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Porn Addiction / Shaking while sexual tensions rise
« on: October 19, 2019, 01:58:29 PM »
Hi all , been rebooting for more than a year. Had sex with 4 different girls, 3 of them were while i was still PMOing.
The last girl was on my trip in New Zealand.
When we started kissing and i realised we were going to have sex , i started getting nervous and just shaking like crazy. It was cold that night ao i thought it was the weather although this was CRAZY SHAKING. I have bowl problems so i also had to take a huge shit because of that.

This has never happened to me before. It was 5 months ago and still didnt have sex since then but i was talking to some girls and when my head somehow figured it was going to intercourse ( which didnt happen , we were texting) i also started shaking from being nervous...

What is that? It never happend to me before rebooting. Did someone experienced that ?

Hello everyone,
Im 23 years old and iv'e been rebooting for more than a year now.
Had a streak of about 10-11 months of NoFap while i was travelling around the world (had sex once with a girl i met at a bar, which was 5 months into the reboot).
Came back home and masturbated a few times, and decided to stop again due to feeling that it kind of brings me back to a porn-related mind set.
Iv'e watched porn since i was 9. I was dealing with HOCD and kept watching porn until i was 21. Stopped for a year , relapsed , found out about reboot nation and decided to go for it.
Ill be clear, i have absolutely no intention what so ever, to watch porn ever again in my life. Its out the window for good, and its one of the most complete places ive ever been in my life, the level of assurance i have with this topic.

The thing is my mind still thinks like a porn-mind. I have porn related thoughts, like just thinking about blow jobs or extreme sex out of nowhere,
i still feel that im not taking the idea of women the way i should. I still feel that i relate encounters with women to sex only, and miss understand situations with them.

My question is - does anyone have any idea, a tip, an article, a book to share with me that gives perspective about how to think like a normal person?
that sounds weird, but i mean thinking like a non-addicted porn user, a man that his first sexual experience was not in front of high-speed internet porn, because i feel like i cant put the limit between Porn-related habits and thoughts , to actually normal thoughts and feelings.
I hope i explained it well, please read and ask me for corrections , i really want help with that topic.
Thank you.

Ages 20-29 / Journal , almost a year of rebooting
« on: September 22, 2019, 05:00:17 PM »
My story is a bit different. At least i think so.
Started watching porn since i was 9, because my twin brother exposed that to me. Used to watch it like a maniac since.
At that time we watched porn together and some time played what we saw. Those playings really hurted me emotionally and mentally and i struggled HOCD ( which i only found out recently).
Im 23 years old now , after 8 months of therapy during 2018, recently came back from a big trip in New Zealand and Australia.
In October 2018 i decided to reboot, going hard mode. I didnt rrally watched porn since the end of 2016, but i did relapsed adter, but i was okay with not watching completely since ive done that. I havent fapped for around 11 months ( since October 2018),
I did have sex with a girl once during my trip, which was after i went NoFap and reboot for like 6-7 months. I was really noticing a different because my Penis was dead meat after the first time we did it , took long to get it back for the second time ( i have premature ejaculations problem..)
The thing now is i got back home and i got back to fap a bit.
Ive been stopping for a few days, and i had a wet dream last night , which also happend the first time i stopped in October. Its weird , it happend at least 4 more times. Its like my mind is craving it and its looking for a way to get that feeling.
Im a bit lost. Im not watching porn , and i will never watch it again , im a 100 precent sure about that , its completey out of my system craving wise ( my thought's are still some time porn related, but if you read the beginning, i started watching at age 9, unfortunately).
I dont know if to keep going with NoFap or the do it once in a time. I can definitely say that i used to Fap in really weird conditions, going to the toilet during work, out of bordem , trying to sleep. It really felt like its part of the addiction and felt really connected to porn , so i stopped. But now im not sure if to continue that path. The reason i broke the NoFap was because i was horny and i couldnt resist my emotions, so i fapped and thought about sexual experiences i had with a girl i dated , tried to not connect it to the porn induced thoughts i used to masturbate to. I have anexity , that is. I guess has something to do with porn , but im really stressed now that im home. I feel like i want a serious relationship, but sometime i think its only sex cravings with no emotion. Im just sharing my thoughts here, ill keep posting in the next few days. Feel free to help and comment, and god bless if my writing helps someone..

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