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Hey Hgdo, thanks bro.

No problem did you find the PAA

Hey Hgdo,

How you doing these days? I can't believe I have already on my day 30! It get easier as time goes by, but I can still feel I could relaps if I don't take care. I cannot access to the web address you posted, strange, nor can I have access to the results of PAA on google, did PAA transfer its address?

I almost forgot I'm in a battle with porn, though I feel a bit nervous sharing my experience, I really like to join your group

Today is my day 43, can't imagine that I do this far, have been a porn addicter for more than 10 years, the highest record I had was 60 days, I'm getting close to that, it would be very interesting to break that 10-years-record, will have a feeling of finding my younger age back....

I was very close to relapse today, it was really a struggle.. I'm now exhausted.. just realized that, the reason why I can get this far is because I told my dad about my porn addiction and made him my accountable partner on Covenant Eye, though he hasn't verified his account yet... I'm already grateful he would listen to me. I guess I should really be more serious about this, as I am already using the strongest 'antibiotic' I got, if I failed this time, it would be a big regress, only thinking about that makes me depressed, thank god I didn't relapse today... so close. It's impossible to make my brain guard itself, will go to definitly check PAA group tomorrow..


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