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Question about feelings of disconnection

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Some very interesting points here   some I agree with some I don't

     I dont believe every porn addict is unable to connect .  I am a recovering addict of 35 years.  I have been happily married for almost 14   We have regular sex for the most part.  Our  relationship is not perfect.  but no relationship is.  Do we get angry with each other?  On occasion yes.  We always seem to work it out .

     Can porn addiction cause one to be angry at their partner?  I don't know.  perhaps it can.  The only real way to find out is once  the addict beats the addiction.  It seems his anger  must be explored further to get to the bottom of it. Could  it be his professional life  or leftover from his past/childhood?  I know some of my anger is  leftover from my childhood and its taken a long time to work through that.   Unless he opens up   or gets some further form of counciling  your probably not going to get an answer

     Post often it helps me it helps you


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