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Porn Addiction / Masturbating with photos/vĂ­deos of my girlfriend
« on: December 27, 2020, 01:21:06 AM »
hello good day, I am Latin American and I am publishing this with the translator, I hope you understand, thank you very much.
My question, is if I can masturbate to my girlfriend's photos / videos, I see her usually but sometimes I'm alone and I masturbate that way. We are both 20 years old, I have been watching porn since I was 12 and now I am on "reset.
luckily I do not have ED but I do have low libido in my relationship
I have read that such photos or videos of my girlfriend is considered artificial stimulation but I wanted to know if this or masturbating thinking about flashback with her or about the sensations could add more libido-passion towards her and towards the relationship.
In short, if masturbating with flashback / photos.
/ videos or sensations of my girlfriend could increase the passion and libido of my relationship.

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