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Hello Joe,

Good you are working on your addiction.   I like the quote under Enigmaman's post.  That if you put yourself down, it continues your spiral and furthers use. 

I attended my first SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) meeting last week.  It was really interesting hearing other stories.  SAA/AA ws set up by christians but the people in my group are not christians.  They follow the SAA steps which seems rigid at first but gives a frame work to work through your problems.  Might be worth looking at?

All the best!

Hey Guys  thanks for reading  and taking the time to post words of encouragement.   I am now on day  18  and only had a few urges  but was quickly able to suppress them  I also had a dream that I  relapsed  but it was after a month but the dream must have disappeared very quickly  so i'm not giving it any further thought     Today the real test will begin as the house is completely empty  and I know I will have some free time   I'm carefully debating how to fill it  I might go and snowblower out a few neighbours driveways to stay out of the house (we had a fair amount of snow last night and its still snowing)  but its not so cold now   over all I do feel much better these days   and so far  no real side effects  at all   made love to the wife over the weekend   but it was a quicky as the kids were getting up   but it was def a good time      Will try to post later today as to how this 1st day lone is going

      Cheers   post oftewn  it helps me it helps you


How was your day today?

Congrats on Day 18!

I'm on Day 7 and my main distraction--my cat--is asleep, lol. I'm sick, home from work. I just got through an urge. I will say, a flu or really bad cold does wonders for rebooting--seriously!

Hey Overcomer     My day went well  I went and helped a few people clear their driveways with my snowblower   was good exercise  to boot   Congrats on day 7  keep pushing through with things to do  I find leaving the house really helps   if you have an urge   you probably cant act on it.   I shall be around in the morning  o say hello and I already have a small list of things I need to do


      post often  it helps me it helps you

Day 19  feeling pretty good    have list of things to do today  to keep busy   hope everyone is well and progressing    sorry this one is short  but gonna go take on some world  i'll pop in later and let ya know how progress is going


       post often it helps me it helps you


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