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Very likely to have a weird combination of venous leakage with pied. (25)

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Hey guys,

i stayed of porn for five moths now, since my last relapse. Today was the first time, i had a full erection over a couple of minutes in the morning. I didnt had the desire to masturbate, was just enjoying it, and woke up to a normal sex dream. My brain wasnt coming up with some fucked up shit (literally...). I think trying to stay off from masturbation completely, and not just porn, helps enormously. Its the first time in nearly a year, that i have actually hope. My depression feels much milder now.
Im so reliefed.

That's great that you have gone 5 months already keep going. Your body is already on its way healing.

Thanks k-fff,

you're a hero for helping the others. I really appreciate your reply.

Hey guys,
3 days in a row ive got a full or nearly full erection in the morning. For everyone, who is struggling and wondering out there, this whole porn addiction thing is real. And its not, that it just only robes you from your erection and sex drive, but also from your desire and ability to enjoy life and build meaningfull relationships with sexual partners and also just friends. I will soon shorten my story so that its actually readible and then post a list with things that helped me to get to this point. I consider myself not fully recovered, but i am certain now, that this is the problem. This is so important, because on this journey you will have to conquer your own doubts.
So everyone, who is wondering about having pied:
When there is no organic issue, or any traumatic event or psychological illnes and you are using porn, most definetly yes, especially when you have difficulties to stop watching porn (or to masturbate for a certain amount of time) And even if its not, its still too much of a risk to keep doing it.

Wow man congrats! I just read the whole thread not realizing that all this time had past! Very inspiring that you were feeling so bad and now much better. A great lesson that all things pass and things are likely on there way to getting even better!


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