacking, lacking in firmness and in duration with inadequate hardness and stamina. Moreover, the erection that many people experience have a sexual fantization element in them and are not morning erections in its true sense. Furthermore, morning erection while holding back urine is also not morning erection in its true sense.

In the below we will enter the main topic, this season topic: getting straight to the issue of anxiety, neurosis, digging deep into neurosis. The specifics can be found below.

Regarding neurosis

Neurosis, as it is known, might be foreign to many brothers, this is because many brothers have not yet sustained such degree of damage, they have a difficult time understanding what it is like to have neurosis. Those brothers who have yet to experience neurosis may gather a general understanding from herein, broaden one’s scope of knowledge and alert themselves.

Neurosis is a dividing range for those who suffer from damaged essence. Once the nerves have been damaged, recovery will be a relatively slow process. Mild neurosis is easier to recover from, severe cases will require at least a year for any hopes of recovery. Awareness is required in order to recover from this disease, complete recovery is extremely difficult by relying on medicine alone. Many people have not understood properly, they have not figured the whys, just like entering a maze and getting stuck in it for several years and even for over a decade, relying on daily medications to sustain themselves, their quality of life taking too big of a hit. Many especially severe cases will give rise to suicidal tendencies. In the media there is often news about depression and neurosis patients committing suicide, some have both fame and money, with assets amounting to the billions and still commits suicide. Ordinary people have a hard time figuring out why people resort to suicide? Actually as soon as one has severe neurosis, many people will have the thought of suicide. I have also had such thoughts about suicide, at the time I lived in a symptom hell every day. Those who have not experienced it will indeed have a hard time experiencing the feeling, it is a big devastation towards the body and the mind. Many people after having neurosis experience big changes to their personalities, almost as if two separate persons.

At the time I had separately encountered phobias (social phobia, AIDS phobia, cancer phobia), hypochondria, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, neurasthenia, gastrointestinal neurosis, cardiac neurosis, my head was also drowsy, had a headache along with wandering stinging pain in the entire body. It simply pained from hell, torture, when lying on the bed I would always feel an earthquake, later I found out that it was a feeling of severe body tremors. My muscles also twitch randomly, I had almost collapsed at the time, not one spot in the body was comfortable. Previously I had not believed in hell on earth, after having neurosis I believed in it. Bodily symptom hell is indeed a great torment.

A huge emphasis is placed on experience when it comes to neurosis. If you lack the experience you will have no ways to truly understand the feeling. This is like me trying to explain the feeling of bungee to you, you will only hear me describe but have not tried it yourself, your experience and feeling will not be profound in this way, neither will it be intuitive. Many doctors have not had neurosis, their understanding of neurosis comes from textbooks. I can conscientiously say that many theories found in the textbooks are not complete enough, Western medicine in particular is still in the research stage in this area. Therefore many people will have inadequate understanding towards neurosis, this includes many doctors. An undeniable fact is that there are many quacks, doctors who truly understand are extremely few in number. Being able to stumble upon one such doctor after having seeing dozen of them can be counted towards your good fortune. It is common for neurosis patients to be misdiagnosed. Some patients feel discomfort in their heart, they are getting treated for having heart disease and not for having neurosis. After having undergone treatment for the better half of the year and having spent tens of thousands in treatment costs, the illness remains without too much of a change, at last they realize that they have neurosis while all previously they have been misdiagnosed with heart disease. Therefore, neurosis patients have a thing or two to say about doctors. With regards to neurosis, my recommendation is to go to see a traditional Chinese doctor. There are too many effects in Western medicine and they easily cause dependency. Many patients become reliant on medicines and become addicted to them, they do not feel at ease when not taking the medicines. In reality, they don’t feel much better after taking the medicine, they are struggling bitterly in a vicious cycle.

The common illnesses induced by neurosis:
1. Chronic pharyngitis, oral ulcer.
2. Irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, chronic gastritis.
3. Neurological headache, dizziness, insomnia, excessive dreams.
4. Depression, anxiety, fear, compulsion, hypochondria.
5. Excessive sweating, sweating due to weakness/anxiety, night sweat, fear of cold, fear of wind.
6. Cardiac neurosis, gastric neurosis.
7. Stiff neck muscles, joint migratory pain, imagined limb pain.
8. Poor memory, slow reflexes, neurasthenia.
9. Premature ejaculation, catches cold easily, decreased immunity.

Some neurosis patients mainly suffer from gastrointestinal neurosis, some mainly suffer from cardiac neurosis, some feel severe discomfort in the head region, others have many and all possible symptoms. Among the patients that I have chatted with, many people have over a dozen or even several dozens of symptoms, they come in all shapes and forms. The pattern of the symptoms is that they show up one after the other in innumerable succession, making one very panicky, as a matter of fact, there is only one source: the disorderly function of the autonomic nerve causes the disorderly function of the immunity system. What is it that causes the disorderly function of the autonomic nerve? I was very perplexed at the time and was constantly looking for answers. At last after thorough research and having chatted with over a thousand patients, I have come up with the formula: staying up at night + debauchery + long-term sitting = finished. Debauchery alone would require a certain amount of damage before the emergence of neurosis. After over a decade of masturbation, I only had prostatitis and varicocele, although I had turned a lot uglier, my nerves were always in good condition. Afterward I started to sit for long stretches of time, stayed up during the night, ate poorly, that’s when neurosis appeared. One should put it in this way, the emergence of neurosis is the aggregate result of many factors. For female patients, neurosis is induced by anger, big pressure, staying up during the night and psychological stimulation such as family turning hostile.
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part 2/3

[Truth or false neurasthenia]

Due to addiction to masturbation, many brothers have experienced a large decrease in memory and comprehension. Under these conditions, some brothers feel as if they have neurasthenia. According to my observations, many brothers merely suffer from a decrease in brain power and not from neurasthenia.

I have selected a few typical expressions of neurasthenia, everybody may make a comparison:

1. Male, 25 years old, due to a chance encounter at the age of 12 I came into contact with masturbation, after 2 years of masturbation there appeared symptoms of discomfort: dizziness, tinnitus, exhaustion throughout the entire body, insomnia, dim sight, a feeling that the world in front of the eyes isn’t real as if living inside a dream, soreness in the waist, depressed spirit, tight chest with short breathe, flustered heart and heart palpitations, decreased memory, darkish yellow complexion, drowsiness and worn out, hair loss on both sides of the temples, sweat inside the palms and the soles of the feet, shapeless stool, also urinary diseases such as frequent urination, incontinence.

2. Hello big brother Soaring Eagle, I have been masturbating for at least 10 years. I’m 21 this year. During the end of May this year I suddenly felt that my brain power was inadequate, absent-minded, a hollow feeling towards the entire world. Because I was preparing for the postgraduate exam I felt very helpless at the time, my body has always been healthy where I have often played ball. I have come to realize that I should have neurasthenia. When it was the most severe I was unable to fall asleep during the night, I slept a little over 2 hours each night, had night sweat. I lost 5-6 pounds in weight, especially from the back region. My stomach was still fine. The lower eyelids suddenly become dark, during the day I felt that my eyes weren’t working optimally, the eyes were constantly under heavy pressure and made it hard to open them, it was if I was drunk during the daytime, my god! I don’t dare to imagine, at the time I dared not to go out to the streets for fear of being hit by a car...

3. I’m 20 this year and my body is turning thin and yellowish. 5 years ago I started to masturbate without moderation. In the beginning, there were no symptoms, but a year later I experienced a sudden sinking feeling at the back of my head while climbing the stairs, then I started to feel dizzy. At first, I thought it was caused by my fever but the symptoms remained without alleviation until this day. During the last 5 years I grew old and weak with each passing day, strengthless body, depressed spirit, decreased memory, unable to focus my attention, quality of sleep was abysmal. Slowly I turned into a useless person. I have also seen many doctors and taken lots of medicines but to no avail.

[Being grateful to anxiety disorder]

Although anxiety disorder gave me tremendously painful experiences, I still need to be grateful for it. Because I wouldn’t be the person I am today had it not been for my illness. Anxiety disorder helped my growth, it is because of it that I started to study TCM on my own, it helped me to understand life, to increase my awareness to a new level, it is a blessing in disguise, anxiety disorder has transformed me. I was introduced to this path via illness. According to my knowledge, Master Hong Yi or Li Shutong has also suffered from neurosis, neurosis was one reason to why he left home, an abstract can be found below:

Today I read about the tale of Master Hong Yi, in Gao Shengjin’s [My Experiences of Becoming a Monk at West Lake]. It is known in the beginning the reason to why he become a monk while fasting: suffering from neurosis. It is said in the text:“The 5th year of the Republic of China has arrived. Because I have seen in a Japanese magazine about the methods of fasting, that fasting may cure various illnesses, my curiosity was raised and I wanted to try it. At the time I was suffering from neurosis, by practicing fasting, whether or not I could recover is yet clear.”

[The experience of nearing death]

Neurosis, in serious cases there is a breakout of fright and the experience of impending death. I have chosen 2 cases, everybody may look at the below:

1. During January this year I was out on the streets alone, suddenly I felt chest tightness, flustered heart and palpitation, difficulty in breathing, a feeling of nearing death. I was immediately rushed to the hospital. At the time my blood pressure was diagnosed to be normal, heart rate at 100 beats/min, ECG normal. After that I did not dare to walk the streets alone. In places with lots of people or when dining with other people, I would easily get nervous. Nowadays the breakout occurs irregularly, when it happens I feel as if out of air, heat palpitation, profuse sweat, chill in the entire body, a feeling of near death, a sense of lacking reality, a sense of going nuts or losing control. Every attack would last for around 15 min, it is extremely uncomfortable. I would also have a headache from time to time and pain in the neck. I have been tested by SCL-90, the fright factor is in the heavy range, anxiety in the medium range and the rest are rising. The traditional Chinese doctor said that my tongue was light in color with a thin white coating, the pulse is heavy and few in number. I have type 2 diabetes, I’m worried about the side effects of taking Western medicine and overburdening the body. But the effect of applying TCM, acupuncture, ear acupuncture beans is so-so. I’m worried about the side effect of Western medicine and the chance to develop addiction and dependency. I hope to apply for medicine according to the guidance given by the doctor and in reducing my worries.

2. I have had anxiety disorder for 4 years and would often suffer from breakouts of fright. When they occur my heart rate accelerates to 140/150. At first I thought I had heart issues but after having done 5 ultrasonography and coronary artery CT, 2 times cardiac enzyme, 3 times ECG, 100+ times 24-hour dynamic ECG, X-ray hyperthyroidism, all were normal. During the outbreaks I would feel the veins going cold and then the heart beat increases for no reason, very frightening! It is simply a feeling of going dead!! During the outbreaks the heartbeats super fast, but on the printed ECG graphs the heart is only moving faster than usual, the doctor diagnosed it as an outbreak of fright. Ack! I wasn’t given any medicines either, after about 20 minutes the heartbeat automatically returned to normal to around 70 beats/min. This is painful!

Some brothers have asked me on whether or not the outbreak of fright would lead to death. It’s actually not easy to answer this question because dead people cannot talk. Those that have survived will basically all say that the outbreak of the sudden death feeling will not lead to death. In the entire country around 550 000 people die suddenly each year, do you think there are neurosis sufferers among them?

[Masturbation will damage the nerves]

Masturbation will indeed damage the nerves but requires a certain degree of damage for that to occur. If staying up late and sitting for long durations is in the equation then the chances of encountering neurosis will be greatly increased. It is very painful once the nerves have been damaged, that is a real symptoms hell, it is an unfathomable abyss. Once one has fallen in it is very hard to climb out. Complete understanding is required for the chance of truly ridding the abyss.

[Illness progress]

I have frequently masturbated for over a decade. Due to my love for exercising, early resting habits, reasonable diet, neurosis have therefore never surfaced. Afterward I started to stay up late and sitting for long durations, things started to look bad and my body was deteriorating by the day. I was tormented by neurosis, anxiety and autonomic nervous system disorder, death was preferable to life. The time to become ill was merely a month, in other words, a month after I started to indulge I encountered neurosis. What’s even hard to believe is that during the period of indulgence, I have done several hundreds of push-ups each day, benched 120 kg. After taking off my clothes I seemed very strong and didn’t look like somebody that’s about to fall ill, but still I have encountered neurosis, the kind that made death preferable to life. Along with it came severe fright, anxiety and several dozens of bodily symptoms tormented me repeatedly. Afterward I understood from studying TCM that being strong does not equate to being healthy. Many strong people are actually sick in various ways, these are so-called hidden illnesses that other people don’t know about. A person who truly understands health cultivation is a healthy person. Strong people are not necessarily healthy, many people only appear strong on the outside.

[Diagnosing experience]

I started out with gastrointestinal neurosis, afterward I went to gastroenterology where my problems were treated as digestive problems. But the effect was very bad, only afterward did I realize that I have been wrongly diagnosed where the culprit was with the nerves. I have also seeing dermatologists and was treated as having skin issues, the effect was also poor. The categorization of different branches of Western medicine has its pros and cons. The con is that neurosis and related diseases are easily misdiagnosed. Some brothers with cardiac syndromes are misdiagnosed for the better half of a year, their conditions remain after spending tens of thousands in medical bills, just diagnosing fees amounts up to five figures. Afterwards I started to check for myself, slowly I started to realize the possibility of having neurosis. Things become more certain after having chatted with fellow patients, I then went to Neurology where my anxiety disorder was confirmed.

[Hypochondria orientation]

After catching neurosis, extremely many brothers become hypochondriac. Due to this, they constantly pay visits to the hospitals, their hospital bills will shock people. Hospitals will admit to the fact that hypochondriac patients are generating income for the hospital. These people all believe that they are about to go under, that they have caught some serious illness, hoping to find it through diagnosis. After having received diagnosis all results turn out to be normal, they feel a little better. After a while, they again feel discomfort and once again visits the hospital, just like that many people have spent all their money on diagnosis. They actually don’t know that is an issue with the nerves, nothing will be found by checking for organic issues. Of course, what should be checked out should be checked out, there is no need to do frequent checkups. After having done a checkup and having excluded organic issues, there is no need to do frequent checkups. One must recognize the whereabouts of the problem, it is a problem with the nerves.
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part 3/3

[Destined to be misdiagnosed]

When the body encounters many symptoms of discomfort, the first reaction is certainly to check it out at the hospital. But having gone through many checkups while suffering from neurosis, you will find out that there is basically no serious problems, but the symptoms are apparent and make one collapse, go into a panic and lose hope. When no serious problems are found following a checkup, under these circumstances, family members will think that you are only pretending, put in other words, it is all in your head and that you are actually not ill. These kinds of misunderstanding towards neurosis are too many. Not only will family members misunderstand you, many doctors will misunderstand you as well. Because that many doctors also think that you are only imagining things, many patients are in the dilemma of not being understood by people. The good news is that there is internet nowadays, this makes it possible for one to find similar patients. Otherwise, if one is constantly not understood by other people, it is very possible for one to take extreme measures. The reason to why many brothers like to chat about symptoms is to seek comfort for the mind, knowing that many people are just like oneself. In reality, chatting about symptoms alone is not enough, one cannot recover from doing it, one must find the real cause behind the illness. If the cause is not correctly understood then the chances to make a complete recovery is slim to none. Some brothers have spent five digit or even six-digit sums on diagnosis fees, some brothers frequently visit the emergency, stays at the hospital overnight, doctors are at a loss on what to do, nothing shows up in the diagnosis, the body remaining in a weak condition. Some brothers ask me about what is wrong with them, I would then tell them that neurosis is actually a problem with the functionality and not a problem with the organ, basically nothing will show up in the diagnosis. Take an example; you have had a bike for over a year, it is very used, you feel that it is incomparable with a new bike. It is very tiresome to ride the old bicycle. You send in the old bicycle to the repair shop for diagnosis, all parts are in working order, only that they are worn, they do not function as well as when they were new. Actually, it is a similar situation with neurosis, the function is nowhere near as what it used to be.

There is another kind of misunderstanding which comes from ordinary people. Many people think that depression and anxiety disorder originates from problems in the mind and is unrelated to the physical body, the issue is a product of the mind, this is actually gravely incorrect. Many people are perfectly fine before the illness strikes, they are optimistic, only to be struck down by a sudden case of anxiety disorder. The so-called psychological illnesses are not purely psychological but have a basis in physiology. Constant masturbation injures the kidney qi, staying up during the night and long-term sitting also injures the spleen and the liver, neurosis then appears after that. If you merely think that psychological illnesses are imagined, this is incorrect. This is the usual belief of today by thinking that psychological illnesses are imagined, this is actually false, this is coming from somebody who happens to be a deep experiencer and has done thorough research. I think that those people who have not been deep experiencers themselves have a lot of biased thoughts, this includes lots of points of argumentation on medical textbooks, all of which is incorrect and is not congruent with reality. This is similar with harmlessness theories, nowadays it has made it into the textbooks, can we say that harmlessness theory is correct? Reality has proven that it is false, completely believing in books is inferior to having no books. Correct points of arguments should be carried on, if it is wrong then we will need to be brave in correcting them. Reality has proven, psychological illness is not simply a problem with the mind, it is not due to overthinking. Take an example, everybody is familiar with the idiom of the bird which is startled by the twang of the bow. The bird was already injured, upon hearing the sound of the bow it became nervous and the wound ruptures resulting in the bird falling down. Everybody think for a moment, if this bird is not already injured, will it still fall down? Certainly not, neurosis is actually also like this. If your kidney qi is abundant, will you catch neurosis? TCM: abundant kidney qi, ten thousand evils is extinguished. Therefore, the break out of psychological illnesses have a physiological foundation, the reason being that your body is weakened, given a stimulant the illness suddenly breaks out. Psychological illnesses are not that simple either, it is accompanied by a host of bodily symptoms. Having an anxious mood is not representative of having an anxiety disorder, a depressed mood does not represent having depression. Some patients have reported in such a fashion; previously he is a very optimistic person but became anxious following the outbreak of the illness. His anxiety disorder did not come from feeling anxious, rather following the outbreak of the illness did different orientations of anxiety, fear and compulsion appear. I was also like this, I did not overthink and was always optimistic, following staying up at night, long-term sitting and sexual debauchery I came to have an anxiety disorder.

If we are to discuss whether or not there are imagined anxiety disorders, I think that if these cases really exist they only take on a tiny portion. For instance, some people have a naturally poor constitution, their kidney qi is severely inadequate, being subject to a little stimulant in such case might also make anxiety disorder appear. Throughout my analysis of thousands of cases, I can say that 99% of the cases have a physiological basis, yet the physiological foundation under the outbreak of these cases is not due to a naturally poor constitution, instead it is caused by self-indulgence and poor lifestyle habits, it is not a product of imagination.

[Medication memories]

Taking medication is an experience that I cannot stand to look back, this is because I was severely dependent on medicines and took them as I took in food. I still have a big box of unfinished medicine at home, many have expired, I have kept them as a reminder that I once lived in symptom hell. I don’t want to indulge myself again, I don’t want to return to the symptom hell where death is preferable to life. At the time I had taken several dozen bottles of Oryzanol without much result. I took Deanxit every day, in the beginning, the effect was quite good, after having taken a good amount of it I developed drug resistance, I then went to see the doctor and was given another medicine, the drug resistance continued. Just taking the drugs themselves made me spend a lot of money. The main issue is that I wasn’t healed from the medicines alone, at most I felt a little better, that is truly death is preferable to living. Being so young of age but was dependent on medicines to stay alive, when I didn’t take medicine it is suffering beyond death. Ordinary people have no ways of understanding the feeling, only fellow patients understand.

[Pointing directly to the cause]

The cause of the illness was already mentioned in the above articles, for male patients, it is: staying up at night + indulgence + long-term sitting, this is the answer I gathered from chatting with over a thousand fellow patients. The kidneys are rooted in original qi, staying up during the night, indulgence and long sitting are like the 3 hatches striking at the tree of life. Of course, a few individuals take drugs, drinks excessively, goes into a violent rage, these are also very damaging to the body and also easily leads towards neurosis. In addition, genetics, pressure, changes in the family situation and other factors also might induce neurosis.

[Recovery process]

The recovery process of neurosis basically takes 2 aspects:

1. Curing the mind
2. Curing the body

The body and the mind are one, curing the body will affect the mind. Similarly, curing the mind will also affect the body. Having a healthy mind is also very important and critical, therefore, upon having neurosis, many patients start to believe in Buddhism. Buddhism is very good for cultivating the mind, the physical health is affected by cultivating the mind. I am a believer in Buddhism, of course, I do have Buddhist karma. Those fellow patients who lack Buddhism karma may study other forms of traditional cultures, these are also very beneficial to mind cultivation, such as [Di Zi Gui]. When the mind is right the body will also be right (Translator’s note: one good way to determine if one has Buddhist karma is simply by looking at one’s inclination towards Buddhist teaching).

In the aspect of curing the body, I recommend recuperation via TCM and then study health cultivation on one’s own. One may select those health cultivation exercises that are suitable for oneself and persist in practicing them. By curing the body and the mind simultaneously, neurosis will slowly recover. Serious cases will require at least 1 year of rebooting coupled with health cultivation. Many fellow patients do not understand reboot, do not comprehend it, these patients have actually not realized the importance of essence preservation at all. The kidney is determined at birth, the spleen is determined after birth, to recover, one must understand essence preservation as well as understanding spleen cultivation. By doing a good job on all fronts and making adequate efforts in cultivation, neurosis will then have a chance to recover. Otherwise, many fellow patients have not recovered in 5 years, there are even those who have not recovered in over a decade. The reason being that they do not understand health cultivation, do not emphasize essence preservation! Those patients who continuously leak, masturbate, self-ravage have not come to an understanding, without understanding, neurosis is too difficult to recover from. Even if neurosis were to recover it will easily break out again. Many patients upon indulging encounter relapses, this is very commonly seen. Therefore, neurosis patients must recognize the importance of rebooting, or else it will be very difficult for you to recover from neurosis, symptom hell will make death preferable to living. Rebooting and cultivation is the foundation towards recovery, or else no matter the number of medicines you take it will still be leaked away.

[Guidance in seeking medical advice]

I recommend going to a TCM doctor, furthermore an aged and good TCM doctor, one in a hundred! Due to the number of charlatans, when you are seeking a doctor it is best to first gather understanding from the internet on which doctor is good, which doctor possesses superb medical expertise. One may go to the hospital’s website or TCM QQ group to gather understanding. Otherwise, by blindly seeking a medical advice, there is a high chance of running into charlatans. Fine if some charlatans are unable to find a solution, some even recommend harmlessness theories to you or tell you that your illness is all imagined. These type of charlatans lack true understanding between their patients, their medical expertise is worthy of doubt. Good TCM doctors are always in the minority, those who have received handed down teachings and possessing good insights are even rarer in number, therefore seek a good TCM doctor at all cost.

Take another example, a Ph.D. student in TCM versus a TCM doctor with middle school education and 40 years of experience, which would you pick? I think that those in the knowing will for sure pick the older doctor. The older doctor has ample experiences and rich experiences in treatment, these are unobtainable from textbooks from the school, only through practice and repeated experience may the true workings be understood. The paper talk will never result in a good TCM doctor. There are many TCM doctors graduating from fields of study, if you were to talk theory with him, he will outmatch you in theoretical knowledge, his memory is strong and he can talk endlessly. What I want to ask is? How much practical experience is there to be had? The handing down of knowledge is important in TCM, being able to receive instructions from great masters and gaining insights through communion with them will allow for a relatively quick progress. Truly skillful TCM doctors are forever in the minority, what he knows is broader and deeper than the ordinary TCM doctor.

[Final summary]

I have found the path through sickness and so should belong to the experiencer category, having deeply experienced it and then started to research into TCM. I’m also a recovered person because I have attained understanding I was able to recover. Only when we have understood do we know what to do. I hope the neurosis patients will receive beneficial inspiration from reading this article. I have crawled out from symptom hell, the feeling is all too clear. Hopefully, my article has helped you. Persist in the way that I have pointed out and I believe that you will recover. But recovery is a slow process, it requires patience, keep on fighting!
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Season 31 [Soaring Eagle experience: the sharp weapon in recovery, sexual indifference and masturbating while dreaming] part 1/2


Let’s talk a little again about harmlessness theories. Quite a few brothers are proficient in English due to the fact that they have studied abroad. They would often browse English websites, then they tell me that harmlessness theories are not being championed abroad, or put it this way, harmlessness theory is an outdated theory, the research results from Western medicine nowadays says that masturbation induces body asymmetry and shortens the lifespan. I think future research results from Western medicine will be in agreement with the conclusions from TCM. Facts have also proven that harmlessness theories will only harm people, it is a great mockery and a wrong form of thinking. Who knows how many people have come to harm due to it, needless to say, hundreds of millions of people have encountered the poison from harmlessness theories. Today it has also made its way into the textbooks, one could imagine how the youth would react upon reading those theories?

People born in the 80s are victims of harmlessness theories, so are people born in the 90s, those who are born after the 2000s are about to enter puberty. If these people have not formed a correct perception towards masturbation, they will very likely fall into its trap. The youngest brothers that I have chatted with nowadays are 13 years of age, there are also many 14-year-olds. A 13-year-old brother has encountered prostatitis but doesn’t dare to tell his parents, even more so does he fear to go to the hospital, how similar he is to my previous self. He told me that he has read a small pamphlet from his school, in it was harmlessness theories, after that he was resolute in his belief and was heavily addicted to masturbation, this resulted in the appearance of frequent urination and swelling in the lower abdomen. I told him to quit masturbation immediately, or else it’s very possible that his development will become affected.

If harmlessness theories are not corrected, then generation upon generation of youth will become victims of its poison. This is poison in the realm of the mind, more covert than poison on the body. It is also more easily ignored by people, harming people in the fashion of the frog in the boiling pot, allowing the majority of the people to lower their guards. By waiting until the sudden realization once the body is ridden with symptoms, recovery from there will be a slow process. It is said by Jiaxing in the previous season that the recovery time for the body will take at least 1 year. I’m in agreement with his point, after all, many people have had a long history of masturbation, quite are few are suffering from chronic prostatitis with many different forms of discomfort felt throughout the body. Therefore to recover will really require a year of time. I’m not saying that you will be able to recover with a dozen days of rebooting, nor will you become completely healed within a few months, to truly recover will basically require at least a year. Of course, by persisting in rebooting and health cultivation for 3 months, you will clearly feel the improvement. If you continue in this way for a year while doing everything correctly; rebooting properly, putting in the proper efforts in cultivation, recovery in this way will be quite optimal. Brothers who know how to cultivate the health will recover relatively quickly, besides a repeat of the symptoms is unlikely to appear. In contrast, the many brothers who don’t know how to cultivate the health, after a few months of rebooting, recovery will remain subpar. Therefore, we must put in enough effort in health cultivation!

Lately, quite a few brothers have reported the issue of unclean viewing to me. (Translator’s note: unclean viewing in this context refers to patikulamanasikara, a Buddhist meditational method of overcoming lust by meditating on the foul)

Some of the unclean images nowadays are very stimulating, looking at them makes one want to throw up. Quite a few brothers have reported to me that they cannot bear to look at the images, it affects their appetite. Although I’m a believer in Buddhism, rarely do I look at those types of unclean images. I have seen them before, it is indeed disgusting and makes one want to throw up. Brothers with a low mental threshold might carry with them lingering images. If these stimulants leave imprints of mental images and affect the married life between couples, I think that the majority of the brothers will choose divorce which is undesirable. Actually, unclean viewing is a form of visualization, a little bit of imagination is enough, strong stimulants are not needed. To combat sexual fantization, it can be halted by constant studying and raising one’s realization, memorizing the mnemonic chants of stopping sexual fantizations, one does not need to view that kind of strongly stimulating images. Of course for some brothers, images from unclean viewing is suitable for them as it allows them to quickly raise their realizations and determination. For other brothers, it may be unacceptable. I recommend everybody to choose the level of stimulant intensity according to their own reactions. Normally I would employ unclean viewing. The importance is in the method of visualization, a little bit of visualization and stimulation is enough, I think that this intensity of simulation is suitable for me. Stronger stimulation is not always better, an intensity which suites oneself is the best!

We will enter into the main topic below.

In this season we will talk in detail about the sharp weapon in recovery, sexual indifference and masturbating while dreaming, the specifics can be found below:

The body is cultivated through movement, the mind is cultivated through stillness, together they comprise the way of health cultivation. In stillness work, I recommend everyone to choose standing qigong or sitting meditation. As to moving work, there are many choices such as Eight Brocade exercise, Taiji boxing, Liuzijue qigong, stretching, meridian drumming etc, these are all very good. But in this season I’m talking about the sharp weapon in recovery and not about the aforementioned health cultivation methods but on aerobic exercise. I have previously been working as a personal trainer, I’m quite familiar with all types of exercises. I used to think that strength exercises were the best forms of exercise, it allows people to feel strengthened. Later after researching into TCM, I found out that strength exercise was not the best form of exercise.

1. Forceful lifting to some extent, such as excessive bedroom activities, excessive sweating, injures the kidneys.
2. Due to the use of strong force, kidney qi is thus injured, the Extrapoints therefore becomes bad.

When I caught anxiety disorder I made a mistake, it’s a mistake that many patients make and that is hoping to gain health through strength exercises. Later I found out that it was an impossible task and in doing so was going backward. When the body is weak one should choose still cultivation, afterward one may do some moderate exercises. Strength exercise is not the best choice, in bad cases, the body will become worse and worse off. When you kidney qi is still abundant, strength exercise may promote health, when you are weak, strength exercise may bring on the opposite result. Following an exercise session at the time, my muscles were growing, but I clearly felt fatigued in the body, unable to recover, upon waking up I was still very tired. After researching into TCM I discovered that I was walking on the wrong path, I shouldn’t have chosen strength exercise but instead should have chosen cultivational practices or aerobic exercises. In the beginning, I started out with taking a walk, my body then slowly recovered, this is followed by a brisk walk and a slow jog, then I was able to play a little basketball. Once playing basketball felt effortless then this is the time to do some strength exercises. Recovery is a process, starting from the basic of taking a walk. I quite emphasize taking a walk, it’s actually the best method of exercise in the world, it suits nearly everybody. For many stroke patients, the doctor would recommend walking a couple thousands of steps each day as this is beneficial to the recovery.

There are lots of benefits to aerobic exercises. Quite a few brothers suffer from eye bags and black eye rings and they won’t go away after a few months of rebooting. But through persisting in aerobic exercises the issue of eye bags and black eye rings will be greatly alleviated. At the time when I was in college, I took up running for a month and then my eye bags and black eye rings all disappeared. A period back I saw a post made by a brother, his eye bags also disappeared after he took up jogging. Eye bags and black eye rings can be removed via aerobic exercises. Therefore, brothers with these type of problems would do best to establish good exercising habits, this will benefit the recovery from eye bags and black eye rings. In addition, there is prostatitis. Persist in aerobic exercises and prostatitis will be greatly alleviated. Frequent urination and scrotum dampness for instance will also become a lot better. In TCM it is mentioned that movement raises the yang, moderate exercise has the ability to promote the bodily recovery. The level of intensity should however be observed in aerobic exercises, this is because profuse sweating damages the yang. At the beginning when the body is weak one may walk briskly and let the body sweat just so slightly.

At one time I was jogging every day and was dripping with sweat, but I didn’t feel any discomfort because I was very young at the time, my kidney qi was still sufficient and is able to take damage. Afterward, when my body has been severely weakened I would feel discomfort for several days every time I had sweated greatly. Therefore, when the body is weakened, one should adopt a minor sweating exercise intensity. This is my realization through repeated experience, I have also taken many detours in the past. Exercising is a very deep subject, everyone knows that life depends on movement, but as to how to exercise, its methods and the quantity all deserves special attention. Inappropriate exercise not only provides no benefit to the health but also brings illnesses to the body. For example, some people engage in intensive exercise while they have a cold, they then catch myocarditis, some even induce sudden death. Some brothers over-exercises, exerting during the day, at night they have an emission. To recover even better we should exercise actively. At the same time we must have a deep understanding towards exercising, in this way there is a guarantee in recovery, or else in bad cases, it is only counterproductive!

There is another apparent benefit with aerobic exercises and that is the ability to improve the skin complexion. By persisting in exercising for a period, you will notice that your skin has improved, the complexion is a lot better, there is a color to it, the face will become bright and clean, giving out a sunny and refreshing look. Some brothers have severe acne or have very poor complexion, like a ghost, moderate aerobic exercises will improve things in these situations. Internal secretions can be adjusted through aerobic exercises, once the adjustment is finely tuned, the skin will naturally improve. Many brothers have reported that following rebooting and actively exercising, they have become handsome, exercise is the best cosmetics for men! Exercising will also boost a person’s confidence, there is no falsehood in this statement! But many brothers have also reported that upon relapsing, they again turned ugly and wretched, the Spirit is lowered. Therefore we need to raise our vigilance and do our best to not relapse, study more to increase our realization, reaching the apex of realization as early as possible and permanently ridding ourselves from the evil habit of masturbation.

In the below I have extracted some of the benefits of aerobic exercises, everybody may take a look:

1. Say goodbye to the bloated figure
Many people take up jogging in order to lose weight. Jogging is indeed the best way to lose weight, more calories are burned while jogging.

2. Prevent the degradation of your bones and muscles
Long-term sitting in front of our computers make our bones ever weaker, while moderate exercises will allow your bones to remain healthy and can slow down the aging process.

3. Resisting illnesses
Jogging can decrease the risk of getting a stroke, frequent jogging has already become a treatment advice to those who are in the risk of a breakout or in the early stages of osteoporosis, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

4. Maintaining or increasing the level of health
Jogging can help to train the 50% of the often idle portion of the lungs. Jogging will also help to increase your lymphocyte and thereby increase your immunity.

5. Make you more confident
Like other single sports, jogging can increase your self-confidence. Jogging allows you to complete round after round of attempts, making you stronger, surer of yourself, bestowing yourself with a feeling of strength and freedom.

6. Relax, decrease the pressure
Slow jogs can divert the attention, one becomes immersed with the surroundings, all trouble will surely vanish.

7. Famous “runner’s peak experience”
Jogging, especially outdoors, will enable the body to release a substance which will produce a feeling of happiness and joy (runner’s peak experience). Jogging is already been used to treat clinical depression, addictions and so on.

8. Exercises your brain
Just as it is helpful to your body, jogging is also very helpful to your brain. Through jogging many obstacles have been overcome, you have learned focus and determination.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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part 2/2

The realization that I have now is that aerobic exercises are a form of medicine! It is a form of treatment and it is also free, the benefits are many. But moderation should also be minded. Brothers who are obese may adopt the method of taking a stroll because if the mass is too heavy, more jogging would injure the knees. There is a saying: There are a hundred advantages to jogging except that it injures the knees. Even normal people should pay attention to moderation when jogging. I have tried many ways of exercising, taking a walk is still the best. Of course, lots of walking would also result in knee pains, therefore the “step count” should also be monitored. Every day goes out and walk for approximately 5000 steps and then persevere. One may adopt fast walking, the result will be quite good this way. If you feel very fatigued after walking for 5000 steps, change to 3000 steps. The adjustment of the exercising intensity will depend on the reaction of one’s own body. Once you are accustomed to 3000 steps you may appropriately increase the quantity.

“Racewalking” exercises are popular abroad right now. Racewalking is a form of effective aerobic fat burning exercise, more heat and calories can be burned through it. Racewalking can tighten the contours of the legs, frequent training can raise a person’s Spirit, making one more confident. At the end of the day, walking is actually the best form of exercise, this is something that I have realized after thorough studies. Many sufferers of anxiety disorder experience severe headaches, making exercising impossible. In these circumstances, the path towards health basically all starts from walking. Sufferers of neurosis should not ignore exercise but should choose the form of exercise that suits them. Taking a walk every day is actually a very good method of recovery. My health also started from walking, once walking became easy it can be changed into a fast walk or slow jog. When fast walking became easy I went to play basketball. When basketball became easy I now do some strength exercises. But my main form of exercise is still fast walking, strength training being a compliment.

Actively exercising is actually the same as “recharging vitality”, just like charging a cell phone. Moderate exercises allow you to maintain a state of radiating vitality. Nowadays I call the basketball court “vitality field”, playing basketball is the same as “recharging vitality”. Of course, right now I pay very close attention to exercise intensity, sometimes when I’m not playing in a match I would shoot some hoops and exercise the muscles and the bones, expose myself to some sunshine, sweat in small amounts, that is adequate. Aerobic exercises are the sharp weapon for recovery. Brothers with excellent exercising habits will recover double as fast. Many brothers would sit for long durations facing the computer. People have an inherent laziness, by not moving for a long time you will be more and more inclined to not move. Therefore if we want to recover better we should get moving, do more moderate aerobic exercises and recovery will be faster this way.

Let me share with everyone another story. In those years when Deng Xiaoping was asked on what he did during the Long March of the Red Army, he calmly replied: “walked along”. What a “walked along”, the main idea of health cultivation is actually contained within it. When Deng Xiaoping was old, his method of exercising was to walk around a flower bed for a dozen laps, this is the best form of exercise. Those who do squats for several hundreds of kilos will not live to be 90+, but a person who “knows to walk” with “walking cultivation awareness” can live to be 90+. The form of exercise is to be carefully selected, there are over a hundred forms of exercises, walking is still the best among them! I have recovered relatively well, it is inseparable from “knows to walk”. Persisting in aerobic exercises will on one hand promote the functional recovery of the body, on the other hand it will greatly reduce the chance of illness breakouts. Frequent exercise will increase the interferon levels in the blood. Interferon is the immune enhancer of the body, it has the effect of preventing diseases!

Rebooting is a system engineering, it must be done professionally. As to how to recover and how to cultivate the body is actually also system engineering. Only by doing well on both fronts will the recovery be relatively optimal. As to how to recover, aerobic exercise is the sharp weapon in your hands. Make sure to employ aerobic exercises to promote the recovery of your health, my advice is to choose a level of intensity that suits you, persist well!

Lastly a summary: persist in doing moderate aerobic exercises is a form of medicine, ideally one should often take this medicine. By doing aerobic exercises you will receive all sorts of benefits. By sitting down for long durations, the kidneys, liver and the spleen will be injured, the loss is too great!

In the below let’s talk about the phenomenon of sexual indifference

A while ago I saw some brother has been posting, saying that he feels nothing towards the opposite sex, a feeling of indifference towards sex. He asked if this is a sign of rebooting success. This situation is one of sexual indifference, when the kidneys are deficient, the phenomenon of hyperactivity in the yang due to toying deficiency will appear. The majority of brothers encounters hyperactivity in the yang while some brothers upon having been damaged to a certain degree will experience sexual indifference. At this time, normal stimulation is useless for him, strong stimulation will not necessarily excite him. This is when he will think whether or not he has successfully rebooted, in reality, this is not rebooting success. Real rebooting success will require constantly increasing one’s realization and is not the same as temporarily feeling no desire.

Through persistent rebooting and health cultivation, desire will slowly raise its head, that is when your realization and determination will be tested. Many brothers upon rebooting will enter a period of desire hibernation, desire during this period will be very cold, sexual fantization are also extremely few. Many people will think that they have succeeded in rebooting. But after the desire hibernation period, one then enters the peak period for relapses, that is when your level of realization and determination will be visible. If your level of realization is very high, the temptation demon can be vanquished. If your realization is not yet there, then only abuse from the temptation demon awaits, relapse will be hard to avoid.

Normally, the onset of severe sexual indifference will require active treatment. There is a certain relationship between what causes sexual indifference and kidney deficiency, it is also intricately connected with many factors, such as:

1. Mood: when a person is in a poor mood, desire will easily decrease temporarily.
2. Tobacco and alcohol addiction: long-term chain smoking will more easily lead to impotence, long-term alcohol addiction can lead to a decrease in sexual function and desire.
3. Medication: long-term or large dose use of certain medication can reduce sexual function or even lead to male impotence and sexual indifference.
4. Living conditions: living in poorly ventilated, overly cramped environment will induce insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, affecting sexual function and lowering sexual desire.
5. Seasonal temperature: many people have relatively strong sexual desire during the low temperatures of winter and spring. But during the drenching height of the summer, sexual desire often declines temporarily.
6. Age: most males reach their sexual peak following adolescence. Decline starts to take place during 30-40 and becomes prevalent from around the age of 50.
7. Incentive: monotonous lifestyle or little social interaction, desire then becomes inhibited, staying in a rather low level.
8. Feeling: cracks appear in one’s feelings towards the spouse, both sides are fed up with each other, desire greatly decreases.
9. Physiological cycles: desire will experience cyclical changes, expressions of sexual indifference appears during the troughs.
10. Health condition: seriously ill patients are very likely to experience sexual indifference.

Lastly, let’s talk about the issue of masturbation while dreaming.

Many brothers masturbate during dreaming, this is the real act of masturbation while in the state of half asleep and half awake. If one dreams about masturbation then that doesn’t count as relapse, because it is only a dream without the act itself. If masturbation takes place during the half-awakened state then it counts as relapsing. There are brothers asking questions like this in almost every season, some brother says that during the day they are alert and are in control, but once they sleep they are no longer in control. This phenomenon is intricately related to mind addiction. The degree of addiction is heavy, a familiar road to masturbation has already been formed, one will then masturbate subconsciously, sometimes one is not even aware of it. For instance, some brothers upon awakening discover that their pants have come off, or suddenly wakes up during ejaculation. They have already formed a habit of grabbing hold of the erection, especially during sleep.

When this kind of situation occurs, in one way we will need to study more and increase our level of realization, constantly cleansing our consciousness. On the other way, we will need to make up our mind and exercise willpower to change this habit. Suggest more to oneself, besides urinating, do not touch with the hand under other circumstances, establish this rule. The determination must be great, by persisting for some time, this kind of masturbation during dreaming can be avoided.

In this season I will recommend 5 books. In martial arts novels, a rookie may become a master by practicing a rare book in the martial arts circles. My realization at this stage is inseparable from reading lots of books. The real masters are all adept at learning. Warren Buffett’s extraordinary power comes from reading! The more study the more the knowing, no knowing without study. Knowing does not follow from being born but comes from studying, thinking and realizing. Many books are actually interlinked with rebooting, by comprehending these books, your realization will naturally rise a few levels. (Translator’s note: the below book recommendations are all in Chinese, I would encourage readers to find and share similar books in English that are worth studying)

1. [太素脉]: this is a wonder book, it integrates the study of the pulse with divinatory art, worth to study.
2. [逝去的武林]: although the narrative is about the anecdotes from the martial arts circles of the past, practicing martial arts and health cultivation are actually completely interlinked. I have realized many things related to health cultivation from reading this book.
3. [圆运动的古中医学]: famous doctor Li Ke revision. I like this book very much.
4. [太清神鉴]: this is a book which purports to teach physiognomy reading for fortune telling. It is a well sought after and treasured book by all kinds of distinguished people. I have continuously studied physiognomy. Because physiognomy is interlinked with TCM, an indulgent person will undergo changes in both the physique and the face, all of this is mentioned in the book. I have read [麻衣神相] and [柳庄神相] but I like [太清神鉴] the most. If you want to become an able person, understanding more and deeper principles, [太清神鉴] must not be missed.
5. [中医火神派三书]: I also like this TCM book very much. Good books never bore me, every reading will bring about new rewards, the saying that reviewing the old to know the new.

In this season I have recommended 5 books, my house is full of books. I will share with everyone the books which I think are good. Through practicing these books, your realization will be increased. If you have indeed arrived at certain understandings, this is very helpful for rebooting.
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Season 32 [Soaring Eagle experience: the issue of absorption rate, rebooting stabilization period, sperm quality] part 1/2


Recently I saw a post made by a brother on the topic of getting the rookies up to speed. Lots of rookies are pouring into the rebooting forums, they are actually very much in need of guidance from veteran brothers, newcomers have 2 notable characteristics: 1, many misconceptions, many people still carry remnants of harmlessness theories. 2, many issues, there are many complicated issues in the rebooting process. I have so far answered several thousands of questions in all shapes and forms. The misconceptions with rookies must receive immediate correction, or else his doubting mind will cause relapses. To be successful in rebooting, one must first understand the problems that one has encountered, or else while one is carrying doubt, it will affect the self-confidence and determination. Brothers with doubts are extremely easily swayed. Therefore, we veterans should promptly help the rookies, eliminate their doubts, correct their misconceptions, help them to establish rebooting self-confidence, provide timely guidance in the rebooting process, allow newcomers to soon find the correct path of rebooting and not to reboot in a blind or forceful manner.

I remember when I used to reply to questions, the foremost foundation was on zero reply threads. My thought at the time was to eliminate threads with zero replies, providing rookies with immediate guidance to the best of my ability. Nowadays I mainly reply to questions within my own threads, rarely would I still reply to other threads. My state of life these days is this; not to over-strain myself. Every day I would reply to around 30 questions, up to 50 at most. Normally it is limited to within 50. During National Day I would answer more questions, there are several days when I exceeded 80 per day because it is a holiday I would reply to more questions. When making more replies I would clearly feel that my energy is not enough, easily leading to fatigue in the body and the mind. Therefore, nowadays I would limit the number of replies in order to adjust my stamina and better holding fast to the rebooting forums.

Actually I have replied to many questions, some of them I have replied to over several dozens of times. But toward every newcomer, I would maintain proper patience because I think that newcomers are very much in need of patient guidance. When you are guiding the rookies, you are actually also reinforcing your own positive energy, you are also increasing your determination. At the same time, you will also transfer this helping attitude to the rookies. Sooner or later the rookies will turn into veterans, veterans will guide newcomers, in this way a pleasant atmosphere will be formed in the rebooting forums, it will grow into the better and everybody will be able to reboot more and more professionally. I believe that there will be many successful rebooters in the future. Of course there is already a batch of successful brothers, they have already entered into the stable period of rebooting, they are also selflessly helping more newcomers. Rookies these days are very fortunate, the seniors have already paved the way for you. As long as you put in the efforts, constantly studying in order to increase the awareness, to permanently rid yourself of masturbation is only a matter of time. Rebooting forums also heavily emphasize the importance of health cultivation. In the forums you will also learn about health cultivation, this will be very helpful towards your recovery. To reboot is one aspect, to cultivate and recover is another aspect, these will need to be grasped tightly by both hands, recovery will be quite optimal in this way.

We must help the rookies, helping others is the equivalent of helping ourselves. Rookies will become veterans, veterans will again help the rookies, knowledge pass on from teacher to the student, we will need to pass on this helping attitude. Let more people realize the harm from masturbation, help more newcomers to completely quit masturbation and renew their bright health, everybody fight on!

My advice to the newcomers is to study more, I recommend to read through the quality articles found in the rebooting forums a few more times. Clear answers to many questions will be found in those articles. Through studying these quality articles your awareness will rise quite fast.

We will enter into the main topic below.

In this season we will discuss in detail the issues of the absorption rate, rebooting the stabilization period and sperm quality.

The absorption rate mentioned in this season is not about the rate of food absorption in the stomach, but rather the absorption rate in studying rebooting articles. In my forums and in my private mailbox are reports from brothers who have rebooted for over a year without success, with repeated relapses and unchanged symptoms, they become very discouraged and hopeless. Upon asking if he has read rebooting articles he answers that he has read all of them, he understands all of the principles in rebooting, the only problem is that he cannot keep up the reboot. I remember a brother mentioned that he has become immune to rebooting articles, by looking at the topic of the article he would know what the contents are. Some brothers have even developed a fed up mood, they study rebooting articles while being fed up. I have mentioned in previous articles when the fed up mood appears, one must pay attention to immediate adjustment, allowing oneself to regain the excellent rebooting mood.

At the end of the day, to completely reboot is a process of constantly cultivating one’s awareness, the awareness must be constantly raised.

Some people advance very fast in the beginning after they have studied for a while they seem to reach a plateau, they awareness ceases to increase any further. Many brothers know all the principles and knowledge about rebooting, but the problem is that their understanding is not deep enough, the rate of absorption is too low. After reading an article, what can be remembered and rehashed is too few, comprehension by one’s own thought processes is too low. Just like when I ask you if you have seen a certain movie? You answer that you have seen it. Then I ask you about the contents of the movie and you could only remember the big picture, you have no recollection of any detailed contents. Actually, this is what is meant by a too low absorption rate. Just like when you eat a certain food, you have only absorbed part of its nutrient while missing out on the most important nutrient. I tend to read a good book or article many times, constantly extracting and summarizing, extracting its core thoughts. This is like the process of filtering for gold in sand, you must extract the spirit of the article and then completely absorb it, your awareness will become more powerful this way. You must find the spirit of an article, actually, the spirit of an article is merely contained in a few sentences. Write down all the important sentences in a notebook, read it frequently, try to memorize the contents on your own initiative until you can freely recall the contents, once you can do this you are basically there. If you are able to combine with your own experiences, with deeper thinking and realization, that is even better.

At the time the raising of my awareness took over a year, within this time I was constantly taking notes, jotting down what I thought were good sentences and points of view, constantly reviewing the contents, my awareness would steadily increase in this manner. In the beginning, the distance between me and the temptation demon is like this: I was abused by the temptation demon for over a decade, I was always helpless towards it. Every time I encountered it I would be abused, especially during the weekends when I was alone, that’s when the temptation demon likes to come out and make me miserable. My awareness during that time was too low, I was lacking studying awareness altogether, that is why I have failed to reboot for over a decade. Afterward, I realized the importance of studying, constantly studying to raise my own awareness. Then I noticed a phenomenon when I ran into the temptation demon again I was able to defeat it. This is like playing chess with the temptation demon, previously you have always lost due to inadequate awareness, once you have raised the awareness through studying you will notice that you can subdue the demon, you can defeat it and it no longer can touch you. The only way of reaching this stage is through persistent studying and increasing one’s awareness. Otherwise if you relax your studies and vigilance, relapsing will only be a matter of time. There are people who have relapsed after 200 days, a year, therefore we should not wander away from rebooting articles, not leaving the rebooting forums. Try to take some time to visit the forums every day, even for 5 minutes, help the newcomers while also reinforcing one’s positive energy. If you are unable to go on the internet, you should take out your notebook and review the rebooting knowledge. Once one has entered the rebooting stabilization period, a lot of time is not required for everyday studies, it is adequate to learn through repetition and maintaining the vigilance.

The best method of raising one’s rate of absorption towards rebooting articles is: take notes! Note taking is the sharp weapon towards raising the rate of absorption!

Up until today I still take frequent notes. The process of taking notes is to constantly summarize, deepening the memory and understanding. In your notebook is where the thought essences can be found, thoughts and viewpoints that you think are important should all be summarized in a notebook. Right now I have a dozen notebooks like this, through this process of accumulation was I able to gather the level of thought awareness that I now possess. Many brothers are students, students should have the habit of taking notes, teachers should also have emphasized the importance of note-taking. Therefore, in rebooting we should also make full use of this excellent tradition, constantly jotting down the essential rebooting sentences and then ceaselessly reviewing them, learning through repetition. From every repetition you will gain new insights, in this way your awareness will constantly be raised.

Below is a paragraph from a brother named “let everything be clear”, everybody may take a look:

[Big brother, I’m here! I have not been on the internet for 4-5 days, I have put all of my energy on working! But each day upon awakening, each day when I’m tired, each day before going to bed I have always thought about rebooting vigilance. When I was free today I took up the notebook and a pen and wrote down your pictorial quotes! I have not memorized them all because many of them require slow digestion! Let’s fight together big brother!!]

This brother from above has been able to reboot steadily nowadays. For one he is willing to study and has good studying habits, including his note-taking habits, through extracting the essential thoughts from articles in order to deepen one’s understanding, increasing one’s absorption rate towards the article. Previously I have observed another brother named Tom who had an inclination towards studying and summarizing. Summarizing is equivalent to repeated studying, understanding and thinking, a new realization can be obtained by making a summary. Actually summarizing is a method for deepening one’s memory. My studying habits also include making constant summaries, constant refinement and then compiling them into a notebook. After that I would often flip through and review the notebook, this is how I was able to increase my awareness step by step.

In this season I have summarized an equation for a successful reboot: successful reboot = high awareness + strong vigilance.

Brothers who were able to truly reboot certainly possess these two characteristics. How does one obtain a high level of awareness? There is only one way and that is through constantly studying and increasing the awareness. There are methods of studying, notetaking is a very good weapon that we should pick up. Strictly speaking, vigilance is also a part of the awareness. The reason to why I have made vigilance a separate topic is to emphasize its importance. There have already been countless feedbacks showing that once the vigilance is relaxed there will be a relapse, once it is relaxed then we will be eaten by the temptation demon. Therefore, we should maintain a high level of vigilance during every day of our reboot. Vigilance is like sand in our hand, as soon as it is relaxed, kidney essence will be lost…

In order to increase awareness, we should absorb the essential thoughts from a wide range of articles, not just my articles. As long as you think it is a good article, you should try to absorb its essences. For instance, health cultivating articles, traditional culture articles and other categories of articles can all be absorbed. You are like a tree, once you have absorbed enough nutrient, your awareness will become greater, by that time the temptation demon will no longer be your match.

Let’s talk about the rebooting stabilization period below.

The rebooting stabilization period states that are yearned by many brothers even in their dreams. Once the state has been reached, you will notice that the “tormenting feeling” is no more, the number of the day in a streak is no longer important, you will notice that time passes very quickly without the feeling of torment. Because for the people who enter into the rebooting stabilization period can basically already defeat the temptation demon, the demon rarely comes out to harass them. During this stabilizing period, it is adequate to take some time daily to review the rebooting knowledge in addition to maintaining the vigilance awareness. Of course, if your level of awareness is high, you don’t have to study rebooting articles daily, once per week will also do, but one must maintain a high level of vigilance, that is very important. Without the vigilance awareness, one will be eaten by the temptation demon. No matter if you have rebooted for 200 days or for several years, you will relapse without the vigilance awareness!

Brothers will then ask, how long does it take before one enters the rebooting stabilizing period?

Some articles have stated 70 days or 3 months. According to my research, the time it takes to enter into the rebooting stabilizing period differs from person to person. This is because the speed of awareness progression is different for everybody. For some people their awareness grows quickly, they might enter the stabilization period within 6 months. For other people, although they have rebooted for half a year, they do not study and so their awareness level is very low, they will still relapse repeatedly. If those people fail to raise their awareness, then they will never enter the stabilization period. The pass to the rebooting stabilization period is the level of awareness! This is comparable to the English requirement of some companies, such as level 4 or level 6. When your level of awareness has reached a certain level will you be able to enter into the stabilization period. Otherwise by not studying, the level of awareness will forever remain low, entering the rebooting stabilization period will be nowhere in sight.

At the time it took me half a year to enter into the rebooting stabilization period. However, I did not relax my studies during that time, because I thought I had too much to learn, it is still like that today. Although I understand more today my studies have not ceased. I still want to study and understand deeper principles. The life that I live now is one of comprehension, constantly studying and realizing principles.

In determining whether one has entered into the stabilization period, one may observe in the following way. Normally when one has entered into the stabilization period, temptation demon rarely makes an appearance, there will be no strong impulse to relapse. As long as vigilance is not relaxed, relapse will normally not occur. Before you have entered into the rebooting stabilization period, you would for instance have thoughts of relapsing in over 20 times each day. When you are in the period you will notice that thoughts of relapse will occur no more than 3 times per day, even 0 thoughts. My state at the moment is 0 thoughts, I have not experienced impulses to relapse for a very long time.
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part 2/2

I would cut out sexual fantization when it has just started before it is formed into an impulse. I would adhere to 2 words when cutting out sexual fantizations these days: quick and brutal! Sexual fantization is not to be tolerated, towards it, there is a zero-tolerance attitude, no compromises at all costs. Another big characteristic about entering into the rebooting stabilization period is the disappearance of the “suffering feeling”, it is the lack of that enduring feeling, the feeling of not being able to put up with. One stops to care about the number of days in a rebooting streak, this is because your rebooting awareness has already completely exceeded the “number of days” level.

What’s worth paying attention to is that at the beginning of the rebooting process, one will enter into the desire hibernation period. This period would normally last for around a month. During this time many people would experience very little sexual fantizations, the desire to relapse is basically absent. This period is not the rebooting stabilization period, but it is merely a period of desire hibernation, one must be clear on this. Many people during the desire hibernation period would become very pleased with themselves, thinking that rebooting is very easy. Once this period has passed it is followed by the peak relapsing period, this is when your awareness and determination will be tested.

Lastly to summarize, the sign of entering the rebooting stabilization period is: awareness must be adequate! If the awareness is not adequate, one will not enter into the stabilization period even when one is rebooting for over a decade.

Lastly let’s discuss the issue of sperm quality.

Firstly I would like to bring up a few cases:

1. Before marriage there was a year history of intensive masturbation, this caused forceless ejaculations in the married life. Attempts to have a kid have failed. I went to do a conventional seminal check and found out that the seminal volume was only 3 ml, there was no sperm, white and red blood cells were present in the semen. Before my history of masturbation, my constitution was good. After masturbation my constitution became weaker, I would often experience waist pains.

2. I started to masturbate when I was around 7-8 years ago. I had scrotum dampness, upon later examination I had no sperm. The results were the same after multiple examinations. Is there the hope of gaining sperm? What kind of examinations do I need to do?

3. I have masturbated for 5 years, I have always been repressing it. Once during ejaculation, a white granule the size of a yellow bean came out. After that I had no sperm upon examination. Can I be cured? My testis is also very small.

4. One day in the spring of 2001, after I had masturbated once again I felt as if the sky was suddenly collapsing, shrouded in dizziness. I thought that everything will be good after a couple of days, but this feeling of dizziness became more serious by each day, I had unbearable hot flashes throughout my body. I was not married at the time and also I didn’t dare to mention about masturbation and the associated events to my family. During the spring of 2002, I felt that my health became progressively worse, the hot flashes were also aggravated. I went to the hospital for a diagnosis, the finding said that there was a micro genital wart on the head of my penis. I was extremely afraid and immediately looked for treatment. After the treatment my body and brain still became increasingly worse. Sometimes my waists aches a lot while standing, my head was dizzy and I felt like doing nothing, letting my imaginations run wild. Suddenly one day I felt a loss of sensation in my waist, I could not exert any strength. After having arrived at the hospital nothing showed up on the diagnosis, the medicine that I was prescribed with were very expensive. I then went to a street outpatient service, I was prescribed with Renhui Kidney. Before I was able to finish a box of it I noticed that hot flashes on my body became aggravated. After that the outpatient doctor prescribed to me his own formula of kidney supplementing TCM capsules and large amounts of Western medicine in the form of vitamins, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Qi Ju Di Huang Wan etc. The more medicine I took the worse I felt, I was even sweating during sleep, my memory seemed to have disappeared, I was increasingly not able to apply my bodily strength, it was a hellish living, I was not interested in anything. In this condition I got married in the winter of 2003. During intercourse I was unable to perform after minimal activity. Again I paid a visit to an old TCM doctor. He told me that all the medicine I previous took were not correct, he prescribed TCM to me for adjustment. Just like that I could not be parted from TCM. I was constantly taking medicine without seeing any improvement. I could persevere with premature ejaculation by wearing condoms but things were still not good. After intercourse I felt as if a layer of skin has been peeled off of me, my body and brain felt very fatigued, especially my left side of the head felt numb, wrinkled and dull, the same sensations are felt on the back of my neck. Laboratory tests showed grade A and B sperm at 30%, I have been fertile for 3 years.

5. I have always had the habit of masturbation, it has been several years but I haven’t been able to change it. Right now I have been married for around 5 years without being able to produce a child. I still frequently masturbate after I got married, I’m very worried that it is caused by masturbation.

6. Because I have had a history of heavily masturbating during my teenage years, after marriage I was diagnosed with weak sperm. There was too few grade A sperm, the live rate is too low, what can I do?

7. I have always satisfied my needs through masturbation before marriage. Previously I didn’t know what the consequences will be. I would masturbate in 5 days of a week. Since being married for a year I have not been able to produce a baby. Afterward I went to get a diagnosis and it showed that I had weak sperm, I’m ready to faint.

8. I’m a guy, 34 years old, married for 5 years, I have not been able to get a baby all this time. I went to do a checkup with my spouse and it was found that I had medium grade weak sperm.

9. I’m 20 this year. During the half year I have been cohabitating with my girlfriend she was not able to get pregnant. I started to masturbate when I was 13 and did it quite frequently, once a day on average, I have been doing it for 5-6 years. When I was 15 I often had nocturnal emissions. Now my penis is still the same size as when I was 13, only 8 cm. My Adam’s apple is not pronounced either, facial hair not that plenty. It feels like I’m still owed a period of time where I haven’t developed fully. In addition, I’m easily fatigued, aches in the back and the waist, shuddering from the cold during the winters and sweating a lot during the summer. A while ago I was at the hospital to check my sperm, there were 3 parameters that wasn’t normal: A grade sperm 9.78%, B grade 7.68%, PH value 7.0.

10. Masturbating since 13 years old, sometimes frequent, sometimes once every couple of weeks. After marriage it was discovered that I had severe premature ejaculation, this did improve in 5 years. Last year since March my morning erections disappeared. Previously my penis would become erect easily but the firmness was not great. Since I have lost my morning erections, erections are more difficult to achieve than before. Prior to marriage, I always felt lots of heat in my body, I would sweat easily, at the least of movement I would sweat all over, after marriage this became a bit better. My memory is poor, I’m easily fatigued and I’m not concentrated, oftentimes I experience sore waist, aching back and a dull complexion. I have caught tuberculosis in 1995, upon examination in 1998, the doctor told me that I have fully recovered. I work with product design, every day I use the computer quite a lot. Sometimes when drawing I would sit for 2-3 hours without moving. Upon multiple diagnoses the results were all dead sperm (0%, after treatment and medication I would sometimes reach 5-10% but never exceeding 10%. After halting medication I would return to 0%). The rate of malformed sperm is especially high at 60-80%. Color Doppler imaging have shown mild varicocele.

Masturbation will damage the quality of the sperm, this has been confirmed by Western medicine. Masturbation may induce urinary tract infection, prostatitis, varicocele, seminal vesicle, impotence, soft erections, habitual premature ejaculation etc. Once one has contracted prostatitis, it will inevitably affect sperm negatively. In addition, varicocele will also negatively affect the quality of the sperm. Of course, infertility does not apply everyone suffering from prostatitis or varicocele, one needs to look at the seriousness of the condition. Although many people have chronic prostatitis, when they go and examine the quality of the sperm, they are still fertile, only that there are lots of malformed and dead sperm. The diagnosis has shown that the sperm of some brothers is displaying low vitality.

Although some brothers may still be fertile, don’t think that everything is good, because fertility does not translate to healthy offsprings. Sperm produced under the environment of chronic prostatitis and varicocele will inevitably be of an inferior quality compared to sperm produced under normal conditions. The Ministry of Health published [Birth defect prevention report in China (2012)] has shown, the annual average rate for birth defects in China is roughly 5.6%, around 900 000 cases. According to the 2007 published estimation for the number of newborn and rate of birth defects in Chengdu, there are 1200 babies born with defects in Chengdu each year. The main defects are cleft lip and palate, congenital heart disease, hearing impairment etc. Everyone is probably aware that the child of Wang Fei and Li Yapeng is born with a cleft lip. Sexual indulgence without restraint leads to downcasted vigor, fatigue, heart palpitation, dizziness, sore waist and soft legs, all of these are signs that sexual activities have exceeded the load of the body. Not only does it make one’s will be depressed, affecting health, but it also increases the burden on the testis, adversely affects the formation of high-quality sperm, obstructing eugenics. Although many brothers are still fertile, the quality of their sperm is very ordinary. Famous TCM physicians in the past have mentioned that the offsprings to people who indulge in debauchery tend to suffer from premature death, the bodily constitution will also be poor. Therefore, we should persist in cultivating the health prior to getting married, cultivate the body well, cultivate the quality of the sperm, in doing so the conditions of eugenics can be aligned. In doing this one is being responsible for oneself, towards the family and towards the offsprings.

As soon as problems appear with sperm quality, on one hand, one needs to persist in health cultivation, this is the basis for the improvement of sperm quality. In addition, one needs active treatment, the quality of the sperm will slowly return to normal in this way. If you take medicine while indulging, whether or not the quality of the sperm is able to recover will be met with a question mark. Even if one temporarily recovers, if one keeps on indulging, it is difficult to guarantee that one will not fall down once more. The consequences of indulging in debauchery are really too great, not only will it affect your health but also your offsprings. Therefore, we must properly reboot and cultivate the health, both for ourselves and our offsprings.

The feedback that I have received from everybody following the recommendation of the 5 books were quite good. But some brothers have mentioned that they cannot understand Classical Chinese writing. Actually the books that I have recommended, as long as one has a high school level of education, reading Classical Chinese writing will not be of a problem. Of course you may also look at comparable versions that are in plain language. Books on physiognomy will usually have comparable versions in plain language, TCM related books will not have such versions. In order to understand TCM books, one will need to have a certain foundation in Classical Chinese. But there are also exceptions, [Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor] has versions in plain language. In this season I will continue to recommend 5 books: (Translator’s note: due to the unavailability of the English versions to some of the below books, I have chosen to retain the original Chinese titles as listed by Soaring Eagle)

[九种体质使用手册], Wang Qizhe, Wangqi is a professional at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and tutor for Ph.D. students. This book is quite good, I understood my own type of physique which allows me to health cultivate myself better.

[The Secret], herein lay buried a secret that has been hidden for 2000 years on wealth, success and health. Ever since the day that humanity has existed, humans have sought after this secret. This book has also been recommended by the Tudou message board moderator. The book deals with the law of attraction, actually it is the principle of suggestion from the field of psychology. If you suggest active contents for yourself, then all of your energy will be directed towards the active direction. If you suggest yourself with negative and pessimistic contents, you will then become very negative, the odds for failure will increase this way.

[名医类案], composed by Jiang Guan in the Ming dynasty. This is a book on medical cases, it is a clinical summary of famous physicians in the Ming dynasty, there is an abundant of cases. I like this book very much. Through reading the cases one will know how people become sick. When you have learned the causes of the illnesses you will know how to avoid them. Many TCM cases have mentioned case examples on indulgence in debauchery, in some medical record books, an example of indulgence in debauchery will appear in every few pages. Therefore, researching in TCM medical cases is very helpful towards the raising of our rebooting awareness.

[The Talent Code], The Talent Code is about: in order to become a world expert in a field, you will need roughly 10 000 hours of practice. There are no other ways, if you want to become successful, then you must spend 10 000 hours. The theory in the book has a sense of inspiration, myelin is the key to communication, reading, study skills, and to how people are formed. The concept of myelin is very interesting, I believe those who have read the book will be familiar to this term.

[灸除百病]: When it comes to my physical recovery, moxibustion is indeed the biggest benefactor, especially towards the improvement of my stomach function and rhinitis, moxibustion has indeed been very effective. In supporting the Yang, moxibustion is number one. It is mentioned in the [Canon of the Yellow Emperor]: When the Yang qi is sufficient, there is longevity, the method of moxibustion is the foremost. The famous medical scientist Dou Cai from the Song dynasty in [扁鹊心书] believes there are 3 ways of supporting the Yang since ancient times: moxibustion as the first, pellet medicine as the second, aconite as the third. Reading thus far, everybody surely thinks that moxibustion is very good. What I want to say is although moxibustion seems very simple, the principle therein is very deep. Therefore if you would like to try moxibustion, you had best first study related knowledge and experiences, one could read books or watch a video about moxibustion. Although moxibustion is good, it does produce smoke and easily gives rise to blisters, one needs to pay attention to these aspects. By doing more reading and studying one may harmonize these two problems. By correctly applying moxibustion, your body will recover quicker and better. I have personally experienced moxibustion for over 2 years, my understanding is pretty good in this area. Rebooting is one aspect, how to cultivate the health is equally important. Many brothers have still not recovered optimally after having rebooted for over a year, the reality is that they have fared poorly in health cultivation. Many people lack health cultivation awareness altogether, they are still sitting for long durations, staying up during the night and not exercising. Therefore, if everybody wants to recover quicker and better, my advice is to put enough effort into health cultivation, strive to increase one’s health cultivation awareness.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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Hello brothers! It has been a while since the last update. For this season, I would advise everybody to read it through with a critical eye. The reason being the vast amount of TCM quotes. For the first time since I had started this translation project, I had to consult 2 Chinese experts for the meaning of the original TCM texts in this season. Even after the consultation, I'm still not entirely satisfied with the results but hopefully, the broader meaning remains intact. I find it an interesting coincidence that Soaring Eagle speaks a lot about cultivation during winter now that we are entering the winter season. As always, the topic of studying and health cultivation is being emphasized and remains the cornerstones to the rebooting process. Please enjoy season 33!

Season 33 [Soaring Eagle experience: masturbating blood, dizziness and headache following masturbation, relapse after nocturnal emission] part 1/2


Lately the weather has become cold, more brothers are reporting repeated symptoms. Repeated symptom on chronic prostatitis is quite common, such as frequent urination during the night, urgent urination and waiting to urinate, other brothers have encountered difficulties in sleeping, increased nocturnal emission etc. These issues are intricately connected with a lower temperature, with a decrease in temperature, the chances of encountering repeated symptoms from various diseases will increase greatly. Due to “heaven and man corresponding”, therefore when changes are taking place in nature, people should also make suitable adjustments in their house and in the diet to maintain their physical strength, reach a balance between Ying & Yang, qi and blood, maintaining the health. Therefore I advise everybody to pay attention in keeping warm, health cultivation, forming good resting and dietary habits, avoid over fatigue, allow one’s body to adjust to changes in the weather as soon as possible.

If the repeated symptoms following changes in the weather are not serious, there is no need to seek the doctor. Normally by resting for a couple of days, keeping up with nutrition, do some moderate exercises, the symptoms will slowly disappear, there is no need to worry.

Everybody knows that illnesses are made easier by the winter cold. However they do not know that if the body is not properly nurtured during winter, illnesses will come easier during the spring. [Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor]: “If essence is not conserved in the winter, sickness in the spring will be inevitable” mentions the said principle. TCM believes that exogenous cold most easily injures the kidney Yang. Therefore, to resist the cold, one must cultivate the kidneys. Otherwise, the immunity of the body will be affected by the deficiency in the kidneys, easily giving rise to illnesses. From the perspective of TCM, essence, qi and spirit are the most important driving forces of life, essence in particular being the foundation. Therefore “The person who is good at preserving the essence is prone to lead a long life, the person who excessively damages the essences will meet an early decline”. When the winter season comes, I advise all brothers to pay attention to kidney cultivation in particular, do not relapse to the best of your ability, otherwise there is a strong chance that it will affect your health in the coming year.

The 3 months of the winter acts as storage. Water and ground freezes, do not disturb the yang. Retire early and arise late, wait for the sun to go up. Let emotions to barely exist, as if keeping a secret, an own understanding. Keep distance from the cold and approach warmth, do not shed through the skin and thus allowing the Yang qi to expel. Winter qi is as mentioned, the cultivation of storage; by doing the opposite the kidneys are injured, weakness follows in the spring, there will be nothing for the Yang qi to grow from due to the lack of Ying qi.” (Translator’s note: please allow for mistakes in the above translation. As far as I’m concerned there is yet any English translations to the original Chinese texts. I have sought help from 2 capable native Chinese speakers for a more accurate understanding, the above translation has been carried out to the best of my ability, although the quality is still below my satisfaction)

The above paragraph comes from [黄帝内经四气调神大论], in plain language it means: Winter is the Yang qi storage season. (Trees and plants are withering, the seeds are buried under ice and snow. The plants are withering, the animals are hibernating, all the life forms on the ground is nowhere to be seen. Ice is also formed on the water surface, this is “storage”). People need to sleep earlier and get up later, i.e. waiting for the sun to have risen before getting up. The will of a person also needs to resemble hibernation, as if tucked away. Pay attention to keeping warm, do not expose the skin and hence letting out the Yang qi. This is being compliant to the winter, the way of storage cultivation. Going the opposite direction will injure the kidneys (damage to kidney water is the cause of the loss of wood in the liver, liver governs the tendons, if the liver wood is not growing, the tendons lose their support), the hands and the feet easily weakens during spring, the growth of the Yang qi will become affected.

In the five internal organs, the kidneys govern the water, the corresponding season is winter. The foundation of the kidneys is determined prenatally, it is the root of life, enough Ying needs to be stored in order to replenish the Yang. The kidneys stores the essence, essence ought to be stored and not to be expelled, it has the characteristic of hibernation and storage.

It is said therefore that when winter arrives, we should to a larger extent to not relapse, desire should be shelved, putting ourselves in a state of hibernation, properly storing the essence, “the person who is adept at health cultivation inevitably believes in storage”. During winter one should pay even closer attention to “the way of storage cultivation”. If you repeatedly relapse during the winter, when spring comes, your spirit will be very decadent, your resistance towards diseases will be lowered and diseases will easily arise.

Recently there are brothers mentioning about repeated symptoms in the skin. The face is the mirror to the five internal organs, repeated symptoms in the skin are quite common, this especially applies to brothers who are not fond of exercising, who sits in front of a computer screen for long stretches of time, long-term exposure towards the computer monitor will lead to “monitor face”. Even if you have not relapsed your skin will still be of a poor condition, due to radiation from the computer in addition to being in a state of long duration sitting and long duration gazing, it is therefore not favorable to the adjustments of internal secretions, an improvement in the skin will be difficult to come by. Furthermore, factors which induce repeated symptoms in the skin include nocturnal emission, fatigue, overexposure to sunshine, eating volatile food (Translator’s note: this is a Chinese term, volatile term include food such as fungus, certain types of fish, meat and vegetables. Volatile food has the properly of inducing or aggravating certain illnesses), staying up during the night, seasonal factors etc. Diet directly affects the skin, eating volatile food, greasy and spicy food all may lead to skin problems. Therefore, when rebooting we should try to keep a light diet and then do more moderate exercises, this will reduce repeated symptoms for the skin. Back when I had persisted in doing aerobic exercises for a while, I was able to feel clear improvements in the quality of my skin; the facial skin felt smooth. Previously I sat for long periods of time without moving while facing a computer screen, my face felt rough, the complexion was dull, oil and acne outbreaks were common. Therefore, moderate aerobic exercises are helpful for the improvement of skin quality. Everybody please emphasize “moving cultivation”, this is quite beneficial to the improvement in skin quality.

I want to revisit the issue of the stretched sensation from kidney strengthening exercises. If you are unable to find the stretched sensation coming from the rear side of the thighs, then the benefits from the kidney strengthening exercises will be very limited. By doing the movement properly, finding that stretch sensation can the benefits of the exercise be unleashed. Many brothers have asked about how to find that stretched sensation and where is it really located? Actually the stretch sensation from the kidney strengthening exercises is mainly found at the rear side of the thighs, secondly it is found on the side of the knees, lastly on the calves. The sensation is relatively easily felt on the side of the knees and on the calves. Finding the sensation on the rear side of the thighs is comparatively more difficult. This feeling can be found through 2 ways, one is through feeling; whether or not the stretch sensation is felt at the rear side of the thighs. The other way is through touching. Whether or not there is tension, it can be felt. Sometimes one might objectively not feel much, but upon the touch it feels tense, feeling as elongated and tightened, this will also do. By correctly finding the tightening feeling and intensifying it, the kidney strengthening exercise has been properly performed. In rebooting one must pass the level of frequent nocturnal emissions, in this way the body will have a guarantee towards recovery. Yet there are many factors which induce frequent nocturnal emissions, I have summarized over a dozen of such factors, this has been written about in previous articles, everyone may have a look. It is also unusually important to avoid other factors for inducing nocturnal emissions.

We will enter into the main topic below.

In this season we will talk about the issues of masturbating blood, dizziness and headache following masturbation, relapse after nocturnal emission in detail.

Senior brothers who frequent the rebooting forums will know that there is often posts about masturbating blood. Every couple of days there will be these kinds of posts, sometimes they even appear consecutively. Masturbating blood easily causes the mind to panic, some brother has said “a major thing has occurred”, some say that they are “genuinely afraid”. Masturbating blood should be a relatively common occurrence, many brothers are in the state of ignorance, controlled by their addictions and masturbates like crazy. This type of crazy indulgence in masturbation has actually already caused latent damage to the body, symptoms will sooner or later appear, only that the circumstance of masturbating blood causes a rather large psychological impact for the sufferer. This in reality is not a bad thing, this will allow him to speedily wake up and give birth to the thought of rebooting. There is a saying in economics:

crisis causes restraint, a forced restraint. If there is no blood in masturbating, perhaps he will continue to be addicted, running all the way towards the path to self-ruin.

Let’s look at a few cases on masturbating blood:

1. Yesterday I relapsed and masturbated 3 times. The first ejaculation was very normal, the second time there was little semen, there were threads of blood in it, I became very afraid. Today I wanted to see if there is blood in the semen, after masturbating for a while I could not ejaculate, I didn’t dare to force it, what’s going on here? Requesting urgent help! I’m suffering right now! Truly regretting!

2. While ejaculating during masturbation, the first ejaculation was milky white, the latter 3 drops were slightly red. The day before I had also masturbated! A while ago there was a day when I had a muddled feeling of pain in my belly. When I was a teen I once had epididymitis, it was cured by medicines.

3. Oh my god! I masturbated blood, light red in color, requesting urgent help! What do I do? I’m not in pain but there is blood!

4. 4 days ago there was a lot of blood during masturbation. 2 days ago when I ejaculated for the second time, the semen was slightly red. I’m 19 this year, normally I masturbate quite frequently (trying to get rid of it now), it’s very scary to run into this kind of condition.

5. Genuinely afraid! I don’t dare to masturbate again, there is another chunk of blood in the semen. Am I to be without descendants?! I have really masturbated blood, really afraid. In the beginning the blood chunk seemed to be solid, I thought it wasn’t blood, I squeezed it with my fingers and it fell apart, it was blood. I don’t ever dare to masturbate again, everyone fends for yourself!

6. I have always resisted ejaculation, previously the semen was transparent, now what comes out is bloody semen. What’s going on here? Anxious!

7. I have masturbated for many years very frequently, but recently when I masturbated there were threads of blood. I don’t know if this is because I have masturbated and so have contracted some disease, what do I do! What’s causing the threads of blood to appear in the semen? What should I do?
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part 2/2

According to my research, normally if one masturbates consecutively for a couple of days or masturbates multiple times within the same day, this phenomenon will easily arise, it is over-masturbation. The chances for symptoms to arise following consecutive masturbation is very high, even if one does not masturbate blood, the possibility of running into other symptoms is extremely high. How much kidney essence is there for you to masturbate? Even if your constitution is very good, long-term addiction to masturbation will give rise to symptoms. When blood appears in semen it is called blood semen. The reason for blood semen is normally considered to be inflammation or calculus issue such as prostatitis, seminal vesicle, urinary tract infection, epididymitis, varicocele, prostate stone, urethral bladder stones. Of course there are other causes for blood semen, given that everybody is quite young, normally, the possibility of inflammation or calculus are considered with the chances for inflammation being greater. If one is still worried, one may go to the hospital for a diagnosis. When blood semen appears, don’t panic too much but be afraid to injure the kidneys. Blood semen is the body given you signal, telling you to stop masturbating, it is time to pull back. Normally when blood semen appears, a person should know it is time to exercise restraint, to stop with the act. If you continue to go against the wind and masturbate then you are really fed up with living.

In the below let’s talk about dizziness and headache following masturbation.

TCM: the kidneys are connected to the brain in the above.

The greatest number of acupoints are found on the head and neck region of the human body, a total of 76 which is 21% of the total 361 number of acupoints. The head houses the brain which is transformed from kidney essence, it is governed by the kidneys. The brain is the hub of the nerves, is the highest command in managing the entire bodily movement, feeling, language and the movements of the internal organs. The face is a reflection of the internal organs, it is connected by the meridians and opened by the transformation of qi. There are 14 meridian nerves in the human body, there is the 3 hand yang meridians, the 8 meridians from the yang channels of the foot, conception and governing vessels follows an upward path and terminates at the face. Ancient TCM physicians consider: “The head is the meeting point of all the Yang, astuteness is housed in the brain, it is also the place of the marrow sea. The essences of the five internal organs reside in the blood, the Yang of the six bowels resides in the qi, all is concentrated in the head.”

A very obvious truth is: masturbation injures the brain, masturbation damages the head! In this season we will talk about dizziness and headache following masturbation.

I will share a few cases below:

1. Soaring Eagle big brother, hello. I should say that I have already masturbated for 20 years. I remember ever since I became sensible I liked to play with my little penis. Between 2009-2010 I have exchanged obscene text messages with a girl daily, in other words I was constantly sexually fantasizing. And in November of 2010 my body started to experience serious headaches, up until today the headache is still very serious. I am taking Chinese herbal medicine during all this time, at the same time it is as you said; in taking on one end while shedding through the other end. Furthermore, up until May of this year I’m still masturbating, although I know that the problem was caused by masturbation and sexual fantization. After that, I made up my mind to never masturbate again. At the same time I was able to do what I said I would do, but no matter what I have not been able to conquer sexual fantization. I noticed that as soon as I’m thinking about my penis, liquid will flow out of it, it would happen when I’m thinking about the words masturbation and sexual fantization. I feel that I have already gone mad. Right now my eyes are very dull, my head is very dizzy, the dizziness never gets better, my eyes are constantly drowsy.

2. Previously following masturbation, my head would often hurt, the head was dizzy, the entire body felt light as a feather as if having taken alcohol. In addition, my memory is very poor, I’m forgetting things, my level of comprehension is low and my reaction is slow in the brain. Due to this, a while ago I went to the hospital to do brain imaging. They said that I had neurasthenia and autonomic disorders. I have also taken Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, I didn’t feel any effect from taking it. I’m afraid, right now I don’t dare to masturbate.

3. I have been masturbating long term, recently after a session I felt dizziness and headache, blurred vision, sleepiness, yellow urine with a heavy odor. When it comes to headache it is the temple and the back of the neck hurting interchangeably, hurting in one place for a while before switching to the other place. The swelling pain in my eyes doesn’t allow me to look at one place for too long. It is very painful to browse the internet, I feel as if my eyes cannot open and want to shut them.

4. I have masturbated ever since elementary school. Now I’m in college, my head is always drowsy, I feel as if there is a big iron ball inside my head (not exaggerating). During midnight my kidneys would always beat. My four limbs are without strength, I cannot play basketball anymore, ack! It is affecting my studies and it’s also uncomfortable, somebody come and help me!

5. I’m turning 22 this year and have been masturbating quite frequently for several years. In recent years after I masturbate, I would immediately feel dryness and thirst in my mouth. My waist aches like crazy and is a bit painful, it has not faded in several days. Since a week ago, the back of the head felt dizzy like crazy. When I’m feeling particularly dizzy I would go and lie down for a while, when I get up I would feel quite awake, after a few hours I would feel dizzy once more. I suffer from a lot of internal heat and during the night I’m unable to sleep. Nowadays I feel dizziness at the back of my head every day, I don’t have the mood nor the strength, I’m unable to work. I have gone to see the doctor and have taken medicine without use, save me!!! If I go on like this I don’t want to live, I always feel as if something is pressing towards the back of my neck. I have not seen any effects from taking Liu Wei Di Huang Wan and from taking soothing and brain supplementing medicine! I’m still feeling dizzy. The doctor has applied scraping (TCM) on me, my entire body is blackish red, there is a lot of internal heat. I still feel dizzy like crazy, scraping didn’t help. I’m afraid to tell the doctor that it is caused by masturbation. I’m really suffering, what can I do to get better, it’s really uncomfortable, save me!

The cases that I currently have which show dizziness and headache following masturbating is very many, masturbation hurts the head, at first it damages the brain power, after a certain degree of damage has been sustained there may be dizziness and headache. If your condition of dizziness and headache is persistent then go see a doctor, normally the diagnosis will be neurasthenia or autonomic disorders, the bottom line is that there are problems with the nerves. In my article from season 30 I have specifically talked about neurosis, masturbation will indeed damage the nerves, but a certain degree of damage will need to have been sustained before neurosis appears. If you stay up during the night, sit for long stretches of time and masturbates like crazy, then the chances of getting neurosis will be quite high. In addition, some brothers have a naturally poor constitution, their body can withstand even less masturbation and cannot afford to become injured.

When dizziness and headache appears, one must be persistent in rebooting followed by active treatment, slow recovery towards normal will be possible in this way. I have encountered both dizziness and headache, roughly after a half year of rebooting and health cultivation, I slowly got better. During that time I often did standing qigong, Six Letters Formula qigong and moxibustion, it is then followed by active exercise. In the beginning I was not able to exercise much due to headache and so I would walk quickly, slowly, the body recovered. Indeed, the speed to which disease leaves the body is comparable to spinning silk, the recovery is made thread by thread. The normal feeling upon recovery is like crawling back into the world from hell. From there on I greatly treasured this hard to come by a feeling of being healthy.

Health is recovered through cultivation, moral cultivation, Taoist cultivation, health cultivation, in addition to actively exercising. In reality, active treatment is the smaller part of the whole picture, the bigger part is made up of moral cultivation, Taoist cultivation and health cultivation. 30% treatment, 70% maintenance. We need to learn to become qualified patients ourselves, otherwise, wishing to recover while relying on doctor and medicines is not realistic, neurosis is not like having a cold after all. Shedding on one hand while treating with the other hand, dare one ask where the path lies towards recovery?

Lastly let’s talk about the issue of relapsing following nocturnal emission.

First I will present a case:

[I have been rebooting for a year, lately the results have been quite good but following nocturnal emission my desire is very very strong. And in my mind I’m very distressed, I would masturbate, a while later I have the thought of dying, how can I not relapse following nocturnal emission?]

Relapsing after having a nocturnal emission is quite common, I have summarized this form of relapse. The following expressions easily appear following nocturnal emissions:

1. The mood becomes worse, when kidney essence is lost, changes will take place in the mood, the behavior of being impatient and easily angered will appear. There will also be the feeling of being defeated and discouraged. Of course, nocturnal emission does not count towards relapse, there is no need to feel defeated. As long as one does not suffer from frequent nocturnal emissions, there is nothing to worry about.

2. Returning to the state of hyperactivity in the Yang due to Ying deficiency. Following nocturnal emission, desire will be awakened, it will become “restless”. If one does not raise the level of vigilance at this stage it will be extremely easy to relapse.

3. Repeated symptoms, nocturnal emission also injures the body, even greater injuries comes from frequent emissions. Normally following nocturnal emissions, symptoms will temporarily repeat themselves, they will be alleviated or even disappear following a few days of rest.

We must correctly recognize the phenomenon of relapsing following nocturnal emissions and correctly face the issue. Pay attention at all cost to mood management and raising the vigilance after nocturnal emission in order to avoid relapses. Every time following a nocturnal emission I would immediately repent, this is because every time I would feel the emerging desire, repenting during this moment will have the effect of eliminating desire. Every time I have a nocturnal emission my vigilance would increase because it is very easy to relapse at this time. I have repeatedly emphasized the importance of emotional management many times. The brother from the case is not managing his emotions sufficiently well, following relapse he became distressed. At this time one must immediately adjust the mood, make more active and positive suggestions to oneself and let oneself remain in the calm state of peace of mind. In addition, one needs to increase the vigilance awareness, relapses following nocturnal emissions can be avoided this way.

In this season I will continue to recommend 5 books:

1. [‎Śūraṃgama Sūtra]: the contents of the Śūraṃgama Sūtra helps people to become enlightened by virtue of knowledge, the ancients have once put in poems: “ever since reading Śūraṃgama sūtra, no longer reads garbage books from the world!”. The saying goes that the Lotus Sutra is the way to Buddhahood, Śūraṃgama Sūtra opens the wisdom, in order to deepen the Buddha wisdom, the Śūraṃgama Sūtra is a must read. I have read the Śūraṃgama Sūtra many times, a new understanding is gained in every reading. In it, continence has also been mentioned in addition to the 4 kinds of tranquility. Brothers with Buddhist karma tend not to miss this book, they may read the corresponding translated version of the book in everyday language.

2. [黄帝内经二十四节气养生法]: authored by Wang Wei. This book guides us in letting nature take its course and teaches us the 24 solar terms health and essence cultivation. This book builds upon the [Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor], it incorporates the different characteristics of the 24 solar terms, goes through deep and detailed analysis, it points out the key points and methods in health cultivation that one needs to pay attention to within the 24 solar terms of a year. I like this book very much, from it I have learned much about health cultivation, it has also opened my eyes.

3. [王晨霞掌纹诊病]: Health secrets are hidden in the prints of the palms. The 14 mysterious lines and the 8 different kinds of patterns that you don’t know about reveal the secret source of your body. When thinking about palm prints, everybody surely thinks about fortune telling. Actually there are similarities between palm print consultation and numerology, although the modern study of palm print consultation is more scientific. The Western scientific community has actually since long time ago researched into the relationship between palm prints and the bodily health. Therefore, modern palm print consultation is quite scientific, everyone may take a look in this book, it is a wonder book. Youku has 32 episodes on 王晨霞, everyone may take a look, one may also purchase the book. I have watched the videos and read the book, they are very good, therefore I’m recommending palm print consultation to everyone. Many brothers regard the fingernail crescent as a sign of bodily health. Actually the 4 lines in the palm prints can also be used to determine the state of the health, this is because the 4 lines are the lines of health. Once everybody has studied it they will understand.

4. [人体的春夏秋冬], written by 史赞华. 王晨霞 was born into a Chinese medicine family and is a well-known physician from Qilu. He is well read, well versed in the medical classics, good at both TCM and Western medicine, possessing deep knowledge in health cultivation and unique insights. Liver as spring, emphasize the cultivation of “birth”, heart as spring, emphasize the cultivation of “growth”; lung as autumn, emphasize the cultivation of “collection”; kidneys as winter, emphasize the cultivation of storage. [Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor]: names: “the person who is adept at health cultivation inevitably believes in storage”. Cultivating the health is lesser compared to the cultivation of storage. The old TCM doctor has given all in order to teach the cultivation secrets of TCM, helping people to arouse their own power of healing. This book explains health cultivation from the perspective of the four seasons, it is very good, I review this book often.

5. [志愿军老兵回忆录], written by 袁永生. This book can greatly encourage you, it may provide one with strong psychological motivation. It is like a retired veteran who has lived through many changes, telling you about the smoke and fire from the war that has taken place. Normally I’m a calm and low-key person, but reading this books still makes me feel very excited. The stories told within is able to pierce the soul, after having read the book I feel charged with power, it is a strong spiritual tonic and occupies an important place in my heart.
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Season 34 [Soaring Eagle experience: 5 case studies, directly looking at premature ejaculation, conclusion on premature ejaculation] part 1/2

Let’s analyze 5 cases:

1. [Brother Soaring Eagle! I have had the habit of masturbation for several years, up until now I have not been able to get rid of it! All of the symptoms except for hair loss are present, ack! What should I do! Please instruct me big brother! I have read all of your articles but I’m still unable to get rid of masturbation! I’m almost a wasted person! When winter arrives in particular, the back of my hand and my wrists are especially dry, they are very easy cracked, there’s blood! My record streak is 45 days! After that I would relapse like crazy! I even have thoughts of wanting to die!]

Analysis: Up until now, out of the 1000+ brothers that I have chatted with, those who are able to completely reboot upon first coming into contact with rebooting articles are extremely few. Only those brothers with good karma, strong study awareness and high realization were able to do it. The rebooting forums is like a big class with tens of thousands of students, everybody is studying rebooting articles, there is also the classification of good and poor students. For the vast majority of the brothers, in order to succeed, one can say that they must walk through the path of relapse. It is not scary to relapse, relapsing is to pay the tuition in essence. One should not pay the essence tuition in vain. After relapsing, one must summarize the lessons learned, repent more, introspect the areas in which one is deficient in, only by doing this can one reboot better and smarter. To relapse this time is for a better reboot next time, one needs to constantly perfect oneself, summarize and introspect. Let realization to continuously grow, by persisting in this manner can one completely reboot. The troubles that this brother is experiencing should be quite universal. I have summarized 3 articles as to why studying rebooting articles is not enough, they are found below:

(1) There are problems with the method of studying. A good study habit allows for a faster increase in studying efficiency, just like listening to a lecture, I’m asking you have you listened? You say that you have listened. Then I ask you, what did the teacher say? You can’t remember anything clearly. The words enter the left ear and exits from the right ear. When the studying efficiency is low, the absorption rate will be too low. When studying rebooting articles we must increase the absorption rate. I recommend taking more notes, write down the experiences and contemplate more. Then make a goal for yourself every day, such as writing down 10 rebooting knowledge daily. These 10 rebooting knowledge comes from rebooting articles, whichever sentence you think is good you write it down. Write down 10 sentences every day, then take the initiatives to memorize these 10 sentences, memorize them for real. There are 30 days in a month, that is 300 lines of rebooting knowledge. Repeatedly read, repeatedly memorize, increase the absorption rate, the increase in realization will be fast this way. Every brother should have their own rebooting notebook. Review the old in order to learn the new, read repeatedly, in every reading you will have new rewards.

(2) A decrease in brain power. The emergence of decreased brain power among brothers is very commonly seen, due to decreased brain power, this leads to a low studying efficiency. Many brothers lack determination, their memory and concentration are all very poor, some people even experience drowsiness. The conditions for studying under these circumstances is quite poor. I recommend these brothers to persist in rebooting for a while, exercise actively, keep up with the nutrition, wait until the brain power has recovered somewhat and then start to thoroughly study rebooting articles.

(3) The level of realization is inadequate. Many brothers have gotten the correct general bearing, they put in a lot of efforts into studying rebooting articles. But there is a process involved in the increase of realization, one cannot get there in one step, it is a process of unceasing persistence. Your realization is increasing, but if it is not strong enough to withstand the temptation demon then you will still relapse. Just like when your level of realization rises from level 15 to level 50 through studying rebooting articles, but the temptation demon is at level 100, at this level, there is still the chance of relapsing. Only by constantly studying and gaining true enlightenment can your realization receive a leap in substance. When your realization is powerful, defeating the temptation demon will not be an issue.

2. [Brother Soaring Eagle, I’m very depressed, whenever it’s time to rest during the weekend the desire for sexual fantization is stronger than normal, I’m always relapsing during the weekends! What should I do? How do I get rid of sexual fantization from my head? I have a hard time reflecting on repulsiveness! I’m genuinely seeking help!]

Answer: your current problem is due to shallowness in determination. During the weekend the temptation demon comes out to pick at you, if your realization and determination are not strong then it is very easy to relapse. I recommend studying more in order to increase realization, summarize more and memorize more rhymes for sexual fantization. Keep on fighting!

Analysis: I have specifically summarized the condition of weekend relapses in the season about the different variants of relapses, this is a very common form of relapse. For students in particular, weekend relapses are as common as everyday food. To change this condition, one must first become aware of weekend relapse and then raise the vigilance during weekends in particular, constantly guarding oneself, pornographic landmines are everywhere on the internet, one needs to be extra careful. Whenever weekend comes there will be “demon tests”, the temptation demon will come and test you, if the test is passed one may level up, failing the test is to relapse. After relapsing one needs to summarize more of the lessons learned, study more to increase the level of realization, gradually, when there is enough determination, weekend relapse will automatically cease to be.

3. [Yesterday I switched to a thicker blanket, lying on man back resulted in nocturnal emission… it has only been some 20 days since I had one, my blanket is too thick, I had an ominous hunch before using it]

Analysis: TCM: the essence of the five internal organs resides in the kidneys, heat leads to the discharge of essence. Covering oneself with a thick blanket or with a blanket that has been baking under the sun may under both cases lead to nocturnal emission. There are lots of cases in this area, many brothers have reported this. Normally there are 2 explanations for the discharge of essence due to heat, the first is that the person suffering from heat will sweat, he who sweats also loses essence qi, the essence is lost through the form of sweat. The other explanation is that over-temperature will stimulate the kidney essence, leading to essence losing its position, nocturnal emission then takes place during the night. Many people don’t know about the second explanation, only those with deep experience will possibly understand. I very much emphasize experience, if you lack experience, then what you read in the books will only leave a shallow impression in the brain, the impressions are not deep, if you have been bitten by a snake, you will never forget it as long as you live. What’s important here is that heat leads to the discharge of essence, the heat here means over-heat. Not only being covered by thick blanket lead to nocturnal emission, by soaking the feet with water that is too hot will also lead to the same result. Everybody should pay more attention to this area. There are several dozen causes to nocturnal emission, I have specifically summarized this in my previous article. Frequent nocturnal emission is a hard threshold, it must be passed, if it cannot be conquered then recovery will be near impossible. Frequent emission alone by itself may lead to many illnesses. In order for the body to recover better, it needs a stable and even a low rate of emissions.

4. [Big brother Soaring Eagle, I’m a high school senior. Because I didn’t know any better I started to masturbate since year 1 of middle school, up until the 1st of May I was diagnosed with a mild form of tuberculosis. Today I’m still taking medicines daily, I faintly sense that it’s got to have something to do with masturbation. Unintentionally, I discovered the rebooting forums while surfing on my cell phone and so I started to reboot since 1st of August, although in between periods I have often sexual fantasized, finally on the 30th of September I had a relapse. Ever since that date, I readjusted my mentality and sexual fantasies decreased, maybe it is due to my busy schedule during year 3 of high school, my entire focus was on studying. We had midterm exams yesterday and today, yesterday I was full of vitality, this lasted up until this morning when I had a nocturnal emission, during the morning I clearly felt my head was slowing down in addition to being tired. Moreover, when showering in recent days, the area below my testis and between my legs would always itch, I have the urge to scratch it, I would like to ask big brother Soaring Eagle on what the matter is? Is it normal that I have nocturnal emissions? Be sure to reply once you have read it, I’m still new and don’t know much, I’m eternally grateful!

Answer: If nocturnal emission doesn’t happen frequently, it’s not a big problem. But you have already been injured, one emission can cause repeated symptoms, although by resting for 2 days normally, the body will be able to gradually recover. As to the issue of itchiness, my advice is to pay attention to cleanliness, if the issue persists then one may go to the hospital to obtain some lotion, this is not a big issue. Let me tell you again about the relationship between the kidneys and the lung. TCM: the lungs give birth to water, kidneys are the organs which govern water; the lungs exhale air, the kidneys inhales air. In TCM theory, the lungs and the kidneys operate breathing and fluid metabolism. The interconnectedness of the meridians and the theory of the five elements where “the child is affected by the sick mother” and “the mother is affected by the sick child” are intricately connected. Western medicine has discovered that the lungs and the kidneys are breathing. There is a compensation mechanism between the pH balance of water and electrolytes versus the aspect of the primary and secondary nature of the disease. The importance of the mutually influencing relationship is demonstrated in the occurrence and metamorphosis in obstructive emphysema, uremia, and other illnesses.

Analysis: Masturbation is able to affect the lungs when damages have been sustained to a certain degree and under the combined effect of other factors, sickness with the lungs may appear. The lungs are connected to the nose, being addicted to masturbation easily leads to rhinitis or aggravates rhinitis. Some brothers have reported pneumothorax in the rebooting forums. If you encounter pneumothorax following masturbation, then this is to some extent related to masturbation. Masturbation leads to a deficiency in the kidneys, kidney deficiency affects the lungs. If other factors are stimulated then the pneumothorax may be induced. Masturbation will lead to a vast decline in the immune system, the chances of catching illnesses will be greatly increased.

5. [A person on the floor below has been playing cucurbit for an entire noon, I actually relapsed due to an irritable mood, I still have an exam to take! Regretting!]

Analysis: the form of relapse that this brother has suffered is relapsing due to emotions. Not only does an irritable mood makes relapse easier, but other negative moods will also all easily lead to relapse. An example is following an argument between mom and dad, following a break up with the girlfriend, these all may lead to relapses. Of course, there are other factors that may lead to relapses such as boredom and over-excitement. In the process of researching into the behavior of masturbation, I have from very early on realized the importance of emotional management due to the large number of cases displaying an obvious reality: emotions will induce relapses. I have had a lot of experiences in this area and therefore I have always emphasized emotional management. When negative emotions arise, I try my best to give myself positive suggestions, allowing myself to keep a calm state of mind, this is exceptionally important. Everybody should also know about the different forms of relapses, I have written a season about it, by familiarizing oneself with different forms of relapses can one avoid relapsing under a particular circumstance. Actually the issue of nocturnal emissions works in the same way. One should understand dozen of emission inducing factors, after that can relapses be better avoided.

In the below let’s talk about the issue of premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is an issue that many brothers pay attention to, we will talk more about it in this season, first let’s take a look at 2 cases:

[Case analysis]

Case 1: Previously I had the habit of masturbation, I’ve had it for several years. Right now I would ejaculate within a minute of making love, sometimes ejaculation happens upon contact.

Case 2: I have prostatitis, the main symptom is difficulty in urinating. Previously I have also had scrotum dampness, other symptoms are quite mild. Most importantly is premature ejaculation. I feel like I’ve had it since around 20 years old. I’m 28 this year, already married, prior to marriage I had undergone foreskin surgery. I had the habit of masturbating, my love sessions are very short, I cannot last more than 1-2 minutes, my premature ejaculation is quite serious, I’m unable to control it.

[The classification of premature ejaculation severity]

Mild premature ejaculation: 1-3 minutes
Medium premature ejaculation: less than 1 minute
Severe premature ejaculation: ejaculation before penetration

[Cause explanation by TCM]

Male premature ejaculation, the emergence of impotence is mostly caused by sexual indulgences or mistaken masturbation during youth, leading to a decline of fire from the gate of life and weakened essence; if the thoughts are depressed, the heart and the lungs will be damaged; if the kidneys are damaged due to fright, this also causes damp-heat to flow down to the urinary bladder, a slacken penis in atrophy, but the main reason of the atrophy is due to kidney yang weakness. The yang in the kidneys is the source to the yang qi of the whole body, it takes shape in warmth, evaporates and transforms fluid, promotes the development and the function of the sexual organ. Kidney yang deficiency leads to the loss of function in keeping warm and in the transformation of qi in the body. Due to the above, the fear of cold and cold limbs arises as well as the decline of sexual function. Therefore, when seeing a man suffering from impotence and unable to erect or keep firm, he is further accompanied with a headache, dizziness, sore waist and legs, heart palpitations, insomnia, pale complexion, lack of depressed vigor and lacking in vitality.
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part 2/2

[The danger from premature ejaculation]

1. Heavy psychological burden: after one has premature ejaculation, the male unavoidably takes on an overload of psychological pressure. Simultaneously, one is constantly veiled under the shadow of the disease, work and life are greatly affected.
2. Causing a rupture in the relationship between the married couple: premature ejaculation doesn’t allow for a normal sex life and causes rupture of emotions. According to incomplete statistics, divorces and breakups due to male premature ejaculation take up a large portion of the total number.
3. Disadvantageous to male fertility: commonly seen symptoms of premature ejaculation is a short erection duration, barely able to finish in bed. The body of the sufferer is in a state of dishealth with poor sperm quality and not being able to guarantee healthy offsprings.

[Masturbation will damage sexual function]

There are many reported symptoms of damaged sexual function due to masturbation such as premature ejaculation, soft erection, short duration erection and impotence as the main examples. When enough damage has been sustained because of masturbation, the evil fruits of this act will naturally become apparent.

[Premature ejaculation inducing factors]

Premature ejaculation inducing factors can be grouped into organic (mainly caused by prostatitis and similar diseases) and non-organic (psychological, habitual, too long foreskin and similar reasons leading towards too rapid ejaculation). To cure premature ejaculation one may seek out a TCM doctor and then persist in rebooting and health cultivation, active exercises. The issue of premature ejaculation will in this way slowly alleviate itself.

[Dorsal nerve severance treatment]

Dorsal nerve severance operation is renowned in the premature ejaculation sphere, almost everybody who is troubled by premature ejaculation knows about this procedure. There are actually many shenanigans with this procedure.

Feedback 1: I have undergone dorsal nerve severance operation but still I can only last for a short time, what’s the matter? I’m 24, previously my body was in an excellent condition, I did my operation in Chi Feng Xie He hospital.

Feedback 2: After I did dorsal nerve severance operation I was not able to achieve an erection, nor do I have morning erection. Is it because they have cut too much? What do I do if it is all cut out?

Feedback 3: Because of masturbation I have premature ejaculation. A while ago I did dorsal nerve severance operation in Zheng Gui hospital, why is it that I still have premature ejaculation? I still have the symptoms, how can I become completely healed? Do I need another operation?

Feedback 4: Hope that you can provide me with some guidance during your busy schedule. My situation is as follows: due to illness in 2012 I have randomly sought out doctors, I was tricked into doing the dorsal nerve severance operation by the main doctor of the urological department. Today is the 19th day since the operation, lately I have always had the urge to get an erection but I was unable to achieve it. Right now I’m very worried and I don’t know if this situation is normal. What should I do? Prior to the operation, my erection functioned very well, at the slightest stimulation I was able to have an erection. If the operation has led to impotence, is this curable?

Feedback 5: Now that I have undergone dorsal nerve severance operation, why is it that I still have premature ejaculation? I discovered the symptoms of premature ejaculation 2 years ago, I have since tried to cure it without avail. At the hospital it was determined that my glans was too sensitive, there was inflammation in my prostatitis and also in the mycoplasma.

Some hospital has even promised that the operation will completely cure premature ejaculation, but the reality is not like this. I have found a problem and that is many doctors like to discuss things in terms of sensitivity, they want you to have an operation, they want you to go through different diagnosis, this kind of situation occurs quite a lot in male hospitals. Behind the scenes, there are personal interests at play. Of course, I have also seen doctors with consciences saying that using dorsal nerve severance operation to cure premature ejaculation is wrong. This is because should the procedure fail, treating premature ejaculation in the future will be more difficult and even have the chance of inducing impotence. I believe these doctors for sure have received vast amounts of kickback related to the surgical patient, this results in many people going through different operations without any effects. This is the hard truth! Therefore, if there are brothers considering this operation, consider it with care at all cost!

[The relationship between sensitivity and kidney deficiency]

The degree of glans sensitivity is actually related to kidney deficiency. When masturbation has damaged the essences to a certain degree, the glans will become very sensitive. Many brothers have reported that in the beginning they were able to masturbate just fine, later on, they became more sensitive with the session becoming shorter and shorter.

[Premature ejaculation in masturbation versus love making]

Some brothers would ask if I have premature ejaculation during masturbation, would it also happen to me during lovemaking. Many experienced people have said that premature ejaculation during masturbation is not a problem, during love making this would no longer occur. With regards to the issue of, the answer should be: it is not certain.

Some people have premature ejaculation during masturbation but it is more severe when they make love, because one tends to get nervous or is already accustomed to premature ejaculation, this would make it possible to prematurely ejaculate every time during lovemaking. Although some people have the inclination to prematurely ejaculate during masturbation, this is not necessarily the real form of premature ejaculation, because some people like stimulation during masturbation, they prefer to get it done with quickly, their constitution is still good and have not sustained enough damage to warrant true premature ejaculation.

Therefore the correct answer is: it is not certain! Because people are different, one needs to look at the degree of essence damage.

[Misconception nr 1: taking supplements and using spray medicine]

Impotence and premature ejaculation are actually self-preserving signals of the body. If one relies on taking medicines in order to indulge sexually, then the body will become progressively worse, the body will truly collapse, when the time arrives, even taking supplements will have no effect. Brothers who have taken supplemental medicines will know that in the beginning, the effect is quite good, upon increasing the dosage there will be no effect, abusing yang strengthening medicine is not desirable. In addition, some brothers like to use spray medicine to delay the time, this will make the penis numb and prolong the time, this very much drains the body, indulging like this will leave great hidden damage for the health.

[Misconception nr 2: use the second time to prolong the time]

Some brothers like to first masturbate for a release, this will then prolong the time for the second time. A certain prolonging effect can be obtained this way but consecutively ejaculating for 2 times seriously damages the body, the chance of running into symptoms will be very high, this is not desirable.

[Rebooting is the foundation for curing premature ejaculation]

The recovery from premature ejaculation is a slow process, one cannot expect to get better by taking a few medicines. If you do not know how to reboot and cultivate kidney qi, then premature ejaculation will cause huge troubles for you. By wasting yourself before marriage, future relationship with the wife will be affected, one’s self-confidence will also be severely affected. Therefore, we must persist in ridding ourselves from the evil habit of masturbation, properly cultivate until the body is fully well. To all cost avoid leaking while simultaneously taking supplemental medicine, one can never get well that way.

[Premature ejaculation recovery]
1. Get rid of smoking and alcohol to the greatest extent, avoid spicy stimulants.
2. Moderation in diet, rhythmic resting schedules, pay attention to emotional management.
3. Active treatment may induce various illnesses that are related to premature ejaculation such as prostatitis etc.
4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, do lots of aerobic exercises, do not stay up during the night and sit for a long duration at a time.
5. Moderate strength exercises may promote the recovery of premature ejaculation.
6. Choose a method of health cultivates that suits oneself such as standing qigong, Eight Brocade qigong etc.
7. No leakage as the supplement, conquer masturbation and sexual fantization, strictly control the frequency of nocturnal emissions.
[Premature ejaculation recovery time]

Many people have a long history of damaging their essence, to recover from premature ejaculation will be very slow. Normally, the recovery time will take at least half a year given that one is rebooting and health cultivating, severe cases will require over a year of time. According to the experiences of the veteran brothers in the forums, they all say that it takes at least a year to recover. One needs to do well in rebooting, health cultivation, active treatment and exercises in order to recover optimally.

Final summary:

There is a term called “financial management”, there is a type of role called “financial management consultant”. Actually the kidney essences in our body will also require management. You will need to study the way to cultivate the health and rebooting knowledge and become your own “essence management consultant”. One must completely get rid of the evil habit of masturbation, properly manage one’s kidney essence. Kidney essence is the body’s great energy, one must properly care for it. We should save the best of us for after marriage, one must by all means not be blind, ignorant, impulsive, overdraf our essence like crazy before getting married, becoming wasted after marriage. It is mutually embarrassing when premature ejaculation occurs, some women will even cheat on you, affecting the harmony of the family.

In this season I will continue to recommend 5 books:
1. [宽心], written by Master Hsing Yun. In seclusion from the society, one ought to have the correct mindset, in living within the society, one ought to act correctly. Master Hsing Yun uses the essential Buddhist teachings as the foundation, he expounds upon worldly and societal matters and people, namely on life outlook, wealth outlook, love and marriage, household education, interpersonal relationships and success motivation. Hsing Yun pierces through troubles and points towards the happiness in the unrestrained life of introspection, cleansing like the clear morning dew, able to see the world accurately, allowing beautiful kindness into people’s hearts. This book has been recommended to me by a brother. After reading it I also liked it very much, there is also an audio version available online. A very good book with lots of inspiration.

2. [Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor], many brothers should be familiar with this book, this equivalent to the Bible in the field of TCM, it is a work that cannot be studied enough during a lifetime. The damaging effects on the body from the indulgence in sexual debauchery and premature aging due to indulgence is mentioned In the first chapter of the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor. I have discovered that every TCM book mentions cases on the damaging effects of indulgences in sexual debauchery. Ancestors will not trick their own offsprings. In studying the experiences from our predecessors can we see more clearly and reboot better.

3. [临证指南医案], written by the famous doctor 叶天士. I like this book very much, the doctor 叶天士 is also very legendary and has a special character. I have seen movies about him, his medical cases are worth a look. In addition, his [秘本种子金丹] is also very good, everyone may have a look. Those brothers who have gone through sperm diagnosis should know the concept of grade A sperm. We must learn to cultivate the sperm, allowing the quality of our sperm to maintain at a high level, the standard of prenatal and postnatal care may be reached in this way.

4. [彻底把经络穴位说清楚], written by 萧言生. In the aspect of meridian and acupoint cultivation, this book has great benefits to impart. I have read this book relatively early, until today I still browse in it often, I like it very much, benefiting from educating, reviewing the old in order to learn the new.

5. [王鸿谟自诊祛病法], complexion diagnosis in TCM is profound without end. If you observe carefully, the facial complexion of a person is constantly undergoing subtle changes, the face is the mirror of the five viscera. These subtle changes is reflecting the changes in your internal organs. Following masturbation, the face easily becomes dull and without luster, oil easily breaks out. There is really lots of information that is reflected from the face, I recommend everybody may research into this book. This book is the popular version of the first method “complexion observation” in the four diagnostic methods in TCM. The diagnostic method of complexion observation has died out long ago and is on the verge of extinction. 王鸿谟 has over 40 years of experience in systematic exploring and clinical practice, rebuilding and reaching towards perfection. He has invented the 3 levels of complexion determination in order to accurate self-diagnose symptoms for the entire body. TCM has created four different methods of observing illnesses that’s called looking, listening, asking and feeling the pulse: looking uses the eyes to look, listening uses the ears to listen, asking uses the mouth to ask, feeling the pulse use the fingers to feel, in combination they are called looking, listening, asking and feeling the pulse. The method that is praised the most amongst the 4 methods is “looking”, therefore, the 4 diagnostic methods have been appraised in the very early TCM book [难经] where it is said “looking and thereby understands the cause of the illness, one is a divine doctor”, known by simply looking is the highest state of TCM diagnosis.
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Hi everyone! I'm very happy to announce that naturehigh will be joining me in the project of translating Soaring Eagle's work. Naturehigh is a brother here and is highly proficient in both English and Chinese, he was able to demonstrate this via a perfectly translated paragraph. Furthermore, naturehigh takes this work seriously and is fully aware of the ramifications of taking on this project. A positive effect from this collaboration besides being able to spread more wisdom at a faster pace is that we will be able to crosscheck each other's works going forward, further increasing the accuracy of the translations. This is a great day indeed and for all of us, please continue to support us in this work, keep on fighting everybody!
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Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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Hi all. Thank you for your patience. We are entering yet into another new season and it is my pleasure to serve as your translator once again. The chapters are growing in length which certainly contributes to a longer publishing time. Please find the following link that will take you to the latest uploaded PDF of the translated texts.

Season 35 [Soaring Eagle experience: the recovery pattern, medical fees, guide for recovery from chronic prostatitis] part 1/3


The formula for rebooting success = higher awareness + strong vigilance. I hope that everyone is persistent in studying rebooting articles in addition to raising vigilance. Try to avoid alcohol at all cost for alcohol invites lust. After drinking the level of determination will be non-existent

which easily leads to relapses. In TCM it is mentioned that sexual debauchery combined with alcohol consumption greatly damages the body, therefore, avoid alcohol at all cost.

Many brothers have relapsed due to drinking alcohol, I will again emphasize it here in order to capture everybody’s attention. In addition, one also needs to raise the vigilance after taking traditional Chinese medicine, this is because many medicines will have the property of inducing desire which leads to relapses.

I have discovered a pattern when reading through the cases of late; many brothers are not seriously damaged and therefore they are not rebooting firmly enough. Small crisis in the body induces small efforts of restraint, big crisis induces big efforts of restraint. Many brothers’ determination is not big enough, this is actually intricately connected with their experience of symptoms. Brothers whose essences are seriously damaged will have an easier time of being greatly determined to reboot because he knows that if he does not reboot he is finished. Many symptoms that are induced by masturbation cannot be treated in the hospitals, only by being persistent in rebooting is there the hope of making a true recovery.

Brothers who have sustained heavy damage have an easier time of entering the state of quietude in order to study rebooting articles. Because he has deep experiences before studying rebooting articles, his level of comprehension will be greater.

In addition, brothers who have sustained heavy damage regards rebooting articles as “life-saving straw”, therefore, they are in a better position compared to regular brothers.

In contrast, many brothers have not sustained a heavy injury, they have not experienced many symptoms and have never really become afraid following masturbation, they are only seeking a balance between relapses and masturbation and so are not ruthless in rebooting. These brothers are like frogs in the boiling pot, swimming comfortably in the lukewarm waters. What awaits him is nothing but calamity, only that he has not realized that symptoms are waiting for him not far away. As long as he indulges in himself he will approach that critical point of symptom eruption, once past that critical point the symptoms will come out to harass him. If this person has a certain level of awareness and good karma, he will surely awaken immediately, just like the frog who has been awakened by the hot water. When the water is still lukewarm, when you are explaining the harmful effects to him is like casting pearls before the swine. The ignorant person does not fear, he will not retrace his steps until he has hit the wall, this is perhaps the weakness of human nature. I frequent the rebooting forums, indeed I have seen many cases of “sudden awakening”, one could say that they appear once in every couple of days, sometimes they appear daily. In a nutshell, one can say that they have become afraid to masturbate. Upon continuing indulgences and after passing that critical point, all symptoms will come out, frightening him to death, life will be under deep distress. Only then will he be determined to reboot because he has realized that if he does not stop now he will be finished, he has already been pushed to the edge of the cliff by the symptoms, if he does not stop now he will reach self-destruction. People who are truly wise will realize the danger of masturbation through ceaseless studying, they are not forced to the realization by the emergence of symptoms. However, wise people are always few in number, I admit that I was not wise when I started to reboot, only after becoming miserable by the symptoms did I become greatly determined to reboot. The saying goes of learning from one’s mistakes, wise people will be able to learn from other people’s mistakes. Therefore, I advocate reading more cases, by looking at more cases will one foresee the consequences from self-indulgence, from there one is in a better position to alert oneself.

In rebooting, there are 3 types of people:
1. Determines to reboot before the appearance of symptoms: people of high realization.
2. Starts to reboot once symptoms start to appear: people of medium realization.
3. Still not awake even though symptoms have already appeared: people of low realization.

In terms of rebooting, we should all be people of high realization, be a wise person. We should foresee the serious symptoms before they appear, seeking luck and avoiding calamity in the process.

If a wise person tells you that you will have neurosis if you masturbate for 10 more times, would you still dare to masturbate? Look at more cases and you will become your own wise person.

In the below I still share 2 cases:

1. [Teacher, during the past weeks I would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, I’m totally helpless, I would like to ask what is wrong. Previously this has never happened to me, I lean towards a vegetarian diet and prioritize slow jog as exercise, I go to bed at around 11, before I do so I would drink some milk and eat some bread and biscuits, where has it gone wrong?]
Answer: There are many reasons which contribute to sleeping problems, I would advise you to sleep earlier during the evening. Try to avoid sweating a lot when you are jogging, he who sweats loses essence. Too much sweating injures the body and will also affect the quality of sleep. Of course, when these kinds of problem appear, it is also related to the season. I advise you to cultivate quietness during the evening, you may do health cultivation qigong, keep on fighting!

Analysis: Health cultivation advocates “no leaking through the skin” during the winter season, avoid a large amount of sweating, minor sweating is fine for young people. Many brothers have not realized the importance of sweating, they know that exercise is beneficial to the recovery of the body and so they exercise and sweat a lot every day, in doing so, the body will also gradually weaken. It is also not advised to sweating a lot by soaking the feet in hot water every day. TCM talks about the slowing of decay through movement and the raising of yang through movement, but specifically, on how to move and how much to move, there are things to be particular about in these topics. The saying goes that too much is as bad as not enough. If too much exercise is at hand, the body will also become negatively affected. The specific intensity of the exercise may be adjusted based upon the reaction of the body. The intensity is not fixed and may be adjusted according to one’s own physical reactions. If you feel very tired after exercising and the body does not recover well, it means that the intensity is a bit high. If on the next day you feel the Spirit be very good, then the intensity is about right. The intensity may be adjusted at any time according to one’s own physical reactions. Slowly, through trial and error, you will gradually get to know how much exercise is suitable for yourself and what is most suitable to one’s health. Since ancient times, medicines have been passed on but not the level of intensity, few people are aware of the intensity, it can only be known through many experiments by the self. Let us become sensitive exercisers and not blind ones.

2. [Hello, I’m 31 years old, I have been masturbating for over a decade. Although married, I continue to masturbate. Previously I have suffered from poor memory, poor concentration, very oily head and hair, easily fatigued, hesitation in doing things, hunchback, easily anxious, engaging in fantasies, premature ejaculation, serious sexual fantization. But I was not aware of the danger from masturbation, I have even purchased sex. A month ago I started to get a severe headache, tinnitus and a feeling of disgust, this is followed by dryness in the eyes, discomfort in the throat, heavy chest with shortness of breath, pain in the hands and the feet. I have even quit my job. These symptoms are more pronounced during the evenings. Afterward, the symptoms became better, I have found a TCM doctor for treatment. Now I’m eating reasonably, I jog daily during the mornings, in the evenings I take a walk, I take TCM medicine and eat fruits, my diet is also quite light! But in recent days my stomach is not firm with the presence of light pain, sometimes to the left side and sometimes to the right side, sometimes at the navel, all in all in the vicinity. Every day the pain would occur several times and then disappear on its own, not sure what the cause is? How long will it take for my body to recover? How should I live my sex life? I’m married after all! Thanks!]

Answer: yes, one can consider that your symptoms are showing signs of neurosis, autonomic disorders can also be considered. Masturbation will injure the nerves, you may take a look at season 30, it talks about neurosis. The pain that you are experiencing is moving pain, I have also experienced this. Normally, it will take over a year of rebooting and health cultivation to recover from neurosis. I recommend you to properly repent and then vow to reboot, otherwise, it will be very difficult to recover from the symptoms. Taking TCM medicine alone is not sufficient. Now that you have been injured to such a degree, I recommend you to talk it over with your wife and then begin to reboot and cultivate the health. Cultivate the health until you are completely well and then live out a moderate sex life, otherwise, going after quick pleasure will waste oneself. Because many brothers are not aware of rebooting and health cultivation, neurosis still does not recover after 5 years or even a decade or more. Keep on fighting!

Analysis: This is a typical case. When neurosis appears it is basically like to be tormented by ghosts. Many people become fearful and develop hypochondria, the personality will also undergo big changes. People in the surrounding will have a hard time understanding his feelings, only fellow patients may understand. You can imagine, a dozen or several dozen symptoms takings turns in tormenting you, that feeling is not humane. Neurosis is a dividing range for those suffering from essence damage, it is very destructive towards the body and the mind. Many neurosis sufferers opt for suicide, many patients would use the following words to describe neurosis “death is preferable to living”. Only those people with deep experiences will understand that kind of feeling, death is indeed preferable to living, it is symptoms of hell. In this week I have seen 5 brothers who have encountered neurosis due to masturbation, I think there are more people given that I do not read every post. Among the illnesses that are induced by masturbation, neurosis is one of the more serious ones. Brothers who have not had neurosis should get to know this disease, they should remind themselves from time to time that if you continue to indulge yourself, one day you will end up suffering like him. It is critical to alert oneself through the lessons of other people. One should learn the lessons from the mistakes of one’s predecessors. To wait until the emergence of symptoms is great suffering, it is very slow to recover from neurosis.

We will enter into the main topic in the below.

In this season we will talk about the recovery pattern, medical fees and guide for recovery from chronic prostatitis in detail, the specifics can be found below:

If you want to recover better, you should know about the recovery pattern. In the recovery process of the body, there will emerge symptoms of withdrawal, repeated symptoms and other forms of issues, you should know these through experiences and studies. (Translator’s note: recall that repeated symptoms is a repeat of earlier symptoms that one has previously encountered as a result of masturbation, this is different from withdrawal symptoms which only occurs when one has stopped PMO). Otherwise, many brothers will relapse as soon as repeated symptoms show up. This is because they are still relatively ignorant, they are unsure of themselves when it comes to issues that show up during reboot. Once in panic and in doubt, it is immediately followed by relapse.

[Recovery pattern]: Starts to reboot -> withdrawal symptoms (appears within a month) -> period for repeated symptoms (appears after a few months of rebooting) -> persists in rebooting and health cultivation (including active treatment) -> reduced frequency in repeated symptoms -> approaching recovery -> recovery.

I have specifically talked about withdrawal reactions in my previous article. The emergence of withdrawal reactions may cause rookies to doubt, but as long as they are given the reason behind it, they will regain their confidence and properly reboot. Rebooting veterans should therefore timely let the rookies know about withdrawal reactions and eliminate their doubt. Repeated period, on the other hand, has been experienced by nearly every brother in their recovery process. It can be said that repeated period cannot be avoided in the path towards recovery, especially for brothers with a long history of damaging their essences. With a history of damaging the essences for many years, to achieve complete recovery within a few months of time is not realistic. The emergence of repeated symptoms during rebooting is also very normal, this happens for instance after staying up late during the night, sitting down for long periods of time, after being fatigued, after being angry, over-exercising, not paying attention to the diet, following nocturnal emission, seasonal factors etc, all of the mentioned may induce repeated symptoms. When these symptoms appear, do not be worried. Take care to rest and cultivate for a few days and it will normally pass. I very much emphasize health cultivation, the more properly the health is being cultivated the less chance it is of encountering repeated symptoms. Slowly, you will realize that your health is becoming ever better, repeated symptoms become ever fewer, you are nearing recovery in this way. Keep reinforcing the results in recovery and you will be able to completely heal. Of course, once healed you may not become careless, one must still persist in health cultivation. The human body will need frequent maintenance, otherwise, it will depreciate very rapidly.

Many brothers are very troubled by repeated symptoms. What we need to do is to summarize the causes, why do repeated symptoms occur, one must find the cause and take care to avoid it in the future. This is actually a process of repeated trials, constantly making mistakes, constantly summarizing, constantly avoiding mistakes, constantly improving in this manner and greatly reducing the chance of encountering repeated symptoms. Do fewer things which reduces the health and do more of those things which boost it, do more health cultivating things and less health-damaging things. Slowly, the state of the health will become stabilized, the occurrence of repeated symptoms will naturally decrease by a lot.

Knowing the pattern for recovery, one will then not panic in the recovery process. Especially when symptoms repeat themselves, many brothers go in disarray which is followed by relapse. Correctly recognizing the pattern of recovery, correctly recognizing withdrawal symptoms and the period for repeated symptoms, properly reboot and cultivate the health, avoid factors that would induce repeated symptoms. Slowly, the state of the health will become ever more stable, the emergence of repeated symptoms will become ever less.

Those brothers who do not understand health cultivation share 2 characteristics in the recovery process:
1. The rate of recovery is very slow, the recovery fails to meet expectations after more than a year of rebooting.
2. The chances of encountering repeated symptoms is high, symptoms always comes back, this makes us lose a lot of confidence.
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part 2/3

I advise our numerous brothers to make sure to put in enough effort in health cultivation. When the awareness for cultivation is raised, recovery will naturally be guaranteed, the number of repeated symptoms recurrences will also greatly decrease.

Another sentence that I would like to share with everybody is this: during rebooting, do not break the reboot no matter what happens! I have told brother 小龙, during the booting process we will run into all kinds of problems, they will make us doubt, but no matter what, do not break the reboot! When doubts arise it is only that we have not figured something out temporarily, having a person of understanding to help us rid the doubt will enable our confidence to rise once again.

Below we will talk about medical expenses.

When symptoms appear it is all about money, masturbation leads directly to the hospital, rebooting is to save medical expenses.

I will first share 15 cases with everybody:

Case 1. I’m 21 this year and in my 4th year of university. Currently, I’m battling with my postgraduate exam which is due in less than 90 days. In the past 2 months I’m weak and ridden with illnesses, I’m severely kidney deficient, hair is falling out, all sorts of chronic illnesses, chronic gastritis and cervical spondylosis all have come to knock on the door. Every month my medical bill cost over a thousand RMB, I’m suffering from the abuse of illness pains every day. After determining to reboot I have a relapse again and again, my mind is extremely dark and depressed…

Case 2. I asked the doctor on how much longer I will need to take medication, he said other 2-3 weeks! In this week my medical fees have risen to 700 RMB! Out of that, 160 is in registering fees and the rest is in medicines, really expensive!

Case 3. Look for yourselves on whether or not taking medicine makes the body worse off. Medicines have side effects, doing different check-ups wounds the body. While doctors nowadays often lack moral, medical fees are expensive, I have spent at least 30 000 RMB on medical fees but the effect is less than from reading a few pages of articles from Soaring Eagle.

Case 4. I have gotten a month worth of medicine for 1 000 RMB, it is truly using the money to buy lessons. The consequences of masturbation are to enter the hospital. When essence is depleted people are no more, this is not some painless moans from bored people. Too much masturbation will induce mental illnesses! Insomnia, depression, anxiety, all sorts of symptoms and ending with schizophrenia! So far, my medical expenses in treating insomnia, including loss of working time is already over 20 000 RMB! A youth of only 22 years, going to the mental hospital in order to fetch medicine, without even a girlfriend! It is really a huge failure! I have nearly died due to insomnia depression! I hope that this great ordeal of an illness will alert myself and change my life! Control destiny with one’s own hands! Keep on fighting! One way is death! The other way is to cut out masturbation! Let oneself choose one!

Case 5. From beginning to end I have spent 10 000 RMB in medical fees, I have taken Chinese traditional medicine for half a year. All in all, I have gone through 2 TCM clinics and have seen 4-5 TCM doctors, old TCM experts would charge 100 RMB per visit. The doctor felt my pulse and right away said I had kidney deficiency, qi deficiency, spleen deficit and a whole bunch of deficiencies. The doctor warned me that I must go to bed at 10 pm. However, I did not improve all this time, although I now have timely meals, my weight has gone up almost 10 kilos. But my body is not able to recover to its normal state, I feel very helpless. I don’t know when I will get well. I’m almost at the age where I should be considering marriage, my body is still in such a bad state. To be honest, I have let my parents down.

Case 6. First of all my memory has markedly deteriorated. If things were like they were before, all it took is one glance or to hear once before I could remember everything. But now things need to be repeated several times with even a chance for me to remember it. Another thing is that frequent masturbation will increase the chances of catching chronic prostatitis! This is the thread owner’s own experience… It is because the inability of the thread owner to withstand temptations that he frequently masturbated, and so one day when he was doing a check-up at the hospital they diagnosed him with prostatitis! And so he had to spend over 10 000 RMB in treatment fees.

Case 7. I had masturbated for 10 years when I got married. You can say that my married life was harmonious, only that there is a slight problem of premature ejaculation and sore waist following ejaculation, but they are not serious, although there was no change as to their frequency. Following the widespread of computers and the internet nowadays, it is easy to be tempted by pictures and videos and so I frequently sexual fantasize. I masturbate once every 10 days. After having masturbated for 13 years I wanted to have a child, when I checked myself at the hospital it was discovered that the vitality of my sperm was low. After having spent nearly 2 years of TCM treatment and 20 000 RMB, I had a healthy and lively daughter at last.

Case 8. After having masturbated for 5 months I started to get breakouts on my face, after the 6th month the breakouts were all over my face, on my chest, on my back, and on my forearms. Moreover, I have employed all forms of treatments, all in all, I have spent over 20 000 RMB in treatment fees.

Case 9. Reboot early, get well early, reboot late, difficult to recover, poor life with many diseases and early demise! Since at a few years old I was affected by pornographic movies and learned to masturbate. But at the time I did not masturbate frequently. When I entered puberty I started to use computers and started to masturbate frequently. Nowadays I have hair loss, easily sweats, cold limbs and I’m very afraid of cold! My concentration is poor, my kidney deficiency is severe! I have prostatitis, inflammation in the throat, lungs and stomach, frequent urination, delayed urination, insomnia, depression, I have even thought about suicide. When I turned 19 I determined to reboot. During these periods I have spent 20 000 RMB in treating prostatitis. Whenever it is autumn and winter my hands and feet turn ice cold, masturbation lethally harms! Both my dad and my granddad are warm all over their bodies except for me. I’m not even on par with an elderly person, how can the eager me endure such difficulty?

Case 10. My history of masturbation stretches back for 10 years, I have even masturbated for up to 5 times a day. I have had 7 years of frequent urination, urgent urination, incomplete urination, I urinate 3-5 times during the night. I’m only 23 years old, I have never undergone apparatus inspection, only having had my pulse checked. Now it has been diagnosed at the 民营 hospital in Chongqing that I had chronic bacterial prostatitis. I have done the form of operation where they stick a tube into the penis several times, each time it costs 2400 RMB for a total of 5 times in addition to taking some medicine. I have spent 15 000 RMB without much effect.

Case 11. Is premature ejaculation easy to treat? Is prostatitis not easily treatable? I have spent 20 000 - 30 000 RMB without getting well, there is no cure right now.

Case 12. I have prostatitis since 3 years back, at the time I went to 仁济 for treatment, I spent almost 10 000 RMB from doing prostate ablation in addition to red light therapy. I underwent over 10 days of intravenous drip, this was repeated time and time again, I was never cured of the root. Lately, I had lower abdominal pains, I went to the hospital for a color ultrasound, the result was that I had chronic prostatitis.

Case 13. Which male hospitals are good at Chaozhou? I have spent over 10 000 RMB in treating prostatitis at 人民 hospital, it has since a month and I’m still not well, getting emotional here!

Case 14. My chronic prostatitis was induced by masturbation. 2 years ago I almost recovered after spending 20 000 RMB at the male hospital in treatment fees, now it has relapsed! If I only rely on inflammatory drugs and Chinese medicine, will I get well? Im only 22, unmarried. Yesterday I went to the male hospital and the doctor again told me that it was very serious, he said something about white blood cells with 3 + and a lack of lecithin.

Case 15. I have had prostatitis for quite a few years now. I have been to Xian, Beijing and many hospitals and have spent over 100 000 RMB! But nothing could cure me, I want to try Shanghai, not sure if there are any good foreign-invested hospitals over there?

There is a very classical statement when it comes to treating chronic prostatitis: the money is gone but the illness remains. This is simply too big of an insult. Doctors nowadays only cure the body but not the mind. Good doctors should let the patient become aware of the dangers of masturbation. Or else by letting you take medicine and become better temporarily, the illness then relapses after masturbation. In this way, the hospital is making money but it is too painful from the perspective of the patient.

In addition, I recommend not to visit male hospitals. Prostatitis is their main source of income, once you enter you might be diagnosed with an illness despite being healthy, minor illnesses might be exaggerated into something very serious. The way that male hospital makes income is to first scare the patient, once you are scared then it easy to extract the money, a whole bunch of diagnosis fees and treatment fees. One thing worth mentioning is all the new types of treatment devices, they come in all sort of names and they are all high tech. One treatment costs several thousands of RMB, squeezing money off the patient, several thousand is a small sum, normally they will squeeze for over 10 000 RMB. It’s a pity that many patients don’t know what has happened to their bodies, nor do they know what is causing prostatitis, they are purely lambs to the slaughter. I recommend prostatitis patients to turn to the big standard hospitals if they want treatment. Otherwise the money is being spent in vain, remember at all cost!

After reading the cases, everybody should know that masturbation induces many forms of illnesses. Money does not have to be spent on prostatitis alone. After masturbation, immune system decreases. Symptoms may appear with digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. Even if you go to the big standard hospitals, treatment fees with being substantial, several thousand to tens of thousands RMB is very common. Rubbing the penis is not for free, one will know after having visited the hospital, what is being rubbed is not the penis but medical bills.

The latter of the 15 cases are about prostatitis, this should be apparent. These patients are still in a state of ignorance, they have no idea of what’s going on, only that they should go to the hospital for treatment but they are not aware of the root of the issue. In reality, prostatitis cannot be treated, it will only temporarily heal, prostatitis can only be healed through cultivation. When the symptoms emergence, one must learn how to reboot and cultivate the health. Rebooting and health cultivation is the foundation to complete recovery, or else it is like building a house on sand, there is no foundation whatsoever, it will collapse at any time. Sadly, many prostatitis patients are not aware of this principle. I have summarized an experience: to truly recover from prostatitis, one must first come to reason, failure to understand the reason, one could expect temporary recover at the most. If one does not pay attention to health cultivation and does not understand the importance of rebooting and essence conservation, prostatitis will very much likely to relapse. The relapse rate for prostatitis is over 90%, everyone should know the reason behind it. It is because the vast majority of the people have not come to reason whatsoever, without a shred of rebooting and health cultivation awareness.

Quite a few brothers have reported the outbreak of symptoms following masturbation and the inability to save money, opening up the money flow like opening a tap. Ordinary brothers would at least spend several hundred to several thousand in treatment fees, some spend over ten thousand, I have also seen quite a few cases of spending over a hundred thousand, especially for neurosis patients, it is very common for medical bills to end up in the tens of thousands. For some brothers, diagnosis fees alone is in the tens of thousands, not including registering fee and medical fees. The money has already been spent, it is fine if the illness has been cured, but the reality is that after spending the money and taking the medicine, recovery is not guaranteed, why is that? Because he is still indulging, still masturbating, still leaking, not paying attention to health cultivation. The efficiency of treatment via medicine is vastly discounted, the efficiency can in no way be guaranteed. Unfortunately, many brothers still don’t understand this principle, their way of thinking is to seek the doctor when there is illness followed by medication and recovery. They have placed all the precious things onto the doctor, relying on medicine for everything, relying on the doctor for everything, this way of thinking is completely wrong. Without the rebooting and health cultivation awareness, it is very difficult for symptoms to truly go away, the chance of relapses will be very high. Many brothers have become return guests of hospitals, they frequently visit the hospitals but with all of their symptoms still intact, if he is able to come to reason, the result will not be like this. Ignorance is very scary, it will induce foolish actions. If you have come to reason, you will discover how outrageously wrong you have been.

People worry about the many diseases out there, doctors worry about the few methods of treating diseases” from [扁鹊仓公列传]

I think this is a very good sentence by 扁鹊, the doctor needs to understand a lot, being suburb in his craft, high in medical ethics, only this way will he bring good news to the patient. I think the “few methods of treating” is also applicable for the patient, 30% in treatment and 70% in cultivation. Nowadays when many patients become sick they all know to go to the hospital for treatment, but the importance lies in the self, the key is in 70% cultivation. After all, many diseases are chronic and are not a mere cold, it cannot be cured by a few pills. Yet many patients are in a mental state of ignorance, knowing and understanding too little about health cultivation. If his symptoms are to disappear under these circumstances it is very difficult. We should not put all our expectations onto the doctor, we need to become qualified patients ourselves, a patient who understands health cultivation, God helps he who helps himself!

In health cultivation, the foremost is “treasuring essence, conserving essence”, TCM mentions: when the kidney qi is abundant, a hundred illness is eliminated, when the kidney qi is deficient, a hundred illness acts as bullies. To cultivate the health one must cultivate the kidneys, to cultivate the kidneys one must cultivate the essence. The person who is well adapted to health cultivation must esteem conservation! It is very sad when one does not understand essence conservation! Taking in medicine on one hand while shedding on the other hand, this is great taboo in treating diseases.

Lastly, let’s talk about a guide to recovery from chronic prostatitis.

Due to the request from a brother, we will again talk about recovering from prostatitis in this season.

If chronic prostatitis is serious, one needs to combine with active treatment while keeping the condition under check with medicine. Do not under any circumstance expect a complete recovery from taking medicine, one may temporarily recover at the most. It has been said in the rebooting forums that Chinese herbal medicine will be able to cure prostatitis, the cure that was mentioned is an only a temporary cure. If you do not understand rebooting and health cultivation, there is a high chance for relapses. Taking medicine in treating prostatitis is very important but it is not crucial, the crucial part is “treating the mind”, let the patient come to reason, let the patient realize the importance of rebooting and health cultivation. Or else by temporarily healing him, many people will still relapse, this way of healing is actually a failure as it ignores the transformation of thoughts with the patients.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on November 21, 2018, 02:38:41 PM
part 3/3

In the below I will expound on the key to recovery:

1. Exercise. There are lots of benefits to moderate aerobic exercises, it may raise the body’s immunity, promote blood circulation in the body, it is very favorable for the alleviation of prostatitis symptoms. Brothers who have a habit of exercising will recover much more quickly compared to those brothers who stay up during the night and sits for long durations at a time. Naturally, over-exercising is not to be desired as it will induce a weakening in the body’s immunity. Therefore, one must manage the intensity of exercise just like cooking a meal, when the fire is too large, the food is fried or becomes too tough, it no longer tastes good. Exercising too much will have the opposite to the intended effect.

2. Excellent working and resting habits. Do not over-fatigue on a regular basis, pay attention to cultivating the Spirit, do your best to go to bed before 11 pm, my recommended bedtime is around 10 pm.

3. Excellent dietary habits. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, eat spicy food. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, keep a light diet.

4. Avoid sitting for long durations. Research has shown, due to occupational reasons, taxi drivers are among the group with the highest rate of prostatitis. There are many harms to sitting for long durations, therefore, try to get up and move around every 40 minutes.

5. Avoid coming in contact with cold and catching a cold as much as possible. Coming in contact with cold allows for the emergence of prostatitis relapse. When the body is cold, many brothers would have frequent urination.

6. Do not hold in the urine, by doing this it is very much possible to cause an aggravation of prostatitis. Some patient experience a sudden aggravation to their prostatitis because they had previously held in the urine for a few hours while sitting in a vehicle.

7. Mood management. It is crucial to keep a good state of mentality. TCM mentions that the 7 emotions lead to illness. Adverse emotions may cause an aggravation of prostatitis symptoms.

8. Moderate water intake. Moderate intake of water may alleviate prostatitis symptoms, I believe that many brothers have such an experience.

9. Health cultivation practice. Health cultivation practices have a positive meaning for the recovery of chronic prostatitis, one may choose a suitable practice and do it regularly. Kidney strengthening exercises, standing qigong etc are all very good.

10. Keep away from the theory of needing to discharge semen at regular intervals. This theory has confused many people, it has also harmed many people, even many doctors advocate this theory. This shakes many peoples’ positions. In the sphere of prostatitis, this theory has received approval from many patients but I’m absolutely opposed to it. How is the semen to be discharged, through masturbation or lovemaking, the patient already has a weakened body and yet still is to discharge semen, is this not making matters worse? Moreover, to glorify discharging poison (Translator’s note: discharging poison here is synonymous to discharging semen), this is actually an excuse for indulgence, have you really got so much poison, if the prostate has that much poison then how are monks to survive? According to my research, the reason to why so many people think that it is not good to hold it in, expelling is comfortable is due to the inadequate cultivation of the mind. If the cultivation of the mind is adequate then there will be no issue of holding it in. Holding it in is indeed not good, it easily induces inflammations, sexual fantization alone will induce repeated symptoms with the prostate. Therefore, when rebooting, we must pay attention to mind cultivation, otherwise, issues will easily arise due to sexual fantization. Sexual fantization is in the invisible form of leaking, essence leaves when the mind wanders, we must put a stop to the attacks from sexual fantization. Of course, the bacterial form of prostatitis should be actively treated and not alleviated through the discharge of semen. The temporary alleviation that you receives from discharging semen will only sink you into the vicious spiral of evil habit. In this aspect it is similar to taking drugs, taking drugs temporarily offers alleviation from uncomfortable feelings, but it will only continuously hook you, at last, you are unable to extricate yourself, in the feeling it will induce more serious forms of prostatitis. Therefore, everybody should have the correct understanding when it comes to the issue of discharging semen, otherwise, the stance towards rebooting will be easily swayed. Our rebooting efforts must be firm, determined and complete! Abstinence without sexual fantization is harmless to the body, everybody must recognize this clearly.


Properly reboot and cultivate the health today, cultivate the body until it has fully recovered, live out a moderate sex life post marriage, this is the correct path. Otherwise, by going through treatment on one side while leaking essences on the other side, at most it will only bring you temporary recovery. As long as you continue to indulge, prostatitis might relapse not long afterward. Many people say that they have been cured, this is actually false, look at how long he has been cured, as long as he has not clearly understood the issue of discharging essence, sooner or later the disease will return. One must understand the importance of essence conservation, low essence precedes diseases are real, it is not false! It is possible for prostatitis to fully recover, the prerequisite is to come to reason, one must understand the principle, there can be no error in the guiding thought!

I will recommend 5 books:
1. [觉海慈航], the reach of this book among Buddhist books is quite broad these days. It is very good when it comes to instructing beginners. Inside there are answers to various kinds of common questions. If you have Buddhist karma and wants to learn about Buddhism, I recommend this book to you.

2. [犹太人为什么聪明], this is a book that I’m recently reading. As everyone knows, the group of people that wins the most Nobel prizes are the Jews. The Jews is an ethnic group that with an extremely strong desire for knowledge and strongly emphasizes a life with belief. Their everyday actions are patterned by 613 monastic disciplinary rules, among the rules are also strict commandments towards sex. The high IQ among Jewish people has a biological basis, TCM: to the above, the kidneys are connected to the brain. Brothers with a bit a common sense should know that masturbation or other forms of indulgence will lead to a great decline in brain power. If there are lots of people who indulge in an ethnic group, then the average IQ of that group will decrease.

3. [大道显隐:李经梧太极人生], with skills approaching the Dao, Taichi boxing is cultural boxing, it is a form of boxing with a very deep level of cultural substance. I have studied the theory of Taichi boxing and have found out that the famous Tachi boxers are all very knowledgeable in the way of health cultivation. Basically, all of them have read I Ching and the Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor, they have basically mastered the health cultivation theories. The three energies of Chinese medicine, health cultivators call them the 3 treasures of the human body. These 3 treasures are particularly treasured among the famous Taichi boxers. In comprehending this book, one may learn about the principles of human conduct as well as the principles of health cultivation. Of course, one may also learn about the essential theory of Taichi boxing, then you will discover that all of this is interconnected with rebooting, it will also act as a good guide for your rebooting process.

4. [思考中医], authored by 刘力红. Due to the author’s passion and persistence towards TCM, he has committed himself to the interpretation and research of [伤寒杂病论] as well as to the research into hard-to-treat illnesses. In order to avoid crypticism, the author has strived to combine scholarship with interest. The scope of the book goes beyond the research of [伤寒杂病论], it is an example of the integration between case features and academic discipline. I have read the book several times, in every read, there is something to learn. I recommend everybody to have a look, opening this book will be beneficial.

5. [中医火神派医案全解], 张存悌 as editor in chief, the school of Vulcan is an important school of medicine founded by the famous Sichuan doctor 郑钦安 at the end of the Qing dynasty. Vulcanism is well known for its expertise in monkshood, it possesses a very distinctive academic quality. Medical cases from 20 famous doctors are included in this book and are very much worse a read. I have read this book relatively early and have come to like to personally, brothers with an interest may take a look.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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Hi all. I hope everybody has had a good Holiday and are ready to tackle the challenges of 2019, looking forward to fighting alongside you!

Season 36 [Soaring Eagle experience: Reiterate the harmful effects of masturbation] part 1/6

These days the Jiese forms have been developing very fast, there are about 500 members joining every day. We have more than fifty thousand members now(During the time this was written, now the forums have over four million members). It’s fantastic that we now have grown to have such a huge scale and momentum. Thinking back to the beginning there were only about five hundred users, I felt like it hasn’t been easy. We couldn't have gone this far without having our fellow brothers spreading awareness and our moderators working diligently. Everything we do is our responsibility. The Jiese forum is filled with positive energy, a stream of overwhelming righteousness. On Jiese forums you can obtain lots of knowledge in a positive rebooting environment and get lots of emotional support. Experienced brothers will tell you that breaking the reboot is not the end of the world, one must realize the importance of study for raising the level of awareness. Only when our level of awareness is adequate we can defeat the temptation demon. One has many things to study for during the reboot, therefore it is not easy. Many brothers tend to become prideful and conceited during the flatline period; they may think rebooting is easy. After the flatline period follows the peak relapse period, that’s when the temptation demon will rise. Many experienced members suffered from such instances, they’ve seen how regretful one can feel after breaking the reboot. Therefore they will always tell the new members to raise awareness and don’t celebrate too early. We must maintain a high level of awareness every day of the reboot, otherwise, a relapse is imminent even after hundreds of days of rebooting.

Below are two case studies:

1, “Big brother Soaring Eagle, my erection was fine before the reboot, after the reboot I experienced erectile dysfunction, now I’m scared.”

Analysis: I have mentioned the problem of recurring symptoms during a previous season. New members must create the habit of studying rebooting material. Without studying one won’t be aware; only through studying one can raise the level of awareness. Just like driving; if one doesn’t study and apply, how does one know the rules of the road and hone one’s skills behind the wheel? Brothers will run into many problems after rebooting. I have answered several thousand questions and I must say that many brother’s problems are similar; such as the issue of recurring symptoms, lack of erection in the morning and low sex drive. Such symptoms are common when it comes to brothers who are just starting rebooting, such symptoms all belong to the category of recurring symptoms. Most doctors don’t understand recurring symptoms during reboot, therefore if you go to them, they will treat it as sickness and give you prescription medicine. Stay calm when recurring symptoms occur; pay attention to health cultivation and do the right amount of exercise. Only then sexual functions can be restored. Some fellow brothers will get frightened when they realize they no longer have a desire. Once fear arises, one will tend to panic and look for suggestive material in order to restore a strong desire! This is one way to get trapped in the vicious cycle; many brothers lose control and relapse consecutively; self-regret will soon follow. After a relapse, one must get into the habit of analyzing the reason and learn from the loss, also write and share the experience. A more successful reboot will be insured this way. Also, keep up with the study of rebooting materials so one can have a more thorough understanding of problems and symptoms that will occur during rebooting. This is to keep misunderstandings to a minimum and have a solid foundation to rebooting. Otherwise one’s belief will be unstable and therefore increase the chance of a relapse. Just to reiterate, rebooting is not easy, one must keep up the study rebooting material to reboot more professionally. Rebooting blindly or use the brute force method will result in failure!

2, I’ve seen many case about negative emotions causing physical symptoms in someone. In season 30 you mentioned that neurosis is not simply “created” in the mind. So am I able to recover from my mental handicaps from rebooting? Since these mental issues started to appear due to PMO, I can stop further development by rebooting, but can rebooting completely cure my mental issues? My determination is not strong; I easily relapse when I’m in a bad mood.

Reply: In the past, I’ve systematically studied neurosis. I also felt what’s like to have neurosis, therefore the chances of having neurosis by “thinking” about it is slim. Most people who developed neurosis have an extremely weak body, bodily symptoms are aggravated after PMO, hence neurosis occured. That is to say, necrosis patients already have a weak body, which is caused by staying up at night, sitting down for long periods of time and evil debauchery. Traditional Chinese Medicine mentioned that one’s emotions will lead to sickness, but if one’s body is healthy symptoms will not arise. For instance, if one’s body is perfectly healthy, major problems won’t arise if one goes into a rage. If one’s body is weak, a session of rage will give rise to problems. Relapse due to bad mood, is included in my list of different causes of breaking the reboot. We must learn to manage and control our emotions during our reboot, one cannot afford to relapse due to bad mood, otherwise it will be easy to fall back to the vicious cycle. **Wise people in history once said: No weakness, wind and cold will be repelled. That is to say, a strong immune system will protect one from illness. Let’s just say a group of people stand together in a blizzard, some of them will catch a cold while others remain healthy. Once the body is weakened, symptoms will be aggravated with negative stimulation. The issue of neurosis follows the same principle. Those who are healthy will not develop neurosis. Only when we continue to deplete ourselves while the kidney essence is weak, symptoms are more likely to occur. Fight on!

Analysis: neurosis is generally categorized as a mental illness, such a classification could easily lead to misunderstandings. Not only it will create misunderstanding among the masses, it will also cause misunderstandings among patients. When we hear the term mental illness, we might think that the illness is only created in the our heads. I had the exact same thoughts before I developed neurosis. After developing neurosis, I did plenty of research and talked to thousands of patients. I came to a conclusion that neurosis cannot simply be made up in the mind. Instead, our mind and body is interconnected; those who has depleted their kidney essence will undergo changes in psychology and mood, they will tend to become irritable, lack of patience, self loath, and cowardly. Kidney governs fear; when the kidney is weak more people will tend to become more cowardly. At the time I felt constrained, paranoid and fearful. If I didn’t realize that such conditions were the consequence of a weakened kidney, I would still be trapped in the vicious circle; those who believe the misconception of mental illness is only “created” in the mind will take prescription medicine their whole life. Neurosis can be cured only when we realize the truth, therefore we must realize the importance of health cultivation. We must also realize the significance of preserving and protecting kidney essence. The phrase “illness arise from lack of essence” is said by the king of medicine Sun SiMiao from decades of experience. In fact we can see this happening when we have a weak kidney, we will tend to develop anxiety, depression, paranoia and distress. One will tend to think such emotions is created in the head, but in reality such psychological changes are caused by the lack of kidney essence. The lack of kidney essence is the root of the negative changes. On the other hand, if we have an abundance of kidney essence, all evil will be repelled. Since many brothers don’t realize the truth, they will never fully recover, even when they temporarily recover, symptoms will come back after indulgence. Neurosis patients will have hope of recovery in about a year if they understand the importance of health cultivation and rebooting. Otherwise, taking medicine alone cannot cure neurosis, many brothers who experienced neurosis will know that medicine can merely mitigate the symptoms. Rebooting and practicing health cultivation is the foundation of recovery, only when we continue to persevere there is hope for complete recovery. This is comparable to the construction of a house; only when the foundation is stable the house can be built. Essence, energy and spirit are the three treasures of the human body, if we don’t take care of our three treasures from health cultivation, recovery will be difficult. When your essence, energy spirit is fully preserved, many illness will go away themselves, mental disorders will also disappear. Just like when a thick layer of ice is not easily broken, but if you let it sit in the burning sun, it will melt by itself, it’s that simple; A through understanding and treatment can give us complete recovery. Contrastingly, a lack of understanding combined with treatment will be lead to a difficult recovery. Now that I recovered, my anxiety, fear, constriction, and paranoia completely disappeared, moreover my body has restored to a healthy state. To recap, I was able to achieve complete recovery from having a thorough understanding of the illness and walked out of the maze and found the key to recovery. I wish to share my experience to inform fellow brothers about various misconceptions in order for us to minimize detours in our journey of rebooting. I hope everyone can recover as fast as possible, and free ourselves from the pit of misery.

Going into the main article:

As of now I have wrote more than a dozen articles. In such articles I talked about various harm in regards to masturbation. In this season I want to summarize them and explain them systematically. I will include many cases from sufferers so the harm can be understood better; thus more persuasive. I hope to enlighten more brothers about the harmful effects of masturbation.

There are dozens of articles out there talking about the harm of PMO, many articles made very good points. But my article is derived from reading thousands of real cases and answering thousands of questions from sufferers of PMO addiction. This article will be extremely specific and systematic since it’s written from someone who has been through the process of rebooting with knowledge developed from a deep and thorough research on rebooting. In this article I will also include mindsets and thoughts I gathered from my personal rebooting journey.

Generally speaking, there are two major ways someone can get hurt. The first one would be a direct trauma such as a car crash, falling, fighting and various other accidents. Another way is boiling the frog in the pot method. One will be crippled before they even realize. This way of crippling can often feel somewhat comfortable. Let’s take eating sweets for instance, as kids our parents told us to eat less candy, now we know our teeth will erode before we realize if we eat too much candy. But there is a difference between eating sweets and masturbation: eating candy is not addictive while masturbation is highly addictive, almost as if “one you pop, you can’t stop”,one will be hooked right away. A brief sensation will cause us to lose control, it will cause us to get deeply attached to such a feeling. Then, we would pursue such a sensation but never satisfied, always wanting more. Almost every brother has been mislead by harmlessness theories in the past. The flaw in harmlessness theories is that it disregards the highly addictive nature of masturbation. This type of addiction is not only limited to the amount of physical acts, but it is also embedded in the mind; unable to control sexual fantasization, and fantasization is like a deranged wild horse. Many experienced brothers will know that sexual fantasization is the invisible form of leakage, which is also extremely damaging to the body. Under such a condition, those with a weak constitution will run into problems in about 2 years, serious problems in some cases. For those with good health, symptoms won’t be too severe but if one continue to indulge, a collapse in health in eminent. Especially after 40 the evil fruit of masturbation will seem ever so apparent. Many brothers said “I’ve ran into symptoms, I’ve tasted the bitterness of the evil fruit!” now they realize the harm of masturbation and only then they see the truth in the harmfulness of PMO. Sadly, many brothers see the harm in masturbation, yet they still stay in the boiling water like the frog in the boiling pot. As if they are possessed and unable to see the truth. Until these people developed severe health issues, they won’t ever wake up and face the truth.

The harm in masturbation is done to both the mind and the body. It will sabotage our health and destroy the mind. As our body start to suffer, our temperament will turn unpleasant, even to the point of developing many mental illnesses.

[Harm done to the urinary system]

The first body system masturbation will harm is the urinary system. Frequent urination, urination urgency, slow urination, urination delay, urinary retention and many other issues. Once prostatitis develops, life will be frustrating and difficult. Many brothers who contracted prostatitis often complain about thing like “frequent urination is driving me crazy!”. At night, frequent urination will affect the quality of sleep. Some brothers are unable to urinate in the bathroom while standing with their classmates. Such symptoms can easily cause many frustrations and headaches in our lives, but only the sufferer will know. A lot of students are afraid to tell their parents, so they keep it to themselves, due to frustration, they walk down the wrong path by trying to indulgence, soon they will feel regret and decide to reboot in order to find balance. Other people will go seek medical treatment to cure prostatitis but soon they will realize symptoms will persist if they PMO. Soon they go back to the hospital, but continue to PMO as symptoms reappear. Eventually they will feel despair since they spent all their money and yet symptoms still persist, why does the symptoms keep coming back?! Since they don’t understand, they will be mislead by the misconception that prostatitis is lifelong. What’s more tragic is when they choose to accept harmlessness in moderation as an excuse to indulge. Just like that some people sink deeper and deeper in the vicious cycle, in the end they are unable to pull themselves out. Therefore, misconceptions are dangerous, because wrong thoughts can easily mislead people into wrong actions. In the case above, a “lifelong” illness can be avoided by having the correct understanding. In reality, such a disease can be cured, to know that we must have the right understanding.

All the organs that belong to the urinary system such as(kidneys, ureter, bladder, urethra, prostate, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal pouch, testicles and so on) can all run into problems and negatively affect the entire system. Many brothers developed varicocele. Other urinary system illness such as testicular inflammation, urethritis, kidney stones, urinary tract stones are also commonly seen. It’s frightening how devastating masturbation can be for our urinary system. Masturbation can give us a variety of illness; one evil habit and hundreds of illness will arise. If we understand TCM, we will realize that most illnesses are closely related to kidney damage from PMO. When kidney essence and positive energy is present, all evil will be repelled. Illnesses will enter our body if the kidney essence is drained. When we add the effects of the environment and other factors, illness will easily arise. Such illness will make brothers feel pain beyond explanation, what’s worse is that it will be shameful if our friends and family find out, so many brothers keep it a secret and seek help online. Moreover, TTT and varicocele decrease the quality of the sperm, many brothers ran into problems such as infertility. In previous articles I’ve mentioned such cases and gave various examples on the harm of PMO. If you care about your life, you must pay attention to the study of essence preservation. Taking care of the quality of our sperm is taking responsibility for our descendants. Studies have found that those who indulge in PMO have poor sperm qualify, which can lead to infertility. Moreover, those who indulge are more likely to give birth to unhealthy children.

Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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Part 2/6

Related cases:

1, due to long exposure to PMO, I’ve contracted varicocele. My urinary problems includes: frequent urination, urination urgency, urination blockage. Other problems such as perineum and rectum soreness and inflammation, mild porn induced erectile dysfunction, severe premature ejaculation(around 2 minutes). I’m afraid of the cold, my hands and feet are always ice cold, my spirit is not very good, my temper is not good either, I am easily nervous, and my emotions are erratic.

2, I’ve been indulging in the bad habit of masturbation ever since middle school. Ever since middle school, I feel like I can’t completely empty my bladder. Because of that, I’m afraid to go to the bathroom with a group of people, therefore I often hold back my urine. During my sophomore year of highschool, I feel difficulty in urination, I always feel I can’t empty my bladder. Junior year I went to a doctor and took some medicine but were not optimal. Then I took other medicines for over a month with no luck so I stopped taking medicine. After a year and a half, freshman year of college, I got diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. Symptoms persisted after taking prescription drugs and herbal medicine, during this time I did not stop PMO, sometimes I would do it several times a day, other times once every two or three days. During the second semester of my sophomore year, I went for microwave therapy for my conditions. Although my final test results were basically satisfactory, I was given prescription medicine. Unfortunately I still have symptoms of frequent urination, urination urgency, scrotum dampness, itchy urethra, I still feel the need for urination after going to the bathroom I also suffer from penile discomfort.

3, I’ve had symptoms ever since 2004 but was oblivious. At that time, my hair gets easily dirty and is very oily. At the time I had a hard time focusing deeply on a subject. I wanted to sleep all the time and I thought it was due to the pressure of college and the lack of sleep; I didn’t recognize the real problem at the time. By 2005, frequent urination happened to me. I was diagnosed with prostate congestion. Since I continued to PMO, my illness developed into prostatitis. The doctor prescribed me prostate Antong tablets, I recovered a lot after taking them, so now I no longer need diagnosis. Due to essence depletion, my face is shriveled, thin and skinny with a yellow tint. Grey and yellow hair popped up, the texture of the hair turned messy, dirty and wilted. Physically, I can’t grow past 170cm, I developed a slight hunchback, I have a smaller testicles than people my age, my urine is bright yellow. Mentally, I feel self loathing, I shut myself in, I am easily angered, my head feels like it’s in a vacuum. I am unable to focus my attention on anything, and I have slow reaction speeds, I feel too lazy to think, I yawn immediately after reading a book, I also have low self control, low motivation, I don’t follow through with my plans, I prefer to be by myself and I’m uncomfortable when blown by a slight draft. Sexually, my back feels sour when I’m about to get an erection, my erection is soft. If I see or fantasize sexual content, my back will very sour. In the winter my hands and feet are ice cold, unable to be warmed up.

[Damaging effects of PMO to sexual functions]

There is no doubt that masturbation will weaken sexual functions. Some brothers wants an example, so here it is: let’s say you and I both buy a bicycle, you ride it very often so the condition of your bike drops from a 10/10 to a 3/10 with various rusted components that have been repaired many times. On the other hand, I barely ride my bike. I also take good care of the bike so he condition of my bike is a 9/10! Would you say that this is an example of the use and disuse theory? The Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor states: “Illnesses arise from overuse!” Most young people are very impulsive and ignorant, therefore overuse is very common. There is no such thing as moderation once we become addicted to PMO, any form self control will be non-existent and no “enjoyment” will result from PMO. Such a person is a slave to it’s desires. Just like this, many brothers indulge for several years to several decades. Next, one’s sexual function will suffer: soft erections, porn induced erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation will come knocking on the door. At the same time, family is rushing us to get married, which will cause more headaches in life. On the Jiese forums I see lots of brothers who are depleted before marriage. After marriage sexual functions are barely working under medication, erectile dysfunction is a way for the body to preserve itself. It is when out body is telling us we cannot keep indulging anymore, we must start preserving kidney essence. If we keep indulging and taking medicine our bodies will run into lots of problems. Lots of emperors in ancient times died from wasting essence. Once the body has been deplete to a certain point, no supplement will help because it’s unable to be broken down, instead the supplement will become a burden to the digestive system. Therefore I want to put the word out there, I want to emphasize the importance of rebooting and health cultivation. Preserve our essence and take care of our bodies before marriage, otherwise life will be a living hell once all the symptoms arise. I’ve seen several cases of brothers who divorced due to a dysfunctional sex life. We must learn from other people’s mistakes, everyone must understand the harm of PMO! We can not afford to harm ourselves!

In addition, many more brothers suffer from premature ejaculation and soft erections. When we are young we are ignorant and do stupid things. Many brothers cripple themselves for a brief moment of numbness. It’s ludicrous how many ignorant people show off their sexual functions by ejaculating more than ten times a day, seven times per night, kept going for over two hours at a time. Meanwhile, they are unaware of the consequences of their actions, symptoms that arise will bring them overwhelming pain down the line. One will always act disorderly before total collapse, the more one indulges, the more deranged fetishes will become, and the closer one will be towards total health collapse. Symptoms will appear sooner or later, forcing one’s mind and body to rot in the hole of misery. Symptoms will force one to take prescription medicine and visit the hospital, it will make one regret one’s ignorant indulgence. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction will completely kill a man’s confidence in front of a woman. Unhinged indulgence before marriage is a ticking time bomb waiting to blow one’s life out of proportion.

Related cases:

1, I’ve been indulging since age 15. At first I feel blockage during urination, my prostate and kidney are both healthy; no issues were found during check up. However, I get swelling feelings in my abdomen, it’s uncomfortable. Eventually, symptoms got worse, now I am unable to get an erection. I am leaking semen with after thinking about obscene material. Everytime I ejaculate, I feel discomfort in my leg area. I just came back from the hospital and got diagnosed with prostatitis. My male hormones are 20 while the normal range is 40 (The scale in which this was measured was not mentioned). My male hormone secretion is inadequate, the doctor said this is caused by PMO.

2, I’ve been masturbating since 16 years of age. I feel severe symptoms of erectile dysfunction. I cannot last more than two minutes. My symptoms of premature ejaculation is also severe. I rarely have morning wood. Ever since I started PMO I feel soulless. I have no confidence when doing anything. I forget things very easily. I feel bored to be alive.

3, I’ve been jerking off since age 19 years old till this day. I’ve ran into issues such as premature ejacualation and erectile disfunction. Symptoms persisted for six or seven years. Sometimes I feel like ejaculating in less than a minute of PMO. Everytime I get the feeling in less than a minute. I got diagnosed with prostatitis, I took prescription medicine and underwent treatment procedures to no avail. May I please ask how can I get out of this troublesome situation?

[The destruction of appearance]

I wrote an entire season regarding the issue of masturbation induced ugliness. I believe many brothers have seen it. Everyone appreciates beauty, not all men have to be extremely handsome, but one must have essence, energy and spirit. PMO will cause a man’s appearance to decay and demeanor to turn wretched. Such a person lacks energy and will have no spirit in his eyes. Issues such as ghostly skin, black eye rings, eye bags, pimples, excessive oil secretions will arise. One look is enough to give an impression of filth and disgust. This is exactly how masturbation destroy self confidence. PMO will result one’s appearance to transform to wretchedness and slaughter one’s inner spirit. One’s demeanor will turn quite wretched, it’s essentially self destruction. With one’s appearance decayed, inner spirit crippled; such an individual is comparable to a deflated ball; unable to function properly. Such a demeanor will negatively effect on one’s social relations, it will also affect employment opportunities. Having a positive first impression is crucial during an interview, the first impression is a manifestation of one’s inner spirit. Those who indulge in PMO have a lack of brain power, demeanor inferior, some people resemble walking zombies, so there is no need to put on makeup to act as an extra for the walking dead. That is to say, such a wretched demeanor will disgust anyone who sees it, having such shameful a self inflicted deformity will be especially troublesome during interviews. I’ve seen before and after PMO photos of brothers; It’s sad to see that many handsome, bright, brothers with clear eyes full of vigor and positive energy turned into an ugly subhuman. Some brothers would be confused and ask if both photos are pictures of the same person. I vividly remember the thread a brother posted on a comparison of himself before and after indulging in PMO: the change in his appearance can be compared to falling out of heaven and crashing in hell. (Here is the link: The change in his appearance is quite tragic; it is not an exaggeration to say it is “the difference between heaven and hell”. Many girls are attracted to these brothers before they are addicted to PMO, after the addiction, girls started to get annoyed due to the wretched demeanor. The degradation of spirit will have a huge impact on self confidence.

PMO will turn our appearance ugly; which includes the degradation of complexion and cause facial feature deformities. Of course, the injury will need to be at a certain level before deformity takes place. This is comparable to a picture on a person from when he was 20 versus 50 years old, you will notice apparent changes. Certain parts of the face will undergo subtle changes after masturbation, this kind of change is gradual, once it has accumulated to a certain level, they will become very apparent. In the cases that I have come into contact with, a lot of them is about a sunkenness in the face, for some brothers, their eyes have turned smaller, their eye socket will drop lower. Everybody should know, as a person ages, his facial features will undergo changes, a tight and fine face will become loose and slack. Skin quality will also deteriorate, in addition, the shape of the face will also change subtly. Although one is still able to recognize the person, you will notice that many parts of the person have changed, this is the facial change that has been brought on by aging. But masturbation will induce premature aging. The pulse of many young people resembles that of a 60 year old man, the face has a dead look to it and is lacking the vigor and spirit of a young person. This is mainly the gift from the worship of masturbation.

Related cases:

1. I remember masturbating for a year during the 3rd year of junior high, sometimes once a day, sometimes once a week. At the time I did prioritize my studies and haven’t noticed the degree of harm from masturbation, only that my urine was yellow, I sweated easily, was impotent, felt weak, was extremely introvert, not saying a word to another person. At the time I already noticed that masturbation wasn’t good for me. In the holiday period prior to high school I masturbated like crazy. The few weeks after school had started, my appearance changed rapidly. My skin pores were large, blackheads on the nose, lots of oil secretion, extreme amount of dandruff in the scalp. I contracted skin disease, whenever it was summer the skin would itch like crazy. My face was old and nothing like a face of a 16-17 year old. No matter how I had colbed the hair at the front of the head it would always dirty afterward. My hair was thick and sticky just like my skin pores. My body odored and scared me into washing my clothes every day. The scariest part is the torment on the psyche. I turned into a person without any social abilities, not uttering a word to another person, I was afraid of facing another person. We don’t even need to mention my appearance, the change was overwhelming, like somebody who has been stolen of essences.

2. I will turn 12 before the end of the year, at first I didn't want to do it but I wasn’t careful and so… I had been studying away from home for several years. Now I have returned to the village and people all say that they don’t recognize me. My face has changed, to put it positively, I have grown and matured. What else can I do, I have become ugly! And my body is ridden with illnesses, there is a body odor that cannot be washed away. I’m the most vile, don’t compare anything with me, I have nothing.

3. Previously I was a white little chubby, everybody loved me. Now I am the enemy of all, beyond ugly, a retarded look across my entire face. I’m not skinny, 169 cm tall and weigh 66 kg, but it is very strange, all the muscles in the face is concentrated in my chin. The muscle on my cheek and on the sides of the nose is lacking, the same goes for my eye socket which is why my eyelids are drooping. The muscles on my face does not fit together, I look 15 years older than my actual age. Let’s not mention the age first, that wretched impotent look is no small matter. I look like the remaining trash from somebody who has been sucked dry of essence by some witch. If I step onto a bus, I will for sure get the cold shoulder, when running into a kind person, they will at most think that I’m a sick person and offer me their seat. I assume that if I’m going to act in a horror movie, I will for sure be able to act the zombie without the makeup, with the potential to become the leading actor. Or let me play the mental patient or the drug addict, I will for sure stand out and be outstanding.

4. Looking at the stupid and disgusting image of myself in the mirror makes me want to puke. Thank God for giving me the one chance to redeem myself, I will treasure it. I have already masturbated for 4 years, today is the second rebooting day. I’m a 2nd grader in high school, I cannot afford to lag behind in studies.

5. I’m 24 years old, I should have over a decade of history behind me. When it comes to spiritless eyes and poor skin… I have everything that you mention. The thing that I absolutely cannot accept is my cheek bones becoming seriously raised, they protrude outward and towards the side. My eye sockets are clearly hollowed and looks deformed. This is why I am rebooting. Those who have yet to become like me should hurry up and reboot. No matter what, one should become a real man.
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[The devastation towards the legs]

In the movie [洛奇] it is mentioned: women makes men’s legs soft. This sentence is a famous saying in the boxing world, this should come from practical experience. For instance, some boxers would sexually indulge themselves before a fight, during the fight they would be entirely out of shape, their legs lacking strength and feeling unstable. This phenomenon of soft legs after indulgence is a very common, it is entirely explainable in TCM medical theory, TCM: The kidneys govern the bones. The kidney meridian starts from the bottom of the feet and goes upwards passing the Yongquan point. The waist houses the kidneys, the knees is a path for the kidneys. Therefore, kidney deficiency will result in soreness and softness in the waist and the knees, in serious cases there will be pain in the legs and waist. I have seen it stated in the book on Xingyi boxing that the true strength of a person comes from the bones, it originates from the kidneys. It is mentioned in TCM: The kidneys is the source of strength. Many brothers should have had such an experience where after a relapse, the legs go soft and even the entire body is without strength, one becomes lazy and tend to yawn. TCM have also mentioned: the kidneys sneezes via the yawn! This comes from [素问宣明五气]. It has insightfully pointed out that the tendency to yawn and to sneeze is one of the proof for kidney qi deficiency. Many brothers yawn all day long, this is not normal, too much yawning is actually an expression of kidney deficiency.

The leg power of men is unusually important. When people become old the legs becomes old first. When gauging whether or not a man is strong, do not look to his upper body, look to his legs. These legs are like tree branches, they need to be strong enough and possess power, in this way, the whole body will become stronger. When I was a personal trainer, many people had a misunderstanding towards working out, they make their upper bodies very strong but leave their legs very thin, this is really not well-proportioned, they have got it backwards. The principles of force projection by a person follows: starts from the feet, sends out from the legs, ruled by the waists and formed by the fingers. Without power in the feet and legs, your fists will not pack a punch; without power in the feet and legs, a person walking will seem unstable and give out a floating feeling to him. There is a famous saying in the world of weight lifting: deep squats is the king of strength exercise. When there is power in the feet and the legs, the whole body will then become stronger. Of course, being strong is not at all a sign of health, too much is as bad as not enough, the result will turn into the worse. This is the same as the string of a musical instrument, it shouldn’t be too loose not too tight, it needs to be just right for the sound to come out. When the body is weak, my advice is to combine aerobic exercise with still cultivation as main focus point. When one has almost recovered, one may do some moderate strength exercises.

Related cases:

1. Ack! I envy those who have been masturbating for under 10 years, I’m a big brother in this respect, when I’m 17 people thinks that I’m 26/27 years old. 5% of my hair has turned grey, I have varicocele, infertility, loose teeth etc. I have all the symptoms that you guys have been talking about especially the part about the strengthless legs. I feel very fatigued when walking, I regret not finding out about this earlier. I will need to reboot for a minimum of 3 years to get well. The good thing is that I have already been rebooting for 16 days, one symptom has improved and that is my urinary stream no longer divides itself.

2. I have been masturbating for over 8 years. During winter nowadays all of my 4 limbs are ice cold, my hands are freezing, I’m afraid of cold, both hands and feet are sweating, sometimes my hands and feet feel parched. When sleeping at night I would always sweat and have excessive dreams. My 4 limbs lack power, ears are ringing, eyes are dry, I’m impotent and suffer from premature ejaculation. I have scrotum dampness, sore waist, weak legs following ejaculation, sweating all over the body. I’d like to ask if this is due to both Ying and Yang deficiency? How do I treat it?

3. I have a 2-year history for masturbating. Maybe because I masturbate frequently during the holidays, afterward I have waist pain, the body would hurt whenever I turn it. When sitting down on a sofa in a bad posture I would also experience a lot of pain, the pain reaches a peak in the morning when I wake up. My left leg is soft and I cannot straighten it, I have waist and leg pain when doing sit-ups, what can I do? I have not masturbated for a month already, moreover, I have taken half a bottle of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, there is no effect, the pain remains. When I walk nowadays it does not feel natural. All of my colleagues tell me that I walk awkwardly and that my waist is not straight.

[The devastation towards the nervous system]

I have specifically talked about neurosis in season 30. Masturbation will indeed injure the nerves because the kidneys are connected to the brain to the above. Masturbation not only injures the brain power but also the nervous system. A lot of brothers run into neurasthenia, autonomous disorder, anxiety disorder, phobia, and related neurosis. Neurosis is a dividing range for the people suffering from essence damage. After having tasted the pain from neurosis, one then truly understands what is hell on earth, it is truly ravaging for the body and the mind, a very scary experience, scary in this context is not at all exaggerated. Only those people who have had the experience themselves will be able to understand those type of feelings. For those brothers who have yet to masturbate their way to neurosis should absorb the lesson from the forefathers, properly reboot and cultivate the health, don’t let oneself repeat the mistakes of the predecessors. I remember for having warned about that masturbation would induce neurosis in my article, but at the time not many people have heeded my words, the result was that many brothers have really run into neurosis. Everybody cannot be blamed because they have not had personal experiences, their understanding of neurosis is a white sheet of paper, with personal experience, the understanding will be deeper. But, for those people who have had the experience, almost every one of them cannot wait to crawl out of the symptom hell. This is because symptom hell is not a place for people to dwell in, it is a world that is flooded with fear and despair.

For those people suffering from neurosis and who finds themselves in the devastation of symptoms, the path that I’m pointing to is one where one must persist in rebooting and in health cultivation, one must recognize the importance of rebooting and health cultivation. After having gone through the feedback from many brothers, after a while of persistent rebooting and health cultivation, many bodily discomforts will automatically disappear, the effect is superior to taking medicines. When taking medicine one may be unfortunate and run into side effects, persistent rebooting and health cultivation, on the other hand, will start the self-healing function of the body. There is great medicine in the human body, do not leak this away due to masturbation, that would be the most pity. Kidney essence is the battery of your body, it is the recovery weapon of your body, the trump card of your body and the currency of the health. Once the kidney essence has been cultivated to abundance, healing will take place without medicine!

Related cases:

1. I’m on my knees begging for the TCM doctor, masturbation has induced neurasthenia. Previously due to pressure, I have often resorted to masturbation for a release, the result was severe neurasthenia. Right now my memory is extremely poor, my waist is often hurting, after running for a while my feet would cramp up, I’m unable to concentrate. Even after getting plenty of sleep my concentration is still very poor. My head would often feel empty and I often feel fatigued. Can somebody help me!?

2. I have got neurasthenia, even I’m unwilling to admit that I have neurosis. Previously, death was preferable to life, although things are a bit better now, there is still no hope in my life…… Before I had neurasthenia I was already contracted with the vile habit of masturbation, I must quit it! I hope the heavens would bless me! I must quit it!!! Due to the discomforts from neurasthenia, I’m unable to work, I have been home for more than a year. My social skills and many other societal skills are far from what they used to be, ack! If I hadn’t come into contact with masturbation back then, perhaps things wouldn’t be like they are today. I hope that I’m able to get well, return to normal, confident and brave me.

3. Due to young age and not knowing much, I have contracted the evil habit of masturbation since 4 years ago. I’m basically in control now but I feel a decline in my memory, comprehension, concentration. I’m unable to stand firmly, I feel dizziness, headache, insomnia, agitated, night sweats. My stomach has not been feeling well for over a year, there is stomach pain and my stools are not formed and I do not pass stool regularly. Through gastroscopy, it was confirmed that I had superficial antral sinusitis along with a large number of helicobacter pylori. I have previously undergone psychological treatment in accordance with the treatment of anxiety disorder. Nowadays my mood is not stable, my hands and feet are numb and I have insomnia.

[The devastation towards the respiratory system]

TCM: The kidneys govern the inhalation of qi, the lungs govern exhalation. It is also mentioned: Essence deficiency leads to nasosinusitis. When the kidneys are deficient, the immune resistance will decline, there will be a higher chance of catching rhinitis. People that are already suffering from rhinitis will easily see an aggravation of their symptoms following the addiction to masturbation. In my cases, quite a few brothers have also encountered pneumothorax. Masturbation increases the chance of encountering issues with the respiratory system especially when the natural constitution is poor. Adding to its external factors such as cold winds, one will then easily be troubled by respiratory system related illnesses.

“The kidneys govern the inhalation of qi” is pointing to the relationship between the kidneys and the inhalation functions of people, although the lungs govern the breathing, the kidneys have the function of ingesting the qi (namely “inhale the qi”) of the lungs. Clinically, when it comes to chronic coughing, especially for the elderly who are suffering from kidney deficiency, many of them have difficulty in qi inhalation. Inhalation has the meaning of receiving and absorbing. The kidneys govern the inhalation of qi, what it is saying is that the kidneys absorb the clear air that has been inhaled by the lungs, it has the function of preventing shallow breathing. Although the breathing of the body is mainly governed by the lungs, TCM thinks that the work or the non-working of the breathing function is intimately connected with the kidneys. This is specifically expressed in when clear air that is inhaled by the lungs is transmitted down to the kidneys, it is absorbed by the kidneys, the stability and depth of the breathing movement are maintained in this way. Accordingly, the normal gas interchange between from within and without the body is guaranteed. The expelled air, although it mainly resides in the lungs, the root is in the kidneys. When the kidney qi is abundant, the qi in the lungs will be plentiful, reversely, when the kidney is deficient it will no longer aid the lungs to inhale air, the sufferer would then exhale more while inhaling less with the accompanying feeling that the inhaled airs are not reaching the Dantian region. No matter if one is suffering from a weakening of kidney qi, powerlessness in absorption, suspension of air in the upper region, qi deficiency in the lungs or being long term ill where kidneys are affected, all of these will induce the abnormal qi absorbing function of the kidney qi. Shallow breathing will then emerge, or the situation where one inhales a lot but absorbs little, the expression of asthma etc, these are all called “kidney not absorbing qi”. (Translator’s note: the above paragraph goes deep into TCM theory and goes beyond the knowledge scope of the translator. Please use caution when trying to interpret the translation)

Related cases:

1. Since childhood, I had a poor constitution, once addicted to masturbation I was not able to pull back. I masturbated in secret from the adults, sometimes twice per day. In my teens I gradually noticed that I had rhinitis, later I experienced a headache, decreased memory and a gradual decline of my school grades. At 18 of age, I started to experience swelling pain in the perineum, waist soreness. At the hospital, I was diagnosed with prostatitis. I was infertile after having gotten married, through treatment I was able to produce a child, I had also spent a lot of money and took on a lot of liabilities. Nowadays my head is dizzy every day and I’m extremely easily fatigued, I do not have the mood to work. My life is also severely affected, these two days my throat is uncomfortable, the lymph node behind my ears is swelling large. The cruelty of the disease has made me lose confidence in life, I’m filled with confusion and fear.

2. Ever since 15 years old I have had the habit of masturbation. 2 years ago after a sneeze I caught lumbar disc herniation, after conservative TCM treatment I got a lot better. I have also had rhinitis since middle school. Last year I took a few rounds of Chinese herbal medicine for rhinitis. After the first round the effect was really good but afterward, there was no effect no matter how much medicine I took, so then I went and got operated for rhinitis. Last year I had appendicitis.

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Part 4/6

[The devastation towards the digestive system]

TCM: The kidneys directs the passing of stool and urine. When the kidneys are deficient, frequent urination easily appears. There will also be issues in passing stool, the digestive function would also weaken. The source of the kidneys is prenatal, the source of the spleen is postnatal. The kidneys stores essence and the essential qi of the five viscera and six bowels.

Deficient kidneys will affect the spleen, one should say that the kidneys and the spleen affects one another, problems with the spleen would likewise also affect the kidneys. Following masturbation, common problems with the stool include: diarrhea, frequent stool, shapeless stool, incomplete stool. Many brothers have gone to the TCM doctor and been diagnosed with kidneys and spleen Yang deficiency, this will require recuperation by Chinese herbal medicine. One must also pay attention to the diet and try to make light food as the main diet. Try to avoid irritable food as much as possible, cold and spicy food should be avoided.

The kidneys, stomach and the spleen mutually subsidize and are dependent on one another. The qi and the essence of the kidneys is dependent on the replenishment and the nourishment of food essences, this allows the qi and the essence of the kidneys to become plentiful and mature. At the same time, the transformation of the food essences in the spleen and the stomach must borrow the warmth from the kidney Yang. The saying goes “Without blood and essence, there is nothing to form the foundation of the body, without food, the body cannot become strong”. In terms of pathogenesis: if the kidney Yang is deficient, the spleen Yang cannot be warmed and cold pain in the abdomen will appear. Other syndromes of spleen Yang deficiency include watery stools or morning diarrhea and edema etc. If the spleen Yang is deficient, in time, kidney Yang deficiency will be induced. A deficiency in the spleen and the kidneys will induce powerlessness in the transportation of the intestines, making the stool hard, hard to pass stool, the accompanying symptom of pain in the abdomen, cold limbs and cold soreness in the waist and knees.

Related cases:

1. I have a 10 year history of masturbation, my symptoms are such: insomnia and excessive dreams, oily hair, moist ears, strengthless limbs, premature ejaculation, still OK erection, fear of cold, hotness in the feet, arms and the heart, dislike talking, crying during happiness, unformed stool (sometimes diarrhea, sometimes frequent stool), quite skinny, yellow urine which forks out during urination, a lump the size of 0.4x0.4 cm in the bile duct of the liver. I hope that the mister can save me, thanks.

2. I count 7 years of masturbation history. During high school, I masturbated quite frequently, during the high school exam I suddenly had diarrhea. At the time I didn’t go see a TCM doctor, I went to see a Western medicine doctor, took a lot of medicine but to no effect. Later when I went to see a TCM doctor they told me that I had spleen Yang deficiency. I took Chinese herbal medicine, whenever I took the medicine I was fine and vice versa. During the 4 years at the university I didn’t masturbation that frequently, my body also didn’t have much trouble, only that my stool was formless. Therefore I’m very troubled. During the summer holiday, I came into contact with the rebooting forums, I’m determined to quit, now I’m in my 2nd month.

[The devastation towards the hair]

Masturbation will affect the hair, the quality of the hair and will also induce grey hair and hair loss. Although some brothers have not encountered hair loss, however, the quality of their hair have already seen big changes. The hair is dry and frizzy, some brothers used to have straight hair, after being addicted to masturbation for several years, their hair has become curly. I have read from the book about appearances that curly hair is a sign of the love for lust, this goes to show that the people from ancient times had deep insight and research into this area. (Translator’s note: worth to note that the majority of Han Chinese have straight hair, it is a rare occurrence for a Han Chinese to have curly hair. Also worth noting is the common interchangeable use of curly hair and wavy hair in the Chinese language). Extremely many brothers are troubled by the occurrence of hair loss, I was previously troubled by severe hair loss, losing over 200 hairs per day, even losing 300 hairs per day which have been going on for a long time. On my cheeks and shoulders was hair that was terrible to look at, at the time I was very much in panic and was nearing collapse. Because I had been experiencing hair loss for a period of time, the top of my head was starting to show, also I was not yet 30 years old at the time. The good thing is that from then on I started to reboot and cultivate my health, it took a half a year before the hair loss trend could be halted, it took over a year of time before hair slowly grew back, it is truly a slow process of recovery. The hair loss that I suffered from was due to kidney deficiency, if my case had been a combination of male balding and kidney deficiency, then recovery will be quite difficult. Some brothers have hair loss due to hereditary factors, recovery is even harder in those cases. However, if you persist in rebooting and in health cultivation, some alleviation and recovery will for certain take place, at the very least the quality of the hair will improve by a lot.

TCM: The splendor of the hair is found in the kidneys, its growth is based on the liver blood. The kidneys, together with the liver and the spleen share an intricate connection with one another.

It is the view of TCM that the below factors are related to the greying of the hair.

First, it is the deficiency of essence and the weakening of the blood: when the kidney essence is inadequate, blood cannot be transformed, when blood is deficient, this leads to the loss of nourishment for the hair, making it grey.
Second, it is the hotness of the blood which approaches excess: mood excitement leads to the inability of the water to contain wood, if the liver is vigorous then the blood is dry, hotness of the blood approaches excessiveness, the root of the hair loses their support, premature greying therefore takes place.
Third, it is the sluggish liver and the moist spleen: when the kidney qi is sluggish and stagnant, it damages the heart and the spleen. When the spleen is damaged, transmutation of food ceases to function properly, the transmutation of blood and qi thus lose their source resulting in the greying of the hair.

Many brothers are troubled by greying hairs, I also had a lot previously. After rebooting for over a year they turned black. I didn’t take particular dietary supplements, although sometimes I did take black sesame and yam, with yam I took it often. Some brothers have been rebooting for 100 days and their grey hairs have reduced a lot, others have been rebooting for 200 days and there are very few grey hairs remaining. There is the hope of recovering from greying through rebooting and health cultivation, as long as you have put in the necessary efforts in both areas, there is hope to restore black hair. Of course, if your greying is very serious, it would be best to incorporate Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment. One also needs to do well in dietary supplements and in active exercising. Health cultivation practices can be trained, one needs to put a lot of effort in the way of health cultivation.

Related cases:

1. Before when I didn’t know any better I masturbated frequently, later on, a lot of grey hair grew out. May I ask if I start to cultivate now, is it possible to turn grey hairs into black ones? What should I eat?

2. I was born in 1993 and I’m yet to turn 19 this year. I started to masturbate since 16, at the time I just graduated from middle school and went to a garbage technical school, I learned how to masturbate from there, up until now it has been almost 3 years! For 2 years I masturbated once every day! Sinful masturbation, if I didn’t masturbate during these 3 years I would have grown 3 cm taller for sure! Ever since I started to masturbate I had grey hair, black eye rings, rhinitis, fear of cold, acne, skinny and weak, wretched look, bad luck etc and I haven’t thought about the consequences, they have all arrived, just now I had relapsed! Ack! Blind rebooting!

3. This year I’m 21, I have been masturbating for 5 years. Now I’m bald, please I ask you guys to save me, my dad is also bald, but I’m only 21 and have already inherited it? Can I still recover? Right now all hair has fallen off from the sides of my temples, there are only a few strands of hair remaining, what should I do? In addition, there is a lot of oil, will hair still grow out? I’m always up late, only sleeping at 3, can somebody save me? I’m begging you guys! Please save me!

4. I’m 18 this year. Due to frequent masturbation these 2 years, it has induced heavy hair loss. Whenever I exercise I’m tired, sometimes my waist would feel sore and my back would hurt, my memory has also gone down. The quality of my sleep is not very good, sometimes there is blood in my stool. I want my body to recover and to put a stop to the hair loss.

5. I started to have the habit of masturbation since 18 years of age. I would masturbate almost every day. Previously my hair was tough and wouldn’t come off even after pulling it hard. Nowadays the hair root is very fragile, they would easily fall after light pulls. Every day I would lose over 200 strands of hair. During winter, my hands and feet are ice cold, my waist is sore and I’m scared of cold, I had this condition for 3 years. Yesterday I experienced constant tinnitus in my left ear, I’m extremely worried. I have searched for similar states of illnesses and I know that this condition is induced by excessive masturbation.

[The devastation towards the internal secretion system]

Masturbation will induce disorderly internal secretions. I remember when I used to go check up my acne, the doctors at the 上海华山医院 hospital said that I had disorderly internal secretions. I was quite ignorant at the time and had no idea that it was caused by masturbation, I only knew that if I rebooted for a period of time, my skin would become clearer. Masturbation is very damaging to the skin, it will induce poorer skin quality, oily and rough skin. I think many brothers have ample experiences in this area. Many people are approaching facial disfigurement, the person in the mirror has turned ugly and wretched beyond bearing, looking unlike a person nor a ghost, one just wants to smash the mirror. Many brothers who previously liked to look at themselves in the mirror now avoid it, they dare not to face the wretched and wasted person in the mirror. By persisting in rebooting and cultivating the health, internal secretion will slowly adjust itself. Normally, by persisting in 3 months and combining with active exercising, active exercise is very important and is crucial to the adjustment of internal secretions. Rebooting alone is not enough, one must moderately exercise.

The classical concept of internal secretions points to internal secretion glands that have formed by a cluster of specialized cells. They include pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, gonad, pancreas, thymus and pineal glands. These glands secrete highly efficient organic chemicals (hormones), through the circulation of the blood, chemical signals are transmitted to the target cells, target issues or the target organs, they have the function of either stimulation or suppression. The substances that have been secreted by the internal secretion glands are called hormones. Hormones include estrogen, androgen, lutein and growth hormone etc. When the internal secretion becomes disorderly, the quality of the skin will deteriorate, acne easily arises, the temperament will also become impatient and easily angered. Subtle changes will also take place with the body hair, either there is an overabundance of body hair or the body hair is falling off.

To adjust internal secretion, we should properly reboot and cultivate the health. We must form excellent resting and dietary habits. Avoid staying up late at all cost as it will also induce disorderly internal secretion. Many people experience worse skin after having stayed up late.

Related cases:

1. My facial skin frequently produces oil, there is acne. The doctor said that my internal secretion is out of tune, it looks like it is certainly caused by many years of masturbation. I have had acne ever since middle school and still have them to this day, I also happened to masturbate from that time.

2. Due to long term masturbation, my internal secretion is abnormal, in addition with staying up late, drinking alcohol, smoking and other bad life habits, they have caused acne to form on both sides of my lower jaws, moreover, they will not decline after a long period.
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Part 5/6

[The devastation towards the brain power]

I have written about declining brain power in one season, declining brainpower is too common. Many students are out of luck, their reactions are slow, unable to concentrate, their memory extremely poor, their grades have started to decline. Naturally, decreasing brain power is a tragedy for any group of people, it is the same for the working professionals. When doing things while the brain power is inadequate, one is unable to perform them well, one lacks focus and persistence, oftentimes giving up halfway. Whatever one does is not successful, without power, the entire outlook on life becomes grey and dark.

It will take approximately over half a year of time for the brainpower to recover. Exercise actively, one may moderately ingest brain supplementing food, maintain sleep quality, the brainpower will slowly recover in this way. Use reboot to gain determination, use determination to sprout wisdom. Rebooting and cultivating virtue will indeed open up the wisdom. As the wisdom increases, many questions that had previously escaped your comprehension will suddenly become clear, the feeling is like a flash of insight. And when the brainpower is decreasing, even though the teacher has been lecturing for 10 times, one might not understand for certain. When the brainpower is good, one will be able to completely understand after the teacher has been lecturing once.

TCM: Kidney essence transforms into the brain. When essence is lost, the brain is empty! The ravage that masturbation has on the brain is quite serious, it is a pity that I didn’t know about this in the past, I blindly masturbated and urged myself to self-destruction. Being absorbed in masturbation at the time, I noticed that the clever me became very slow, my memory and concentration all went down drastically. Once known, one becomes strong, by not knowing, one grows old. Although some people don’t know about the harm of masturbation, he started to masturbate quite late and in this way, one can say that he has dodged a bullet.

Related cases:

1. I started to masturbate since the second semester in the last year of middle school (15 years old) up until today, I have already have had a history of masturbation for 10 years. During class I could no way concentrate, I would be lucky if I’m able to listen for 4 minutes of lectures, my ability of comprehension has become extremely poor and my reaction slow. On average I masturbated once a day during high school, I started to experience sharp pain when urinating, my urination stream split into a fork, there is delayed urination and other symptoms. During university I masturbated on average once every 2-3 days, neurasthenia started to appear along with dizziness, headache, swelling brain, insomnia, excessive dreams, decline of short term memory, poor concentration, low efficiency, irritable less and easily angered, fatigue without strength, afraid of light, afraid of sound, tinnitus, blurred vision, decadent spirit etc. In everyday life, I have all forms of physical discomforts such as heart jumps, out of breath, decreased appetite, frequent urination, nocturnal emissions etc.

2. I started to masturbate at 18. Because I liked to exercise and felt that I had good physical strength, whenever given the opportunity I was not able to control myself. After 2 years I discovered that my memory clearly decreased, I was not able to memorize things skillfully. Now I’m 22, I have not had nocturnal emission for 4 years, today I still don’t have morning erections.

3. I started to masturbate since 1st year of high school, it has been 5 years up until today but I was not able to quit it. I masturbate twice a week on average, sometimes 3-4 times. This has made my memory very poor today. Every day my head is heavy and without energy, my head is very dizzy. Now I’m in my 2nd year at the university, I’m not able to memorize textbooks, my memory is abysmal. Now I have reduced the frequency of masturbation but my head is still heavy, my head is very very dizzy and unclear. What should I do? I’m extremely distressed.

[The spending of money]

I have specifically talked about the issue of medical expenses in season 35. When symptoms show up following masturbation, medical expenses then becomes an expense that cannot be ignored. Many people toss out money in the thousands and even in the tens of thousands, but they have all been tossed out in vain. Some brothers even encounter quacks, their body becomes progressively worse after treatment, they have become medicine jars, a sick man from masturbation, he is disappointed at himself as his family is also disappointed at him.

Not masturbating is saving money, this is the maxim from those who have already walked the road. Remember this saying, it will truly help you to save unnecessary expenses. Many brothers are students and cannot afford to go to the hospital. Even if one is a working professional, the few thousands or even the tens of thousands that one spends every year is not a small sum. Most importantly, the ill health is not cured after spending the money, if one continues to immerse oneself in masturbation, the chance of relapse is extremely high.

Related cases:

1. Previously, my health condition was excellent. The scores from the hospital on white blood cells are ++ and +++ for the phospholipid bodies. My state of illness: 1, frequent urination, I need to go to the WC every half an hour, sometimes I feel that I have to go after a few minutes. 2, an urgency to urinate. 3, incontinence. 4, Sore waist and aching back. 5, Lack of strength in the 4 limbs. 5, Decrease in memory. 6, Slow reaction. I have undergone treatments at the 金陵 male hospital, 新安 TCM hospital, 弋矶山 hospital and have taken a lot of medicine, mostly in the form of prostatitis related Western medicine. However, there was no improvement after having spent all of my savings and half a year on treatment.

2. I have had prostatitis for several years. I have been to several hospitals and have spent tens of thousands of RMB but my illness remains, I’m almost crumbling! I had been to the 广慈 male division at the 陕西生殖医学 hospital in the city of 韩城 and 博爱 county. I have frequent urination, urgent urination, incontinence, nocturnal emissions, premature ejaculation, and abnormal sweating.

[The devastation towards the quality of sleep]

Although some brothers don’t have other symptoms that are serious, their quality of sleep is extremely poor. Some brothers are only able to sleep for 2-3 hours, some dream a lot and are easily awakened, some cannot sleep altogether, others tend to have nightmares. When kidney deficiency reaches a certain degree and when combined with irregular work and rest times, then there is a high chance of encountering sleeping obstacles. Serious sleeping obstacles require active treatment, serious insomnia will require at least half a year of recuperation. With a night of good sleep, the body will be able to recover quicker, or else the body will have a hard time to recover. A brother has said that as long as he is given a good sleep, he will be able to require, but he is currently deeply troubled by insomnia.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, excellent working and resting habits must first be formed. One cannot continue to stay up late, that is too damaging to the body. One must form excellent working and resting habits, try to fall asleep before 11 pm as much as possible. Even if you are unable to sleep after entering the bed, don’t sit and stay up, but close your eyes and rest on the bed, one must learn to slowly adjust the habit of staying up late. If you do not try to change, then you will only make repeated mistakes, accumulating the small mistakes into a big disaster! Once this type of destruction and drainage towards the body and the health has accumulated to a certain degree, life may be sacrificed if one is not careful. Examples of sudden death while staying up late is very numerous, one must be vigilant in this area. (Translator’s note: Readers should be not frightened upon reading this, to my knowledge, these cases of sudden death are very rare and often occurs in combination with being intensely concentrated on some activities while having a lack of sleep over an extended period of time)

In addition, to improve the quality of the sleep, one is advised to do more aerobic exercises. Persist for a while, and you will notice yourself falling into sleep more easily, there will also be a deep sleep. I remember a book by 曲黎敏 has mentioned the issue of sleep, it mentioned why migrant workers have such good quality of sleep, able to fall asleep instantly upon hitting the bed because they carry out a certain amount of labor each day. Migrant workers will also not stay up late, sit for long durations to stay on the internet, in this area, we should really learn from the migrant workers.

Related cases:

1. I started to masturbate since I was 12 years ago, in the 6 years since middle school I masturbated almost every day. This lasting and excessive masturbation made me suffer such harms: sore and soft waist, mild impotence with accompanying premature ejaculation, forgetful, declining memory, a short circuit in thinking from time to time, lack of vitality, hair loss, thick hair turning into dried yellow hair. The most serious is that because I’m newly married, therefore my sex life has become frequent again. Nowadays, besides the above symptoms, I have encountered difficulty in falling asleep after making love, insomnia to the degree that I almost don’t sleep during the entire night, constantly in a state of half dreaming and half awake. This has led to a very low level of energy in the next day, soft waist, slow reaction, agitated and doesn’t want to do anything. I have recently been to the TCM doctor, she doesn’t seem to believe that I suffer from kidney deficiency at such a young age, ack! Save me.

2. I have masturbated for a long time, now I have insomnia, my energy level is very poor. During the days I urinate quite frequently, at the night I sweat easily. I don’t have an obvious fear for either coldness or hotness, self-felt middle qi (Translator’s note: middle qi is associated with the spleen and the stomach), inadequate health energy, lack of Spirit. Currently, I’m in the process of ridding myself of the evil habit of masturbation. Most of all I want to heal insomnia and recover the Spirit.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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Part 6/6

[Obstacles in development]

Obstacles in development are commonly seen in youth who are addicted to masturbation, it is mainly reflected in the slow development of the bones. Some brothers have encountered development obstacles with the penis, the penis belongs to the liver, the liver and the kidneys share a common source. If one is addicted in masturbation during the first two years of development, combined with a poor bodily constitution and inadequate intake of nutrients, then there is a high chance of encountering development obstacles with the penis. The kidneys govern the bones, masturbation will affect the growth of the bones, this is one factor which affects the growth of height. In addition, it will affect the quality of the bones. Although many people have arrived at their optimal height, their bone quality is very poor, the sprained ankle and broken bones take place easily. The bones of some brothers are thin and soft, lacking in strength, some brothers have even countered deformity in the bones.

Some brothers will ask, is there still the hope for recovery past puberty? The bones have basically matured past the puberty, but the quality of the bones may be improved through rebooting and health cultivation. Growing in height will be quite difficult but improving the quality of the bones can still be obtained. The penis is also basically matured past puberty, to grow will also be quite difficult. But if the quality of your erection is very good then that is also a good thing.

Related cases:

1. I’m 18 now, I have been masturbation for roughly 4-5 years and very frequently so. Sometimes I masturbate 1-3 times every day, it has lead to a very short and small penis to this day. When it is erect it is only larger than the thumb by a small margin. I also have premature ejaculation, sometimes the stem under the testicles is very painful.

2. This year I will turn 20, I started to masturbate since I was 14, that is quite a few years. Right now I don’t have hair in my armpits, I don’t have facial hair, my penis is short and small, my urine is very yellow and forks out when urinating, my entire body is lacking strength, my memory is very poor, what should I do?

3. I started to masturbate since I was 10 years old, it has been 9 years up until today. This has induced a small and thin bone frame. I’m already rebooting now, can my bone frame still become thick and strong?

4. Masturbation has induced a small and thin bone frame, my body is thin and weak. I have been masturbating for 4 years, now I don’t masturbate as often anymore but my weight is only 50 kg. I’m 18 years ago, is there still hope for me?

In this season I have made a summary on the harm from masturbation, these are nothing more than the commonly seen symptoms. In the final phases of sustaining damage from masturbation, combined with the total effect from other factors, more serious illnesses might arise, such as the possibility for diabetes and stroke. It is absolutely wise to reboot early, especially taking the opportunity while one is still young, cut out this evil habit for good, the initiative can be maintained in this way. Do not wait to reboot until the body cannot keep up any longer, that would be quite late. This is like when somebody is addicted to smoking and is unable to quit, suddenly one day there is serious discomfort in his heart, it was found that an operation will need to take place, isn’t it a bit late now to cut out smoking? People with high realization will always draw lessons from others while rebooting, from where he is able to foresee the future and the symptoms, afterward, the standpoint from which he is rebooting will become extremely firm. This kind of people has a high chance of succeeding. We should learn from people of high realization and strive to successfully reboot early.

Concluding remarks:

While rebooting, we should allow us to reboot as professionally as possible. It is not enough to only know about the harms, there are many medical students in the rebooting forums, they should be quite familiar with regards to the harms. But merely knowing about the harms does not translate to rebooting success. To take an example, many doctors know about the harms from smoking, one can say that they know it better than anybody. Every day they come into contact with many sufferers, but the doctor himself has a strong addiction to smoking and is unable to quit on his own. Therefore, knowing about the harms alone is not enough. Rebooting is learning, one must reboot professionally, of course, one should be successful in rebooting, one must have a sufficiently deep understanding for the harms.

In addition, a person who knows about the harm is second to the person who has personally experienced the harm, the saying that long illnesses give rise to an excellent doctor. With close personal experience, one’s understanding will take a leap forward in addition to being deeper and closer to the mark. Many people know about the harms in smoking, it is printed on the cigarette boxes “smoking harms the health”, but he is already addicted and continues to smoke with the hope of luck. In the world of smoking, this is called “selective blindness”, they see the danger but misses it. Then towards the end when an operation is required, he no longer dares to smoke, by continuing to smoke one is seeking death. People truly act out of forceness, many people are rebooting because they are forced to do so by the symptoms! The truly wise person with high enlightenment will cease to masturbate immediately upon seeing the danger, but people of medium and low realization will certainly wait until the emergence of symptoms before contemplating rebooting.

There is a lot of contents to study if one is to reboot professionally, such as the first level, how to put a stop to sexual fantization. Many people have been rebooting for a long time, they still do not know how to guard yourself against sexual fantization, they are still helpless towards it, to be successful in rebooting is impossible under such circumstance. After having passed the level of sexual fantization, one still needs to have a correct interpretation and understanding of the various issues that arise during the rebooting process. One must also understand to control one’s own mood, after having entered the rebooting stabilization period, one still need to maintain a high degree of vigilance and alertness at all times, only in this way is there hope for a successful reboot.

In the below I have summarized 15 key points for rebooting success:

1. Deeply understand the harm.
2. Deeply experience the harm (it is even easier to succeed with experience, the determination will also be greater).
3. Mood management (this is unusually important, rebooting due to moodiness is a very commonly seen phenomenon).
4. Read more cases from sufferers (this will provide oneself with sufficient warning, allowing you to foresee into the future).
5. Stopping sexual fantization (this is the first level of rebooting, one must memorize the rhyme for ceasing sexual fantization, putting a stop to it).
6. Vigilant awareness (this is also very important, losing the vigilance will make it easier to break the reboot).
7. Understanding towards the different forms of relapses (I have specifically written a season about it).
8. Understanding the different factors which cause nocturnal emission (I have also written a season about it, it is very important to control the frequency of nocturnal emissions).
9. TCM health cultivation knowledge (to cultivate the health, one must cultivate the kidneys. Through studying health cultivation, one may improve the realization further, this is very favorable for the rebooting process).
10. Understanding towards the withdrawal symptoms (many rookies have fallen to the withdrawal stage).
11. Awareness for studying (The divine power from rebooting comes from studying, studying raises the realization, realization slays the temptation demon).
12. Acts of kindness and the accumulation of virtue (To succeed in rebooting, one’s own spiritual nature must be raised, pursue acts of goodness, shun acts of evil).
13. The size of the determination, the strength of the motivation for rebooting and the length of the reboot.
14. Studying habit (the rebooting enthusiasm will wane, it is exceedingly important to form excellent studying habits in order to allow for the constant ascension of realization, just like climbing a mountain).
Rebooting notebook (every brother should have a rebooting notebook, I have 10 notebooks, in them, I have noted good rebooting phrases. Note down your rebooting determination and experiences, review and learn, increase the absorption rate from rebooting articles, be diligent in thinking, the growth in realization will be fast in this way).
15. Rebooting success = high realization + strong vigilance. Strictly speaking, the awareness for vigilance also belongs to realization. It is mentioned separately in order to emphasize its importance. One sentence, in order to be successful at rebooting, one must constantly raise the realization, once realization has reached its mark, the demon can naturally be slain. It is more important than anything to allow for the continuous increase of realization. All of the 15 points that I have summarized can all be encapsulated in the said formula.

Having been with the rebooting forums for so long, the realization of many brothers have risen during this time. Many people have passed the 100 days barrier, quite a few have passed the half year barrier. Many brothers have persisted in rebooting and in health cultivation, the state of their health have seen big changes, their Spirit has recovered a great deal. However, the recovery of the body is a systematic process because many brothers have had a long history of sustaining injuries to their essences. There will, therefore, be a process for the complete recovery, one must be patient. With an essence damaging history of over 10 years, the time for recovery is basically counted by the year. Of course, many people have naturally weak constitutions and cannot afford to masturbate, for these people, masturbating for 2 years will result in a whole host of symptoms, the recovery time for this group will also be quite long. Normally, however, by rebooting and cultivating the health for 3 months, bodily symptoms will improve by quite a lot. If one is adept at health cultivation, the time for recovery will be even faster.

Lastly, I will again emphasize on putting a stop to sexual fantization. If a person is able to conquer sexual fantization, then his rebooting streak will greatly increase. Sexual fantization is like a tiger that is blocking the path, it more closely resembles a hard question on an exam. If the rebooting exam has a total of 100 points, then the hard question of sexual fantization will take up 50 points. Because that many people are not able to conquer sexual fantization, it has to lead to their repeated failures to reboot, memory has failed them and they are helpless against sexual fantization. To win over sexual fantization, on one hand, one needs to constantly increase the realization through studying, on the other hand, one needs to have good methods. The method is called rhymes to stopping sexual fantizations, one must memorize them by heart: Thought arise, follow not. Thought arise, be aware. Once aware, it is naught. Firmly control one’s thoughts, guard against the assault from sexual fantization, enable real-time protection for one’s brain. When a fantasy arises, immediately seek and destroy, never compromise, never hesitate, speed and brutalness are ruthlessness are treasured here. Men should be a bit harsher towards themselves, if you are not ruthless towards yourself, then you are pampering yourself, you are destroying yourself! Fate will then be very cruel to you.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on February 10, 2019, 11:24:09 AM
Season 37 [Soaring Eagle experience: sexual fantization terminator, conquering the love for fetishes, phobia] Part 1/3

The rebooting forums are progressing faster, lots of newcomers are pouring in, this is a good thing. The rebooting forums are in need of new blood as this will propel more people to reboot. But when I look at the posts made by many newcomers, many of them have actually not gotten into rebooting, they are still remaining on the stage of brute force rebooting when they relapse they blame on their lack of willpower. If one places the cause of relapse on the lack of willpower, then one cannot ever get rid of the addiction, one must recognize the importance of studying. Studying raises the realization, realization conquers the temptation demon, relying on willpower alone will surely result in failure.

To be successful in rebooting one must be persistent in studying and in raising the level of realization. Pick up the mental weapon of rebooting articles and properly arm the brain. Do not attribute everything to willpower when relapse takes place, one cannot successfully reboot in 100 years by acting that way. Some brothers may say, why do I still relapse despite having studied, my answer is this: the realization has yet to arrive. Raising the realization is a continuous process, you will not successfully reboot by just having read a couple of rebooting articles. As rebooting is a learning, you must constantly study all aspects of it. One needs to combine study with practical experience, learn from the mistakes in relapses, write down more experiences, rehearse what you have learned in order to learn new things, the realization will continue to increase in this way and in time you will have the strength to prevail against the big boss temptation demon. If you don’t study, on the other hand, you will forever remain a rebooting rookie, forever abused by the temptation demon without any strength to fight back.

When rebooting, you must be clear on who your enemy is! Many people have rebooted for a long time without knowing who the enemy is! In reality, the enemy is your own temptation demon. Some people will ask, what is the temptation demon. Actually, it is very easy to explain the temptation demon, in plain words, it is the thought to indulge and the impulse to be depraved. People have this inclination for self-destruction due to the ignorance belonging to a tender age. In the beginning, many people will not think that this is something bad, but when the symptoms appear they start to regret. Rebooting is for one goal only: defeat the temptation demon! The temptation demon is like an animal, the wild horse. You must learn how to tame this wild horse and not let it pull you around. If you are unable to conquer the temptation demon, then you are the slave to desire, sooner or later you will be tangled up in symptoms. To conquer the temptation demon there is but one path, and that is to increase the realization through studying, a high level of realization is able to vanquish the temptation demon.

Many senior brothers have already deeply realized the importance of studying. You will see that when senior brothers are replying to rookies, they will all mention studying more classical articles. To give an example, you don’t study and you will forever remain at grade 1 elementary school level. If you constantly persist in studying, then your level and realization will continuously rise, you will be able to reach the university or the PhD level. If you don’t study, in the area of rebooting you will forever be at the beginner’s level, forever unable to contend with the big boss temptation demon.

My advice to rookies is: study more, summarize more, take more notes, level properly! Many brothers have relied on studying to break the 100 days barrier, even for half a year and over 1 year. There is no other way than to rely on studying to raise the level of realization. No matter the strength of determination, without the awareness to study it is still a heap of garbage. 3 minutes of enthusiasm will not make a successful reboot. One must form an excellent habit to study, allowing the realization to sustain its ascend is the way of the king.

Lastly, some brothers have told me after they have relapsed, they have only thought about the importance of maintaining vigilance after relapse. Some other brothers relapse due to their emotions following an argument with the parents. The rebooting forum nowadays is very open-minded, relapse is not at all a taboo subject. At the same time, it is the hope of the rebooting forums that after relapses, brothers properly summarize and introspect in order to increase their level of the reboot, the saying goes; learn from one’s own mistakes. The tuition fee for relapsing in terms of essence is not to be paid in vain, after a relapse, one needs to properly summarize the lessons, you will reboot better in this way! Maintaining vigilance is unusually important, successful reboot = high realization + high vigilance. The antelope that loses vigilance will be eaten by the leopard, in the same principle, the brother who loses vigilance will be eaten by the temptation demon. In every day of the reboot, one needs to maintain a high level of vigilance, constantly guarding oneself, especially with regards to sexual fantization. Because many brothers lack personal experience, they may not deeply comprehend my articles after having read them. I have since repeatedly mentioned the importance of maintaining vigilance, although many people have read it, it does not resonate with them. Until he has relapsed will he suddenly realize the importance of staying vigilant. After that, his level of vigilance awareness will go up by a lot, because he has personally experienced it, he has tasted the loss. Experience is emphasized in the rebooting process, without the experience and the awareness to introspect, it is very difficult to reboot successfully. Due to adverse emotions, it has induced relapse for some brothers, I have specifically summarized this type of relapse in a previous article. It is critical to properly manage one’s mood, once you have learned to properly manage your mood, you will be able to reboot for longer and in a more stable fashion.

There is a saying in the stock market that says: “Because you are a first class loser, therefore you are a first class winner.” What does first class loser mean? The first class loser will be able to summarize lessons from failures, constantly improving oneself. It works the same way in the arena of rebooting, you are a first class relapser, therefore you’ll be able to become a first-class rebooting winner. One should not remain idle after relapsing, you must be able to obtain lessons from this relapse in order to reboot better next time. Constantly summarizing, studying and the realization will increase rapidly, a successful reboot will not be far away. There are only 2 results in rebooting, either you conquer the temptation demon or it conquers you!!!

I will again talk about the rebooting forum promotion. Promotional efforts are indispensable in the constant growth of a rebooting forum. Compared to before, the rebooting forum is developing at a faster pace, of course, it is inseparable from the self-initiated promotional effort displayed by the brothers. After becoming a person of realization in the rebooting forums, many brothers would go out there and spread the word, they would promote in their own social circles. For instance, some brothers would promote on Mop, Tianya Club and Renren, by spreading the word in this fashion you are actually doing an act of kindness and accumulating virtue while reinforcing your own positive energy, you are also changing the fate of other people. Quite a few brothers who have come to the rebooting forums would all silently thank “that person”, that person is actually a person who has been promoting on other forums. Promotion may very well lead to misunderstanding but it would also save a bunch of people. The people who are able to become awakened all have a thick abundance of good karma. Do not argue back with the people who curse at you or misunderstands you, it is enough to stop there. Those who understand will understand, those who do not understand will repent in the future. The method to which some brothers promote is even more extreme, they would only post for the purpose of promotion, they would never follow threads, in this way they are able to avoid arguments with other people. Benevolent threads are posted for the eyes of those who have been brought together by fate, other people would not understand the post even if they have read them. Just like Master Hsuan Hua’s saying: “Those with great virtue and kindness will able to meet, those without will not comprehend.” To not understand is fine, in the practical work of promotion it is very common to get cursed at. We should pay attention to strategy when promoting, one need to learn to steer clear and that argument is not necessary. Learning to steer clear and that arguing is not necessary, this in order so that our hearts do not become disturbed. The previous thread owner Mayan has a good way of promoting through posting flyers. One may post flyers in everyday life or in discussion forums, I think bulletin board at universities is a good option. By printing out a few flyers and posting them yourself, there is the chance of awakening many people. This is an act of kindness, in the future, there will be many people thanking you quietly.

It is winter right now, quite many brothers are reporting repeating of symptoms or discomforts in the body. Winter is tinted by cold winds of snow and rain, the weather itself easily causes illnesses, if it is combined with relapses or nocturnal emissions, then repeated symptoms will easily appear on the body. Ma Junren has once said, when Tibetan mastiffs mate once, they are unable to recuperate for a couple of months. Actually, humans are the same, especially when ejaculating during the winter is even harder to recover from. According to my research, the chances of emerging symptoms due to relapses in the winter is vastly higher compared to other seasons. The plants are withered during the winter, insects are frozen, it is the season for concealment for the many species in nature. TCM considers winter to be the time for the inner concealment of the Yang qi. Health cultivation during the winter advocates “maintaining the Yang qi”, “cultivating the kidneys and avoiding cold”. During winter, we cannot afford any injuries, I advise everybody to emphasize cultivation, to practice health cultivation exercises regularly, one may also increase the efforts in treating the diet. Exercise moderately, avoid excessive sweating. Movement raises Yang and is favorable towards raising Yang qi. Maintain an optimistic and a cheerful mood, happiness raises the Yang, however, do not become overly happy, laugh excessively or it will damage the heart qi. In addition, kindness raises the Yang, do more good things, come in contact with more active and positive news will be favorable towards raising the level of the Yang qi. The aforementioned is what TCM calls the 3 Yang that opens up longevity.

Lately, a brother has shared the status of his hair recovery, the thread is called [hair has become denser, there is a picture to prove it]. Those brothers who are troubled by the loss of hair may make a search in the forums and increase their self-confidence. I have mentioned the issue of hair loss on numerous occasions. Hair loss due to purely kidney deficiency has the chance to recover to normal through persistent rebooting and health cultivation. If you have male balding or it runs in the family, then it will be more difficult to recover. But no matter the case, the quality of the hair will improve by properly persisting in rebooting and cultivating the health, at the very least it will be much better compared to before.

We will enter the main topic in the below:

In this season we will talk about the sexual fantization terminator, conquering an addiction to fetishes and phobia in detail:

I have already covered how to stop sexual fantization in season 17 in detail. However, many people are still unable to stop sexual fantization, they are still unable to control themselves. In chatting with many brothers, they have all mentioned: “I have no ways in controlling my thoughts”. To become successful in rebooting, however, one must be able to cut out sexual fantization, one must learn to control it. If you are able to properly do the thought work of stopping sexual fantization, then you have succeeded halfway. You must monitor your thoughts at all times, when the thought of sexual fantasy comes up you must immediately put a stop to it. All successful rebooters are able to harshly and quickly put a stop to sexual fantasies, it is entirely overwhelming and strictly impartial. The thought is not to be feared, a late realization is to be feared. Some brothers react too slowly, they have already been fantasizing for over 10 seconds before they suddenly realize what they are doing, at this time the spark of sexual fantization has already been burning and it is increasingly difficult to put it out. Sexual fantization is like fire, the earlier it is extinguished, the easier it is to control it. Otherwise, by waiting until the prairie fire becomes powerful, then it is very difficult to control it. Therefore, in cutting out sexual fantization, earliness, promptness, and harshness are qualities to be treasured.

The pattern to stop sexual fantization: the longer sexual fantization has been going on, the more difficult it is to put a stop to it; the shorter the time of sexual fantization, the easier it is to cut it out.

My recommended time to cut out sexual fantization is 1 second. If the time is exceeded, then you are already late in trying to cut it out. You must realize it first and ruthlessly get rid of sexual fantization just when it is showing its head.

The 3 principles in stopping sexual fantization:
1. No hesitation
2. No indulgence
3. No compromise

The attitude in treating sexual fantization: zero tolerance! You stand, I fall. I stand, you fall!

The rhyme for cutting out sexual fantization: Thought arises, cut out. Thought arise, follow not. Thought arise, be aware. Once aware, it is naught. Memorize this rhyme for stopping sexual fantization and one is able to conquer it, many brothers know about this rhyme but doesn’t know how to use it. Many brothers think that there are other ways of cutting out sexual fantasies, actually, this rhyme is the best method. By fully grasping this rhyme, one is able to completely conquer sexual fantization. (Translator’s note: for obvious reasons, this rhyme will have a better flow in its original language. The reader is encouraged to come up with own rhymes for the purpose of stopping sexual fantization)
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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part 2/3

Many people are aware of the above rhyme but don’t know how to use it. In this season, I will talk about the method of its usage with everybody. Once the rhyme is at hand, my advice is to recite it several hundred times or even over a thousand times, whenever there is time, recite this rhyme. To what degree should one recite the rhyme? One needs to constantly repeat it until it becomes a conditional reflex. When sexual fantasies arise, one does not need to think, the thought is directly cut off. This principle is like the anti-virus program found on computers. When the virus appears it is automatically killed without the brain needs to think, it is done entirely automatically. And to achieve this state, one must go through a large number of repetitions, repeat and repeat again. Once a certain amount of repetitions is met, you will notice that it is actually this easy to stop sexual fantization, a mental struggle is not needed at all. This is how I have achieved it, this is how I have conquered sexual fantization. As your skill in stopping sexual fantization is being perfected, you will notice that you are fantasizing less because sexual fantasies fear you.

Stopping sexual fantization is like a skill. Mastery of this skill and the correct application of it will make stopping sexual fantization an easy task. The so-called thousand tricks are inferior to a skilled trick. The person who has perfected the use of the sexual fantization stopping rhyme will no longer be bothered by it, this is because he can already complete conquering sexual fantazation.

I recommend brothers to repeat the aforementioned rhyme for at least 500 times per day. When you feel that it has become a conditional reflex, then you have arrived at your destination.

Now that conditional reflex has been mentioned, I think that many brothers should have had a bit of experience. Because many people have constantly been exposed to the contents of evil debauchery, the result is that they have already formed strong conditional reflexes where the least bit of stimulation will excite their automatic reaction. For example, some brother has told me that he would leak while reading a post, upon reading the word “masturbate” he would leak, he has already arrived at such a place. Actually, when he is looking at evil debauchery contents, he is constantly repeating, at last, the repetitions would lead to the formation of automatic response, he has no way of controlling himself. When a person’s debauchery has formed into a conditional response, the reality is that the poison already sits very deeply, the psychological addiction is already very heavy. In order to escape from this monstrous psychological cycle, one must make more repentance, make a big determination to quit. Lastly, the person needs to constantly and repeatedly infuse righteousness, study more rebooting articles to raise the realization and slowly turn the awareness around. In this way, rebooting success can be attained.

There are 2 types of temptation demons:

1. Sexual fantization form.
2. The inciting form, inciting you to try it out.

As for the sexual fantization form, many senior brothers have a high level of vigilance awareness. But many people have their guards down with respect to the inciting form. This is especially true after one has read harmlessness theories. When their rebooting foundation has been shaken. During this time, the incitement by the temptation demon will easily succeed. For example, some people would have the following thought: it is fine to masturbate once, one last time. The temptation demon wouldn’t at times tempt you directly, instead, it will incite you to indulge, just like a criminal boss, changing ways to make you break the reboot. If you are very conscious of your sexual ability, then the temptation demon will incite you to test. If you have the thought to test your determination, this is actually the temptation demon inciting you to relapse. As to the various problems that one encounters during the rebooting process, we should hold a correct understanding and then constantly guard ourselves against the temptation demon at all times, no matter if it applies to sexual fantization or the inciting form, the vigilance mindset should be maintained at all times. The rebooting position must be firm and immovable! Immovable like the mountain! No matter what the heart temptation is saying, I won’t listen, I will not relapse! Just like when the traitor is tempting the revolutionary martyr to surrender, the reply from the martyr is a spit of saliva! Our rebooting efforts should have the same spirit and determination as the martyr!

Actually, our rhyme for stopping sexual fantization is not only effective against sexual fantization, but it is also effective against other forms of improper thoughts. Although many brothers have basically ceased to sexual fantasize, they are unable to control improper thoughts. In this case, one may also control improper thoughts through the use of the mentioned rhyme. Rebooting is about control versus to be controlled, one cannot hope to succeed if the temptation demon is in control, you must allow yourself to be a person of control and then firmly control your thoughts! Watch your own thoughts! Every day in the rebooting process should be like treading on thin ice, one cannot be careless or relax the guard.

Everybody should emphasize the rhyme for stopping sexual fantazation, use it properly, constantly repeat it in order to form the conditioned reflex! Conditioned reflex needs to be constantly reinforced, if it is not reinforced during a period, then it will start to recede. Therefore, we should frequently commit this rhyme into memory and keep it in the level of conditioned reflex.

This rhyme is a treasure, hopefully, you are somebody who recognizes treasures. For heaven’s sake, do not beg for food when you are already holding a bowl made of gold, do not mistake diamonds for glass.

In the below let’s talk about the love for fetishes.

Some brother hoped that I would talk about the love towards fetishes, he told me that it is the reason for all his relapses. For instance, the love for women’s things, a particular body part of women. When one develops the love for fetishes, addiction has taken place. Such an inclination is similar to addiction to alcohol, smoking, medicine, drugs, the internet, and gambling etc. All of the mentioned is a form of addictive behavior. Of course, masturbation is in itself a behavior of addiction. People with these forms of fetishes may use patikulamanasikara to pull oneself back to the course of normalcy, otherwise, having been subjected to poisons of such a degree, it will be tremendously difficult to reboot successfully. Previously, a brother told me that he liked to collect videos, he said that he has several hundred GB of them, he later determined to delete them because he knows that these videos are the very rocks that are tied to his body, sinking him to hell, they must be cast away. Other brothers have serious fetishes towards stockings, they have arrived at the stage where they are no longer able to pull themselves out and take control of their acts. Rebooting for these brothers are also more difficult compared to ordinary brothers.

In reality, everybody has their own inclinations of fondness, only that some are lightly addicted, some medium addicted and others are heavily addicted. While deeply trapped into these kinds of behavior, they would even collect things or steal female items, they have in no ways of controlling themselves. If one is heavy inflicted, I advise to go see a psychologist and listen to professional advice, this will make the process of adjustment easier.

The person who loves fetishes must have the determination and confidence to correct their own abnormal behavior, make more repentances, intensify the cultivation of virtue, study more traditional culture in order to raise one’s level of virtue. Proactively participate in social activities which would benefit the body and the mind, public welfare activities are even better. Do not come into contact with adverse stimulation. In this internet day of age, there are adverse stimulations everywhere. Therefore, one must learn how to control one’s thoughts, watch one’s thoughts. Rhymes for ceasing sexual fantization can also be used to control thoughts about fetishes. Once you are able to control your thoughts, correcting the love for fetishes will no longer be difficult. The only problem is the inability to control one’s thoughts and instead falling into the control of the temptation demon, the adjustment will surely be a difficult task under such cases.

The psychological aspect of curing the love for fetishes normally includes:

1. Becoming aware of the treatment methods, undergoing systematic education (studying the correct view towards sex).
2. The disgust treatment method, target repulsion towards an object (establishing the feel of disgust).
3. Rubber band treatment method (giving out light punishment).
4. Social treatment method (changing one’s personality).

Stimulation - Reaction”, in reality, in rebooting we are cultivating our reaction. When facing temptatious stimulation, our reaction should not be of fondness and addiction, on the other hand, we should deeply realize the harm that evil debauchery brings to the body and mind. We then should employ an attitude of exclusion, refusal or disgust and through the constant studies of rebooting articles, enabling us to adjust our thought awareness, in this way will there be the hope of making a successful reboot. As for the people who have a love for fetishes, studying is the prerequisite to correction. Only by deeply realizing the harm can one make a big determination to quit.

Some brothers might worry that the so-called disgust treatment method will affect their post-marital sex life, worrying that they would lose interest towards the opposite sex, developing sexual indifference and thus affecting the relationship with their wife. Actually, one does not have to worry the least bit, this is only a method of treatment which allows you to return to the path of normalcy. The final goal is to let you establish a correct view towards sex, in learning to control one’s thoughts and desires.

Lastly, let’s talk about phobia.

After having read cases from countless brothers, many of them have had the inclination of becoming timider, this is actually intricately connected with the kidneys. In serious cases, brothers would develop phobias, examples are social phobia, cancer phobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia etc. Some brothers are afraid of the light, living like a pitiful bug in a dark corner. Many brothers would lament that they were not like this previously, the previous selves were very confident and optimistic. Ever since becoming addicted to masturbation, they have step by step become more afraid.

[Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor]: “A person has 5 organs which correspond to the 5 emotions, these are happiness, sadness, worry, fear and thought”. The corresponding relationship between emotions and the 5 organs are: happiness to the heart, worry to the liver, thought to the spleen, sadness to the lungs and fear to the kidneys. The kidneys govern fright, fright, in turn, will again damage the kidneys. It is a common phenomenon for kidney deficient people to become more fearful. I used to be like this, I had severe social phobia and a heavy tendency towards hypochondria. Those days were a period of complete darkness, I would fear out of no reason. Thinking about it now it seems unbelievable, afterward, through rebooting and health cultivation, my confidence has returned, I no longer fear the least bit, the feeling is completely different. Last time when replying to a thread, a brother had similar experiences, following a period of rebooting, he was immediately valiant and full of vigor, his confidence has returned along with his impulse, the previously wretched and scared self-had all but disappeared.

When one has a phobia and visits the Western medicine doctor, it is often treated as neurosis or psychological illness, naturally, it will be effective to some degree. If you go to the traditional Chinese doctor, it will be treated as disordered functioning of the internal organs. Through treatment of the internal organs by Chinese herbal medicine, fright will then disappear. One should say that each way of treatment has its own merits. But as sufferers, we must recognize the importance in rebooting and health cultivation, otherwise, by undergoing treatment and masturbating simultaneously, even the best doctor will have a hard time curing you. If your condition is not serious, there is certainly a chance to get well without using medicines given at least half a year of rebooting and health cultivation. When the kidney qi is abundant, ten thousand evils are extinguished. Though I need to remind everybody that during the recovery period, repeated symptoms will easily arise. Therefore, we should emphasize health cultivation in order to reduce the worries that have been brought forth by these symptoms.
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part 3/3

Many people become confused when phobias arise, they wonder if it is a problem with the mind or the body. If you understand topics of health cultivation, then you will know that kidney deficiency precedes the tendency of feeling frightened, in serious cases, there will be phobias. When you undergo active treatment through rebooting and health cultivation, phobias will naturally disappear when your confidence returns. If you do not understand this concept, then it is like entering a maze. The sufferer most likely will think like this: what is the problem, is the problem really with my mind? Since it is a problem of the mind, why am I not cured? He has never considered that the phobia is connected with masturbation, this is because he is ignorant of medical knowledge. Therefore, in order to completely recover from phobias, one must first be reasonable, understand the principle, find the right cause and then make efforts and one will succeed. Otherwise, while unable to understand the cause, one will spend a lifetime wandering and struggling in the maze of phobias. What is more of a pity is that family members have no ways of understanding his fears, they all think that the problem is with his mind. Actually, the source of the problem is with masturbation. Masturbation causes the five internal organs to function disorderly, continued masturbation will cause changes in the mood and the psyche. Kidney deficiency not only gives rise to symptoms in the body, many people have actually ignored its psychological symptoms. When the kidneys are deficient, a person easily becomes agitated and easy to anger, there is also a high chance of developing cowardly tendencies. Once this principle is understood, recovering from phobias will be easy to handle. One phrase: walk in the opposite direction! Don’t do things which would result in injuries to the kidneys, masturbation must be cut out with determination. Do not stay up late and sit for long durations, one should actively exercise. One may also take up health cultivation practices. In summary, one should do more activities that are oriented towards health cultivation and reduce kidney damaging activities to zero. By persisting this way for at least half a year, phobias will be completely cured. I have been cured after having understood the principles, at the time I had taken a lot of medicines without effect. Medicines would only provide temporary alleviation, one may easily become dependent on medicines after a period of medication. Therefore, I have placed the emphasis to recovery onto rebooting and health cultivation, especially on health cultivation. I have practiced standing and sitting meditation, Eight Brocade exercise, Six Healing Sounds, I went to bed before 11 pm, got up and moved about for every 40 minutes of sitting down and avoided sitting for long durations. The illness disappeared slowly like threads of silk, on the other hand, I’m a sensible person who is persistent, this is why I was able to finally recover completely. As long as you are sensible, have the awareness towards rebooting and health cultivation, is perseverant, then you will be able to recover fully.

Do not think that you cannot recover from a phobia, I have recovered from it. I have conveyed my experiences to brothers in sickness, as long as you have truly obtained understanding, you will be able to recover. One needs to look to hope, give oneself more of positive and active suggestions, as long as you keep persevering, symptoms will gradually disappear. That optimistic and confidence feeling will once again enter your body, you will reclaim that lost beauty.

In this season I will continue to recommend 3 books:

1. [How To See & Read The Aura], this book allowed me to find out what is aura and the mystery of an aura. Aura does indeed exist, but it is very subtle. Through rebooting and cultivation, the aura of a person can undoubtedly become strengthened. When the aura is great in strength, the fate of a person will slowly change. Being addicted to masturbation will weaken a person’s aura, giving out a filthy feeling, wretchedness, strengthlessness, optimistic and unhealthy. The feeling of aura will at first glance leave a lasting impression for the other person. Auras have varying degrees of intensities, different colors and clarities. Through studying this book, you will understand the mystery of aura and from there be in a better position to maintain and strengthen your aura. Aura is intimately connected with the health as well as with the actions. The kind of actions will determine the kind of aura. By masturbating, you will have the wretched aura of a masturbator. By rebooting, you will have the righteous aura of a rebooter. I recommend that everyone may take a read at this book, although it is not a thick book, it is very inspirational.

2. [遵生八笺], this is a great work in the science of ancient Chinese health cultivation, the number one classic of the famous scholar of the Ming dynasty named 高濂撰. The version that I bought is the translated text into everyday language. The health cultivation knowledge contained in this book is very vast. When first reading this book opened my eyes. The level of essence preservation in health cultivation that has been achieved by our ancestors is extremely advanced, it can be said that it is an accumulation of experiences through thousands of years. We should absorb the knowledge of our forefathers and master the path of health cultivation. Brothers who only reboot without cultivating the health will recover very slowly, repeated symptoms will be likely. It is crucial to understand health cultivation, I have always stressed the importance of health cultivation. The books that I have read about health cultivation nowadays are already very numerous, included among them are professional books on TCM. Basically in every book, the importance of cutting out sexual debauchery and the preservation of essences is emphasized. If you are deeply versed in TCM health cultivation, it will be very beneficial towards the rebooting process, it is a major helping force towards rebooting!

3. [张锡纯医案], 张锡纯, one of the representative individuals who is well learned in both TCM and Western medicine, a leading scholar in TCM close to the modern time. I like this book a great deal. A person who indulges in sexual debauchery will suffer many illnesses, there are many inducing factors, the seven emotional states lead to sickness, the six desires damages the body. “wind, cold, heat, moist, dry, fire” will induce a person to become sick, fatigue and dietary factors will also induce sickness. Reading more medical cases will benefit the advancement of realization in TCM health cultivation. Once you have a strong realization in health cultivation, then the chances of catching illnesses will decrease. Health cultivation is a learning, maintain yourself well, one may also share knowledge with friends and family.
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Season 38 [Soaring Eagle experience: Refuting the harmlessness in moderation theory by the sexologists] part 1/2

Recently, a friend told me that the fluid that flows out during sexual excitement is not the prostatic fluid, but the urethral gland fluid.

In fact, this question was reported to me six months ago. As to whether it is the prostate fluid or the urethral gland fluid, it is controversial. Some brothers think that it is prostatic fluid, while others think it is urethral gland fluid. Some doctors think it is a mixture of prostatic fluid and urethral gland fluid. I myself agree with the view of the mixture. Because the prostate is filled with blood during sexual excitement, it will secrete a small amount of prostatic fluid which then enters the urethra, this gets mixed with the urethra glandular fluid and the mixture is formed.

When I wrote articles before, I used to write prostatic fluid. Later I changed it to "prostatic fluid or urethral gland fluid". Brothers who often read my articles know about this. I will not mention this issue again in the future. When you see the urethral gland fluid being mentioned in one article, you will think that the person who mentions about prostatic fluid is wrong. However, if the article you are reading mentions that the prostatic fluid is flowing out, and you may think that person is correct. Actually, it is not important whether it is the prostatic fluid or the urethral gland fluid that is following out, repeated symptoms will be caused by the outflow regardless of which fluid it is. Therefore, we must control sexual fantization and try to avoid such a situation. In addition, when answering a question I would normally use prostatic fluid. I’m used to this expression and so I will stick to it, I ask for everybody’s understanding.

We will enter into the main topic below.

Regarding the harmlessness theory in moderation, I have already criticized it many times in my article. This time, based on the advice of a certain brother, I once again talk about it thoroughly and in detail. This time I will quote from some well-known sexologists to use as a reference. I will also quote from some cases to explain my point of view. I will not resort to personal attacks in this article but I will just talk about my point of view, judging the matter where it stands in order to set the record straight. I respect these sexologists but my views differ from theirs. In writing this article, I take the position of an in-depth researcher in the topic of masturbation and a person who has thoroughly experienced the symptoms first hand.

I don't want to get involved in battles of debate, he who is innocent has no need to prove his innocence, my only hope is that this article will bring positive inspiration to the vast majority of brothers. It is not my intention to incite an argument between everyone. As rebooters, we should be quality individuals. I do not advocate personal attacks, as rebooters we need to pay even closer attention to doing good deeds and in the accumulation of virtue.

I will begin by quoting from the famous sexologist Ma Xiaonian:

Ma Xiaonian: The so-called masturbation is a way of self-satisfaction. He can use his hands or use some bedding material. The ultimate goal is mainly to stimulate the genitals, whereby sexual satisfaction is achieved. Differences may be found in the specific approaches, a clear boundary does not necessarily need to exist. First of all, teenagers and even adults all may have very normal sexual behavior. Many people may have many misunderstandings about masturbation, thinking that masturbation will hurt the body and leave repercussions for the future. Such problems do not exist in actuality.

Here is another sexologist Peng Xiaohui:

Peng Xiaohui said in a lecture at the South Normal University that if a woman resists or through the use of other means is unable to withstand the sexual assault, the last barrier is to hand over a condom in order to protect oneself to the greatest extent possible. Since then, a nickname has been added to him as the "Handed Professor." In February of this year, as a personal friend, he invited a former AV actress into the classroom to interact with the students, another nickname “Sex Worker” was added to him.


These two are famous sexologists, one is a doctor and the other a teacher. I have read their articles, in particular, their attitude towards masturbation is that of harmlessness or harmless in moderation. To have such views as university professors, and then to spread his books and opinions to his students who after all do not possess much judgment, whatever the teacher says the student accepts. And the argument of harmlessness in moderation is indeed very confusing and has the potential to confuse a group of people. As a guide, he is really a misguiding. In the area of sex education, both of these people are authoritative figures, but we should not blindly trust in authority. It is necessary to reason whether or not the authoritative ways of thinking is aligned with facts, if not, then they are wrong. Wrong is wrong, whether you are a professor or not.

The ideology that these two people harbors with regards to sex education comes from foreign research in fact. There are many misconceptions and blind spots in those foreign studies, and it does not explain the truest of reality, especially on the issue of masturbation, the mistakes are outrageous. They are very sure about the benefits of masturbation, they even think that masturbation has a certain therapeutic effect, not only are there no downside but the upside is great, the approval of pleasure is very high. But what is the actual situation? How many people have had their health ruined due to masturbation? I dare ask, have these two experts investigated? Have they seen it? Have you seen the cases made by the victims? Are all the symptoms of a masturbator only a product of imagination? Without having investigated, one does not have the right to voice opinions. Such opinions have a high chance to be subjective speculation, completely ungrounded in reality.

The previous me used to be the same as many ignorant ignorant brothers, blindly believing in the opinions of experts. Later on, I discovered during my researches that many people did not think much after masturbation, nor did they feel guilty, but they as well ran into many symptoms. The so-called imagined symptoms postulated by the experts is extremely misleading, who knows how many youths have been harmed by this view. If a person has a little bit of TCM health cultivation knowledge, he will know that masturbation will damage the kidneys. It is after the kidneys have been injured that symptoms come out, the symptoms are not a product of imagination. It is very incredible that the dignified professor would actually say that masturbation is harmless, not only harmless but also positive. Later, I understood why the professor said this, it is because they have been brainwashed by the Western harmlessness theories, completely ignoring basic TCM health cultivation knowledge, believing completely in the Western point of view (Translator’s note: While Soaring Eagle often makes the distinction between East and West, it is my sincere belief that he is not attempting to alienate one camp from the other. The reader should keep in mind the common issue of hand which is PMO, energy should not be wasted on the debate over which school of medicine is superior to the other). This is a kind of sorrow; directly convinced of the Western point of view without having gone through thorough investigation and research. What is more sorrowful is the spreading of these false theories to the younger generation by the experts. I would like to say something with a slight overtone of mockery: I hope these expert professors would quickly wake up and not mislead another generation of youth, they cannot afford to get injured!

If the experts are still misleading in this way, I suspect if you are not supported by private hospitals? Masturbation causes prostatitis, then the private hospitals can engage in income generation, it seems that Mr. Ma Xiaonian is a consultant for private hospitals?!

Let me talk about my argument below

My views are based on my own in-depth research. I have read more than 5000 cases, to this day I am still reading cases in the rebooting forums. I have chatted with over a thousand patients, and I’m a sufferer and have experienced the symptoms first hand. I think it is necessary for me to tell the truth. In addition, I have to say something very responsible. That is: the truth is in the rebooting forums, the truth is in the various discussion forums dedicated to quitting PMO, the truth is found in the minds of the conscience doctors, the truth is absolutely not found in the hands of the so-called experts.

An expert is such a person; when you masturbate and your body is deteriorating by the day and you want to climb out of the masturbation trap. The expert who is standing on top of the trap kicks you back while shouting: Keep on masturbating, it’s harmless, there are even many benefits!

All these experts have overlooked one point: masturbation is highly addictive! The biggest feature is one you popped you can’t stop! These six words are the most incisive summary of masturbation!

I will list several forms of addictions: drug addiction, addiction, internet addiction, and smoking addiction. Out of these four kinds of addictions, which one does everyone think is easiest to become hooked too. I can tell you that masturbation will never lose to drug addiction, it’s basically a one-time addiction, once you pop you can’t stop. It is hard to get quit it once you have caught it! (Translator’s note: while it is not certain on which drugs the author refers to, one may certainly argue for the contrary. As always, it is beneficial to take all personal opinions with a grain of salt, internalize whatever is useful, discard whatever is not applicable).

Why are experts not talking about the high addictiveness of masturbation? In a phrase: the experts are too cunning! It is not ignorance but the avoidance of the topic. The expert used a very cunning word: moderation! The span of the word moderation is too vast because everybody has a different constitution, therefore, no one knows where the degree for moderation is. And having become addicted, talking about moderation is absurd! Once addicted, you no longer have the control. Many people have had experience of masturbating for several days consecutively, even many times a day when evil thoughts enter the brain, a person is like a puppet under the temptation demon, it is a state of involuntariness. Many of the predecessors have wasted themselves via masturbation while subscribing to harmlessness theories. Moderation is self-deception as well as the deception of other people, one is simply looking for an excuse for indulgence.

Although some people have masturbated relatively few times, by going at it for 3-5 years, there will still be a high chance of running into symptoms. Some people are born with a poor constitution, even if the frequency is very low, there will still be lots of bodily symptoms within 2 years. The harm from masturbation is the process of a change in quantity to that of quality, the damaging effect is like a frog being slowly boiled in a pot. Seniors friends know that sexual fantization is an invisible form of leakage, it is also very damaging. One is also prone to encounter symptoms by being addicted to sexual fantization. Do the so-called experts know these principles? What I want to ask is, do these experts have rudimentary knowledge about TCM? Have they done any in-depth research? Experts copy the Western view of harmlessness while maintaining a negative attitude towards traditional Chinese medicine. How much credibility do these experts have? In addition, everyone can observe that many so-called experts actually have the face of an essence-wounded person, their complexion is very poor. The experts have problems with their own bodies while saying that masturbation is harmless, is this not laughable? There are so many hazards in masturbation, why can't the experts see it? Are they trying to dodge the issue by simply stating that the symptoms are only your imagination!?

Many brothers have all eventually said a sentence in line with: I was harmed by harmlessness theories, and I was gravely harmed by the experts! The misleading articles by the articles allow one to sink ever deeper, at last, the body is full of symptoms, the suffering is beyond words.

When you read harmlessness theories, you are the laughing stock! When you believe in the experts, you are the great laughing stock.

When I write this article, it is not intended for the experts but for the majority of brothers, I hope that brothers are able to polish their eyes. It is extremely difficult for experts to change their opinions, do you know why? Asking them to change their opinions is tantamount to letting them slap themselves, it is tantamount to letting them smash their own billboards. Even if they realize the true issues with their views, it is not certain that they will admit the fault. A brother said ones that the theory of harmlessness in moderation is a conspiracy for poisoning more teenagers, I don’t want to rule out this possibility.

By listening to the voices of the victims, you will be awakened by a lot. One needs to learn to speak with the help of cases, speak with the facts, the so-called experts can go meet the devil! Without rebooting, one is finished! Lack of essence precedes illnesses!

Case 1: I am 19 years old, I started to masturbate during the 2nd year of middle school. Until last year, my sexual desire has been very strong, I basically masturbated once every day. On several occasions I masturbated 5-6 times in a row. Until recently, I felt that my energy level is extremely bad, I have insomnia, frequent urination, and incontinence. Recently I came upon the rebooting forums and had an epiphany. I rebooted for 5 days, the dark circles around my eyes were alleviated and the frequent urination was cured. But when going to bed today, while looking at the wallpaper on my computer, I couldn’t hold it and so I masturbated twice. It feels like all my previous efforts have gone into the drain. What I want to ask is, can I recover if I quit for a long time?

Analysis: Everyone pays attention to the 2 words: until recently. The desire was still very strong last year, it was actually an expression of hyperactivity in the Yang due to Ying deficiency, this has been going one for over a year, then the symptoms appeared this year. Do you know what the experts will say when they see this case? You have imagined the symptoms, it’s OK to continue masturbation. Experts have a tendency: they like to talk about sexual liberation, they think that the the past is too confined and feudal. The society should be open as the Western society. What they don’t know is that foreign countries have realized the evil fruits of sexual liberation, they have began to advocate ascetic education. Chinese people always think that everything foreign is good, actually, lots of these are Western garbage thoughts. Some sexologists would even say: When there is desire it should be released, this is human instinct,

Don’t hold it in as it is bad for the body and the mind. When first listening to this argument, one would think that is is very reasonable and correct. But if one is a senior brother, one would definitely feel that this is ridiculous. This case is a good rebuttal. Once you are addicted, or have entered the state of hyperactivity in the Yang due to Ying deficiency, many people have a high rate of masturbation, multiple times every day even. Should desire really be liberated once it is present? Shouldn't we learn to control our own desires? When masturbation is so highly addictive, sexologists still argue that we should masturbation whenever we have a desire, this is simply pushing people into the fire pit.
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part 2/2

Case 2: It is like this. It is difficult to fall asleep for N days in a row. I used to have this situation when I was 14 or 15 years old. I used to be a masturbation madman. Now I realize the seriousness of the situation. I started to quit. I guess that insomnia is caused by masturbation. Lately, I’m constantly thinking about ways to make up for the deficit. Last night I just wanted to hit the wall with my head in order to pass out! At least this also counts as falling asleep…

Analysis: This case is actually the neurasthenia caused by masturbation, Chinese medicine: the kidneys are connected to the brain. Masturbation will damage the brain and the nerves.

You can understand this principle by reading more cases or by direct experiences.

Case 3. Graduated with a Master's degree, originally with a bright future but stopped in my tracks while climbing towards the peak of my career. It’s not that I don’t work hard, but the symptoms are too serious, like a pair of shackles holding me firm, leaving me without any means to move forward. Now I can but live on in degradation! The person that I loved the most has left me, my career has stagnated due to symptoms as a result of illnesses. I have been asking for medical advice everywhere without seeing any improvements. The vile habit of masturbation from previous times refuses to go away. Every day I live in this world like a walking dead! The average person will not understand how tormenting the disease is. First of all, frequent urination will make you want to commit suicide. When it was the most severe, there was the urge to urinate every 5 minutes. The lower abdomen is restrained and swollen. The urge to urinate will arise by applying the least amount of force, one can also say that there is always a thought to urinate, it will swell and I’m unable to sit. Secondarily, there is discomfort in the urinary tract, like something stuck in the urethra. The urinary tract feels swollen, it burns when urinating, the urine stream is flat and there is incontinence etc. Soreness in the waist is a small problem in comparison!

Analysis: only when symptoms appear on the body does one know how painful they are. Lots of people who masturbate suffer from prostatitis and varicocele, premature ejaculation and impotence are also common. Can the experts still say that they are all imagined? Expert theory can only fool the masses who are not aware of the truth. Once you understand the truth, there will be a feeling of being cheated by the experts.

Among the thousands of victim cases, I have collected, they are all undoubtedly explaining one fact: the harm from masturbation is very great, it is hugely destructive towards the mind and the body. Why do sexologists avoid talking about the dangers of masturbation? Why is it that everybody knows that masturbation injures the kidneys, that many diseases are born out of weak kidneys, but sexologists do not know this rudimental health cultivation common sense? I remember there was a sexologist who went to lecture at a university and then some students asked directly: Will masturbation lead to premature ejaculation? The sexologist answers: early leakage may also be caused by the woman. Take a look at the cleverness of the answer, he just avoids talking about the dangers of masturbation. Could it be that premature ejaculation and impotence are both “imagined”? People who have a little bit of knowledge in Chinese medicine will know that when kidneys are damaged by masturbation up to a certain degree, there will be premature ejaculation and impotence. Why don’t the experts know about this principle? Why Do experts blindly emphasize the many benefits to masturbation? Even Confucius has emphasized the need to quit lust. Many famous Chinese medicine practitioners have emphasized the importance of quit lust and the importance of essence preservation. Why do sexologists want to sing the opposite tune? Where are their hearts? You so-called expert professors, your speeches and articles are ending up on the media, you also host lectures at universities. Have you thought about when you are promoting your fallacies, what results will it have on those students who are not aware of the truth upon hearing these arguments? They will think that masturbation is very normal and continue to indulge in it. Until the body is broken, they will not necessarily know what’s going on, are you expert professors not harming people? You are killing the younger generation! You are very cunning, avoid talking about the dangers of masturbation. You really should read more victims’ cases and see what the truth in masturbation looks like. Don't instill the foreign garbage indulgence thinking into the younger generation, here I want to say to you: expert professors, pay attention to propriety in speech! Thank you all!

Attaching a little poem:


I used to believe in you
Because you are the expert
Representing authority

Later, I came to hate you bittery
Because you are the expert
Pushing me into the fire pit

At last, I'm grateful to you
Because I came to believe in the Buddha
Living in a grateful world

But, I must tell the truth
This is for the younger generation
So they are no longer harmed by you

Related literature:

Asceticism sweeps the United States

[Beijing Youth Daily]

Teaching young people how to abstain from sex, several years ago in the United States, this sounded unbelievable to people. But now it is really on the agenda of the federal and state governments. With the support of a $500 million of public fund, hundreds of new plans are being implemented. The agenda carefully educates and warns young people who are in their youthful period to not paying attention to premarital sexual relations, which may cause "harmful consequences to the mind and the body", while condoms and other contraceptives are not reliable.

With the promotion of these abstinence programs, they are moving to challenge the firmly rooted American traditional education trinity - human sexuality, safe sex, and birth control. This new concept of sex causing some traditional conservative to gladly profess that they are in the process of conquering the corrosion of the American youth caused by the sexual revolution from the 60s.

Over the past two years, the US government has funded 6,988 new “only abstinence” programs and 21 new media campaign activities. In Chicago, where teenage pregnancy rates are as high as 40%, a new course was added to schools last year where the students are taught that abstinence is the best choice.

Although formal sex education may be more effective than informal education, the long-term effects are still unclear. The latest investigations show that the previously persistently high rate of sexual activity among adolescents in the United States has begun to decline. Yet, on the other hand, up to 3 million adolescents are diagnosed with new cases of sexually transmitted diseases! Half of the new AIDS patients are under 25 years old.

Dr. Pinsky, the host of the radio program "Love Hotline" believes that abstinence is the optimal choice in maintaining the emotional health of young people. He said that most girls under the age of 18 are not prepared to accept strong emotional integration if she engages in sexual activity too early, she risks depression, pregnancy, and illness. If young people are "prior to being fully developed and holder of their own autonomy” and sexual relationships occur, they may become emotionally attached to relationships.

Final summary:

When sex is liberated and indulged in foreign countries, our country is still very conservative. When we start calling for sexual liberation and sexual indulgence, foreign countries are once again advocating asceticism. In fact, it is still better to be a bit conservative, the evil fruits of indulgences are too terrible, not to mention ruining your body but it also leads to various social problems. Our country should have its own ideas and not follow behind the developed countries, like a follower, and finally ending up with nothing. We should stick to our own route, listen to the teachings of the ancient sages, and become a Chinese person full of positive energy.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on February 24, 2019, 11:34:17 AM
Hi all,

It was recently pointed out to me by a moderator (from another rebooting forum) that Season 11 contained inappropriate language that went against rules of this forum. The moderator is 100% correct in the assessment. In my desire to preserve the original text I had let my zeal gotten the best of me. For this reason, I sincerely apologize to all brothers and sisters who were offended by the contents of that season. It has never been my intention to spread prejudices nor will I ever harbor such intention.

Since I'm not a person of empty words, I will make an effort to read through all of the previously translated seasons in search of inappropriate contents. If they are found, I will remove them (while making a note pointing to their removal). If inappropriate contents are found in future seasons, I will henceforth not publish them. It is important to abide by the forum rules, after all, people have been laboring hard to make all this possible. My deepest apologies again for the offending language.

Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on March 12, 2019, 03:17:37 PM
Season 39 [Soaring Eagle experience: revisiting the topic of relapsing and the revealed profundities by the 21 points] part 1/2


The standard for a successful reboot should be a consistent reboot for more than one year, strict control of sexual fantization with little to no fantization and the maintenance of a high degree of vigilance. If you can enter the rebooting stabilization period within about half a year with little to no sexual fantization, then that also counts as a successful reboot. Although many senior brothers have been rebooting for a long time, when they at last relax their vigilance by the least bit, they immediately relapse. Even if they have been rebooting for over 2 years, relapse will still happen. Therefore, we must remain vigilant. Successful reboot = high realization + strong vigilance. Vigilance is very important. When you relax your vigilance, you will be eaten by the temptation demon.

Traditional culture talks about the importance of quitting lust, TCM health cultivation also talks about the same topic together with essence preservation. Raising the realization in these two areas is favorable towards rebooting. But what’s more important is to reboot professionally. Some brothers are studying Chinese medicine, they are deeply aware of the harm of masturbation but still, they are unable to quit it. In reality, what he is lacking is professional rebooting knowledge. Merely knowing about the harms of masturbation is far from being enough. One must learn how to reboot professionally. Professional rebooting may be achieved through the below 6 aspects of self-improvement.

1. Method of breaking sexual fantization
2. Emotional management
3. Controlling the frequency of nocturnal emissions
4. Vigilance awareness
5. Health awareness
6. Studying awareness

Some friends suggest that everyone should not blindly believe in me. I still agree with this point, I once said in the article that I’m not some Master, nor do I want to be a Master, I’m not in need of any blind worshipping. I’m only an ordinary brother, a senior rebooter. I’m sharing my experiences only in the hopes of helping everyone, nothing more. If you praise me, I will not be proud, if you yell at me, I will not feel anger. I will always keep a humbly dedicated heart, serving everyone. If you believe in me and come to consult me, I will definitely give you my best advice. If you don't believe me, it doesn't matter, there are a lot of distinguished people on the rebooting forums, you may go and consult them. But blind belief in anybody is unacceptable. If you want to believe then believe in righteousness, founded on correct knowing. Good rebooting articles can give you a lot of inspiration and revelation, but the final path needs to be walked by you through independent thinking and summarizing. The Master leads you to the door, the rest is up to you. Once you have entered the door to rebooting, you need to rely on your own labor to cultivate realization and determination. Many brothers refuse to learn from the experience of their predecessors, they wanted to quit on their own. Their ideas make a certain sense, but the winners are almost all made up of people who are good at learning and reading. The experience of the seniors can make everyone avoid many detours, just like a direction guide, pointing you towards the right path from the start. If you reject the experience of the predecessors, it is undoubtedly a loss for yourself, it will be very difficult to explore on your own. The reason for my rebooting success is due to the absorption of experiences and lessons from many people, constantly learning from the knowledge and experiences of the predecessors. This is followed by independent thinking through the integration of my own experiences and research, from there, the essence of rebooting success is discovered. Many people are not willing to learn, this is in fact due to agitation, unable to calm the mind, they are determined to reboot in the brute force way, the results should be apparent.

A veteran brother came back to the rebooting forums to have a look and found me still active, then he said: Soaring Eagle, why are you still here? Yes, many veteran brothers have left, some have left after they have failed, some have done so after they have succeeded. Although some people have not been completely successful, they rarely relapse, many of such people have left as well, returning to the normal track of life and not bothered by rebooting anymore. In reality, I may leave as well, what I’m doing is for public welfare, I’m not getting a penny of income from it, I take helping other people as a great cause, although it doesn’t give any income I’m very happy doing it. After having written so many articles and answered so many questions, from a normal point of view, I should have been tired of it a long time ago, but I stayed because I wish to help more people, that’s it. If you are a senior brother, you will have noticed that many of the smashes hit advice seeking threads have sunk to the bottom, this is because the person answering the questions have left the rebooting forums. In the beginning, the responders will have a sense of accomplishment and freshness, after answering many questions there will be a feeling of weariness, thus one becomes resigned. The responders who are really able to stay behind are generally people of willpower, who are truly willing to give selfless devotion, not seeking fame and fortune, only to help more people. The reason for the good atmosphere of the rebooting forums is due to a group of such people, selflessly dedicating themselves. I hope that more friends can dedicate themselves, having to take on such a role you will find more meaning in your life, you will become open-minded and full of positive energy.

A final summary:

Everyone may study my articles in order to gain experiences. One may believe in me, but do not blindly believe in me or blindly put me on a pedestal, I’m only an ordinary brother. In addition, although I’m a Buddhist, I will not force my belief onto others. I believe in freedom and following fate. For brothers with Buddhist karmas, I will mention Buddhist teachings in my answers towards them. I have previously mentioned about life release but only towards believers of Buddhism. If you are not a believer, that is fine, you can take the road of professional rebooting, one may also reboot successfully in this way. My article is mainly elaborated from the perspective of professional rebooting, this is the road that I walk on.

I have conducted my research work based on a large number of real cases. Research topics include the specific hazards in masturbation, the pattern to rebooting and relapsing, the path towards recovery, the various problems that one encounters during the rebooting process. These are my main focus of research. Through the comparison and research of a large number of real cases, I have discovered a lot of principles, this is the reason to why I write articles, in order to share these principles with everyone. I hope that they will bring useful inspiration for everyone and that everyone will be able to reboot more professionally and properly.

In the below, I will share 2 Q&A cases

1. [My masturbation history is 6 years, the frequency is relatively high (should be considered very high). In addition, I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Masturbation has brought me a lot of bad influences. I also deeply understand the danger of excessive masturbation. I’m determined to change but I still have some doubts. The aim of the rebooting forums is to achieve abstinence before marriage and then moderation post marriage. What I want to ask is that both masturbation and sex damages the body, masturbation is addictive, isn’t it the same with sex? It should also be addictive. Why is it OK to have moderation after marriage but not moderation in masturbation? Moderation is achievable in sex, while the same is difficult for masturbatoin?]

Answer: Both masturbation and making love damages kidney essence, making love may also lead to addiction and kidney deficiency. Therefore, try to maintain moderation after marriage and learn the way of health cultivation. Do not let greed destroy the body.

I think that many brothers want to know the answer to the second question; why abstinence before marriage and not moderation.

There are 3 reasons why the rebooting forums advocate abstinence before marriage.

(1). From the moral level of consideration, it is in line with the traditional point of view. Sex before marriage is considered as evil debauchery, evil debauchery injures the body and damages virtue. Sex after marriage is positive debauchery, this is in line with human relations, but one also need to pay attention to moderation.

(2). It is to avoid indulgence before marriage, in order to avoid being wasted before getting married. One should leave save the best of oneself for after marriage. During my long stay in the rebooting forums, I have seen a lot of unmarried brothers becoming wasted before marriage, the family is urging marriage, but their sexual function is no longer OK, they have premature ejaculation and erectile difficulties. It is inconvenient to communicate such issues with the woman. Once the word is out, the other person would mention breaking up, making oneself very awkward. Some friends are not only sexually disabled, but their whole body is ridden with symptoms with discomforts all over. When entering marriage in such a state, this is also very awkward.

(3). The third point is very important. In fact, rebooting is cultivation. Why do you want abstinence before marriage? This principle is actually similar to taming the wild horse is similar, that is, to learn to conquer the temptation demons before marriage. The temptation demon is the wild horse, one can only direct this wild horse after marriage. The process is: first conquer and then direct! If you have never surpassed the demon, then you can’t talk about directing, one will be unable to truly achieve moderation after marriage. In order words, when you are successful at rebooting before marriage, then there will be hope to truly achieve moderation after marriage. Otherwise, if you have never conquered the temptation demon, there is a high chance of becoming wasted after marriage. Remember: First conquer, then direct! If you are unable to conquer the temptation demon, then it is possible to become wasted both before and after marriage. We need to be masters of desires, not the slaves to desire. The consequences of being the slave to desire are very grave!

Analysis: There are only two Chinese emperors who lived to be over 80 years old, Liang Wudi, a Buddhist. The other person is Qianlong, who advocated moderation in lust. The emperor generally does not need masturbation, there are so many women in the harem, but why are emperors is short-lived? It’s because of too much lovemaking. The emperor has access to the best doctors in China, the food they eat and supplant themselves with are of the highest quality. But despite such conditions, many emperors die in their 20s, that is, they cannot pass the female threshold. Many people are born with a weak constitution, but their desire is very strong. By damaging the kidneys under such circumstances, it won’t take more than a few years before symptoms come knocking on the door. So even after we get married, we must pay attention to moderation. Otherwise, many people get married and have sex very often and with ruined bodies as a result. For brothers who are already married, if you have a lot of symptoms, then you should learn to reboot and cultivate the health. You may have a good talk with your wife, cultivate yourself to a healthy state and then have sex in moderation. Don't be tempted and waste yourself for a moment of fleeting pleasure. I see a lot of Chinese medicine cases, those ancient doctors have all required one year of abstinence in combination with taking Chinese medicine, only in this way can one hope to make a full recovery. Otherwise, by supplementing from the above and leaking from the below, recovery will forever be difficult. Even if one is temporarily healed, relapse will be easy. 30% of treatment, 70% of maintenance. Rebooting and preserving the essences is covered by health cultivation. Married brothers must communicate well with his wife in order to avoid misunderstanding and the resulting family conflicts. If your wife is fairly understanding and understands you, then things will be easier.

2. [Continuing to ask Soaring Eagle brother, should you always put rebooting in the first place, should you have this attitude? During these three months I have not stopped in studying your posts and your posts about cases, I have always put rebooting in the first place because I feel that my appearance, self-confidence, and life is affected by it. Every day when I come home for dinner, I must study rebooting articles. In 3 months I have made 3 notebooks of notes. But I don’t know if I’m overdoing, or should I have this attitude? Please answer this question.]

Answer: Yes, your question has been raised by somebody previously. We should take time to learn and review the rebooting articles and notes every day, continue to raise the realization, and remain highly vigilant. But we shouldn’t spend too much time on rebooting so as not to affect everyday life and studies. One may make an arrangement such as to study rebooting articles for 1-2 hours every day, arrange the time for it and reasonably allocate your energy. On the basis of not affecting everyday life and studies, we can read more articles and cases on rebooting but don’t make yourself too tired. You are progressing very fast, if you feel very tired it is affecting your studies, you should pay attention to make adjustments. Fight on!

Analysis: The distance between us and rebooting should not be too close nor should it be too far. When rebooting, it does not require one to spend a dozen hours each day in the rebooting forums, when sitting and gazing for a long time in that way, it is not favorable for the recovery. But you should carry the rebooting forums in your heart. Every day, you should log on and feel the atmosphere of the forums, then read more cases, encourage more newcomers. While spreading positivity you are also strengthening your positive energy. Of course, you don’t have to log on every day. If it’s inconvenient, you can also take out the rebooting notebook and review it, learning new things from reviewing old things. My current schedule is to normally use the mobile phone to log onto the rebooting forums during the day, roughly about 10 times and a few minutes each time. I would read a few cases and then answer a few questions. Then after arriving home during the evening, I would answer questions for about an hour, of course, I would also make images and come up with ideas for articles. I wouldn’t make myself too tired. Once too tired, one will easily want to give up. Therefore, I pay great attention to striking a balance between work and rest as well as time management. The third year of high school is very tough and important, more time and energy should be allocated to schoolwork. In addition, some brothers will opt for cutting off the cellphone and the internet, he blames all the reasons for breaking the reboot on the temptations from computers and mobile phones, never once has he sought the reason from himself. Even though many people have cut off the internet and cell phones, they will still relapse, this is because relapsing sometimes does not require external temptations. One’s own fantasies and memories may lead to breaking the reboot. Other people relapse due to emotional reasons and not due to temptations. My opinion is still: to successfully reboot, one must study more and raise the level of realization, otherwise, there is no way to conquer the temptation demon. In rebooting, we need to control the time we spend on the internet in order to avoid getting hooked to the internet. But if one chooses to cut out the mobile phone and the internet, one loses access to many first-hand rebooting articles and material, this is not favorable to raising the realization. Of course, there is also a compromise, that is download all the rebooting articles to the mobile phone and read them on the phone. In this way, one is staying away from pornographic material while still being able to continuously study rebooting articles.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on March 12, 2019, 03:18:14 PM
part 2/2

Below we will enter into the main topic.

There are 2 main topics in this season: talk about relapsing and the revealed profundities by the 21 points.

Right now, many posts in the rebooting forums are about relapses, they occupy a lot of room. Every day one sees these posts, in them, one may see encouragement and guidance from predecessors. Don't be discouraged after relapsing, don't smash the jar just because it is cracked. When you have learned to draw experiences and lessons from the failures, then you will your reboot will become better and better. Failure can be a springboard, it can also be an abyss. By treating failures correctly, then failure is the mother of success.

In the rebooting forums, you will generally find 2 types of people:

1. Reboot better and better
2. Reboot worse and worse, even giving up

Those who reboot better and better are generally all good at studying and summarizing reasons for failure. These brothers have excellent studying habit, their realization is in the process of continuous improvement. Under such circumstances, when he relapse once it will even raise his realization to the next level. He will begin to pay attention to the reasons that led to relapsing and will be even more refined in rebooting. For example, a brother has a relapse due to emotional reasons, next time, he will realize the importance of emotional management, he will pay attention to adjusting his feelings in time. When he is in a bad mood, he will realize that it will be very easy to relapse from here on, and so he will immediately raise his vigilance and adjust his emotions. This is actually the harvest from breaking the reboot. The relapse may be negative but it can also be positive, one learns from one’s mistake.

Brothers in the second category generally rely on brute force, or they think that they are fine after having read a few rebooting articles. Actually, in order to be successful, one must continuously study and continuously raise the realization, reading a few articles does not make one successful. These brothers also rely on enthusiasm to quit, when relapse occurs, the enthusiasm for rebooting will fade, then the momentum will wear off, the original feeling towards rebooting is never to be found again. Indeed, relapsing will cause a loss of morale and enthusiasm. But there is a saying: Failure can make a person become discouraged, it can also make a person stronger. What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. I advocate rationality in rebooting and not relying on impulsive enthusiasm to quit, otherwise, the enthusiasm wears off quickly and confidence is immediately lost following a relapse. We should be sensible and develop good study habits that are as natural as brushing the teeth daily. Allow realization to continuously rise is the key. Yao Ming didn’t become 2.26m overnight. If you want to reboot successfully, accumulation must be emphasized, constantly review, reflect, summarize and keep taking notes. With regards to my articles, some brothers have really understood them and then their realization raised very quickly and he is able to reply to many questions on my behalf. In studying rebooting articles we should pay more attention to the rate of absorption. Otherwise, if nothing is retained after reading an article then one has read in vain.

Good articles and good books should be read repeatedly. When you read an article this month and then again in the next month, the feeling is completely different. I have deeply experienced this first-hand. When reading an article for the first time, the gain is very limited, but read it again after a while and there will be new insights and discoveries. When reviewing the material after a period of time, you will again acquire new knowledge. When you have repeatedly read an article many times, you will find that you have really absorbed the essence of the article.

For some friends, relapse is a springboard. Through this springboard, he can jump to a higher rebooting level and become even better from there on. For some other friends, relapse is like an abyss, things get progressively worse after a relapse until finally, they give up altogether. They chose the route of escape, some brothers after having relapsed even come to the rebooting forums in the attempt to pull people down with them. They would say that you can't quit or even directly post pornographic images to tempt people to relapse. These brothers have actually become the traitor, they have become puppets to the temptation demon, they have become the microphone of the temptation demon. I understand their thinking very well; if I’m unable to quit, don’t you think that you can quit, if I’m to be wasted then everybody goes down with me, if I’m no good, don’t you think about being good. With regards to these brothers, normally I would immediately delete their posts so as not to affect other peoples’ rebooting process. These brothers should repent well, turn about and head towards the shore.

To be honest, before succeeding I have relapsed countless times. Of course, I didn’t have any sense of learning awareness at that time. My level of realization was very shallow. At that time I was rebooting in the brute force way, my record streak was 28 days. Later, via studying and raising my awareness, I easily bypassed 1 month and then everything became better and better. I broke through half a year and then one year, later on, I have already stopped counting the number of days, it was enough to remember which day I started to reboot.

We must constantly try, don't be afraid of failure, learn from failure and grow our experience, constantly improve ourselves. In this way, it is possible to finally approach success. When you have developed good study habits, there is no need to fail that many times. Once you have stepped inside the door of rebooting and obtained a certain level of realization, It is actually very easy to break through the half year barrier. The reason for so many failed attempts during previous times is due to not having really stepped into the door of rebooting, I was still an outsider. When you really grasped the true essence of rebooting success, the realization will advance by leaps and bounds as will the number of days streak. There is indeed a group of brothers on the rebooting forums whose realization has increased surprisingly quickly, these brothers are good at studying and summarizing. What is the feeling after the realization has been raised? I can tell you, for example, when you are still in the first grade of elementary school, you will find it difficult to do the math problem of the first grade. When you are in college, and you can go back to the math problem of the first-grade elementary school, the problem is simply child’s play. It is the direct result of having raised the level of realization. When the realization has been reached, and looking back at everything, one would feel that it is unusually simple and straightforward. However, if your level of realization is stagnating, then it will be difficult to reboot successfully.

For some veteran brothers, my advice is: don't walk away from the rebooting articles, don't relax your vigilance! When you have been rebooting for more than 1 year or more than 2 years, you should even be more careful to not relax your vigilance. The mistake of many veteran brothers makes is to think that they have been rebooting for so long that they will not relapse again. One scarcely realizes that as long as vigilance is relaxed, relapse will happen no matter how long one has been rebooting. The vigilant screws can't be loosed, otherwise, the rebooting skyscraper will come crashing down! After entering the reboot stabilizing period, many people relax their studies and their vigilance. The temptation demon is given a chance to avail itself, relapse will be inevitable. After the relapse, one then comes to senses and regrets being careless. Generally, after entering the reboot stabilizing period, there are very few sexual fantasies, many people naturally relax their vigilance. The lack of sexual fantization does not mean that it is entirely gone. The temptation demon is constantly looking for a chance to counterattack. When your vigilance is slack, this is the opportunity for the temptation demon to avail itself. Therefore, we must be vigilant every day in our rebooting process, maintaining a state of having foresight. When the screws of vigilance appear loose, we should discover this immediately and tighten the screws of vigilance, the fruits from rebooting can be preserved in this way.

The power of rebooting comes from studying! Studying raises the realization, realization conquers the temptation demon! These three words are the true meaning of rebooting success!

The root of preserving the fruit of rebooting lies in vigilance! Strictly speaking, vigilance also belongs to the realization category. The reason why it is mentioned separately is to emphasize the importance of vigilance. When your realization has reached the mark, rebooting success will naturally follow. When the melon is ripe, it will fall off its stem. Please believe in my words. Fight on!

In the below let’s talk about the revealed profundities by the 21 points

Everyone may be confused about this topic, what does 21 points mean? In fact, the 21 points that I’m saying is a form card game, in abroad it is called blackjack. Needless to say, I believe that most brothers should have played this card game. This card game is very easy to learn, it normally takes a few minutes to learn to play, it is extremely simple. But it is very difficult to become good at this game. I have realized the principles of rebooting from this card game. I will share it with everyone this season.

In the rules of blackjack, it is mentioned, if all the cards add up to more than 21 points, the player loses - called (Bust), also called the flop.

There are a lot of brothers who are busting, because they don’t know that there is such a point in the body, that is, the critical point of the symptoms. They are out of control, controlled by addiction, madly masturbating with the result of being wrapped in symptoms before long. People with a poor constitution will encounter symptoms relatively early. People with a good constitution will encounter symptoms a bit later. But as long as you are addicted to masturbation, the appearance of symptoms are inevitable. But some people have hidden symptoms, they appear okay on the surface, but only he himself knows that the body has various discomforts. Some people belong to the category of hindsight, the body already has a lot of symptoms, but because of ignorance, he never connects the dots to masturbation, thinking that the symptoms are caused by other reasons. Only after reading rebooting articles does he come to a sudden realization of the truth. The various discomforts of the body throughout the many years were caused by masturbation, only now does he wakes up.

To win at blackjack, one must risk the bust, especially at 16 or 17 points, taking an additional card at this time will very likely lead to a bust. And in our rebooting process, the most clever method is not to masturbate a single time. This is because masturbation is addictive, doing it once will lead to doing it continuously, the result is tragic, that is: you masturbated to a bust! Entangled by symptoms.

It should be noted that the sexual fantization is also the same as requesting an additional card, very many brothers encounter symptoms after sexual fantization. Brothers who have read my previous articles should know that sexual fantization is the invisible form of leakage. Therefore, when we reboot, we must overcome sexual fantization. When we have passed this level, rebooting will become a lot easier, basically halfway succeeding. Otherwise, even if you know all the dangers of masturbation while being unable to overcome sexual fantization, then it will be impossible to reboot successfully.

Back when I was still quite ignorant, I masturbated like crazy and went bust countless times. But at that time, no one was waking me up, neither was there anybody telling me about rebooting knowledge, I was the frog sitting at the bottom of the well. Having raised my realization through ceaseless studies and then looking back at my ignorant self, I felt lots of sadness and pity. At that time, I was masturbating like crazy and rebooting blindly, the result was countless relapses and countless failures. I was trying to find a dynamic balance at the time, I believe many brothers have had this idea, that is, hoping to find a balance between masturbation and the symptoms, being able to masturbate without encountering any symptoms. Later, I found that it is extremely difficult to find the balance because masturbation is highly addictive, it will cause you to continuously demand new cards, eventually leading to a bust. When you start rebooting after having gone bust, then you are only making up for it, there is no preventive power. Some brothers can indeed do it once a week, but he can't overcome sexual fantization. He is leaking more via sexual fantization, and he doesn't know it because he is ignorant, he thinks that he has good control. Not long after, he will find that he is entangled in symptoms.

After playing lots of blackjacks, there will naturally be experiences of busts. When one has been masturbating for a long time, one will naturally slide towards that critical point, resulting in bust through masturbation. When one often walks along the river, how can the shoes not get wet. I have seen many cases from brothers, in all cases, during the first few years there are no symptoms, then, from the third or fifth year, the symptoms will slowly appear. Some brothers were fine last year, this year, the symptoms suddenly broke out. Quantitative change produces qualitative changes. When the essences have been damaged to a certain degree, there will naturally be symptoms, no one can escape! Low essence precedes illness, commit the words of the medicine king Sun Simiao into memory, it is never wrong.

The process of busting via masturbation is very similar to that of the blackjack. When you continuously ask for new cards, the biggest possibility that awaits you is a bust. True masters of blackjack will count cards, memorize cards and calculate the probability of busting. But even then, he also loses sometimes. But it is different from masturbation, if you don’t masturbate, then you will not bust via masturbation. Just like if you refuse to play blackjack, you won't bust. If you want to play, it is easy to bust. The most clever way is: refuse to play again, refuse to masturbate again! Never again bust because of masturbation!

Lastly, I have summarized 3 sentences:

1. If you don't masturbate, then you won't bust as a result of masturbation.
2. Once you start to masturbate, the possibility of a bust due to masturbation is extremely high.
3. Refuse to masturbate again, consciously stay away from the critical point of the symptoms.

In this season I will recommend a book:

[Tibetan Book of the Dead] Sogyal Rinpoche

I believe that some brothers should know this book, I spent five days reading this it. This book has deepened my understanding of Buddhism and deepened my understanding of life and death. It is indeed very inspiring. The book opened my horizon. After reading this book, I read [中阴闻教得度]. After reading these two books, I found out how superficial my understanding was on the topic of death. I used to avoid death as a taboo. After reading this book, it gave me a new understanding towards death and also on how to face its arrival. Interested brothers may take a look at it, it should bring you a lot of inspiration.
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Part 4/6

The hair loss that I suffered from was due to kidney deficiency, if my case had been a combination of male balding and kidney deficiency, then recovery will be quite difficult. Some brothers have hair loss due to hereditary factors, recovery is even harder in those cases. However, if you persist in rebooting and in health cultivation, some alleviation and recovery will for certain take place, at the very least the quality of the hair will improve by a lot.


Wow! Is this saying that the people with hereditary hair loss will find it tough to recover from PIED???
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
Post by: HMHU on April 02, 2019, 09:59:35 AM
I believe what the author is saying is that people suffering from hereditary hair loss will find it very difficult to recover from their hair loss.
Title: Re: 6 years clean: rebooting as the best remedy
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Hi all. The PDF has been refreshed and it now contains Seasons 1-40 ( I hope everybody keeps studying diligently and combining it with NOFAP + health cultivation, this will ensure a speedy recovery. Be persistent and remember: NOFAP does not cause illnesses or symptoms on its own. Do not be discouraged by the slow speed of recovery, as long as we are rebooting correctly, recovery is taking place whether we feel it or not.

Season 40 [Soaring Eagle experience: How to cope with the period of repeated symptoms] part 1/2


In the forewords of this season, I will share 2 cases:

1. [I have been masturbating for 12 years, and now the whole body is hurting, the whole body is sick, I can’t even do heavy work. Prolonged masturbation has caused my penis to become very small. When I have sex with my wife, I can’t get it up, my wife will divorce me soon! Because of masturbation, I became very selfish and my appearance became very ugly. At the age of 24, I look like a 42-year-old, and my face was full of beards and freckles. I’m really going, my life and career is a mess, I cannot succeed in anything. Now my waist is aching as if someone is peeling me with a knife, it’s so uncomfortable! Now I still masturbate. I also did it twice last night. Today, my head is blown up. I feel like I’m dying, who will save me!]

Additional comments: This brother has been deeply injured, but his mental addiction is very strong. With back pain to such an extent, he is still inflicting self-harm like crazy, he simply does not want to live! The retribution from 12-years of masturbation is too fierce. The whole body is sick, completely impotent while still facing the blow of divorce. The sinister person will become ugly and wretched. This is already an open secret. It is a matter of the heart. When a person is often addicted to the content of evil debauchery, he will eventually become ugly and his appearance will quickly age, a sloppy and dirty image of a man. Many people have already turned themselves into a walking dead. As the saying goes, tears only fall when the eyes behold the coffin, but some people have seen the coffin and still do not know repentance. They are still numbingly ruining themselves. This crazy state of self-destruction state is really horrible! The penis of this brother has already shrunken, several brothers have previously reported this issue where they mentioned that their penis used to be normal, after the kidney qi has become deficient, the length of the penis has been reduced, just like a deflated balloon. Not only will the penis shrink, but the testicles may also shrink or sag. (Translator’s note: the reader should not be too frightened upon reading about the shrinkage issue. It is entirely possible that when a person is weakened, his erection will weaken as well which makes the penis look smaller compared to normal. The penis does not permanently shrink as a result of masturbation.) After ejaculation, many people will show signs of pain in the back of the head. TCM speaks of the kidneys are connected to the brain, the devastation on the body and the brain from masturbation is particularly powerful. After a long period of masturbation, headaches will surely emerge. The brother from this case should have countered neurosis by now. When one has neurosis, normally one is desperate, it really feels like you would prefer death to live, and you really have to call for help! The 24-year-old has become a 42-year-old, and his body is sick! Shout for help! Everyone should know the severe dangers of masturbation!!

Master Yinguang said: "Youth nowadays are aware of sexuality, one should promptly be told about the way of health cultivation and essence preservation. If one knows the good and the bad, one will not find joy in masturbation, to that extent that the life is forfeit, or to become disabled and forever be susceptible to all kinds of disasters. Little can be said for those who are not aware of sexuality, for those who are aware, if nothing is said, then 9 in 10 are guilty of this sickness, it is extremely horrible. Meng Wubo asks about filial piety, Confucius replies: parents are mainly worried about illnesses of their offsprings. Other illnesses are of little importance except for masturbation and greed for sex. Such has Confucius said about the topic. Most of the youngsters today masturbates, it’s like a big knife that’s cutting away at the body, one must face the pain and cut it out. Many youngsters have their desires aroused which finally leads to masturbation. This act has a great damaging effect on the body, one must not commit it at all cost. One who commits masturbation is robbing himself of the body and polluting his mind. He takes the useful body, either making it short-lived or weakening it until one becomes a wasted person.

2. [I have always had wishful thinking, until yesterday afternoon when I masturbated 3 times in a row. The next day there was dizziness and headache, no appetite to eat, the food that was eaten was spat out. There was always nausea, now death is preferable to life, I really want to die but I’m not content. I am only 20 years old. Before becoming depraved I can be considered to be a person of talent, now I am really scared! I don’t dare to have wishful thinking anymore, the temptation demon is too scary! I must study hard, I don’t dare to masturbate anymore. I might have neurasthenia! I have masturbated for 6 years! I also stayed up late and masturbated several times 3 times in a row, I am going to die! It’s painful! What importance is turning ugly? Compared with neurosis, turning ugly is simply not a problem. Neurosis, dizziness, and headache are like a curse, every day is torture. When the symptoms appear, I want to die. It’s really painful. Can anyone tell me, will I die or not, I really don't want to die! Who can save me!!]

Additional comments: Many people who masturbate have wishful thinking. They also know some of the dangers of masturbation, but they feel that this kind of thing will not befall themselves. When retribution is really present, then regret is too late. The wishful thinking mentality completely ignores the nature of the matter itself, it completely contradicts the nature of the development in things. Many people think that it is fine to masturbate. In fact, as long as masturbation begins, bad changes have already occurred quietly. An ant hole may cause the collapse of a great dike, quantitative change produces qualitative change. The result from indulging in masturbation is inevitably the outbreak of symptoms. It is a truth revealed by thousands of cases from victims. Low essence precedes illnesses, it is the iron law! Masturbating once and again is to accumulate negative energy again and again, and finally, the whole person will be blasted by negative energy! It's like pumping up the tires of a tire, keep pumping and finally the tires suddenly bursts. You think that it won't explode. In fact, you will cross the critical point of the explosion without knowing it. This brother is already suffering from neurasthenia, it’s as if he is wearing a curse over his head. The feeling is torture and very painful. Wishful thinking is really something that is to be cast away, as long as you masturbate, the symptoms will burst out sooner or later. This case ended with a call for help, it is quite shocking! Masturbation will eventually detonate the hardships of life. You think that you are having pleasure, in fact, you are losing out big time. Every time you masturbate you are taking a loss, small losses accumulate into a big loss, and at last big losses accumulates into a colossal loss, the end is quite bitter! Saving a drop of semen and you gain a drop of vitality. Those who excessively masturbates are self-destructing!!!

We will enter into the main top below

Many newcomers are worse off after rebooting, and then he will have doubts and think that abstinence is not good. In fact, there will be withdrawal response within one month into rebooting, just like there will be withdrawal response when quitting smoking, it is the same with rebooting. The general withdrawal response from rebooting will be alleviated or even disappears for three weeks. When rebooting, there will also be periods of symptom recurrence, it may occur at any time during the rebooting period. In order to distinguish it from the withdrawal reaction, if the symptom shows up a few months into the reboot, it is then considered as the period for repeated symptoms. If you run into symptoms after over a month of rebooting, it can also be considered as the period for recurrent symptoms.

Almost everyone will experience repeated symptoms because the process of healing is definitely not smooth. There are many factors that cause symptoms to be repeated, such as indulging in sexual fantization, staying up late, long periods of sitting, fatigue, anger, exposure toward cold, nocturnal emission and poor diet. Rebooting is a systematic process, same with recovery. We should strengthen the way of health cultivation and do well in all aspects, in doing so, the number of repeated symptoms will be greatly reduced, and finally tend towards stabilization. Rebooting alone is not enough, we must work harder on health cultivation recovery. If your symptoms are serious, then I suggest you can take Chinese medicine in nursing the health. Please remember: quitting lust is not wrong, Confucius also advocated it, many senior monks of great virtue have lived to be over 80 and even 100 years of age.

The level of faith for many newcomers are often not firm enough. They have been constantly brainwashed by harmlessness theories in the past. Therefore, once the symptoms of the body are repeated, their rebooting foundation may immediately become shaken, they may even become suspicious of rebooting. In fact, repeated symptoms are generally always found in the process of recovery. Many people have a long history of damaging their essences, the degree of injury is quite serious, this ensures the process will be tortuous. But as long as we persist in it, the final victory will inevitably belong to us, one must have faith in this. Both rebooting and recovery rest on 3 cores: faith, determination, and perseverance. As long as the cores are firm, everything will come to fruition.

The pattern of healing shows that the disappearance of symptoms will undergo a process from unstable to stable. Just like practicing shooting, you can rarely hit the 10th ring at first, by sticking to practice, one will slowly stabilize at a higher level. The number of times you hit the 10th ring will increase. The process of physical recovery will also go through periods of repeated symptoms. Many brothers may not have obvious withdrawal response, but almost every brother will experience repeated symptoms. It can be said that the period of repeated symptoms is unavoidable. The key is to learn to take care of one’s health, so the number of repeated symptoms will be fewer and fewer, and then it will tend to be relatively stable.

Many brothers panic at the first sight of repeated symptoms, in fact, it is very normal to have recurring symptoms. After all, there are many factors which may cause repeated symptoms, even healthy people may become sick from time to time, not to mention many friends have been masturbating for several years or even for more than ten years. After cutting out the vile habit of masturbation, the body will slowly recover, but the process of recovery is also torturous, and one must work harder in health cultivation. If the degree of recovery is not ideal after rebooting, it will also easily lead to relapses. A while ago, there was a brother who relapsed after around 2 years of rebooting. The reason was that the recovery was not ideal, he felt frustrated and smashed the cracked pot. Although he has been persistent at rebooting, in terms of health cultivation, he was doing really poorly. Not only was he still staying up late, but he was also eating irregularly. When many people are busy they do not eat on time, some don't even eat breakfast. When they sleep, they sleep until 11 am. Chinese medicine practitioners have mentioned that long period of lying down injures the qi, rising up too late will also have a very negative impact on the recovery of the body. TCM practitioners have said to not make any rash labor, do not labor excessively, one should not work hard, that is, do not overwork. [素问] said: "Long-term gazing damages the blood, long-term laying down damages the qi, long-term sitting damages the muscles, long-term standing damages the bones, long-term walking damages the tendons, these are the 5 damaging labors”. Vision, lying, sitting, standing, and walking are all indispensable behaviors in life, but excess can lead to injuring the blood, qi, muscles, bones, tendons, etc. Therefore, we must pay special attention to health cultivation while rebooting. We must learn more from health articles to improve our health cultivation awareness, the frequency of repeated symptoms may be greatly reduced in this way.

While rebooting, one should be mentally prepared for the recurrence of symptoms so that when the symptoms start to repeat themselves, the mind will no longer panic, one is able to face the symptoms with calmness and naturally being able to successfully overcome it. By grasping the pattern of recovery, one will be confident. Even if the symptoms are repeated, it will not be troublesome, because you know that this is temporary. As long as you pay attention to recuperation, exercising in moderation, repeated symptoms will soon ease. In my recovery process, I also experienced repeated symptoms many times, but every time it occurred I did not panic, because everything is within expectation. Let the wind rise, sit firmly on the fishing boat, be unaffected by the collapsing Taishan mountain, tread steadily while the fierce tiger lurks behind, the rebooting mentality must be steady! No matter what happens, you must calmly deal with it without a thread of panic. If your mind panics, the temptation demon will chance to take advantage of it. When your mind is unstable, the temptation demon will come and incite you, instantly demolishing your already shaky foundation. In fact, if you really grasp the pattern
of recovery, you will be unperturbed. This kind of calmness is like knowing the card of the other player when you are playing cards, everything is within your expectation and control.

The repeated symptoms I experienced previously were mainly symptoms found in prostatitis, hair loss, hives, neurosis, etc. Usually, when the weather is cold or following nocturnal emission, recurring symptoms of prostatitis easily occurs. Especially following consecutive nocturnal emissions, there is a high possibility of repeated symptoms at this time. In addition, staying up during the night and sitting for long durations is also very damaging, making it easier for recurring prostatitis symptoms to take place. It can be said that the most easily occurring repeated symptoms are those belonging to prostatitis. The recovery of hair loss also easily undergoes a process of both good and bad periods. If the nursing of health is properly maintained, symptoms will then tend to move slowly towards stabilization. To recover from hair loss, one must be patient as well as doing a good job in all areas, especially towards health cultivation. I have experienced repeated symptoms of choline urticaria on multiple occasions during the first year of my reboot. Later, the number of recurring symptoms has become fewer and fewer. Today, those recurring symptoms have not occurred for a long time, it can be said that they are basically healed. In addition, in my rebooting process, I have experienced recurring neurosis numerous times. But because I usually pay attention to health cultivation, I haven’t yet relapsed, this includes sexual fantization which I have able to sever as soon as the thought arises, so the recurrence of neurosis has not been very fierce. As long as I made sure to rest for a day or two, the body will greatly ease. Up until now, my neurosis has basically healed and it has not been repeated for a long time, it is in a relatively stable state of recovery. In the rebooting forums, there are also many brothers who report that acne is often repeated. The acne is relatively easy to repeat. Rebooting alone is not enough. It is necessary to strengthen health cultivation. Being negligent and staying up late, eating improperly, nocturnal emission and other factors can lead to the recurrence of acne. One must pay more attention to all aspects.

It is very common to have symptoms repeated during the recovery process, almost every brother will experience it. This is normal. You don't have to panic. You can make adjustments from the following five aspects:

1. Stabilizing the morale through psychological suggestion

When the symptoms are being repeated, you have to tell yourself that this is temporary. You must understand the pattern of recovery. The pattern is: more recurrences → fewer recurrences → gradually entering into a stable recovery state. No matter how fierce the wind blows, it is like a stroll in the garden, when you master the pattern of healing, you will no longer panic. Otherwise, whenever the symptoms are repeated, many people's mentality will immediately undergo subtle changes for the worse, the moral is immediately unstable. You should tell yourself that it is normal to have symptoms repeated. The repetition of symptoms is completely in line with the pattern of recovery. That being the case, there is no need to panic. When symptoms are being repeated again, you will be able to handle the situation calmly and bear hardships with equanimity.
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part 2/2

2. Ensure adequate and good sleep

When symptoms are recurring, one must pay attention to recuperation and must ensure a good sleep. Do not stay up during the night and sit for long durations at all cost, otherwise, it may aggravate the symptoms. Generally, when the symptoms due to essence damage repeat themselves, if one is paying attention to recuperation, relief will come very quickly. Although some people are rebooting, the habit of staying up late is still going on. In this case, his recovery will not be very fast and he is prone to repeated symptoms. The harm of staying up late is very great, for example, it will lead to the ever-worsening condition of the skin. The problem of acne will also become more serious. In short, staying up late is very harmful to the skin. The best time to maintain the skin is from 10:00 to 2:00 in the evening. If there is no good sleep during this period, the endocrine and nervous system of the body will be adversely affected. Long-term staying up late will lead to allergies, decreased resistance, neurosis, etc. Good sleep can promote the body's repair. The student crowd is prone to staying up late, which is very unfavorable for the recovery of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a good working habit so that the body can recover better. After repeated symptoms emerge, it is necessary to ensure adequate sleep, one must ensure the regularity in the activities of life. In the process of sleep, the human body is being charged and repaired. If good sleep can be ensured, normal repeated symptoms will quickly be relieved.

People who are sick are always particularly sleepy, because the body suppresses other physiological functions through sleep, thereby highlighting the immune function, so as to help the body recover as soon as possible, thus showing that sufficient sleep can enhance the body's immunity. Medical experiments have also found that if people reduce sleep by 4 hours, the body's immune cell activity is reduced by 28%; and after getting enough sleep, it can return to normal. In the state of sleep, the various hormones secreted regularly play an active role. Taking growth hormone as an example, when you enter a deep sleep for 1 hour, its secretion enters a peak, which is more than three times that of the day. In addition to promoting growth, the hormone can also accelerate the burning of body fat. On the contrary, if there is insufficient sleep, internal secretion will be disordered, hormone secretion will lose its regularity, not only the emotions will easily become excited, but fertility is also affected. In addition, most of the internal organs of the human body such as the heart, stomach, etc are subject to autonomic nerves. The autonomic nerves are divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. During the day, the sympathetic nerves are active, the heartbeat and gastrointestinal motility are accelerated; when you fall asleep, the sympathetic nerves become suppressed, the parasympathetic nerves are active, and the internal organs are rested and relaxed. If you don't sleep when you are tired, not only will the internal organs lose rest, but also the autonomic nerves will become disordered, thus laying a hidden danger for the outbreak of neurosis. Many brothers combine masturbating with staying up late, and eventually, they have ruined themselves. Once the neurosis breaks out, the pain grows geometrically. At that time, it can be said that it is impossible to live, living becomes extremely painful and tormented.

3. Establish good exercise habits

[吕氏春秋] records: "If the water is not rotting, the body will not be worm-eaten", the famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, realized that the movement can make "All diseases disappear, benefit and prolong the years, eyes are light and healthy, one is no longer fatigued." Moderate exercise can play a positive role in maintaining human health, dispelling disease and prolonging the lifespan. But excessive exercise is likely to be counterproductive and may even lead to a decline in immunity. When the symptoms are recurring, we can do some moderate aerobic exercise, such as jogging and walking, which can promote the recovery of the body. But one should not over-strain, profuse sweating should be avoided because it damages the Yang. The body tends to be weakened following profuse sweating.

In the winter, avoid illness by moving around a little; alternatively, be a little lazy during the winter and end up drinking an extra bowl of medicine. In fact, this not only applies to winter but also the other seasons. Active exercise can give you a better energy status, it allows you to face your daily study and life with increased vitality. Conversely, insufficient exercise and overeating can cause weight gain. When obesity develops to a certain extent, the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes greatly increases. Aerobic exercise combined with proper diet control can most effectively remove excess body fat, allowing one to recover full energy and vitality, allowing one to live a young life. When a person lacks exercise, they often feel fatigued, depression, memory loss, and even lose their interest in work. Aerobic exercise can miraculously change this state, making people high spirited and mentally relaxed. When we have repeated symptoms, we are able to obtain improvement and relief through moderate aerobic exercise. I used to go to the park for a walk. Upon returning home from the walk, I felt refreshed. We should feel the atmosphere and frequency of nature, let the body and mind return to a simple and harmonious state.

4. Health practice and diet

When symptoms recur, we can also do some health cultivation exercises, such as Eight Brocade qigong, Six Healing Sounds Qigong and standing qigong, etc. In doing so, the symptoms may be alleviated. Health exercises are not just a kind of maintenance, but also a method of treatment, the effect of which is sometimes not subpar compared to drugs. When I had neurosis, I had taken a lot of drugs. The drugs were effective in the beginning, but after a long, while I became resistant, and the effect was not good after that. Later, I studied health cultivation practices on my own and read a lot of health cultivation books and watched lectures. Then I began to try moxibustion, standing qigong, meditation, Six Healing Sounds, etc. After more than a year of rebooting and health cultivation, my physical symptoms have basically disappeared. Therefore, it is indeed very important to cultivate health. The reason why many brothers run into repeated symptoms so easily, the reason why the body has not noticeably improved despite rebooting for a long time is because he does not know how to cultivate health. While rebooting, he is still doing other things which damage the body. Because he lacks health cultivation awareness, he remains wholly ignorant. The ancients said: "When food is ingested, the derived food essence is abundant. When food essence is abundant, the blood flourishes. Flourishing blood gives strength to the muscles. The spleen and stomach is the head of the 5 internal organs. The qi of the 4 organs all comes from the spleen. One should take care of the stomach during all seasons of the year." After symptoms are repeated, one should also strengthen therapy through diet. In order to keep up with nutrition. I have previously recommended treatment by porridge. Health porridge is quite good at strengthening the spleen and stomach, benefits the five internal organs and is especially suitable for children, elderly and those with weak constitutions. Gao Wei recorded 38 kinds of porridge foods in the "饮撰服食笺", such as Gorgon fruit porridge, lotus porridge. Food may benefit the essence and qi, strengthen the intellect, sharpens the ears and the eyes; yam porridge can cure deficiency weakness and asthenic hotness, etc. In nursing the health via diet, It is also necessary to pay attention to keeping the diet light. Since ancient times, there is the saying of “Lightness must go hand in hand with heavy taste” in China. A light diet is one of the important principles of food and nutrition. Gao Wei believes that "People add many flavors to the food, nobody knows the natural taste of the food. The natural food is sweet and delicious by itself, it is not inferior to added flavors." The famous doctor Zhu Danxi also emphasizes very much on light diet, he lived to 87 years old, still physically fit, energetic and quick-thinking in old age. He pointed out: "The human diet consists of no more than 5 flavors. The taste is either natural or artificial. The natural flavors consist of grains, vegetables, and fruits. The original qi is found in the natural flavors, it supplements the Ying, the said comes from the [Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor]."

It is said in the [素问]: "Essence gives birth to life”. The essence of the kidney includes "prenatal essence" and "postnatal essence" Prenatal essence is given by the procreation of one’s parents, it comes through birth and is the original material that goes into embryonic development. Acquired essence refers to the food essence which is formed via the intake of food, transformed by the spleen and stomach into food essence, it resides in the kidneys. The kidneys mainly store the essences. [素问] also mentions: "The kidneys, the main function is to store essence, here resides the essence" A person will certainly experience the stages of life, old age, illness, death, and each stage in the growth or decline of the body depends on the ups and downs of kidney essence and kidney Qi. Nowadays, many harmless views are really ridiculous and completely contrary to the science of Chinese medicine, it is really a sinister fallacy. It is indeed proposed in [景岳全书]: "He who is adept at health cultivation must preserve the essence. When essence is full, then qi is abundant. Abundant Qi leads to a complete spirit, a complete spirit leads to a healthy body, a healthy body leads to fewer illness.” While rebooting, we must learn the way to keep the essence. Essence is to a person as oil is to a lamp. And there are many ways to hurt the essences, such as staying up late, anger, consuming cold drinks, excessive force, frequent nocturnal emissions, and other factors, all will lead to damage to the kidney qi. Therefore, while rebooting, one must study health cultivation so that the number of symptoms repeated will be greatly reduced along with the improvement of health cultivation awareness.

5. Active treatment, medicine conditioning

If the symptoms are more serious, you can go to the doctor. Through conditioning via medicine, symptoms will become relieved or even disappear. As long as there is relapses or frequent nocturnal emissions during the reboot, the repeated symptoms will not be very serious and will be relieved after 1-2 days of rest. But some brothers have a long history of sustaining essence injuries while doing a poor job at health cultivation, therefore, his repeated symptoms may be quite serious. At this time, he should seek active treatment. 30% treatment, 70% health cultivation, one must put more effort into health cultivation and research. When health cultivation awareness has increased, the number of repeated symptoms will be greatly reduced. This is because you know which factors are likely to lead to repeated symptoms, this allows you to learn to avoid these factors, thus keeping the possibility of symptom recurrence to a lower level.

When undergoing conditioning through medication, one must take care of to prescribe the right cure for an illness in order to get better results. In addition, one is to also pay attention to not relying on drugs, especially drug abuse. After many brothers run into symptoms, they would resort to buying medicines online. It is very likely that they have not made the correct diagnosis, therefore, it is best to go to the Chinese medicine for conditioning and only taking medicine after that, this is the most secure approach. Many people buy medicines through the Internet, the medicine they buy is completely aphrodisiac. Once ingested, the effect is likely to be counterproductive. Aphrodisiacs have been around since ancient times and have become more prevalent today. In this age of unchecked evil debauchery, the advertisements of various aphrodisiac drugs can be described as flying all over the sky. After taking this kind of drugs, one feels alive, as having had a boost of stimulants. After ejaculation, one is completed wilted. Many people have been completed withered away, unable to summon up their spirits. Therefore, aphrodisiac should be taken cautiously. If you rely on taking aphrodisiac to indulge, it is really self-destruction. Previously, there was a report that the use of aphrodisiac caused kidney failure. There was even a case of sudden death following the intake of aphrodisiac, isn’t it fearful.

Final summary:

When encountering the period for repeated symptoms, do not panic. One should learn to calmly deal with it. The process of recovery is inevitably tortuous, it is not smooth sailing. We must learn the way of health cultivation so that the frequency of repeated symptoms can be reduced and finally becoming stabilized. Most of the modern people's health concept is based on "supplement". Many people do not have the concept of "guard". They only think of supplementing health when the body is showing signs of deterioration. At this time, one has already lost a bit of the initiative. If one can avoid those kidney damaging causes and is truly able to guard (the essences), then you can fully grasp the initiative. For the factors that can lead to repeated symptoms, we must learn to avoid them. [The Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor] says: "The ancients used to teach; everyone speaks of the avoidance of external evil influences, one must avoid them.". When one is able to avoid the factors that cause symptoms to be repeated, then the number of iterations can be minimized. In the [Inner Canons of the Yellow Emperor], rest has been especially emphasized, "Do away with desire, righteousness will come, internalize the spirit, no illness will come." It points out that the thoughts are quiet and pure, and there are no distracting thoughts, the harmony of the vital energies can be maintained in this way and illnesses avoided. [灵枢] also puts forward the requirements of emotional health: "The wise person cultivates the health. One must adapt to the changes of the seasons, moderate between happiness and anger, restrain the Ying and the Yang. If this is maintained, then no evil can enter, there will be longevity." When we encounter repeated symptoms, emotional management should be especially emphasized. Keeping calm and the speed of recovery can be quickened.

[Book of Rites] says: Wealth nourishes the house like virtue nourishes the body. Sun Simiao wrote in [千金要方]: "When the character already possesses kindness, illnesses from within and without will not arise, calamities will have nowhere to grow from” The [寿世保元] of the Ming Dynasty says: "There is merit in accumulating virtue, the frequent accumulation of secret virtue is able to prolong the years.” Zhang Jingyue wrote in [先后天论]: "Only happiness is able to nurture health, the person who seeks happiness in desire might as well perform kindness” Shi Tianji, a health cultivation specialist in the Qing Dynasty, believed that "The person who is adept at health cultivation places virtue first, assisted by the nursing of the health.” Constantly quieting the mind has been proposed, along with the frequent practice of authentic wisdom, joyous mind, kind heart, friendly and optimistic mind, etc. The cultivation of virtue is treasured in health cultivation. While rebooting, we must do good deeds, helping others, doing more good deeds. In this manner, the number of repeated symptoms will be greatly reduced. The highest state of health cultivation is the cultivation of the heart. The heart must be kind, broad and tolerant. The so-called: the one who is riding himself of lust is free and unfettered like the heavens and earth, his virtuous fragrance is being spread by the cool breeze!
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Hi all. Soaring Eagle has mentioned that nocturnal emissions are the most common issue reported by brothers and finally, we have an entire season dedicated to it. I hope brothers are able to benefit from this article.

Season 41 [Soaring Eagle experience: controlling nocturnal emission examined in detail] part 1/2


Many brothers in the rebooting forums share their own experiences. Sharing experience is a good thing, it can give others warning and enlightenment. However, when sharing the experience on indulgence, we must pay attention to avoiding details, because those sensitive words can easily cause evil thoughts which leads to relapses. Some friends experience leaking upon reading the texts, others are unable to calm themselves for extended periods after reading them because it evokes his own memories of indulgence. Therefore, when we share our own experiences, we should dilute the specific process and details, we should highlight the dangers of masturbation. This not only serves as a warning but also prevent the formation of evil thoughts with the readers.

Winter holidays and Chinese New Year holidays are peak periods for relapses. The number of posts about relapses in the rebooting forums has increased significantly. Some friends relapse once a day and even several times per day, making themselves very helpless. They call for help in their posts and are like a plane that is out of control. Knowing that one is about to crash while being unable to overcome the temptation demon and the addiction. It was the same for me back when I was still a student; during school days everything was fine, whenever it was weekend or holiday, I would continuously relapse, I was no match for the temptation demon. The temptation demon loves to test you when you are bored. If you are rebooting in the brute force way, then you are surely defeated. This is because, for people who are bruce force rebooting, their awareness has not been substantially improved, they are doomed to fail! Success in rebooting = high awareness + strong vigilance. This is the success formula that I have summarized. If you are blindly rebooting, then what awaits you is a failure. After relapsing, don't be discouraged. The key is to learn from the relapse in order to do better next time. Some brothers have never taken the time to reflect, nor regretted after relapsing, nor have they learned from their experiences. This will only lead to worse and worse rebooting results with less and less confidence. The consequences of relapsing during winter is doubled because winter is the season for storing essences. If storage under winter is poor, the physical condition of the coming year will be affected. And the probability of running into symptoms following relapse during the winter is quite high. If one carelessly relapses during winter, one must pay attention not to repeatedly do so as it is too damaging for the body. Only when the realization is raised can the temptation demon be defeated. Everyone must remind themselves every day: Be sure to do everything possible to improve one’s realization! Raising the realization is like leveling. Only when a certain level is reached can one compete with the big BOSS. Don’t even think about it otherwise! Or there will only be room for abuse.

Quite a few brothers have asked me where to find rebooting articles, they want me to recommend some rebooting articles every season. When I first started to reboot, I read the quality articles first. Therefore, I recommend rookies to read the category of quality articles several times, take more notes, think more and summarize, and then review more and learn from the old. By doing so, the realization will slowly rise. If you have a strong learning ability and a high level of realization, then your realization will improve quickly. With regards to good articles, one should read them repeatedly, furthermore, try to remember key sentences and paragraphs, these are also very important. As to the experience threads created by the veterans, one should emphasize them. This is because they are the summaries from life battles and are not general discussions, they have a very strong sense of direction and guidance. While reading the articles, you can also read more books to enhance your realization. I’m now basically reading books to raise my realization. Realization is the king of the reboot.

Last season, I mentioned the time standard for successful rebooting, that it is half a year or one year. Some brothers mentioned that the standard is 3 years in order to be counted as a successful reboot and questioned whether half a year is considered to be short. In fact, half a year or three years, the two are not contradictory. The three-year standard of the rebooting forum is relatively safer and more reliable. The half-year standard I mentioned refers to those with a high level of realization. People with a medium level of realization need about a year or so, and those with a low level of realization will need more than 2 years. For example, it takes the average person to finish the 3 years of mathematics in junior high. Some people with a high level of realization are unusually talented. They may be able to finish all 3 years of mathematics in half a year, he may even feel “hungry” after that and want to learn high school or even university level mathematics. This is actually the difference between the various levels of realization.

Some brothers increase their realization as if climbing stairs, for others it is like taking the elevator, increasing their realization super quickly. Veteran brothers should have noticed the existence of such brothers. The rebooting forums are like a big class, there will always be students who excel as well as students with low levels of realization. But as long as you keep learning, you will always succeed. Just like the race between the tortoise and the rabbit, don’t give up, even people with low realization will be able to reach the finish line.

The most important sign of rebooting success is: entering the period of stabilization, sexual fantization is basically gone!

The stabilized period of rebooting is the ultimate state that many brothers dream of. It is like the top of the pyramid. When you have entered into the stabilization period, then you have basically succeeded. As long as you can maintain enough vigilance to hold on to the results, then it can be considered completely successful. Brothers with high realization can enter the stabilizing period in about half a year. The biggest feature of the stabilization period is: the basic absence of sexual fantasies! Fantasy will not occur in even 10 days or more, one is in a very stable rebooting period. At this time, the feeling of suffering will disappear, and you will not care about the number of days. After entering the stabilized rebooting period, one doesn't have to study rebooting articles daily, one should read the articles periodically and then pay attention to staying alert. After many senior brothers have entered into the stabilized period, there is extremely little sexual fantization. At this time, he will think that he will never relapse again and so the vigilance awareness is relaxed. Scarcely realized, the relaxing of the vigilance consciousness will induce relapses, no matter how long one has been rebooting. When the vigilance is lost, the temptation demon will take advantage of the situation. Therefore, vigilance awareness cannot be overemphasized. Be especially wary of the temptation demon’s instigations, instigating you to try out your determination and test your sexual abilities.

Continuously learn to raise the realization, when realization reaches a certain degree, one naturally enters the stable period of the stabilized reboot. The so-called when conditions are right, success naturally follows naturally. The reason why you can enter the rebooting stabilization period is that your realization is already strong enough to defeat the temptation demon. The demon is like a wild horse. When you can tame this wild horse, it will become obedient, stable and not cause trouble, sexual fantasies will disappear or become very rare. But even a wild horse that has been tamed will occasionally throw a temper, so be alert every day after having tamed the horse. By being careful and the ship can be steered for ten thousand years!

The world is a family, the rebooting forums and its brothers are actually comrades in the same trench of battle. Everybody may have different views but the motivation is the same, that is to help more people wake up and help more people find their healthy and optimistic selves. To put it bigger, society is made up of people. Purifying the people is purifying the society, raising virtue and promoting harmony. When people from other forums come to this rebooting forums in order to make posts, I’m also supportive of it. Sometimes, I also go to other forums in order to study. Everyone is united and can accomplish the great work of rebooting better and better.

We will enter into the main topic below. In this season we will talk about controlling nocturnal emission in detail:

I have written a few seasons about the nocturnal emission problem, and I will talk about it thoroughly in this season. If you compare rebooting to a sport, it can be said to be a Triathlon. Putting a stop of sexual fantasies is one of the special items, vigilance awareness is another special item, how to control the nocturnal emission is also a special item, so is emotional management, health awareness, and studying awareness. To be precise, it should be said "The 6 topics of rebooting". Just like the high school and university entrance exams for a student, the exams are not about a single subject but several subjects, such as 3+2 or 3+ integration. These 6 rebooting topics can be summarized as one word, that is: total realization! This is comparable to the total score of the college entrance examination.

This season, I will talk about this special topic of controlling nocturnal emission in detail.

To better recover the body, it is extremely important to control the frequency of nocturnal emissions. Although many brothers are persistently rebooting, they are unable to overcome nocturnal emissions which lead to a collapse of the health. I remember there was a brother who had been rebooting for the better half of the year, but he has also had nocturnal emissions during that time. He didn’t have varicocele before, after half a year of nocturnal emissions, he was diagnosed with varicocele after visiting the hospital. TCM: long term nocturnal emissions injures all of the eight extra meridians! Frequent nocturnal emission is very harmful to the body, it is not conducive to the recovery of the body. Frequent nocturnal emissions easily give rise to repeated symptoms or the aggravation of symptoms. Therefore, we must strictly control the frequency of nocturnal emissions. Controlling nocturnal emissions can be separately made as a topic of study, brother Austin is specializing in frequency nocturnal emissions. I have been plagued by frequent nocturnal emissions in the past. When I first started to reboot, I didn’t have this problem, because I was so heavily overdrafted, normal nocturnal emissions did not occur for a long time into the reboot. Because some brothers have been masturbation since puberty, they have never experienced nocturnal emissions, they have no idea what it’s like. Some brothers have weak constitutions, they may leak when they are not rebooting, the destruction is simply doubled, the logging of health is double-axed. It won’t take long until the body cannot handle it any longer and for the symptoms to multiply.

Back in the days, I also spent a lot of effort to control the frequency of nocturnal emissions. I searched for information online every day and went through hundreds of pages of material. The focus of my research at that time was on two aspects. First, what caused nocturnal emissions; second, is there any way to control the nocturnal emission? I kept a record of a nocturnal emission, the date and time for when I had a nocturnal emission, the days in between the nocturnal emissions along with the detailed specifics associated with each occurrence. Then I went on to study the cause for the nocturnal emission and listed the possible reasons. I then checked the Internet to see if there is a case like mine. Then I found the causes one by one. There are many reasons for nocturnal emissions, one must learn to avoid these cases, it is very important. I will list them in detail in this season.

The factors that lead to nocturnal emission are as follows:

1. Daytime sexual fantization; 2. Daytime tiredness; 3. Drinking wine; 4. Eating too much meat; 5. Taking tonic; 6. Sleeping facing down; 7. Sleeping naked; 8. Sun-baked blanket; 9. A blanket that is too thick and too heavy 10. meditating before going to bed (Translator’s note: brothers on this forum have questions this point and it is a personal preference. Some people are able to meditate before going to bed without getting nocturnal emissions. For me, it is mixed; if I have been rebooting for a long time, meditating before bed tend to provide me with lots of extra energy which sometimes resulted in nocturnal emissions); 11. underwear is too tight; 12. Bumping against or clasping the blanket; 13; improper moxibustion; 14. meditation and focusing on the lower Dantian; 15. staying up late for a long time; 16. drinking too much before going to bed 17. Excessive exercise; 18. Illness; 19. Nocturnal emission (essence slippage) without dreams due to kidney deficiency; 20. A diet that is too spicy; 21. Stress (including nightmares); 22. Pressing or squeezing (including sleeping while facing down); 23. Anger (causing disorders in the vital essences); 24. Exposure to cold (including eating cold food); 25. improper acupressure massage; 26. nocturnal emission caused by inflammation (belonging to the category of kidney deficiency in Chinese medicine); 27. Returning Yang lying pose (还阳卧, quite many reports on nocturnal emission); 28. bathing feet before going to bed (water too hot); 29. Holding back urine (easy to induce nocturnal emission); 30. using electric blankets or heaters while sleeping; 31. have had intense exercise before going to bed; 32. foreskin is too long; 33 Overthinking; 34. Unprotected sleep (going back to sleep after turning back the alarm clock); 35. Sleeping again after insomnia; 36. Profuse sweating; 37. Eating Chinese medicine (especially incorrectly prescribed medicine); 38. Doing a pedicure for a long time; 39. Eaten too much black sesame.

I have summarized 23 nocturnal emission inducing factors in season 16, in this season I have increased that number to 39. Many of them are based on my own experience and the conclusions from case studies. Others are based on the feedback from brothers and following analysis and investigation, the conclusions are formed. The problem of nocturnal emissions is quite complicated and varies from person to person. For example, two people are consuming cold drinks. One of them may go home and have a nocturnal emission while the other doesn’t. This is the difference between physical fitness and the state of health. Coldness damages Yang. Some people have OK constitutions and can afford to take on some damage and therefore they have yet to suffer from nocturnal emissions. But some people have weak constitutions and have already been weakened when they take in cold drinks, they immediately experience nocturnal emissions. Some people are fine after eating lots of meat, but some people suffer from nocturnal emissions right away after eating more than the regular amount of meat. Some people would have nocturnal emission if they soak their feet in hot water before going to bed while others are fine no matter how much heat they expose their feet to. And I also found the fact that every year, people's physique and health will undergo subtle changes. Last year, maybe you didn’t have nocturnal emissions after soaking the feet in hot water, but this year you may have nocturnal emissions after doing the same. Last year, you would not have nocturnal emissions after exercising for a whole afternoon, this year, you may have nocturnal emissions after just a little bit of exercise. In addition, nocturnal emission and the season are also closely related. Many people have few nocturnal emissions in spring and summer. When autumn and winter arrives, they start to have them more frequently. When first starting to reboot, many people experience virtually no nocturnal emissions, but after a while of rebooting, they start to have frequent nocturnal emissions which greatly worries him. If we want to recover better, we must have a stable frequency of nocturnal emissions, this will be very beneficial to the recovery process. The factors that caused nocturnal emission listed by me may not leave a lasting impression with many brothers. Only after nocturnal emission has already occurred will the impression become stronger, next time they can really avoid it.
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part 2/2

Nocturnal emission is generally divided into 2 categories:

1. Physiological nocturnal emission
2. Pathological nocturnal emission

Generally, up to 3 times/month is considered to be normal, some articles mention about 3 times/month. If you have reached 6-8 times/month, or if you have nocturnal emission for several days in a row, it is not normal, this belongs to pathological nocturnal emission. If you can control the nocturnal emission frequency once every 15 or 20 days, it can be considered successful. If you want to recover better, it is best to limit nocturnal emissions to once over a month. After all, many of the brothers have been overdrafting their bodies for many years, huge deficits have arisen, one cannot afford to have a single nocturnal emission. One emission may make him uncomfortable for several days before he is able to recover. Here, let’s talk about the self-overflow of essences fullness. If strictly speaking, there is no such thing as fullness and self-overflow. It is mentioned in [圆运动的古中医学] that there is no such thing as fullness and self-overflow. The fact that there is such a saying is due to it being said by the common person; when lust moves within the mind of the common person, the original essence is transformed into turbid essence. People with a high level of cultivation is able to break through the obstacles of nocturnal emission. While we are living in human society, full of temptations, achieving “no leaking” is extremely difficult. On the one hand, your heart must be properly cultivated, on the other hand, you need to be instructed by the enlightened Masters. Some brothers think that the turbid essence is not good. In fact, the turbid essence is very nutritious and is rich in various nutrients, it is not rubbish. Therefore, the turbid essence cannot be carelessly leaked, we need to learn to cherish it.

The vast majority of brothers in the rebooting forums will confront with the troubles of a nocturnal emission, maybe you have not yet encountered it and then encounters it next year. The psychological adjustment after having a nocturnal emission is also very important. Many people will relapse after having a nocturnal emission because it sways the mind, adverse emotions easily arises, and therefore, the peak period for relapses takes place after nocturnal emissions. After nocturnal emissions, we must pay attention to the adjustment of the mentality. We must correctly view nocturnal emissions and maintain a high level of vigilance, manage the emotions well and we will be in a good position to pass through the period that follows.

Traditional Chinese medicine generally classifies pathological nocturnal emission into the following 5 categories: (It is attributed under Western medicine as an expression of inflammation, such as prostatitis, etc.)

1, Heart and kidney not working in harmony: expressed as nocturnal emission during dreaming, dizziness, fatigue, and weakness. This is due to excessively vigorous heart Fire, vigorous Fire due to Water-deficiency, causing movement in the essence chamber.
2, Kidney qi is not strong: expressed as frequent essence slippage (Translator’s note: the reader may recall that essence slippage refers to the involuntary emission of semen during the waking state), lacking splendor in the complexion, fear of cold and coldness in the limbs. This is due to long term unrecovered illness, the drying up of Yang essence, qi not functioning optimally, unsolid essence gate.
3, Kidney yin deficiency type: manifested as nocturnal emission, dizziness, tinnitus, waist ache, insomnia and night sweats. This is due to excessive sexual intercourse, excessively draining the kidney Yin, interfering with the essence chamber, dereliction of the storage duty.
4, Liver Fire prosperous type: performance as nocturnal emission during dreaming, irritability and easily angered, bitter mouth and dry throat. This is due to prosperous liver Fire, the disturbance of the essence chamber by Fire.
5, Downward flow of damp heat: manifested as frequent nocturnal emission, or semen appearing in the urine, bitter mouth or thirstiness. This is caused by the downward flow of damp heat, disturbing the essence chamber.

The ancients thought: "Nocturnal emission is associated with kidney illness, though the heart is also responsible” (Translator’s notes: reader should keep in mind that it is the pathological form of nocturnal emission that is being referred to.). Dai Yuanli, a doctor of the Ming Dynasty, said in the [证治备要遗精篇] "When overthinking, the heart being unable to assist the kidneys, leading to the loss of essence; when lusting for something that is out of reach, essence is lost" From the time of the Qing Dynasty, it was pointed out with regards to nocturnal emission "Dreams are illness of the mind, the lack of dreams is an illness with the kidneys. He who has an emission while dreaming, it is nocturnal emission; an emission without dreams is semen slippage” Nocturnal emission is again being divided into emission during dreams and semen slippage, physicians of the later generation continue to use this distinction today.

Many brothers have grown to be afraid of nocturnal emissions, they are even afraid of sleeping. Some brothers on the other hand often encounter semen slippage, for brothers of this category, they should seek out treatment with a good Chinese medicine doctor. Medicinal conditioning is also an effective way to control the frequency of nocturnal emissions. Brothers who are deeply troubled by the frequent nocturnal emissions should actively try out drug treatment. It is important to find a good Chinese medicine practitioner. Nowadays there are many charlatans, many of the prescribed medicines are not matched to the symptoms, resulting in the opposite of the intended effects. I remember that some brother has eating Chinese medicine, afterward, he had 4 nocturnal emissions within 2 days and ended up like a deflated ball. In addition, many brothers like to find medicines on their own, or listening to the recommendations of some people, he then goes to buy the medicine. By doing so, It is highly probable that the medicine will not match the symptoms. This is because what is suitable for others may not be suitable for you. For example, some brother hears that eating Zhibai Dihuang Wan pills is good, he goes to buy it, but the result is aggravated nocturnal emission. Therefore, brothers who are troubled by nocturnal emissions would do best to seek a Chinese medicine doctor if they want to take medicine. Specific diagnosis should be made before medicines are prescribed, this is the safer approach. Chinese medicine pays attention to investigation in connection with treatment, it is not to say that one medicine will be fully effective for treating nocturnal emissions. If the medicine is not right, it will only have the opposite effect. Some brothers enjoy good results from eating Jinsuo Gujing pills because it matches their symptoms. But the same medicine is not suitable for others, the specific condition needs to be looked at before the medicine can be prescribed. And some brothers are able to control the frequency of nocturnal emissions by taking Fengsui Dan pills.

Below I will recommend several ways to control the frequency of nocturnal emissions:

1. Kidney strengthening exercises.
2. The auspicious lying posture.
3. PC muscle exercises.
4. Sit-ups or leg raises while lying down.
5. Iron plank bridge exercise.
6. Standing Qigong.

I will not talk too much about kidney strengthening exercises, this has been described in detail in season 3, I have even shot a video and shared it with everyone. If you are properly doing the kidney strengthening exercises and have found the correct sensation, then you can effectively reduce the frequency of nocturnal emissions. I remember there was a brother who used to have 8 nocturnal emissions a month, he persisted in doing kidney strengthening exercises and was able to reduce the frequency to once a month. Of course, it is also important to put an end to other factors that lead to nocturnal emission, especially the various factors listed above.

The auspicious lying pose is also very important, together with the kidney strengthening exercises, it is like “double safety”. I saw that a brother was recommending the baby lying pose which is, in fact, similar to the auspicious lying pose, the only difference is that in the auspicious lying pose, one is facing the right and there are requirements to the placement of the hand. The auspicious lying pose may be uncomfortable at first, first, the hand support is uncomfortable, the other is that the leg is always nervously bent. I didn’t feel comfortable at first, after insisting for a month of time, I slowly adapted and now it feels very comfortable to sleep in the auspicious lying posture. I would like to share my thoughts on the principle of auspicious lying posture because many people know that it is very good but few people who know the principle behind it. The auspicious lying pose folds the human body, this folding is equivalent to the closing of the leaking passage in the below. Let me give an example in order to help everybody to understand, it is like a straw, you pour water into the straw, if the lower section of the straw is folded, then water will not easily leak. As to the specific angle of the fold, I recommend less than or equal to 90 degrees, if it is 135 degrees, it is still very easy to leak. I sleep at 90 degrees on my own, less than 90 degrees is also very good but it is hard to achieve. Great virtuous persons of the past have emphasized the auspicious lying pose, many of them had been working hard at the pose, even tying oneself into the posture and falling asleep in that way. The fact that they are able to overcome nocturnal emissions is partly related to the auspicious lying pose. Generally, after a month of persisting at the auspicious lying pose, one is able to slowly adapt. In the beginning, one would definitely feel uncomfortable.

With the "double safety" from kidney strengthening exercises and the auspicious lying pose plus the other predisposing factors that lead to nocturnal emission, its frequency can be controlled. There are many exercises for controlling the frequency of nocturnal emissions. On the internet, there should be no less than 10 different methods. The best method that I have found through my own trials is the kidney strengthening exercise. Naturally, the auspicious lying pose is very good but it belongs to the category of quiet exercise in sleep posture. In addition, everyone may practice the PC muscle exercise, sit-ups and raising the legs while lying down can also play a role in strengthening the kidneys. Many of the friends have reported positively on the iron plank bridge exercise, but the hard part is doing it consistently. Standing Qigong can also effectively reduce the frequency of nocturnal emissions, some brother has reported that he was able to greatly reduce the frequency of nocturnal by practicing standing Qigong. (Translator’s note: for brothers who are interested in knowing more about standing Qigong, he may search for the words “Zhan Zhuang”, there is a great Wikipedia article on it).

Final summary:

I have shared my experience of controlling nocturnal emissions with everyone. Only when frequent nocturnal emissions have been controlled is there the hope for recovery. Otherwise, such frequent nocturnal emissions directly drain a person until his health collapses and the body is full of symptoms. When you have a low and stable frequency of nocturnal emissions in combination with health cultivation exercises, the body will enter into a positive cycle of recovery. Sunshine and confidence will return to you. A person is like a ball, it is inflated with vital essence. When the essence is vented, people are like deflated balls, listless, dispirited, wretched facial features with even a ghostly look. When you re-energized with vital essences, that feeling is like an uncaged fierce tiger, mighty but without anger, sparks in the eyes, vigor in the abundance, very strong self-confidence, no longer afraid of anything and full of enthusiasm. I hope everyone can reclaim this positive physical and mental state.


Recently, a brother wrote in my thread that his mind is once again being swayed after having read harmlessness in moderation theories, his position is no longer firm. He wants to hear my opinion. Actually, with regards to harmlessness in moderation theories, I have talked about it many times in my articles. Harmlessness in moderation theories is a fallacy, it completely ignores the highly addictive nature of masturbation. After rookies have seen them, they want to “moderate”. Now that they have found support theoretical support, they masturbate even more at ease. In fact, they are completely fooling themselves and harming themselves. Who knows how many people have fallen victim to the harmlessness in moderation theories. Can one still be moderate once addicted? Can one still be in the control once addicted?

Regarding the frequency of sex, the medicine king Sun Simiao has this to say: a people in his 20s may vent once every 4 days, a person in his 30s once every 8 days, a person in his 40s once every 16 days, a person in his 50s once every 20 days, a person in his 60s should close off the essences and not vent, and if he is strong, he may vent once every month. The frequency of sex that Dr. Peng Xin mentioned is quoted from the above saying from Sun Simiao.

But this passage is meant for people who lived in the past, people used to marry at an earlier age. Given that modern people exhaust their Spirit more seriously, Dr. Peng Xin recommends the frequency of sex to once per month. But when you see this number, don't for a moment think that it goes for everybody. This standard is for healthy people, who knows how many times many people have been overdrafting themselves, they are already ridden with symptoms. If they still want to reach the monthly "standard", it is nothing less than adding frost onto the snow. Many Chinese medicine practitioners have recommended abstinence for half a year or even a year or more in combination with medicinal treatment and health cultivation. Only in this way is their hope for the body to make a full recovery.

Another point that the medicine king Sun Simiao has specially mentioned: "Men cannot do without women, women cannot do without men. If the intention moves without a woman being present, this leads to the laboring of the spirit, longevity is thus damaged" Masturbation is a one-sided sexual act, there is no mixing of the Yin and the Yang, this is actually very damaging to longevity. Therefore, we must quit the evil habit of masturbation and save the best of us to be used moderately after marriage. Articles which rationalize masturbation may go to hell, who knows how many youths have been harmed by it. Youth lack ample experience and discernment. Just like that, they have been confused by the fallacious reasoning and harmful teachings, finally leading to a body ridden with symptoms. Their appearances have likewise become ugly and wretched, their bodily development is also affected. In the end, many friends have come to such a phrase, truly a deeply meaningful phrase: I have been harmed by the harmlessness in moderate theory! What an ironic sentence.

If everyone wants to completely quit masturbation, the “moderation” level must be passed. Otherwise, your position on quitting will not be firm. The word of moderation is very tempting, but I can see it clearly. For many brothers, moderation actually means once you pop you can’t stop. I will definitely not bargain with the temptation demon. Rebooting is not shopping, it is very serious and cruel business, because if one is unable to quit masturbation, one may be wasted by it. The actual situation is that before many people start to think about rebooting, they have already been wasted.
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Thanks a lot for these translations.

It's very nice to get an eastern perspective on these things, too.

A lot of these posts resonate with me, even if I think some points are a bit too extreme. Who knows, maybe I'll come to agree with them at a later stage!

Having been a client of western medicine throughout my whole life, I can't more than think that it sometimes could benefit from a more holistic approach and mainly to a more pre-emptive approach to illness. Especially when it comes to these system-wide "diseases" that have symptoms all over; there's simply not any treatment models for these.
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Thank you sir, i feel lucky for finding your posts. i am today 94 days of rebooting. i will print out your posts season 1 to 41. thank you again. YOU ARE HERO.
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Just posting to bring this to the main page... decent helpful info here...