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700 days of hardmode.

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Hey guys. I an very active on the forum I check daily and want to keep seeing the issues people are having. Little back ground for 7 years I was a heavy porn addict. The first year is all it took to put me in a deep seivier PIED.... I have no clue what was going on. The was early 2012 when I discovered my issue... it was terrible.  I had no idea that something like this could even happen to a man. But I kept getting hard with porn and kept pmo. Anyhow last april I decided I was done... I had enough...... so I found this forum and it motivated me. I now knew it was a porn issue... so 500 days later. I have never had a urge to view porn again. I spent all my time focusing on work and the gym and getting into shape. Eating healthier, hanging out with friends. I have yet to be intimidate with a female but the time is approaching for a test run. I have morning wood very often but I still loose it when I get up. But idk how many time I have woke up super hard and just lay there and it just stays hard as can be... i stay off social media that's a huge help and I just browse my favorite YouTube channels and listen to countless videos that help motivate me to be a better person. I do not get random erections yet but I really in my opinion dont feel like I have a sex drive at the moment. I have kind of excepted my fate and just am focusing on healing right now. I think once I put myself out there and start getting intimate my brain will respond to the new rush of being intimate and that's what we want. Guys please just focus on you.... what you want. Cut this terrible habit. Make it a life long goal to flush it down the drain. If you have any question please ask.

500 days, my god!!!

I'd ask you…what behaviours and habits you took to replace the time you used to PMO?

I really just tell myself that pmo is just bad. Like drugs are bad.... but I really just work out and focus on life. I have not once thought about pmo. I am done.... I want the real thing not a madeup crap.

Pete McVries:
Congratulations! That is a massive achievement and you can be really proud of yourself!

Do or die:


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