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Day 5:

Things are going well. This week I am going to try to slowly wean off of video games, not entirely, just to the point where I don't feel "addicted". I need to complete all of my work for the day and then I can relax. This has been really hard for me to enforce but when it comes down to it, its up to me to make the decision, just like abstaining from p. Getting my life back! Let's do this.

Chris Oz:
Wow day 5! I'm happy you successfully came around and that you're going strong. Keep at it man. Do what you need to get your life back, we only have one, and the clock is ticking.

Day 6:

Doing good. I was watching some youtube videos late at night yesterday and I almost felt like relapsing. Its hard to describe but that urge last night wasn't as large as some of the other urges I had. Still though, I overcame it and that's a victory in my book. I also should stay off of youtube.  Going to start working out consistently again. I've noticed that when I don't play video games / watch TV, its a lot easier to motivate myself to workout. I'm going to try being productive from morning until after dinner, and then I can relax. Hopefully this system works, if it doesn't, I'm going to have to drop video games entirely.

Day 7:

Today is extremely important. I will workout and be productive and I will not relapse. Goal: Day 10.

Hi Anubu0,

How are you? You havent posted in the last days. I hope everything is fine, remember we are here for you.


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