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I am looking for an accountability partner -

I am 45, married to an incredible woman with two great kids.  I am 171 days free from P & M, a PIED sufferer (but improving).  I looking to have someone i can reach out to should the need arise, to check-in with, and to be there if needed.

Please feel free to post in my journal - "SMS", or send me a private message.


I too need an accountability partner. I'm a married man in my 50's. My present marriage is my second; we've been married only two years. I'm trying to get free of porn, but there are problems in the marriage right now, and at work. Predictably, I've turned to porn for pleasure, and then felt the pain immediately afterward. I'm a goddam mess.

Hi, I'm new around here but feel I need help and someone to check in with.  Any suggestions or thoughts would be welcome and appreciated...


I am a 42 year old porn and sex addict. I am currently on day 6 of my recovery. I have stopped several times before and always relapsed. I am here to make sure this is recovery for good this time. I am seeking an accountability partner. I will be starting my journal soon.

A little about me: I am married (18 years) and have been addicted to porn in some fashion since I was probably 12. I have been using porn almost every day since then, starting with old school porn of course! When I got out of college and started using the internet regularly, things greatly accelerated. My porn addiction lead to cheating with men and women, and was caught twice (last time was a year ago). I am still with my wife and I want to make sure that this problem never reoccurs. Please let me know if you would like to be my accountability partner.

UPDATE 9/8: Found a partner! Thanks :-)

I would like an accountability partner. I could use a lot of day-to-day contact right now. I've been sober since July16,2014 and attending SA and another men's group. Going through more withdrawal symptoms now and just need some encouragement.


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