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Ive been talking to this girl alot lately and she is hot as hell. I went over to her house and we tried to fuck but I could only get like 50 percent. Basically im supposed to go over there tonight and we are gonna fuck but im so nervous. Ive been watching porn since I was 13 and im 19 now. I know im attracted to her and we always send eachother nakeds and talk sexual and it gets me up but idk what im gonna do tonight if I cant get it up. Shes been messing with me about the first time telling me if I cant get it up this time im gay andnblah blah blah but I just got out of a 3 year relationship and never really had that problem. Please give me some tips  on what to do tonight guys

My tip for you is to wait until you are married to have sex. In my experience, the only kind of sexual activity that is satisfying is sex with your spouse. Masturbation, porn, casual sex, etc. are not satisfying and they make you feel worse about yourself. Nothing good will result from you having sex with this girl tonight, for you or for her.

I don't expect you to take my advice, but I do think that you will look back some day down the road and wish that you had. Most people have to learn these lessons the hard way (no pun intended).

ADDENDUM: You've already made it clear that you failed in your efforts to have sex with this girl before and that you are nervous about trying again to have sex with her. Sex is supposed to be a positive experience that draws two people closer together. It sounds to me like you are not currently in a position where that kind of positive experience can take place with this girl.

I appreciate the advice man but this is the only girl ive ever had that problem with. I wish I had never even started talking to this girl but now im in to deep and she is expecting it. I cant just back out.  If things go bad tonight tho im just gonna reboot as long as it takes me. I havnt jacked off or watched porn for 7 days which doesnt really bother me its just the fact idk how to blow it off with this girl till the end of my reboot process.

Gabe Deem:
What up Spencer,

A few questions. Have you done the porn-induced ED test?

Can you get 100% hard with just your hands touch alone? Using no porn or porn fantasy. If you can your ED is likely performance anxiety.

--- Quote ---I just got out of a 3 year relationship and never really had that problem.
--- End quote ---

When you say "never really" does that mean you did in fact have the problem a few times? Or not at all?

If you have been using porn exclusively for a period of time it very well could be porn-induced ED. If you have PIED you will need to reboot your brain by staying away from porn so your brain can return to normal sensitivity. Watch this video for my story and the science behind how porn can cause ED: The Science Of Porn Addiction- Gabe's Story

No I cant just hard, I mean I can get it a like 30 or 40 percent hard but nothing more than that.

And as far as having problems getting it up it only happened a couple times in our whole relationship but it wasn't really an issue to me at that time. And gabe ive watched your videos and im convinced I have P.I.E.D.


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