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**Forum Rules-Guidelines-Suggestions** / Re: Tracking Your Progress
« on: March 10, 2017, 05:37:22 PM »
I'm currently making a mobile application to track the recovery progress. Basically, it asks questions with multiple choice answer every night at a set time. One question at a time, same set of questions every night.

For example:
Did you take a cold shower today?

Upon choosing the answer, the data is automatically submitted to the cloud database. The idea is that after some time (=after getting enough data) the data can be analyzed using statistical analytics tools. By means of data analysis, different behaviour patterns can be identified. For example; waking up after 10 am in the weekends increases your likelihood of relapse by 44%, or taking cold showers makes you significantly more productive when taken in the morning instead of at night.

My intention is to get objective data of my own behaviour patterns and analyze it in order to eliminate the biggest triggers, and basically make myself a more productive and a happier person.

I hope I can start showing personalized analyzed data in the app after getting a meaningful amount of data for a statistical analysis. Right now it's mostly about recovery from addiction but it could be used for virtually any kind of personal tracking & lifestyle enhancement.

I want to ask you now that does this sound like it could be useful to you too? I'm trying to make the application in a way that answering those questions each night would only take something like 15 seconds in total. If the community thinks this would be useful, I could try and push it to some form of beta release instead of just using it myself.

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