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Over 400 days of free from porn websites


Yeah!!! I'm over 400 days free from porn websites. I went from not going to gym to being a gymaholic because I started to work out more often because it's good for the body, mind, and soul. I picked the favorite exercises and stick to them. I can also do them at home too. I intentionally released because I did leg stretches and holds. That's why I have to be mindful of coregasm exercises do I don't have to release. That's part of semen retention right there is to keep the semen inside.

Relentless Observer:
Good job, Pump!  Keep up the good work

Cool story bro keep smashing those leg extensions  8)

Of course. Giving up porn gives your energy back and you can be more productive in the gym. The thing is, our sexual energy is the best energy, it's the energy that either could help you accomplish a lot of things or you could throw away with porn and do nothing, procrastinate all day while thinking about all the things you want to do.


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