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My name is Scott...

I am so excited about the Journaling aspect and rebooting. When my mind can seriously reflect and look at the facts about the issues I have written down, I can attack the fears and get away from the panic thinking, the weak minded thinking that makes me want to escape. I am going to employ a journal for end of day at work and for reboot. I am very excited.

Recently have been feeling and "acting" toward having p&m come back into my life. Had have relatively long bouts of success 1 year + with no incidents. BUT, I got lazy and allowed my mind to allow fantasy to come back in....this slowly has been increasing my actions toward surfing GIF images on the internet, even while at work

Today I have been good, clean thoughts and actions, no surfing to stumble upon bad stuff.

Hey Scott,

So what was longest period without PMO, and also without MO?
Did you manage a whole year without masturbation of any description?

How did you find it in terms of your symptoms?

Yes I did make it nearly 18 months without masturbation and pornography and it was relatively easy from months 2 - 15. I would check in with my wife on Sunday and Wednesday night and I would do 1 act of selfless service for someone each day. When I would check in with my wife we would review our feelings, happy, sad, lonely, angry, etc. etc.

Around month 15 I began to fantasize as a way to get to sleep. This habit has been with me my whole life since I was 7-8 years old. Let me clarify that my wife and I are sexually active and have not done any type of sexual fasting.

Today, with my thoughts clean and mind focused on reporting and journaling I was much more level headed and worked better. I do accounting work. I am excited to journal about everything, work, family life, etc. I feel like this will make my mind very clear, more productive, less prone to worry thoughts, etc.

Good for you hammer man :)

Thanks for clarifying.
I've never managed to avoid PMO, or even MO for even 3 months, so here's hoping this time!

Good luck!


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