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Ages 30-39 / PIED and Married
« on: October 25, 2020, 08:57:47 AM »
I've seen a few topics where a guy started months and months ago and he just writes a new post regularly to keep himself going. He's basically using it as a journal and it looks helpful so I will give it a go.

Backstory: I have a brother 4 years older and I remember him going into the family computer room and telling me to come see what he was looking at lol. It all started with pictures and then went to us sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night to watch some hbo softcore. We then started taping it, which make it more exciting. It's crazy that I kept that up all the way into college. I didn't even have my first PMO until sophomore year in college. I just liked the excitement and being hard. Plus i had girlfriends along the way. Once I did my first PMO, it was over. It seems so natural to do and spoken about casually in movies that it further supplants in your mind that I can keep this up. I also have a religious background so I had the thought well if I do this at least I'm not causing a woman to fornicate.

Honestly I only experience PIED the amount of times that I can count on 1 hand. I didn't even learn what PIED was until a couple of months ago. I got married 3 years ago and our sex life hasn't been great. We were both trying to practice abstinence so PMOing during our relationship prior to marriage was regular. We still would slip up every now and then, but the fact that we weren't trying to have sex added to me being aroused. Now we are married, that's gone. And now that she is finally willing to get pregnant I believe that performance anxiety could be playing a part. I asked my doctor for some pills, they did nothing. After watching some videos on PIED i've learned that it's not a physical problem, but a mental problem.

I'm going to give it a go! I had 3 weeks down, but then we had a argument and I slipped up...which turned into me slipping up the next 4 days in a row. Let's mark today as day 1!

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