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--- Quote from: abc987 on January 28, 2021, 11:07:40 AM ---I would not consider wet dreams as a problem. Before my pied I would have them monthly if I didn't masturbate. They are a normal part of male sexuality. Most guys have them if they don't ejaculate in a while. I would instead consider it a success if you manage to have one - that probably means your pied is recovering. Also if you manage to have a sex dream about a real partner that could also be a sign that you are close to recovery. When it comes to porn dreams you could think of them as your brain going trough junk memories during the sleep and deleting them. Also many things just happen because we have a brain. Remember that this is not black and white. But after all, do what works for you!

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Hello abc987,

Thank you for your respond. I do not suffer from PIED. I suffer from PE. Thank you for explaining to me. I used to relapse on the same day after a sexual dream. That scares me at the moment because I do not want to relapse.
Yes funny you wrote about ''Remember that this is not black ad white'' That is exactly how I think in black and white. Yes or no, going all the way or not starting at all.

I figured out for me it could have something to do with my digestion system. At the moment I do not experience sexual dreams when I wait 4 hours after my last meal and go to bed. I also avoid Aphrodisiac foods. The five  alliaceous vegetables Buddhist monks avoid. I learned this from someone.

Take care!


We can not control our dreams so we can not control wet dreams so dont worry about it...

Im just focusing on the things I can control... ie, not using Porn !!!

Well, we have to watch out for succubus because she can take our energy from our dreams.


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