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Chris Oz:
Hey my name is Chris Oz. I'm a new member of rebootnation. I joined today in my quest to deal with this addiction. I believe it ruining my life changing my character and turning me into someone I hate.

I'm 23 years old and I believe I started porn around 11 or so. I got introduced into it by a neighbor's friend who was older than me. And seeing how it stimulated my body, I began using it more...

But I'm committed to stop this and get my life on track, join me on my journey!

A warm welcome to you Chris! You will find a lot of support here in this community. I remember one of the most important things I learned when starting my recovery was understanding what porn is. Porn is ANY material or media that causes artificial sexual stimulation. With that as your measuring stick, it makes it a lot easier to avoid the slippery slope down to regret and relapse. Stay far away from anything on the internet that you view for sexual interest.

Best of luck to you on your journey!

Chris Oz:
Thanks faenoe.

Unfortunately, I relapsed this morning. It was my 3rd day of sobrierity. And it was mostly because I lurked in my middle circle (danger zone) activities.

I believe doing one or two outer circle activities (safe zone) as a goal would help

Chris Oz:
Day 1.
I'm doing great, had a big surprise for my cousin. Feeling stressed out and exhausted right now.
But today was awesome. Let me just try to sleep early

Thanks for the encouragement before Chris, it helped for sure. Getting past the first few days can be a tough first hurdle. Keep in mind your reasons for doing this and like you said try to stick to outer circle activities tends to help build the best results with time. It'll be good to see your progress from here. Cheers!


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