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franky jr:
Hey guys it's been a little while and the reason is because I am doing fantastic! I just looked back and read some of my old posts and couldn't help but think about how far I have come. Long story short I was dealing with PIED for over a year and a half. I knew what my problem was and 'how to fix it' but it wasn't working. Multiple failed attempts in the past at having sex, zero confidence, anxiety, and much more was standing in my way. I honestly think I recovered long before I had realized but was too depressed and anxious to know it.

I had minimal morning wood and didn't have the greatest sexual experiences with the girl who is now my girlfriend. I was literally too freaked out to pay attention to the important/fun things, In life including sex. After many times of premature ehaculation, partial boners, and crappy experiences I finally got the hang of it. Rewiring is CRUCIAL. We have great sex now. I got her off 5 times the other day while having sex! I had zero ED issues and could last as long as I wanted. If you read some of my older posts you'd think I am lying.

My advice is to CALM DOWN. Enjoy the for play and kissing. Enjoy every part. Take it slow. You don't need to be walking around with a boner to feel recovered. I started getting my morning wood back when I relaxed. It's a viscous cycle. You might ask how can I relax when my dick doesn't work? My answer is to just trust me. I was in the exact same boat. My gf was patient with me while I was figuring it all out. I think a common misconception here is that once you're recovered youre horny all the time and that's just not true. I feel like I'm rambling now. If you have any questions just respond and I'll answer as best as I can.

Hey congrats man! I was just wondering how long it took to rewire and how to stay calm while rewiring? I've found that whenever I'm with my girlfriend all I can think of sometimes is how I can't get it up with her yet. We've talked about it and she's willing to stay patient with me, but it just gets worrisome ya know? Thanks man!

Man I remember reading your posts and hoping you would make it nice man! So Happy for you!

How was your withdrawal symptoms during the initial months of recovery?

Thanks for the update..

Hey bro thanks for your story. I'm going through The same thing u used to go through now. It's very frustrating that I can't satisfy my girlfriend when she wants it. I'm going thru a reboot now.

Question, I'm about 3 weeks into my reboot now.  How long should I wait to after my flatline to start having sex again with my gf? Is it safe to kiss and make out?

How can I get rid of my anxiety of sex and be confident again?

That's so great. Thanks for posting. You've come a long long way. Please take time to share more in depth about how you went from completely nowhere sexually to a success story (how you 'got the hang of it'). There are lots of men on here who need encouragement and tips. Personally, I'd like to know more about overcoming anxiety. Anyway, congrats again. Way to go!


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